*1.* *Eagles fly Alone and at High Altitudes.*
They don’t fly with sparrows, ravens, and other small birds.

*MEANING;* Stay away from narrow-minded people, those that bring you down. Eagle flies with Eagles. Keep good company.

*2.* *Eagles have an Accurate Vision.* They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km away. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

*MEANING;* Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacles and you will succeed.

*3.* *Eagles do not Eat Dead things. They Feed only on Fresh Prey.*

*MEANING;* Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.

*4.* *Eagles Love the Storm.*
When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storms wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the tree.

*MEANING;* Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

*5.* *When a Female Eagle Meets a Male Eagle* and they want to mate, she flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male eagle in hot pursuit. Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she drops the twig and let it fall to the ground while she watches. The male eagle chases after the twig and catches it before it reached the ground, then bring it back to the female eagle. The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude and drop the twig again for the male eagle to chase. This goes on for hours with the height increasing each time until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of picking the twig which shows commitment. Then and only then will she allow him to mate with her.

*MEANING;* Whether in private life or business, one should test the commitment of the people intended for partnership.

*6.* *Eagles Prepare for Training;*
They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually flies when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

*MEANING;* *Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth There.*

*7.* *When the Eagle Grows Old,*
His feathers becomes weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beaks and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.

*MEANING;* We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives should be let go.


*God’s grace on this journey we call LIFE….

Happy Sunday

Are you diligent or hardworking at work?


Professor Yemi Osinbajo

While I was teaching at the University of Lagos, as a young lecturer, in the department of Public Law in the Faculty of Law, there were 3 typists in the department. The chief typist, senior typist, and the junior typist. Because in those days before laptops and personal computers, typists in universities had to do a lot of work and they were very important because you always needed to type all your materials.
When there was work to do, what l discovered was that the chief typist would disappear. He works only till 4 pm. The senior typist would be nowhere to be found. But a gentleman called Adereni the junior typist, who only had his school certificate, was remarkably hardworking. Sometimes I would drop him off at his home at 1am.
Years after I was working as an adviser to the then Attorney-General of the Federation Hon. Bola Ajibola, who later became a judge of the World Court. While in the court at The Hague, in the Netherlands, one day he called me and asked if I could recommend a good secretary who is hard working and could do long judgments. I had three options, chief typist, senior or this junior typist, but the junior typist at a time had only school certificate, he didn’t have any other qualification but l choose him. He got to the Hague, and typically worked hard and diligently. Every judge in the court wanted him to work with them. He later moved his family over to the Hague and got degrees and made a good living for himself. One day he remembered me and actually sent me a car.

Remember, whether you are hardworking or diligent in what you are doing or not, someone is always watching.


Today, November 20, 2019, is the birthday of a certain former President Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe Jonathan!
Some birthdays bring smiles to many people while some birthdays bring frowns, and Goodluck Jonathan’s is no exception. We will henceforth always commemorate his birthday every year with frowns just like we do of the brutal, genocidal dictator called Adolf Hitler!

On November 20, 2014, that’s on his birthday five years ago, both he and his impish cronies set out every arrangement for an elaborate birthday party: the champagne bottles were ready in large numbers; the camorra that were to consume the champagne and all the prepared delicacies were also ready, and, of course, the huge sums of money that were to be further stolen in celebration of that inglorious birthday were also ready to be stolen. Everything was perfectly ready except one!

And what’s that one thing that was not ready? Well, the evil and corrupt dictator on his birthday three years ago ordered policemen to invade the National Assembly and help a band of criminal lawmakers to make sure House Speaker Aminu Tambuwal was removed by either hook or crook! The rogue and his criminal gang were anxiously waiting at the venue of their inglorious birthday party for the “good news” that Hon. Aminu Tambuwal has been removed as Speaker of the House of Representatives, but they didn’t figure out that Tambuwal and his supporters were dogged fighters. The plot failed. The police were shamed. And the birthday party of the most corrupt dictator in Nigeria’s history turned sour! And the nation and the entire world rejoiced that Nigeria’s evil dictator has been one-upped by Speaker Tambuwal and his loyalists! Praise the Lord!

That’s why we are wearing frowns today in commemoration of the birthday of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the man who broke all records of bad governance; the man who broke any known records of corruption; the man who broke all records of promoting disunity for selfish gains; the man who attempted to subvert the laws of Arithmetic by promoting a strange theory that says small numbers are bigger than big numbers, and the man who didn’t blink an eye in committing genocide through mischievous statecraft!

