A Deadly Frozen Night (A True Story)

There was a Jewish man named Yankel, who had a bakery, in a town, Crown Heights, Germany. He always said, “You know why I’m alive today?”

He said “I was a kid, just a teenager at the time in Germany.

Nazis were killing Jews with no mercy.

We were on the train being taken to Auschwitz by Nazis. Night came and it was deathly cold in that compartment.

The Germans left us on the side of the tracks overnight, sometimes for days, without any food. There were no blankets to keep us warm. Snow was falling everywhere. Cold winds were hitting our cheeks, every second. We were hundreds of people in that terribly cold night. No food. No water. No shelter. No blankets “.

“The blood in our bodies started freezing. It was becoming ice.

Beside me, there was a beloved elderly Jewish man from my hometown. He was shivering from head to toe, and looked
terrible. So I wrapped my arms around him to warm him up.

I hugged him tightly to give him some heat. I rubbed his arms, his legs, his face, his neck. I begged him to try to be alive.
I encouraged him.

All night long, I kept this man warm this way.

I was tired, and freezing cold myself. My fingers were numb, but I didn’t stop rubbing heat into that old man’s body.

Hours and hours went by. Finally, morning came and the sun began
to shine. I looked around to see the other people.

To my horror, all I could see were frozen bodies. All I could hear was deathly silence.

Nobody else in that cabin were alive. That freezing night killed them all.

They died from the cold. Only two people survived: the old man and me.

The old man survived because I kept him warm… and I survived because I was warming him.

May I tell you the secret to survival in this world?

When you warm other people’s hearts, you will remain warm yourself.

When you support, encourage and inspire others, then you will discover support, encouragement and inspiration in your own life as well.

My friends, That is the secret to a happy life.”

Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of christ. Galatians 6:2.


Jakande was sentenced to jail just like his boss, Awolowo. But Jakande was crying in the court not because of himself but for Awolowo. When Awolowo saw him, approached him and asked him “why crying for only me…” Jakande replied “I don’t mind going to jail and even adding your terms to mine, why South.West, why is it that the only Premier in Nigeria that will be jailed is the Premier of my Region?”

Awolowo replied “Dry your tears, God sometimes keep his own away when danger is approaching….”

And that was what happened!

The reason why Nigeria didn’t break in 1967 was Obafemi Awolowo. Gowon said “I needed him badly more than I needed the Nigerian Army”…..Why? Two reasons;

1. The original rallying point of the Yoruba was Awolowo. If Yoruba supported the break up, no Jupiter can stop it. Therefore, to keep Nigeria one, Awolowo must endorse it!!!!

2. The wisdom of Awolowo was unequalled, unparalleled and unrivalled. His wisdom must not be on the side of the rebel, Nigeria would not survive without it.

No wonder the two Warriors Gowon and Ojukwu said and I quote;

“I am the luckiest ruler of Nigeria because the best Nigeria asset in person of Chief Awolowo was my Vice Chairman and Finance Commissioner…”- Gowon.

“Chief Awolowo is the best President of Nigeria that never was…”- Ojukwu.

Need I say more?

Murtala Mohammed had ensured in his Transition Programme that Shehu Shagari would not contest but after his death, OBJ relaxed the rules…..Shagari was allowed to contest and won but in 1984, Buhari stopped Shagari again, describing his election as “shamelessly rigged”…….


Awolowo deliberately spent a lot of money in establishing g investments for the Western Region where he thought the SW Progressive Politics would be financed. He said “SW need stable source of fund to fight politically because a poor people cannot fight the Central Government…”

No one knew this secret until his Deputy had issues with Awolowo and leaked the secret to the opponent. He told them “fight Awolowo from now till forever, if you didn’t destroy the Western Nigerian Investments, SW will always be buoyant financially and they will fight you and win you….” Wow!!!!! That was the end!!!

