Naira Gains; While DSS Still Detaining Mr Gbadamosi Who Exposed The Govt Forex Fraud.

While Nigerians are still speculating the actual reason behind the sudden appreciation of the Naira over major International currencies since February 20, 2017 and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) sudden change of policy, Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi, a Lagos Businessman and former governorship candidate, who exposed in details the monumental organized foreign currency fraud by the Buhari government and officials of CBN was arrested and still detained by the Department of Security Services (DSS) since February 22, 2017.

In a social media video which went viral, Mr Gbadamosi frowned at the shabby practices where those that genuinely need foreign currencies for Business are not provided with any, while the President’s allies and the cronies of CBN big-wigs are receiving them at ridiculous low rates of N3/$1.

Every effort to secure Mr Gbadamosi’s release has proved abortive. The DSS has ensure that no one visits or see the incarcerated voice of the Nigerian opposition in the secret detention center he was dumped six days ago and sources close to Hope For Nigeria within the secret police headquarters in Abuja are claiming that Gbadamosi was accused of blackmailing the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Government by releasing those classified information about forex sales.

Regrettably, while Mr Babatunde Gbadamosi is languishing in DSS secret detention center for saving Nigeria from the forex mafia, Nigerians are giving the glory to the acting President Osibanjo who raised no finger in the new development where the CBN suspended forex sales to cronies and allies of President Buhari and sudden revert to the polices of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, where the Naira is protected with our external reserve.

Re-echoing the concern of Nigerians including that of the former CBN governor and the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido who revealed the operation of over 20 different foreign exchange rates by the CBN and some Nigerians making billions of Naira daily from their gardens trading dollar they bought at an alarming low rates, Mr Gbadamosi demanded that these sharp practices should stop in other for the country to survive the self-induced recession.

Gbadamosi quoting various media sources in the Video, stated that the CBN was selling forex to some close allies of President Muhammadu Buhari for as low as N3 to $1 through what is called Bills of Collection. People where given Dollars with cold claims that their Form M was filled and submitted like 35 years ago but forex was not released. They cartel only has to claim that they made their importation in 1985 but forex was not released to you despite submitting duly completed Form M.

With all documents perfected, the forex will then be released at the prevailing rate in 1985. They will get $3 million at N5/ $1 and selling to end users at say N480/ $1. The said customer will be making about N1.425billion in one transaction.

He listed transactions by some individuals that got $4,327 at the rate of N23.34 to $1 through “credit card payment” for “invisible” purpose and under “invisible sector”. A bank also got $3,589.11 at the rate of N3.19 to $1 also for “invisible” purposes and under “invisible” sector. There was a transaction involving sale of $66.72 at the rate of N0.62 to $1. There was also a sale of $5.56 to a company at the rate of N0.61 also for “invisible” purposes. A particular transaction also involved the sale of $570.8 at the rate N3.17.

In contrast, there was a company, who purchased $1,462,480.83 at the rate of N425 to $1. The document shows that individuals and companies got foreign exchange for purposes ranging from importation, PTA, school fees, “invisible”, family maintenance allowances, mortgage payments and medical travel among others.

This video lead the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), to query the CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, demanding “prompt response” to the allegations of corruption in the CBN’s foreign exchange allocation and transactions. Multiple Petitions against the CBN indicated how some companies and individuals got foreign exchange in US dollars at the rates as low as low as N0.61 to $1 while others got it in rates that were as high as N470 to $1.

Malami, in the letter, dated February 6, 2017, and with reference number, HAGF/CBN/2017/VOL.1/1, asked Emefiele to respond to the allegations “to enable us to advise the Presidency and take appropriate measures.”

Titled ‘allegations of racketeering in the Central Bank of Nigeria; disparity in allocation of foreign exchange’, and addressed to Emefiele, the letter was delivered to the CBN governor’s office on Monday.

The allegations in the attorney general’s letter to Emefiele includes:-

alleged corruption in the apex bank’s “foreign exchange allocation transactions.

2. questionable policy in CBN’s allocation and sale of foreign currency to Nigerians.

3. arbitrary allotment of different exchange rates for same purposes.

4. allocation of conflicting foreign exchange rates.

The DSS has not charged Mr Gbadamosi after six days of arrest and they denied him medical attention, family visits and rejected the request for his lawyers to see him or be informed of the reason for his arrest.

It is shocking to note that Nigerians are enjoying the appreciation of the Naira over major currencies and praising the CBN and the government that overseas the foreign currency fraud that almost crippled the Nigerian economy while the man who scarified neck for us, is under chain and locked up in secret detention center

Can You Guess Which Country Has the World’s Largest Oil Reserves? (Hint: It’s Not Saudi Arabia)

The shale revolution has dramatically changed the global energy landscape.

For decades, the oil market has been dominated by Saudi Arabia, because it not only produced the most oil on a daily basis but also controlled the most oil underground. Those oil resources, known as reserves, gave the country leverage because it could ramp its output up or down to respond to market conditions. It often used that advantage to keep oil prices at a level of its choosing by putting pressure on other members of OPEC to follow its lead.

That said, there’s a new kid it town that, thanks to advances in drilling technology, now has more reserves than the Saudis. That surprising newcomer is none other than the United States of America, which, according to one estimate, has the world’s largest oil reserves.

An onshore drilling rig.


Drilling down into the numbers

According to a report by energy consultancy Rystad Energy, the U.S. holds 264 billion barrels of oil reserves, which includes oil from existing fields as well as a projection of oil from yet-to-be-discovered fields. Rounding out the top five are Russia (256 billion barrels), Saudi Arabia (212 billion), Canada (167 billion), and Iran (143 billion). Rystad found that the U.S. had already discovered 109 billion barrels of the reserves it used for its estimates.

Another of Rystad’s findings was the importance of shale in fueling America’s explosive growth in oil reserves, with these sources supplying 50% of the reserves. Of that amount, 60 billion barrels were in the state of Texas alone, thanks to the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin. Meanwhile, another 20 billion barrels of oil are likely underneath the state of North Dakota in its Bakken shale, according to estimates by leading developer Continental Resources(NYSE:CLR). On top of that, the country has several emerging shale plays in the Rockies and Oklahoma that are starting to become important drivers of reserve growth.

An onshore drilling rig in Texas.


Where’s all this undiscovered oil?

Another notable finding of the Rystad report is that what sets the U.S. apart from Saudi Arabia is a huge estimate for undiscovered oil supplies. In fact, if we readjust the numbers to only include oil reserves from existing fields and discoveries, the U.S. falls to second at 109 billion barrels, versus Saudi Arabia’s 168 billion. These findings imply that the U.S. still has 155 billion barrels of oil just waiting to be discovered, compared with just 44 billion barrels in Saudi Arabia.