We can still afford to smile anyway when we remember how God Almighty took away that curse from the saddle of our country’s leadership. All praise be to Him!
And to the Wailing Wailers who are celebrating the birthday of their Grand Master today, we wish them everything that Goodluck Jonathan did to our country Nigeria, and may such things dwell with them permanently! Amen!

Original Article Written and published by Comrade Cham Faliya Sharon in 2015


Now, it’s difficult to piece together what is going to become of Zimbabwe after now, however history gives us a peek at the key actors in the drama currently playing out.
Now, this is the story you dont’t know.

Mugabe the deposed President of Zimbabwe, Constantine Chiwenga the Head of the Zimbabwean Military and Mnangagwa the sacked Vice President of Zimbabwe are all friends, very good friends, they are comrades. The three men were in their 20’s when they entered the bushes and took part in the liberation struggle to free Zimbabwe from white rule. Mugabe who was initially the Sect General of ZANU PF, became the head of state, the other two men were equally given plum positions of power and have continued as the 3 musketeers presiding over the destiny of Zimbabwe for 37 years.

Sometime in the 90’s – Mugabe, the first musketeer fell in love with his personal secretary who happened to be another man’s wife at the time, the lady’s name was Grace and she became his mistress. While Mugabe was still married Grace had children for him. In 1996 they became man and wife after the death of Mugabe’s first spouse.
But Grace was no ordinary mistress turned wife, she was not ready to take a backseat, she turned herself into Mugabe’s political confidant, she used the bed and made her way to the very centre of Zimbabwean politics straining the relationship between Mugabe and his two comrades.
Mnangagwa the 2nd musketeer after many years of loyalty became Mugabe’s Vice President in 2014, paving the way for his eventual hold on power should Mugabe retire, resign or die. But Grace had other ideas she wangled her way into ZANU PF’s politburo and began her move to take out Mnangagwa and take power from her ailing husband.
In August 2017 Mnangagwa accused certain persons in the party of trying to poison him and made references to Grace. This didn’t go down well with Mugabe, how could anyone accuse his beautiful Serengeti Rose flower. What Mugabe forgot was that boys are allowed to fight but the brotherhood must stay strong and united. In a move that shocked everyone (but didn’t shock his beloved Grace) , he removed Mnangagwa from the position of Vice President, Mnangagwa not sure of what Grace will do to him fled to South Africa.

Now comes the 3rd musketeer Chiwenga Head of the Zimbabwaean military, a friend and brother of both Mugabe and Mnangagwa, “this is all the fault of one woman”, he is probably thinking in his mind, ” we were one until this woman came. I trust Mnangagwa to takeover, I don’t know this woman; by the way, where was she when we were sleeping in the bushes before the liberation”.
Chiwenga sends a warning to Mugabe advising him to put his house in order, the first time he has ever spoken this way to his senior comrade. Thinking Mugabe will take the signal, call him, negotiate and talk things over a cup of tea. NO! Mugabe does the exact opposite, he sends his Minister of Information to tell the Army General to stay out of State matters, Mugabe then finalises plans to sack Chiwenga perhaps to pave an unhindered route to the throne for Grace.

The military chief thought this had gone too far his brother and comrade in arms had drunk deep from the strange woman’s bosom, it’s wasn’t him acting any longer , so he rolled out his tanks early this morning. He’s therefore right when he says,”this is not a coup” ; when you really look at it, 3 friends have only fallen out over the inordinate ambitions of a woman.

Latest reportś say Mnangagwa the 2nd Musketeer is on his way back from South Africa, i’ve just read a report he’s going to be installed interim President. The 1st Musketter Mugabe is under house arrest. The 3rd Musketter is in the saddle promising calm and quick elections. The 3 men have held Zimbabwe under lock and key for 37yrs, this is nothing but a change of baton. Zimbabwe needs a real revolution out of the hands of the veterans of the liberation struggle. No doubt in the 21st century Zimbabwe is the frozen out Animal Farm in George Orwells celebrated work.

Meanwhile the woman Grace, who started the whole katakata, I hear has fled the country leaving her beloved husband who sacrificed everything, to face an uncertain fate.
16m Zimbabweans could not remove Mugabe but a woman did.

Mama was always right when she always told me, “son – be careful who you fall in love with and eventually marry”.
A lesson to all men!! #Copied

The Lion, Sheep and the tortoise


Long-time ago in the Animal Kingdom, a sheep was passing and saw a lion crying inside a cage trapped and the lion begged the sheep to save him with a promise not to kill and eat it but the sheep refused. After much persuasion and for the sheep’s gullibility it opened the cage for the lion.

