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Nigerian clubs and failure in CAF competitions

Last month was a low point in Nigerian football, one that left me in particular, sorely disappointed. Our two representatives in the CAF Champions League crashed out before the group stages for the second year running.

I knew Kano Pillars were facing a veritable mission impossible after their 4-0 bashing by Moghreb Tetouan in Morocco, although I was hoping against hope for a miracle. Sadly the Moroccans didn’t come to Kano bearing gifts and only lost 2-1, ensuring Pillars were dumped out 5-2 on aggregate. I was not impressed by Kano Pillars performance in this years Super 4 /6 where they came a distant 3rd. This same Kano Pillars has never reached the 2nd round (not to talk of group stages) of CAF Champions League for 5 years in a row. They’ve always been dumped out in the 1st round, except last year they were dumped out in the preliminary round. Yet this team boasts of having a great home record in Nigerian League. They’ve never lost any home game for 11 straight years. { Forget they lost 0-1 in Kano in 2009, after losing 0-4 away to Heartland FC in CAF Champions League semis. That’s not a local league match }.

I want to say Nigerian refs always tend to favour home teams most of the times, sometimes unfairly though that seems to be greatly changing. I’m sure the LMC, NFF, EFCC , ICPC ,DSS or even Police has not deemed it fit to investigate leaked Kano Pillars documents last year, which were leaked when there was an infighting in the board. The documents revealed massive bribery of refs and match officials. 500,000 to 800,000 naira for each ref per home game and 300,000 to 500,000 for each ref for an away game. 150,000 to 200,000 for each of the assistant refs for home games and 100,000 to 150,000 for away games. I still want to believe there’re elements of truth there but it needs to be investigated to ascertain the truths. I’m suspicious because of the invinciple champion’s poor performances in continental tourneys.

But I still felt Enyimba had a battling chance and might be able to scale through in Alexandria, despite their slim margin of victory in Aba, where they played Smouha in an empty stadium. My confidence in Enyimba was also predicated on their miserly defence, which for the last three seasons has conceded the fewest goals in the GLO Premier League. Unfortunately Enyimba crumbled, conceding twice in the last five minutes. Disaster!

Of course these setbacks have given the myriad critics of the domestic league clubs a rod to beat their backs with. Even as an enthusiastic follower of the league, the harsh reality is, there is something badly wrong. As we speak Nigeria has only one club left on the continent, Warri Wolves.

I’m sure we remember Dolphins’ walkover in Tunis and the farcical circumstances surrounding that unfortunate series of events.

One of our major problems in Nigeria is an almost pathological lack of accountability, monumental corruption and indiscipline in all institutions. We can blame the government for our present failings till the cows come home. But as a people we have to learn to take responsibility for our actions.

The exit of Nigeria’s two top clubs at this stage for the second year running is a huge cause for concern to the football fraternity and we have to ask what is going on? The last I heard of the Dolphins’ matter was the players were forced to issue a groveling apology to the management of the club . As far as I know, not one member of the club’s management team has been held responsible. Or faced any form of censure for being complicit in a scenario that subjected the nation to such international ridicule. Club Africain will probably never win an easier tie in a CAF club competition, ever. To coerce the players, who as far as I’m concerned, are the victims having been owed many months salaries and allowances, in this matter, is double jeopardy and morally wrong.

This leads me to what I believe is the kernel of the clubs’ non-performance in CAF tournaments. Administrative deficiencies and corruption and indiscipline have contributed immensely to the current malaise. I don’t want to sound overtly critical. I’m just trying to seek solutions to this puzzling phenomenon. Solutions to a problem, which if not promptly dealt with, can quickly become a recurring theme .

I know for a fact that the League Management Company has literally and figuratively dragged club owners kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I also know the LMC has tried to introduce best practices in the league in line with the best leagues around the world.

The sad fact is, it’s going to take quite a lot of time before these practices are implemented. The idiosyncratic nature of the league allied with its inconsistent and irregular schedule, doesn’t help our teams on the continent. Anybody who watched the Super 4/6 tournament in Abuja wouldn’t have needed a crystal ball to predict a less than stellar continental outing for our teams. The only two teams that emerged with any credit from the tournament were the invited junior national teams, the Under 23s and Under 21s. Performances that have carried the Flying Eagles to the Africa Youth Championship and the U-23 team to the All Africa Games and the cusp of qualification for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after victory away to Zambia. The mediocre performance of the four league teams was a definite indicator of their subsequent (non) performance. Due in no small measure to chaotic league schedule, which ensures that our teams go into CAF competitions with players unfit and lacking match practice.

However, I still feel our league players are underpaid (or unpaid) and therefore under motivated. This is bound to reflect during the course of a season and at times when it matters most. Kano Pillars in fairness take the issue of players welfare very seriously. On the other hand, Enyimba have had to deal with players’ discontent, even before the season started.





A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. What food might this contain?” The mouse

wondered – he was devastated to discover it was

a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning: There is a mousetrap in

the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”

The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her

head and said, “Mr.Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no

consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it.”

The mouse turned to the goat and told him,

“There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a

mousetrap in the house!”

The goat sympathized, but said, “I am so very

sorry, Mr.Mouse, but there is nothing I can do

about it but pray.

Be assured you are in my prayers.”

The mouse turned to the cow and said “There is

a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap

in the house!”

The cow said, “Wow, Mr. Mouse. I’m sorry for

you, but it’s no skin off my nose.”

So, the mouse returned to the house, head down

and dejected, to face the farmer’s mousetrap


That very night a sound was heard throughout

the house — like the sound of a mousetrap

catching its prey.

The farmer’s wife rushed to see what was

caught. In the darkness, she did not see it was a

venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.

The snake bit the farmer’s wife. The farmer

rushed her to the hospital , and she returned

home with a fever.

Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh

chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to

the farmyard for the soup’s main


But his wife’s sickness continued, so friends and

neighbours came to sit with her around the


To feed them, the farmer butchered the goat.

The farmer’s wife did not get well; she died.

So many people came for her funeral, the farmer

had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat

for all of them.

The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in

the wall with great sadness.

So, the next time you hear someone is facing a

problem and think it doesn’t concern you,

remember — when one of us is threatened, we

are all at risk.

We are all involved in this journey called life. We

must keep an eye out for one another and make

an extra effort to encourage one another.








When the going is good and smooth ,many many people will be your friend

If u were a member of a Nigerian household in d 80s and early 90s, u’ll most probably know Williams Onyeabor. Or does d name look strange? Even if u can’t rmr him,u’ll have heard his songs then that were ruling d airwaves in d 80s& early 90s. I love old school music and I’m an old school lapelle to d core. Old school music are still evergreen and make far more sense than d senseless songs they compose&play now.

B4 u think I want to bore u with another Bongos Ikwe’s lamentations about Oh Mariana, listen. I know then u’ll have heard d song ” when the going is good and smooth” . That was the song that came to my mind when outgoing President.Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan lamented that his friends have deserted him bcos he lost election&he receives far less visitors than before.


Let’s sing it ” When the going is smooth and good

Many, many people will be your friends

When the going is smooth and good

Many, many people will be your friends

But when the going becomes tough,

Many, many of them will run away.

When the going is smooth and good

Many, many people will be your friends

But when the going becomes tough

Many, many of them will run away

When the going becomes tough

Many, many of them will disappear”

You can complete it with the chorus if you know it.










RE: AIT COVERAGE OF President-elect Muhammadu Buhari.PMB



I stand with PMB on his choice to restrict a partisan media house from covering his activities. AIT has shown its hatred and bias against the person of PMB.

For security and ethic reasons, he was right in his decision.

The era of impunity is gone. We are in a new era of discipline.

AIT is a despicable irresponsible media outlet that has brought journalism into disrepute. Buhari is right to ban them. They are a threat to National Security. A media group that can malign and threaten a head of State should be viewed under a microscope. They may have links to Boko Haram or Niger Delta Militants.


AIT can go to court. Their sympathisers can say whatever they like.

Only a fool will open his house to an enemy.

Let them continue to air their documentaries. That’s what they know how to do best.













AIT……..Your owner was moving around with guns and thugs in Edo State during the Presidential Election shooting and stealing ballot boxes. He even threatened to gun down the Governor.


AIT………Your owner has special aversion for Buhari, Abiola, Tinubu, Osinbajo, Fashola….and he did unethical documentaries of lies on them, aired every hour during the peak of electioneering……He showed no remorse.


AIT……..You mocked Buhari’s daughter on your TV for dying of sickle cell disease…….Chai! And you still want Buhari’s family to welcome you in their home….you bloody bastards!


AIT……..Your Owner, like a viper that he is, organized a sinister debate to bring down Buhari……but our smart President did not accept your kola, yes your poisoned kola…..


AIT………You were commissioned by Jonathan to stop the wind of change but you failed woefully, you bloody agent of darkness!


AIT……….I have barred you from my home and office…or anywhere within my vicinity because you are from the pit of hell….even though, I once contributed my money for your survival when you collapsed in the 90s….I regret my action, I would have allowed you to die and rot in hell!


AIT…….Our President has barred you from covering his activities or moving close to him…citing security issues……You want to use your gun to pose as camera? You are still committed to killing our President or kidnapping him?


AIT…….AIT……AIT……You are a disgrace to journalism and decency! Ile ise yin ma jona tan patapata ni!

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

A pastor is an ordained leader of a Christian congregation who serves humanity by providing guidance to people.

Being a man of God has its advantages as some have become very rich through their churches and other investments.

Many pastors worldwide are building multi-million dollar empires, flying around in private jets, driving fancy cars and being owners of breathtaking mansions all over the world.

These millionaire men of God are very popular all over the world.

RichestLifestyle has compiled a list of 10 richest pastors in the world and their individual net worth. Among the 10, 5 of the pastors who made the list are from Nigeria, with Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Ministries aka Winners Chapel, topping the list.

Below is the top 10 richest pastors in the world as of 2014:

1. David Oyedepo – Net worth: $150 Million (Nigeria)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Bishop David Oyedepo founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in 1981 and it has since grown to become one of the largest congregations in Africa. Every Sunday, three services are held at the Faith tabernacle, Canaan Land in Otta. Oyedepo owns private jets and homes in the US and the UK. .

2. Chris Oyakhilome – Net worth: $50 Million (Nigeria)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Christian Oyakhilome known popularly as Pastor Chris is a Nigerian minister who is the founding president of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy, a Bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. His church has more than 40,000 members, several of whom are successful entrepreneurs and politicians. His ministry runs several arms including the Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities (a daily devotional with global reach), and an N.G.O called the Innercity Missions as well as three Christian television channels: LoveWorld TV, LoveWorld SAT and LoveWorld Plus.

3. Benny Hinn – Net worth: $42 Million (United States)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Benny Hinn is a well-known Christian evangelist and Bible teacher who practices faith healing. This Israeli-American televangelist earned wealth through his ministry and evangelical program. He is well-known for his regular miracle healing crusades, which are held in large stadiums in major cities and broadcasted on TV. His thirty-minute TV program This Is Your Day is among the world’s most-watched Christian programs, seen on various Christian television networks.

4. Creflo Dollar: Net Worth: $27 Million (United States)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Creflo is an American televangelist, pastor and a Word of Faith teacher. He is a founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International. He oversees his ministry with his wife, Taffi Dollar. He has built a multimillion dollar ministry on the message “It is the will of God for you to prosper in every way.” Over the years the ministry has grown rapidly and the church formerly called International Covenant Ministries was renamed World Changers Church International (WCCI).

5. Billy Graham – Net worth: $25 Million (United States)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

He is an ordained Southern Baptist minister who rose to celebrity status in 1949 reaching a core constituency of white, middle-class, moderately conservative Protestants. He founded the Billy Graham Evangelist Association in 1950. Graham operates a variety of media and publishing outlets

6. T. D. Jakes – Net worth: $18 Million (United States)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Thomas Dexter popularly called T. D. Jakes is the Apostle/Bishop of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega-church that has over 30,000 members. His ministry’s annual revival MegaFest draws more than 100,000 people.

7. T.B. Joshua – Net worth: $15 Million (Nigeria)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Christian minister and televangelist. He is the leader and founder of the The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), which runs a Christian television station called Emmanuel TV. His humanitarian works include education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs.

The 8th position is occupied by Matthew Ashimolowo and Chris Okotie, both from Nigeria.

8. Matthew Ashimolowo – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Matthew is the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) in London, the largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom. It has assets worth more than $40 million and earns profit of more than $10 million.

8. Chris Okotie – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie popularly referred to as Chris Okotie is the leader of the Household of God Church International Ministries, a Pentecostal congregation in Lagos, founded since February 1987. He is an automobile lover and owns several posh cars which include a Mercedes S600,  Rolls-Royce, Hummer and Porsche.

10. Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million (Singapore)

Meet The Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World

Annual salary of this Singaporean pastor is $550,000. Pastor Joseph Prince is the senior pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore. The New Creation Church’s financial income was reported at $44.7 million US dollars in 2008. He hosts a religious program called “Destined to Reign.” He has addressed many congregations worldwide.



Major Events In Nigeria In 1987 by Abiyamo

1987: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida was the military president. He would rule from 1985-1993.


– General Babangida announces a budget of N17.6 billion naira.

– Spinal meningitis kill many in Kano State.

– Revelations by the chairman of the defunct FEDECO probe panel, Mr. Justice Bolarinwa Babalakin told the government that the sum of N35o million was spent on the 1983 general elections and that it involved an electoral personnel of two million.

– The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) said the title of ‘Senior Advocate of Nigeria’ must not be used for those they called ‘text book lawyers’.

– In Bendel State, about 500 market women came out in protest against the high rate of school fees.

– George Schultz, the US Secretary of State was in Nigeria.

– The Akanbi Commission set up to look into the May 1986 students crisis submitted its report to the federal government.

– For the first time in 13 months, price of crude oil rose to $19 per barrel.

15th January: Former Head of State General Olusegun Obasanjo launched his book titled NZEOGWU. The book was trailed with great controversy in the land.

21st January: Nigeria attended the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) as an observer. This announcement was made by Chief Duro Onabule, the Chief Press Secretary to the President.

28th January: Nigerians to face stricter entry requirements upon travelling to the United Kingdom said the British High Commission.

29th January: 300 people are hospitalized in Kwara State following an outbreak of guinea worm.

29th January: In preparation for its closing down, the Cocoa Board in Ibadan fired 2,000 workers.


1st February: An announcement from the Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company stated that there was a normalization of newsprint production at its Oku-Iboku plant. Production had fallen in recent months.

1st February: 1,500 workers were fired as the Nigerian Palm Produce Board in Calabar collapses.

2nd February: Dr. Wunmi Akintide, Director of the Ondo State Rural Development Agency, was disgraced out of office with boos and jeers.

4th February: General Babangida arrives in Paris, France for an operation for radiculopathy.

5th February: The Nigeria Rubber Board fires 250 employees.

8th February: General Babangida is operated upon at the American Hospital in Paris.

10th February: Lynda Obasanjo (nee Soares), wife of former head of state, General Olusegun Obasanjo is attacked by gunmen in Yaba, Lagos. They shot her dead in her Peugeot 505.

10th February: Augustus Aikhomu, the Chief of General Staff (CGS) warns retired soldiers from making irresponsible and reckless public statements.

11th February: An Alpha jet of the Nigerian Air Force crash at Kainji, killing the pilot who was the sole occupant. The aircraft was on a trial flight.

11th February: The British High Commission is ordered by the Federal Ministry of External Affairs to close its new visa office on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

14th February: DSP Iyamu and eight others were executed in Benin for armed robbery (it was over the Lawrence Anini case).

17th February: Mainland Suppliers Company, Ilorin, Kwara State fires 90 out of 122 workers.

19th February: Nigeria Truck Manufacturing Company in Kano fires 150 workers.

23rd February: There is an amendment to the National Minimum Wage Act, it read that only employers of over 500 workers should pay the N125 minimum wage.


1st March: A senior accountant and five others were fired at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, for fraud.

4th March: The Minister of Communication announced the retirement of 500 workers who had served for over 35 years.

4th March: General Babangida returns to Nigeria from Paris where he underwent a radiculopathy operation.

19th March: Mr. Justice Mohammed Bello is sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Federation.

6th March: Chief Obafemi Awolowo celebrated his birthday. That was to be his last.

7th March: Many are killed and injured as ethno-religious clashes break out in the former Kaduna State, Kaduna, Kafanchan and Zaria.

12th March: A dusk-to-dawn curfew is imposed on Kaduna State following the bloody clashes between Muslims and Christians.

16th March: Lagos was the venue of the Concert of Medium Power (Lagos Forum).

27th March: The Political Politburo submitted its report to the Federal Government.

28th March: Lawrence Anini aka The Law, Monday Osunbor and Friday Abeju were executed by the firing squad in Benin for armed robbery.


6th April: A ban is slammed against Newswatch by the government for publishing the leaked content of the findings of the Political Politburo which was earlier submitted to the Armed Forces Ruling Council.

17th April: Captain Billy Eko, a pilot with Nigeria Airways was arrested in New York, USA for being in possession of seven and half pounds of heroin.

18th April: A nine-year-old Nigerian boy was arrested in the United States for being in possession of $1.5 million worth of heroin.

19th April: Flying Eagles, Nigeria’s junior national team defeated Togo to win the Tessema Cup, they won 3-0.

21st April: The Central Bank of Nigeria adopted the Dutch Auction System (DAS) on the Second-Tier Foreign Exchange Market (SFEM), the bidding was also changed from weekly to forthnightly.

