Tragedy As Nigerian Man Dies After Abuja Pastor Paid Him N500,000 To Pretend As If He Was Dead So He Could Perform A Fake Miracle

According to reports making the rounds, an Abuja pastor, pictured below, offered a trader 500,000 to pretend to be dead so he can perform a miracle. But luck ran out oo him when the man died in the coffin before they reached his crusade ground.

Read according to the reports below…


“Meet The Abuja Pastor That Offered A Trader 500,000 For Miracle Scam That Went Bad
An Abuja pastor that offered a trader 500,000 for the trader to be used as a miracle scam. The Trader was to pretend that he was a dead man and the Pastor will then raise him from the death, unfortunately the trader died in coffin before they could make it to the stadium where the pastor was holding his crusade in Abuja.

The wife of the deceased trader got police involved and the fake Pastor was arrested by the police.

However, the pastor has been released through the help of his influential friends in Abuja and he has gone back to the business performing strange miracle in his church in Nyanya Abuja.

The name of the pastor is Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor and his ministry is Firehouse Church, located beside Niger-Delta Gardens and Hotels Checking Point Nyanya.
The so called Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor pastors the church with his wife and they have huge number of people who come to their church for miracles and solutions to their problems.” -GM

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15 Things You Never Knew About Pasuma Wonder, Nigerian Fuji Music Superstar

Fuji music star, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is 48 years old and here are interesting things about him:

Pasuma owns a record label caltar. WASBAR records. He coined the name of the label from his daughter’s names- Wasilat and Barakat. Photo: Filed

1. Born Wasiu Alabi Ajibola Odetola in Lagos in 1967, he grew up in the Mushin area of Lagos state and hails from Kwara state.

2. His mother, an actress-turned-trader, and his dad, a company’s general manager, separated before he became a star.

Pasuma with mum

3. Inspired by ‘Talazo,’ the 1984 album by Fuji great King Wasiu AyindeMarshall (popularly called KWAM 1 or K-1 the Ultimate), Pasuma switched to music soon after finishing secondary school.

4. In 1993, convinced by a man to record a studio album, he released his debut album ‘Recognition’. His second was ‘Choices’. Both achieved some level of success.

paso 3

5. His career then took off with his third album, 1995’s ‘Orobokibo’. The titular word was gotten from a backup singer who used it in rehearsal. The word became infamous for its vulgar connotations; but it also established the young singer. For the album, he would later win the award for Best Fuji Artiste at the now defunct Fame Magazine Awards (FMA).

6. He adopted the name Pasuma Wonder after the CEO of Heavy Sounds, Adeola Omotayo, likened his energy on stage to energy derived from an enhancement drug called Pasuma Strong.

7. In the past Pasuma has been referred to as the ‘African Puff Daddy’ for his fashion style.

8. He’s the first Fuji musician to drop a hip-hop/pop album.


8. His debut hip hop/pop album titled My World (2015) features popular mainstream acts including Tiwa Savage, Olamide, Terry G, Oritsefemi, Phyno among others.


9. Pasuma owns a record label called WASBAR records. He coined the name of the label from his daughter’s names- Wasilat and Barakat.

10. He’s a father of seven, namely: Wasilat, Barakat, Amirah, Opeyemi, Sultan, Waris and Aaliyah.

Pasuma's Kids- Waris and Sultan

Pasuma and his boys, Waris and Sultan

11. Pasuma is also a successful actor with over 20 movie appearances under his belt.

Pasuma and movie stars
Pasuma and Nollywood stars on set of one of his video shoots

12. His many nicknames include Paso, Oganla, Ijoba, Labaika, Popsy Aaliyah, Baa Wasi, All Round Network(ARN), GSM( Global Son of Mushin), Olope Amama, Mayweather of Fuji, Entertainer and Ijaya.

13. He has over 30 albums to his credit, including Recognition, Choices, Americana, Joker, Exporter And Importer, Maintain And Sustain, Initiator, Orobokibo and The Man.

14. He’s alleged to have dated Ayo Adesanya (an actress); Remi Surutu (also an actress); She Baby (an artiste); Doyin Aggrey (a presenter); Bisi Ibidapo-Obe (an actress); Bukky Black (an actress) among  others.

15. But out of all his women, he came close to marrying actress Ronke Odusanya aka Flakky Ididowo years back, until that romance fizzled out without them getting to the altar.

Credits: Timilehin Ajagunna/THE NET,

FREEDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vols 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429 and 430 +The Stranger+The Eagle+Survival tips in Recession+Letter to Parents+HyperInflation in Nigeria+List of phones that wont be WhatsApp compliant+Law of Life



A few years after I was born, my Dad met a stranger who was new to our small town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer and soon invited him to live with our family. The stranger was quickly accepted and was around from then on.
As I grew up, I never questioned his place in my family. In my young mind, he had a special niche. My parents were complementary instructors: Mum taught me good from evil, and Dad taught me to obey. But the stranger… he was our storyteller. He would keep us spellbound for hours on end with adventures, mysteries and comedies.