The country has several potential sources of this undiscovered oil. For example, oil companies have continued to find onshore sources such as new shale plays or extensions of existing areas. Also, there’s likely plenty of oil currently hiding out in forbidden federal lands both onshore and offshore.

Shale plays in the U.S. have turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. In the Permian Basin, for example, Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE:PXD), which is the leading driller in the eastern portion of the play, believes that there could be as many as 160 billion barrels of oil equivalent resources in that legacy West Texas oil field. For perspective, that rivals the estimated oil reserves of Saudi Arabia’s monster Ghawar field. In fact, Pioneer Natural Resources believes that its acreage position alone holds 11 billion barrels of oil equivalent resources. Meanwhile, oil producers are still discovering new sources of oil in that field. Late last year, Apache (NYSE:APA) announced the discovery of the Alpine High play in a region that its peers had largely written off. By applying advances in shale drilling to an area where the industry had historically underperformed, Apache believes it found the keys to unlocking at least 3 billion barrels of oil.

Another area where there are likely ample supplies of undiscovered oil is on federal land. According to Harrold Hamm, the founder and CEO of Continental Resources, the government’s reluctance to lease federal land for drilling has been holding back exploration. Hamm said that “permitting is almost nonexistent,” which is a problem the industry is hoping President Trump will address by easing regulations and opening up more federal land for drilling under his America-first energy policy.

One area Trump can’t open up for new drilling quite so easily is in certain offshore regions, after his predecessor used a provision in a 1953 law to ban new leases on large swaths of federal waters for exploration, including the entire Alaskan Arctic. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, as many as 27 billion barrels of recoverable oil could be underneath the Alaskan Arctic. However, because former President Obama invoked this particular provision to ban new leases, it would probably take an act of Congress to reverse it so that President Trump or a future president can open up these areas to future drilling.

Investor takeaway

America has more recoverable oil than any other nation in the world, according to research from Rystad Energy. That said, oil companies haven’t found all that oil just yet, though there’s reasonable certainty that it exists, especially as producers explore around shale plays and on federal land that’s currently off limits. So for the U.S. to reach its full potential as an oil superpower, President Trump will need to make good on his America-first energy pledge by cutting regulations and opening up more areas to drilling, so that oil companies can go out and find the oil. Doing so will not only further loosen Saudi control on the oil market, but it will also keep more oil dollars in the United States

Airport Shutdown, Brigands Leave Nigerian Capital Isolated

Foreign travelers planning to reach the Nigerian capital, Abuja, next month have two choices: make a 15-hour drive from the southern commercial hub of Lagos or fly to the northern city of Kaduna and ride through an area plagued by kidnappers and gunmen.

The authorities plan to close Abuja’s airport for six weeks on March 8 to repair potholes on the 35-year-old runway that have damaged planes’ landing gear. British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and South African Airways declined the government’s suggestion to divert their flights to Kaduna, while Ethiopian Airlines says it will fly there. Kaduna’s attractiveness dimmed on Feb. 23 when two German archaeologists were kidnapped and released three days later in a village off the 234-kilometer (145 mile) road to the capital.

“This route passes through insecure territory where the convergence by criminal actors from cattle rustlers to bandits and militants has precipitated a surge in kidnappings,” said Michael Clyne, an analyst at the Lagos-based security consultant group DC Premium Logistic and Solutions Ltd. Victims of the abductions included two former ministers, a Sierra Leonean diplomat and two bankers, he said.

The closure of the airport in Abuja, which handles 3 million passengers a year, will be another shock to a country facing its worst economic contraction in a quarter century. The drop in oil prices has slashed its main revenue earner, while the naira currency has weakened 35 percent against the dollar since June, the third-worst performance globally. President Muhammadu Buhari, 74, has been receiving treatment in London since Jan. 19 for an unspecified medical condition, with no date set for his return.

Deal Makers

Abuja is a deal-making center, frequented by executives from mobile-phone companies, retailers and energy firms including Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp. that are pumping crude with the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. in Africa’s second-biggest oil producer.

Already the airport shutdown prompted the postponement of the Nigeria International Trade and Investment Conference on non-oil investment until June.

“We have talked to several participants and embassies, and it seems no one is interested in going to Kaduna,” Sand Mba Kalu, who’s helping to organize the conference for Africa International Trade and Development Trust, said on Monday.

Airport Capacity

Besides the danger of the Kaduna route, its airport probably doesn’t have the capacity to handle the Abuja traffic. It had 12 flights in December 2015 compared with 812 in Abuja, Lagos-based research house SBM Intelligence said in a Feb. 24 note, citing the latest available figures from Nigeria’s airports authority.

Aviation State Minister Hadi Sirika said the government is expanding Kaduna airport’s capacity to handle more traffic.

Most airlines had little alternative but to suspend their flights, said Joachim Vermooten, an independent aviation analyst in Pretoria, South Africa.

“It’s very hard to transfer the whole airline supply-chain that includes ticketing, etc to Kaduna just for a short while,” he said by phone.

The runway at Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was built in 1982 with a 20-year lifespan and has deteriorated to the extent that it has become a safety hazard and has to be completely overhauled, according to Minister Sirika.

Construction company Julius Berger Nigeria Plc won a contract in 2010 that was then worth about $425 million to build a 4.6-kilometer second runway, but it was canceled after lawmakers said it was too expensive. It also won the bid to carry out the current repairs at a cost of 5.8 billion naira ($18.4 million), according to Sirika.

Economic Impact

Until the work is finished, Ben Okechukwu says he’s planning to shut his clothes shop in the capital because he won’t be able to make his usual monthly trip to Turkey to buy suits, shirts and ties.

“I plan to shift to Lagos,” he said in an interview. “The biggest problem is we are not sure how long the airport will be closed. If it’s six weeks it’s OK, but if it goes for months, then it messes up the whole year.”

Nigeria’s airline industry was already reeling from shortages of jet fuel and foreign-currency as revenue from crude oil fell and the value of the naira tumbled, leaving airlines with higher maintenance bills and difficulty in repatriating ticket sales. The government was forced to take over Nigeria’s biggest airline, Arik Air, this month.

The airport closure will make the situation worse, said Linden Birns, managing director of Cape Town, South Africa-based aviation consultancy Plane Talking.

It’s not only a “blow for both domestic and foreign airlines who will lose revenues, but also for the Nigerian economy,” he said.