23rd April: The death was announced of Nigeria’s first three victims of AIDS. The announcement was made by the Minister of Health, Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti.

24th April: Government changes its decision on the minimum wage. Previously, employers with less than 500 workers were exempted from the National Minimum Wage Act of 1961.


1st May: It was supposed to be a day of celebration for workers but the government was booed by the workers. They complained of the worsening economic conditions in the country. The military government used the occasion to lift the 10-year-old ban on Nigeria’s foremost labour, Michael Imoudu and ten others.

5th May: A Productivity Centre is established by the federal government.

9th May: Chief Obafemi Awolowo, veteran politician and elder statesman died at home in Ikenne, Ogun State.

18th May: Tragedy struck at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, as three students died from suffocation in an overcrowded hall. They were waiting for a beauty contest to commence.

21st May: Dr. Festus Iyayi, the National President of ASUU is handed his sack letter at the University of Benin where he was working as a lecturer.

22nd May: An all-night violent demonstration by the students of the University of Benin led to a shutdown of the institution. The Vice-Chancellor was Professor Grace Alele-Williams, the first female VC in Nigeria.

30th May: A glass casket for the late Chief Awolowo lands Nigeria from the United Kingdom.


4th June: Professor Jubril Aminu, the Minister of Education issued a directive to all the states of the federation ordering that all fees and per capital levies in primary schools should be abolished and that there should be no demand for tax clearance certificates before the admission of pupils.

6th June: The remains of Chief Obafemi Awolowo was interred in a marble tomb at his Ikenne residence in Ogun State.

28th June: Reports filtered in that a German school located in Apapa, Lagos was practicing a Nazi-type of racism.


1st July: President Babangida makes an announcement of a six-year political transition programme which will lead to a disengagement of the military from power and handing over power to civilians in 1992.

3rd July: Religious advertisement in all newspapers in Nigeria is banned by the Federal Government.

7th July: ECOWAS Summit opens in Abuja, FCT.

9th July: Although Nigeria did not vie for the post of ECOWAS Chairman, General Babangida was reappointed, thus making it the 3rd consecutive time Nigeria was holding the position.

13th July: Barber Conable, President of the World Bank was in Nigeria for a three-day visit.

16th July: Four of the children of former Nigerian President Shehu Shagari died in an accident on the Sokoto-Shagari Road in Sokoto State.

25th July: Golden Eaglets of Nigeria were defeated through penalty shootout in Toronto, Canada. They emerged second in the FIFA Under-17 World Cup behind the Soviet Union.

25th July: IBB launched MAMSER in Lagos.

28th July: Award of N5,000 for each member of the Golden Eaglets was announced by President Babangida and a Peugeot 504 car for each of the three coaches of the team.


1st August: The CBN deregulates interest rates.

4th August: To midwife the Third Republic, a ten-member National Electoral Commission (NEC) was named, it was headed by the 66-year-old professor of political science, Eme Ewa.

7th August: Nigeria’s Chidi Imo and Mary Onyali set new Africa records of 10.29 seconds and 11.24 seconds in the men’s and women’s races respectively at the 4th All African Games in Nairobi, Kenya.

12th August: For having irreconcilable difference with government economic policies, Mr. Oladele Olashore, Chief Executive Officer of First Bank (government-owned) and his counterpart at the Continental Merchant Bank, Dr. Ibrahim Ayagi were both retired.

22nd August: All unmarried women in Bauchi were issued a deadline of three months to get married or face the wrath of the council.

26th August: The six-month old ban on Newswatch was lifted by the federal government.


4th September: A committee of 46 members was set up by the federal government to review the 1979 constitution.

13th September: Isaac Nkem Edeh died at the Queens Hotel in Central London when the packets of heroin he swallowed burst in his stomach. He was 26.

14th September: A high court in Lagos ordered the immediate release of the A310 Airbus belonging to Air India seized by customs officials for importing 32.5 kilogrammes of heroin in Nigeria on the 25th August, 1987.

14th September: A three-storey building on 20 Idushage Lane on Lagos Island collapsed and more than 10 people died.

17th September: 350 Nigerian youths trained by the National Directorate of Employment in Lagos were given their certificates of competence and N400 cash in addition to tools to start their own enterprises.

23rd September: Akwa Ibom and Katsina were created as two new states. Also, a notice of ban from holding elective posts in 1992 went out to three categories of Nigerian former and serving public office holders.


1st October: An additional sum of N500 million as set aside for the settlement of local debt and the Federal Roads Safety Corps was established to enforce discipline law and order on Nigerian roads. The same day, the army general rank of Yakubu Gowon, former military ruler, was restored to him retrospective 1976 while President Babangida and his service chiefs were promoted.

7th October: In a bid to assist Third World nations, Nigerian federal government launched the Technical Aid Cooperation Scheme.

11th October: It was a bad day for the Nigerian team as they were walloped 4-0 by Brazil at the U-20 World Youth Soccer Championship in Concepcion, Chile.

12th October: Commencement of the registration of voters for the local government elections all over the nation.

15th October: An increase of 10% in domestic fares and 20% increase in international operations were approved by the FG.

21st October: Three Air India crew men and their jet on which over 32 kilogrammes of heroin were found, were found.

25th October: The management of Air India was asked to pay the sum of N128 million ($32 million) for importing a large quantity of heroin into the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


17th November: Two brothers (Saka and Sule Dawodu, 27 and 25 respectively) were shot dead by an anti-riot policeman on Lagos Island as they tried to settle a fight between a motorist and some traffic wardens. An enraged crowd of Lagos exploded leading to a riot for three straight days between police and civilians on the island.

26th November: Former Head of State, General Olusegun Obasanjo, raised serious issues about the state of affairs in the nation, laying special emphasis on the operation of SAP.


9th December: In Vienna, Austria, Alhaji Rilwanu Lukman was unanimously re-elected as the President of OPEC for the 4th consecutive time.

10th December: In order to resolve border disputes, Nigeria and Cameroon signed a border accord with Cameroon.

12th December: Nigerians vote in the first elections of the transition programme for return to civilian rule by 1992.

15th December: New governors were appointed for five states.

16th December: The local government elections in Lagos were cancelled by the National Electoral Commission for alleged irregularities.

21st December: President Ibrahim Babangida announces a major reshuffle of his cabinet.

So what event do you find most remarkable in Nigeria in 1987? 

Thanks for your time.


Politicians Jonathan retired

The defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan in the March 28, 2015 Presidential elections has brought about abrupt punctuation in the political fortunes of some of the nation’s leading political gladiators. For a good number of them, the sunset rolled in through old age, unexpected long wait, irrelevance, political incapacitation brought about   by the sudden seizure of activism, while others go into reticent hibernation owing to sheer shock and resignation. Sunday Sun chronicles the lives and times of these icons.

Bamanga Tukur

Octogenarian immediate past chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a veteran , whose politics dates back to the Second Republic when he became the governor of the old Gongola State on the platform of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN). His forceful exit from the helm of affairs in the PDP last year has occasioned some revulsion from his political adversaries who have forcefully put in measures for his consignment to irrelevance, especially in the politics of Adamawa State. As part of his preparations for retirement, the old war horses’ plans to draft his son into the centre stage of politics as Adamawa Governor met with stiff resistance. Now in the evening of his life, and with no subsisting strong political leadership strings, Jonathan’s defeat may have finally sealed his strides. In a terrain infested by sharks the long wait to rediscover his political path may not be easy. Unwittingly, Tukur may have bid the turf bye for now.

Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu

Iconic business mogul and publisher of Champions Newspapers has since the Second Republic played an influential role in the politics of his home state of Imo. As a member of the Board of Trustees, BOT of the PDP, he has ascended the nadir of national politics, and remains an issue in Imo politics in the last 16 years. In the last four years, his prominence in the political calculations of the state took a back seat, due to the slipping of the governorship of his state into the hands of the All Progressives Congress (APC). His efforts to retrieve the baton has not fully paid off. To add salt to the injury, Jonathan lost in the presidential election, and that may have dealt a crushing blow to his political movement. Now in his 70s, the revered chief may just decide to watch from the sidelines as he attends to his failing health.

Alex Ekwueme

Dr Alex Ekwueme counts among the leading political elite of Nigeria today. He was Vice President of the nation in the Second Republic, a founding father of the PDP, and twice presidential aspirant on the platform of the party in 1999 and 2003. Recently, he has been consigned to the sidelines by the Jonathan administration, a situation that forced him to launch an uncharacteristic tirade against the regime in the months leading to the last elections. Ekwueme, who is in his 70s, has not played any major political role in the last decade, and with his famed discipline and stability, he is unlikely to jump ship or rock the boat. His nunc dimities in politics may have long been sung. The defeat of Jonathan may have only given it tacit effect, as he has since relocated to his Oko, Anambra State home town. Will there be resurgence? The answer is flying in the wind.

Alhaji Mohammed Goni

The former governor of old Gongola State has been variously described as ‘cat with nine lives’. After a long stay in retirement, he washed up recently to seek to fly the banner of the PDP in the governorship race of Adamawa State. With a dwindling political tentacle, the old breed politician may have passed the golden age of his career.  The matrix of Adamawa politics will also not help his cause. He may have inadvertently been consigned to the role of “siddon look.”

Ahmadu Ali

Ali was the Director-General, PDP 58- member National Campaign Council for the just concluded 2015 general election. He has been an active player in the Nigerian politics from pre-independence era. His involvement in politics dates back to the mid 50s when he was National Secretary of the Nigerian Union of Students (NUNS). He came into national limelight when he was appointed as the Federal Commissioner of Education. His tenure is still remembered in history for the infamous ‘Ali Must Go’ protests which led to the tragic death of many students. The protest was against the introduction of fees in the nation’s tertiary institutions, leading to the call for his removal as the minister.

After his retirement as the Chief Consulting Officer at the Military Hospital, Kaduna in 1979, he contested and won a seat to the Nigerian Senate where he was chairman of the Senate committee on petroleum and energy.

Since 1999, he has been a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In 2002, he was a campaign coordinator, North Central for the Obasanjo/Atiku re-election campaign. In 2005, he emerged the National Chairman of the party as a replacement of Audu Ogbeh. While in office as Chairman, Ali earned himself an appellation of Garrison Commander because of his no-nonsense disposition.

As Director-General of the Jonathan Campaign Organisation, he described Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the APC, as an old plane parked for too long. He predicted that Jonathan would stay in power till 2019.  His words: “We will be here in 2019 to celebrate the successes of President Jonathan when he must have completed his work. With the course I did on Aviation, we were told that a 10-year plane which has been working is far better than a brand new one you buy today. Buhari is an old plane that has been parked for long; we have a plane that has been flying. If you have a plane that has been flying for 10 years, it is better and trusted than a new one.”

By the turn of the next general election, Ali will be 83. With the defeat of the PDP as well as the renewed attempt by the National Working Committee (NWC) to reposition the party, Ali may no longer be relevant in the scheme of things in the years ahead.


Chief Tony Anenih, Mr. Fix it 

Anenih, BOT Chairman of the PDP, is one shrewd political strategist Nigerian can never forget in a hurry. As a young officer, Anenih had served as a police orderly to the first Governor-General of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Similarly, as the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PDP), Anenih was a central figure in the HOPE ’93 project of MKO Abiola, the party’s presidential candidate and the presumed winner of the 1993 presidential election.

However, at the height of the struggle for the revalidation of the annulled the June 12 Presidential election, he joined forces with the military government of Gen Sani Abacha. Until 2002, when he transferred to the PDP, Anenih was a member of the PDM. He became the deputy national coordinator of Olusegun Obasanjo‘s Campaign Organisation in the 1999 and 2003 elections.

Mr Fix it was appointed minister of works and housing in 1999. He later became Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PDP after the exit of ex-president Obasanjo. Having been demystified at his Edo home state by APC’s Governor Adam Oshiomhole, and with the PDP’s loss of power at the centre, 82-year-old Anenih is already on his way out of political relevance.

Richard Akinjide (SAN)

Akinjide is one of the privileged few who have dominated the political space since independence and still remain relevant. He entered the parliament on December 12, 1959 at the age of 27.  In the First Republic, he served as Education Minister in the government of Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa. He was made the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice in the Second Republic by the administration of President Shehu Shagari. He is one of the ardent supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan. Akinjide was at the 2005 National Political Reform Conference (NPRC) where he served in the Committee on Models and Structure of Government. He was also a member of the judicial system sub-committee of the Constitutional Drafting Committee of 1975-1977. He joined the National Party of Nigeria in 1978. Many Yoruba hold it against him that he worked against the presidential ambition of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo with his mathematical-cum-legal theory of twelve two-third of 19 states in the Second Republic. Based on the theory, the Supreme Court dismissed Awolowo’s suit against the victory of President Shehu Shagari.

In his recent interview with Sunday Sun in the run up to this election, Akinjide had dismissed the merger alliance that culminated in the formation of APC as a waste of time, describing the party as mere paper tiger. “If you know the history of this country, we used to have the NCNC, the NPC, the AG, which are very powerful political parties. None of the present political parties is as powerful as those political parties of those years which were in the opposition too. I can assure you that the coming election is going to be free and fair and PDP is going to win overwhelm-ingly. I have reason to believe that PDP will win not less than 24 or 25 states total.” he said.

With the crushing defeat of the PDP, it goes without saying that political relevance of the octogenarian politician has run its full circle.

Bode George

George emerged in the political space when he served as military governor of Ondo State. At the inception of the present political dispensation, he became the first national vice chairman, South-West PDP, and then deputy national chairman South, and later deputy national chairman for the whole country. He was the Chairman, Nigerian Ports Authority. One of the low points of his political career was his 30-month jail sentence for contracts splitting and inflation.

As a leader of the PDP in Lagos State, George remains a rallying point. And he alone has been calling the shots. But many stakeholders hold reservation for his style of leadership, linking the persistent failure of the party to make appreciable showing in the previous governorship elections to his poor organizational capacity.

In the run up to thelast general election, he declared that he would go on self exile, if the opposition APC won the presidential race. He said: “If Bola Tinubu finds his way into national government, I will go on exile. He hasn’t the temerity and the calmness of mind. They don’t even know what to do in power. Because the vice-president is his boy, he will just order that Bode George should be picked up.” People are looking forward to seeing him make good his words.

With Jonathan’s defeat and the declining fortune of the PDP at national and state level, George may soon fade into political oblivion. His relevance in the next political dispensation is very much in doubt, especially considering the age factor. A new crop of leaders is likely to emerge from the renewed effort of the National Working Committee (NWC), seeking to reposition the party as a formidable opposition.

Edwin Clark

Eighty-six-year-old Edwin Kiagbodo Clark is a prominent player in the Niger Delta politics. He had served in many capacities as Minister for Information 1975; Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979-83; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Clark has no parallel in the South-south region. As Chairman, Delta State Elders’ Forum, he has consistently campaigned for the rights of Ijaw in the ethnically volatile Niger Delta. In the present administration of the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan, he enjoyed tremendous attention and influence. To ensure the success of the President’s re-election bid, Clark literally relocated to Abuja taking on every opposition from different quarters.

He was so confident of Jonathan’s victory in the presidential election to the point of saying: “There is no alternative among other contestants that is as genuine as Jonathan. If winning an election is to depend upon performance, he is already there.”

Now that he has completed his assignment at the centre, he will have to contend with the power broker in his Delta home state where outgoing Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan is calling the shots. At 86, it is certain that Clark is not going to be an active political player in the next dispensation.

Tanko Yakasai

Yakasai is a prominent leader of thought in the North. The Kano-born politician was the National Publicity Secretary of the Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) in the First Republic and later as a presidential assistant during the Second Republic.

He deliberately formed Northern Elders Council (NEC) to support re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan. The group broke away from  the Northern Elders Forum based on political differences.

In an apparent effort to counter the leadership of Arewa Consultative Forum and Northern Elders Forum, Yakasai stated in a communiqué issued to defend his group’s position: “Northern Elders Council commends and fully supports the visionary and transformational policies of President Jonathan and acknowledges the socio-economic strides of the administration in all sectors. The Council pledges its full support and commitment to work for the success of President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo.” Other than his activities as NEC leader, Yakasai has no political structure to sustain his relevance in the politics of Kano State. The rest is for the younger generation.

Ebenezer Babatope

Babatope came to national limelight as Director of Organisation of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) in the Second Republic. He remains an unrepentant Awosit till date. However, his role as Minister of Transport in the military administration of Gen Sani Abacha still remains an issue among some Yoruba.

As a member of BOT of the PDP, Babatope stood as one of the foot soldiers of President Jonathan during his campaign for re-election. Uncomfortable with open criticism of the present administration, Babatope threatened to take on former president Obasanjo, saying “open your mouth again and I will take you on.”

He also predicted victory for PDP and its presidential candidate.  He said: “Let me be firm in telling you that there is no way APC and Buhari will defeat Jonathan and the PDP in the Southwest. When the results come out, it will surprise everyone the votes that Jonathan will score in the South-west. We beat them the last time; we are going to beat them this time again.”

While Jonathan’s campaign lasted, Babatope demonstrated his disdain for Buhari, saying he would not live to see his victory. With the emerging scenario, he has no option than to leave the stage to be a sideline spectator.

2015 polls: Prophecies that hit the crossbar by Femi Adesina

Can Rev Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, rise and take a bow?  When many other prophets went the way of Balaam, making predictions for filthy lucre and falling over themselves to foretell a second term in office for President Goodluck Jonathan, Father Mbaka trod an unbeaten and unpopular path.  At the risk of his life, he said Gen Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) would win the 2015 presidential election.