From that time, to cut the story short, SW was targeted! AWO was accused of fraud. Investments converted to Full state investment and later Odu’a Investment. And later, during the military regime, there was a time when all SW governors were non Yorubas, Odu’a investment was crushed. Cold dead!

But LAGOS is now reinvested the progressive interest in a more sophisticated way. MAY THE SECRET OF LAGOS NOT BE LEAKED THE WAY ENEMIES LEAKED THE SECRET OF SW!!!

The Story of Progressive Politics in Nigeria since 1954 had its Genesis from Awolowo’s Palm Tree!!!

No more No less!

We must never forget the families of Obafemi Awolowo, Lateef Jakande, Bisi Onabanjo, Bola Ige, Adekunle Ajasin, Ambrose Ali, Adebayo, JS Olawoyin, Anthony Enahoro, Abraham Adesanya, S.O Gbadamosi, Bode Thomas…..

These are first generation of progressive politicians who played progressive politics for life!!!

UP AWO!!!!

Simple but Notable. When Awolowo arrived Lagos from Calabar Prison, after meeting with Gowon, it was Murtala Mohammed who voluntarily drove Awolowo home, in his personal car. Murtala described the gesture(driving Awolowo) as a privilege!!!

Simple but Notable!!!


One step enough for me at a time
Get a vision (Your Vision), own it
Plot dots from where you are to where you want (envision)
Each of those dots are your milestones
You are writing your STORY as you continue on this journey
Do not give someone else the pen to write your Story
Never Ever Give Up on this journey
You will experience joy, heartache, disappointment, but never be frustrated; it is part of the journey
All HEROES took these steps
Celebrate your accomplishments along the way
Maintain FOCUS,

Always remember, SOMETHING is working in your favour that you may not be aware about
Keep up the Great Perspective
Patiently persevere
Do not be discouraged by the THOUGHTS & WISHES of the toxic people
Be propelled by the WISDOM of your vision and the encouragement of NOURISHING people

You are a HERO
With an Amazing Life
Be of good cheer
Be Bold and Mighty forces will come to your aid
Says Basil King
Something good is about to happen
Says Carole Pete
After the vision, deploy Massive Action Plan (MAP)
Says Anthony Robbins
Execute your goals with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) values
Says Brian Tracy (and several other teachers)
Monitor and Evaluate your journey consulting your map (say moi)
And move on with the Japanese philosophy of CANI (Constant And Never-ending Imorivement)

Mother Teresa’s poem comes in handy
Forgive them anyway
It was never about them
Do it all for God and Humanity
This Life is a Process
Take it One Step at a Time.
And One Step is Enough for you.


Written by Prof. Babatunde Solagberu

Are the following categories of people wise? Aren’t they foolish? Check out d following sets of people

Are the following categories of people wise? Aren’t they foolish? Check out d following sets of people:

1. U are squattin in a friend’s house,u went and bought a car.

2. U are a tenant living in somebody else’s house and u own 4 cars.

3. U are an undergraduate,usin pocket-
money allowances to by iPhone X,LED TV and
Home theatre.

4. U travel by bus form sokoto to lagos(over 1000km) (24hrs journey) and u invite a lady(who is not ur wife to come to sokoto, and u’ll pay d flight ticket.

5. The house where ur mother lives is
leaking water when rain falls and u are
changing expensive phoned, iPhone 7 to iPhone X, one version of iPad to another higher version, one Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to Galaxy S7, and also changing saloon cars.

6. U are a corper with N19,000 monthly
allowance, using iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S7 and u are
borrowin N500,000 to make up the N19,000
and buy the phones bcos ur friends use

7. U don’t hav a single suit, u want to get one and u went and bought ‘white color’
instead of ‘black’ that goes for all
occassions.(And not easily stained)

8. U wear okirika (2nd hand clothes) and u are buyin N100,000 suit for a lady that is not ur wife.

9. U borrowd N200 to eat fried yam and
u are sendin N1,500 air time to a lady u
met in a bus from PH.

10. When rain is fallin on week days,u carry it 2d market to buy what u’ll eat, when it falls on sunday mornin u climb ur
bed and cover urself despite being a Christian.