Now the lion was very hungry having stayed in the cage for days without food. It quickly grabbed the sheep to kill and eat but the sheep reminded him of his promise. They were still there arguing when other animals came passing and they sought to know what happened. Both the lion and the sheep narrated their own side of the story but because of fear and in trying to gain Favour in the sight of the lion, all the animals took side with the lion except the Tortoise who claim not to understand the whole scenario.

Now the Tortoise asked the lion to show them where he was before the sheep rescued him, he pointed at the cage. He asked again, “were you inside or outside when the sheep arrived”? The lion said he was inside. The tortoise again said, “ok, enter let’s see how difficult it could be inside”. The lion entered and the tortoise locked him back inside.

In amazement, the other animals asked tortoise “why” and he replied “if we allow him to eat the sheep today, he will still go hungry tomorrow and we don’t know the next amongst us to be eaten tomorrow.

The Moral of this tale
*Don’t support evil today because it doesn’t affect you directly, tomorrow it could be your turn*


1. *We live in times where we see many humans, but not enough Humanity;*

2. *We live in times where the rich has more rooms than children and the poor has more children than rooms.*

3. *We live in times where smart phones bring you closer to those who are far, but distance you from those who are close;*

4. *We live in times where we open Facebook, more than Holy Book;*

5. *We live in times where a single mother can look after 10 children, but 10 children can’t look after a single mother;*

6. *We live in times where the rich walk miles to digest food, while the poor walk miles to obtain food;*

7. *We live in times where women are paid to be naked, while others are fined to be dressed;*

8. *We live in times where our contact lists are huge, but our relationships are poor;*

9. *We live in times where our possessions are more, but our appreciation is less;*

10. *We live in times where we know how to earn a good living, but somehow forget how to live good;*

11 *We live in times where many know the price of everything, but the value of nothing;*

Indeed we live in a strange world.


A journalist interview with Benjamin Adekunle at the war front

“I have to kill the Ibos—sorry”
Benjamin Adekunle
Stern reporter Randolph Baumann spoke with the General of the Nigerian front troops.

“If you want to get to know the devil of Africa, just ask for Adekunle. He is the man who is responsible for the death of 100,000 Ibo people”. The man who provided this tip to Randolph Baumann, the Stern reporter, was Mister Ikpa, the official representative of the Republic of Biafra in Lisbon. Mister Ikpa knew even more: “Adekunle does not like journalists. He had a man from England who disagreed with him shaved bald, do an hour of push-ups, and write one-thousand times: I am a crappy Englishman and don’t have a say in Nigeria”.

Having been thus forewarned, the Stern reporter flew to Port Harcourt, a big Biafra harbor city in the midst of a swamp and in the oil field of the Niger-delta, and requested an interview from Benjamin Adekunle.

Major Adekunle, 28-years old, General of the Nigerian troops on the South front sat enthroned behind the General’s desk of the Shell administration, which he had made into his main station when he took the Ibo-city by storm on May 18. Now he stated:

“I am convinced you will report objectively and keep to our orders.” We confirmed that.

“Okay,” he beamed, “the Germans just know how war works. Tonight there is a front-party in my headquarters. You will come! An order is an order!”

This interview with the most important man in the Nigerian war took place at night. Whisky and beer were abundant, uniformed go-go girls played DJ, Adekunle danced and petted his mascot, a small mountain goat named “Ojukwu”.

STERN: Your friends in the federal government of Lagos call you the “bloodhound of Nigeria”. You are chasing a whole people. You kill everything.

ADEKUNLE: Europeans are awful. They always generalize. My troops have kept prisoners. You have had a chance to convince yourself of this.

STERN: I only saw one prisoner, a fifteen-year old boy.

ADEKUNLE: There you are! In addition I want to emphasize that we do not murder all people who no longer want to remain members of the Nigeria Federation.

STERN: Does that mean that you do not want the extinction of the Ibos?

ADEKUNLE: The nation which the Ibos founded under the name of Biafra on May 30, 1967 is not a pure Ibo-federation. You Europeans should really know that by now. Seven million Ibos and five million other population groups are living now in the 80% overpopulated Biafra: Ibibios, Ijaws, Kalabaris, Ekios, Efiks, and Annangs. These minority populations in the Ibo nation have always hated the Ibos. Therefore they jubilantly welcome the liberation of their areas through federal troops.