Before then, Father Mbaka had been an ardent Jonathan supporter.  He had said good things about the President and his aspirations for 2015, but obviously, he spoke like a man that he was.  When the Spirit of God chose to speak through him, even the Catholic priest had no choice. He became like clay in the hands of the potter: yielded and still.  Today, we have a true prophet to the nations in Father Mbaka.

Also, can Prophet Joseph Kehinde Oladipupo of Faith and Victory Church, Akure, Ondo State, stand up and be recognized?  In March this year, he had predicted a Buhari victory, saying: “Jonathan will lose hands down.  If he wins the election, then God didn’t send me as His servant…  He told me while interceding for Nigeria that Jonathan is not the next president.  Gen. Muhammadu Buhari will win the presidential election, and he will rule this country democratically.”

How about Ibadan, Oyo State based prophet, Wale Olagunju of The Seed of God Chapel?  Garland him, please.  This was what he said early this year: “Buhari is the next president of Nigeria…  His votes will supersede the votes Abiola got in 1993.  Jonathan’s days as President of Nigeria are numbered.”  Word for word, the prophecy came to pass.  M.K.O. Abiola won over eight million votes in 1993, Buhari has now won over 15 million, to become our President-elect.  Prophet Olagunju, you have every reason to walk tall, and rejoice, even boast, in the Lord your God.  Yes, how else is a true prophet known?  The Good Book says when a man prophesies, and what he says comes to pass, then know that the man has been sent by God.  But when a man says, “Thus says the Lord,” when the Lord has not spoken, such man is setting himself up for shame and disgrace.

However, we only started this piece with a digression.  We are not talking today about men (and possibly women) who saw the future correctly, but those who really did not see anything, or saw partly through a glass, and could not properly decipher the message they got.  A caveat, however:  our intention is not to mock or deride anybody.  The purpose is simple.  We want to establish that only God has the final say in the affairs of men, and no man can pontifically declare what will happen in future, to the exclusion of the divine powers.  God is the ultimate.  He has the final say at any given time, and He has not ceded that authority to man.  Repeat: Not to any man, whether he’s a prophet, diviner or futurologist. Jehovah has the final say.

You can’t mention top three prophets in the country before his name pops up.  Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo is Founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh, based in Lagos.  He has name and reputation in the rank of top seers in Nigeria.  But in respect of 2015 elections, he hit the crossbar, not once, but twice.  Olabayo, an ardent follower of the soccer game, failed to find the back of the net on who wins the presidential race, and who becomes Lagos State governor.  Hear the man: “God has revealed to me that if at all there is going to be presidential election, it will be inconclusive just like the June 12 (1993 election) that we had during the time of the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola.”

Well, the elections held.  And despite the potentially disruptive antics of Elder Godsday Orubebe during the announcement of the results, the process was not truncated, so the election was not rendered inconclusive.  Primate Olabayo missed it. He hit the crossbar.

And on Lagos State governor, hear the prophet: “Jimi Agbaje will have more support of the people, and this is what will cause uproar in some circles if at all there is going to be election.  Jimi Agbaje will have the upper hand because the candidate that should have won the election for APC was not given the chance to be presented as the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos. APC should have presented Ganiyu Solomon, he was God’s anointed candidate.”

Well, Solomon lost at the party primaries, but like a great sportsman, he threw his weight behind Akinwunmi Ambode. He campaigned for him vigorously.  And the latter is governor-elect today.  Agbaje did not win, and Olabayo hit the crossbar again.

Another Grade A prophet is Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, Founder of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos.  Ayodele looks into the seeds of time, and can tell you which one will grow, and which will not. The man is also given to much philanthropy, a thing I admire highly about him.  But what is his report card on 2015 elections?  Let’s listen to the man, since the Good Book says: “by your words, ye shall be justified, and by your words, ye shall be condemned.”

Hear Ayodele: “Kaduna is going to be very bloody.  PDP may take Kaduna, but it’s going to be by narrow margin.  Yobe, Gombe, Benue, Delta, Akwa Ibom, all those states will be won by PDP.”

April 11 has come and gone.  Mercifully, Kaduna was not bloody, and  PDP did not take the state, APC did. Again, it was not by narrow margin.  Rather Nasir El-Rufai beat Ramalan Yero by a landslide.  The incumbent became so punch drunk that he threw in the towel from his corner, and congratulated his opponent before the entire results were released. He needed to save himself from further blows to the solar plexus.

Yet again, PDP did not win Yobe and Benue as Primate Ayodele predicted.  Dear prophet, what happened?  I can hear the ball hit the crossbar with a loud bang, followed by a ricochet, and bouncing back into the field of play.

Hear Ayodele on the presidential race, talking about Jonathan: “This election is a lesson for him and there are still lessons for him to learn if he now gets it back.  He still needs a lot of prayers.  But in the midst of all these ups and downs, he may still have a very slim chance of winning the election.  I don’t see any landslide victory at all between him and Buhari.  At the end of the day, PDP will win the federal, but the party will crash after the elections.”

PDP will win the federalReally?  The last time I checked, the party lost by about 2.5 million votes, and is currently in disarray, winning only seven out of 26 state governorship seats so far declared from last weekend’s election.

Primate Ayodele owes us explanations on Lagos, particularly.  He had said the APC would lose, if it fielded Ambode.  And when confronted later on that prediction, he hinged everything on God. “Let the Lord justify His words for He exalts His words above His name,” the prophet declared.  Now that Ambode has won Lagos, did God change His mind?  Over to you, Primate!

Prophet Joshua Iginla.  He’s a big tree in the forest of prophets.  He sees great things, many of which have come to pass.  But on who will be president from May 29, this year, he missed it big time.  Loud bang!  The crossbar shook, and almost fell.

“I am not a politician nor belong to any political party.  I am just speaking God’s mind,” Iginla had declared in a January 2015 interview.  “The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect but he will retain the seat.  It’s not guesswork…  President Jonathan will win, but he has to pray about his health and so many political blows.”

President Jonathan will win, said Iginla.  But the man did not win.  So, what says the prophet now?

During the ground breaking ceremony of the 80,000-seater City of Wonder tabernacle of his Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja last December, Iginla had again affirmed:  “The President should pray very well because he will win the election but will suffer political blows that he might live to nurse for the rest of his life.  I saw political blows, which entail you might be in power but nursing political injuries that refused to heal.”

Brother Joshuaaa!  What happened?  We’re all ears.

He’s not very long on the national scene, but Apostle Joshua Suleman has shot himself into reckoning in a very short time.  There are many predictions he made that have come to pass, but since we’re talking of only those that hit the crossbar today, let’s consider these ones from the Auchi, Edo State based prophet.

“Presidential ticket will split APC.”  No, it did not.  It even rather united the party.  “Jonathan will manipulate second term.  He may rig himself to power, but will not complete the tenure the tenure.”  No, Jonathan did not even get a second term.  “APC will claim victory in 2015 but the court will give it to Jonathan.”  APC is not claiming government, rather it has been declared victor at the polls.  “Oyo and Ogun state governors, I don’t see them coming back.  If they can pray hard, mercy may smile at them, but I see them go home.”  Well, the two governors are home – in their respective government houses.

Nobody can tell me that Archbishop John Obiokeke of God Pentecostal Mission Churches Worldwide does not see things.  He sees.  One day in 2006, he had visited us at The Sun Newspapers. After the courtesy visit, he began to reel out prophecies concerning some of us that hosted him.  Most of them have come to pass.  He even named one of our staff that was not in the reception team.  He said we should tell him to be careful about his health.  Sadly, that one died not long after.  So, Obiokeke sees.

But on 2015 election, he saw amiss, and has hit the crossbar again, just as he did in 2007, when he said former military ruler, Ibrahim Babangida, would be president.  In January, this year, Obiokeke had declared:  “God is saying that there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.  For reasons best known to Him, Jonathan, even though will rig, is still going to be the President… The election is going to be tight, but Jonathan will return.”

Smack, on the crossbar.  Somebody, please find me the prophet’s phone number.  He owes us an explanation.

Dr Success Ibeakanma, Senior Pastor of Royal Choice Ministries, Lagos:  “In the presidential election of 2015, APC will try but PDP will win.”  Verdict?  Crossbar.

Rev. Saviour Efe Awusi, Founder and General Overseer of God’s Divine Favour Evangelical Church, Okota, Lagos:  “Thus says the Lord.  By my mercy, President Jonathan would surely win this year’s (February 14) presidential election.  And all those who are against him shall be put to shame.” Verdict?  Crossbar, with the upright shaking vigorously!

Pastor Dr Emeka Agwu, Organizer/Host, Diaspora Prayers for Dr Jonathan’s Victory, is also the General Overseer of Voice of Evangelism International, Houston, Texas, USA.  Magisterially, he had declared before the elections:  “They want Jonathan resigned or changed, but God has given Jonathan the 2015 election key of victory.”  True? The key we see Jonathan holding is that of his home in Otuoke, Bayelsa State. Verdict?  Dr Agwu hit the crossbar.  And a miss is as good as a mile.

Let me end this piece with the way I always end my interventions on prophecies that miss, which I do at the beginning of every New Year:

“No man has the final say over anything.  Only God does. Times and seasons are in His hands.  Prophecies are for our edification, for our encouragement and blessing. But God never reveals everything to finite man. If He reveals everything, then He would not be God again.  No wonder the Good Book says the things that are revealed are for men, while the ones that are hidden are for God.  If God has hidden something in His superior knowledge, why should I go and poke my nose into it, trying to sniff it out?  ‘He that pries into every cloud shall be struck by thunderbolt,’ so goes the saying.  So, I take the things God has revealed, and respect His decision on the ones He keeps to Himself – lest I hit the crossbar.”

2015 polls: Igbo heroes of change by Femi Adesina

What sticks in the consciousness of the public is that the Igbo did not vote for the change that we have on the political scene in the country today. But that may not be entirely true. That is why I want to pay tribute to some people I know from the Southeast, who both overtly and covertly contributed to the current reality. And if you ask me, it was a change our country needed very urgently, as we were fast on the road to somewhere unpleasant.

What prevails in public mind is the voting pattern in the five Southeast states, where Gen Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) did not score 20 percent of votes anywhere. See the picture of what happened on March 28: Abia State, PDP 368,303, APC 13,394, which is 3.3 percent of the votes. Anambra State, PDP 660,762, APC 17,926, which is 2.5 percent of the votes. Ebonyi State, PDP 323,653, APC 19,518, which is 5.0 percent of the votes. Enugu State, PDP 553,003, APC 14,157, which translates to 2.2 percent of the votes. And in Imo State, PDP 559,185, APC 133,253, which is 18.2 percent of the votes, the highest won by the then opposition party anywhere in the Southeast.

Apart from the scenario above, because the region was resolved to swim or sink with President Goodluck Jonathan, it rendered itself completely impervious to change, and did not elect any federal lawmaker on the APC platform. For instance, if election had truly been allowed to hold in Anambra, Senator Chris Ngige had a fair chance of winning, and it would have been cinch that the Southeast would produce the Senate president. But as it is, the region has no ranking senator or member of the House of Representatives on APC platform, so the Igbo can’t be either Senate president or Speaker of the House of Representatives. Where then will the Southeast be in the national order of protocol? Search me. That is what they got for themselves with their votes, some people say.

But I say it will not be fair to put all South-easterners in the same boat that capsized in the sea of national politics, in which the APC bested PDP with over 2.5 million votes nationwide. There were some Igbo sons (and maybe daughters) who warned the region not to put its eggs in one basket, and to be broad minded in the way they cast their votes. Some were members of APC, and worked for the party openly, while others were not, but still contributed to the process of change, and tried to rally the Igbo nation for that possible eventuality.

Let me make an apology at this point. There is no way I would be able to mention all the Igbo who worked for change. APC scored over 200,000 votes in the Southeast, so all those voters are change agents. Some Igbo also voted for change in other parts of the country. My salute goes to them all, even as I begin to mention some of the heroes.

Chief Ralph Obioha is chairman caretaker committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. I do not know if he is a full member of APC, but I know that he almost shouted himself hoarse, warning the Igbo nation not to all sleep, and face the same direction. He issued press releases, wrote articles under his own name, begged, pleaded and cajoled his kinsmen and women not to vote with sentiment. The other wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, led by Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey, had endorsed Jonathan lock, stock and barrel, but the Obioha wing appealed to reason. How could the Igbo endorse a man without negotiating, they asked. What would be in it for the Igbo nation, if they decided to go with Jonathan again? At the end of it all, few days to election, Obioha in his private capacity, endorsed Buhari. He also appealed to the Igbo to vote for him and the APC. With the benefit of hindsight, Obioha was prescient, and saw into the future. Please, can he rise and take a bow?

This tribute is in no particular order, but let us take Dr Chris Ngige next. This former Anambra State governor, and serving senator, has paid a big price for his political conviction. For teaming up with the APC, his people have been instigated against him by those who play parochial politics. Oh, he has teamed up with Hausa-Fulani party. Oh, he is in bed with Yoruba people who deported Igbo from Lagos. Blah blah blah. And when he ran to be governor in Anambra in 2013, they virtually made free voting impossible. They did the same on March 28, this year. And the man popularly called Onwa is left holding the very short end of the stick. He has paid a heavy price for being in APC. But Ngige saw what his people did not see. Today, the APC is on the road to being the governing party at the centre, and in many states of the federation. APC has become a tornado that has swept PDP off its perch. Rise and take a bow, Dr Ngige. You are the man who saw tomorrow.

Let’s garland Eze Festus Odimegwu, the former chief executive officer of Nigeria Breweries Plc. He made two critical interventions, which went a long way to determine how the March 28 election ended. A couple of months before the polls, Odimegwu, who had headed the National Population Commission under Jonathan, and left in very controversial circumstances, came out to say Muhammadu Buhari was the next president. Shocking! But that was not where majority of his people stood. However, it did not matter to Odimegwu. One with God is a majority. Jonathan did not merit being re-elected, simple. He wrote a lengthy epistle on why Jonathan should not return, a feat he repeated once again few days to election. Now he has been proved right. Please, let Eze Odimegwu get 40 hurrahs.

Professor Charles Soludo, former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, is also not known to be a member of APC. But weeks to election, he made critical interventions, which showed Nigerians that they could not continue to entrust their fates in the hands of Jonathan, and his Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy. Soludo faulted the fiscal policies of the government, and actually alleged that not less than 30 trillion off-budget revenue could not be accounted for. Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala made some spirited defence, but Soludo continued firing from the hips. His fusillades helped to knock the PDP from power. Soludo is Igbo, yet he worked for change. He is a hero of the change that has come.

Ignatius Olisemeka is a retired Ambassador. He is from the Igbo speaking part of Delta State. How did this grand old man contribute to change? The PDP had released a most bilious, virulent documentary, which was running on major television stations against Gen Buhari. The intention was to damage the man beyond repair, so that no one would buy him for even ten kobo, not to talk of electing him president. It was at the peak of that hate campaign that Olisemeka struck. And he hit the bull’s eye. He recounted how Buhari was fair and humane to him and others in the diplomatic service as military head of state, though he did not know them in person. It was a blow to the solar plexus of the hate preachers. That piece by Olisemeka was published widely in the traditional media, and also went viral online. Through it, millions of people knew the real Buhari, and today, the retired Ambassador enters the pantheon of heroes of change. He spoke out when it mattered.

Governor Rochas Okorocha. Of course, he put his neck on the guillotine because of the Igbo nation. Seeing the bigger picture for the future, he led a faction of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) out of the largely provincial party, to join the APC. He was threatened and visited with plenty malediction. But Rochas, the Owelle, stood his ground. He maintained that the Igbo nation would be better off in APC. Today, he has been proved right. Tomorrow would determine whether he continues to be governor of Imo State, as the supplementary election holds. He has my endorsement, and I pray that Imo people in the voting areas would do the right thing. It is in the overall interest of Ndigbo to have an APC governor, in the light of political realities in the country.

Dr Ezekiel Izuogu. Treat him like the hero that he is. When it was not fashionable to belong to APC, he threw in his lot with the party. Today, ‘vindicated’ is his middle name. Hail a man who has the courage of conviction.

How about Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, former Abia State governor? Bring forth the royal diadem, and enthrone him. He was one of those who envisioned APC, and led the former All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) to consummate the coalition. Without that deal, there may not have been change today. Onu stayed the course, even when majority of his people did not follow him to APC.  Hail the hero of change.

How about Osita Okechukwu? As constant as the northern star! He had been with Buhari since Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) days. He’s a hero, and a very steadfast one at that. And his namesake, Osita Izunaso, the man who retired Arthur Nzeribe from the Senate? The fashionable thing would have been for Izunaso to find his way back to PDP, but he remained true to APC, and is today a hero of change.

Chief Victor Ngozi Mbadiwe is the Osuohia II of Arondizuogu, in Imo State. He is son of Chief J. Green Mbadiwe, elder brother of the colourful K.O Mbadiwe. I know the Mbadiwe family fairly well, having been acquainted with the Osuohia for about 25 years. I know the passion he has for Buhari, and how he rooted for him during the campaigns. Chief Victor Mbadiwe was not treading a popular path, even within the Mbadiwe family, as most others like Chief Greg Mbadiwe, and Dr Eddie Mbadiwe, were rooting for Jonathan. Today, the Osuohia has seen farther into the future than other Mbadiwes. He’s among the heroes of change. Somebody, please bring a bouquet of flowers for the Osuohia.