11. A man that is not ur husband beats u
and after u finish cryin he still takes u to
bed and u still open ur legs for him.

How Col.Fajuyi died in the counter coup of 1966

When Col Francis Adekunle Fajuyi’s immediate elder sister went to meet him(Fajuyi) in Ibadan, the headquarters of the western region, she took the opportunity to register a company so she could lobby for contracts from government.When the Western region Governor, Col Adekunle, returned later that day from the office, they exchanged pleasantries and the big sister went ahead to show the kid brother the certificate of registration of her new company. Col Adekunle’s mood changed immediately! He asked,”What is this? Is this why you came from Ado Ekiti to this place? Do you want to soil my name? The thing we want to eradicate, you want me to have a hand in it? You will be going about getting contracts from the ministries? No way, you cannot do that!’
Then he tore the paper and went upstairs. The sister broke down in tear.Col Fajuyi was an incorruptible soldier who became governor of old Western Region in January, 1966, and sent words to Ekiti to stop the building of his house, which was at foundation level on Textile Road in a place called Onimosoyin in Ado-Ekiti, because the ethics of public service demands that you do not acquire anything during service. He never had a personal house when he died.Col Adekunle Fajuyi’s “native intelligence” was legendary. Some British men came to have a meeting with Fajuyi and the Secretary to the government of Western region, Pa Odumosu, because they wanted to site an industry in Ibadan. At a point, the British requested to see Col Fajuyi privately, so Pa Odumosu was asked to leave. They wanted to bribe him!. The gave him huge cash and they left. Then Fajuyi called pa Odumosu and said the British brought “our money” and he said he collected the money from them because “it was part of our money.” He then instructed him to pay the money into the government’s treasury.Col Adekunle Francis Fajuyi was an embodiment of courage and unalloyed loyalty. Suicidal loyalty!. When the head of state, Agonyi Ironsi went to Ibadan on official visit and gunshots were heard in the dead of the night, both the host and the guest were taken aback by the ugly development.The government house had been surrounded by soldiers of northern extraction in a COUNTER-COUP. In their pyjamas, Fajuyi and Ironsi went to the Governor’s office to make calls for reinforcements. Then Ironsi asked Fajuyi,”But you assured me yesterday that I was safe in your territory”.”Yes, I thought you were safe. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t hear anything. But don’t worry, the two of us will stay together. Go and dress up and I will dress up. Anything that will happen will happen to the two of us.” Fajuyi replied.The invaders broke in and before they saw the Head of State, they told Fajuyi;‘Give us Ironsi, we want Ironsi. Give us Ironsi, we want Ironsi.’Fajuyi stood his grounds and replied;‘No, you cannot take him, he is my guest. Why didn’t you take him in Lagos or elsewhere? You cannot take him here. If you are taking him, then take me along”Gallant, brave and outstanding soldier, Col Adekunle Fajuyi put his own life on the line to defend his guest and even when he was told they only wanted Ironsi, he stood by his guest and died with him.He was just 40 year-old when he took a bullet for his friend. Fajuyi was survived by aged parents and very young children. His heartbroken father died shortly thereafter.Share this post!
Honor this Hero!


Success is not for the interested, but for the committed. The interested works only when the time is convenient while the committed makes all the time convenient. The interested accepts excuses, the committed accepts results.

You can’t conquer in what you are not committed in. Commitment precedes success; even in the dictionary. Stay committed, even though it hurts. Success blesses those who pay attention to its move.

Success is never an accident, it is always a result of commitment to excellence and a focused effort.

Success never come to people, people go for success. So if you are waiting, wait no more. It is action time.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve and that’s the fear of failure; eliminate that!

Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is only part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve success.