STERN: What are your troops doing when they march into a town around Port Harcourt, an area where most of the farmers are not Ibos?

ADEKUNLE: We aim at everything that moves.

STERN: Small children tend not to stay put for very long.

ADEKUNLE: I know. I have two myself.

STERN: What will your troops do when you get to the Ibo heartland, that is, to the place populated by Ibos only?

ADEKUNLE: There we will aim at everything even if it is not moving.

STERN: Are you racist?

ADEKUNLE: You should know exactly where racists are. There is no such thing as racism in Nigeria.

STERN: But why are you refusing to discuss this war with a European?

ADEKUNLE: Let me tell you something: When the Russians surrounded Stalingrad did you request a land corridor from them so as to better feed your soldiers who were stuck in the pot there? Of course you didn’t and I can tell from your face that you think the thought of a land corridor to bring in food for the captured German soldiers in Stalingrad is a bad joke. Me too. Where and when, …………., was there a war in which the loser was re-nourished one more time before the final loss? Why are you just calling for a land corridor for Biafra? Why aren’t you calling for a land corridor for the Viet Kong? I have to declare: You Europeans are simply not competent!

STERN: What is happening to the European Humanitarian Assistance programs which were authorized through your government?

ADEKUNLE: In the section of the front that I rule—and that is the whole south front from Lagos to the border of Cameroon—I do not want to see the Red Cross, Caritas Aid, World Church delegation, Pope, Missionary, or UN delegation.

STERN: Does that mean that the many thousands of tons of food that are stored in Lagos will never get to the refugee camps in your section of the country?

ADEKUNLE: You are a sharp one, my friend. That’s exactly what I am saying.

STERN: But you said yourself that most of the refugees in the part you captured are not Ibos.

ADEKUNLE: But there could be Ibos among them. I want to avoid feeding a single Ibo as long as this whole people have not given up yet.

STERN: Do you sometimes feel sympathy for the Ibos?

ADEKUNLE: I have learned a word from the British, which is “sorry”! That’s how I want to respond to your question. I did not want this war but I want to win this war. Therefore I have to kill the Ibos. Sorry!

The End.

What Alhaji Agba Forgot

The Kwara man has been singing. Lamentations from Kwara. He invested so much to bring the government to power. N200 million here, N300 million there. He funded almost all the states. The Bank Managers were on Alhaji Agba’s speed dial, as he dished out instruction upon instruction, for funds to be transferred to God knows who.

Who knows who the Kwara man was sending money to? Who knows to what intent and purpose? Building a support base for his personal ambition? He would like us believe it was to ensure the success of the President and/or the party. We accept his version.

He invested so much only to be shortchanged, denied the opportunity to nominate people into offices, secure appointments and head agencies of government and all that.

True, there is nothing wrong to have such expectation that surrogates and foot soldiers will be compensated with appointments into public offices. That is the nature of the game. It is one of the dividends which come with political participation. Everywhere.

What Alhaji Agba forgot to tell his audience was the most important bit of it all – how he scuttled whatever hope there might have been for him to be a possible source of influence on account of his lack of restraint and overriding personal ambition. He sacrificed the same folks he was lamenting to, on the altar of personal aggrandisement the day he hid in the car park while party members gathered elsewhere.

The day he chose to go against the decision of the majority in his party, putting self over and above the interest of his party and, indirectly, that of his followers, was the day he lost it. He gained power, but lost lost influence.

To be shedding crocodile tears in Kwara, years after the act of 2015 in Abuja is a pity. He can only find succour in the embrace of those of his ilk and the partisan neutrals.

We said it then that in his desperation for that office, he traded away his tomorrow for a short-lived and trouble-laden yesterday. His was a pyrrhic victory. A case of Adie ba l’okun, ara o r’okun, ara o r’ adie.

He might not have been smart enough to see it then or simply thought he was going to successfully ride the storm.
He thought he was going to be able to buy a future for himself on the platform he hijacked. Optimistic. We did not see that happening. It has not turned out the way he thought.

He had a rough yesterday. He is faced with a more uncertain tomorrow. He should drink his zobo all alone. Whatever he faces today has little to do with the foot-soldiers or the State. He simply overshot himself, on account of selfishness and inability to understand to properly situate the place of delayed gratification.

There are other Leaders of the party who sacrificed themselves and might not have as much to show as personal gains as he has. There are many ordinary folks who gave their all and have not been acknowledged or ‘compensated’.