What do I say of the irrepressible Publisher of The Sun titles, and former two-term governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu? He’s a veritable hero of change. But he’s a dyed-in-the-wool PDP man, some people may say. Even the party he formed, the Progressives Peoples Alliance (PPA) was in alliance with PDP at the centre. Well, but Kalu is an unusual newspaper publisher. Though a staunch supporter of Jonathan, he did not muzzle us, nor did he coral us to support his party or candidate. He would often tell us, “you are the professionals, just do me a balanced newspaper.” That was how it was that a lot of columnists wrote to support PDP in The Sun, while former presidential spokesman, Chief Duro Onabule, and myself, wrote consistently for change. I know the pressure exerted on Kalu from very high quarters to stop us, but the man soaked in all the pressure, including being denied a senatorial ticket on PDP platform. He’s a hero of change, and a veritable one too. Please garland him.

Like I said at the beginning, space would not permit me to list all the heroes. But I cannot end without giving space to the Igbo pen heroes. One of them is C. Don Adinuba, who in his writings had even pronounced Buhari president before the election. A prophet and hero this C. Don!

Peter Claver Oparah is the one I call “one man battalion.” You needed to see what he did both online and in the traditional media to advance the cause of Buhari. Yet, he is Igbo. Kudos.

What of Sir Abuchi Anueyiagu? Every week, he would contribute to this column, extolling Buhari’s virtues, and recommending him for president. It got to a point that his life was being threatened, and even his in-laws begged him to stop supporting Buhari openly (do you blame them? They don’t want their daughter to become a widow) but Abuchi stuck to his guns. Right was Sir Walter Scott when he wrote: “Other people’s resolutions may fluctuate on the wild and changeful billows of human opinion. Ours, now and forever, is anchored on the Rock of Ages.” The writer probably had Abuchi in mind. His opinion was steadfast, anchored on the Rock of Ages.

The same I will say of Ichie Tiko Okoye, who maintains a regular column in Daily Independent, and also contributes to The Sun. A fervent Buharist he is, and no mistake.

How about other Igbo respondents to this column? Dr Kelechi Nwagwu, Dr Okeychukwu, Chief J.J Ibeka, Barrister Festus Nwanosike, High Chief Maduike from Imo, Unjoerated Onwukeme from Enugu, Mazi Ogbona, and many others? You are all heroes of change. Please, rise up to be appreciated.

Yes, the Igbo nation as a body contributed just about 200,000 votes to Buhari and the APC from the Southeast region. But we have the concept of kinsman-redeemer. All the Igbo people mentioned above, and many others we can’t mention, have redeemed their other kinsmen. Therefore, in the incoming government, the Igbo should have nothing to fear. Gen Buhari and his party would give them their dues, whether they voted overwhelmingly for or against APC. This is surely a new breed without greed. Igbo kwenu.

Can anybody deny General Sam Momah his due?  Not by any means.  He was Principal Staff Officer to Muhammadu Buhari when the latter was a military commander.  At the peak of the campaign of calumny against his former boss, Momah stood up to be counted, despite knowing that his people, the Igbo, were largely on the other side.

Hear him: “I worked under Buhari as his Principal Staff Officer when he was a General Officer Commanding.  We know him as incorruptible.  We know him as being a man of Spartan life, one who is disciplined. Can be trusted.  He has been patriotic, he is an achiever, one that you give a task to, and he gets it done…  I was privileged to visit him in Daura… I was amazed to find out that Buhari has only a bungalow!  There were no luxury leather chairs there but simple wooden chairs.  He lives a Spartan life because he does not believe in tampering with money that is not his.”

Thank you Gen Momah.  You are a hero of change.  You spoke at a time Gen Buhari needed a voice to dispel the armada of hate unleashed against him.  Please take a bow, dear general.

Hon Juventus Ojukwu was Buhari’s course mate in the army.  They both joined in 1962, and Ojukwu went into politics after retirement, representing Idemili Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives in 1979.  Hear his testimony about his old colleague, shortly before the election:

“I have many friends, but Buhari is special.  Even as cadets, perhaps unknown to him, we used to call him ‘mounting goat,’ because he was such a strong character, slim and firm.  During cross-country, you would think he was going to die, but he would be among the first to finish.  He is such a resolute person.

“Buhari will not tell you a lie, even when he is joking…   when I was in the House of Representatives, I was chairman of the Army Sub-committee on Defence, and we visited Buhari in his unit, 3 Armoured Division in Jos.  And when he was telling me of the rot in Nigeria then, he was also most shedding tears…  So, I know this man.  He is patterned, he is disciplined, and he is not a religious extremist.”

God bless Hon Ojukwu, a hero of change.  I doff my cap.

What of Sir Uche Iheakanwa, founder and National Coordinator of Mass Movement for National Change, and Southeast Movement for Change?  He spoke, pleaded, begged, paid for advertorials, appealing to his people to vote for change at the centre, and for Rochas Okorocha in Imo State.  He’s a hero of change, and I bet he’s a happy man today.  History will be kind to him.

Since 2003, when he trekked about three kilometres so he could cast his vote for Buhari, Jos-based Sir Joseph Okolo (KSM), a thoroughbred Igbo, has been an apostle of change.  Now, his dream has come to pass, and he can smile.  Bravo.

And Professor Donald Ike?  Resilient is his middle name.  From his base at Caleb University, Ikorodu, Lagos, he would make contributions to this column, and for him, it has always been Buhari all the way.  He’s a veritable hero of change, a professor who professes well.

What can I say of Uche Udungwor of Youth and Development Foundation (Yodef), Ekene Obeleagu, the car dealer who loves Buhari passionately, Emmanuel Mbah from Npologu in Enugu State, and many others we can’t mention because of space constraint?  Igbo people are major part of this country.  Even if they did not give majority votes to Gen Buhari, they have nothing to fear.  They won’t be left out in the cold.




                                          A PROVERB FROM ILE-IFE, OSUN STATE NIGERIA.


                                                                 WILLIAMS SHAKESPEARS

                                                              THE BRITISH LITERARY ICON

Who own Lagos State? Over a long period of time, there have being some on going deliberately, well calculated and subtle Arm-chair Revisioninst Histrorians of Igbo extractions attempts to rewrite the History of Lagos, who have being openly saying that Lagos State is ”A No Man’s Land”. Many of my Fellow Yorubas have also heard same claim from some of our Igbo Brothers who are Non Yoruba Lagosians. I personally would have kept mute over such arrogant, stupid, moronic and Imbecillic claims from some Igbo People, but for two recent occurences, (1) The Installation of Babaloja of Ladipo Market by the Oba of Lagos, (2) The issue of the ”Deportation of 67 Igbos” by the Lagos State Government.

To do proper factual, dispassionate and empirical justice to this question of ”Who owns Lagos State”? An historical odyssey into the History of Lagos State, conservatively from the 15th – 16th Centuries to the present Era needs be done.

As the first proverb from Ile Ife, says that ”When the Youngster rejects his dinner, the Household Elders will sit him down and educate him about his life history. I think it is high time Our Igbo Brothers and Settlers in Lagos are properly educated about the History of Lagos and recognize and accept that Lagos State, like all Yoruba States are hundred percent owned by the Yorubas.

The Aboriginal Land Owners of Lagos such as the Aworis,Isale – Eko, Epe -Ikorodu Ijebus, Eguns of Badagry and Ilajes are Descendants of Oduduwa of Ile Ife, the Patriach of the Yoruba People World – wide. Many Kingdoms were founded by varius Princes, Princesses, Hunters, Farmers and other People from Ile – Ife, who at different times, left Ile – Ife our Ancestral Home to establish their Kingdoms. Among the various Yoruba sub-ethnic groups that make up Lagos State, the Aworis are the most populous and have more Kingdoms in Lagos State.

The Aworis, are Descendants of Olofin Ogunfunminire, an Ile Ife Man, who left Ile Ife our Ancestral Home, between 15th – 16th Century and first settled at Isheri – Olofin, which is situated around the Ojodu – Berger area of contemporary Lagos State. From this  Settlement  of Ogunfunminire at Isheri Olofin, his Descendant left to establish different Awori Kingdoms all over Lagos State.

These Awori, Isale -Eko, Badagry, Epe, Ikorodu Kingdoms are the Aboriginal and Land Owners of Lagos, ruled by various Obas, Bales, Baales under the Leadership of the Oba of Lagos, His Majesty Oba Rilwan Akiolu.

Below are the pictures of Oduduwa, the Ancestor of we Yorubas, the Ooni of Ile Ife, representing the past Oonis of Ile – Ife, under whom various Ile Ife Princes, Princesses, Hunters, Farmers left our Ancestral Home to establish all the Yoruba Kingdoms in Lagos State, then The Oba of Lagos, the Traditional Head of all Kingdoms in Lagos State, Governor Fashola of Lagos, the Political Head of Lagos and the beautiful Picture of a part of Lagos State. in the same manner, I want some of these my Igbo Brothers to bring out their empirical cum historical records to show that Lagos does not belong to the Yorubas 100%.

Giving the Commercial and Coastal nature of Lagos State, it attracted many Europeans and Interland Yorubas to migrate to Lagos for commercial purposes and the subsequent Amalgamation of Nigeria by the British in 1914, with Lagos been made the Federal Capital in subsequent years after, before the Federal Capital was moved to Abuja by IBB Administration 1992, made Lagos to be a Cosmopolitan City that brought many Non Yoruba Nigerians to Lagos for Business, works, Governmental related reasons. Many Non Yoruba Lagosians have prospered and still prospering in Lagos basically because of the accomodating nature of the Yoruba Land Owners of Lagos State.

Despite all we Yorubas have being doing to be good Brothers to our Fellow Nigerians, it is very insultive to hear that some of our Igbo Brothers are questioing the rights of the Oba of Lagos, Oba Akinolu to appoint a Yoruba Man as the Babaloja of Ladipo Market. The title of Babaloja or Iyaloja in Yorubaland is exclusively bestowed on Yoruba Men and Women, who have proved themselves as being, Community oriented, successful Businesswise and humble by the Traditional Ruler under whose Domain such Market is located. It was in the light of this traditional practice that Oba of Lagos bestowed upon the title of Babaloja of Ladipo on Chief Abibu-Oki recently. To the surprise of lot of Nigerians, we were told of the rejection of the Oba of Lagos appointment of Chief Abibu- Oki, by our Igbo Brothers, who are also Traders at the Ladipo Market, and the Igbo Traders raised the idea of the Office of the Babalojs of Lagos being subjected to voting.

The bitter truth is that our Igbo Brothers can’t be telling we Yorubas to subject the traditional Office of Babaloja of Ladipo or any market in Yoruba to any form of democratic practice. It is our Land and we have the unquestinable rights to appoint our Traditional Chiefs, based on our own Soci- cultural Practices without being questioned. If we allow such impunity as being suggested by out Igbo Brothers in our own land, then in a few years, our Igbo Brothers will be questioning our rights to install our own Obas, Chiefs and Political Office Holders in Yorubaland.

The second issue has to do with the comment of Ex Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, that Igbos own 55% of Busineses in Lagos, the questions I will love the Ex Governor to answer is this, how many Igbos are in Lagos State compared to the populations of the Efiks, Ibibio, Hausa-Fulanis, Igbiras, Benins e.t.c on one hand other and on the other hand compared to the population of the Yoruba Yoruba Landlords, that will now make the Igbos to own 55% of Businesses in Lagos State.

The foundations of development, Industrialisation and commercialisation in Lagos State were laid by our Yoruba Ancestors over a long period of time, long before other Non Yorubas started trooping to Lagos State. These development, commercialisation and Industrilisation were consolidated upon in Lagos State by Yoruba Icons such as Madam Tinubu, Herbert Macaulay, Obafemi Awolowo, S.L Akintola, Remi Fani-Kayode, Rotimi Williams, Bode Thomas, Afodu Darocha, Akinola Maja, Mobolaji Johnson, Lateef Jaknade, Mike Adenuga, Alex Duduyemi, Sir Michael Otedola and his son, Femi Otedola, Adeola Odutola, the Sijuwades, Dr Majekodunmi, Mobolaji Bank – Anthony and many others.

While we acknowledge and appreciate other Non Yoruba Settlers who respect our cultures and rights as the Land owners and  the contributions of Non Yoruba Nigerians and Foreigners to the develpment of Lagos, the truth of the matter is that we Yorubas laid the foundations and consolidated upon the development of Lagos, before any other Nigerian tribe, talkless of the Igbos found their ways to Lagos State for many reasons.

There are Millions of Yorubas in Kano especially, Port-Harcourt Abuja, Kaduna and limited numbers in the East, but our Yoruba People had never questioned the rights of the Traditional cum Aboriginal Land Owners in such Non Yoruba lands where they reside. In the same manner we expect Settlers in Yoruba as a whole to respect our accomdating nature, and stop any disrepecting our of Socio- cultural Ethos.

While the Igbos lost all their properties in Port-Harcourt, We Yorubas left their properties in Yoruba land untouched and welcomed them back after the Civil War, instead of being grateful to us for such magnamity, some of our Igbos Brothers have resorted to insulting us in our own land. While our Fathers have made the mistake of losing Ilorin to the Fulani Islamists, we are not ready to lose any further inch of Yorubaland to any tribe under whatever form or shape.

Williams Shakespears says that ”What is in a name, give a rose another name, the smell remains the same”, whatever Igbo names some of my Igbo Brothers choose to call Lagos State, the historical and empirical truth is that Lagos State is owned 100% Yoruba owned. Whatever nonsense some of my Igbo Brothers can’t try with our Belligerant Hausa-Fulani Brothers in the North, should not be forced down our throats in Yorubaland.                            Despite the fact that the European Settlers, conquered the Aboriginals of North America, the Canadian and American governments respect the rights, cultures and traditions of the Native First Nation People of North America, and we Yorubas demand the same in Lagos State and all over Yorubaland.  We are accomodating and straight forward in dealing with other Nigerians, but we are not stupid.

Lastly, We Yorubas are not like the extinct Dodo Bird of Maurutius, who Centuries ago welcomed the European Invaders to her natural home, only for the European Invaders to run down the gentle Dodo bird into extinction within a Decade. If and when the occasions demand, the whole World, will know who owns Lagos State.


Having travelled for over hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from Igboland and crossed River Niger Bridge to get to Lagos State, there was ”No Man’s land” in the course of the journey to Lagos, to occupy or do businesses. But, upon getting to Lagos which have an age-long history of relationships and commerce with some fellow Nigerian and West African Neighbours even before the British came, and had history of relationship with the Portuguese Traders. With well developed Yoruba Political, Traditional and Socio – cultural Authorities that dates back to over six hundred years, and was predominantly occupied by the Aworis, Eguns, Ilajes, Ijebus and Lagos Islanders branches of Yoruba Nation and acknowledge Ile Ife as their common root, and speak different Yoruba dialects  like all other Yoruba Kingdoms. On getting to Lagos, some of my Igbo Brothers now found ”A No Man’s Land” to settle upon.                   The arrival of my Igbo Brothers to Lagos was not the first wave of immigration to Lagos, beacuse apart from the Indigenous Yoruba Land Owners of Lagos, People from other Yoruba Kingdoms also migrated here at different occassion, before the obvious migration of Non Yoruba Nigerians to Lagos, more especially as a result of the 1914 Amalgamation of Northern and Southern British Protectorates by Lord Lugard. The constant arrival of Non Yorubas  and Non Nigerian to Lagos makes the State to have a Cosmopolitan outlook in manners that can be compared to New York the also called, big Apple, or Toronto in Ontario  Canada, which is said to be the most cosmopolitan City in the World, followed by NewYork in U.S.A.   The conventional wisdom from time immemorial in Human relationship and history, is that the first set of People to occupy a virgin land, with history and Socio – cultural empirical evidences to back it up are regarded as the Indigenous People and Owners of the Land. Even the Native People of both Canada ad U.S.A, who were conquered by the British Colonialists have special statuses that recognize and protect their Indigenous rights in Canada and U.S.A.                                                                                                                                                      Having lived in Lagos State owned by the Yorubas for few decades, a lot of my Igbo Brothers seems to have forgotten that their Home is faraway from Lagos or any part of Yoruba Nation. When the Nigerian Civil war came, the Igbos remembered that Lagos State was not their Ancestral Homeland, samething happened during the June 12 Crises when they chose to relocate back to Igbo-land enmass and when Xmas comes around annually, it is time to return to their Oriental Homeland for my Igbo Brothers. It is quite unfortuate that a lot of my Igbo Brothers seems to have forgotten that no wise Nigerian Ethnic-Nationality is ready to sacrifice her Tribal Land, culture and traditions in the name of one Nigeria. Nigeria belongs to us all, but what is my own Natioanal-Tribal Patrimony remains mine and not ours.  I am a Yoruba Man from Ile- Ife and lived and schooled in Lagos State up to University level, but my being a Yoruba Lagosian, did not make me to delude myself and have a twisted sense of history and now be saying that Lagos State is ”A No Man’s Land”, my own Nuclear Family have bought lands for property development from different Indigenous Lagos Landlords, because we acknowledged and accepted that Lagos belongs till tomorrow to the Lagos Indigenes. Other Yorubas from Kingdoms outside Lagos State respect the fact that Lagos is owned 100% by the Indigenous Yoruba Lagosians, and we never questioned the Ownership of Lagos. I believe that it is time for my Igbo Brothers to sit down, reflect and start looking inward. The project of developing Lagos by the Yorubas is over hundred of Centuries old long before my Igbo Brothers started troopig to Lagos and it shall continue after they go back to Igboland. The Igbo Nation has a lot of brilliant minds and successful People, Ohana-Eze Ndigbo needs to constitute a body made of of some of their brilliant minds and find better ways of developing their Homeland, which will limit the urge to come to Lagos by lots of Easterners. No amount of contributions the Igbos make to develop other People’s lands can ever make the real Owners of the land to cede their Patrimonial Rights to the Igbos. The Hausa/ Fulanis, Igalas, Edos, Itshekiris, Ijaws, Efik Natioanalities e.t.c, will never cede any parcel of their lands to the Igbos or other Nigerian tribe, just because they have lived on their lands for decades and might have contributed to the developments. Oba of Benin less than a decade ago, had to call the Non Benin Nigerians in Gelegele part of Benin Kinkdom to order, when these Non Benin Nigerians began to claim the ownership of Gelegele, that belongs to the Benin People. In the same manner, no single part of Yoruba land will ever be ceded to the Igbos or any ther Nigerian tribe for whatever reason.                                                                                                                                                            The Jews were dispersed in AD-70 by the Roman Army, led by General Titus. So for 2000 years, until 14th of May 1948, when Israel led by David Ben-gurion became independent, they lived among other Nationalities in strange lands, they prospered, had lots of brilliant minds who contributed to the developments of the strange lands they resided, but that never made their Hosts to cede the owership of their lands to the Jews.  You may not like the man called Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, but he had said the bitter truth about who owns Lagos State. To a few of my Fellow Yorubas like Mr Femi Aribisala, who are saying that Lagos State political space should be opened up for all, I may need to remind you all that the Advanced Countries that are been  cited as reference points, are far more advanced and matured than us politically. When you are able to go to Igboland, work, live and pay your taxes there, and they the Igbos, grant you the right to contest during elections in Igboland, then I will buy your ideas.                          Lastly, it is time for the Igbos to know that they Igbos are not the only Non Yoruba Nigerians in Lagos State, and they need not be giving their hosts unnecessary problems. The Igbos have to start looking inward and develop their own homeland and stop wasting their energies in disputing the ownership of Lagos State with the Yorubas. What is mine is different from what is ours, we welcome every Nigerian to Lagos, but Lagos State remains 100% the patrimony of the Oduduwa Nation.