Sunday School Series Volumes 33 to 42

Mike Gallagher, the 8th most recognized talk radio personality in the country, is heard by over 2.25 million listeners weekly. He compiled and wrote the following essay.
“Obama: It was You”President Obama,This is why you didn’t go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:
* It was you . . . who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner -“I am one of you.”* It was you . . . who on ABC News referenced -“My Muslim faith.”* It was you who . . . gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
* It was you who . . . wrote that in the event of a conflict – “I will stand with the Muslims.”
* It was you who . . . assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”* It was you who . . . bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
* It was you who . . . sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
* It was you who . . . exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
* It was you who . . . purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.
* It was you who . . . mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Qur’an.
* It was you who . . . traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States of America.
* It was you who . . . instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
* It was you who . . . refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House.
* It was you who . . . ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested the mosques you have visited to adjust their decor.
* It was you who . . . appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.
* It was you who . . . appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.
* It was you who . . . said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities
.* It was you who . . . as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
* It was you who . . . was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the White House, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the White House tree.
* It was you who . . . curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
* It was you who . . . refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
* It is you who . . . has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
* It was you . . . who, when queried in India, refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorist assaults.
* It was you who . . . funneled $900 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas
.* It was you who . . . ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
* It was you who . . . directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.
* It was you who . . . funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in grammar schools across our country.
* It is you who . . . follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
* It is you who . . . departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal White House religious events.
* It was you who . . . was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood-led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
* It was you who . . . appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
* It was you who . . . said this country is not a Christian nation.* It was you who . . . said the Muslim call to worship is “the most beautiful sound on earth.”
QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! Can there be any doubt that Obama is anti christian
SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES 34: 100 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues:
1. Tongues is the entrance into the supernatural.
2. Tongues is the prayer in the New Testament.
3. Tongues is a direct line to talking to God.
4. Tongues is the believer’s direct access to the throne room.
5. Tongues is speaking divine mysteries – divine coded secrets.
6. Tongues is drawing secrets to life’s complicated issues.
7. Tongues is prophesying your God-ordained future.
8. Tongues is praying out God’s plan for your life.
9. Tongues is knowledge, counsel, and secrets withheld from the wicked.
10. Tongues is the entrance into the realm of the spirit – the miraculous zone.
11. Tongues is strengthening your inner man with might.
12. Tongues keeps you spiritually fit.
13. Tongues is praying things that have been concealed to be revealed.
14. Tongues is decreeing the rhemas of God.
15. Tongues pulls you from the past into the future.
16. Tongues is home improvement and a source of spiritual edification.
17. Tongues is building a strong premise to carry the anointing.
18. Tongues builds and stimulates your faith.
19. Tongues gives you unstoppable progress that your enemies cannot deny.
20. Tongues is giving praise and thanksgiving well unto God.
21. Tongues lines you up with the divine will of God.
22. Tongues is speaking the language and will of God.
23. Tongues is help with your ultimate weakness.
24. Tongues is the ultimate assistance to prayer.
25. Tongues qualifies all things to work for your good.
26. Tongues renders you to be God-inside minded.
27. Tongues makes you miracle-minded.
28. Tongues magnifies God.
29. Tongues enlarges your perspective of God’s potency in your life.
30. Tongues gives spiritual refreshing and rest.
31. Tongues hones your sharpness and accuracy in the anointing.
32. Tongues facilitates the entrance into the gifts of the Spirit.
33. Tongues equips you for the wonders of God.
34. Tongues is fine-tuning and sensitizing your spirit man to the voice of God.
35. Tongues is assistance to bring your natural tongue under subjection.
36. Tongues develops intimacy with the Holy Ghost.
37. Tongues is your private conversation with God.
38. Tongues is deep calling unto deep.
39. Tongues accesses revelation knowledge.
40. Tongues taps into the mind of God.
41. Tongues opens the Scriptures to you from a divine perspective rather than an intellectual standpoint.
42. Tongues is part of the armor of God, the lance that will shoot down the enemy.
43. Tongues is the pilum to cause great damage to the kingdom of darkness.
44. Tongues helps you to develop your prayer life.
45. Tongues synchronizes you with the timing of God.
46. Tongues is alignment with the assignment of God.
47. Tongues is a door of utterance and boldness.
48. Tongues is the Holy Spirit searching your heart and praying through you the perfect will of God.
49. Tongues is pulling treasure out of you.
50. Tongues is leaning upon God.
51. Tongues is blowing the ram’s horn for battle.
52. Tongues is the rallying sound of victory.
53. Tongues is releasing angels on heavenly assignments to change earthly situations.
54. Tongues is a brainstorming session with God.
55. Tongues taps into the creativity of Elohim.
56. Tongues overrules and overturns death assignments against your life.
57. Tongues reverses demonic assignments against your well-being.
58. Tongues removes you from the limitations of the flesh to God’s abundant supply of the Spirit.
59. Tongues is making demands upon the power of God.
60. Tongues enables a closer walk with God. 61. Tongues is speaking the hidden wisdom of God.
62. Tongues is the beginning of being led by the Holy Spirit.
63. Tongues is living supernaturally in a natural world.
64. Tongues opens the heavens and charges the atmosphere.
65. Tongues is the release of the shekinah glory.
66. Tongues is getting drunk on the new wine of the Holy Ghost.
67. Tongues is pouring in the oil and wine of the Holy Ghost.
68. Tongues are life-filled words, faith-filled words and anointing-filled words.
69. Tongues lights the fire of God in your life.
70. Tongues delivers you from the scourge of the tongue.
71. Tongues is unlocking every closed prison door in your life.
72. Tongues is the beginning and the maintaining of partnership with the Holy Spirit.
73. Tongues is releasing the winds of God to blow in your life.
74. Tongues is the wind in your sail.