If I wanted to know anything about politics, history or science, he always knew the answers about the past, understood the present and even seemed able to predict the future! He took my family to the first major league ball game. He made me laugh, and he made me cry. The stranger never stopped talking, but Dad didn’t seem to mind.
Sometimes, Mum would get up quietly while the rest of us were shushing each other to listen to what he had to say, and she would go to the kitchen for peace and quiet.
(I wonder now if she ever prayed for the stranger to leave.)

Dad ruled our household with certain moral convictions, but the stranger never felt obligated to honor them. Profanity, for example, was not allowed in our home – not from us, our friends or any visitors Our long time visitor, however, got away with four-letter words that burned my ears and made my dad squirm and my mother blush. My Dad didn’t permit the liberal use of alcohol but the stranger encouraged us to try it on a regular basis. He made cigarettes look cool, cigars manly, and pipes distinguished. He talked freely (much too freely!) about sex. His comments were sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally embarrassing.

I now know that my early concepts about relationships were influenced strongly by the stranger. Time after time, he opposed the values of my parents, yet he was seldom rebuked… And NEVER asked to leave.

More than fifty years have passed since the stranger moved in with our family. He has blended right in and is not nearly as fascinating as he was at first. Still, if you could walk into my parents’ den today, you would still find him sitting over in his corner, waiting for someone to listen to him talk and

watch him draw his pictures.

His name?….

We just call him ‘TV.’
(Note: This should be required reading for every household!)

The embarrassing thing is that in the course of time, he got a family and they are always hanging around at our home.
His wife? We call her ‘Computer.’ Their first child is “Cell Phone”. The
second, “IPod”. They even have a wonderful grandchild, a baby genius
fondly called ‘Blackberry’, or BB for short. She is more popular than her mom. Her new baby cousin is ” Ipad”. There are many other family members called android devices.

This engaging Stranger and his family have taken permanent residence in our house. They draw our hearts away from our family, teach our kids things we do not approve of, and when they are there, we have no time for productive stuff.
What can we do?








When a newspaper reporter interviewed a farmer who grew award-winning maize each year he entered his maize in the provincial agricultural fair, it was revealed that *the farmer shared his seed maize with his neighbours*.

Perplexed, the reporter asked, *“How can you afford to share your best seed maize with your neighbours when they are entering their maize in competition with yours each year?”*

The farmer smiled knowingly and explained, “The wind picks up pollen from the ripening maize and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior maize, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my maize. *If I am to grow good maize, I must help my neighbours grow good maize.”*

So it is with our lives. Those who want to live meaningfully and well must help enrich the lives of others. For *the value of a life, is measured by the lives it touches*. And those who choose to be happy must help others find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all. Call it power of collectivity. Call it a principle of success. Call it a law of life. The fact remains,

*“None of us truly wins, until we all win.”* In life, when you help the people around you to be good, you surely become the best. Always bear in mind that

*”Real happiness is found in helping others”.*
Have a fulfilled day.












*1.* *Eagles fly Alone and at High Altitudes.*
They don’t fly with sparrows, ravens, and other small birds.

*MEANING;* Stay away from narrow-minded people, those that bring you down. Eagle flies with Eagles. Keep good company.

*2.* *Eagles have an Accurate Vision.* They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km away. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

*MEANING;* Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacles and you will succeed.

*3.* *Eagles do not Eat Dead things. They Feed only on Fresh Prey.*

*MEANING;* Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.

*4.* *Eagles Love the Storm.*
When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storms wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the tree.

*MEANING;* Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

*5.* *When a Female Eagle Meets a Male Eagle* and they want to mate, she flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male eagle in hot pursuit. Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she drops the twig and let it fall to the ground while she watches. The male eagle chases after the twig and catches it before it reached the ground, then bring it back to the female eagle. The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude and drop the twig again for the male eagle to chase. This goes on for hours with the height increasing each time until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of picking the twig which shows commitment. Then and only then will she allow him to mate with her.

*MEANING;* Whether in private life or business, one should test the commitment of the people intended for partnership.

*6.* *Eagles Prepare for Training;*
They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually flies when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

*MEANING;* *Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth There.*

*7.* *When the Eagle Grows Old,*
His feathers becomes weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beaks and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.

*MEANING;* We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives should be let go.


*God’s grace on this journey we call LIFE….