The recent brouhaha over the statement of Orji Uzor Kalu, the Ex Governor of Abia State that ”Lagos is A No Man’s Land”, brought into the front burner the nature of inter-relationship between the Yoruba Owners of Lagos State and Non Yoruba settlers and the Igbo People especially.

The Holy Bible, Quran and our Yoruba Traditional faiths enjoin us to be good to our Neighbors in our daily dealings and keep an opened door policy with everybody. We Yorubas have being more than good at the religious principles to an extent that we have been  and continue to be taken for granted by some of our Igbo Brothers and Sisters on our land. Yoruba land and more especially, Lagos State, is a Cosmopolitan City that have virtually all Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria and Nationalities of other Countries living in, prospering and contributing their quotas to the Society.

But it seems that the Yoruba attributes of good neighborliness, seem to have being over the years taken for granted by some Settlers in Lagos State, with special emphasis on our fellow Nigerians from the East part of Nigeria. A situation in which a Man who leaves his own Ancestral Igboland, to come and school, do business or for work related purposes in Lagos State, Yorubaland, and after spending a few numbers of years in Lagos State, he begins to suffer from ”Selective Amnesia”, by referring to Lagos State, the Land of his Hosts, on which the Yoruba Hosts have being residing on for close to 1000 years, with age long Traditional Ruler-ship System (Oba, Bales, Baales, Iyalojas and Babalojas) “A No Man’s Land”. This is not just insulting, sickening, but more especially, it should be viewed as a wake up call for Yoruba Owners of Lagos and the Yoruba Nation as a whole.

The recent issue of the Igbo traders in Ladipo Market, telling the Oba of Lagos, that he the Oba of Lagos and the Traditional Head of Lagos  State as a whole, can’t choose a Yoruba Man as the Babaloja of Ladipo, and they the Igbo Traders, rather suggested that the office of Babaloja of Ladipo Market should be subjected to election, is an insult on our Traditional Institutions and Socio – Cultural ways of life. The title of Iyaloja, Babaloja and some other titles in Yoruba Kingdoms, are traditional in nature and exclusively preserved for Yorubas in such Kingdoms, and are conferred on deserving Yoruba Men and Women by the ruling Monarch (Oba) in such Yoruba Town. The question that keeps coming to my mind is this, if we allow these Igbo Traders to be telling us that our Monarch (Oba of Lagos) can’t confere the Babaloja of Ladipo market on a person of his choice, then in few years time, can’t these Igbo People will be telling us that we can’t select our own Monarchs in various Lagos Kingdom, in Yorubaland?

Though, it took the frank, timely and patriotic response of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode to Orji Kalu Uzor’s assertion that ”Lagos State is No Man’s Land” for the Yoruba Nation to come to full realization of the subtle efforts of our Igbo Brothers to claim what happens to be part of the Patrimony of the Oduduwa People, but there is still more to be done at making sure that every effort is placed in place to checkmate the subtle but dangerous ambitions of some of our Igbo Brothers in Lagos.

This  raging issue is not an issue or the problems of the ACN/APC led government of Lagos State alone, or is it an issue of ACN/APC vs PDP or other opposition parties, the issue  crosses all partisan political and traditional lines, it should be of great concern to the whole Yoruba Nation. The statements of Ex Senator Ogunlewe and Mr Femi Aribisala are not encouraging at this moment in our quest to prevent Lagos State from being taken by any Non Yoruba Lagosian. If an Abia State Man can’t go to Anambra State or Ebonyi State to contest for political offices, even after the Abia State had lived, worked and paid tax in either Anambra of Ebonyi State, then why should we allow any Igbo Man of other Settlers to contest for political offices in Lagos State or any Yoruba State?

Our Fathers have made the mistake of losing Ilorin , a Yoruba Town, to the Hausa/Fulani Caliphate over 150 years, and the future generation of the Yoruba Nation will never forgive us if we fail to learn from the mistake of losing Ilorin to the Sokoto Caliphate, if we allow history to repeat itself in Lagos State.

The idea of making any Non Yoruba Person, a Commissioner or to occupy any sensitive political or economic position in Lagos State government, is just like, A Landlord delegating his duties as the property Owner to his Tenant, which will gradually result in the Landlord losing his rights over his property. This should be done away with immediately.

When our Igbo Brothers declared the Biafra war in the late 1960s, they moved en mass to Igboland, because they believed that Lagos State was not their home. The June 12 1992 crises, also showed that our Igbo Brothers truly knew where there home was, when they also moved en mass, and left the land to be defended by the Yoruba Owners. Then the question I want to ask my Igbo Brothers is this, since they knew that they can move back to their Ancestral home anytime a crisis arises in Yoruba Land, Lagos inclusive, then, why do they want to be involved politically or question our traditions and the Oba of Lagos’ authority over the conferment of the title of Babaloja of Ladipo Market on a Yoruba Man?

Since our Igbo Brothers can’t tolerate all the rubbishes they want to force down out throats in Lagos State, to be done unto them in Igboland, then we Yorubas in Lagos State should not in any way tolerate such nonsense from them. No Yoruba Man had ever gone to Kano, Abuja, Onitscha, Owerri, Benin, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt or Calabar and called the place ”A No Man’s Land”, then we should not allow such in Lagos State.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, our Generalissimo in this raging battle of Lagos State Ownership, is not a perfect Man, but fate had chosen him to lead the battle and he needs all supports spiritually and physically from all Yorubas, both home and Abroad, as long as this battle rages. A Man that fails to defend his heirloom/patrimony is not worthy of being called a Son of the soil. Chief Femi Fani- Kayode had not just defended Yorubas over the ownership of Lagos, because his late Mother was from Lagos Island, but more especially, because he acknowledged with all historically verifiable facts that the Yoruba Nation owns Lagos State.

You can only claim the land of a Conquered People, as the British and French did in North America and established their European system modeled Political, Economic and Socio-Cultural hegemonic in Canada and United States, even at that, the Canadian and United States governments never take with levity any issue that concerns the Aboriginal/Landowner First Nations, and the Aboriginal First Nations People have special statuses and privileges, which Non Native Canadian or American Citizens do not enjoy.

So, the Yoruba Nation is not a conquered Nation and will never be conquered by the grace of Almighty God.

Oduduwa: Patriach of the Yoruba Nation.

Oduduwa, the ancestor of the yorubas

Ancestor of the Yorubas.

Oduduwa Ancestor of the Yorubas.



Ooni of Ile Ife

Ooni of Ile Ife




Oba Of Lagos

Oba Of Lagos




Governor of Lagos

Governor of Lagos- Babatunde Raji Fashola




Model of a part of Lagos State.

Model of a part of Lagos State.



Full Credits : Oladapo Davies Fatunmise

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4 Classes of Ladies Who Experience Late Marriage


There are different habits that may hinder a lady from getting married. But here, am not going to talk about “Habits”of a lady but rather about “Kinds” of Ladies, that faces late marriage and most times, No Marriage.

Below are the Four kinds of ladies that faces late marriage and the answers that works :


1. The Perfect Lady : Here, the Perfect Lady do not imply that the Lady herself is perfect. But rather, their expectation of their dream man is too high that they kept being selective on the type of man that they want. Most times, the person they love may not like them, and the person that likes them, may not be their love. Those Perfect Ladies always want»»», A Tall, Rich, Caring& Handsome man and if the lady is spiritual, she will be waiting for “God’s Will”. Anyman that misses any of the Four qualities ends up being rejected.


Their Problem : The problem such ladies faces is that they end up loving the “Container” instead of the “Content”.


The Solution : Accommodate a man who posses atleast 50% of the qualities you desire, the rest will develop with love.


2. The Beautiful Lady : A beautiful lady is attractive to the eye. They are victims of multiple relationships. Most guys that dates beautiful ladies dates them for fun. The attractiveness of a Lady makes it difficult for her to keep herself for a man. This is because of temptation from men, knocking left, right and centre.


Their Problem : The problem beautiful ladies faces is that no one really loves them for who they are but likes their beauty period. And men doubts their ability to make a good home. This poses a threat for them to marry cos most men considers a beautiful lady as a flirt.


The Solution : Have a picture of the kind of man you really want to marry. You are lucky that yua beautiful, because you will get proposals from various kinds of men; so be ready to identify that man whom you like to marry. Be loyal to him. He will be proud to marry you.


3. The Rich-man’s daughter : The rich man’s daughter bask on the euphoria of her father’s wealth. As far as she’s concern, her father is her hero and no man can replace her fathers love and care. She believes that every man that is running after her is after her fathers wealth. So this makes them unattractive to men. Men are naturally proud and will not like to muddle their hard earned reputation on such an insult.


Their Problem : Most rich men’s daughter marry late or marry the wrong man.


The Solution : The Humility of a rich man’s daughter is her greatest weapon to attract men. Men will naturally be drawn to you, if you are humble. Your beauty is secondary.


The Career Woman : These ladies are hardworking, ambitious and successful in life. They may be feminist. They are the champions of this saying, “What a man can do, a woman can even do it better”. Marriage is not their headache but career.


Their Problem : The problem of career women is time management. They run everything in life like business even relationship. Secondly, they always want to be the Boss in all things and this poses a threat to men. The more masculine a lady behaves, the less attractive she is to a man. No man wants to marry another man.


The Solution : Every Career woman, cries in her closet. She prays for a man who will love and treat her like a woman. Your cry is over, woman! Simply be submissive atleast to a man. Avoid arguments with him. And be More feminine in your outlook. These are what you need to make a man , marry you.


Hello Ladies!…I believe I have given answers to your pressing needs!









These are 20 New Laws of Power:


1.Curb the excesses of your wife/mistresses or their mess will ruin you


.2. Surround yourself with people who can look you in the face and tell u the blunt truth.


3. Decipher true elders from hungry ones.


4. Don’t ever insult elders even when provoked.


5. Dont encourage corruption or “stealing” especially either by commission or omission.


6. Stay away from alcohol …you have just abdicated your throne.


7. Discipline errant followers so as to send a strong message to all and sundry that you are not biased.


8. Remember those who helped you get to the top and reward them accordingly.


9. Respect the poor and give them their dues otherwise their God will fight against you.


10. Dont sacrifice lives for your selfish ambition.


11. Protect those you are leading from wolves and lions.


12. Money cannot buy you loyalty or love.


13. Dont lie to your people neither encourage your team members or spokesmen or women to.


14. Never underestimate the power of the downtrodden….they are more in numbers than the rich and will form a powerful army.


15. Fear God and obey ALL His commands.


16. Your closeness to men of God doesnt mean your closeness to God.


17. Never empower criminals …you discourage hardwork, honesty and dignity.


18. Have your ears to the ground and dont rely on everything your team tells you ….do surprise inspection.


19. Have a forum were the poor can interact with you without protocol or actors/actresses.


20. Lead by example because actions speak louder than words.

A word is enough for aspiring leaders








When someone in the car ahead of you throws wastes on the road, drive next to him, roll down your window & shout, “change!” #ChangeNigeria


When you are on a queue and someone tries to force his way in front, scream “change!!”. #ChangeNigeria.


At the point of entry at either the air or sea port, if a Custom or Immigration official is trying to collect bribe. Shout “Change”. # Change Nigeria


A landlord that ‘habitually’ increases house rent. Shout to him “Change”. # Change Nigeria


Any irregularity in the measurement of food items in the market or the display of fake products in a supermarket or drug store. Shout “Change”. #Change Nigeria


Any lecturer that wants to collect bribe either in cash or in kind. Shout to him “Change”. # Change Nigeria


Any public or private servant that is stealing our national heritage. Shout “Change”.# Change Nigeria#.

When a police officer stops your car and says “Oga, anything for the boys?”, tell him, “change!”. #ChangeNigeria


When you walk past any Nigerian who throws paper or banana peel on the floor, please stop him and tell him, “change!”. #ChangeNigeria.


If the church near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Pastor and say, “Change!” #ChangeNigeria


If the mosque near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Imam and say, “Change” #ChangeNigeria


If you are in a vehicle and the driver is driving like someone possessed, shout “Change!” #ChangeNigeria.


When somebody is trying to jump a queue at either the bank or the fuel station or the ATM stand shout “Change”. #change Nigeria#


When an Electricity official cuts your light unjustly shout “Change”. # Change Nigeria#


If someone is answering a phone and lies about his/her location, shout “Change”#


If you are a friend to a man/woman who goes to meet another woman/man and deceives his/her wife/husband that he/she is traveling on an official duty, whisper “CHANGE!”


When a fuel attendant tries to short-dispense fuel into your car remind him about “Change ” #Change Nigeria#


Change starts when you forward this message to your contacts!!!!!!!

~Shared by the Nigeria Patriots









1) One barrel of Crude oil = 42 gallons or 159 litres

2) Our Refineries (i.e 4) Installed (combined)

capacity = 445,000 barrels per day

3) Actual refineries capacity due to ageing equipment and poor maintenance = 30% i.e. 133,500 barrels per day.

4) 133,500 barrels = 21.2 million litres

5) Local required consumption (F.O.S) =

33 to 35 millions litres

6) It means that even our MORIBOND refineries can actually meet most of our local consumption need of petroleum.

7) The cost structure of crude oil (i.e. Qua Iboe Crude Oil) production; – Findings / development – $3.5

– Production cost – $1.5

– Refining Cost – $12.6

– Pipeline/transportation – $1.5

– Distr/bridging fund Margin -$15.69

True cost of one litre of petroleum anywhere in Nigeria;

– Total sum cost = $34.8

– 1ltr cost = $34.8/159 litres = $0.219

– Naira equiv. 0.219xN160= N35.02k

– Add Tax N5 + N35.02 = N40.02


9) Let FGN refute the above composition and if not, they should tell us how they came about

N97/N87 litre.

10) Locally refined products cannot be sold at International price.

11) We really do not need FGN SUBSIDY as there was NONE in the first place.


12) What is LACKING, is the WILL to enforce LAW ON CORRUPTION.

Pls re-post until it gets to the right quarters

for their response; We still stand a chance as a



Analysis by Professor Tam David West, former

Petroleum Minister








I went to the Queen of England and i asked her:

Who is Jesus?

She said He is the King of Kings.


I went to an electrician and i asked him: Who Is


He replied: Jesus is the light of the World.


I went to a plumber and i asked him: Who Is


He replied: Jesus is Life’s water Spring.


I went to a doctor and i asked: Who Is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the greatest physician.


I went to a hunter and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied:

Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah.


I went to a psychologist and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the wisdom source.


I went to a builder and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is a house built on the Rock.


I went to a baker and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the bread of life.


Now i’m asking you:

Who Is Jesus???

FRIDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vol 216 . 217 , 218 and 219 + Appeal to Lagos Ibos+Food for thot for all Lagosians+What happeaned at Oba’s palace +Reason APC lost Oshodi/Isolo+Yoruba vs Ibo Lagos Politic



I kindly appeal to our Igbo brothers not to be offended by the Oba’s outburst. This is not the time to reciprocate our accommodation and friendliness with ingratitude. I feel very pained with this development. The Oba means well and so do the APC, which is soliciting their support at this crucial time. It is not too much to ask them to reason with is on how to move Lagos forward at this time. This is an opportunity given to us by God. I plead with my Igbo friends and brothers in the name of God. The Igbos are too important in Lagos to play the spoilers. Please I beg you in the name of God. APC leaders have worked so hard to develop Lagos. We can’t afford to throw away the baby with the bath water. As condemnable and inappropriate the alleged threat of the Oba of Lagos against the Igbo is, there are 2 things I am personally convinced about;

1.) It will be reckless and indiscretional for any Igbo in Lagos to insult the Oba of the land. All things may be lawful (freedom of expression), but not all things are helpful. Everybody should go out and vote for the candidates of their choices, but avoid unnecessary boisterousnesss. A man that would readily be rude to his parent is not likely to tolerate someone else insulting the same parent.