75. Tongues is the wind beneath your wings.
76. Tongues unleashes the winds of revival and refreshing in your life.
77. Tongues is refilling empty vessels.
78. Tongues is spirit-to-Spirit communication.
79. Tongues helps in living effectively in the last days.
80. Tongues is the ignition key to walking in the power of God.
81. Tongues is being endued with power from on high.
82. Tongues is rivers of living waters flowing out of you.
83. Tongues is drinking from the river and reservoir of God.
84. Tongues is serving God from your spirit.
85. Tongues enables you to perform your priestly duties.
86. Tongues is building your image of God in you and confidence.
87. Tongues is expressing, enforcing, and declaring the will of God in your life and the earth.
88. Tongues is extracting answers from the indwelling Spirit to solve life’s problems.
89. Tongues is praying from your spirit.
90. Tongues is giving your spirit ascendency and power over your flesh.
91. Tongues aids you to mortify the deeds and evil cravings of the flesh.
92. Tongues connects the intercession of the Holy Spirit with your great High Priest Jesus.
93. Tongues is the highest form of the prayer of agreement.
94. Tongues is the divine agreement of the prayers of our earthly and heavenly intercessor with the plans of God.
95. Tongues is the threefold cord that will not be broken.
96. Tongues is ministering to yourself, to the Lord, and unto others.
97. Tongues is worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth.
98. Tongues charges your spiritual battery.
99. Tongues makes you God-friendly rather than seeker friendly, confuses the equips you for the wonders of God.
100. Tongues is a well springing up into the God kind of life…….
Can you just blast in tongues for 5mins when ever you see this message.
*⁉When we can no longer differentiate a Church from a social gathering and all what we do in Church is to just have fun!*
*_⁉When we can not differentiate a chorister from a harlot and an usher is not different from a waiter!_*
*⁉When the Church is no more conducive where shall we go?!*
*_⁉When worship session in a Church is just like a disco night party and we can not differentiate a Pastor from a comedian!_*
*⁉When salvation message is no longer the order of the day but prosperity and entertainment message is now the core course!*
*_⁉When the Church is no more conducive where shall we go?!_*
*⁉When prayer warriors now have to go to tongue-speaking school for utterances, and deliverance and healing session is now like MTH 201 to be taught and learned!*
*_⁉When a Pastor has to pause for members to clap and shout during sermon in enthusiasm and all what we now gain from preaching is new vocabulary and word usage!_*
*⁉When the Church is no more conducive where shall we go?!*
*_⁉When the Church of the Sovereign GOD is now an exhibition ground for the latest designer jackets and hats. And those new converts can no longer come to Church for the fear of being inferior!_*
*⁉When the tithe and offering in Church become the yard-stick for growth and the little donations from the faithful members have to suffer for the Senior Pastor’s birthday!*
*_⁉When the church is no more conducive where shall we go?!_*
*⁉When fund raising is now disguised and referred to as revival!*
*_⁉When the number of souls being lost from the Church is higher than gained souls!_*
*⁉Where shall we go is the question right now; but never a rhetoric one!*
*_💃🏾🚶🏾👉🏾Where we can go is simply the Feet of the Old Rugged CROSS ✝ to plead for genuine spiritual revival of the Church of our Father!_*
*Someone sent this to me and I found it thought provoking and beneficial enough to share as received/copied, please!*
Is this not true of what is happening in the Church? Let God arise and deliver us from spiritual laziness
SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES 37: All the Books of The Bible in the order they appeared.
I went to Genesis Hotels through Exodus road. On the way, i saw Leviticus recording the Numbers of people at Deuteronomy, while Joshua was waiting at the beautiful gate for Judges to see Ruth calling loudly “Samuel,Samuel”.
At a stage, the, first and second Kings of Chronicles were coming to visit Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther for the misfortune of Job their brother. Then they noticed that Mr. Psalms was teaching his children Proverbs concerning Ecclesiastes and Songs of Solomon.
This coincided with the period that Isaiah and Jeremiah were engaged in Lamentation for Ezekiel and Daniel their friend. By that time, Amos and Obadiah were not around. Three days later, Hosea, Joel and Jonah traveled in the same ship with Micah and Nahum to Jerusalem . Habakkuk then visited Zephaniah who introduced him to Haggai a friend of Zechariah whose cousin is Malachi.
Immediately after the old tradition, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John got involved in Acts with the Romans who were behaving like the Corinthians, who were also always at loggerhead with the Galatians.
At that time too, the Ephesians realizing that the Philippians were close to the Colossians, suggested to the Thessalonians that they should first of all see Timothy who had gone to the house of Titus to teach Philemon his younger brother how to read and write in Hebrew.
On hearing this, James asked Peter to explain to him how the three Johns have disclosed to Jude the Revelation of our of life in Christ Jesus
I have heard from so many, and also read many articles concerning the plans of Islam and all their threats but no one seems to go beyond that to tell us the plan of God and the church. Everyone seems to entertain a deep fear for now and the future. I wonder why.
But as I waited on the Lord I keep hearing words of Hope.
The Lord also revealed His victory strategies for the church.
We’ve heard about the Church in Turkey and Europe generally and all these stories seem to convey is FEAR.
*But here is the Word of The Lord.*
The Lord made me realise that we have hijacked the church from Him. It’s no longer HIS church.
We call ourselves PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER……
We refer to the church as MY CHURCH…. and to the congregation as MY SHEEP. MY CHILDREN.
As long as it is not the Lord’s Church certainly the gates of hell will always prevail against it.
*This is what we must do.*
We the Senior Pastors and Bishops must deliberately repent and hand over the church to the owner. We must throw away all the titles that rob us of the presence of God. NONE OF US IS QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF ANY CHURCH. We must resume our basic functions as APOSTLE. PROPHET. EVANGELIST. PASTOR AND TEACHER.
As simple as this may sound it makes us to switch places with the Lord and give back to Him what was HIS in the beginning.
*Secondly,* None of us owns any Ministry. It is the ministry of the HOLY SPIRIT.
*Thirdly.* We must be Humble. Today most Ministers get highly offended when they are not introduced in certain ways and by certain titles. That’s idolatry.
Today the Shepherd is so far away from the sheep. We had more Power when we all called ourselves simply as BROTHER or SISTER. A strange spirit has overtaken us. We think of ourselves more highly than we ought.
We fence ourselves from our members with very heavy security and bodyguards. Just to create a false sense of importance.
Our Lord Jesus was so HUMBLE AND DOWN TO EARTH. We have reversed the protocol of the Kingdom of God. The GREATEST Must be the SERVANT of all.
*Finally.* We must LOVE EACH OTHER AS OURSELVES. We must be sensitive and responsive to the needs of others and attend to them as if they were ours.
This is the kind of Church Jesus Built. This is the church that even Hell cannot prevail against.
*2Chronicles 7.14 rings a loud bell.*
If my people who are called by my name shall