Survival Guide for now till the end of Recession*

1. If you are an applicant take the next available offered job even if it is below your dream job.

2. Buy only items that are considered as necessities. Postpone all luxurious articles till later dates.

3. Forget about living a life to satisfy others’ expectation at the expense of your purse, income or convenience.

4. Avert taking unnecessary risk in your place of work or business that has the possibility of making you loose your job or major client.

5. Be committed to your profession, job or business more than ever before.

6. Re-evaluate your recurrent expenditure pattern like children school fees and effect necessary changes if found beyond your income line.

7. If you are blessed with many cars try and use those with less fuel consumption capacity. You may have to combine outings instead of members of the family taking different cars out for combinable outings.

8. Except you can afford it, resist all Aso Ebi or color of clothes made mandatory by a person inviting you to a ceremony. Nobody will prevent you from entering the venue even with odd dress.

9. Avert social functions that will tell terribly on your finances in terms of distance and the content of the Programme. Why not just send ‘envelope’ to the organizer instead.

10. Let those asking you for money know that things are no longer the same: stop pretending at your expense. Stop suffering in silence. When the chips are down you will be alone.

11. Notwithstanding any promise to the contrary, avoid lending money to anyone an amount which if you don’t receive on time will hurt your financial stability. Many friendly loans will be irrecoverable now as many expectation will be dashed.

12. If you are a tenant living in a rented palatial apartment with many rooms left unutilized, it is high time you get a smaller accommodation.

13. Where the house is yours and most of your children are adult leaving you and your spouse in a big apartment with less than half of the house being utilized, quickly consider modifying the house into smaller units with the possibility of earning rental income.

14. Plan only on funds at hand, avoid permutations based on promise made by others. In a time like this, the promisor may fail.

15. Where it is possible, talk things over on phone with people rather than putting your car on the road for physical meeting. In addition avoid endless fruitless banters on phone. Be conscious of the call card cost and data usage.

16. If you have a large retinue of hangers-on around you reduce the frequencies of meals.

17. Shut all lights that are not required in your house to minimize the energy bills.

18. Do more physical exercise to minimize constant requirement of drugs. Learn to trek short distances, it helps to improve your health and relive you of avoidable small expenses.

19. If the regular food in your house is becoming dearer look for alternative. For instance yam is a substitute for bread in the morning

20. If you will bear heavy responsibility in an event, insist on moderate programme in line with the amount you could afford, you could save some finances.

Please share to friends and family.

We shall surely overcome this recession period by God’s grace








The affected mobile devices include;

All Blackberry phones including blackberry10 devices

All Symbian Phones Includes;

Nokia 500, Nokia E6, Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230, Nokia E63, Nokia 5233, Nokia E66, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5250, Nokia E7, Nokia 5320, Nokia E71, Nokia 5530, Nokia E72, Nokia 5630, Nokia E73, Nokia 5700, Nokia E75, Nokia 5730, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia 5800, Nokia N76, Nokia 600, Nokia N78, Nokia 603, Nokia N79, Nokia 6110, Nokia N8, Nokia 6120, Nokia N81, Nokia 6121, Nokia N81 8 GB, Nokia 6124,Nokia N82,Nokia 6210,Nokia N85, Nokia 6220, Nokia N86 8 MP, Nokia 6290, Nokia N95, Nokia 6650 Fold, Nokia N95 8 GB, Nokia 6700, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia N96, Nokia 6720, Nokia N97, Nokia 6730, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 6760 Slide, Nokia X5-01, Nokia 6790 Surge, Nokia X6, Nokia 700, Nokia X7, Nokia 701, Samsung GT-i8510, Nokia 808 PureView, Samsung GT-l7110, Nokia C5, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Nokia C5-03, Samsung SGH-G810, Nokia C6, Samsung SGH-iNNN, Nokia C7, Samsung SGH-L870, Nokia E5, Sony Ericsson Satio, Nokia E51, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Nokia E52, Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro and Nokia E55

All Nokia S40 Phones Includes; Nokia Asha 201, Nokia Asha 300, Nokia Asha 302, okia Asha 303, Nokia Asha 306, Nokia Asha 311,Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia X2-00, Nokia X2-01 and Nokia X3-02
Window phones 7.1

iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

Andriod 2.1 and Andriod 2.2

The company added through its blog post that despite it was a tough decision for them to make, but still the right one in order to provide better service and better ways to keep in touch with your family, friends and loved ones using Whatsapp. Therefore if your phone falls within the stated range, you are advised to either upgrade to the newer version of Andriod, iPhone, Window or get a newer ones before the due date.














Small historical recall of hyper-inflations in Nigeria

It’s a fact that in the past few months Nigeria has experienced hyper-inflation. Goods prices have increased and increased and hit the roof-tops. Even Gala, Indomie , Bread, soap, common household and food items et al have increased prices. Gala is more that #50. Can u ever imagine that? Things have either had prices increased or quantities and sizes reduced, or even qualities reduced, or a combination of all the above. Drinks have been subtly diluted. Don’t let me mention names. Plate of food prices have increased over 50%. They have doubled in some cases.