Have a productive day ahead


Friends, here are some people who mocked GOD.
-Tancredo Neves(President of Brazil) during the presidential campaign. He said,”if he would got 500, 000 votes from his party, not even GOD would remove him from President”. He got votes, but fell sick a day before being made Predident and died.
-Cazuza(Bio-sexual Brazillian composer, singer and poet), during a show in Canecio(Rio de Janeiro), while smoking his cigarette he puffed out some smoke into the air and said, ‘GOD that’s for you’. He died at the age of 32, of lung cancer in a horrible manner.
-The man who built the Titanic. After the construction of Titanic. A reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be, with an ironic tone he said: ‘not even GOD can sink it’. I think you all know what happened to the ship.
-In Campiras, Brazil, a group of drunk girls. A mother accompanied her daughter to the car and was so worried about the drunkenes of her daughter and her friends, she said to the daughter holsing her hand, ‘my daughter may GOD go with you and protect you’; the dauhter replied,’only if HE(GOD) travels in the trunk, coz inside here…….. It’s already full. Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died, the car could not be recognised, but surprisingly, the trunk was intact which has a create of eggs inside and none was broken.
HE is GOD of all
Mightier than the mightiest.
Stronger than the strongest and Greater than the greatest. Let’s praise HIM always.


Every man will spend his last kobo to get the best healthcare available. For human life has no duplicate, his health is of utmost importance to him, he dares not joke with it.
Thomas Dekker, (Westward Ho, 1604)
~ Gold that buys health can never be ill spent.~
Medical tourism by Nigerians has been a subject of discourse for awhile, unfortunately so much focus has been placed on the economic loss rather than the needs of these tourists. Most of the talks are on capital flight involved, in fact for this same reason there is a proposal to legislate some restriction on healthcare services that can be sort abroad. This I strongly disagree with.
Unlike others,healthcare is not a service to place restriction on in order to improve local patronage.
A man should be free to sort for healthcare wherever he thinks he can get the best of care. Rather than restrict, the government should work towards improving the local services being rendered such that it would be stupid for a Nigerian to seek care outside our shores.

Today, an Indian seeking kidney transplant in the UK is unthinkable, given the array of options available in his home country.
How did India get there?
It would be wise to quickly correct a misconception about medical tourism and good healthcare, being a medical tourism destination nation does not equate good healthcare index for the nation.
India as a nation has healthcare indices as bad as Nigeria if not worse. Just like Nigeria they have poor health access, high mortality rates and poor insurance coverage.
Despite all these challenges, India remains a major hub for medical tourist from America, Europe and African countries.
It all started when about 2 decades ago, when United State trained Indian physicians started moving back home to erect state of the art facilities.
They combined the advantage of available trained manpower,the enabling environment provided by government and their vast experience in specialist care gained in America/ Europe to build what is today a vibrant industry that is the envy of the world.
India medical tourism is private driven with support from ministry of tourism(not health). The ministry holds road show in different European and Asian countries on why India is the place to be for healthcare.
Over 150 000 Americans medical tourist visit India yearly for their health needs. Its cheaper for them, some procedure go as low as 1/10th the cost in US.
60 000 Nigerians visit India for healthcare per annum parting with about $260 million per annum. For Nigerians its not about the cost, its about lost of confidence in local healthcare, very long waiting list, non availaibity of required treatment and for some elites its just the need to show class and privacy. The effective way to reduce the traffic out of Nigeria for medical care is to identify how to manage these needs of Nigeria medical tourist not by restriction legislation.
India is expected to make a whooping $2billion per annum from the industry by the end of 2013, a fund that would be harnessed to improve the nation’s ailing health system.
Nigeria should not be left out in this emerging market, we posses all the qualities that made the India market a success. We are anglophone, with over 5000 Nigerian physicians in the United States alone and many more scattered in Europe, and abundant qualified healthcare manpower. Transforming Nigeria from a consumer nation to a Medical tourism destination is quite achievable.
Medical Tourism is an untapped mine, today Cross River is the ecological tourism hub of Nigeria because Gov. Donald Duke developed it, I hope my state governor can make my state the medical tourism hub of the nation. All he need do is to partner with the private sector and provide enabling environment. Chennai in India did it, Kwara can do it

BOKO HARAM:Between Illusion, denial and the truth. George Onmonya Daniel

Another Bomb Explosion, another defense of Islam by Muslims. “They are not Muslims, Boko Haram are not Muslims. Muslims don’t kill innocent people. Islam is peace. May Allah help us.”