1. HUMBLE themselves
The Lord said He will do the following. ..
We need to Follow God’s order of priority.
It is expressed as HUMILITY. LOVE. FELLOWSHIP.
When we all repent and walk in love and humility and care for each other….
It’s time to start looking for those who offended us and tell them I FORGIVE YOU. ….
Don’t wait for them to come to you.
This is the word of the Lord.
*Pls forward*
Bro. Panam Percy Paul.
_DEAR PASTOR,_ _When you preach the correct biblical principle of sowing and reaping please balance it with the biblical principle of hard work, diligence and creativity (study Joseph) or else you will be raising a bunch of lazy Christians always expecting manna from heaven._ _When you preach the correct biblical principle of perfect and divine health please balance it with the correct biblical principle of healthy living, or else you will be raising a bunch of gluttonous Christians that will be casting the spirit of cholesterol out of obviously harmful meals._ _When you preach the principle of transfer of the gentiles wealth balance it with the teaching of solid business planning, fiscal discipline, developing a competitive edge within your industry. (who amongst you will want to build a house and not first of all count the cost….planning)_ _When you preach that God will bring knowledge to the remembrance of students writing exams, please balance it with the fact that it is what they had studied before that can come to their memory. Teach them to study hard for their exams. Apostle Paul specifically requested Timothy to bring his BOOKS to him in the prison._ _When you teach them that none shall lack his/her mate teach them interpersonal relationship skills, positive attitude, dress etiquette, social etiquette, modesty_ _When you teach them that God will prosper them please let them know that it is what their hands find doing that God will multiply God will not multiply an empty hand doing nothing._ _Please teach them that God did not say He will give them wealth. The Bible says it is God that gives you power to make wealth. Tell them God will give them power in form of knowledge, friends, good health, intellect, time and God expects them to use these power to make wealth._ _Please teach them the correct thing for the body of Christ to be healthy and vibrant. God will help His church in Jesus name Amen._
SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES 40 : MOVES TO ISLAMIZE NIGERIA: MY RESPONSE BY SAM OGOAZI The Moslems are trying to Islamize Nigeria because Christians are not Christianizing Nigeria. How did the white man evangelize Nigeria through the CMS, RCM, SIM, Methodist, Baptist and other agencies? By building schools and hospitals and offering their services at subsidized rates.
Some years ago, my mother needed eye surgery to remove a cataract. We brought her to Lagos and were informed by a consultant at Nigerian Ports Authority Clinic that the best eye hospital in Nigeria is the ECWA Missionary Eye Hospital in Kano. I took my mum there and met with highly qualified expatriates working right in the heart of Kano. The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Kiru had more degrees than a thermometer, the equipment was the best available in the country; despite the hustle and bustle of the city, the atmosphere within the hospital premises was serene. A female, German surgeon (Dr. Bahge) operated on my mum and she was discharged 4 days after she was admitted.
The whole operation including tests, private ward with 2 beds and feeding cost N54,000 (Instead of N200,000 in the cheapest hospital in Lagos). Further tests later showed that my mum’s eyes were like that of a 40-year old (she was in her seventies).
Three years ago, a friend and I met an 18-year old girl who had run away from home, soon after she had a baby for her 20-year old boyfriend; both had absolutely no source of income. Where do we take them to? Someone told me about Ozanam house – a home set up by the Roman Catholic Church just for cases like this. After narrating the story to Rev. Sister Stella (the Head of the place), she said: “go and bring them”.
The girl, her boyfriend and the baby were kept in the center till her mother was located and all three were sent back home to Abuja – all expenses paid by the center. What do the Pentecostal Churches offer today, what acts of love or kindness do you receive from the average Nigerian church, what amenities are provided by the Nigerian Church whose income was estimated at 3 Trillion Naira in 2014 (when the whole Nation budgeted 4 Trillion)? We build mega auditoriums to seat crowds mainly made up of miracle seekers and those trying to assuage their curiosity; we offer prayers mostly for prosperity and breakthrough, we give prophecies about who is standing in the way of your success and how he or she must be removed by violent prayers. In fact, our enemies, spiritual or physical, must “die by fire”. Meanwhile a pastor here in Ojodu, Lagos owns 45 private cars in the midst of abject poverty. Now there is this satanic competition to know who owns more aircrafts than the other in Nigeria. Most Church members can not afford the fees charged by schools owned by the Churches where they worship. A woman had a baby through normal delivery in a hospital owned by the Church where she worships here in Ojodu, Lagos; the bill-N150,000. It is “Haram” (forbidden) for a Moslem to take interest on a loan given to another Moslem but a pastor I know was charged 20% interest PER MONTH on a loan given to him by a fellow pastor. By the 6th month, the interest had exceeded the principal sum. Ok, let’s keep sending WhatsApp messages asking for prayers against Moslems who are aggressively promoting their religion using any means necessary while we focus on getting as many people to our breakthrough programs as we can (not minding whether they understand the rudiments of Christianity). If we get enough people to pray through WhatsApp, one day God will look down from Heaven and have mercy on our prayers and force every Moslem (including Buhari and El-Rufai) to either become a Christian or die by fire, meanwhile count me out of those prayers. Thank you.
Credits: Sam Ogoazi.
During the third century, an oppressive Roman Emperor called Emperor Claudius II had made it a capital punishment (death) to worship and serve Christ.
He had decreed the Romans to serve and worship his gods, and deprived the young Roman soldiers of getting married.
But an elderly Christian had stood his ground for his faith and had insisted on serving Jesus Christ and preaching the love of God to the young soldiers.
This was considered treason against the government.
He was arrested, sentenced to death and jailed. In the last weeks of his life in the prison, the jailer (prison commander) who observed that he was very learned and possessed very good Christian character, brought his blind daughter to him to be giving her lessons.
He taught her about God and told her many Roman histories and stories from the Bible. He taught her the love of God. The blind girl got so used to the elderly Christian prisoner. On his last night he left a note for Julia, the blind girl, encouraging her to love God and serve Him. And in ending the note, he wrote: “From your Valentine”.
His death sentence was carried out the next day, February 14, 270 A.D.
*The name of this martyr was Valentinus*, a man who died for standing for the Preaching of the Christ and teaching people about the love of God.
So, for his love for God, he was regarded as ‘Saint’.
Archaeologists have unearthed a Roman catacomb; an ancient church dedicated to Saint Valentine. During 496 AD, the Pope marked February 14 as celebration in honor of his martyrdom.
*February 14, is known as Valentine Day. But the essence of Valentine Day historically was a celebration in honor of the martyrdom of a devoted preacher, Valentinus, who stood on his faith in Christ against the devilish idolatry decrees of a Godless Emperor.*