In all my whole life, I rate this as the 3rd highest inflation I’ve ever experienced in life. I rate the hyper inflation that followed the few months of crisis after the June 12 election higher than this. And that was a period of internal crises, fuel scarcty, uncertainty, strikes and civil strive.

In times of peace, this is the 2nd highest. I rate it a little bit lower, almost at par with hyper-inflation of 1987/88/89 induced by IBB’s SAP programme. It was also very bad in those days and it affected the common man. The Shagari regime induced inflation in 1983 too was very very bad. Though not as bad as this one or evil IBB’s SAP, but it was near that.

If you are an indomie generation baby boomer born in the 21st century or 90s or 80s, you won’t understand this. It’s those of us either born in the 70s or older , that will understand this. But I’m confident as we overcame others, we shall soon overcome this Recession also.

Pls, do I have witnesses in the house? Whom to blame for all these: Government of course: Past and Present governments have their share of blames but this article isn’t to trade blames because Nigerians also share part of these blames. Do I have witnesses in the house?


















Dear parents,
Please, carefully look into the list below to see where you may want to make amends on yourself or the young ones you are caring for.
Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top in life, even if the parents are at the top of their career.
Manners take you to where your education can’t irrespective of your status, money or the “who you know” factor.
1) Going to your child’s school dressed indecently? Think again.
2) Speaking rashly to your child’s teacher.
3) Cursing, using foul words or swearing in front of your children.
4) Using makeup on children.
5) Dressing indecently for children (they loose the sense of their princesshood).
6) Putting earrings on your son’s ears.
7) Your child hold the cup or glassware by the brim and you don’t correct.
8) Your children don’t greet and you just feel they will come around one day because they have a mood swing. ( You will be blamed for it)
9) Your children eat with their mouth opened and you feel they will grow up some day.
10) Your children bring home something you did not buy for them and you say nothing. ( that is the beginning of stealing)
11) They talk back at you and you conclude it’s okay since you are a 21st century mummy. ( You will hate yourself if they do that outside and they are disciplined )
12) They interrupt when you are speaking with another adult and you think they are bold and clever. (Its really bad manners)
13) They exercise authority over their nanny and domestic staff and you let them be. ( that is bad parenting)
14) They say things like “my driver is on his way…”
I am not an advocate that children should call your domestic staff by name when they are not young people. The use of Miss, Mr or Mrs, Uncle, Aunty, Baba …. or Mama….. (if they have children ) will look good on them.
15) Your children don’t say- ‘Thank you’ when they have been helped or served something and you are cool with that. (Bad parenting)
16) When your children cannot stand children who are less privileged.
17) When they pick their nose with their hands.
18) When they don’t wash their hands after visiting the washroom.
19) When your children take something from the fridge without taking permission. (Bad parenting)
20) When your children don’t knock on closed doors.
21) When your children don’t collect from your hands the stuff you brought in as you walk in through the door.
22) When your children request for a bribe to carry out their home chores or extra task. (That is disgraceful )
23) When your children act like their grand parents irritate them.
24) When your children have not learnt to get up from the chair for the elderly or visitors to sit.
25) When your child tells a lot of lies. (You will both cry in the future)
26) When your child asks “who is that?” at a knock on your door instead of “please, who is there.”
27) When your child is always seated by your visitors when being served drinks etc.
28) When your children still point their fingers at other
29) When your children play and jump around when prayers are going on.(age 4 above).
30) Don’t be a 21st Century parent who cannot correct a child. Train your child in the way of the Lord so that when he grows up he will not depart frm it.
God bless you

Nigerian Big Boy Seun Egbegbe caught stealing expensive iPhones

This is Olasunkami Oluwaseun popularly known as Seun Egbeegbe.He is the one Nigerian top actress,Toyin Aimokhu,dated immediately her marriage crashed.Anyway,that’s even not the gist for today,but the gist is that Seun Egbeegbe was caught caught stealing in Lagos Thursday morning, just 2 days ago. .He was arrested at Computer village after he was caught with nine pieces of the latest IPhone 7 worth roughly 4.5Million naira.He was well beaten by the mob before he was handed over to the police.
What a shame…..This is a guy who is a film marketer,owns many landed properties with series of exotic cars,including a Range Rover.
What led him into this shameful act;recession,his usual way of life,acting under a spell?
This is a role model to some lazy people!!….Pople like this(emergency millionaire) are the reason why tha little boy’s future plan was to become a “yahoo yahoo”( fraudster).
What a big shame!!….Asale oro legbin!!