2.) Ambode’s chances of winning the gubernatorial election has not diminished one bit. The people that didn’t want to vote for him before the Oba’s pronouncement won’t change their mind, and the people that wanted him as the governor of Lagos will still vote for him regardless of worreva. BTW, what does PDP have to offer Lagos state??? Agbaje should not be taken for granted despite he is an underdog in this contest as acknowledged by him







Dear Lagosian,

Yorubas are very decent and reasonable people. No tribe will entertain on their land what is going on in Lagos.

We all condemn the statement of OBA AKIOLU. But let ask ourselves one important question, WHY IS OBA AKIOLU ANGRY WITH IGBOS?

My answers are:












My conclusion: We have been living together as brothers for years in peace. You must respect our tradition and institutions.Ifeanyi Ubah should stop jumping around Lagos beating drums of war.









The true details of what transpired between the Oba of Lagos and Igbo leaders, during the much publicised meeting between the Oba of Lagos and Lagos Igbo leaders in his palace recently


” If a set of folks go before a King and he threatens that they would drown in the Lagoon and the folks kept clapping, then there is more to the story ”

– Kayode Ogundamisi


“There are no new truths, but only truths that have not been recognized by those who have perceived them without noticing”

– Mary McCarthy, US writer (1912-1989)


“The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is”.

– Winston Churchill


” If a set of folks go before a King and he threatens that they would drown in the Lagoon and the folks kept clapping, then there is more to the story ”

– Kayode Ogundamisi


From a close insider who knew all the details:


The igbo leaders went to meet Oba of Lagos prior to federal elections & seek for his opinions concerning the elections as usual. He told them that the entire Yorubas are for GMB & Lagos won’t be an exception. They promised him to go with him wherever he goes. But unfortunately when the results came out, he found out that they betrayed him.


So when they visited again concerning the gubernatorial elections, he welcomed them as usual & shared kola as usual before he started boiling. He said to them that they called themselves king loyalists yet they betrayed him, he stressed that he has endorsed the candidature of Ambode & if any of them go against his decision, he will perish in lagoon. He was not referring to the entire ibos but thier various leaders present. That is the true story








Why APC lost Oshodi / Isolo LGA in National and State House of Assembly elections

I wanted to write this article at first because I felt primarily it was APC that was at fault but was blaming wrongly tribal politics for its failure. I also commented on a respected senior colleague’s social media wall on this to set records straight. I decided not to write again because my post could be wrongly misinterpreted by many people.

However, former APC chairman Bisi Akande made a call a week ago that Lagos APC Chair – Henry Ajomale should be replaced because he failed. He however (rather wrongly) blamed tribal politics, saying Oshodi/Isolo LGA (that I live in) is populated largely by the Ibo ethnic group and that it has at least 55% igbo population ! What a big lie ! Even if I wasn’t staying there, I knew he lied!

Oshodi / Isolo LGA has never been an APC stronghold. Apart from elections in 1999 and 2011 that AD&ACN (APC precursors) won landslide statewide, 2003 and 2007 elections have revealed it’s not an APC stronghold. Yes let’s assume some towns like Ajao Estate may have 40 to 50% ibo population and some others like Ire Akari Estate, Ilasamaja, Ago Palace Way may have significant population of ibos let’s say 30 to 45%. But many other areas have a high Yoruba population,and even those other areas still have 50 to 70% population of yorubas. Cluelessness makes a man who failed to blame his woes on tribal politics. Yorubas (in my own modest estimation) still have majority population of the LGA with 67 to 75% population.

Now, APC had lost the 2 federal house of reps slots and the 2 state houses of assembly slots to PDP. 2 of the 4 PDP candiates were ibos. So what happened to the other yoruba candidates that won?

I boast to be a member of Buhari Vanguard and The Reality group , two pro APC campaign groz, and I know small ( or very big about APC politics though not an elected APC chieftain). APC lost the elections before the main elections when it bungled the primaries. Let me give two instances. The primaries that produced the candidates were neither free nor fair. APC used godfather politics to choose very wrong people for the reps in Isolo. Further, the fact is that the ibos may have been united in their block votes while the yorubas are divided as usual, though no fault of theirs because they had unworthy candidates.

Hon.Muniru, the incumbent member of the House of Reps is a very useless honorable! I’d posted about him several weeks b4 d election that he NEVER deserved a 2nd term. He performed most poorly and his so called streetlights project which is less than 2yrs has failed upon d fact its distribution was very poor. The former chairman of Ejigbo LCDA was loved by people and if he’s been chosen,he’ll have won.If not imposition politics, Muniru won’t have won the primaries. He was even assaulted by the citizens he represents on election day. His attempt to use police to arrest the chief assaulter became farcical. He was made a laughing stock by all. Then the state house of assembly primaries, we had a honorable – Hon.Omowunmi Olatunji-Edet going for her 4th term. She had support of the people but the APC lagos state chairman Henry Ajomale, imposed his brother – Ladi Ajomale as winner. Omowunmi was dazed and couldn’t hide her feelings. She posted such on her facebook page.

Now we see d results of imposition politics in Oshodi / Isolo LGA! The 2 ibo candidates won,not because ibos are majority ( infact they remain minority) but because of bad politics of imposition that APC practiced during her primary elections.

A big lesson also to politicians who used to give thugs money to campaign for them. Despite spending heavy on NURTW thugs in Oshodi, APC lost. The leader MC O*u**o has no electoral value . He has no control over any electorate save his fellow thugs and those ones may not even have PVCs and those who have will vote the highest bidder on election day.



On the 11th April 2011, Laurent Gbagbo, the then Cote d’ Ivoire President, and his power-drunk wife, Simone Gbagbo, were shamefully arrested by the forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara, the Ivoriens’ choice during that country’s election. As a sitting President of Ivory Coast for 10years, Gbagbo lost election which he had postponed several times to Alasanne Ouattara in 2010.

Rather than honourably handover to the country’s popular candidate, Gbagbo chose to manipulate the election. And for one year, he refused to listen to voice of reasoning and only relied on the advice of his closed aides. But on the 11th of April 2011, he paid the ignoramus price with his wife.

There are many similarities between today’s Nigeria’s President, our country’s voting pattern, the opposition candidate and Ivory Coast of 2011.

President Jonathan is presumed by some of his supporters to be a very humble man. If he is indeed humble&nice as he’s been portrayed, he must not allow himself repeat Gbagbo drama in Nigeria. He must see the hand writting on the wall. He must not listen to those who will not be there when the bubble will finally bust.

An advice from Nostra II

Disregard Nostra II to ur peril !

God rules in the affairs of men !


48 team World Cup, very unrealistic and clueless suggestion

Luis Figo proposes 48 team World Cup as he campaigns for FIFA President – News


My take, this guy isn’t only clueless but has nothing to contribute. A 48 team WC isn’t only ridiculous,but a big waste. Do we want to be seeing ridiculous scorelines with many unworthy teams (even from Europe). WC is serious business for serious minds and teams. In my opinion, the no of WC teams should even be reduced to 24 teams or even 20 (I’ll prefer a 20 team WC- 4 groups of 5 teams with even a 2nd group stage).This will make WCs more competitive wt worthier teams that will sweat to qualify&wont be fighting unnecessarily over money when they get there. What do u think? Do u agree wt me or “inspirational” Luis Figo?



1. CNN has said our Economy is growing. The best Economists are at the World Bank. Now you have all these Nigerian Economists talking nonsense. Do they know better than CNN or World Bank?

2. Nigeria is not poor. Come and see the amount of private jets Nigerians parked at Kenya Airport when we went to Nairobi for Conference. Kenyans were just looking at us with envy. How can you say Nigerians are poor

3. Nigerians need jobs. Vote for me and i will create Unemployment

4 . We are giving special Scholarships to our First Class Graduates…….in ten years time, they are going to take us to the Moon

5. How can you jus say $20 billion is missing. If that kind of money is missing, the Americans will know. They know everything

6.Corruption is not stealing. If you put yam where a goat is, the goat will eat the yam.

7. If you go to Lagos and shout “ole ole” they will stone you well well. But if you shout “corruption”, people will jus be looking at you.

8.Why should i declare my assets? I don’t give a damn!

9.People are just raising false alarm. How can 200 children go missing jus like that? It is our enemies trying to cause confusion. But we are investigating the matter

10. We are going to rebuild the Chibook school. And we are going to build high fences round the school to protect them next time . Yes Yes.

11. People keep saying,why don’t we go to Chibook, why don’t we go to Chibook. Aaah, we can’t go to Chibook jus like that. The Boko Haram people will fire at us.

12. This Abuja bombing is not by MEND. We know it is by Boko Haram. They are everywhere. Boko Haram is even in my Government.

13. Boko Haram are our siblings. You can’t set the Army to go and wipe out your family

14. Mend tried to kill me. They came to bomb me in Abuja. That is why we jailed Henry Okah in South Africa

15. I did not plan the Election postponement. Even my Service Chiefs did not consult me.

16. If i knew Election was going to be postponed, why will i waste my time and Federal Government money to go and campaign in Bayelsa.

17. Is Shekau dead? I don’t know whether Shekau is dead or not. You journalists should know better . You get more information than many of us. You should know whether he is dead or not.

18. I am the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. You don’t expect me to go and be fighting in Sambisa forest. People jus talk anyhow.

19. We are going to buy Guns and give good Pensions to our Brave Soldiers, so that when they are killed, their families will not suffer

20. Some people jus call themselves Statesman for nothing. They jump about and talk like motor park touts.

21. After God and my Parents, the third person i thank most for my life is President Olusegun Obasanjo.

22. I want to apologise to the people of Rivers State for not bringing any Projects here. It is because i don’t want people to say i am doing favouritism.

Vote for me and in the next 4 years you will see my hand

23. I am the sitting President. If there is any trouble, it is me that the United Nations Secretary General calls. Everything is on my head.

24. May 29 Swearing in Day is sacrosanct. Definitely, a new President will be sworn in on that day.












• The Nigeria exchange rate is now 225 naira to a Dollar.




– Arigbangba Mayowa ‘s wall


In 1923, nine of the wealthiest people in the world met at Chicago’s Edge Water Beach Hotel.

In 1923, nine of the wealthiest people in the world met at Chicago’s Edge Water Beach Hotel. Their combined wealth, it is estimated, exceeded the wealth of the Government of the United States at that time. These men certainly knew how to make a living and accumulate wealth. Attending the meeting were the following men:

1. The president of the largest steel company;

2. The president of the largest utility company;

3. The president of the largest gas company;

4. The president of the New York Stock Exchange;

5. The president of the Bank of International Settlements;

6. The greatest Wheat Speculator;

7. The greatest “bear” on Wall Street;

8. The head of the World’s greatest monopoly and

9. A member of President Harding’s cabinet.

That’s a pretty impressive line-up of people by anyone’s yardstick. Yet, 25 years later, where were those nine industrial giants?

Let’s examine what happened to them 25 years later:

1. The president of the then largest steel company (Bethlehem Steel Corp), Charles M Schwab, lived on borrowed capital for five years before he died bankrupt;

2. The president of the then largest gas company, Howard Hubson, went insane;

3. One of the greatest commodity traders (Wheat Speculator), Arthur Cutten, died insolvent;

4. Then president of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Whitney, was sent to jail;

5. The member of US President Harding’s cabinet, Albert Fall, was pardoned from jail just to be able to go home and die in peace;

6. The greatest “bear” on Wall Street, Jesse Livermore committed suicide;

7. The president of the then world’s greatest monopoly, Ivar Krueger, also killed himself;

8. The president of the Bank of International Settlement, Leon Fraser, equally took his own life;

9. The president of the largest utility company, Samuel Insull, died penniless.

What those people forgot was how to “make life” while they got busy making money! Money in itself is not evil; it provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, clothes for the needy. However, money is only a medium of exchange. We need two kinds of education: One that teaches us how to make a living and another that teaches us how to live. There are many of us who are so engrossed in our professional life that we neglect our family, health and social responsibilities. If asked why we do this, we would reply that “we are doing it for our family”. Yet, our kids are sleeping when we leave home. And they are sleeping when we come back home! Twenty years later, we’ll turn back, and they’ll all be gone, to pursue their own dreams and their own lives.

Without water, a ship cannot move. But if the water gets into the ship, the ship will face disaster. What was once productive for the ship now becomes destructive. Similarly, we live in a time where earning is a necessity but let it not enter our hearts, so that what was once a means of living may not become a means of destruction for us as well.

So take a moment and ask yourself: “Has the water entered my ship?”

MY COMMENTS: Truly, many of us spend our entire adult life trying to make a living and never live long enough to live the living after making it. I have since learnt what is called Work Life Balance. Since we do not know when death will come, it is instructive to make and live the living altogether. Let’s ponder on the content of this story. Many examples abound all around us. Best wishes



Here are some tips to guide us in our SECURITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is the time we live in; we must learn to deal with it by GOD’s Grace.

1. Number tag of a real policeman must be six digits, less than six, is fake.

2. Only female police officers have their numbers begin with “0”, any policeman with number beginning with “0” is fake.

3. Every policeman’s name tag is woven to the shirt, no more removable name tags.

4. A distinction between the normal policeman and the SPY (supernumerary) police personnel, is that a SPY number must be either three or four digits with the word “SPY” boldly inscribed on their uniform shoulder.

Please, at night be vigilant, always roll-up your windows in traffic,central lock your doors, be double sure they are true policemen, if they are not, be strong and speed off. Never get frightened. Be watchful, they are everywhere; educate your family members, neighbors, and friends. GOD Almighty will continue to protect us.

SENT BY THE NIGERIAN POLICE. Remember elections is coming. Beware of fake police.



A true leader does not live in affluence when a vast majority of the people he leads are wallowing in poverty. He suffers for the people to enjoy. Thus, he is fondly remembered from generation to generation.

A true leader does not deceive the people he leads. He does not tell blatant lies in order to gain personal or selfish advantage. He is truthful, even when it costs him material loss.

A true leader spends his personal wealth in the cause of his nation. He is self-sacrificing. He shuns corruption; he does not glamorise it. He avoids bribery; he does not tolerate it. Thus, he is less concerned with how much wealth to acquire in government.

A true leader leads by example. His word is his bond. He fulfils his promise, even at his own personal cost. Thus, he is never doubted by the masses. He earns their trust. He is a man of integrity.

A true leader embraces the people he leads as well as their shades of religion and culture. He is not a bigot. Thus, he enjoys love and support of people across the board.

A true leader has sense of shame. He does not falsely accuse his opponent of something which he himself has evidently identified with.

A true leader does not identify with God, spend time with men of God, visit houses of God and yet refuse to declare his assets as required by the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. Thus, he is not a hypocrite.

A true leader does not manipulate truth with equivocation. Thus, he is endowed with increasing wisdom and moral strength from the Almighty.

A true leader thinks more and more of the overwhelming population of the have-nots. He feels concerned about widespread and speedy execution of public projects. Thus, he is abundantly loved by the overwhelming masses and hugely detested by the few, corrupt and selfish elites.

A true leader is godly by being accountable, selfless, modest, honest, decent, public oriented and tolerant. He is not godly by mere praying to God or kneeling down before men of God or identifying with men of God.






Keshi’s alleged “Slave contract” offer : A repercaution for his diabolical desperation acts

When I bought completesports last saturday, one of the headlines attracted me most (I’m sure even if I never intended buying, just mere sight of the headline will make me buy a copy).:

I’ve been offered a “slave” contract by NFF – Stephen Keshi…/

I laughed, giggled, roared and rolled on the floor like a man who had just won a heavy jackpot. I said to myself ” surely nemesis has caught up with this man. He has reaped what he sowed. He deserves no pity from anybody ” .

It’s a known fact that those who try to short-circuit success or take short-cuts to normal paths to success almost always regret such in the end. Young men rather than work hard usually join one evil cult/ secret society or another or do money rituals. In the beginning, they appear to have good success till the repercaution starts. The repercautions usually far greatly outweigh whatever success they though they had, giving them great regrets, sometimes lifelong (for those who survive it).

Now to Keshi’s case. I need to give qudos to NFF President – Amanju Picnic (abi na Pinnick) and his legal team for drawing a good water tight contract with good clauses. Keshi said the contract contained clauses banning him from talking directly to the press (when he talks gibberish sometimes), from complaining about unpaid salaries ( his salary don enter one chance. No be him wan do Super Eagles coach by force ), receiving gifts from state govts, individuals and corporate bodies ( he doesn’t need that).

All those bribes he receives from unworthy players he invites to the Super Eagles and his “cuts” from co-managing some of these players should suffice. Hahahahaha.

He should run &cry to the presidency again like he usually does, like a baby deprived of candies. He can run to his godfathers again. Afterall, they saved him by forcing NFF (tired of Keshi) to re-instate him back after having rightly sacked him. He circumvented due process. I wrote an open letter to him then. He should have gracefully left then. Rather he re-imposed himself like a man who did money rituals. If he had left, Nigeria would likely have qualified for AFCON ’15. But see what he did. He disregarded Nostra II to his peril.

All these his desperation acts then surely have great repercautions and he’s having a taste of it. He shouldn’t complain. He should accept his fate. He should look for NPL or NNL teams like Warri Wolves, Wikki Tourists, Ajiroba FC, 36 Lions, Babanawa Utd or Ifeanyi Uba United to coach. Maybe one day, he may be appointed Super Eagles coach. Who knows? Only God who rules in the affairs of men.