*He preached Christ to the Roman soldiers and spread the love for God and humanity when it was a crime to do so. The day he was martyred was declared “Valentine Day”. February 14, 270 AD.*
However, the devil has rewritten history today. All over the world, the history has successfully been erased and rewritten the way the devil wanted. The reason for the DAY has been blotted out from people’s memory and a minor aspect of the whole story had been blown beyond proportion. The little card note Valentinus had left behind for Julia, his young beloved convert, whom he taught, preached to and prayed for, had ended with: “From Your Valentine”.
*On February 14, in the year 270.AD, somebody died for Christ and is now in Heaven, but on February 14, 2017, several people will die spiritual death.*
The Destinies of several young men and girls will be aborted that day, because the devil had changed the reason for the Valentine Day celebrations. He had rubbed off living and dying for Christ and replaced it with living and dying on the bed of immorality.
That day, many young girls and ladies will give their virginity away for a gift of phones, ipads, bags, clothes, and even valueless gifts as little as chocolate, sweet, fried chickens and plates of pepper-soup and salad.
By the evening of this year Feb 14, demons of fornication and adultery will invade our streets and storm our night clubs and hotels to take register of those who are dying soon of STDs, including new candidates who are going to contact HIV and AIDS.
On Feb 14 this year, forces of evil are coming down on adulterated Valentine Day to possess people with the spirit of Rape and drug abuse. Imagine the amount of pregnancy preventive drugs and materials that shall be sold. Harlots will sell that day. There will be Christian backsliders that day….BECAUSE SOME GLORIOUS DESTINIES WILL BE ABORTED ON VALENTINE DAY.
*The story of Reuben, Genesis 35:21-22a:*
21. Then Israel journeyed and pitched his tent beyond the tower of Eder.
22. And it happened, when Israel dwelt in that land, that Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father’s concubine; and Israel heard about it.
A strange spirit came upon Reuben, the first born of Jacob, and he went and slept with his father’s young wife. Israel heard about it and said nothing. Nothing was heard about it again for many years, and we never heard that Reuben asked for forgiveness or repented or became sober about it and the matter died just like that. Really?
So many events came over it, nobody mentioned it again. He went with the rest of Jacob’s children to Egypt; he saw the glories of Egypt. He was welcomed into the palace of Joseph and ate with him in the royal palace. He grew and had many children and everything was going fine for him till the day their father would say the last prayers for them and give them his final decree.
At the point of death, whatever he said was final for life.
He gathered them together for the final blessing and began to bless them all. But he began with Reuben, the first son, who was to be the heir who should carry the highest blessings among the children.
The record was opened to his long forgotten atrocity. He thought it had been swept under the carpet. He thought he was smart and he had had a simple fun. But his father opened his mouth for his final blessing and said: Gen. 49:3-4 (NKJV)
3. “Reuben, you are my firstborn,
My might and the beginning of my strength,
The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power.
4. Unstable as water, you shall not excel,
Because you went up to your father’s bed;
Then you defiled it—He went up to my couch.
Though he was the beginning of Jacob’s strength, he was supposed to be an epitome of Excellency of dignity and power. He was to be naturally blessed and was born to be a man of natural dignity and power, but….HIS DESTINY WAS ABORTED the day he had “fun” with his father’s young wife.
So, his own verdict was: *”You shall not Excel”* from a man who was anointed to proclaim a final verdict on the Sons of Israel. Reuben was destined to be a royal dignified personality above his siblings, but for that single night of ‘fun’ with that woman.
Many people will have a lot of lustful funs on Feb 14, and wake up Feb 15 morning as normal, but the truth is: long after a very hot pressing iron had been disconnected from the power source; it would still be hot for a while, until it begins to grow cold. Some power cable would be disconnected from the power source of some people on Feb 14.
Some young men and women will place their entire life virtues and destinies in the hand of marine agents that night.
Feb 14 evening is a ‘Night of Fun’, when many men and ladies will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure. By Feb 15 morning it is done!
Destiny Auctioned to a young man or a lady whose future has been mortgaged to the devil.
If Joseph had had a fun with Potiphar’s wife, he would never have got to the palace to see the type of Glory he saw. He escaped that trap which would have aborted his destiny on which so many lives in Egypt and Canaan land, including the lives of his generation unborn depended upon.
There is a great story in *Proverbs 7:6-27*. It is a sad story of a young man on his own “Valentine Night”.
He had thought he wanted to have a fun that night, he had thought he wanted to enjoy himself, but crashed his future in a night of fun.
*Proverbs 7:21-23*
21. With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,
With her flattering lips she seduced him.
22. Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter,
Or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,
23. Till an arrow struck his liver.
As a bird hastens to the snare,
He did not know it would cost his life.
I beg every child of God reading this post to send it to their loved ones especially all those whom they know have not known the true meaning of Valentine Day so that their destinies could be preserved for their glorious future.
Dear brethren, Please let’s post this write up to our young ones to guide them in escaping the devil’s traps on future Valentine’s Days and pray that the power of God will prevail against the desires of the devil.
When a European Airline was initially launched, an educated Christian gentleman was traveling in the first class section.
An air hostess approached him with a complimentary drink, this was an alcoholic drink, but the man politely refused.
The air hostess returned but this time brought the drink on a platter, designed to appeal and impress. However, the Christian man again politely refused, explaining he doesn’t drink alcohol.
The air hostess was concerned and informed the manager. The manager approached the man with another platter, now designed with flowers. He questioned, “Is there something wrong with our service? Please enjoy the drink, it is a complimentary offer.”
The man replied, “I am a Christian and I do not drink alcohol? The manager still insisted that the man take the drink. Then, the Christian proposed that the manager should give the drink to the pilot first. The manager stated, “How can the pilot drink alcohol, he’s on duty! And if he drinks there are all chances for the plane to crash”.
The Christian passenger with tears in his eyes, replied, “I am a Christian and I am ALWAYS on duty in order to protect my FAITH and if I Drink Alcohol I will crash my whole life here and hereafter. I AM 100% ON DUTY!”
Maybe yours might not be an alcohol, it may be tempting you for *sex* as it was done to *Joseph*, battling with how to control your *anger*, profane and vain *babblings*, your *dressing* , your *attitude* towards people and finally not sharing the *Word*.
Do you know that souls are dying because of those reckless behaviours of ours?