Akinlami Geyrils Alaba's photo.
Akinlami Geyrils Alaba's photo.
Akinlami Geyrils Alaba's photo.
Akinlami Geyrils Alaba's photo.
Akinlami Geyrils Alaba's photo.

As the news of Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe’s iPhones theft saga continues to trend on the social media, fresh reports have emerged that the filmmaker uses charms.

The Yoruba movie producer was attacked for allegedly trying to steal nine iPhones from a store.

A phone trader, Segun Akinola, at the computer village in Ikeja, Lagos State where the incident occurred, had disclosed that Egbegbe was known all over the famous computer village market for his alleged theft attitude.

Egbegbe, who was arraigned by the police before an ikeja Magistrates’ Court and granted bail on Thursday, had refuted claims he was arrested or beaten up for stealing iPhones in Lagos State. .

A source privy to the theft incident exclusively told DAILY POST that his (Egbegbe) charm failed him on the said day.

According to him, “How do you think Egbeegbe would walk into the mall accompanied by a young man, his voodoo accomplice, maybe, requesting 9 iPhones.

“What does he need 9 iPhones for? Is he a phone dealer? His charm would have made him invincible, that was why he took them (phones) to his car parked many metres away without prior notice to the phone attendant. Or maybe the sales person would have become dumb or blind or something like that until he was off the environment. As if to say he hypnotize the sales person.

“The reason he walked away was because he uses charm.

“When the sales boy ran after him to demand for the money, Egbegbe claimed he had paid; that he should be left alone. He entered his vehicle and was zooming off when the sales boy shouted, held on to him, while both exchanged blows.

“His accomplice escaped, maybe to go back to the babalawo that the charm failed. This is how all these celebrities and public figures so to speak, go around seeking for spiritual powers. They flaunt their wealth but do you ever wonder how they get it?” our source quizzed.

Meanwhile, UK trained journalist, Kemi Olunloyo told DAILY POST Egbegbe uses charms.

She said he steals to impress women with gadgets gifts “according to his current girlfriend who spoke to me exclusively.”

So many people would have thought that filmmaker, Seun Egbegbe, was perhaps, directing a movie when the  news and pictures hit the internet that he was beaten for absconding with nine iphones at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

Even as Egbegbe has denied the story describing it as “laughable and better left in the court of public opinion”, Saturday Beats visited the market earlier in the week where so many people gave an account of how the incident happened.

The shop, Kaaltech Innovations, has been under lock and key since the incident but when Saturday Beatsspoke to the owner of the shop, Kolawole Aleshinloye on telephone, he said he was out of town but the matter was with the police.

“At this point, I am out of town and I told them to lock my store. I came around yesterday and witnessed everything. I put down my statement at Area F Police Command. The case is with the police. I told them to lock my store because my boy was wounded and he is currently at the hospital. My secretary has gone to the police station upon invitation. Anything you want, just go to Area F police command and ask for the IPO in charge.

“My boy was injured because he was being dragged by the car when they were trying to get away with the phones. The guy has written his statement and there is a formal petition from the Nigerian Police. The guy (Egbegbe) had never come to buy anything from my store before now and I don’t know him. I did not see him because I was not at the office but my staff attended to him. They were the one that took him to the police station. I just showed up at the police station but I am not an eye witness.

“I have never been involved in a robbery or theft case and sincerely I don’t know what to do and that is why the police is handling everything. I don’t have the time to handle this type of case. As I speak with you, I am about travelling out of the country. I missed my flight yesterday because of this issue. I was on my way to the airport when this incident happened so if there is anything I need to do, my lawyers would handle the matter. We have an association in Computer Village; Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria; the members of the association were the ones that took him to the police station.”

But then, a shop owner who identified himself as Onyeka, said he witnessed what happened since his shop is directly opposite  the scene of the incident.

Onyeka described Egbegbe as a ‘bloody liar’ for denying that he was involved in the theft.

“I was around when it happened and the man cannot deny it. It happened and the man stole the phones. If it did not happen, why did he have a bloodied mouth? Those guys outside were the ones that beat him but they did not beat him up to stupor, they just ‘touched him small’. At about 11am, the man came to the store claiming that he wanted to buy some phones. He had spoken to the sales girl but all of a sudden, he told them to pack the phones for him and that he would give them the money in his vehicle. As he got to his vehicle, he put the phones in the car and instead of him to bring out the money; he entered the vehicle which was already in motion. He was not alone in the car.

“The sales rep had to raise the alarm that the man was leaving with the goods. An SUV that was in front of his car had to stop to ensure that he did not run away with the phones and that was how they caught up with him and those with him in the vehicle. If the SUV was not there, they would have absconded with the phones because the road was very free. He was already inside the car and the car was in motion. I think there were about two other people in the car with him. The vehicle was in motion and ready to zoom off, yet he claimed that he wanted to give someone money. The police came around and he was handed over to them,” Onyeka said.