Some would say and are saying it is a conspiracy and Goodluck Jonathan knows about it. It is the security votes (money) they want to loot, so Goodluck Jonathan and his gangs are bombing the North to steal the money. Some would say there is the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) connection in it all to tarnish the image of Islam. Others like Imam Elzazaky of Zaria had granted interview severally accusing a Western connection (Israel or the United obviously). There are many angles to the story of Boko Haram from a Northern Nigerian Muslim perspective.

Those who agree that Boko Haram is a terrorist group make excuses for them like it is as a result of poverty, social exclusion and injustice, at least that is Governor Shema of Katsina State opinion as he was interviewed in HardTalk on BBC.

To understand a problem we must know the nature of what we are dealing with and understanding Boko Haram may help all of us. No matter how one sees it there is no denying it that Boko Haram is a radical Islamic sect who believe they can Islamise Northern Nigeria or rather Nigeria through carrying arms against the State. However utopian an ideal seems, religious fanatics believing God is on their side who try to actualise such fallacy. If Muslims are saying Boko Haram are not Muslims then they are not ready to solve this problem. Boko Haram are an Islamic sect who’s cardinal ideology is to establish an Islamic Sharia Law and they don’t want anybody but Muslims in their Islamic State.

Majority of Muslims don’t agree with Boko Haram ideals and have been against it as they have been agaisnt all terrorist attacks and threats all over the world. Muslims get angry because they assume all the world is seeing them as terrorists and suicide bombers. I really understand how it must feel to be labelled for the crime of others because you share the same faith. We must however address a problem as it is. If most of us have analysed these issues well we would have known that BOKO HARAM wouldn’t be willing to accept “amnesy”.This is their religious war and amnesty would tarnish image in the terror world even among moderate Muslims. It has never been about money. It is the will of Allah with to them. If we understand Boko Haram we may be able to stop them from radicalising other Nigerians. It is important we see Boko Haram as it is, that’s the simple truth.


A member went to the Rev Minister and said, Sir, I won’t be coming to church anymore.”

The Rev asked “But why?”

The member answered,
It is getting out of hands,
I saw and heard a sister speaking bad of another sister;
another brother that couldn’t read well was laughed at; the worship team are living wrongly; some people are always looking at their phones or even answer calls during church service; among so many other things that are wrong in the Church, It is outrageous.

That’s alright, the Rev Minister replied.

But before you leave the church, could you do me a favour ?
The member listened as the Rev Minister asked him to fetch a full glass of water and walked round the church hall three times without spilling a drop of water on the floor, afterwards, leaves the church if so desired.”
He then thought awhile, that’s so easy!
And the member fetched the full glass of water and walked three times round the church hall in the presence of the Minister who was watching, without spilling a drop on the floor.

When the member finished, he then told the Rev Minister he was ready.

The Minister asked him, “When you were walking round the church with the glass of water, did you see a sister speaking bad about another sister?” no sir, he replied.
did you see anyone looking at their phone, the Minister asked again?” I did not sir, do You know why, the Minister queried?” No Daddy, the member answered slowly.
Okay, Were you focused on the glass of water to make sure you didn’t spill or allow any drop of water to fall to the floor?
Yes Daddy, I was very careful focusing on the glass of water while making the rounds, the member explained to his Minister.
The Minister replied to him, It’s the same with our life both in the society and in the Church. What you focus on, is what you see and that what your attention is drawn to.
When our focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ, we will not have time to see and observe the mistakes of others will upset us, but we will see opportunities to serve God and save others.
Saved to save others.