Compare this man with our Nigerian Politicians.

Titos Madzoke is a Mayor of the City of Kwekwe in Zimbabwe. The City wanted to buy him a $68,000 motor vehicle but he refused and prefers to use his bicycle to go for work. He says it makes him get closer to the people and to listen to their problems and share in their struggles while moving on potholed roads. He only gets $260 in salary.

He still stays in his own house, one he used to stay in before he was elected as Mayor. The Mayoral Official House is still vacant.

The City of Kwekwe won two awards at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair for best treated water and another for innovation to repair roads using local resources.

Those who think money and acquisition of advantage is everything to all Africans and some of its leaders are so wrong. For some of us, its about the satisfaction we get in doing what we do. What more can i say to this humble Zimbo, son of mother Africa dedicated to service.

Am proud of u baba.

Credits: Isaac M. Mwanza


God Save Nigeria. I hope we aren’t been held hostage?

To borrow a few lines from a bold Punch editorial published three weeks ago, we’re dealing with a desperate cabal that reminds us of the dark days in our history, particularly the military era.

According to the editorial, “Nigerians should not be deceived; we are in the grip of a ruthless, power-hungry and infinitely corrupt cabal that appears ready to do anything to have its way. The June 12 struggle may be a child’s play compared to the unfolding sinister manoeuvres. Jonathan is so enamoured of power that he fails to see the danger of excessive exposure to politics by a military that usurped power for 28 of the 55 years of Nigerian independence.

“But in this modern world, the people are not helpless. The lessons from Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine and Thailand are that citizens can peacefully assert their sovereignty and insist on having a say in how they are governed. We are paying a very high price for our complacency and impunity has run riot.”

It is said that “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” There are other variations of this, one of which says, “Evil sometimes seems good to a man whose mind a god leads to destruction.”

Here’s another good one: “Nor do the gods appear in warrior’s armour clad/To strike them down with sword and spear/Those whom they would destroy/They first make mad.”

It’s like a stage play and the PDP actors handled their scripts well. While some governors were declaring public holidays to ensure more people in their states got their PVCs, the ones with umbrellas made no efforts. Abi, why bother with that when they knew elections would not hold, at least in another six weeks, if our oga is a man of his word.

I wouldn’t take his word to the bank if I were you, though, or swear by the gun lest it sounds.

You see, he might have had no shoes, but he’s showing he has an ambition that can compete with the one openly displayed by the Maradona of Minna, any day, anytime.



Jonathan not Nigeria’s first minority Ruler

Nigeria has had only ONE Hausa leader, and that is the late General Murtala Muhammed and he spent 199 days in office before he was killed. It is really interesting to know that some Nigerian leaders are actually from minority tribes, like General Yakubu Gowon from the Angas tribe and he ruled for nine years, the longest single stretch of any Nigerian leader. I just wonder when some people say Murtala is Fulani or Jonathan is the first minority to rule Nigeria, no, he is not and he is not even from the minority as the Ijaws are actually one of the largest tribes in Nigeria. And no, Tafawa Balewa was not Hausa or Fulani, he was Baggara, a minority ethnic group of about one million people and they have their own language as well.

And IBB and Abdulsalami are both Gwaris not Hausa or Fulani and both spent almost nine years in power. And Abacha was Kanuri not Hausa or Fulani.

Why do we like to generalize in Nigeria and muddle up things? The Fulani leaders of Nigeria are Shagari, Yaradua and Buhari and all the three of them did not spend up to eight years together.

On the other hand, Obasanjo from the Yoruba region and Shonekan both spent over 12 years or so. Igbos spent roughly 3.5 years with the leadership of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Aguiyi-Ironsi. In a nation of over 400 ethnic groups, I think people should stop narrow-minded thinking and work towards a system based solely on merit and excellence and not where you come from. When we want to get care from doctors who handle our lives, we dont ask of their tribe or religion so why do we start misbehaving when it comes to politics? And by the way, why do some people have this feeling that ayam Yoroba? Assumptions or what

– Abiyamo’s wall



A very old lion lay ill in his cave. All of the animals came to pay their respects to their king except the fox. The wolf, sensing an opportunity, accused the fox in front of the lion:

‘The fox has no respect for your rule. That’s why he hasn’t even come to visit you.’

Just as the wolf was saying this, the fox arrived and he overheard these words. Then the lion roared in rage at him, but the fox managed to say in his own defence:

‘And who, of all who gathered here, has rendered Your Majesty as much service as I have done? For I have travelled far and wide asking physicians for a remedy to your illness, and I have found one.’

The lion demanded to know at once what cure he had found, and the fox said:

‘It is necessary for you to flay a wolf alive, and then take his skin and wrap it around you while it is still warm.’

The wolf was ordered to be taken away immediately and flayed alive. As he was carried off, the fox turned to him with a smile and said: ”You should have spoken well of me to His Majesty rather than ill.”




My Experience

I remember during Buhari’s regime in 1984/1985, my dad was working in the federal ministry of works and housing then.

Life back then was a bed of roses. My dad buys at least a dozen of peak milk home every week.

I lived my life like a king in primary school with 10kobo, I can still remember the palm tree on that coin. My lunch fee was ”Sisi” which was 5kobo. An Okin biscuit and crown biscuit was generally sold for two and half kobo in all shops in Aiyekale and the whole of Ibadan because there was a working regulatory body that YOU DARE NOT INFLATE THE PRICE OF COMMODITIES ANYHOW.

There was always light to watch favourite TV soaps such as YANPAN YANRIN, VILLAGE MASQURADE, BABA SALA, DOCTOR WHO, KUNTA KUNTE even though it was on black and white TV. We enjoyed it because there was constant power supply.

Then you can’t just jump a queue even if you are d president’s son or god father because everything was in order.

Come Back Buhari, Nigeria Needs you AGAIN!! HISTORY MUST REPEAT ITSELF!!! #‎March4Buhari

Credits:  Oladokun Oluwaseun


Here in Nigeria, to remain stiff-necked and cunning HAS NEVER favoured any President and IT WILL NEVER DO.

If you know the history of this nation, and you truly love Mr. President, then the only advice you WILL NEVER Give To Him is ‘Ride On Sir’

Babangida was wise enough. He did not recruit any group to protest for him, he rather ran away. Obasanjo was also wise enough not to recruit any group, he rather bowed out. Abdulsalam was also clever enough, he threaded the path of honour.

Unfortunately, Abacha and his sycophants were not wise enough. They wanted to have their ways by all means.

If you consider the number of dollars spent on recruiting people to support and march-in-support of Sanni Abacha in 1996/97, you’d marvel. There was One-Million-Rally organised for him just like OPC and MASSOB are currently doing. Sadly, we could all remember how they failed!

May God grant Oga-At-Top the wisdom to choose the right path just like IBB, OBJ and Abdulsalam did. The right path for him is to honourably conduct a Free/Fair Election and allow the peoples’ will to stand.

This kind of extreme desperation to hold unto power by all means ALWAYS end badly in Nigeria. Or is here no longer Nigeria?

Abacha released billions of Naira to several groups and monarchs just to make sure he converts himself to a democratic president against the wish of Nigerians. Sadly, all d attempts failed because HERE IS NIGERIA!

Those people encouraging Mr. President to keep walking on this path are his real enemies. Or Has the name of this nation changed – Is Here Not Nigeria?

If you truly love Mr. President then DON’T support his die-hard ambition BECAUSE here is Nigeria and IT CAN NEVER work. Mark my word, it won’t work in Here In Nigeria!

Credits: Olusola Opeyemi


It’s not compulsory wives feed their prison inmate husbands in prison

Someone once said she doesn’t want to go and feed her husband in prison.

My take on this is simple: Only Criminals go to prison. So she knows her husband is a criminal,and by extension her too,being a criminal’s accomplice. But seriously speaking, in saner countries, wives of inmates (political or criminal prisoners) don’t feed their husbands in prison. The state does. Winnie didn’t feed Mandela in prison. The apatheid govt did. It’s only in obtuse societies like ours that relatives and wives of inmates feed them.

But there is a catch here. It’s only if the wife herself isn’t a prisoner. Simone Gbagbo didn’t feed Laurent Gbagbo in detention because she herself is a prisoner! Think about that


Tunisia’s AFCON’15 Quarter-Final Controversial Loss : What goes around, comes around

It’s no longer news that CAF ( Confederation of African Football ) banned Morocco from the next 2 AFCON for withdrawing from hosting AFCON’15.( A decision Morocco is appealing ). It’s also no more news that CAF has threatened to ban Tunisia from next AFCON (qualifiers) for accusing it of bias and conspiracy to make Tunisia lose her AFCON’ 15 quarter final match to hosts Equitorial Guinea by fair or foul means. It also banned a Tunisian football official for one year for spearheading the accusation, except both he and Tunisia apologise to CAF and “eat their words” . Harsh it may seem.

The whole of Africa was up in arms last month at the perceived favoritism shown the host nation by the referee from Mauritius (Rajindraparsad Seechurn) in their quarterfinal victory against Tunisia. Well sorry, I’m going to be controversial here and differ. I know a couple of the referee’s decisions were downright diabolical, especially the award of the phantom penalty to the hosts. But, I think there has been something of a hysterical over reaction tinged with a large dollop of hypocrisy from the Tunisians. They did much worse when they hosted the tournament in 2004 and our very own Eagles were victims of their shenanigans. In a hugely contentious semi final, a similarly dodgy penalty was awarded the hosts to level the match (we eventually lost on penalties). I found the almost criminal over reaction of the Tunisian players (they tried to assault the referee after the game and trashed their dressing room) to be reprehensible and highly amusing, considering that the North Africans are masters of the dark arts themselves.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the referee’s obvious inadequacies but in my opinion, his errors were no worse than anything we see in the English Premier League (the self-acclaimed best in the world) week in, week out. I remember for instance a referee awarding two spot kicks to Liverpool against Leicester in January or February, both of which in post match analysis, were incorrectly awarded. Besides, I’m biased. I have not a shred of sympathy for Tunisia, who as I have mentioned above, deployed even more unsavory tactics in the run up to their AFCON triumph in 2004. Ask Seyi Olofinjana, I’m sure he’ll never forget Jazeeri’s blatant dive to earn the hosts the most undeserved of penalties.

What goes around, comes around.



How to make a Femi Fani Kayode (FFK).

Get a shameless man of low mentality,with no integrity.Give him FOOD,MONEY &a MICROPHONE. Then he’ll sing and dance for you like a Canary bird.


Quotable Quotes on Nigeria’s 2015 Presidential Elections

‘To choose GEJ over GMB is to choose darkness over light, it is to choose hopelessness above hope. Don’t.

‘Rather than campaign & espouse an agenda, they bribe, slander & libel. They’re without a scorecard.

‘To those whose values are denominated by naira & kobo, know this, the arm of CHANGE never fails.

‘6yrs of broken promises, 16yrs of bungled hope, a decade & 6yrs of failure. Do urselves some good Vote out GEJ.

‘Do not let the corrupt mold your thinking. If they couldn’t do it in 6yrs they can’t do it in 4yrs.VOTE ’em OUT.

‘We MUST rise to d salvage & break the PDP orchestrated circle of looting, compromise & corruption.

‘Hypocrisy is when a Party that mouths transformation opposes Jega’s effort to transform our electoral process

‘GEJ’s moral deficit continues, he pushes 4 Obanikoro the Ekiti election ‘rigger’ caught on tape to be Minister.

‘The PDP Governors show of shame, their parlay with the Civil Society forced to abrupt end by power failure

‘The TRUTH is that the APC Change Movement drives the electoral campaign, whilst the PDP sulks about Jega. Shame!

‘CHANGE BECKONS the frustrations of the PDP is seen, they shall bite the dust in defeat come March 28 & April 11.

‘Hypocrisy is when you sack Kolade from Sure-P for saying the TRUTH, & Agwai his successor 4 calling for CHANGE.

‘GEJ’s government thrives on falsehood, how can a Govt that has not tarred 5,000km of roads claim 25,000km. LIES!

‘Shameless!!Today Tinubu is d most corrupt but he was d best man when he helped them win the South-West in 2011.

‘They accuse others of corruption & as a Govt cannot fight corruption, d failure is theirs. Let’s VOTE them OUT.

‘Hypocrisy is when you know that GEJ hasn’t done well & you say he must do ‘his’ 8yrs. Who made it ‘his’?

‘To them Fashola’s magic is simple BUT in 16yrs d PDP has not built a bridge in d mould of d Lekki/Ikoyi bridge

‘Hypocrisy is when you lie about POWER & for politics say it is better now. GEJ’s record from 4200mw to 3,000mw.

Sad, Jonathanians will not ashamedly lampoon the wholesale impeachment of the peace by GEJ.

Have you been in doubt about the banality of GEJ’s politricks and or the moral deficiency that attends the network of his campaign?

The Militants run the show, a while ago it was Boko Haram according to the former NSA Gen Owoeye Azazi (like Boko Haram like OPC, we have got

threats against the elections), it was Tompolo and Asari yesterday, today it is MASSOB and OPC…and tomorrow who knows what more dragon Jonathan may unleash.

This regime is a moral burden on all well meaning citizens, and WE must rise to the CHALLENGE notwithstanding the personal prism of our politics, of our ethnic prejudice and, or our religious proclivity.

VOTE out this regime that is lacking in morals, conscience and decorum. VOTE out GEJ.

‘GEJ’s moral deficit continues, he makes Obanikoro the Ekiti election ‘rigger’ caught on tape a Minister.

‘The PDP Governors show of shame, their parlay with the Civil Society forced to abrupt end by power failure.

A Govt that encourages & accommodates corruption lacks the moral & spiritual nexus to continue in power.

‘Kenya lost 174 in 2014 & a responsible Govt passed a Law to tackle terror; after 14,000 deaths GEJ blames opposition.

‘SCARED OF JAIL..having stolen our collective wealth they tell lies against Buhari BUT Change Beckons.

‘Bribing a few Nigerians against CHANGE is as much failure as GEJ as Nigerians March for CHANGE in March

‘To choose GEJ over GMB is to choose darkness over light, it is to choose hopelessness above hope. Don’t.

‘A Govt that cannot protect lives and property is unfit to continue & MUST BE stopped. VOTE OUT GEJ’

‘Rather than campaign & espouse an agenda, they bribe, slander & libel. They’re without a scorecard.

‘We MUST rise to d salvage & break the PDP orchestrated circle of looting, compromise & corruption.

‘A generation of turn-coat Activists like Gani Adams, Yinka Odumakin et al have been paid to castigate Jega. Sad.-

‘We can’t continue this way as d President & his wife domesticates the Presidency & trivializes leadership. Sad. –

‘Such is their transformation of Nigeria, they have elevated bribery to a political weapon rather than a crime.

‘Hypocrisy is when we say Buhari is too old and those who Anchor Jonathan’s campaign are in their 80s and above.

‘Those who criticize d PVC distributn forget that those who want CHANGE are armed with their PVCs. CHANGE BECKONS-

‘Why are they scared of card readers? Why is the Party of ‘Riggers’ scared of Jega? Vote out GEJ Vote out PDP’

‘To stand up for the TRUTH is to choose a thousand life-times, to sell ur conscience is to choose eternal death.

‘To those who choose lucre over good leadership, Karma is real for soon GEJ’s watch shall be history.

‘The Peoples Destruction Party promotes corruption, squanders 44trillion in 6yrs & mocks the people. Sad.

‘Transformation to them means corrupting our values & elevating bribery & corruption to an act of State

‘Fashola built an ultra modern 1.32km Bridge in 3yrs, in 16yrs PDP scams Ibo voters with 2nd Niger Bridge.

‘Tinubu & Fashola rebuilt Lagos in 16yrs; the PDP looted Nigeria in 16yrs, yet they say APC is corrupt.

‘They met 4,600m.wats of power 6yrs ago, we are in darkness today because they can’t produce 3,500m.wats.-

‘The BIG Scam, GEJ set up the Nat. Confab & spent over 6billion to recruit foot-soldiers for his 2nd term

‘The Naira is on a free fall & Jobs are being lost BUT they bandy false statistics on Nigeria’s economy.

‘A Govt that cannot protect lives and property is unfit to continue & MUST BE stopped. VOTE OUT GEJ.

‘If they are sure they have done well and are popular enough to win, why is Jega and the Card Reader their nightmare.

Together wth Boko Haram, OPC, Niger-Delta Militants & MASSOB, for electoral gain GEJ is set to kill due process. Sad

‘And the worst of them Atiku goes back to the ‘nest of killers’ and the den of corruption. He sure can’t CHANGE.

‘What more do they need to differentiate btw d PDP & d APC..Dame Patience accepts that GEJ is jail bound 4 corruption

‘Like Gbagbo like GEJ, you unleash militants & miscreants on your nation to remain in power; the ICJ awaits you

Sad, Jonathanians will not ashamedly lampoon the wholesale impeachment of the peace by GEJ.

Have you been in doubt about the banality of GEJ’s politricks and or the moral deficiency that attends the network of his campaign?

The Militants run the show, a while ago it was Boko Haram according to the former NSA Gen Owoeye Azazi (like Boko Haram like OPC, we have got threats against the elections), it was Tompolo and Asari yesterday, today it is MASSOB and OPC…and tomorrow who knows what more dragon Jonathan may unleash.

This regime is a moral burden on all well meaning citizens, and WE must rise to the CHALLENGE notwithstanding the personal prism of our politics, of our ethnic prejudice and, or our religious proclivity.