Another shop owner who didn’t want his name in print, insisted he saw how Egbegbe rushed to his car with the phones and would have zoomed off.

“This guy is a liar. So is he saying he had over N2m in his car and he was going to bring the money from the car? Why didn’t he bring the money when he entered the shop or even tell the shop attendant to hold the phones while he got the money? The guy really wanted to outsmart the shop attendant but his luck ran out. That way why we beat him silly,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a  release he pushed out after the incident, Egbegbe said, “To say the least, the news did not only grossly misinform unsuspecting public; it also portrays traces of campaign of calumny by some mercenary hirelings hell bent on destroying my name, for reasons best known to them.

“Having read with keen interest the completely self-serving spirited attempt to destroy my person, it has become imperative and timely that a rejoinder is written to state the fact clearly. I want to state here categorically and emphatically that though I was at Computer Village to address some issues, I was never arrested for stealing 10 iphone 7, as stated by the writer of the story, the matter has since been resolved by the Nigeria Police; and the issue of me stealing phone is devilish.”

Meanwhile in a telephone conversation with Egbegbe’s publicist, Saturday Beats learnt that he was arraigned on Thursday at a the Magistrate Court in Ikeja on a one count charge of theft but he has since met his one million naira bail condition. His publicist further emphasised that Egbge is not in prison but resting somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos.

Additional Credits : Daily Post, Punch

Ooni of Ife Unveils The Statue of Moremi Ajasoro, The Tallest In Nigeria & Third Tallest In Africa

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has unveiled Africa’s third tallest statue in Ile-Ife.

The 42-feet statue is situated at the exact spot where Moremi lived in Ile-Ife thousands of years ago.

Commencing November 21st 2016 – the ‘REAL’ statue of liberty – on the exact spot where Moremi lived in Ile-Ife thousands of years ago will be unveiled. This will be the 3rd tallest statue in Africa .

At 42 feet tall with 30 risers. It is the tallest statue in Nigeria and the 3rd tallest in Africa.

Constructed right on the spot Moremi lived several centuries of years ago.

100 percent locally constructed by Nigerian engineers and youths sourced with sole Nigerian Materials.

At 161 feet, African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal, is the tallest statue in Africa, followed by the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt which is 66 feet.

Moremi Ajasoro statue of Liberty in Ile- Ife , Nigeria at 42 feet is now the third tallest in Africa.

Ramesses II in Egypt at 30 feet, is the fourth tallest. Nelson Mandela Union Building in South Africa has a 28 feet statue and is the fifth tallest in the continent and Jesus Satue in Owerri Nigeria the fifth as well.

'Ooni of Ife Unveils The Statue of Moremi Ajasoro, The Tallest In Nigeria & Third Tallest In Africa The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has unveiled Africa’s third tallest statue in Ile-Ife. The 42-feet statue is situated at the exact spot where Moremi lived in Ile-Ife thousands of years ago. Commencing November 21st 2016 – the ‘REAL’ statue of liberty – on the exact spot where Moremi lived in Ile-Ife thousands of years ago will be unveiled. This will be the 3rd tallest statue in Africa . At 42 feet tall with 30 risers. It is the tallest statue in Nigeria and the 3rd tallest in Africa. Constructed right on the spot Moremi lived several centuries of years ago. 100 percent locally constructed by Nigerian engineers and youths sourced with sole Nigerian Materials. At 161 feet, African Renaissance Monument in Dakar, Senegal, is the tallest statue in Africa, followed by the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt which is 66 feet. Moremi Ajasoro statue of Liberty in Ile- Ife , Nigeria at 42 feet is now the third tallest in Africa. Ramesses II in Egypt at 30 feet, is the fourth tallest. Nelson Mandela Union Building in South Africa has a 28 feet statue and is the fifth tallest in the continent and Jesus Satue in Owerri Nigeria the fifth as well.'
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“There Is No Shortcut To Maturity, Africa Should Be recolonized – Donald Trump

Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.
Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.
“It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be life presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump
“When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-torn countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people” Added Trump. Truth hurts.

Truth hurts but that’s the plain truth. How much has independence benefitted the average african man? Haven’t we been recolonised by our wicked leaders?

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Meet The 23-Year-Old Medical Student Who Bagged 19 Awards At UNIBEN Convocation

One of the 12,808 students who graduated from University of Benin on Saturday grabbed the attention of Nigerians on the internet with his impressive performance.

Pius Ojemolon, a University of Benin medical graduate, bagged 19 awards at his university convocation on Saturday. The awards include school sponsored Best graduating student in pathology, Best graduating student in pharmacology, Best graduating student in community health, Best graduating student in obstetrics and gynaecology, Best graduating student in internal medicine, Best graduating student in surgery, Best graduating student in the School of Medicine and others sponsored by groups and individuals.