7 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2017

Recently, students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) went on a protest over the increase of school fees. The protest degenerated and led to the shut down of the institution.

7 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2017

7 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2017

With the ongoing economic hardship in Nigeria, many are worried about the rising cost of education. What are the most expensive universities in Nigeria, in 2017?

7. Ajayi Crowther University (N200,000 – N695,000)

Ajayi Crowther university is a private university located in Oyo state Nigeria. The religious studies facuty of the school pays as much as N200, 000, while the faculty of law pays between N670,000 and N695,000.

6. Covenant University (N790,000 – N814,000)

Covenant University is located in Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria. It is a private Christian university, affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide.

The architecture and engineering programmes are among the most expensive with their fees running into N814,000 or even more.

5. Afe Babalola University (N700,000 – N1,500,000)

Afe Babalola University is a non-profit private university located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. It was founded by the lawyer and philanthropist, Afe Babalola, in 2009.

The students of the management and business faculty of the institution pay as much as N1, 577,000.

4. American University of Nigeria (N400,000 – N1,590,000)

American University of Nigeria is a private university in northeastern Nigeria that offers American style higher education programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

The tuition fees of the institution ranges from N400,000 – N1, 590,000.

3. Bowen University (N470,000 – N1,850,000)

Bowen University is a private Nigerian university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

The faculty of Agriculture students pay as much as N530,000, while the students of medicine pay around N1,850,000.

2. Babcock University (N300,000 – 3,000,000)

Babcock University is a private Christian co-educational Nigerian university owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria.

Most of the faculties pay between N300,000 and N480,000, but the medical faculty students pay as much as N3,160,000.

1. Igbinedion University (N600,000 – 3,000,000)

Igbinedion University Okada, established in 1999, is regarded by some as the premier private university in Nigeria. Located at Okada in Okada, a town near Benin City, Edo state.

Computer science and Nursing students, pay about N600,000 and N700,000 while medicine students pay N3,000,000 which includes tuition, accommodation and other charges.


EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo’s official car that everyone is talking about

Nigeria’s acting president – Prof Yemi Osibanjo can be said to be a workaholic, and many keep wondering wear the strength all stems from at his age.

The SAN, who is a pastor and was also a lecturer before assuming the post of Vice President of Nigeria is one of the most admired Nigerians at the moment.

Osinbajo is so loved and highly esteemed that he rides the same car as President Muhammadu Buhari.

As many keep trying to know more about this acting president with a great sense of diplomacy, a full assessment of his official ride has been made, and many believe that he deserves the classy car and much more.

Below are specs and features of the classy beast which the vice president cruises in.

1. Whats the make?

It is a Mercedes 550 Armoured Sedan Car. The S-Class full-size luxury sedan has long been the face of class, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology for Mercedes-Benz.

EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo's official car that everyone is talking about

The latest S continues the tradition with perhaps the most pampering cabin on the market and enough gadgetry to put technophiles into a state of utter bliss. For more features, see the Senate Pres. car review.

2. Interior Features

Automatic air conditioning

Central locking

Cruise control

Electric heated seats

Electric windows

Full Leather Interior

Navigation system

Parking sensors

Power Assisted Steering

EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo's official car that everyone is talking about

3. Exterior Features

20″ Alloy wheels

Double Exhaust

Electric Mirrors

Safety Features


Curtain Airbags

Drivers knee airbag

EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo's official car that everyone is talking about

EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo’s official car that everyone is talking about

ESP with EDL + ASR

Four Wheel Drive


Passenger Airbag

Xenon headlights

4. Extras

2 year Warranty

Auxiliary Audio Input

CD / DVD / MP3 Audio

Full Service History

Vehicle Anti-Theft

5. Armoring Details | Standard Armoring

All opaque material surrounding passenger area is reinforced with ballistic steel and composite lightweight armoring materials.

All original glass is removed and replaced with ballistic glass

EXPOSED! 5 very specific things you must know about VP Osinbajo's official car that everyone is talking about

According to, the doors and frames are reinforced with ballistic steel, composite lightweight materials, overlaps and spall guards

Armored battery, radiator, firewall, front fenders, and fuel tank

Reinforced suspension

Run-flat tires

Tailpipe protection


Meet ‘Olu heavy’ Nigeria’s strongest man (photos)

Oluwatofunmi Fadesire also known as Olu-Heavy is said to be Nigeria’s strongest man.

He represented Nigeria at the Inaugural Arnold Classic Africa which held in May 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Meet 'Olu Heavy' Nigeria's strongest man

Fadesire said he started lifting things from when he was a child

According to him, he started lifting things from way back 2006 back in his backyard but he started it officially in 2013.

Fadesire, who started competing in Nigeria in 2014, got the strongest man title when he travelled abroad.

Meet 'Olu Heavy' Nigeria's strongest man

Back in the day

He captioned this photo: “Back 2009. Chai see my Konkolo Muscles.”

Report has it that he eats 6 times a day and his breakfast alone consists of 11-12 eggs.

Meet 'Olu Heavy' Nigeria's strongest man

See more photos below.

Meet 'Olu Heavy' Nigeria's strongest man
Meet 'Olu Heavy' Nigeria's strongest man

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians ‘missing in action’

When the Goodluck Jonathan administration was in power, certain prominent Nigerians were very vocal.

Some of them carried on as if they were official spokespersons of the government, while others were always on hand to issue threats to those who oppose the government or its policies.

A number of them threw caution to the wind in their utterances and carried on as if they were untouchable because of their closeness to the then government.

The moment the Muhammadu Buhari administration came on board last year, these individuals recoiled back to their shells and have practically kept mute ever since. lists five prominent Nigerians who have gone kept their calm since President Buhari came on board.

Read below:

1. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

The chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was very vocal during the Jonathan era. A former national president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Oritsejafor was always in the news, adding his voice to public discourse, engaging in public policy debates and most notably defending the then president.

The cleric has since gone quiet since Buhari became the number one occupant of Aso Rock.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

2. Asari Dokubo

Known as Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo in his inner circles, the former Ijaw Youth Council president and former militant leader, was so vocal that his comments always made headlines in major newspapers. Dokubo was always quick to come to the defence of the Jonathan administration on any issue.

He also went as far as threatening those opposed to the government and at some point vowed to initiate the break-up of Nigeria. He has been initiate the break-up of Nigeria. He has been Missing in Action since Buhari came to power.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Asari Dokubo

3. Chief Edwin Clark

He always referred to the former president as his son. Chief Clark was so relevant that those who needed direct access to Jonathan went through him. He was also very vocal at the time, with his penchant for playing the ethnic card whenever public opinion swayed against the former president.