‘To choose GEJ over GMB is to choose darkness over light, it is to choose hopelessness above hope. Don’t.

VOTE out this regime that is lacking in morals, conscience and decorum. VOTE out GEJ.

May God Save Nigeria.


Director General



Playing horcus-porcus soccer friendlies isn’t compulsory

Whatever needs to be done (at all) needs to be properly done. There’s no need doing a half-baked stuff or something worse off, ot that which will leave a bitter after taste,just to justify urself (or make an ignoble name) that u did that stuff.

From Brazil to Bolivia to Ghana, Nigeria finally debased herself to play liliputian Uganda. My former Egbon will say ” EE ri nnkan bi ! O ma se o” (come and see! What a pity).

Instead of us to be playing grade A friendlies,we’re playing Uganda of all teams. I’m sure if Sao-Tome was available, we’ll have begged them to play us! When last did Uganda qualify for AFCON? This is a team that’s never played in the World Cup (not even d U-20s or U-17 that age cheats attend) or Olympics!

Why must u think of hosting a friendly few days to a presidential election (with all the tale signs of pre-election violence) ? To boost ur ego or help wt re-election? Only a clueless govt can do that! I hope Nigerian football won’t go on a picnic?

The time for change is now ! I can feel it in d air. I rmr Nostra II among many things said then last year (Oct or Nov) that it was an impossible act to think of hosting Brazil few days to election in Uyo. Many of my friends fought me for daring to disbelieve their gomina who wasted their money in building a fancy stadium for them rather than chanelling such funds for better use to help d masses. Let me stop there! Enjoy the match as Nigeria hosts Brazil at the almighthy Uyo “Olympic” Stadium?

I hope NFF isn’t on a picnic but means serious business.


God of Febuhari is same God of March for Buhari

Last week, founder of the OPC, Dr Frederick Fasehun, confessed that he was one of those who pressed and pressured for a shift, because Buhari would have won the election. And he would rather die than see a Buhari victory.

Now, the six weeks are over, and Nigerians are on the march again. The new chant is MarchforBuhari. Some people even say PVC means ‘Please Vote Change,’ instead of Permanent Voters’ Card. And tomorrow, they are resolved to vote for change, while the supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan will vote for continuity and transformation. Who wins? The normal life of a pregnancy is nine months. Childbirth is here. The expectant mother is in labour pains. Her water bag has burst, and the baby will soon pop out.

Fasehun’s confession of working for postponement reminded me of an account in the Good Book, as told in I Kings Chapter 20. The Syrians, under their king, Benhadad, had arrayed themselves to fight Israel. In the first battle, they had lost woefully, and the king of Syria had been told: “Their gods are gods of the hills; therefore they were stronger than we. But let us fight against them in the plain, and surely we shall be stronger than they.”

So, Syria attacked Israel in the plain, believing that their god was helpless in such terrain. And what happened? Let’s hear the Good Book again: “And they pitched one over against the other seven days. And so it was, that in the seventh day, the battle was joined; and the children of Israel slew of the Syrians an hundred thousand footmen in one day.”

The Syrians were beaten black and blue again. And what is the moral of the story? The God of the mountains is also the God of the valleys. The God of FeBuhari is also the God of March. MarchforBuhari. If He had ordained Muhammadu Buhari to win in February, not six weeks, six months, or six years can change it. His will is immutable. Constant. Enduring. Sacrosanct. The truth is that if God has ordained Buhari to be President from May 29, 2015, nothing can change it. And if Goodluck Jonathan is the chosen one, nothing also will change it. God is sovereign, and as human beings, we can only pray. And you know what my prayers have been? That God will give us a change of direction in Nigeria. Change from the road to perdition! Change from bribery and corruption. Change from mindless looting of the treasury! Change from bombings and insecurity. Change from bile and hate! And the man that can effect that change, in my estimation, is Muhammadu Buhari.

Between when the elections were postponed by six weeks, and now, what has changed? Well, the security situation in the Northeast is better. Boko Haram has been routed to a large extent by the military. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is also better prepared. Many more millions of Nigerians have secured their PVCs. But will the change redound to Jonathan’s favour? People are asking questions, particularly on the victories over Boko Haram. If this could be achieved in six weeks, why did we have to wait for six years, with almost 20,000 people dead? Did the government leave the insurgency issue as a political trump card? That is a big question. But if the answer is in the affirmative, then it is unconscionable, even amoral. Almost 20,000 souls dead, just to gain political advantage? I choose not to believe it, for my own peace of mind.



I thank my creator that, during this last few years, I did not act stupid or pretend to be stupid. I thank my creator that I did not sell my conscience to secure meal ticket. I thank God that I have many friends who in the face of oppression stood tall with integrity. For those who chose otherwise, may God forgive you for justifying cluelessness, nothing can justify your selfish demand for this madness to continue.

“I’m a bit uncomfortable with the “GEJ THE HERO” narrative. If GEJ is a hero now for conceding defeat, let’s start thanking slave masters for abolishing Slavery. That was something nice too. I appreciate he Conceded defeat early and quickly but he doesn’t make him a hero.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor” MLK. It is taken & after taking it you do not celebrate your oppressor for the freedom.

Even those who thought us about democracy don’t celebrate such nonsense, to concede defeat when you lose is the norm, it is not exceptional. You can’t change his story from Failure to Hero today. Maybe History would judge GEJ differently, be kinder and Nicer to him but today is not the day he becomes A HERO.

The sickening trend amongst desperate politicians, to use poverty and hunger as ready tools to make voters conform to exploitative manipulation has surely gained a lot of confidence, but our PVC has been used to shame all those who think ill gotten money will lure us to sell our future.

Patriotism is about you supporting people telling the truth about your country hoping it makes your country better. If you think patriotism is accepting mediocre leadership, then you missed the word, that sycophancy.

There are minimum required intelligence quotient and emotional intelligence expected of human that should lead a nation, sadly I reside in a nation where the number 1 citizen is grossly below par. He’s always unprepared and never definitive. You may wonder why a leader decide never to challenge his/her partner against demeaning presentations but a quick assessment on the latter should make ”bird of a feather” an easy phrase to explain. Oh no! His countenance alone put up a failure sign. No leadership qualities nor acumen sound meaningful to this man.

His paid advisors cheat on his lack of detailing and objectivity; knowing well that he is a headless being and lacks purpose. His supporters own future generation a great deal of unreserved apology! If not for ethnic foolishness, religious biasness, nepotism, opportunism, abject poverty and acute subjectivity, who in his/her rightful mind could support this regime?

I have placed my vote and used my words to always promote and demand good governance, I congratulate my fellow sensible voters, and friends, we did it, we got the chance to rewrite history and we did not misuse the opportunity.

How do we call someone a hero because he in one day did the normal thing? Have we forgotten how same person continued to deny that over 200 school girls were not missing? How eternally deranged can anyone be to think that lives of these school kids is a political game. Recruiting thugs to prowl the internet and vomit vermin hoping we will be RAILROADED to STOP demanding good governance. Have we forgotten the Subsidy scam, Pension scam, NIS scam, BMW scam, $20 Billion, etc???

Does he have a choice not to concede defeat? Will he go on a killing rampage, promoting and or provoking chaos situation? We are human, we have gone through a lot in the last 6 years in terms of insecurity and unnecessary loss of lives, not lives of goats and chicken. HUMAN LIVES… GEJ lost votes in Army barracks across the country, does that not tell you something? Will they be celebrating his loss if they have been treated fairly?

One good thing I picked from the government is that the harder they tried to sell us lies, and throw their filth, the louder we continued to speak and stand for our future. We must have learnt loads of lessons from this election….. But the main lesson is “if you want loyalty, buy a dog”

One thing is clear: Nigeria has successfully woken up a generation. There is a new renaissance. There is no going back! So help us God.”

Full Credits : Abifarin Olayemi Fera Cruz



I find it an insult to our collective intelligence and psyche for the huge sentiments on display all because President Jonathan was quick to concede defeat and place a call to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(Rtd).

I had to wait for such excitement to blow away as my position would have been drowned in the ocean of sentiment and euphoria.

Is President Jonathan a hero?

When and how did he become a hero?

This is one man who stopped at nothing to get re-elected.

He’s such a good man that he did not give a directive to stop the airing of the documentary on Gen. Buhari which included the death of his daughter from Sickle Cell and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

He’s such a good man that he didn’t halt the hate campaigns by his wife, his party, and his kinsmen?

If he’s such a good man, why did he take him so long to acknowledge the Chibok girls were missing?

If he’s such a good man, and committed to due process, why were they so desperate to discredit the card reader.

Who instigated the Army or Defense HQ, or whose interest were those guys serving when they claimed they don’t have Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate with them?

If he’s such a good man, why didn’t he stop and condemn the threat to our nation’s sovereignty and peaceful co-existence by Asari Dokubo and co?

If he’s such a good man, why did he not condemn or halt the campaign of religious bigotry by his wife, his Vice?

Why did he not condemn the violence at the APC’s rally in Okrika?

If he’s not desperate to hold on to power, why did it take forever for the results from South South and South East to get to the collation centre?

Why did he not dissociate himself from the acerbic hurl at Gen. Muhammadu Buhari by his wife, his aides, and hired vuvuzelas?

Now to what some of you didn’t know and will never know…

On tuesday March 31 2015, it was alleged that Patience Jonathan passed out while watching the broadcast of the announcement of results and when she came around, in her usual manner ordered President Goodluck Jonathan to make sure Buhari must not be announced as the winner.

It was alleged that she shouted at him that if he doesn’t act decisively, he will end in jail.

This allegedly brought about a move…

It was alleged that there was a move for a military intervention in a bid to execute Patience Jonathan’s orders.

Godsday Orubebe’s action at the collation centre was to give them the perfect excuse to move in and abort the process, claiming the process was flawed and not credible.

Two things were said to be responsible for the abandonment of the plot.

Some GOCs were said not to be interested in the plot and there was also the presence of US Marines and UK Special Forces in Ghana, Bight of Benin and international waters.

They were to move in, and extract President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife and go drop them at Hague.

When faced with all these, when the plot was leaked to the “Generals” who are behind GMB, Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar(Rtd) was sent to President Goodluck Jonathan to do the sane thing and not toe the line of insanity.

The concession speech was to give him a soft landing and it was foisted on him by the Attorney General.

When President Jonathan was reluctant in towing such line, he released it without his approval and when GEJ saw what and the amount of goodwill it bought him, he was left with no other choice than to tag along…

A good man… A man with a good heart will not come up with a rare display of good deed… So when a man of chronic ethnic bigotry, wickedness, hate, and inactions comes up with such action, it’s questionable and suspicious..

So going through this, if you ask me if President Jonathan is a hero? My response will be “Hell No!!” and he wasn’t selfless… He was selfish cos he didn’t want to do time at the Hague…

God Bless Nigeria…




I am really sad writing this piece this morning from Lekki in Lagos:

I am sad at the hypocracy,conspiracy and double standard of my primary constituency,the Church.

I am deeply hurt at all the names I have been called over the last four years for simply speaking the truth about Buhari:

I am really demoralised at the abuses and intimidations I sufferred in the hands of pastors and fellow christians for speaking out on what is best for the nation:

I am disappointed at how people we have associated deeply over a 10-year period suddenly become hostile over the Buhari issue especially his certificates:

I am shocked when many pastors joined the bandwagon of propagandists that Buhari did not have a school certificate:

I recollected how they reacted to me,when I told them that it is folly to be requesting a decorated world class General to produce a school certificate:

The question is:

Now that the military authorities have found Buhari’s certificates,what will all these pastors who converted the pulpit to a platform of politics do?

When I started promoting a possible Buhari-Osinbajo ticket in August 2014;they called me names;

When I try to explain to them about the sovereignty of God,they queried my salvation?

When I try to err on the side of truth,they questioned my calling?

But watch out in the days ahead:they will come out with their prophecy claiming they saw it all?

For solid four years, we fought ideologically,spiritually,intellectually,philosophically and academically to set the pace and agenda that paved way for this emerging change:

Now,the question is this:

Has the leadership of Nigerian Church been responsible and credible enough in offering real leadership and direction to the nation in the last 6 years?

Let all the leaders answer in their hearts for all the lies they told against Buhari…

Let them also answer in their conscience wether it is right or wrong to lie or support a lie against fellow citizen on the altar of religio-ethnic cum political expediency?

What will these class of ministers tell their congregations now;since they have told the whole world that Buhari is not the will of God?

They went ahead to direct that no Christian must vote for any adherent of other faith…

So,is it safe to follow Nigerian Christian leaders in sensitive national issues or you simply follow your conscience,the truth and the word of God?

Time will tell.

FULL CREDITS: Tunji Adepoju Asiyanbi



Yes, Mike Andoakaa has ported to APC. However, before you accept him, tell him to do restitution by returning the money he stole/misappropriated during the late president Yar’adua government. If you don’t do this, l won’t be surprised when Alamesiagha also joins APC. Some of these latter day joiners may actually be sent by the PDP to deliberately cause crisis within as fifth columnists.

With the way a number of top PDP guys are decamping to APC in the past few days, l foresee an implosion in the APC in the nearest future, just like it happened in the PDP, if this is not well managed. The career politicians have no shame. No scupples. Just personal interests.


They were active writers and political analysts before the elections but when the results started coming in they could no longer find their pens, some of them could not even find their eye glasses. Their hands suddenly froze & became stiff . Is it political malaria or spacial dyscalculia, or alexia or graphical dyslexia?

I am thinking of sending pens and glasses in case it will help them regain their writing skills. Lol. Eri nkan bi?

Who are these people? Name them, if possible tag them, be respectful, let’s be magnanimous in victory. we just want to know what happened.

I compiled a list. U can add urs

#GeorgeOnmonyaDaniel ; #FemiFaniKayode ; #FemiAribisala ; #VictoriaIbezimOhaeri ; #RenoOmokiri ; #ReubenAbati ; #DoyinOkugbe ; #AdeyinkaGrandson ; #PortiaMmamaAnthony ; #OlawaleIgiIweOluwagbeminiyi ( who changed his name to #AyotundeigiiweShobogunRofa. ; #MaryGraceAyanfeAdesipe;




#OgbuefiChinedu; #DeJekweOnyebueke;







-Additional credits : The Oracle Zents



These are 20 New Laws of Power:

1.Curb the excesses of your wife/mistresses or their mess will ruin you

.2. Surround yourself with people who can look you in the face and tell u the blunt truth.

3. Decipher true elders from hungry ones.

4. Don’t ever insult elders even when provoked.

5. Dont encourage corruption or “stealing” especially either by commission or omission.

6. Stay away from alcohol …you have just abdicated your throne.

7. Discipline errant followers so as to send a strong message to all and sundry that you are not biased.

8. Remember those who helped you get to the top and reward them accordingly.

9. Respect the poor and give them their dues otherwise their God will fight against you.

10. Dont sacrifice lives for your selfish ambition.

11. Protect those you are leading from wolves and lions.

12. Money cannot buy you loyalty or love.

13. Dont lie to your people neither encourage your team members or spokesmen or women to.

14. Never underestimate the power of the downtrodden….they are more in numbers than the rich and will form a powerful army.

15. Fear God and obey ALL His commands.

16. Your closeness to men of God doesnt mean your closeness to God.

17. Never empower criminals …you discourage hardwork, honesty and dignity.

18. Have your ears to the ground and dont rely on everything your team tells you ….do surprise inspection.

19. Have a forum were the poor can interact with you without protocol or actors/actresses.

20. Lead by example because actions speak louder than words.

A word is enough for aspiring leaders



1) One barrel of Crude oil = 42 gallons or 159 litres

2) Our Refineries (i.e 4) Installed (combined)

capacity = 445,000 barrels per day

3) Actual refineries capacity due to ageing equipment and poor maintenance = 30% i.e. 133,500 barrels per day.

4) 133,500 barrels = 21.2 million litres

5) Local required consumption (F.O.S) =

33 to 35 millions litres

6) It means that even our MORIBOND refineries can actually meet most of our local consumption need of petroleum.

7) The cost structure of crude oil (i.e. Qua Iboe Crude Oil) production; – Findings / development – $3.5

– Production cost – $1.5

– Refining Cost – $12.6

– Pipeline/transportation – $1.5

– Distr/bridging fund Margin -$15.69

True cost of one litre of petroleum anywhere in Nigeria;

– Total sum cost = $34.8

– 1ltr cost = $34.8/159 litres = $0.219

– Naira equiv. 0.219xN160= N35.02k

– Add Tax N5 + N35.02 = N40.02

9) Let FGN refute the above composition and if not, they should tell us how they came about

N97/N87 litre.

10) Locally refined products cannot be sold at International price.

11) We really do not need FGN SUBSIDY as there was NONE in the first place.

12) What is LACKING, is the WILL to enforce LAW ON CORRUPTION.

Pls re-post until it gets to the right quarters

for their response; We still stand a chance as a


Analysis by Professor Tam David West, former

Petroleum Minister



I went to the Queen of England and i asked her:

Who is Jesus?

She said He is the King of Kings.

I went to an electrician and i asked him: Who Is


He replied: Jesus is the light of the World.

I went to a plumber and i asked him: Who Is


He replied: Jesus is Life’s water Spring.

I went to a doctor and i asked: Who Is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the greatest physician.

I went to a hunter and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied:

Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah.

I went to a psychologist and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the wisdom source.

I went to a builder and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is a house built on the Rock.

I went to a baker and i asked: Who is Jesus?

He replied: Jesus is the bread of life.

Now i’m asking you:

Who Is Jesus???