NEPOTISM: Why Buhari will never prosecute those close to him- Junaid Mohammed

“In 1998, I saw Buhari. He was then Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund and he asked me to see him in Abuja from Kano which is about 450-500 kilometres.

“Upon my arrival, I was lodged at the then NICON NOGA Hotel, the next morning, I joined him in the office at Asokoro over tea. After we had discussed other matters, I gave him the information I had about some dirty business going on in the Finance Department of the PTF. I mentioned names, I gave him details.

“And I told him, ‘Don’t trust me because I understand there are some people you normally trust, out of these beneficiaries, get some of them to investigate.’ Then we parted company and I returned to Kano.

“Three and a half months later, Buhari himself called me over the telephone and said, ‘Mallam doctor, can we see?’ I said yes. The next day, I went to Abuja and found that a hotel accommodation had been booked for me by one Sali Hidjo who ran the African Projects Consortium, the main consultants to the PTF.

“The next day, I went to his (Buhari’s ) office, the first question he asked me was, ‘Mallam doctor, what is your source of information?’ I told him I was not going to let him know my source of information because if I don’t keep my sources private, then I am finished as a public person.

“He kept quiet for a while; then he smiled and told me that everything I told him turned out to be correct. In fact, he said there were certain facts that I didn’t get but which he found out. He said he commissioned some people with accounting backgrounds and some officers of the SSS and gave them the freedom to recruit others to do a forensic audit of the records and the team submitted a report to him. They found that everything I said was the truth and he thanked me.

“Then I asked him, ‘Sir, General, what do you intend to do with these people since the head of the Mafia-he used the word, not me- was a man who was a director of finance in the PTF was the elder brother of a friend of his, a former military governor.

“Buhari said he and the former governor, now late, were friends. He said he (Buhari) he and the former governor had come a long way, that they joined the armed forces around the same time, though in the Air Force. He said they started soldering around the same time; they had been moving around together around the same stations, that they were made (military) governors and sworn in the same day when Murtala (Muhammed) appointed them governors. He was appointed the Governor of the North East and his friend was appointed the governor of North Central state, and they remained close until the man’s sudden death. It was his brother who was the mastermind of this fraud perpetrated under Buhari.

“And I said, “General, what are you going to do with these people?’ He said he summoned the culprit and scolded him blah, blah, blah. He said he also summoned the entire staff of the finance department and addressed them. I asked him, “Is that all?’

“I think he realised that I was not satisfied; he said there was nothing he could do. I said it is not your personal money; it is the money belonging to the Nigerian patrimony, money belonging to all of us. If they have been found to have abused public trust, they should be taken to court and dealt with appropriately. If for whatever reason technical or otherwise, they are found not guilty, they should be allowed to go free, but in this situation, you cannot pretend as if nothing has happened. The way and manner you have handled this matter, I assure you no matter the explanation you will want to give about your personal relationships will not suffice.’

“I was not satisfied; Buhari was not satisfied with my position. I stood up, we shook hands, he walked me to the lift, I entered the lift, then my car and left for Kano.

“I don’t relate to people who don’t take the truth I tell them, and I am not prepared to be associated with a leader who believes that his personal interest can override that of the public. I believe Nigeria is greater than all of us, including the President and if any of my friends believes their personal interests and that of their dubious cronies are greater than the collective interest of Nigeria, we will part ways.”

The Brutal Story Of How Nigeria’s Most Notorious Thug, Isiaka Busari aka MIGHTY JOE, Was Executed On Bar Beach In 1973 For Stealing N10 With Retired Soldier Bashiru Fatola

The Brutal Story Of How Nigeria’s Most Notorious Thug, Isiaka Busari aka MIGHTY JOE, Was Executed On Bar Beach In 1973 For Stealing N10 With Retired Soldier Bashiru Fatola

The history of Nigeria as a nation is full of tales of legendary criminals with daring exploits. This piece is about one of such notorious characters, a man so troublesome that politicians tapped into his violent energy to advance their devilish causes. This is the really shocking story of a 35-year-old man named Isiaka Busari aka Mighty Joe.

How did he start from a primary school pupil in the heart of Ilorin only to end up dispatched to an early grave by the bullets of angry soldiers in faraway Lagos? That is what I will be trying to unravel today and we will start from the very beginning of his life.


Mighty Joe was born in the heart of Lagos, in a house on Evans Street in 1938. His dad (who was dead by the time his son was executed) migrated from Ilorin in Kwara State and settled in Lagos in hope of a better life, like millions of other Nigerians. His mother, a struggling woman, gave birth to five children, but three died, leaving Mighty Joe and a sister who tried all she could to straighten the crooked ways of her doomed sibling. His mother never abandoned him and even when he was condemned to death, she would visit him several times.

Life for the guy was a tough one. While narrating his own story after he was sentenced to death by the firing squad, he said:

CONFESSION TIME: Mighty Joe behind bar confesses about his 17 years of crime to DRUM’s editor Olu Adetule.

My father’s children were too many at school and his resources could not cope with our school fees. Therefore, he asked me to stop schooling after I had read Standard Four at Pakata School, Ilorin. After leaving school, I became interested in boxing at the Kakawa Boys Club. My mother did not like the idea, so she tried to stop me. My father too hated the idea, but I used to sneak out to do it.

A few times, I represented my Club in boxing competitions against other Clubs, such as Faji Boys Club and Olowogbowo Boys Club. In 1956, I decided to stop boxing. I wanted to work as a seaman. As this was not an easy job to get, I decided to be going into ships which come into Lagos harbour to buy things which I could sell for profits.

Thus, he was into exchange of carvings, wrist watches and other items. But his life was to change radically when the time came for the federal elections.


A look into the life of Mighty Joe is like flipping through the pages of a master gangster and a thug unleashed from the very depths of Hell. He was sheer terror unto Lagos. In one of his exploits in the Obalende area of Lagos one day, he accosted a charming lady at the bus stop. She was waiting for a bus only for her to be approached by Mighty Joe. In a brash tone, he demanded to date the girl. She ignored the unruly hooligan and like a bully that he was, Mighty Joe was enraged. He thundered:

‘Don’t you know me?’

The lady, now on the verge of being irritated, asked him:

‘Who are you?’

Confident in his burly ways, he blurted with pride:

‘I am Mighty Joe.’

Now full of contempt for him, wondering who the nasty creature was, the annoyed lady lashed out at him:

‘And so what?’

She would say no more. The next thing Mighty Joe did would make anyone shudder in revulsion. While disturbing the lady at the bus stop, he was smoking a cigarette. At that point when she asked ‘and so what’, he took the lighted cigarette he was smoking and plunged it into one of her eyes. The poor girl was blinded as she lost her sight in that eye forever. That was not all. She was not to be the only victim of Mighty Joe’s brutality and scant regard for humans and peace.

At another time in a separate incident, a girl travelled down from Benin where she was a student to Lagos to visit her elder sister. One day, while she was returning home in the evening with a relative, they were unfortunate enough to cross paths with Mighty Joe around the railway track at Idi Oro. Fascinated by the girl’s beauty, colourful dress and her seductive curves, Joe went for the girl, grabbed her and snarled:

Tell me why I should not take you straight to my place and go to bed with you.

The stunned girl did not know him and like any other person, she was taken aback my such madness. She insulted Mighty Joe and all hell was let loose. He dragged the girl to his den for having the temerity to be rude to him. But as he was dragging the poor girl towards his criminal base, the victim’s sister and other people around intervened and made sure she was released from the claws of the monster. But Mighty Joe made sure he collected ransom money from her sister before releasing the screaming girl. She would have been raped by Mighty Joe for nothing.

Joe considered himself untouchable. In a lawless country, some policemen felt it was better to pacify and beg Mighty Joe than arrest him when frustrated citizens came to report him. He felt he was above the law. Some police officers simply refused to accost and arrest him. Mighty Joe had assaulted many courageous officers sent out to arrest him. He was perceived by many as an unassailable rock and he was very well-known to the police. Between 1956 and 1967 when the Nigerian Civil War started, Mighty Joe was jailed five times. But that did not stop him from unleashing terror once he was released.


The most intriguing thing about Mighty Joe was that although he would later be killed for being an armed robber, he never considered himself to be a thief. In fact, he deeply loathed being called a thief. After perusing historical records, I believe it will be more accurate to describe Mighty Joe as a versatile thug, a colourful combination of a bandit, area boy, bully and a pickpocket. Shortly before he was executed, he insisted he was not a thief and told the journalist interviewing him:

I am not all that educated, but I am knowledgeable and civilized enough to know that in Nigeria today, anyone who robs with violence will be killed in public. Even when armed robbery was not punishable by death, but by imprisonment, I did not rob. When I have come to a stage when I was able to make two ends meet and start raising a family, how could I rob and want to lose my life and everything?

Despite his pleas for innocence, some reporters dismissed the handsome Mighty Joe as one of the cruelest criminals to have ever walked the Nigerian soil. They pointed to a series of his violent acts as criminality as the most visible evidence of his atrocities. Mighty Joe was depicted as the most merciless creature in the country. 1973 Nigeria was in the firm grips of military rulers, with the government headed by the charismatic General Yakubu Gowon.

It should be noted that what was considered the major difference between notorious armed robber Ishola Oyenusi aka Dr. Rob-and-Kill who was also executed publicly and Mighty Joe was that Oyenusi made robbery his fulltime profession and never mixed ‘sex with business’. Unlike Joe, Oyenusi also made sure he avoided pointless street fights. Joe was not a professional robber. He took more joy in beating up everyone, including police officers. He enjoyed and craved the company of beautiful ladies and even considered himself to be a playboy rather than the thug or bandit he is viewed as. He said with a strange tinge of pride that all his prison sentences were either for fighting or injuring people.


His face before he was shot dead.

Nigerian politicians have been actively involved in destroying the lives of hopeless Nigerian youths and the case of Mighty Joe is a very instructive illustration. It is quite disturbing that this menace is still in full swing today and as another election year is approaching, some Nigerian youths are already preparing to die for politicians who will never care about them or their corpses. So how did Mighty Joe mutate from a petty trader in the Lagos harbour into a terrorist political thug? He said in his own words:

‘One of the parties recruited me as a security officer. I was based in Lagos and was paid the equivalent of 40 Naira a week. It was our job to fight our counterparts in the rival parties who tried to disturb the public meetings of our own party. When the election was over, we lost our jobs with the parties and I went back to my job of buying things off seamen on ships.

In 1965, another political party which was a breakaway from my former party engaged my services for the purposes of the Parliamentary election of the same year. I was the party’s security officer on a salary of what was equal to 135 Naira a month. I was in charge of Lagos and Ibadan. The party allocated one Land Rover to me and my boys – about 100 of us.

Our job was to fight our counterparts in a certain rival political group whenever they tried to prevent our own party leaders from holding political campaigns and other meetings. Sometimes the other side would uproot our party flags and we had to retaliate.

My boys and I invaded the meeting of a rival party at a hotel in Idi Oro in retaliation for what the party’s boys did to our own side at a meeting held in a party’s leader’s house in Yaba. We fought the boys of the other side and prevented the rival party from holding their meeting. Their own security man fought me. I broke his arm.

One police officer came to arrest me afterwards. I was taken to court in Lagos. The magistrate refused to listen to my defence. He gave me four years imprisonment. That was the fifth time I went to prison, apart from the time when I was detained by the Army during the Nigerian crisis.

The first time I went to prison was in 1956. I often went to the Race Course (now Tafawa Balewa Square) to gamble with dice. The police started to harass us and soon, we could no longer operate there. So we decided to shift our base to the residence of the ‘boatman’, as we usually call the owner of the dice.