Interestingly, Clark retired from partisan politics few months after Jonathan left office and in what many say was a betrayal of trust, the Ijaw chief publicly ridiculed Jonathan.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Chief Edwin Clark

4. Chief Tony Anenih

After Jonathan fell out with his political god-father and former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, the Bayelsa born lecturer-turned-politician practically adopted Chief Anenih as his god-father. Anenih on his part, repaid the trust bestowed on him by always shielding the president from political arrows thrown at him by the opposition. At different times, he came to the defence of Jonathan at different public fora.

The former minister of works also showed his love for Jonathan by resigning as the Peoples Democratic Party Board of Trustees chairman for the former president to head the position after the elections. He has since gone underground since Buhari replaced Jonathan.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Chief Tony Anenih

5. Mike Omeri

The former boss of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) is the perfect example of how not to behave in public office. Omeri was carried away in his quest for relevance and practically became the unofficial spokesman of the Jonathan administration.

He abandoned his duties as the head of NOA and was clearly partisan, hobnobbing with the powers that be. He has since been sacked and has gone out of circulation.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Mike Omeri

6. Marilyn Ogar

The controversial former spokesperson of the Department of State Security Service (DSS) has gone into hiding after she was compulsorily retired from service following investigation into allegations of bribery and professional misconducts against her.

Ogar was known for her careless statements which portrayed the DSS as a partisan organisation. Nothing has been heard from her since she left public service.

Buhari presidency: 5 Popular Nigerians 'missing in action'

Marlyn Ogar


Re: The Travails of Iya Joe by Funmi Adewola

“Iya Joe is a civil servant. Every time she sees Buhari on TV she gets angry. Buhari is responsible for all her problems. The man is the devil.

Iya Joe earns N250k monthly as an Assistant Director. She is long separated from her useless husband. She has 2 Children in Bowen. The last two attend a private secondary school. She has a house in Kubuwa. She was building one in the village. She has another two in her sisters name in various property schemes in Abuja.

Before PMB’s emergence, she estimates that she spent annually about N25m. Money flowed. There were a lot of leakages. She had paid her dues as a civil servant. It was her time to eat. And eat she did.

The word TSA gives her shivers. She gets annoyed when that word is bandied around. The death of PMB would give her much pleasure. Every time she imagines the enemy, she sees PMB.

She knows that the leakages are proceeds of corruption. In her mind she is not corrupt. What is corruption? Is registering a company and mopping excess funds with that company corruption? Is taking “thank you” corruption? What about political office holders?

She does not care that before TSA that government only realised 35% of revenue. That illegal retention by MDAs was up to 80%.

She loves GEJ. What good man he was. That he built no roads, that he built no infrastructure, that his government on comparative basis earned what in 4 years what Nigeria had earned in 16 years before: that is not her business. She prospered.

She used to buy the shank from Baba Ireti. Now she was lucky to visit Baba Ireti once a week. Her freezers were now empty. She had to mop up to pay fees at Bowen the last time.

She was not the only one. Musa was complaining. Her tailor Safiya was complaining. Baba Ireti was complaining. Her patronage of their wares had lowered. In fact Kelechi her mechanic called to “greet”her.

Buhari had brought this upon them. He should do quick and die. When he did, she would know there was a God. This felt like 1984 again. And that useless Kemi and her efficiency unit, that one would soon learn the power of public servants.

There was a knock on her door. It was her Pastor. The man now visited her. She had not paid her “normal tithes” in a long time. The Devil Buhari was even causing her to offend God.

Bring back corruption. That is her song. Who cares that the economic growth was not real or creating value but false wealth? Who cared? ” Ademola H

My view;

These are the reasons for some people’s noise on and off every media space.
I have learnt to separate the issues, some are genuine in their criticism of govt, either past or present, some are led so to do, by their belly and bank accounts or Yakubu Andrew kind of vaults.

I’m sure if you look around carefully, you will see some of such people asking :is this the #Change they promised us?

This is one of the reasons I maintained that the problem is more within us, it is who we are that those in leadership are too.

May Nigeria Succeed…

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6 secret societies that might actually rule the world

Secret societies have been present in most communities and civilizations as long as the world has existed. Many do not believe in the power or even the existence of such societies.

However, for many, these societies are real, powerful and even shape the world in most cases. Here are some of them:

1. Ogboni

Alleged Ogboni members caught on camera

Alleged Ogboni members caught on camera

Ogboni (also known as Osugbo in Ijèbú) is a fraternal institution indigenous to the Yoruba language-speaking polities of Nigeria, Republic of Bénin and Togo.

A similar group in Igbo-speaking areas is called Okonko (Oko/Eko). The society performs a range of political and religious functions, including exercising a profound influence on regents and serving as high courts of jurisprudence in capital offenses.

Its members are generally considered to be part of the nobility of the various Yoruba kingdoms of West Africa.

2. Skulls and Bones

Members of the Skulls and Bones

Members of the Skulls and Bones

The Skulls and Bones secret society was formed in 1832, by Frederick Ellsworth Mather, Phineas Timothy Miller, William Huntington Russell, Alphonso Taft and George Ingersoll Wood.

It was founded inside Yale University in a building called the ‘Tomb’. It is an undergraduate senior secret society at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. It is the oldest senior class landed society at Yale.

The society’s alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, owns the society’s real estate and oversees the organization. The society is known informally as “Bones”, and members are known as “Bonesmen”

Famous alleged members include: John Kerry, George Bush, and William Taft.

3. Illuminati

Popular Illuminati picture

Popular Illuminati picture

The Illuminati which in Latin means enlightened is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious.

Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776.

It has been alleged that Barack Obama, Jay Z, Madonna, and Beyonce are all members.

4. The Freemasons

A disputed photo of Freemasons

A disputed photo of Freemasons

Freemasonry began in medieval Europe as a guild for stonemasons, but lived on as a social organization.

The first grand lodge was created in London in 1717. People believe that now there are many men in these lodges that are not associated with a trade organization; they’re gentleman Masons.

It was reportedly formed to teach self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Harry Houdini are some people believed to be members.

5. Bohemian Grove

A group of wealthy men at the Bohemian Groove

A group of wealthy men at the Bohemian Groove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California. It belongs to a private San Francisco-based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club.

In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world.

It was formed in 1872 by Henry Edwards and it is believed that the attendees claim they are there for social reasons, but many believe use the meetings for more sinister reasons.

Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon are some of the people believed to be members.

6. Bilderberg Group

Alleged Bilderberg membership list

Alleged Bilderberg membership list

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, Bilderberg meetings or Bilderberg Club is an annual private conference of 120 to 150 people of the European and North American political elite, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media, established in 1954.

It was formed in 1954 by the Dutch royal family. Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher are some alleged members.