Saturday was not the first time Ojemolon would win the admiration of his lecturers, colleagues and Nigerians. In 2015, he was awarded the Most Outstanding Medical Student for his ground-breaking distinction in the third professional Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in Pathology and Clinical Pharmacology held in that year.

pius-ojemolon2Ojemolon had his elementary education at Licia Private School, Ewah Road, Benin City, Edo State. He moved on to Convent Christian Academy, also in Benin City for his secondary school education.

About his source of inspiration the 23-year-old said: “God above all, then my parents, Mr and Mrs Pius Ojemolon. They have inspired me since I was a child and I’m eternally grateful to them.”

Being an avid sports lover, whenever he is not studying his medical books, he is busy analysing sports on ‘’, a sports platform he co-founded with three of his friends.

“The next step now is Housemanship,” said Ojemolon, who described himself as always thinking out of the box, weirdly imaginative but driven and motivated. He hopes to begin that in the nearest future.


I Will Never Stop, I Want To Have The World’s Tiniest Waist Says Model Who Has Done Over 100 Surgeries Already, Got Six Of Her Ribs Removed

A surgery-obsessed 26-year-old has undergone multiple procedures in her bid to become a ‘living cartoon’ to the dismay of her conservative family. Swedish glamour model Pixee Fox, who now lives in North Carolina, has already had more than 100 cosmetic procedures and radical surgeries including famously having six ribs removed.

She has also changed the colour of her eyes, had several boob jobs and most recently pumped up her bottom and lips via a fat transfer procedure. She no longer looks anything like her sister, who has never had surgery..


Pixee, who once trained to be an electrician, admits she does look totally different to her younger self now but she still isn’t content and is planning further surgery.

She said: ‘I was satisfied with how I looked then and I’m satisfied with how I look now but I have this vision of what I want to look like and I am going to keep on pursuing it. ‘Next year in 2017 I want to have ten more procedures. And I am going to start corset training and try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s smallest waist.’

Her pursuit of plastic perfection and jet-set lifestyle is in stark contrast to her roots, growing up in a rural part of Gavle, Sweden, living with her parents and older sister.



Today, November 20, 2016, is the birthday of a certain former President Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe Jonathan!
Some birthdays bring smiles to many people while some birthdays bring frowns, and Goodluck Jonathan’s is no exception. We will henceforth always commemorate his birthday every year with frowns just like we do of the brutal, genocidal dictator called Adolf Hitler!
On November 20, 2014, that’s on his birthday two years ago, both he and his impish cronies set out every arrangement for an elaborate birthday party: the champagne bottles were ready in large numbers; the camorra that were to consume the champagne and all the prepared delicacies were also ready, and, of course, the huge sums of money that were to be further stolen in celebration of that inglorious birthday were also ready to be stolen. Everything was perfectly ready except one!
And what’s that one thing that was not ready? Well, the evil and corrupt dictator on his birthday last year ordered policemen to invade the National Assembly and help a band of criminal lawmakers to make sure House Speaker Aminu Tambuwal was removed by either hook or crook! The rogue and his criminal gang were anxiously waiting at the venue of their inglorious birthday party for the “good news” that Hon. Aminu Tambuwal has been removed as Speaker of the House of Representatives, but they didn’t figure out that Tambuwal and his supporters were dogged fighters. The plot failed. The police were shamed. And the birthday party of the most corrupt dictator in Nigeria’s history turned sour! And the nation and the entire world rejoiced that Nigeria’s evil dictator has been one-upped by Speaker Tambuwal and his loyalists! Praise the Lord!
That’s why we are wearing frowns today in commemoration of the birthday of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the man who broke all records of bad governance; the man who broke any known records of corruption; the man who broke all records of promoting disunity for selfish gains; the man who attempted to subvert the laws of Arithmetic by promoting a strange theory that says small numbers are bigger than big numbers, and the man who didn’t blink an eye in committing genocide through mischievous statecraft!
We can still afford to smile anyway when we remember how God Almighty took away that curse from the saddle of our country’s leadership. All praise be to Him!
And to the Wailing Wailers who are celebrating the birthday of their Grand Master today, we wish them everything that Goodluck Jonathan did to our country Nigeria, and may such things dwell with them permanently!

How Celestial Church of Christ Founder Prophet Samuel Oshoffa Died After Ghastly Motor Accident On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway In September 1985 (+ Chilling Final Words)

Nigeria is one of the most religious nations on earth and as expected, the history of the country is full of many remarkable leaders of religion. One of these was the late Prophet Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa, the pastor and founder of the Celestial Church of Christ (Nigeria Diocese). He remains one of the most influential religious leaders in the history of Nigeria so when he died; it sent massive shock waves across the country. But how did he die? This is the gripping story of how Pa Oschoffa passed on. It all started on the 1st of September, 1985.