The boatman’s residence was at Olonode Street, Yaba. One day, I won all the money staked by the boatman, about 30 Naira. At his request, I raised him 4 Naira to try his luck. He lost it to me again. Then he brought his shoes and pawned them for 6 Naira. I won the 6 Naira from him. I then decided that it was enough for the day and I left to return to my own house. I was still in his neighborhood when he came with some of his friends. They tried to take the shoes from me. I refused to return them. We fought and the police came and arrested all of us. The boatman and his friends alleged that I stole the shoes. I tried to explain what led to my possession of the shoes, but the police refused to accept my explanation. I was charged to court for stealing.

At this time, my father who was then a butcher at Apapa, was on a tour of the north. My mother was at Ilorin. There was nobody to help me out of trouble. I was ashamed even to send for anybody to come to my rescue. I had no lawyer and I was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment.

On my first day in prison, my fellow prisoners asked me why I was jailed and I told them. I was then put in a cell for fighters and taken from the cell for thieves. We used to cut grass and carry nightsoil. One day I ran into luck through a warder. He liked me and he asked why I was in jail. I told him my story which he checked from my records. He then assigned me to kitchen work. I preferred that although it was a tough job.

I used to wake up at two o’clock in the night and work until 10 p.m. But as for food, it was no longer my problem. I was in the same cell with a well-known boxer who used to coach me at the Kakawa Boy’s Club.

I also went in prison again in 1964 for two years for assaulting a police officer. On the day of the incident, I went to the Old King George V Stadium to watch a football match. The stadium was overflowing with people. I went there with my wife and we sat at the popular side. One man who brought his own chair from his house begged me to watch over the chair while he went to ease himself and I agreed to do so. Before the man came back, a senior police officer came and sat on the chair. He was not in police uniform. I told him the owner of the chair would soon be back. He ignored me. When the owner of the chair returned, he asked the intruder to vacate the chair, but the police officer sat tight.

The man then pulled the chair from under the police officer. The latter stood up and slapped the poor man. The man tried to retaliate but before he could do so, some policemen who had seen what was happening rushed in and started to beat up the poor man.

I could not resist coming to the man’s aid. I jumped into the midst of the policemen and asked them to stop beating the innocent man. I stopped the assault on the man and in annoyance the police officer shouted at me: Mighty Joe, this is not your business. I replied that it was.

Then the police constables present started to beat me. I fought them. The member kept increasing and they became too many for me to handle. So I decided to escape. But as I was trying to do so through the gate adjacent to the swimming pool, I ran into another police officer who grabbed me.

I was taken to the Central Police Station where the police officer who started it all was the Officer-in-Charge (OIC). My people came to beg the man but he refused to let me go. He charged me to court for assault. I got two years for that.


Mighty Joe continued:

My first jail term resulted from a fight with one Stephen – over a girl, a prostitute. I brought the girl to the hotel, but when I went to the toilet, Stephen – he tried to snatch the girl. Because I was a tough man, a boxer, people around, instead of stopping us from fighting, spurred us on so that they would see who was the greater fighter. They made a sort of ring for the two of us. We fought for about half-an-hour. Eventually, I gave him a blow and he collapsed and lay flat on the tarred road. As I was trying to run away, a policeman suddenly emerged and grabbed me. Some people thought that I had killed my opponent. But he later opened his eyes and stood up. When he saw the policeman, he took to his heels. The prostitute who was the bone of contention had also flown.’


Armed men led him to his death on that fateful day on the Bar Beach.

Death can be such a horrible nightmare. Not even the most notorious street thug in Nigeria’s history could face it with joy. After Mighty Joe was sentenced to death by the firing squad after being declared guilty of robbery over N10, he became very sober. He was charged with robbing a hotel attendant named Michael Osayunana of the said amount. While in prison, he converted to Islam and started offering his daily prayers. He hoped his new faith in Allah was going to save him from the ruthless executioners’ bullets. He was dead wrong.

After he was condemned to death, Mighty Joe became a Muslim and prayed to Allah to save him from the impending death. His prayers were not answered.

On the day of his execution, he was taken to Bar Beach with six trucks of armed men. To be executed with him was his accomplice, a retired soldier named Bashiru Fatola.

Soldiers of the execution squad.

Excited Nigerians and motorists trooped to the execution ground. People were actually excited to view the gory drama. See their photos below:

The crowd erupted in cheers and shouts of joy as the doomed convicts were dragged to their deaths. The almighty Joe had fallen from the grace of terror, he was wearing white short-sleeved shirt and brown trousers while Fatola was wearing a yellow, flowing dress.

In a matter of minutes, Mighty Joe was properly tied to the stakes and he let out his final words:

May God bless everybody, both my friends and enemies. Tell my wife, my mother and my in-law to keep fit.

Seconds after, his body was wriggling, submitting itself to the overpowering force of the torrent of bullets. He went limp and that was the end of his mortal existence. Mighty Joe was gone.

Here, bodies of Mighty Joe and Bashiru Fatola are removed from the execution ground.

Some people believe that Mighty Joe was killed on trumped-up charges. Some even believe that he was not even an armed robber but a common street thug (what we now call an Area Boy) who was killed to clear the path for some. Such people claim that the Daily Times was partly owned by the Federal Government and the wealthy Alakija family of Mushin. Mighty Joe was said to have had a tussle with one of these prominent families who then set him up and ensure he was executed. For some, especially, those who grew up in his neighbourhood in the era of Mighty Joe, he is still regarded as a legend of sorts.


I could not stop thinking that Mighty Joe was just one of the numerous reflections of the failure that is the dysfunctional Nigerian society. Today, millions of Nigerian youths are trapped in the same desperate conditions. Like Joe, hordes of Nigerian youths are not educated and even those who were able to get some education cannot find jobs to do. Joe wanted to be a seaman (he could have made a fantastic boxer as well) but many factors militated against his destiny. Politicians exploit these weaknesses and this way, many Nigerian youths have been sent plunging to violent deaths working as tools of destruction for the politicians who created the problems in the first place. Nigerian youths need to come together, form associations, refuse to be tools in the hands of selfish politicians, stop being foolish zombies and work together to chart a future for themselves by combating the same problems they all face.

NB: I am dedicating this piece to one of my biggest supporters, role model, pillar of inspiration, political analyst, social commentator and a medical doctor with a difference, MICHAEL ‘DRBIGGIE’ ADEYEMI. Sir, I hope to make you proud one day!





Credits: Abiyamo

The Amazing Story Of How Another Country Named REPUBLIC OF BENIN Existed Within Nigeria For Just 24 Hours In 1967


There is a country that existed in Nigeria that many have never heard of. The Republic of Benin was a puppet state of Biafra formed in 1967 and this is the story of how it all happened.


Flag of Republic of Benin.

On the 19th of September, 1967, this republic was declared although control for the region was almost totally in the hands of troops of the Nigerian government. Located off the Atlantic’s Ocean Bight of Benin, the Republic of Benin was formerly called the Midwestern Region of Nigeria and had its capital city at Benin City (now in Edo State). The region fell under the control of the forces of Biafra during the initial phases of the Nigerian Civil War.

Shortly before the war broke out, leaders of the Midwestern Region made attempts to adopt a neutral role. They even sponsored a peace conference in Benin City and did not allow Nigerian troops to cross over and invade the Eastern Region via the Midwest. In May 1967, the war started and by August 1967, the area was under the control of Biafran forces with Albert Okonkwo, a US-trained medical doctor appointed the head of government. But there was a snag.

Yakubu Gowon.

Odumegwu Ojukwu

The Midwest region was an amalgam of various tribes (both Igbos, who were fighting the Nigerian federal forces and non-Igbos). When the area came under Biafran control, the Igbos were naturally happy but non-Igbos were understandably not excited and were hoping for a federal victory to conquer the region. Although things started on a calm note, the tensions generated from the ethnic differences became worse with time despite the best attempts of the Igbo-led leadership to curry favour and support for their kit and kith risking limbs and lives facing Nigeria’s military. The leader of the breakaway region, the late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu had to visit the Midwest to calm tensions and seek support. But the Midwesterners would not budge. However, instead of remaining antagonistic to the Igbos, the Midwesterners lost all passion to support the secession itself.

The flag should not be confused with this one which is for the defunct Republic of Biafra.

Okonkwo and his alarmed cabinet saw that if nothing was done to stem the deterioration of relations between the various groups, there could be an implosion. Thus, the Republic of Benin was hurriedly declared with the hope that at least, that would stave off an invasion by the forces of the Yakubu Gowon-led armed forces of Nigeria. While making the declaration, he stated that the reasons for creating the republic included the killing of Midwesterners in the north and the support of the region for a confederacy. He further stated that the new Republic of Benin would be pro-Biafra and would become a member of the Organization of African Unity and the Commonwealth of Nations.

But as he was making the announcement, Nigerian soldiers were already fast closing in on the city. He and Biafran forces had to flee and Nigerian troops overran the city, with crowds of jubilant Midwesterners lining the streets to celebrate the reconquest and welcome the Nigerian soldiers. On the 20th of September, the region was back in Nigeria’s control.


It had an estimated population of three million.


Agricultural produce formed a major source of income revenue. Currencies in circulation were the Biafran pound and the Nigerian pound.


In addition to the Igbos, there were other ethnic groups as the Edos, Urhobos and Ijaws.


  • It was recognized as a state only by the Republic of Biafra which in turn was recognized by some other countries.
  • The official language was English.




The Shocking Story Of How Alaafin Adeyemi II Adeniran, The Yoruba King With Over 200 Wives Was Dethroned & Banished From Oyo Kingdom In July 1955 By Obafemi Awolowo


Before the arrival of the colonialists from Britain, the Oyo Empire of the Yorubas was one of the most powerful in all of West Africa. Far older than the British monarchy, the Oyo Empire was headed by the Alaafin (royal title of the Oyo king meaning Owner of the Palace) and stretched as far as Dahomey (now known as the Republic of Benin). In the precolonial era, the Alaafin ruled with almost absolute powers, with the Oyo Mesi council being the only functional check on the vast powers of the Yoruba king. But when the imperialists arrived, everything changed, a new social order was implemented, and with it, came the erosion of the powers vested in the ancient Oyo kings. This piece is about one of the victims of that new sociopolitical order: Oba Alhaji Adeyemi II Adeniran.

Oba Adeyemi and Obafemi Awolowo: The king vs the politician.


Oba Adeyemi I Alowolodu

Before Alaafin Adeyemi II ascended the throne of his ancestors in 1945, his own father, Oba Adeyemi I Alowolodu, had reigned from 1876 to 1905. Adeyemi II would sit on the royal seat from 1945 until he was unceremoniously dethroned in July 1955. But what really happened?

Alaafin Adeyemi II Adeniran, father of Alaafin Adeyemi III.


On a Sunday, the 26th of March, 1950, eight people at the Oke Ado, Ibadan residence of Chief Obafemi Awolowo sat for their first meeting. They were there to establish their new party, which they called Action Group. The head was Obafemi Awolowo and he listed what Nigerians in general and the people of Western Nigeria in particular will enjoy if they joined his party as:

  1. Freedom from British rule
  2. Freedom from ignorance
  3. Freedom from disease
  4. Freedom from want

Awolowo elaborated these Four Freedoms to be:

  1. The immediate termination of British rule in every phase of the people’s political life.
  2. The education of all children of school-going age, and the general enlightenment of all illiterate adults, and all illiterate children above school-going age (Adult Education).
  3. The provision of health and general welfare for all the people.
  4. The total abolition of want in the society by means of any economic policy which is both expedient and efficient.

As at the time when Awolowo and his allies founded the Action Group (he was the national president of the party), Alaafin Adeyemi II was the undisputed ruler of Oyo. While Awolowo launched his relentless fights against the British imperialists, the Alaafin ruled in his own domain. After Awolowo launched his Action Group party, other prominent individuals too went off and established theirs in other parts of Nigeria, a good example being the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC). Before Awolowo started his political party, party politics in Nigeria was limited to Lagos and Calabar only. Awolowo’s party performed very well in the West but because of very stiff opposition from the Northern People’s Congress (NPC) and NCNC, he was not able to build a coalition of voters large enough to make him win any federal election.


So how was all this the business of the Alaafin? Well, the Alaafin happened to be a very big fan and supporter of the NCNC, the same party that Awolowo detested with everything. When the Egbe Omo Yoruba Parapo was formed by some of the most prominent sons of the land in 1953, it named the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Adeyemi II as its patron and quickly formed an alliance with the NCNC. When it was time for the local government elections of 1954, the Alaafin personally campaigned for the NCNC-Egbe Omo Oyo Parapo coalition.

However, please note that it was not always like this. The Alaafin and the Action Group members were cordial friends before they fell apart. In fact, he was very jovial buddies with Action Group leaders like Bode Thomas (deputy leader of the Action Group) whom he bestowed with the title of Balogun in 1950 and Abiodun Akerele both of whom Oba Adeyemi II supported in the 1951 regional elections in their successful bids for the house of assembly. After the elections in 1952, Thomas become the chairman of the Oyo Divisional Native Authority (controlling Oyo town and its hinterland) while Akerele became the chairman of the Oyo Southern District Native Authority. The interesting thing to note here is that both councils were under the direct control of Oba Adeyemi when he became the Alaafin in 1945. The British colonialists came and scattered the arrangement. But exactly how did they become enemies? Well, it did not take long before the Alaafin and his old Action Group allies became sworn enemies. With their men in power, the Action Group started reeling out new policies that directly undermined the powers of the Alaafin.

A good illustration here will be the native court reforms of 1952 by the Bode Thomas-led Oyo Divisional Native Authority, the reforms deleted one of the main sources of money and political influence of the Alaafin by replacing the Iwefa chiefs (the traditional judges) with their own new appointees. That was not all, the very process of the 1950-51 elections meant that the senior chiefs, baales (district heads) and other groups had to jostle for their own share in the new political space. This eroded the political base and power of the Alaafin of Oyo who had been the allpowerful paramount ruler.

Allies: Bode Thomas, Obafemi Awolowo and Ladoke Akintola, all of the Action Group.

The Action Group would make a vicious attempt to sound the death knell on the Alaafin’s position by introducing a government tax program which included a ten shilling capitation tax and a four shilling education rate. There was also a new form of tax collection. For seven years, the collection and assessment of taxes were done by the Alaafin but with this new tax policy by the Action Group, that was not going to ever happen again. A furious Alaafin rapidly withdrew his support from the Action Group and its sister organizations like the Egbe Omo Oduduwa. The angry king would later say:

‘…no sooner had power come into the hands of our highly-sophisticated ambitious African politicians through the introduction and implementation of the new constitution, the reverse began to appear (Action Group domination)…and later, upon closer examination of their policy and method I withdrew my public support.’

The great king was not bluffing. He followed his words with action and in a letter declining the invitation of the Secretary of the Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Sir Kofo Abayomi (the same person the Alaafin had earlier made the Ona-Isokun of Oyo), to the 1952 General Assembly of the organization in Lagos, Oba Adeyemi reminded him of an incident in which Akerele turned the local people against him and at another event where Thomas addressed a meeting at Atiba Hall without formally inviting him. For Alaafin Adeyemi, that was an insult too great. From that moment on, the Alaafin pressed on and deliberately went against the government policies and gave his full support to the opposition at both the regional and local levels.

A worthy example was in early 1953 when he alongside his Crown Prince (Aremo), actively went against the new tax policies and told the people not to cooperate. In a meeting inside the aafin (palace), the Alaafin was said to have passed a resolution against the government’s education and capitation taxes. A fearless fighter to the core, Oba Adeyemi also sought to neutralize the powers of the government’s native court reforms by establishing his own private courts right inside his palace and within the residences of his trusted chiefs. And his strategy worked. Still an immensely popular figure, the people preferred the swift process of the Alaafin’s courts and before you could spell Alaafin, the state courts became practically useless because no one was going there. Litigants, especially those with marital disputes opted for the courts of their paramount ruler.

TOUGH: Oba Adeyemi II. Image credits: asirimagazine

A flabbergasted Action Group decided to react and they launched their counterattacks. Supporters of the king were accused of intimidating opponents and in 1950 when the Oyo Native Authority (NA) Council was formed; some of the councilors who disagreed with the Oyo king were reportedly attacked. In another case that grabbed the headlines, Thomas accused the Crown Prince of aggravated assault, the case was so serious that the Aremo was actually convicted later that year but during an appeal, he was subsequently cleared. The haters of the Alaafin blasted him and accused him of abusing power and they decided to ‘do something’.  The Oyo Divisional Native Authority reduced his annual salary by 650 pounds, removed the salary of the Crown Prince and other palace courtiers. They also ruled at an emergency meeting that the Alaafin was no longer the king and banished his son, the Aremo (Crown Prince) after accusing him of being a threat to the public order.   

The battle line was drawn. Enraged stalwarts of the Action Group saw the Alaafin as a traitor and a major threat to their ambitions but Oba Adeyemi II did not seem to care. By the time Awolowo started expressing his political views, it was apparent that the two powerful figures were set on a catastrophic collision course.

Awolowo was on the same page with the educated minority of Yorubaland (Alaafin Adeyemi II had no Western education) and they held the belief that the fundamental cause of virtually all the problems in the Yoruba communities and their paramount rulers was incredibly vast power (via the indirect rule method) given to these local chiefs, monarchs and traditional rulers by the British colonial government. Awolowo argued that this was not in line with the culture and traditions of the people and suggested a reformed system of administration and constitutional overhaul whereby those who will be in control of political power for the Yorubas and all other ethnicities in Nigeria will be the educated minority of that same ethnic stock like him.

In other words, Awolowo was calling for the monarchs to be stripped of their (already-dwindling) powers while the same powers will be invested in him and his Action Group. Of course the kings and the pro-monarchy figures did not like the proposal of the ‘educated minority’. Awolowo said Nigeria should have nothing but a federal system where each unit or division was based on ethnic affinity. He insisted that the local chiefs and kings (Obas) should not be allowed to dominate the people saying the sole legitimate foundation of government was that of the educated minority and that that was what the people wanted.

The British representative P C Lloyd held the view that the colonial policies sapped the local chiefs of the customary powers to rein in the more powerful paramount rulers (Obas). He said:

The chief lost their control over their Obas and in his new autocratic position, the king often failed to consult with the Council of Chiefs. Policies were arranged over their heads, they were merely told of decisions reached by the Obas and his white friends the colonial administrators.

Awolowo felt the Yoruba Obas were too powerful and their wings had to be clipped and Lloyd shared his view. So that led to the introduction of the House of Chiefs by the Western Regional Government under Awolowo. It was a clear attempt to rein in the Yoruba kings and chiefs and bring them under control of the regional government.

This however brought some new and peculiar problems for the Action Group. Awolowo did not want the local chiefs to dominate and control the party and at the same time he wanted the support of the masses who were still very much loyal to the chiefs. There was no way he could reach out to the people without the support of the chiefs.

So instead of going to the chiefs directly, what Awolowo did was to bring the very institution of chieftaincy itself under the control of the Action Group party. That way, the party will be deal with any errant Oba or chief via the House of Chiefs that was created by the Action Group-dominated regional government. The House of Chiefs was a subordinate member of the Western Regional Parliament established in 1952. The way it was arranged, an Oba or chief could be punished, promoted, offered or rejected membership for the House of Chiefs.

As all these dramas were playing out, kings like the Alaafin were watching and plotting too. It was a really bitter struggle for power, relevance and dominance -and of course, money.


And that was how the political cold war became worse. But the Alaafin of Oyo’s foe was not only Awolowo. He had also had serious issues with Chief Bode Thomas who was then the Deputy Leader of the Action Group and installed as the Balogun of Oyo in 1950 and later the Chairman of the Oyo Divisional Council under the presidency of the Alaafin.

The late Bode Thomas.

In 1952, this delicate balance of power was toppled when the Alaafin clashed with Bode Thomas over issues of supremacy in the Oyo Divisional Council. A fight broke out between the two powerful figures and it was so bad that the Action Group-controlled Oyo Divisional Council made a decision to slash the salary of the Alaafin by whopping 650 pounds sterling (about $2,000). It was a big slap on the face of the king, a man with an extraordinarily large family.


It was so gloomy that on the 5th of September 1954, members of the Action Group launched full-scale political violence and attacks at the other camp.

The other side (the pro-Alaafin camp) was not going to take the assault lightly and they swiftly organized for a reprisal. The pro-Alaafin Oyo United (Oyo Parapo) quickly arranged themselves and stormed the Oyo People’s Party during their meeting. By the time the dust settled, six people believed to be Action Group loyalists had been brutally killed. The cloud of tension grew thicker. Throughout the spring of 1954, these two parties engaged in bloody squirmishes. Many were injured and property worth thousands of pounds was destroyed.

On the 6th of September, 1954, an emergency committee composed of seven Yoruba kings, including the Alaafin of Oyo and the Ooni of Ife Oba Sir Adesoji Aderemi and the Alake of Egbaland Sir Ladapo Ademola met with fourteen leaders of the Egbe Omo Oduduwa. The venue was the Western House of Assembly in Ibadan. The Oyo spokesmen launched at the Alaafin and accused him of conspiring to work against the regional government and the party in power. After this great revelation was made, Awolowo became livid and he thundered:

The Alaafin was to be blamed for the Oyo tragedy and that the government was determined to take action against him. He explained that the government was determined to take action against him. He explained that the government had been patient with the Alaafin only in consideration of the sensibilities of the Obas. But the government’s patience has run out and the Obas have to save the situation by making the appropriate recommendation.

That was not the end of the drama. After Awolowo made his submission, the Committee of the Yoruba Obas had a private meeting and they came up with a powerful recommendation: the Alaafin must be suspended from office and removed from the Native Authority. They were determined to render him impotent as they further recommended that he be deprived of his salary and banished temporarily from Oyo. And this was exactly what the government did just that they ensured that the Alaafin was finally deposed from the throne of Sango.

Interestingly, Richard D. Lloyd, the senior crown counsel appointed as a sole commissioner by the Governor-General of Nigeria Sir John Macpherson (based on the recommendation of the Western Region Government) to investigate the conflict in Oyo and its district towns blamed the local politicians for the crisis and said they should have been more tolerant of the Alaafin and even recommended his return from exile. Action Group listed all the ‘crimes’ of the Alaafin but Lloyd agreed to just one, the one of the illegal courts, and dismissed others. He said:

‘…it seems to me that a greater degree of tolerance could have been shown by the elected councilors in the various councils, who are mainly young and educated to the older nominated members who are for the most part illiterate. They are accused of being reactionary whereas I feel that they really do not understand the procedure in the working of the new councils….in looking at these events, one must bear in mind that during the last few years a revolution has taken place and is still taking place in the Western Region. The old order has changed. Former customs and habits are being replaced and cast aside by the impact of Western democracy.

But Awolowo’s government was not interested in all that grammar by Lloyd, they rejected his recommendation and the Minister of Local Government fired an executive order officially deposing and banishing the 84-year-old Alaafin Adeyemi II.

The whole conflict plunged and took a far worse dimension back in time on the 20th of November 1953 when news filtered all over the country that Chief Bode Thomas, the brilliant lawyer, legendary politician, Federal Minister of Transport (for Western Region) and Chairman of the Oyo Division Council died at the painfully young age of 34. It was also the birthday of his second daughter. His demise was the final straw that split the backbone of the camel as far as the Awolowo camp was concerned. You will recollect that there was a lingering crisis between Thomas and the Alaafin of Oyo so with his death, all fingers pointed at the aged Yoruba monarch.

Till the very moment I am writing this, there are those who will swear by the graves of their ancestors that it was the curse Alaafin placed on Thomas that killed him (the fable is that Thomas barked until he died) while some others went to town that it was the poison administered by the agents of the Alaafin or even the Alaafin himself that snuffed life out of the youthful political war horse although a more comprehensive autopsy would have revealed the exact cause and the precise nature of his expiration. At the funeral of Thomas, Awolowo reinforced this rumour when he blasted the Alaafin in the eulogy for Thomas, he said:

…let no evil doer imagine that he had an unrestricted field for the execution of his diabolic plans. For Bode may yet prove stronger in death than alive.

Whatever the circumstances that led to the death of Bode Thomas, the Awolowo-led Action Group was not interested, the put all the blame on the Alaafin and the political tension between Alaafin Adeyemi and the supporters of the late Chief Thomas took a turn for the worse in Oyo Town.


Once it became official that the great king was to be banished to Lagos, many of his supporters decided to move with him to exile. He still remained a very popular figure even outside the throne. In February 1959, Drum visited the 88-year-old deposed king at his ‘palace’ at No 31, Egerton Lane, the Iron Gate of Lagos.  When he was dethroned, St. John the Baptist Laduga, the Bashorun of Oyo took his position. Although he was in exile in Lagos, he was still holding his daily courts. His subjects came daily to prostrate before him.

HIS ROYAL MAJESTY: This is the ex-Alaafin Adeyemi II in exile in Lagos with his subjects paying homage to him. An Alaafin remains extremely influential in Nigeria of today.

When Alaafin Adeyemi II was banished from Oyo, he was an old man but his allies quickly moved to his rescue. A wealthy NCNC stalwart who had settled in Lagos 30 years earlier from Dahomey (now Benin Republic) Alhaji N B Soule, offered the monarch and his large entourage a comfortable shelter, as a fellow Muslim and NCNC loyalist.

While in exile, the NCNC never forgot the plight of their royal friend and endlessly fought his cause with petitions to the colonial secretary and with combative words on the floor of the Western House of Assembly. When ex-Alaafin Adeyemi II himself was asked why he was banished into exile, he said firmly:

I was sent away by Chief Awolowo’s Action Group government of the Western Region because of my unflinching support for the cause of the NCNC and my undying love for Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe as a political leader and as a person. I am not angry with Chief Awolowo. In fact, I am not angry with any one person or group of persons or organization. I am only angry with destiny in that it has chosen to push me out of the security of my palace and stool to face the uncertainties of life at my old age.

MEGAPOLYGAMIST: Oba Adeyemi II when he was still the king with some of his 200+ wives. Image credits: Yaomoeja

Even the 210 pounds salary for the king from the regional government was cut off. But that did not stop thousands of men and women from visiting the deposed king every morning and evening to pay their respects. He said of his subjects:

These people are very kind. Their daily respects to me remind me of my palace at Oyo. And there were many people in that palace during my time. I had over 200 wives and many children and of course, I was receiving a stipend of 210 pounds every month from the regional government. This, together with gifts many of my subjects were making me, was enough to support my household. What you see here, though the best of the worst, is not like home – home is still the best.

But how did he cope with his over 200 wives? The ex-Alaafin said he always had about 30 of his wives at a time with him in Lagos, he explained that they came in batches of 30 at a time, spent all the time they could afford with him then return to Oyo then the next batch of 30 will come and take over and then the next in that pattern until the rotation starts again.


After Awolowo and his lieutenants succeeded in removing the old king, he moved quickly to consolidate political power. The government passed three crucial laws in quick succession, the essence of which was to tightly control the local government, native courts and matters relating to land and chieftaincy. These laws were the Customary Court Law of 1957 which stipulated that customary courts were to be under the jurisdiction of the regional Attorney-General and the Minister of Justice. The second law was fired on the 20th of June, 1957 by the House of Assembly and it was called the Chief’s Law which gave the regional authorities the power to appoint, approve, suspend and depose chiefs. Then there was the Communal Land Rights Law of 1958 which dealt a fatal blow on the authority of the obas, chiefs and leaders of aristocratic landowning families over communal land. It invested all the powers in the regional authorities. To manage communal land was now the board of trustees instead of the paramount rulers.

The Action Group was able to control the chiefs but the chiefs went a step ahead to make the relationship even warmer by dishing out honorary chieftaincy titles on the politicians. And that was how Obafemi Awolowo became Chief Obafemi Awolowo in October 1954 following his conferment and accession to the Premiership of the Western Region. But there was another side to this ‘chieftaincy bribery’, while the Action Group stalwarts had a smoother relationship with the chiefs, they were never in total control of the populace in Yorubaland as the chiefs effectively penetrated the power base of the party and maintained their influence over their people. This law was challenged, obas got roles as trustees to manage the land for the government and many of them became pro-Action Group.

Fast forward to the 18th of November 1970, the son of the banished king and rightful heir to the throne of the Oyo Empire, Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi became the Alaafin, he assumed the title Adeyemi III. Supporters of his father who knew the history leapt up with joy with tears running down their faces. Oba Adeyemi III remains the paramount ruler of Oyo Kingdom and like his father, he enjoys tremendous support and popularity but he does not have 200+ wives, he has at least four. However, like his father also, he has had some brushes with the political powers.

On the 3rd of May 2011, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, the outgoing governor of Oyo State made a chilling announcement that the state government had just passed a new law that introduced rotation of the office of Chairman between Oba Adeyemi III and his two bitter rivals, the Olubadan of Ibadanland and the Soun of Ogbomosho. That meant Oba Adeyemi III was no longer the Permanent Chairman of the Council of Obas and Chiefs in Oyo State.

Oba Adeyemi III

The governor was furious because he belonged to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) while Alaafin Adeyemi III decided to give his support to the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the April 2011 elections which ACN eventually gave the PDP the beating of its life. It was like history repeating itself. Today, Oba Adeyemi III remains solidly pro-APC (the ruling All Progressives Congress) and even managed to get some of his children in government. Will history repeat itself again? Only time will tell.

NB: Although Awolowo and his party were very crucial to the removal and banishment of the Alaafin, I need to also add that there was some other earlier factors that actually laid the foundation for this. When Alaafin Adeyemi II was made the king in 1945, the kingdom itself had lost virtually all the territories it gained in the reign of the immediate Alaafin (Siyanbola Onikepe Oladigbolu (Ladigbolu) I). To make things worse for the new king, Mr. Ward-Price, the British Resident Officer for Oyo Province was absolutely committed to anything that weakened the powers of the Alaafin politically and judicially. He did everything in his power to clip the wings of the ancient king.

Alaafin (Siyanbola Onikepe Oladigbolu (Ladigbolu) I)



Full Credits:

The Four Days Of The Traditional Yoruba Week That You Never Knew And What They Do On Those Days

If you ask many Yorubas today to list out the days of the traditional Yoruba week, you are most likely going to hear something like this after a confident smile: Aiku, Aje, Isegun, Ojoru, Ojobo, Eti and Abameta. However, those are not the days of the traditional Yoruba week. Those are simply the days of the week made up so as to adapt to the seven-day week of the Gregorian calendar. So what are the proper days of the week of the Yorubas? Well, before the colonialists came with the Gregorian calendar, the Yorubas already developed their own advanced calendar system. It was called the Kojoda and according to the Yoruba Kojoda, we are now in the year 10059 (Gregorian is 2017). A Yoruba calendar year (Kojoda) which starts on what is 3rd of June of a Gregorian calendar to the 2nd of June of the next Greogrian year has 91 weeks with each week having four days. So let us talk about the Yoruba week. The four days are:

  1. OJO OGUN: The Yorubas count these four days of the week starting from Ojo Ogun (Day of Ogun, the god of iron). Ojo Ogun is the first day of traditional Yoruba week and it is the day when the Ologun or the worshippers and devotees of Ogun worship this particular deity. On Ojo Ogun, the Ologuns worship and celebrate with various food items that are considered to be the favourite of Ogun. These include ekuru (a kind of steamed bean pudding), ewa (beans) and iyan (pounded yam). However, the most important item of sacrifice on Ojo Ogun is the dog. Since Ogun like balanced diet, it looks like Ojo Ogun will be my own favourite day of the week o. By the way, in some other parts of Yorubaland, it is also called Ojo Osoosi, named after another god, Osoosi, who is regarded as the brother of Ogun and Sango.
  1. OJO JAKUTA: After Ojo Ogun comes the second day of the week. Ojo Jakuta is also called Ojo Sango. Sango is the Yoruba god of thunder, lightning and (electricity). The day in some parts of Yorubaland is called Ojo Oya. On this day dedicated to Sango, his worshippers stream out wearing bright red and white attires as those are Sango’s favourite colours and they do the worship by presenting edible items like amala with gbegiri soup, bitter cola and guguru (pop corn). For Sango, the most important sacrificial animal is the ram. I think I will decamp to Ojo Jakuta. Jakuta means ‘Someone Who Fought With Stones’.
  1. OJO OSE: This is the third day and it is set aside for the worship of Orisha Nla (The Great Deity). The favourite food item used for this day is the ake beef but snails are also used for the sacrifices. Now I am not sure of my favourite day of the week again. On this special day, all the worshippers of Orisha Nla wear white garments and clean all their houses and environs. This same day can be dedicated to the worship of Obatala, Sonponna (god of small pox), Iyaami (the Mothers or Great Witches) and the Egungun (Masquerades).
  1. OJO AWO: Ojo Awo (Day of the Deity) is the day set aside for Ifa (Oracle) and just like Orisha Nla, Ifa also prefers delicacies made from the ake beef. This same day can also be dedicated for the worship of Esu, Osun and Orunmila.

So as you can see, the Yorubas named their weeks after their gods, the same way the days of the Gregorian calendar are named after ‘pagan’ gods. See image below depicting the gods of the week of the Gregorian calendar:

Description: Cameos in raised relief of the Olympic gods. The seven gods depicted are the gods of the planets in correct order to their relationship to the seven days of the week. From left to right they are: Diana the moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday, Saturn for Saturday, and Apollo for Sunday.
Date: Middle 19th century
Medium: Vesuvian lava or a soft stone, gold
Dimensions: 15.2 cm (6 in) Credits: Creative Commons

The only difference is that the Yorubas did that thousands of years earlier.

Thanks for your time



Black woman makes history in US, will appear as Lady Liberty on US currency

– The $100 24-karat gold coin was design to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint

– The coin is portraying Lady Liberty as a woman of color on U.S. currency for the first time

– The coin will be meant for collectors

Black woman makes history in US, will appear as Lady Liberty on US currency (photos)

Starting in April, a commemorative $100 24-karat gold coin depicting Lady Liberty as a black woman wearing a crown of stars will be minted

To commemorate the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint, the Treasury Department is making history: by portraying Lady Liberty as a woman of color on U.S. currency for the first time.

Black woman makes history in US, will appear as Lady Liberty on US currency (photos)

The coin will be meant for collectors

“The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin is the first in a series of 24-karat gold coins that will feature designs which depict an allegorical Liberty in a variety of contemporary forms-including designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Indian-Americans among others-to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States,” reads a press release from the Mint.

Black woman makes history in US, will appear as Lady Liberty on US currency

There is only one coin in circulation that features a person of color. It’s the Sacagawea dollar

In recent months the Treasury Department has made greater efforts to issue new currency notes and coins that better represent Americans of all backgrounds and acknowledge the groundbreaking achievements of leaders in the civil rights and women’s suffrage movements. There is only one coin in circulation that features a person of color. It’s the Sacagawea dollar. The Sacagawea dollar is also one of two coins in circulation that features a woman (the Susan B. Anthony dollar was retired in 2000, though obviously it’s still accepted as payment).


REVEALED: How Tinubu’s private plane flew Gambia’s Jammeh into exile

APC national leader Bola Tinubu helped to facilitate peace in Gambia over the weekend by allowing his private jet to fly out former president Yahya Jammeh and his family into exile

– Tinubu was said to have allowed the use of his jet if only it would guarantee total restoration of peace and unity to Gambia

– The jet, VP-CBT Falcon, had been in the care of Alpha Conde, Guinea president and close friend to Tinubu who flew out from Gambia with Jammeh aboard the plane

REVEALED: How Tinubu’s private plane flew Gambia’s Jammeh into exile

Tinubu allowed use of his jet by Jammeh as his contribution to ensuring peace Gambia

Ousted former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh departed his country late on Saturday, January 21 after agreeing to step down for the newly-inaugurated leader Adama Barrow who won the December 1, 2016 presidential polls.

What many people did not know however, is that the Gambian president flew out into exile in Guinea on the private jet of a Nigerian, the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

REVEALED: How Tinubu’s private plane flew Gambia’s Jammeh into exile

The Nation reports that the jet Jammeh is seen boarding here as he departed Gambia into exile in Guinea belongs to APC national leader Bola Tinubu.

The Nation reports that Tinubu’s VP-CBT Falcon Jet had been in the care of his close ally Guinea President Alpha Conde and he authorised it to be used to fly out the old regime in Gambia to pave way for a new one.

After agreeing to leave and save The Gambia from a major crisis, Jammeh was confronted by big challenge – how to fly out.

“The leaders, The Nation learnt, reached out to All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who authorised his private aircraft to be used to fly Jammeh out of Banjul,” The Nation reported.

The report quoted sources as saying that after Tinubu was contacted to allow the use of his jet to fly Jammeh out of Banjul and he gave a condition that he would allow it only “if it will facilitate the quick exit of Jammeh and lead to the restoration of peace and democracy in The Gambia”.

The plane eventually flew out with Jammeh, his wife, mother and President Conde aboard.

Meanwhile, the new president of Gambia has assured the people of the country of adequate security, just as he also promised to leave behind an enviable legacy at the end of his tenure.

Barrow, who was greatly supported by world powers and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), also said his government will create opportunity for the people to be involved in production so that the people will not be fully dependent on other countries for their means of livelihood.


I’m alive! President Buhari releases proof of life

Following reports of his alleged demise in the UK, President Muhammadu Buhari has confirmed and provided evidence that he is alive and well.

I’m alive! President Buhari releases proof of life

President Buhari has released a photo as proof of life that he is doing well.

The president took to his personal Twitter to release a picture of himself lounging in the UK and watching political television show ‘Sunday Politics’ on Channels.

The perfectly-timed picture was released just about the time the live show was being aired in Nigeria.

View image on Twitter

Wherever I am, I keep up with news from home. Channels TV is one of my favorites. I’m proud of what the Nigerian media are achieving.

The president’s top critic Ekiti state governor Ayodele Fayose was on the show last night alleging that the abduction of the Chibok girls was a planned work.

Recall that the presidency has denied a report by some media that President Buhari, who is holidaying abroad, is dead.

The disturbing report has first been broken by an alleged fake Metro (UK) site that “quoted” the Nigerian mission in the country as confirming the president’s death.

The report claimed that Buhari visited the UK for medical check over an unknown disease adding that details of his death were still sketchy.

All of these have now been totally proved to be false.


Meet Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, man with the largest manhood in the world (photos)

54-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has been tagged the man with the largest manhood in the world.

The SunUK reports that the Mexican’s manhood measures 18.9inches. And sadly, this has not helped Roberto as he recently revealed that his ‘instrument’ does not allow him get a good job. He instead relies on food banks for sustenance.


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s manhood stretches to almost 19 inches

However, Roberto is not ready for reduction as he is obviously interested in the fame that his size brings. Before now, American actor Jonah Falcon had the known largest penis in the world, measuring 9.5 inches flaccid, and 13.5 inches when erect. But Roberto hijacked the title from and became known with his larger manhood size in 2015 after he was filmed weighing his penis to prove its authenticity.

Speaking to Barcroft TV, Roberto said:

“I am famous because I have the biggest p*nis in the world. I am happy with it, I know nobody has the size I have. I would like to be in the Guinness Book of Records but they don’t recognise this record.”

But despite his pride, members of the medical community have urged him to at least consider a penile reduction. Doctor Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said:

“We have advised him ‘Mr Roberto, the best thing for you is that the doctors give a normal shape to your p*nis so that it doesn’t hurt you, in order to have s*xual relationships, in order to have children.’ But he doesn’t accept it, he’d rather have a penis bigger than the rest of the people.

“In Latin culture whoever has the bigger penis is more macho. It’s something that makes him different to the rest of the people and makes him feels special. He was obsessed with the p*nis length.


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera’s manhood is so big that it causes him health issues

“He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his penis with some weights and trying to stretch it.”

The length of Roberto’s manhood has however made him suffer some health problems. Frequent urinary tract infections because not all his urine escapes his lengthy foreskin and even while asleep, his gargantuan manhood is an issue because he is unable to sleep chest down and has to put it on its own pillow to escape discomfort during the night. He also does not have an active s*x life as his manhood is too big to have intercourse. He said:

“Some people ask me if I put some condoms on it and the answer is: I cannot. I can never penetrate anyone because it is too thick.”

While living in the USA, Roberto did attempt to have s*x twice, but the first woman backed out as soon as she saw his penis and the other one had to stop because it was too painful. He said:

“I cannot wear a uniform like anybody in the companies and also I cannot get on my knees. I cannot run fast and so the companies think badly of me. They say that they will call me, but they never do.”

Roberto said the government has recognised him as disabled after initially dismissing his claim. He said:

“Every four months they give me some economic assistance but it is not enough. I visit the food banks everyday to take my meals at 12 ‘o clock.”

An adult entertainment company offered to pay for a reduction, but Roberto refused and says his goal is to to meet the right woman – and possibly launch himself as a p*rn star.

He added:

“I am happy with my penis and I wish to go back to the USA and spend the rest of my life over there. I don’t feel sad because I know in the USA there is a lot of women. One of them will be the right size for me.

“I would like to be a p*rn star and I think I would make a lot of money over there. And the people are not like over here, they are more liberal: they don’t care about what I have in my pants.”





There is one Christmas Carol that has always baffled me – The Twelve Days of Christmas.
What in the world do leaping lords, French hens, swimming swans, and especially the partridge who won’t come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas?
This week, I found out.
From 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics.
It has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning known only to members of their church. Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality which the children could remember.
• The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus Christ.
• Two turtle doves were the Old and New Testaments.
• Three French hens stood for faith, hope and love.
• The four calling birds were the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.
• The five golden rings recalled the Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament.
• The six geese a-laying stood for the six days of creation.
• Seven swans a-swimming represented the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit–Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy.
• The eight maids a-milking were the eight beatitudes.
• Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit–Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.
• The ten lords a-leaping were the Ten Commandments.
• The eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven faithful disciples.
• The twelve drummers drumming symbolized the twelve points of belief in the Apostles’ Creed.
This is your history lesson for today. This knowledge was shared with me and I found it interesting and enlightening.
Now I know how that strange song became a Christmas Carol.
Have a Meaningful Yuletide Season!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all ……




Dear All- Let’s be real.

I wish to start by adding the benefit of my time as a student and then resident in the UK. Living in Abuja now. The first thing that I discovered about UK-born, white, English undergraduates was that all of them did holiday or weekend job to support themselves – including the children of millionaires amongst them. It is the norm over there – regardless of how wealthy their parents are. And I soon discovered that virtually all other foreign students did the same – except status – conscious Nigerians.

I also watched Richard Branson (owner of Virgin Airline) speaking on the Biography Channel. To my amazement, he said that his young children travel in the economy class – even when the parents (he and his wife) are in upper class. Richard Branson is a billionaire in Pound sterling. A quick survey would show you that only children from Nigeria fly business or upper class to commence their studies in the UK. No other foreign students do this. There is no aircraft attached to the office of the Prime Minister in the UK. He travels on BA. And the same goes for the Royals. The Queen does not have an aircraft for her exclusive use.

These practices simply become the culture which the next generation carries forward. Have you seen the car that Kate Middleton (the wife of Prince William) drives? VW Golf or something close to it. But there’s one core difference between them and us (generally speaking), they (even the billionaires among them) work for their money, most of us steal ours

If we want our children to bring about the desired change we have been praying for on behalf of our dear country, then please, please let’s begin now and teach them to work hard so they can stand alone and most importantly be content and not having to “steal” which seems to be the norm these days.

We have Nigerian Children who have never worked for 5 minutes in their lives insisting on flying “only” first or business class and using the latest cars fully paid for by their “loving“ parents.

I often get calls from anxious parents” my son graduated 2 years ago and is still looking for a job, can you please assist!”

“Oh really! So where exactly is “THIS CHILD?” is my usual . “Why are you the one making this call dad/mum?”

I am yet to get a satisfactory answer, but between you and i, chances are that the big boy is cruising around Abuja with a babe dressed to the nines, in his dad’s sparkling new SUV with enough “pocket money” to put your salary to shame. It is not at all strange to hear a 28 year old who has NEVER worked for a day in his or her life in Nigeria but “earns” a six figure “salary” from parents for doing absolutely nothing.

I see them in my office once in a while, 26 years old with absolutely no skill to sell apart from a shiny CV, written by his dad’s secretary in the office. Of course, he has a driver at his beck and call and he is driven to the job interview. We have a fairly decent conversation and we get to the inevitable question- so, what salary are you looking to earn? Answer comes straight out – N250,000.00. I ask if that is per month or per annum.

“Of course, it is per month”

“Oh, why do you think you should be earning that much on your first job?”

“Well, because my current pocket money is N200,000.00 and I feel any employer should be able to pay me more than my parents.”

No wonder corruption continues to thrive. We have a society of young people who have been brought up to expect something for nothing, as if it were a birthright. Even though the examples I have given above are from parents of considerable affluence, similar patterns can be observed from Abeokuta to Adamawa.

Wake up mum! Wake up dad! This syndrome – “my children will not suffer what I suffered” is destroying your tomorrow. You are practically loving your child to death.

I learnt the children of a former Nigeria Head of State with all the stolen (billions) monies in their custody, still go about with security escort as wrecks. They are on drugs, several time because of the drug, they collapse in places. The escort will quickly pack them and off they go. What a life! No one wants to marry them.

We Red ex Henry Ford said “hard work does not kill.” We are getting everything wrong in Nigeria now, including family setting. It is time to prepare your children for tomorrow, the way the world is going, only those that are rugged, hard working and smart working that will survive. How will your ward fare?

forward this to all the parents you know and love. We must begin to save our young children from unintended consequences of “too love” and weak parenting. It is the only way out.


Think about these! Arent these predictions possible?
In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 years – and most people don’t see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again? Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore’s law. So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before it became way superior and got mainstream in only a few short years. It will now happen with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Exponential Age.
Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.
Uber is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.
Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected. In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, only specialists will remain. Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 time more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. By 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.
Autonomous Cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the complete industry will start to be disrupted. You don’t want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and can be productive while driving. Our kids will never get a driver’s license and will never own a car. It will change the cities, because we will need 90-95% fewer cars for that. We can transform former parking space into parks. 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 100,000 km, with autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in 10 million km. That will save a million lives each year.
Most car companies may become bankrupt. Traditional car companies try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels. I spoke to a lot of engineers from Volkswagen and Audi; they are completely terrified of Tesla.
Insurance Companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, the insurance will become 100x cheaper. Their car insurance business model will disappear.
Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.
Electric cars won’t become mainstream until 2020. Cities will be less noisy because all cars will run on electric. Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can only now see the impact. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. The price for solar will drop so much that all coal companies will be out of business by 2025.
With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination now only needs 2kWh per cubic meter. We don’t have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost.
Health: There will be companies that will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breathe into it. It then analyses 54 biomarkers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medicine, nearly for free.
3D printing: The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from $18,000 to $400 within 10 years. In the same time, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies started 3D printing shoes. Spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large number of spare parts they used to have in the past.
At the end of this year, new smart phones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoe at home. In China, they already 3D printed a complete 6-storey office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that’s being produced will be 3D printed.
Business Opportunities: If you think of a niche you want to go in, ask yourself: “in the future, do you think we will have that?” and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner? If it doesn’t work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed in to failure in the 21st century.
Work: 70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a small time.
Agriculture: There will be a $100 agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countries can then become managers of their field instead of working all days on their fields. Agroponics will need much less water. The first Petri dish produced veal is now available and will be cheaper than cow-produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don’t need that space anymore. There are several startups that will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as “alternative protein source” (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).
There is an app called “moodies” which can already tell in which mood you are. Until 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it’s being displayed when they are telling the truth and when not.
Bitcoin will become mainstream this year and might even become the default reserve currency.
Longevity: Right now, the average life span increases by 3 months per year. Four years ago, the life span used to be 79 years, now it’s 80 years. The increase itself is increasing and by 2036, there will be more than one year increase per year. So we all might live for a long long time, probably way more than 100.
Education: The cheapest smart phones are already at $10 in Africa and Asia. Until 2020, 70% of all humans will own a smart phone. That means, everyone has the same access to world class education.
Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP


After independence, in order to build a great nation, each country went to work. But in Nigeria, after independence, our people went to pray and fast.
So, while we were praying, Malaysia came here and took our palm seedlings and build a great factory of it.
While we were praying, Singapore went into investment in technology.
While we were praying, India went into ICT.
While we were praying, China went to massive industrialization.
While we were shouting Allahu Akbar!!! UAE went into massive infrastructural development.
While we were binding and casting Lucifer, Japan went into technological development.
While we were speaking in tongues, Denmark went into education of her citizens.
While we were mounting big speakers in our places of worship, USA was mounting man on the moon.
After our prayers, God, being a wise God decided to reward us according to our labour.
Since those that went into industrialization, technology, infrastructural development, ICT, education etc has been rewarded accordingly. It’s only wise God rewards us with our efforts in prayers.
That’s why today, Nigerian pastors are competing in building the biggest churches.
That’s why there are more prayer houses and worship places than hospitals and schools. That’s why people rush to prayer houses for medical and business solutions instead of hospitals.
That’s why we don’t do business proposals before jumping into business since we are going to back it up with prayers. And when it collapse, we blame devil.
That’s why it’s a sin to say anything negative about pastors and imams.
That’s why our pastors don’t consider the opinion of engineers while building and blame devil when building collapse.
That’s why faith in God replaces building pillars and when it collapse we blame it on Lucifer.
That’s why our pastors are making sure they plant church branches instead of schools in every streets in Nigeria.
That’s why we always wait for God to do that which ability to accomplish he has already handed over to us.
That’s why we want our teachers to labour on earth and come to heaven for their rewards.
Nigeria is a prayer loving, God fearing nation. Religion has taken the place of technology, infrastructure, education and all.
When we are traveling, we ignore all the necessary road requirements, servicing of our vehicles and pray. And, once we pray, we can put a half fit vehicle on the road and blame our step mother or mother in law if anything goes wrong.
That’s why there are more people dying on our roads than animals in the wild.
Because, we pray and fast and leave everything to God when God has given us all we need to survive and build a nation.



I have been following closely the activities of this government and whenever I have the opportunity, I try to find out the opinions of people as regards the performance of this government.
I just realized that the hardship faced by many Nigerians is simply as a result of the fact that almost everyone of us benefited from the cycle of corruption.
The bricklayer, plumber, laborers, tiler are all complaining because building construction has slowed down massively cause the thieves no longer have money to spend on real estate.
The car dealers are grumbling because their cars are begging for buyers. Thieves can no longer spend wastefully.
The private school owners are shouting because parents can no longer pay outrageous sums and are withdrawing their wards.
I was shocked when I learn that in a popular private University in Abuja, parents are writing undertaking at the account section for their children to be allowed to write exams… and it goes on and on.
The fact is, a lot of people are returning to what someone referred to as ”default mode”.
We mostly have been living above our REAL MEANS.
We have been staying in houses that ordinarily our incomes can’t afford.
Our children going to schools we can’t afford. Driving cars we ordinarily can’t maintain.
We have been living a FAKE LIFE all along. Now the reality is before us and we don’t want to accept it.
This shows how morally bankrupt we are.
You can’t eat your Cake and have it. Take Note…”GOD HELP AND BLESS NIGERIA”
You got billions from bank without collateral using your political influence. You put half into your business and spent the other half on exotic cars, jeweleries, etc.
Your business employs 100 people normally. You get illegal waivers and concessions to import raw materials at rock bottom prices, you get over-inflated contract to supply government some goods your company produce….in short your company is kept afloat by corruption.
Now the new SHERIFF in town says:
no more ridiculous waivers,
no more inflated contracts, no more bank loans without collateral, in fact its time you or your company pay off the billions of debt owed…..
AMCON takes over your company, staff are laid off……And you go on air and say the new sheriff is killing business and causing unemployment..
The truth is….you and your company were never in business, you were only feeding off the system.
Too many companies and banks are funded by corruption. Remove corruption from the system and they collapse…….and we end up blaming the person that removes corruption for the collapse of the corruptly run fake company.
Its like our system and corruption are so interwoven and inseparable that removing one will kill the other.
Maybe we should tolerate and learn to live with corruption so that Nigeria can survive?
Recession: What recession? If you think Nigeria is broke, then you are living in another planet. Now, please read the information below and tell me why Nigerians crying of hardship are comfortable with the bold looting of their collective wealth by the politicians.



How Nokia lost out of phones manufacturing market
Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

During the press conference to announce NOKIA being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Upon saying that, all his management team, himself included, teared sadly.
Nokia has been a respectable company. They didn’t do anything wrong in their business, however, the world changed too fast. Their opponents were too powerful.
They missed out on learning, they missed out on changing, and thus they lost the opportunity at hand to make it big. Not only did they miss the opportunity to earn big money, they lost their chance of survival.
The message of this story is, if you don’t change, you shall be removed from the competition.
It’s not wrong if you don’t want to learn new things. However, if your thoughts and mindset cannot catch up with time, you will be eliminated.
1. The advantage you have yesterday, will be replaced by the trends of tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it RIGHT, you can lose out and fail.
To change and improve yourself is giving yourself a second chance. To be forced by others to change, is like being discarded.
Those who refuse to learn & improve, will definitely one day become redundant & not relevant to the industry. They will learn the lesson in a hard & expensive way. The year has just kick-started, don’t leave anything to chance in 2 017. Procrastination kill faster than you think, excuses are the comfort of mediocre people, make this year count. There are no limits in life except those of the MIND!!! SEE YOU AT THE TOP
A warm welcome to 2017.




A young lady sat in public transport: an old grumpy lady came and sat by her as she bumped into her with her numerous bags. The other neighbor got upset, asking the young lady why she did not protest and insist on her rights: she responded with a smile: “It is not necessary to be rude or argue over something so insignificant!’ I’ll alight at the next stop, our journey together is so short, replied the young lady”.

Here’s a response which deserves to be written in golden letters in our daily behaviour and everywhere:
*It is not necessary to argue over something so insignificant, our journey together is so short*

This touched my heart and set me thinking.

If everyone would realize that our passage down here has such a short duration and; to darken it with quarrels, futile arguments, unforgiveness, ungratefulness and bad attitudes would be a waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart? Be calm, the journey is so short!!

Did someone betray, bully, cheat or humiliate you? Be calm, forgive, the journey is so short!!

Whatever penalty anyone serves us, let’s remember that the journey together is so short…

Let us therefore be filled with gratitude and sweetness. Sweetness is a virtue never likened to bad character nor cowardice, but better likened to greatness.

Our journey together down here is really short and cannot be reversed…
No one knows the duration of his/her journey!!

Even Methuselah, the longest lived man got to his bus stop and alighted from bus

Two years ago, a well known Minister of God, Dr Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth Munroe, together with Pastor Richard Pinder, Pastors Lavard and Rudel Parks and their two children took off from Bahamas going for a crusade; none of them got to the crusade ground. They all got to their last bus stops and all alighted with a plane crash.

As we wake up to see each day light, millions of people: young, old, mid-age somehow get to their respective bus stops and must alight. We all pray to live long. And I pray for you reading this post; that you shall live long and fulfill God’s purpose for you on earth in Jesus name.
But REMEMBER, the journey is so short.

No one knows when they will get to their last bus stop where they will have to alight !! Meditate on this my brethren. The journey is so short. 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, or 150 years all start with one day. You surely know how many years you have spent, but do you know how many more you have to spend? 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 99 year(s), months, weeks or days, hours, minutes or seconds. The journey is so short.

*Therefore, cherish and hold on to friends, family and the people around you! Be calm, be respectful, be kind, and be thankful. Love God; hold no offence.!! Be forgiving!!!
The journey is so short!

No matter what anyone has done to hurt you, always remember that: “it is so insignificant.” Be quick to forgive. Hold no grudge; the journey is so short.

Never forget that however long we pray to live for; the journey down here is so so short!!
Everyone will account.
<img>God bless us all.




18 Secrets for a Longer Life

Protect Your DNA
As you age, the ends of your chromosomes become shorter. This makes you more likely to get sick. But lifestyle changes can boost an enzyme that makes them longer. Plus, studies show diet and exercise can protect them. The bottom line: Healthy habits may slow aging at the cellular level.

Play to Win
An 80-year study found people who are conscientious — meaning they pay attention to detail, think things through, and try to do what’s right — live longer. They do more for their health and make choices that lead to stronger relationships and better careers.

Make Friends
Here’s another reason to be grateful for your friends: They might help you live longer. Dozens of studies show a clear link between strong social ties and a longer life. So make the time to keep in touch.

Choose Friends Wisely
Your friends’ habits rub off on you, so look for buddies with healthy lifestyles. Your chances of becoming obese go up if you have a friend who adds extra pounds. Smoking also spreads through social ties, but quitting is also contagious.

Quit Smoking
We know giving up cigarettes can lengthen your life, but by how much may surprise you. A 50-year British study shows that quitting at age 30 could give you an entire decade. Kicking the habit at age 40, 50, or 60 can add 9, 6, or 3 years to your life, respectively.

Embrace the Art of the Nap
A siesta is standard in many parts of the world, and now there’s scientific evidence that napping may help you live longer. Those who have a regular snooze are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than those who rarely steal a few winks. Researchers think naps might help your heart by keeping stress hormones down.

Follow a Mediterranean Diet
It’s rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and fish. The plan can also put a serious dent in your chances of getting of metabolic syndrome — a mix of obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and other things that make you more likely to get heart disease and diabetes.

Eat Like an Okinawan
The people of Okinawa, Japan, once lived longer than any other group on Earth. The region’s traditional diet is why. It’s high in green and yellow vegetables and low in calories. Plus, some Okinawans made a habit of eating only 80% of the food on their plate. Younger generations have dropped the old ways and aren’t living as long.

Get Hitched
Married people tend to outlive their single friends. Researchers say it’s due to the social and economic support that wedded bliss provides. While a current union offers the greatest benefit, people who are divorced or widowed have lower death rates than those who’ve never tied the knot.

Lose Weight
If you’re overweight, slimming down can protect against diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that take years off your life. Belly fat is bad for you, so focus on deflating that spare tire. Eat more fiber and exercise regularly to whittle your middle.

Keep Moving
The evidence is clear. People who exercise live longer on average than those who don’t. Regular physical activity lowers your chances of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and depression. It may even help you stay mentally sharp into old age. Ten-minute spurts are fine, as long as they add up to about 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week.

Drink in Moderation
Heart disease is less common in people who drink in moderation than in people who don’t drink at all. On the other hand, too much alcohol pads the belly, boosts blood pressure, and can cause a host of other health problems. If you drink alcohol, the limit should be one drink a day for women and one or two for men. But if you don’t drink, don’t start. There are better ways to protect your heart!

Get Spiritual
People who attend religious services tend to live longer than those who don’t. In a 12-year study of people over age 65, those who went more than once a week had higher levels of a key immune system protein than their peers who didn’t. The strong social network that develops among people who worship together may boost your health.

Letting go of grudges has surprising physical health benefits. Chronic anger is linked to heart disease, stroke, poorer lung health, and other problems. Forgiveness will reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and help you breathe more easily. The rewards tend to go up as you get older.

Use Safety Gear
Accidents are the fifth most common cause of death in the U.S. and the top cause for people ages 1 to 24. Wearing safety gear is an easy way to boost your odds of a long life. Seatbelts reduce the chances of death or serious injury in a car wreck by 50%. Most fatalities from bike accidents are caused by head injuries, so always wear a helmet.

Make Sleep a Priority
Getting enough quality sleep can lower your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mood disorders. It’ll also help you recover from illness faster. Burning the midnight oil, on the other hand, is bad for you. Snooze for less than 5 hours a night and you might boost your chances of dying early, so make sleep a priority.

Manage Stress
You’ll never completely avoid stress, but you can learn ways to control it. Try yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.

Keep a Sense of Purpose
Hobbies and activities that have meaning for you may lengthen your life. Japanese researchers found men with a strong sense of purpose were less likely to die from stroke, heart disease, or other causes over a 13-year period than those who were less sure of themselves. Being clear about what you’re doing and why can also lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

Culled from WebMD



Work is the antidote for poverty.
Work hard, my friend.
work is used to elevate one in respect and importance
(Aspiring to higher height is fully dependent on hard work).
if we do not have anyone to lean on, we appear indolent.
if we do not have anyone to trust (we can depend on).
we simply work harder.
your mother may be wealthy.
your father may have a ranch full of horses.
if you depend on their riches alone.
you may end up in disgrace, I tell you.
whatever gain one does not work hard to earn.
usually does not last.
whatever gain one works hard to earn.
is the one that lasts in one’s hands (while in ones
the arm is a relative
the elbow is a sibling.
you may be loved by all today.
it is when you have money.
that they will love you tomorrow.
or when you are in a high position.
all will honor you with cheers and smiles.
wait till you become poor or are struggling to get by.
and you will see how all grimace at you as they pass you by.
education also elevates one in position.
work hard to acquire good education.
and if you see a lot of people.
making education a laughing stock.
please do not emulate or keep their company.
suffering is lying in wait for an unserious kid.
sorrow is in the reserve for a truant kid.
do not play with your early years, my friend.
work harder; time and tide wait for no one.
Let’s pass it on to our children.
Original work by *J F Odunjo*



During the Soviet dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. He was a brutal dictator with mind of his own. On one fateful day, Stalin came to Politburo meeting with a live chicken. Standing in front of audience, He started to pluck the feathers of the live chicken off one by one.
The chicken trembled in pain, blood tricking out of its pores. It gave out grievous cries, but Stalin being a cruel dictator continued without remorse plucking the feathers out until the chicken was completely naked.
After which, he threw the chicken on the ground. The naked chicken was staggering in pain. Stalin goes into his pocket and from his pockets, he took out some chicken food and started to throw it at the poor & hapless creature.
The poor chicken in pain started eating and Stalin started walking towards his seat. As he walked away, he kept dropping some feeds on the floor & the chicken followed him and sat feeding from his feet.
Joseph Stalin then turned to members of his political party leadership. He said, “This chicken represents the people”.
“You must disempower them, brutalise them, beat them up, starve them and then leave them”.
“If you do this, go into your pocket & give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life, worshiping you”.
“They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, you’re responsible for their sorrowful situation in the first place.”
Breath taking, isn’t it ?
Now! Take a look at all the people some Nigerians are busy defending on social media.
Take a look at those they call their heroes. They are the same people who plunged Nigeria into the situation she is. They are the same people who are responsible for their predicament.


HOMOSEXUALITY, A RIGHT AGAINST HUMANITY. This is a question for all advocates of gay rights.

1. If your mother and father are homosexuals (gay and lesbian), where will you be today?

2. If you were not born into this world because the parent who were suppose to give birth to you choose to deny you life by being homosexuals, where will you be today to support homo? The simple truth is that, gays and lesbians had violated the fundamental rights of many children by denying them a right to life as contained in the universal declaration of human rights. Human right means rights and duty. You have right to live,but you must not deny others of their life. You have freedom of expression,but you must not deny others of that freedom. By being homo, gays and lesbians had and would trample on the rights of the many unborn children, a right which they enjoy to be ‘HUMAN’. If the parents of gays and lesbians deny them life by being gay or lesbians like they wish,homosexuals won’t be born to life,not to talk of being homo. Let me put it on the record again, there is nothing like human rights without human, and any concept which seek to end human creation and recreation is a great violation of humanity. It is like a right against humanity. On this note, i wish to state that, the rights of being homo is not a human right,but rather,an inhuman right. A right can’t be human and seek to end human existence. If human existence is ended,there would be nothing like human right. MR. RIGHTS.

– Credits: Abdulrazaq O Hamzat’s

447. Freeday Free Food ForFriends’ Freaking Freethinking FFFFFFF Vol 447 (Specialized 3rd Anniversary Editon )

* Sri Lanka – $5,100.00
* India – $11,200.00
* Malaysia – $25,300.00
* Thailand – $43,800.00
* Spain – $43,900.00
* Ghana – $46,500.00
* Saudi Arabia – $64,000.00
* Indonesia – $65,800.00
* Kenya – $74,500.00
* France – $85,900.00
* Sweden – $99 300.00
* South Africa – $104,000.00
* Britain – $105,400.00
* New Zealand – $112,500.00
* Israel – $114,800.00
* Germany – $119,500.00
* Ireland – $120,400.00
* Hong Kong – $130,700.00
* Japan – $149,700.00
* Canada – $154 000.00
* Singapore – $154,000.00
* Brazil – $157,600.00
* United States – $174,000.00
* Italy – $182,000.00
*Nigeria – $2,183,685.00
The details of the remuneration of an
average Nigerian Senator is detailed below;
* Basic Salary (B.S) – N2,484,245.50
* Hardship Allowance (50% of B.S) –
* Constituency Allowance (200% of B.S) – N4,968,509.00
* Newspapers Allowance (50% of B.S) –
* Wardrobe Allowance (25% of B.S) – N621,061.37
* Recess Allowance (10% of B.S) – N248,424.55
* Accommodation (200% of B.S) – N4,968,509.00
* Utilities (30% of B.S) – N828,081.83
* Domestic Staff (70% of B.S) – N1,863,184.12
* Entertainment (30% of B.S) – N828,081.83
* Personal Assistants (25% of B.S) – N621,061.12
* Vehicle Maintenance Allowance (75% of B.S) – N1,863,184.12
* Leave Allowance (10% of B.S) – N248,424.55
* Severance Gratuity (300% of B.S) –
* Car Allowance (400% of B.S) – N9,936,982.00
* TOTAL MONTHLY SALARY = N29,479,749.00 ($181,974.00)
* TOTAL YEARLY SALARY = N29,479,749.00 x 12 = N353,756,988.00
The average salary of Nigerian worker based on the national minimum wage is N18,000.00. So, the yearly salary is N18,000.00 x 12 = N216,000.00
Remember, yearly Salary of Nigerian Senator = N353,756,988.00 (three hundred fifty-three Million, seven hundred and fifty-six thousand, nine hundred and eighty eight Naira.
Proportion: N353,756,988.00/N216,000.00 = 1,638
It will take an average Nigerian worker 1,638 years to earn the yearly salary of a Nigerian Senator.
Share with friends and groups on facebook, twitter, Instagram and whatsapp till everybody.
knows Nigeria’s problems.WE SHOULD SCRAP SCRAP SENATE.


Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest US Presidents of All Time
Something is dawning on usits almost too soon for us to admit, but its there, a half-considered thought only now blooming in our brains. Maybe we dismiss it with one of those quick cognitive fly swats. Too early to say or I hate that guy. But the truth is coming, and it sounds like this: Barack Obama will be inducted into the league of Great Presidents, if not the greatest.
In so many ways, Obama was better than we imagined, better than the body politic deserved and far, far better than his enemies will ever concede, but the great thing about being great is that the verdict of enemies doesnt matter.
In fact, and I say this as a Bill Clinton fan, I now feel certain that, in the coming decades, Obamas star will rise higher than Clintons, and hell replace Bill in the public mind as the one of the Greatest Democrat.
This has to do with the nature of Obamas leadership, which is to play to legacy (and Clintons impulse, which is to play to the room). Bill Clinton will long be revered because hes charismatic, presided over an economic revival, and changed and elevated the view of the Democratic Party. Barack Obama will long be revered because hes charismatic, presided over an economic revival, and changed and elevated the view of the presidency. Hes simply bigger than Bill.
More to the point, Obamas legacy is the sort that gets canonized. Because the first rule of Hall of Fame-dom: The times have to suck for the president not to. Civil wars, World Wars, depressions and recessions. Thats why we rate the Washington, Lincolns, and Roosevelts. Like Obama, these Great Men were dealt sucky hands, won big, and left the country better off than it was before.
But its also why we downgrade the Jimmy Carters and Herbert Hoovers. Were they as bad in real time as we remember them in history? Probably not. But they were dealt sucky hands, only played one round, and left the country feeling worse off. Legacy Game over. (Hoover reminds me more and more of Donald Trump! Elected with little political experience, Hoover was a rich bastard whose central theme was that government was wasteful. His answer to the Great Depression was to start a trade war and build a massive project called the Hoover Dam. The dam turned out to be a giant wall that did not stop or solve larger problems. Déjà vu, thy name is Trump Mexican Wall!)
Obama has a few other edges in the long haul of history, beyond specific hurrah moments like Obamacare, rescuing the economy, and making America way more bi-curious. Being the first black president of course secures a certain legacy. But what now feels distinctly possible is that, just as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed, over time he may be judged less for the color of his skin than for the content of his character. That character came across every time haters or Trumpers or birthers tried to pull him down into the mud or question his American-ness. He just flew above it all. And, luckily, he took most of us with him. He was the Leader not only of our country but of our mood and disposition, which is harder to rule. At a time when we became more polarized, our discourse pettier and more poisoned, Obama always came across as the Adult in the Room, the one we wanted to be and follow.
Ironically, one of the lock-ins to his Hall of Fame Greatness was originally supposed to be his Achilles heel, the shallow thing critics loved to smear him with: his eloquence, his reliance on speeches and teleprompters (Sarah Palin once famously screeched, Mr. Presidentstep away from the teleprompter and do your job! while herself reading from a teleprompter), as if addressing the country as a whole, trying to unify or inspire people, were a superficial thing. But pivotal words at pivotal moments are not only how we come to admire great leaders, its the primary way we remember them. The first thing most people can recall about Lincoln? The Gettysburg Address. FDR? Fireside chats. George Washington? His amazing Snapchats. (George was first with everything.)
With Obama, each thoughtful step of the way, from his soaring acceptance speech (The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep) to his epic speeches on race and religion, his responses to the shootings in Tucson and Newtown, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the opening of Cuba (Todos somos Americanos!), and countless other momentous occasions, he knew how to speak to our better angels at a time when it was hard to locate any angels.
Lastly, theres the arc of history, bound to bend downward. As our unity becomes more frayed, more tenuous, and the ability for any politician to get anything done more unlikely, the job of president will become less LBJ tactical and less FDR big-dealer. The job will largely be to preside. To unify where and however we can. In this way, too, Obama pointed the way forward.
It may be hard to imagine now, but in the face of rising chaos, well crave unity all the more, and in future years whoever can speak most convincingly of unity will rise to the top. (Its also hard to imagine many beating Obama at the game.) This years carnival election, with Trump as a kind of debauched circus barker, only makes the distinction clearer. The absurdity and car-crash spectacle of it all have already lent Obama an out-of-time quality, as if he were a creature from another, loftier century. Whatever happens next, I feel this in my bones: Well look back at history, hopefully when were zooming down the Barack Obama Hyperloop Transport System, and think: That man was rare. And we were damn lucky to have him.
My dear Barrack Obama, the entire world will surely miss you.




For all her Foreign Policy misadventures the US has raised the bar of governance and responsible leadership that the world and those who seek to truly serve the people must learn from. Joe Biden had been in public office for 43 years. He was elected into the Senate at 29. Served in the Senate for 35years and 8years as Vice President yet he couldn’t afford to pay for the expensive cancer treatment of his son who was the Attorney General of his State of Delaware. The son was an Iraq war veteran who served in the Army before he became Attorney General. Biden had to offer his house for sale to be able to pay for the medical care of his son, of course the son must have spent himself out before Biden, the father could come in to help pay the bill. Obama had to stop him from selling his house and offered to pay for the medical care from his own personal money. Unfortunately the son died but not after the father had given all his best. Delaware is very close to Washington and he had come to Washington by train from Delaware everyday for work at the Capitol Hill and back home as a Senator. He will join the train back home on January 20th when he ends his tour of duty as the Vice President of United States. Delaware loves Biden for his years of service to the State and the people of United State. They call him the great son of Delaware. The point here is a man served for 35years as a Senator and 8years as Vice President and no tonnes of money buried inside his compound and bank accounts. How and where do politicians in US get their contentment that our own here can’t go and find same. Leadership is about service. It is not a place to become billionaires and millionaires. For Biden, nothing but my admiration and respect.


450. FREEDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vol 450 (Specialized Anniversary series)

“I struggled academically throughout elementary school yet became the best Neurosurgeon in the World in 1987” – *Dr. Ben Carson!*
I was raped at the age of 9 yet I am one of the most influential women in the World” – *Oprah Winfrey!*
“I didn’t even complete my university education but became the World’s richest man” – *Bill Gates!*
“I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father as far back as I can remember, until I left home at the age of eighteen, yet I am one of the most influential preachers in the World” – *Joyce Meyer!*
“I told my father that we would be very rich but he couldn’t believe me. I made it a reality” – *Christiano Ronaldo!*
“I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training and still became one of the World’s best footballers” – *Lionel Messi!*
“I used to sleep on the floor in my friends’ rooms, returning Coke bottles for food, money, and getting weekly free meals at a local temple, I later on founded Apple Company” – *Steve Jobs!*
“My teachers used to call me a failure, but I became a Prime Minister” – *Former British PM, Tony Blair!*
“I started Living Faith Church from A Lawn Tennis Court with three members only & Preach prosperity. Many of my friends criticised me, but today we have the largest church auditorium in the World & two world-class universities”- *Bishop David Oyedepo!*
“I was in prison for 27 years  and still became president.”- *Nelson Mandela!*
“I drove a taxi to finance my university education but today I’m a billionaire” – *Mike Adenuga!*
I was on the verge of suicide when an Idea of opening a restaurant hit me after I retired as a cook in the Navy.
*Harland Sanders, Founder of KFC*
I worked for my uncle since I was a small boy, people looked down on me. I later on took a loan from my uncle to open a tiny shop. I worked hard to make ends meet. Now I am the Word’s Richest Man of African Decent (Richest Man in Africa).
*Aliko Dangote* (was 23rd World’s richest man on Forbes 2014 list)
I am a son of a black immigrant from Kenya, I graduated from Harvard and later on became a Senator in Chicago. Now I am the President of the Most Powerful Nation on Earth.
*US President Barack Hussein Obama*
I traveled to America in search of financial independency when I was 15yrs old. I became the World’s Strongest Man 7 times and Mr Universe. I then got my Economics degree, then I became one of Hollywood’s best actors before I was voted twice as governor of California (the world’s 6th richest state after France and Britain).
*Former Governor of California Arnold Swarzzenegger*
_*Failures or limitations of the past have no control over the greatness in you. To him that believes, all things are possible.*
Don’t wait for everybody to believe in your ability and dreams…
Never design your life like a Garden where anyone can walk in and out……
Design it like the Sky where everyone aspires to reach!
Aim high! Reach high!!!
It’s never too late!!!!!!




  Mike Gallagher, the 8th most recognized talk radio personality in the country, is heard by over 2.25 million listeners weekly. He compiled and wrote the following essay.
“Obama: It was You”
President Obama,
This is why you didn’t go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:
* It was you . . . who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner -“I am one of you.”
* It was you . . . who on ABC News referenced -“My Muslim faith.”
* It was you who . . . gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
* It was you who . . . wrote that in the event of a conflict – “I will stand with the Muslims.”
* It was you who . . . assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”
* It was you who . . . bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
* It was you who . . . sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
* It was you who . . . exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
* It was you who . . . purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.
* It was you who . . . mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Qur’an.
* It was you who . . . traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States of America.
* It was you who . . . instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
* It was you who . . . refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House.
* It was you who . . . ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested the mosques you have visited to adjust their decor.
* It was you who . . . appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.
* It was you who . . . appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.
* It was you who . . . said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.
* It was you who . . . as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
* It was you who . . . was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the White House, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the White House tree.
* It was you who . . . curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
* It was you who . . . refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
* It is you who . . . has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
* It was you . . . who, when queried in India, refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorist assaults.
* It was you who . . . funneled $900 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.
* It was you who . . . ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
* It was you who . . . directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.
* It was you who . . . funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in grammar schools across our country.
* It is you who . . . follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
* It is you who . . . departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal White House religious events.
* It was you who . . . was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood-led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
* It was you who . . . appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
* It was you who . . . said this country is not a Christian nation.
* It was you who . . . said the Muslim call to worship is “the most beautiful sound on earth.”
Can there be any doubt that Obama is anti christian.



Ezra and Thomas joined a company together a few months after their graduation from university.
After a few years of work, their Manager promoted Ezra to a position of Senior Sales Manager, but Thomas remained in his entry level Junior Sales Officer position.
Thomas developed a sense of jealousy and disgruntlement, but continued working anyway.
One day Thomas felt that he could not work with Ezra anymore.
He wrote his resignation letter, but before he submitted it to the Manager, he complained that Management did not value hard working staff, but only promoted only the favoured!
The Manager knew that Ezra worked very hard for the years he had spent at the company; even harder than Thomas and therefore he deserved the promotion.
So in order to help Thomas to realize this, the Manager gave Thomas a task.
“Go and find out if anyone is selling water melons in town?”
Thomas returned and said, “yes there is someone!”
The Manager asked, “how much per kg?”
Thomas drove back to town to ask and then returned to inform the Manager; “they are N13.50 per kg!”
The Manager told Thomas,
“I will give Ezra the same task that I gave you.
Please pay close attention to his response!”
So the Manager said to Ezra, in the presence of Thomas;
“Go and find out if anyone is selling water melons in town?”
Ezra went to find out and on his return he said:
“Manager, there is only one person selling water melons in the whole town.
The cost is N49:00 each water melon and N32.50 for a half melon.
He sells them at N13.50 per kg when sliced.
He has in his stock 93 melons, each one weighing about 7kg.
He has a farm and can supply us with melons for the next 4 months at a rate of 102 melons per day at N27:00 per melon; this includes delivery.
The melons appear fresh and red with good quality, and they taste better than the ones we sold last year.
He has his own slicing machine and is willing to slice for us free of charge.
We need to strike a deal with him before 10am tomorrow and we will be sure of beating last year’s profits in melons by N223 000.00.
This will contribute positively to our overall performance as it will add a minimum of 3.78% to our current overall sales target.
I have put this information down in writing and is available on spreadsheet.
Please let me know if you need it as I can send it to you in fifteen minutes.”
Thomas was very impressed and realized the difference between himself and Ezra.
He decided not to resign but to learn from Ezra.
As we begin this fresh year, let this story help us keep in mind the importance of going an extra mile in all our endeavors.
You won’t be rewarded for doing what you’re meant to do, you only get a salary for that!
You’re only rewarded for going an extra mile; performing beyond expectations.
To be successful in life you must be observant, proactive and willing to do more, think more, have a more holistic perspective and go beyond the call of duty.
May you be blessed with a better perspective to your work this year.
She gave her car key to the youngest child in the car while she went to buy some stuff in the mall. Upon her return, the boy had misplaced the key and the whole family was stranded on the road. Observing her discomfort with innocent kids without a masculine shepherd, I joined the search party. For each passing minute without the key, she landed the boy that had the key with a slap or a concentrated curse!
After few minutes, she strayed in frustration into a motorbike’s way and was knocked down. It was in the process of helping her up and picking the pieces of her belongings that the car key was found. She had already lost herself before the key was found!
#Many people lose themselves in search of what is missing in their lives.
*Many lose their moral limb while searching for the “missing rib”!
*Some lose their health while searching for material wealth.
*I know those who lost their message while searching for relevance and sponsors.
*Some lose their marriage while searching for a mirage.
*Some have lost their integrity while looking for affinity.
#Don’t get missing because something was lost.
+Sometimes, you just need to ignore the emotional missing link so you can remain spiritually connected.
+Don’t lose your mind because the job is lost.
+Don’t lose your children while searching for their school fees.
+Don’t lose your ministry while searching for tithes and instruments.
+Don’t lose your mantle while searching for title.
#When those things are eventually discovered or acquired, greater things (yourself, relationship, character, values & virtues) would have probably dissolved!
#The apostles were looking for peace in the midst of storm, but by the time Jesus restored calmness they have lost their faith.
Similar way Elimelech lost his life and sons in search of greener pastures.
#When you eventually hammer, will your nail still be strong to hold the woods of your integrity in a proper frame?
=By the time you get popular, will you not be strange to dignity?
=By the time you get visa or fame, will your passport to purity not have torn?
=When you eventually make the money, will your marriage/friendship/relationships, still have meaning? God bless you.Good evening
# copied