He thought the way to secure his nest was by the route of a Senate Presidency. He had his way. His lamentation, self-serving and deceitful as it might be, indicates it did not turn out as he had expected. It does happen.

Politics, especially for those who invest in it for personal gains, is like kalokalo. It is a sport, a gamble. Alhaji Agba should count his losses, if any, in the other room and save those who did not send him on this errand needless lamentations.

– Simbo Olorunfemi’s wall


1. *We live in times where we see many humans, but not enough Humanity;*

2. *We live in times where the rich has more rooms than children and the poor has more children than rooms.*

3. *We live in times where smart phones bring you closer to those who are far, but distance you from those who are close;*

4. *We live in times where we open Facebook, more than Holy Book;*

5. *We live in times where a single mother can look after 10 children, but 10 children can’t look after a single mother;*

6. *We live in times where the rich walk miles to digest food, while the poor walk miles to obtain food;*

7. *We live in times where women are paid to be naked, while others are fined to be dressed;*

8. *We live in times where our contact lists are huge, but our relationships are poor;*

9. *We live in times where our possessions are more, but our appreciation is less;*

10. *We live in times where we know how to earn a good living, but somehow forget how to live good;*

11 *We live in times where many know the price of everything, but the value of nothing;*

Indeed we live in a strange world.


Kogi: Hope In Moment Of Despair

Kogi: Hope In Moment Of Despair

By Dr. Safiya S. Musa

It is quite normal for Kogites who had anticipated a hitch-free, credible and transparent governorship election across the state to feel terribly sad and disappointed over the shambolic manner the exercise was conducted by INEC and other stakeholders yesterday.

What transpired across Kogi state yesterday fell far short of what election should be in this age and time. The exercise was everything, but credible, transparent and decorus. What we had across the 21 LGAs in the name of election was a charade that should be condemned by all lovers of democracy and rule of law.

But as disappointed as we are with the entire election, I urge us not to give in to despair. Understandably, I know many of us are seriously hurting, especially families that lost their loved ones during the exercise. You have all the reasons to feel bad and possibly give up on hope. But I urge all grieving families to hold on to hope and look up to God for comfort and strength. May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

I equally enjoin families that are yet to establish meaningful contact with their wards for close to 48 hours now not to lose hope. For a fact, this is not the end of the road for us as a people. It is but a trying phase that requires serious introspection and soul searching on our part as citizens of Kogi state.

The scale of violence that we witnessed yesterday was unprecedented and portrays us in bad light before the world. Never have we had such an experience since Kogi was created in 1991. We’ve had and conducted elections in the past, to be honest, none can match this in terms of violence and electoral malpractices.

Even though we can’t have a perfect election, yesterday’s was far below average. I mustered courage to see a number of videos which showed the remains of young, innocent Kogites drenched in their blood after some bloodthirsty gunmen opened fire on them while trying to exercise their democratic rights. I saw other videos of weeping loved ones and families who scampered to safety when political thugs invaded their polling units while voting was ongoing.

It was a war-like situation in places like Lokoja, Kabba, Anyigba, Ayetoro, Dekina and parts of Olamaboro where armed men in military uniforms raided polling centres and went away with polling officials and election materials. I truly feel ashamed of the gory images and scandalous stories coming out of my dear state. Friends have been calling to register their disappointment and worries over the show of shame and grand bestiality recorded in Kogi state in the last 48 hours.

My dear brothers and sisters, their intention is to simply break our spirit and render us helpless and hopeless so as to freely mismanage our collective patrimony without being questioned. But let’s prove to them that we are indomitable, and we shall remain committed to enthroning civility and modernity in our body polity.

We shall never bow to agents of darkness who are bent on silencing men and women of good conscience through violence, intimidation and harassment. Dear Kogites, clean up your tears, put yourselves together, remove the sackclots of pity and cheer up for there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

We should all take solace in the fact that we aren’t alone in our determination to salvage our state. The rest of the world have joined us in condemning and exposing the evil that holds us by the jugular in the state. Let us be resilient and refuse to be deterred by the machinations of desperate politicians and their lackeys.

Those who bring about or engineer change are men of steel, not lilly-livered lots who easily chicken out of popular struggles. Let no situation break your spirit, for the enemies we see today shall in the fullness of time become men and women of yesterday who frittered or misused the opportunity of leaving lasting legacies in their trail.

May Kogi Succeed!