On that fateful day, Oschoffa and two assistant evangelists who worked closely with him, Thomas Chukwuemeka Benissan and Godwin Oritse Clement Macmetsantrun, embarked on a pastoral journey. They were travelling from the Ketu International Headquarters of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) to the Mokola branch of the church in Ibadan, Oyo State. Their goal was to attend a harvest thanksgiving service but unfortunately for the trio, they would never reach their destination or set their eyes on the church in Mokola.


INTERESTING: The late Oschoffa in the 1980s and the ill-fated Mercedes-Benz in which they were driving that day.

They were travelling on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in a Mercedes-Benz when all of a sudden there was an explosive sound. One of the tyres had burst and the car went into a series of frightening somersaults. It was a very bloody affair. By the time the car reached a spot, both Benissan, 37, and Macmetsantrum, 52, died on the spot. They were some of his closest aides but he did not know that they had died. Interestingly, Oschoffa himself escaped without a scratch, without any visible injuries. He was rushed to a hospital to get medical evaluation and attention.

OGUN BOYS: During his lifetime, Oschoffa was so influential that in the 1970s, he was shown here enjoying a meal with the Nigerian head of state, Olusegun Obasanjo.

OGUN BOYS: During his lifetime, Oschoffa was so influential that in the 1970s, he was shown here enjoying a meal with the Nigerian head of state, Olusegun Obasanjo.

At first, he was rushed to a hospital based on Ring Road in Ibadan. Later, Oschoffa demanded that he be taken to Labi Hospital at Ilupeju in Lagos. But three days after the devastating accident, Oschoffa asked again that he be taken to another hospital. He was transferred to the First Shadrach Hospital and there, he chose to be accommodated in the penthouse of the hospital. Throughout the ordeal, Oschoffa was very worried about his aides and he kept asking of them but he was told they were receiving treatment at a hospital in Ibadan. They were too scared to tell him of the tragic demise of his assistant evangelists. Oschoffa said he wanted them to be around him so he could help them. Unknown to the CCC church leader, the cases of his aides were already beyond any mortal intervention. He was so worried that he told well-wishers in his room:

If anything should happen to them the consequence would be disastrous. They are too young to die. I should die instead.


While he was staying at Shadrach Hospital, Oschoffa displayed a constant change in his personality and mood. At some moments, he was reported to have talked ‘like an extraordinary being’ and at such times, he would speak like any other human being and he said during such moments:

I cannot die in an accident…I cannot sleep in my home…there are too many enemies.

Those who were with him said he appeared not afraid to die but he was very subtle, mild and gentle in his preference to stay alive for more years. He said:

Here (Shadrach Hospital) is peaceful. I wish I could live here forever.

It was never revealed what got Oschoffa so scared that he did not stay in his home in his last days but whatever the case, the hope he had soon succumbed to despair. The signs of death were too palpable for him to ignore. He decided to express him and told some of his church elders:

When the time of God comes, man will just sleep and pass away.

The last three days of Oschoffa on earth have been described as being similar to the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and the vigil in the Garden of Gethsemane. This is a recap of the last 72 hours of Oschoffa’s life:

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1985: Oschoffa conducted a brief service of thanksgiving with members of the Board of Trustees of his church and a few elders in the penthouse of the hospital.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1985: He held what would later become the last meeting with the top church hierarchy from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. During this meeting, he warned his lieutenants of the leadership tussle and crisis that was going to engulf the church and he outlined how to solve it. It was in a post-service chat that the death of his aides was cluelessly leaked to him. It was as if a thunderbolt had hit him, Oschoffa felt terribly bad about the news. Some of those who were present felt the bombshell should not have been dropped on him. By the next day, Oschoffa was dead but even his final moments were quite interesting indeed.

On his final day on earth, 10th of September, 1985, Oschoffa prayed early in the morning with some of the nurses on duty. After the prayers, he sank into his chair with his massive six-foot frame and as he leaned on the back rest, he clasped his hands in prayer mood. It was in that position that he died, some even thought he was meditating but Oschoffa was already gone.

At his last moments on earth, it was clear that he was expecting the end and he prepared himself for it. He told sympathizers and relatives at his bedside:

Jesus Christ died. He was only 33. Why shouldn’t I die? I’m 76. The hour has come for me to be sacrificed. The time is here for me to leave this life. I have done my best in this race.

And he did. He was 76. But what followed next would be more dramatic. Stay tuned to this page for the next chapter of the saga. By the way, watch Oschoffa speak below about witches and witchcraft: