Boko Haram Negotiator – Davis interview with Punch Newspapers

Davis who made this known in an interview according to Punch has advised Boko Haram members to release the kidnapped Chibok girls, and also return to being normal human beings, living a normal, terrorist-free live. He also revealed that the Boko Haram group has used more than one ‘fake Shekau’.

In the interview, he made it known that none of the people mentioned as Boko Haram sponsors were in anyway corroborated by any political party and that no political party has also been pointed at by Boko Haram to be a fueling source for the group.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

A senior member of the European Parliament, Franz Obermayr, alleged that the opposition party in Nigeria could be sponsoring Boko Haram by channeling European Parliament financial aid to Boko Haram in the North East of Nigeria. Do you have any such evidence?

I have never heard any political party mentioned by any Boko Haram leader as funding or being associated with Boko Haram.

The Boko Haram commanders have only mentioned individuals like former Governor Sheriff. I heard Sheriff was APC and now PDP but that is irrelevant to me.

I have never mentioned political parties in my discussions with Boko Haram. The names of individual sponsors were given by Boko Haram leaders, not their political party association.

What sort of sponsorship has been mentioned by Boko Haram that they have received?

Former governor Sheriff was specifically mentioned many times. Specifically for example, Sheriff was mentioned as sponsoring trips of the boys to the Lesser Hajj. There, the boys are “reorientated”.

In effect they are recruited to Boko Haram. When they return to Nigeria the recruits are then taken off for further reorientation by which they mean teaching and for training. Some of the training took place in Mali by Tuareg leaders but now more training is conducted locally.

Could mere funding for Lesser Hajj by the assumed sponsors have manifested in the high level of sophistication that the sect has assumed today?

Funds are provided to purchase weapons. This is sometimes transferred through the Central Bank of Nigeria to a person in Cairo who provides the weapons and also provides military uniforms.

At other times vehicles are purchased in Benin for example and driven into Nigeria where they are sold for cash. They do not mind taking a loss on the sale price as by this method they can obtain cash in Nigeria without a direct link to the sponsor.

This person in Cairo, is he an Egyptian? Why are you not able to disclose his identity to the security agents for necessary action?

No, he is Nigerian. He is a Kanuri who has fought with Boko Haram and now associates with a network of jihadists. I have given all his details to the DG-SSS.

What sort of vehicles do they purchase?

VW Golf was mentioned as a favourite. They can sell these very easily in Nigeria. They do keep some to use for suicide bombing. Some time ago they told me one sponsor pledged six Hilux vehicles for the suicide bombers.

You have heard that a “fake” Shekau was killed last week in Kondunga. Do you believe what the military is claiming that the man killed was Shekau or possibly a “fake” Shekau?

I continue to believe that Shekau was killed on or about June 19, 2013 when we were deeply engaged in peace discussions. I have had so many senior commanders tell me that Shekau is dead. It was several weeks after that a Shekau video appeared on YouTube. When I viewed that video with JAS leaders they immediately said, “That boy.

We have used him before.” They were totally dismissive of any claim that Shekau was still alive. They referred to the person in the video as the “fake Shekau”. Some months later one of the senior commanders told me the name of the fake Shekau was Abdul Mutallif. The commander who named him was the one who wrote the script that the fake Shekau reads from in the videos.

But I have heard they have used more than one fake Shekau. In July this year I was told the fake Shekau is Isa Damasaka. Earlier in June they referred to him as Bashir.

We had been in communication with him over the release of the Chibok girls. Isa Damasaka is one of the names the military has released when identifying the man killed at Kondunga last week. He has also been identified as Bashir Mohammed so I am confident this man is indeed the fake Shekau.

However, I do not know if Abdul Mutallif is another name he used or there is another fake Shekau named Abdul Mutallif who may still be alive. I have no doubt we will know soon so we await a new video by another fake Shekau.

The man who was captured at Kondunga last week was a great source of information about Boko Haram sponsors. He was captured alive. The military are too quick to execute captured Boko Haram leaders. This man could have revealed so much about Boko Haram and its sponsors that may have brought a quick end to the terrorism.

There are some reports that many Boko Haram fighters have surrendered in recent days. You want to say something on this?
This is an indication that Boko Haram commanders now understand that they have been fooled. They have followed a “fake” Shekau. Boko Haram fighters have died following a fake Shekau and fake teaching.

The political sponsors have led these boys to believe that they are purifying Islam, purging the country of corruption by slaughtering people. In fact the political sponsors of Boko Haram are corrupt politicians seeking power and more wealth. The sponsors epitomise all that the Boko Haram fighters are seeking to eliminate from Nigeria.

So what is next for Boko Haram?

The death of the fake Shekau shows how the fighters have been duped and totally misled by the sponsors.

The fighters and commanders would be wise to take this opportunity to reach out to the government for a peace dialogue.

If they do not believe they can have a peace dialogue without being captured and executed the alternative message I have for the commanders is this: Your sponsors will use you and sacrifice you so they can gain power. Set the captive girls free and walk away from Boko Haram while you still have the opportunity.

Meanwhile, 50 Boko Haram members were arrested while trying to move from Damboa area of Bornu state to Gombe in a goat truck earlier this week.

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It’s no news that 276 secondary school girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State. It’s also no news that it was as a result of gross negligence of govt – the state govt,warned of the security risks of conducting an exam at that period and the federal govt and military that despite warnings and intelligence reports and a state of emergency,they couldn’t yet protect the girls nor prevent their kidnap. So so so sad.

In the early days of the kidnap, many said it was a hoax and disbelieved,only to recant and be shamed and humiliated when more infallible evidences of the girls’ kidnap came to light.It’s also popular the celebrated video of the first lady shedding crocodile tears over the girls’ situation,despite her initial strong doubts. The video went viral on social media. It’s also no news that 57(or 58) of the girls escaped from the kidnappers’ den. It’s no news it’s generatted lots of embarrassment to the Nigerian govt and there’s great international awareness of the kidnap,including local and international campaigns to rescue them and different strategies and schools of thought (genuine or fake, real or propaganda) to rescue them. It’s also no news that the escaped girls and parents of the kidnapped girls, teachers and community leaders met with the President at the Presidential Villa

I heard a certain report that the 219 remaining Chibok girls are about to be exchanged for 18 Boko Haram captured sect commanders. That d deal wasn’t brokered by d so called failed FG inaugurated Boko Haram amnesty committee (that I’d said would fail anyway). D deal was brokered by Red Cross&activist Shehu Sani.
While it’s perilious to disregard Nostra II’s predictions or any rumour in Nigeria that may turn out 2be true eventually, I wanna say if it’s true, my reactions are a mixture of happiness& sadness. I wonder why the negotiation now when the military appear to be winning the war against the terrorists and the leader of Boko Haram (and his imitators) have been reported killed by the nigerian and cameroonian military. (They should better show the dead body as evidence,not pictures).

As I was pondering about that, suddenly the online and social media was flooded with reports of their release. Even the defence HQ was rumoured to have corroborated the report of their release only for them to recant few hours later that there wasn’t any release and it was a HOAX afterall. I saw Mallam Nasir El-Rufai never tweeted it,nor was the report on the facebook wall of activist Shehu Sanni,so I guessed it was a hoax afterall. Why the hoax?

1. The President may want to use it to diffuse local and international pressure on himself

2. It may be a propaganda to boost his re-election chances

3. Maybe there was an exchange afterall but it’s being kept secret but later the military in a false claim to boost their ego will claim they captured them back in a ferrocious battle (without putting d pictures to show such battle ever took place)

4. It gives the nation a lot of relief but only if it’s true:

In a war situation, it’s difficult to extract the truth from a misleading morale boosting statements.T here may be other possibilities but I’m sure that we are not being told the whole truth now but in the end,the truth shall be exposed to all.






When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:
“Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, “Woe to those who call evil good”, but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

* We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.
* We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.
* We have killed our unborn and called it choice.
* We have shot anti-abortionists and called it justifiable.
* We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem.
* We have abused power and called it politics.
* We have coveted our neighbour’s possessions and called it ambition.
* We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.
* We have ridiculed the time-honoured values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!”

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively.
The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea.

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio program, “The Restof the Story,” and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord’s help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and whole-heartedly become our desire so that we again can be called: “one nation under God.”






As Nigeria celebrates another independence day, many are at a loss on how a nation which started with much promise ended up becoming a futile stumbling sleeping giant of Africa.

It is hard to chronicle the success story of a nation that has been plagued by corruption, violence and misrule.

Indeed apart from the occasional Super Eagles and other national football &sports teams it is hard to find a shining light of joy amidst Nigerians.

Nigeria is like an unhappy marriage with lots of treachery and mutual suspicion among different tribes and ethnicities. What’s worth celebrating about an unhappy marriage?

This may sound weird and unpatriotic and colomental, but with the benefit of hindsight, l think our British colonialists left too soon. They should have waited longer before we got our “independence”. Anyone who has been to South Africa would know that that is not an African country. Am sure if the Whites who developed SA to the level it is knew then that they would one day be forced out of power, l guess they would not have developed SA to the European standard it is today. Which means, intrinsically, there is something basically wrong with a Black man. Though this is a debatable, emotional and contentious subject, but when you read Matthew Asimolowo’s book and Areoye Oyebola’s book on the black man, you would agree with me that we are slaves in love with our chains- mental chain, emotional chain, psychological chain and religious chain. We are quick to put everything at the door step of God- shifting our responsibility to God, instead of facing them squarely







I write this because of millions of Nigerians who are below 30 and who constitute a significant chunk of our voting population. This is the ICT generation that is largely ignorant about the events of the Buhari era (1983-85) and so can be misinformed and misled by needless propaganda.

I have sat with many in the under-30 bracket and those slightly above who only have faint recollections of the Buhari era and the level of ignorance about that era is amazing. Before being MILITARY Head of State, Buhari had been Governor of one of the Northern States (under Obasanjo’s Military government) as well as Minister for Petroleum. He later served as Chairman of PTF under Abacha.

Please consider the following unassailable facts:

·He birthed and supervised the establishment of our existing refineries.

·There was no religious crisis while he was Head of State. It started under his successor IBB!

·In his time as Head of State he reduced inflation from 23% to 4%, by fiscal discipline and a homegrown economic team (not achieved under any other era, even military).

·JJ Rawlings of Ghana took over 2yrs before him, and killed all the corrupt leaders, while Buhari only sentenced the corrupt leaders here to prison.

·Under his watch as PTF Chairman, what he did in road construction in that short period hasn’t been matched by 12yrs of the PDP.

·Hospitals and universities around the country never witnessed as much benefits as they got from the PTF from any government after or before his time.

·Despite serving in senior capacity in the oil sector, first as Minister for Petroleum and then Petroleum Trust Fund, Buhari has no petrol station, much less a rig, refinery or an oil block like so many of our leaders.

·He could have retired into nauseating opulence like an IBB or Danjuma or even OBJ but didn’t.

·Instead of hobnobbing with the high and mighty, he has cast his lot with the ordinary man most of who follow him out of hope and belief in his values.

People who know him have said of him… “All I need from Buhari is his word, I can take it to the bank”. ·He is the only politician in the North today who fills rallies without renting a crowd. The Kaduna rally of 2nd March is eloquent proof!

·He refused to collect an allowance while serving as Chairman of the PTF because he said since he was already drawing a pension from government, his conscience would not allow him to draw another salary from the purse of the same government.

·He is the only former head of state that does not own property or land in Abuja .

·Every attempt to rubbish him through probes in time past eneded up vindicating him! The man who was asked by OBJ to take over the running of PTF before it was scrapped with the aim of probing and indicting Buhari, was the one who ended up being prosecuted for misappropriating $100m of PTF funds! Buhari again, was vindicated

·He has OPENLY challenged those who accuse him of religious fundamentalism to come out and show proof. No one has till today, taken up the challenge.

His personal driver of many years is a Christian from Plateau State !

·His government initiated the War Against Indiscipline that has made environmental cleanliness, queuing up, not urinating by the roadside etc features of our national life even till today

Does it then surprise you why corrupt people would be spreading such heinous rumours about Buhari? He is a threat to them and they know what he is capable of doing to corruption and corrupt people when he comes into office!

So shine your eyes and make the right decision. If honesty and probity are the things you want for Nigeria ,now is the time to choose right. When you cast your vote for BUHARI, you would have cast one vote for a honest men.







Recently, a respected brother of mine told me if Gen Muhammad Buhari (GMB) declares for 2015 presidential election that despite he does not doubt his capability & yearning for a better Nigeria, he feels that his intention may be misunderstood by people. I smiled and replied, Buhari is APC, and anybody in the race apart from Buhari is PDP. I said it mechanically actually, but it is actually the truth!

Looking at this concern again, I remember this my big brother in question who always remind me to act on truth irrespective of what people will say, people will always say what they want no matter your choice.

If Buhari contests next election, win or lose, it won’t change his followership. If he does not contest, it still won’t increase his followership among people who doesn’t want him. They will only heave a sigh of relief that they are rid of him. It is like Papa Awo among Yoruba, or Zik among the Ibos, other regions may not really want them, but their people and followers will remain resolute behind them.

Every single propaganda against Buhari from his enemies has been debunked. For example, supporters of Boko Haram are well known now and obviously Buhari has no connection whatsoever with them. Likewise, the claim that he will Islamise Nigeria, though very funny to think so, it is now crystal clear that the a Christian GEJ is more Muslim than a Muslim Buhari, from his rapport with Islamic Development Bank (IDB, an organ of the Organisation of Islamic Countries – OIC).

However, the only potent propaganda now is his age. When people remind me of this, I quickly responded “What were the ages of Papa Awo & Great Zik in 1979 & 1983 presidential elections?” The truth is Papa Awo was 70 in 1979, & 74 in 1983, the Great Zik was 74 in 1979 and 78 in 1983. No one even remembered or mention their ages. No one would ever regard Papa Awo and his friend as serial losers, nor power mongers or Methuselahs.

So, anyone talking about Buhari’s age is most likely a bigot suffering from the propaganda of the elites against him. Today, we all know that half of a sick Yar’Adua is far better than a hearty GEJ. How much more a hale & hearty GMB? Deep down you know the difference.

Some few months ago, a friend of mine said I should be on the winning side by joining GEJ. I was really sad and annoyed the way he said it. This is because the choice of GEJ that has brought us ridicule, home & abroad, is still considered a winning choice! In a sane climate, he should have been impeached. I felt so disappointed that a ‘learned’ person will be saying such. I responded that I don’t have to win, after all Lord Jesus did not contest nor win elections while he was on earth, likewise other propagators of good ideas, they mostly don’t win nor are they accepted until they are no more.

I remain a Buhari supporter whether he wins or loses. I was there in 1993 to support MKO, in 1999 I supported Falae though I preferred Bola Ige, and since 2003, I have since queued behind GMB. They call him serial loser, I ask them how many times America’s greatest president – Abraham Lincoln contest and lose elections before he became president. I remind them Papa Awo contested all his life, not winning does not diminish him in the sight of my Dad and the entire Yoruba, even it invigorates his love in their hearts. If you see virtue and call it vice, it does not change its value.

If you want change truly, you will support GMB. He is the only one not suffering from the disease afflicting his contemporaries”! This is the response of one of the finest progressive leaders who changed the fate of his own country when asked about how to turn our nation around. He concluded “ he wants to do it, he has the capability to do it, why don’t you give it to him”

If you don’t want a Buhari, then you are a supporter of a government who ‘allowed’ the kidnap of 273 girls while writing waec (many more before and after), and the boys that were slaughtered or burnt alive, displacing thousands of people from their home causing great insecurity in the north, especially north east, crippling the economy, under your so called messiah with lots of luck. And some mad people will say it is only in the north, it serves the Hausa-Fulani better, these useless Moslems.

Have you forgotten that many Christians reside there and that these ‘useless’ people give you onions and tomatoes? During the time of Yar’adua of blessed memory, Boko Haram were dealt with decisively. He easily solved agelong Niger Delta crisis. But you are happy with your Oga at the Top government who was very swift to defend October 1 bombing, blaming his northern enemies, he who deployed soldiers to Lagos to stop Occupy Nigeria peaceful protest against removal of subsidy, and all of a sudden deafening bombings that had never happened before resumed in Kano the 2nd venue of the protest, .

The one that claimed he has raised standard of living by 50% (which is not possible even in Bayelsa), and surrounds himself with squanderers who continue to waste state resources on frivolities. We were still battling with $49 Billion (they say it is JUST $20 Billion), now they are ferrying money around in chartered planes, a whole $10 Million, who knows how many such ferries have been done successful before this one. Then they told us it was to procure weapons to fight Boko Haram, they think everybody is foolish like themselves who at the mention of Boko Haram will be happy to pardon their corruption and recklessness and hail them. Look at what that money could do considering the state of our universities, or hospitals or look at agriculture or power or roads. Others such as 2.3trillion subsidy money, 500M SureP funds, are still there. He is very comfortable with rogues surrounding him. Oduah is there with her cars and forged certificates and every thief and murderer run for cover under his big umbrella. These rogues are so powerful to the extent of going to court to get restraining order from being probed.

Then they say we have the biggest economy in Africa (better than South Africa!). Some morons will believe them and at the same time struggling endlessly to get visa for themselves or their wards to study in Cotonou or Accra, not to talk of Cape Town. They claimed they created 15 million jobs? Yet youths, graduates wander around, and the richest man in Africa employing PhD holders as trailer drivers,jobs best fit for school cert holders! Who does not know that that means poverty is at its highest.

Anytime he speaks, you ask if he has school certificate talk less of Bachelor degree. Just go watch Amanpour interview or how he ‘praised’ the ‘fine fine ladies’ of nollywood from a particular state or watch his response when he was asked why he didn’t visit Chibok or why corruption is not stealing, or why Nigeria is not poor because we have the highest number of private jets in the world or how he can withdraw the security of Borno state governor to see whether he could sleep in the state’s house afterwards.

And his wife, Madam Diaris God o, is a better comedian than Iya Aladuke, Kenke Lewu with her bolugi language.

If you are not tired of all these, and you still want to help to stay under this corruption & ineptitude, then continue to help them fight GMB. Because consider very well the other candidates, GMB has the brightest chance of winning against GEJ. The rest starting from Atiku, to Kwakwaso, or Tambuwal, needs a lot of work more than GMB. People often say that GMB is coming back for revenge, when you see him you know he has never revenged against anyone, though he will ensure justice and fairness. Or who fears justice and fairness except the evil people? If he had wanted to revenge he could have done so when he was close to some of the most powerful, for example, Abacha. If you fear revenge, then remember Atiku grudges against OBJ, and he is telling us to see him as a born again from other things associated with him. While Tambuwal or Sam Nda-Isaiah or even Governor.Fashola could have probably been a good choice if Nigerian democracy has matured, it is not likely that either of them can pull the weight necessary and can counter the powers in Nigeria if they win. Kwakwaso is doing very well now, but his first tenure was not really good, so it is difficult for people to completely trust him.

In GMB, the difference is clear! He has always been consistent, honest, disciplined and creating impossible differences. He consistently lives an indelible footprint everywhere he goes. Just look around, his refineries are still with us, his legacies as head of state are still there, his infrastructures as head of PTF are still there – roads, check hospitals for his bed sheets and buses; that is close to 20 yrs ago, even if drugs are no more.

And it will be insulting for anyone to say that I am supporting him because he is a Muslim. This is because from the list of the aforementioned individuals, only Sam Nda-Isaiah is a Christian. And I had emphasized those I supported before him, and all those he had contested against including Yar’adua. Babangida had come out earlier you never saw me campaigning for him.

Finally, I am supporting him because I don’t need rocket science to know what he would do when he gets there, for the rest I need a lot of hope to believe they can deliver. It is like having a Warren Buffet who is ready to lead my father’s company and you are asking me to consider others that I don’t really know their capabilities. I will be foolish to heed your call or advice!


It’s no news that 276 secondary school girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State. It’s also no news that it was as a result of gross negligence of govt – the state govt,warned of the security risks of conducting an exam at that period and the federal govt and military that despite warnings and intelligence reports and a state of emergency,they couldn’t yet protect the girls nor prevent their kidnap. So so so sad.

In the early days of the kidnap, many said it was a hoax and disbelieved,only to recant and be shamed and humiliated when more infallible evidences of the girls’ kidnap came to light.It’s also popular the celebrated video of the first lady shedding crocodile tears over the girls’ situation,despite her initial strong doubts. The video went viral on social media. It’s also no news that 57(or 58) of the girls escaped from the kidnappers’ den. It’s no news it’s generatted lots of embarrassment to the Nigerian govt and there’s great international awareness of the kidnap,including local and international campaigns to rescue them and different strategies and schools of thought (genuine or fake, real or propaganda) to rescue them. It’s also no news that the escaped girls and parents of the kidnapped girls, teachers and community leaders met with the President at the Presidential Villa

I heard a certain report that the 219 remaining Chibok girls are about to be exchanged for 18 Boko Haram captured sect commanders. That d deal wasn’t brokered by d so called failed FG inaugurated Boko Haram amnesty committee (that I’d said would fail anyway). D deal was brokered by Red Cross&activist Shehu Sani.
While it’s perilious to disregard Nostra II’s predictions or any rumour in Nigeria that may turn out 2be true eventually, I wanna say if it’s true, my reactions are a mixture of happiness& sadness. I wonder why the negotiation now when the military appear to be winning the war against the terrorists and the leader of Boko Haram (and his imitators) have been reported killed by the nigerian and cameroonian military. (They should better show the dead body as evidence,not pictures).

As I was pondering about that, suddenly the online and social media was flooded with reports of their release. Even the defence HQ was rumoured to have corroborated the report of their release only for them to recant few hours later that there wasn’t any release and it was a HOAX afterall. I saw Mallam Nasir El-Rufai never tweeted it,nor was the report on the facebook wall of activist Shehu Sanni,so I guessed it was a hoax afterall. Why the hoax?

1. The President may want to use it to diffuse local and international pressure on himself

2. It may be a propaganda to boost his re-election chances

3. Maybe there was an exchange afterall but it’s being kept secret but later the military in a false claim to boost their ego will claim they captured them back in a ferrocious battle (without putting d pictures to show such battle ever took place)

4. It gives the nation a lot of relief but only if it’s true:

In a war situation, it’s difficult to extract the truth from a misleading morale boosting statements.T here may be other possibilities but I’m sure that we are not being told the whole truth now but in the end,the truth shall be exposed to all

Why drag God/Allah into whatever you do? by George Onmonya Daniel

Before every match in the World Cup, I watched the Super Eagles perform the same ritual over and over again, the player gather together in a circle, hold themselves and pray. What I have noticed in the World Cup is that the most prepared, professional, disciplined and the team with the best players win. In all the World Cups I have watched in my life, from Italia’90 to Brazil’2014, the best team wins. Prayer doesn’t work here. It may be psychological helpful but certainly doesn’t win a game.

In this country one common thing you hear is that we should pray for Nigeria. Why should I pray for Nigeria when we all know Nigeria’s problems is not prayer but complete and deliberate mismanagement of Nigeria’s resources? Has the Super Eagles prayer taken them to the quarter final of the World Cup?

When you talk of Boko Haram, one common thing you hear among Muslims is that “Allah will expose them.” Who will Allah expose? Now it depends on the angle you are looking at Boko Haram from. Most Muslims who believe Goodluck Jonathan’s government is the sponsor of Boko Haram have concluded that Oritsejafor’s plane carrying $9.3 million to buy arms in South Africa is Allah’s exposure of Christian Association of Nigeria’s involvement in Boko Haram. Aren’t we ridiculous in this country? If we believe in prayer so much why don’t just handover the military budget to Imams and miracle pastors to pray for the nation and put all our faith on some divine intervention?

Our problems have never been prayer. Our problems are that we don’t do the right thing at the right time but expect divine intervention because we assume we are more special to God/Allah than others. We are not special than anyone whether we are Christians or Muslims or traditionalist or athiest. Your religion tells you that you are the chosen one so you don’t need to do the right thing. Is that it?

Believe me God/Allah or whatever and whoever you call Him and assumes He is, loves everyone. Those who prepare, who work hard, who believe, who do the right thing don’t need to pray to win. They just go into life knowing that I have prepared, I am prepared, let the games begin. After reading this, if you did not learn anything from this, then perhaps it is because you are a Nigerian.

Nobody in government or the government should tell me or anyone to pray. They should just do their job. If we all do the right thing we may not need to pray.

I will coach Eagles for just N3m by Pius Anyior

Once on this page I threw myself in for the Super Eagles job at a time when there was vacancy for the position. The current situation has again touched on my sense of patriotism that I am offering myself yet for the position. And mind you, I am doing so at the most reasoning cost with the assurance of good result. I am not asking for tax-free N10m; not even N5m with very good bonus but simply N3m which under the circumstance is most reasonable.

Without doing any research I am sure that Nigerians will not be so disappointed and angry with me even if I lose 3-1 to Congo in Uyo after all it is cheaper than losing 3-2 in Calabar or picking double that amount and then calling on any god for a last second equaliser against Harambee Stars of Kenya at the same venue.

And I do hope that the all the members of the Nigeria Football Federation would consider my application whichever group finally gets the FIFA stamp.

As the coach of the Eagles I will only bring players that are truly the best around. Gone will be the days where players who cannot tie down a shirt in an Italian Serie B side or with a council team in Scotland will make the team. I will not try to justify my inclusion of players who have not played more than 85 minutes for their clubs in a whole season in my World Cup squad when there are players in English and Spanish leagues playing regularly and scoring goals.

From the domestic league, the best players will be in my team rather than just a few mixed with others that I will continue to defend their inclusion. I will not threaten my employers with resignation all the time neither will I claim that 10 countries are begging to sign me as their coach and nobody has ever heard from those FAs except me.

And what am I saying here? I have listened to Nigerians say it is not too much to pay a Nigerian N10m or even N15 to coach the Eagles and they have always compared what is paid to national team coaches in Nigeria to what is obtainable in European countries. Having listened to many and read the messages some others have sent to me, I now understand that not everyone understands how salaries are arrived at for managers in European clubs and national teams. From what I know it is usually the manager that pays his staff from his package. And that was the kind of arrangement Clemens Westerhof used while in Nigeria when he brought in Jo Bonfrere and later a goalkeeper trainer. In Nigeria those who don’t understand want the NFF to pay a coach N10m per month and then also separately pay his assistants and they are putting up every emotional argument to justify it. Many times you hear that since officials embezzle funds then the coach is free to earn whatever he desires.

Have we ever bothered to ask if it is worth the trouble? What value has the person added to team or will add to warrant such payment? Have we bothered to ask the role the NFF plays for the Eagles to win matches and competitions and then consider if we can still dole out even N5m to any coach in Nigeria.

I have mentioned adding value here and what I mean is a coach really turning the football system around. It is easy to pick out Westerhof because he was able to do that with the Eagles. Turning around a team is not about winning a trophy but adding class, quality and pattern such that even if they lose a match they can still be well applauded for a good display. You may argue that Westerhof spent more than four years working with the team but I can tell you that as early as Algeria ’90 the Eagles had picked up confidence. They didn’t win Senegal ’92 as well but at that stage the Eagles had become a good team such that by early 1993 Nigerians were sure that USA’94 was going to be our first World Cup outing and more so that we would not struggle over there. Westerhof could have hid behind the excuse that it was Nigeria’s first World Cup and get beaten easily but it was a different story. It is unfortunate that in Brazil we found a million excuses as to why we had to struggle against every team and the NFF crisis became a very ready excuse to lose to Congo. The struggling and permutations are on the table once again as we battle for a place in Morocco 2015.

Now the question to ask is if we can rebuild the Eagles to a quality side? And the answer straight away is yes. We may not have the kind of top grade players we had in the mid-nineties but right selections and team work can change things. If we are able to select the very best and keep personal interests at bay then we can progress. For now I can say that about 20 percent of the players in the national team have no business being there. In building a quality team, Eagles and their managers must do away with the fight for dollars. And finally the manager must learn to accept constructive criticism especially from ex-footballers rather than see such views only as pull down ideas.

An open letter to the incoming NFF President by Segun Agbede

Dear Sir (I can safely assume it will be sir and not madam, as no women indicated any intention to run for the office),

Congratulations on your election as the President of the Nigerian Football Federation ( FIFA approved) . It has been a long, hard search for the appropriate leadership ( with many charlatans appearing along the way), to move our football forward. We hope we have discovered in you, the most able and sincere candidate. The person who can navigate the ship of Nigerian football out of the storm of discontent it finds itself, into much calmer waters.

Be warned, you’re taking on a very arduous and often thankless task. You only need to look into the recent past, to see how your three predecessors were literally hounded from office. I was particularly aggrieved at the harsh and thoroughly undeserved treatment meted out to your immediate past President, Aminu Maigari. I must commend Maigari for handling all the aggravation with immense dignity. In this part of the world, we tend to have very short memories.

The task before you and your new executive board is herculean. You have several tough decisions to make. First and foremost is the continued development and restructuring of our domestic league.

The outgoing board, in collaboration with the former Minister of Sports, Bolaji Abdullai, established the League Management Company, which has brought a measure of sanity to the Glo Premier League. But we are still a long way off from where we should be. Clubs are still playing fast and loose with players salaries and entitlements, which is such a great shame. The players are the main protagonists, without them, there is no league.

I have a dream which may sound improbable now, of going back to the good old days, when our domestic league players, constituted the bedrock of the Super Eagles. I can already hear people scoffing at the idea but is it really so far fetched?

Most of our so called foreign based professionals are either bench warmers or playing for obscure clubs, in even more obscure leagues. Mr NFF President it’s time to look inwards. We have very good players in our domestic league, I watch them week in, week out. All they need is recognition and opportunity.

Sir, I would be eternally grateful if you can wean the NFF off your dependence on the breast milk of government handouts and their consequent interference. You must raise money from the private sector to run our football. Nigeria is a nation of football mad enthusiasts, some of whom are titans in the corporate sector. Make efforts to identify them, they will invest in the sport. It won’t be charity or philanthropy , as we all know football is an unexploited multi billion naira business.

I deliberately left the challenges you will face with the Super Eagles till last. The Super Eagles have lost direction. As defending African Champions, we are in serious danger of not even qualifying for Morocco 2015. Some drastic decisions must be taken right now. My advice to you sir, is NOT to renew the current Super Eagles coach’s contract. Stephen Keshi did a fantastic job taking the nation to AFCON glory after nineteen years and qualifying for the World Cup. But his grand project has stalled. Our football has become pedestrian, stodgy, unimaginative but of the most concern, is the fact we’re no longer winning games. Keshi’s recent record of one win in eleven games, is a clear indication that he has reached the limits of his technical competence with the Eagles. Our most lethal striker, Emmanuel Emenike hasn’t scored in his last six games for the national team.   Not for want of effort but a lack of service. Emenike simply doesn’t recieve the ball in areas where he can damage the opposition. Even a strike force of Diego Costa and Falcao, would struggle to score with the Eagles midfield as presently constituted. We have a crucial AFCON double header against Sudan next month and only six points will suffice. I’m not sure the current coaching dispensation can deliver that. A coach is judged both on his team selection and it’s tactical application on the pitch. Keshi’s selections for both the World Cup and recent AFCON qualifiers were highly questionable, as have been the results.

Mr President, the lame excuse of who will replace him is not acceptable or tenable. NOBODY is indispensable, if you look hard enough you WILL find a better option. Nigerian football has grown beyond any individual, our expectations are much higher.

I believe you are coming into office to develop our football at ALL levels, to create an enduring legacy for yourself. We in the media are more than willing to support you. To give sound advice, if you choose to solicit it. But rest assured, we will not hesitate to criticise you (constructively of course) if you wander off. The game belongs to us all.



Birthday is definitely a watershed in the sojourn of humanity and it usually comes with its fresh inspirations that compel stocktaking . Mine was not expected to be different as I woke up on the 14th of September to be congratulated by a few friends and family members to marking the occasion. In my sublimest thought I never contemplated the floodgate of goodwill messages coming my way on this occasion while accessing my Blackberry and Android phones. Apart from the plethora of BBMessages and many phone calls and text messages,i decided to postpone checking my 2 facebook pages. When I later checked the first one later,I was almost overwhelmed when I saw 450+ friends posted on ur wall for ur birthday. I saw many inbox messages,i didnt know whether to laff or to cry,Yes,i remember the late Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory cried in 2003 when he was chosen as NCP presidential flagbearer.More people were still sending messages.By the time I combine all my BBMs,posts on my 2 facebook walls and inboxes and messages on other social networks like twitter,netlog etc,phone calls,text messages,messages from my soccer loving friends at  Joe’s Soccer Pub  etc,It was well over 1,500 (despite the day being a sunday that most people dont usually visit social networks) .I have responded to all. That’s why it took me time to give this official response

That I am humbled by the unprecedented outpour of encomiums, prayers and adoration on the occasion of the anniversary of my birth is to say the least. Words alone cannot manifest the height of my appreciation to family, friends and well-wishers who through their messages and support via the social media and other available means demonstrated the sacrosanct position of my being in their consciousness. Such messages are definitely profound pointers that the paths I have taken in my odyssey on planet earth are definitely not a forsaken one. I remain committed in the pursuit of my long held belief in a society of the greatest goods for the greatest numbers of people! May the coming years usher in abundant blessings for each and every one.

In all you have taught me new human values and social ethics that will continue to regiment my subsequent social engagements. It is my sincere prayer that God in His infinite mercy will meet all your needs and grant you continuous reasons to celebrate in life. This is original me who cannot bend backward to impress anybody.

Eniyan laso mi, ese mo dupe.

Ohun ayo oni tan ni ile gbogbo wa!

A dupe l’owo owo; a dupe l’owo ofa

A tun dupe l’owo oju to sin ofa d’ebi t’ofa ti p’eran

Aa ni gbagbe ati dupe l’owo eran naa to gbara duro lati gb’ofa s’ara

Opelope igba omo-onile tan f’owo t’ile ti won ko je k’ile o wo;

Ka dupe l’owo igba alangaba tan f’owo ti egbe ogiri ti won o je k’ogiri o ye;

Bi kii baa n se ola abata, odo i ba san bi?!

Bi kii baa n se ola baba omo, nbo l’omo i ba ti yan?!

A dupe, a s’eba l’owo Elejua ti n je as’eda, am’eda, aw’eda

Ogo ni fun Olu-Orun to da ni s’ile aye; Iyin ni fun Oba Mimo to n gbe ni ga

Nje o ye ka dupe l’owo awon obi rere t’Oluwa fi jiiki eni

‘Dadi’ ati ‘Momi’, e seun f’ohun ribiribi t’Oluwa je kee gbe se nigbesi aye eni

Fun aya rere l’oode eni, o ye ka dupe;

Fun awon omo rere, alarubarika t’Oluwa fi jinki eni, o ye a yin baba l’ogo

Fun awon ebi, ara, ore ohun ojulumo to r’ogba yi ni ka; ope n la lo ye

Bi awon kan ti n te w’aya, bee lawon kan n pe aago;

Bi awon kan ti n “teesti”, bee lawon mii n “pihingi”;

Se ti ikini ori ero isoro k’aye-o-lu-jara ti ero ayara bi asa komputa la fe so ni?

Tabi awon oro isiti ati adura gboogi to n goke lo s’ori ite Baba l’Orun la fe royin?

Gbogbo awon inkan wonyi s’ele nitori ayajo ojo ibi eni ni

Eduma mo s’eba oh; eyin eeyan ti n se aso mi,

Mo dupe o, mo du pepe okun nitori ope oloore, a da-i-da-tan!!!

Thanks to all who sent greetings to commemorate my day on Sept 14th.

FRIDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vols 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 + Political Psychosis.Psychiatry +Great Leader+Islamic Apostacy + Riots in Nigeria




Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


“He has lost the greater chunk of his sanity that steals, loots and amasses wealth he wouldn’t exhaust in ten life-times had he lived them in reasonable comfort. Greed inexplicable is insanity and unbridled looting psychiatric.” – Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


I read about politicians criss-crossing from Party A to Party B. I read about the oft empty logic and reason for such frequent decampings. I read somewhat strenuous efforts by some to present their political harlotry as pro people. I wonder why these men speak from both sides of the mouth, and I marvel why they all too often return to their vomit.


Some have gone back and forth twice or thrice and some will yet move, yes it is their inalienable right to so do BUT to present a self-driven decision as altruistic and people oriented is where I disagree.


Money and power humbles and calls men in other climes to responsible conduct alas in our clime it mimes the tune of graft, of greed, of ignoble quest for political position cum positioning, of thieving, of oppression and of reckless tendencies within the corridors and frontiers of power.


I was thought as a Law Student some 20years ago that as one ages and closes the gap between one and hades the tendency to do wrong, lie or give false evidence diminishes, this legal protocol is called a ‘dying man’s declaration’ BUT in Nigeria men loot and steal in their 60s, 70s and 80s, they loot as though stealing is right, and they fleece resources they do not need in ten life-times such defines their mental state.


Methinks that the preponderant number that trots our political amphitheatre if subjected to psychiatric tests will fail, that I am sure of.


“A National Assembly where an individual lawmaker takes home in one month the equivalent of the annual salary of a Lawmaker in the U.S, shows a psychiatric disconnect from the Nigerian reality, in the face of festering poverty they feast on jumbo pay, in 15yrs they are yet to successfully amend our flawed Constitution, yes this cesspool of the absurd and the sickening continues.”


If they are not decamping from one Party to another in furtherance of individual ambition and or greed, they are fueling insurgency and insecurity so more Security Vote can be appropriated/approved, stolen and shared amongst those who appear unmindful of the fact that the primary essence of governance is to guarantee the safety of lives and properties.


The people/masses are themselves trapped in a Psychosis of sorts, one manifest in the way we take sides with Parties and Individuals who have largely failed the nation and left the people brow-beaten by hunger. I read plenty press where people trade words from partisan prisms, religious recesses, and from sectional cocoons ignoring the fact that those bleeding Nigeria to death are in cahoots indiscriminate of their faith, tribe or region. They are united in infamy and villainy, sadly a harangued citizenry buys their treachery.


I read insults from PDP sympathizers hurled at APC admirers; I read diatribes and threats about whose turn it is to govern and who must wait; I read passionate but ill-conceived homilies about the successes of one Party over the other as though we are a blind people; and I ask my Countrymen, must we always applaud mediocrity?


The truth is that logic and clear thought appears to have gone on AWOL, in our clime sound thinking is on Absence Without Official Leave, such is the tragedy of our nation, so sad.


O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott


In the face of insurgents hoisting secessionist flags within the Nigerian territory we hear shameless refrains like ‘what do you expect from Jonathan’ ‘do you not know that Boko Haram is the conspiracy of the North against GEJ’ and the likes, and one wonders why the jesters are unable to gauge the enormity of this miasma and the collateral damage it poses. They also shamelessly overlook the fact that GEJ remains the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, as such the buck stops at his desk.


On the converse side some regale us with the supposed credential and achievements of Fashola in Lagos, one that includes 1km of Road being tarred at 1b naira and above whereas the true value for such construction should not exceed 100m naira, and we read claptrap and tommyrot like ‘he is doing better than the others’ ‘in the land of the blind one eyed man is king’ and inanities that defines psychosis and psychiatry. We are faced with a choice between the bad and the evil, instead of seeking a new benchmark, instead of setting new moral margins for leadership and plotting a new paradigm, social commentators like their visibly sick political counterparts debate the choice between worse and worst. Sad.


We must show to posterity the path to excellence, mediocrity is not. We must nudge our children away from the choice between failures and teach them that good is noble and excellence nobler, and that no matter how seemingly impossible the journey down the path of excellence appears, it is yet possible and achievable.


Good will always overcome evil, sadly court-jesters are inured to this ageless reality BUT like Carlyle once opined ‘truth on the cross, falsehood at the throne, that truth sways the future’. Yes it does.


Sometime last year I was lampooned for saying that falsehood occupies a chapter in policy defense by lazy Government Spokespersons in Nigeria. If Senator Alli Modu-Sheriff wasn’t part of Mr. President’s entourage to Chad, then he must have been on a private visit at the Chadian Government House when GEJ visited..abi wetin make I talk, na APC and Boko Haram take am picture for there, as dem say e no follo dem go naa, mtchew!!! Laff wan kill my enemy.


It is madness, manifest psychosis and profound psychiatry to lie in the defense of visible State error. The lies that attended late President Yar’Adua’s ill health in his dying days made a good man like him appear a villain in death, falsehood diminishes and chicanery consumes every vestige of goodwill, no matter how much is paid to TAN a product only truth can redeem it.


President Jonathan’s Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria TAN isn’t doing him any good, even if they develop 20m signatures asking him to run in 2015, will they TAN the Energy Sector to fulfill GEJ’s promise of 18hours power supply? Will they TAN corruption from a present high to a minimum? Will they TAN down insurgency and impose a new state security scorecard on the nation? Will they TAN the Boko Haram Caliphal flags flying in the North East to the Green White Green?


Countrymen and women the primary essence of government is the protection of lives and properties, to excuse the failure of government in this wise and blame the supposed enemies of government and the opposition for such failure is madness.


And it is madness for the opposition to trade blame rather than articulate a viable alternative to this psychosis. Sad.


“Truth will remain so no matter the ferocity and the intensity of falsehood thrown at it by naysayers and jesters” – Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


Tell it like it is, it is better to say the truth and be rejected than to withhold it and be accepted.” – Nostra II




Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr








We Need a Great Leader


When shall we ever have an exemplary leader? A leader who by sheer self-discipline shuns sycophancy.

Electricity supply in Nigeria is no longer epileptic but now one of total outage. Yet we are “transforming” and “performing.” The primary duty of government, which is security, is totally absent and replaced by general insecurity.

A small group (called Boko Haram) is bigger and more sophisticated than the entire armed forces of the country, resulting in daily and routine death of citizens in thousands. Yet we are “transforming” and “performing.”

Corruption gets more entrenched and the only thing working in Nigeria in government circles and other public institutions is looting and sharing of our commonwealth. We are “transforming” and “performing.”

Over 200 Nigerian girls are still this minute in captivity in a forest in Nigeria, disconnected from their families and loved ones. Yet we are “transforming” and


Everything is like there is no government in the land. Instead of passing a vote of no confidence on the government, the same is mischievously and for selfish interests being “begged” to continue.

When can we have a leader who will understand the antics of sycophants and the attendant damage they inflict on the leaders?

Gen. Gowon was hoodwinked and brought down by sycophants who made him renege on his handover date, which he then declared “unrealistic.”

Shagari was brought down by sycophants, and evil hangers-on. IBB was “finished” and left with evil baggage by sycophants who wanted him to rule forever for their selfish interests. Abacha too. Obasanjo was goaded on an evil 3rd term. Like what is happening, he was deceived that only he could rule Nigeria and then he ended up a monster and a disaster. In all the cases the sycophants jumped ship once the leader was “killed” and they continued with their antics with the new leader. However, your advices on social media is golden. It may end up on deaf ears, but Nigeria shall surely survive









After Davis of Australia, it is now the most organised nation in Africa – SOUTH AFRICA that has again implicated another Southerner this time a very close pal of Mr.President. The SOUTH AFRICA govt reported earlier this week, that a private jet belonging to a Nigerian has been arrested with $10M brought into the country to buy arms.


However, the Nigerian Government has reportedly admitted ownership of the $9.3 million arms deal cash seized in South Africa. ( I wonder how official arms deals have become secret clandestine deals). Further investigation revealed that the private jet in question belongs to no other person but the president of CAN and a very very very close pal and “campaigner ” for the president – the man of God – AYO ORITSEJAFOR, whose motives I have queried ,concerning few of his speeches and actions in the past, especially after he became CAN president. A pastor should be apolitical but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t rebuke or admonish good / bad governments and government actions,inclusive of social happenings. He shouldn’t become a court / palace priest talk less of using the name of CAN for his personal political campaigns. That’s my my grouse with him ( I’ve said that some times). He shouldn’t bring the Name of The LORD into disrepute because of his personal “ambitions”.


However in an apparent after event explanation (even murderers like Oscar Pistoriuos too always have stories na), Green Coast Produce Company Ltd has clarified that it was on lease to a third party as at the time of the incident. A statement by Dr Shima Adun on behalf of the company explained that it was one John Ishyaku who hired the plane for the South African trip. The CAN President in a chat with some journalists, also added that he decided to lease the aircraft which was presented to him on the 40th Anniversary of his ministerial ordination “to offset the costs of maintenance.”


This is a man who told Nigerians concerning his private jet that he doesnt know who gave it to him,that it was by (unknown) friends of his. This is also a man that has been shouting that Northerners are aiding and sponsoring Boko Haram. He had earlier doubted the abduction of Chibok girls. Hahahahaha, I laff in swahili with all my molars.


Before the sycophants and vultures come to attack me instead of debating the issue, please ask yourselves some questions like:


If the weapon to be purchased were legitimate and meant for the military, do you go with cash and on private jet?


What of FAAN regulations?


Aren’t we living in a cashless society?


If they are not supposed to be for our military then to whom those weapons are expected to be bought for?


Must it be why Boko Haram always has new and sophisticated weapons?


Why havent our intelligence traced the arms recovered from the dead boko haram members to any arms manufacturing company in the world to trace the source of purchase?


Finally, were the arms going to be bought to prepare the ranting militants for next year’s elections?


However let it be noted that the 3 prominent people that have been implicated so far by foreigners on the destructions of lives and properties and general menance befalling our dear country. Sheriff, Ihejirika and now Ayo all have one common friend.


Yet my people won’t believe UNTIL BUHARI, IBB AND SANUSI ARE MENTIONED….


God is working for the voiceless. Chai, all these blood(s) they are shedding (sharing), there is God o. God rules in the affairs of men.









Religious freedom in an Islamic Society


Despite efforts to recognise the rights of everybody to worship a God they freely choose, some will have non of it


Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most renowned and prominent Muslim cleric in the world, has stated: “The Muslim jurists are unanimous that apostates must be punished, yet they differ as to determining the kind of punishment to be inflicted upon them. The majority of them, including the four main schools of jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi`i, and Hanbali) as well as the other four schools of jurisprudence (the four Shiite schools of Az-Zaidiyyah, Al-Ithna-`ashriyyah, Al-Ja`fariyyah, and Az-Zaheriyyah) agree that apostates must be executed.”


There is only disagreement over whether the law applies only to men, or to women also – some authorities hold that apostate women should not be killed, but only imprisoned in their houses until death. Yet in the West, Islamic apologists blandly assert that Islam has no death penalty for apostasy, and that’s that: human rights organizations and Western governments do nothing for these threatened people.







Small History of Religious Intolerance in Nigeria’s History


1.May-Oct 1966, 36 to 50,000 Southerners were MASSACRED in Northern Nigeria. Women were raped & thereafter broken bottles forced into their womanhood.


2. 1980 May: 2467 Christians killed in Zaria


3. 1980 December 18‐20 Riots in Kano.D Maitatsine sect 4,177 were killed.


4. 1982 Sept 29- Oct, Disturbances in Kaduna, Kaduna State, 53 killed, many churches burnt.


5. 1982 Oct 29‐30. Further trouble in Maiduguri, Borno State by the Maitatsine sects. 118 died.


6. 1984 Feb 27-March disturbance in Yola,then

Gongola State by the Maitatsine sect, 568 died.


7. 1985 April 26‐28: Riot in Gombe, Bauchi State by Maitatsine sect. 105 died.


8. 1987 March 5th and following days, In Kafanchan, Kaduna State, Christians & Muslims clash at College of Education, 100 Churches were burnt.


9. 1987 March. Katsina, Funtua, Zaria, Gussau & Kaduna (Kaduna State). A wave of religious riots, many churches were burnt, property destroyed, many lives were lost.


10. 1991 April In Katsina, several lives were lost. Shiite sect in Katsina led by Malam Yahaya Yakubu stired up trouble.


11. 1991 April, in Tafawa Balewa University (Bauchi State) over 200 lives were lost with properties & 20 churches destroyed.


12 1991 October 14‐ 15,. In Kano, the attempt of the Izala sect to stop Rev. Bonnke from preaching became violent. Thousands of christians died & property destroyed. Conservative estimates (3800)


13. 1992 Feb 6th & May 15‐ 16: Zango Kataf, Zaria, Kaduna State Communal clash becomes a religious clash, with lives and property destroyed.


14 Funtua (Katsina State), Kalaka to religious sect assaulted a village head, 50 lives were lost, properties destroyed.


15. 1999. May 20. Muslim‐Christian riots in Kaduna, for three days, several hundred were feared dead. 3200 conservative estimate,mostlyChristians


16. 1999 July 18: Hausa and Yoruba riot in Shagamu, over 60 are killed. This led to trouble in Kano where over 70 were killed.


17. 2000 August 11. About 200 were killed as the army intervened in Taraba State


18. 2000 Oct, Sharia Law s introduced in Zamfara State.


19. 2000 February, Riots in Kaduna over d introduction of Sharia, Over 400 are killed.


20. 2001 September 7 Christian‐Muslim conflicts in Jos. Over 500 killed.


21. 2001 october 12‐14 In Kano, there were anti‐American riots, because of USA intervention in Afghanistan, At least 350 are killed


22. 2006 Feb: Sectarian violence sparked by cartoons of Islam’s most revered figure spread to 11 Nigerian cities resulting in the burning of 28 churches & pushing the total death toll to more than 650.


23. Dogo na hauwa masacre & many more all in d north yet we want one Nigeria,


What an irony! Why are they killing innocent people?


Boko Haram Terrorism: Insurgency: Nigerian Soldier Narrates Ordeal

A Nigerian soldier (name withheld) involved in the war against the dreaded terrorists group, Boko Haram in Maiduguri, Borno State capital on Friday revealed that the sect will continue to thrive because of the happenings in the Nigerian army.

Vanguard reports that the soldier in an email sent to them, said he is attached to the Multinational Joint Task Force located in KauKirie Section 3 Baga, insisted that the army lacks modern equipment to fight terrorists, and pointed out saboteurs among others as factors stalling the fight.


The soldier who said he joined the Nigerian army less than three years ago with the purpose of defending Nigerian territory and sovereignty against both external and internal aggression warned that more soldiers will continue to desert the army due to low morale.

Giving account of their battle with Boko Haram, the soldier said after six months training, troops were drafted to Maiduguri to engage insurgents. He said he was initially enthusiastic about fight the bloodsucking demons that have caused innocent Nigerians pains without a just course.  He said not quite long in Borno, himself and his colleagues realized that they were in a different army from the one they thought they had joined, because it was highly politicised, demoralised, lacks discipline and did not weapons to fight.

He therefore listed some of the major challenges hindering their operations to include lack of intelligence gathering and increasing cases of saboteurs in during assault. He recalled an incidence when their driver refused to take a particular route that we ordered to ply; he said they did not argue when he took the decision, which was what saved their lives as they found out the next day that terrorists had laid ambush waiting for them. He said the militants angrily killed every civilian that passed that route on that day after waiting for them.

The soldier further revealed that on July 31, 2014, Boko Haram attacked their camps, killed two of the colleagues, set the camp ablaze, while 19 soldiers were declared missing. He said all the soldiers ran away from the scene, before they were later rescued by Chadian soldiers.

According to him, seven soldiers came back to base while 12 were confirmed dead.

“As I write this, their corpses have not been recovered. In fact, they were left unburied and left to decompose like animals” he said.

He said the incidence killed the morale of soldiers, which had resulted to increased deserters every day. He said those of them yet to desert were surviving by the grace of Almighty God. He said bullets are rationed to soldiers to go and fight highly equipped terrorists with state of the art weapons. He said his gun and that of some other soldiers had locked severally in battlefield, and noted that political leaders and Military hierarchy were gambling with the lives of soldiers.


“They are just sacrificing our lives for nothing. On several occasions, when we go for operations and come under heavy attacks, when we call for reinforcement, there will not be any, and if they decide to send, it takes several hours if not days.  We have been having problem with intelligence gathering since we came here.  It is absolutely difficult to use non-Northerner for intelligence gathering because of unwillingness of the indigenes to cooperate” he said.

The soldier said most of his colleagues from the area are sympathetic to Boko Haram, and stated that the terrorists may continue to have the upper hand in the war because of the operational problems he had earlier mentioned.

Meanwhile, the unknown soldier revelation is contrary to the statement issued by Col.

It would be recalled that on August 20, 2014, BBC reported that Nigerian soldiers were no , while the .




ARE DOCTORS OLIVER TWIST? What Hippocratic Oath is not about


In this era of cheap internet service, google-journalist abound. They flood social media with a lot of copy and paste articles. Their main aim is to gain cheap popularity by publishing articles that pleases the public. Objectivity and fairness is not their guiding principle.


Let me state clearly from the start that, like most of my colleagues, I am not happy with doctors’ strike. But when it becomes inevitable, I am strongly in support. Next to the political class, the salary of doctors is the most discussed.

Nigerians are quick to remind doctors their job is service to humanity. They claim medicine is a calling not a vocation and money shouldn’t be an issue to them. These doctors have equal responsibilities as every other Nigerians if not more, they visit the same market as others do, often times they pay more for commodities because of the tag “Doctor”.


Governments at federal and state level have mastered the act of blackmailing doctors. Whenever government,be it state or federal, fails to fulfill agreements, doctor’s union scream in the media, give warning of an impending strike and when the strike starts, the doctors are blamed. The public, who believe doctors shouldn’t go on strike look away during the warning, the doctors are left with no other option than to embark on strike. This has been the usual story. When the strike starts, everyone gets a copy of Hippocratic oath and quote ‘The health of my patient will be my first consideration’ forgetting that in the same oath there is ‘If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, be respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter………..’

Medicine is a conservative profession, doctors aren’t supposed to brag on what they undergo on a daily basis. No one realizes a doctor runs call over night and he is supposed to report to work 8 am next day without any break. Nobody realises that doctors don’t run shifts,unlike nurses and some other health workers. No one realizes that he works on public holidays and weekends. No one bother to remember how long he spent in training. No one realizes the role he is given to play in the society.

To the public, doctors are Oliver twist, always asking for more. They never bother to look at the genuineness of doctors’ claim.

In other climes other professionals go on strike to agitate for doctors’ cause not here where majority have morbid hatred for doctors.


A peculiar method of blackmailing used by governments or even other “rival” health workers’ union (eg JOHESU) is to publicly display the pay of doctors. The public should know that these figures aren’t from generosity of government nor anybody, but they were determined based on negotiations between doctors and government having considered the services they render. The issues for which doctors go on strike is similar to that of every other civil servant,be it ASUU, PENGASSENn NUPENG, NLC or TUC.


I will highlight just few of these issues. Almost all the states of the federation had industrial crisis due to non-implementation minimum wage. CONMESS is the minimum wage of doctors, should doctors keep working when their minimum wage is not being rightly implemented after serving several warnings.


Have you ever wonder why government responds to oil workers’ strike threat, and remain nonchalant to doctors. Do they actually value lives? Is oil of more importance than lives? We have sworn to save lives and we are proud doing that. We love our patients; we reluctantly go on strike only when it becomes inevitable, since others won’t fight for us.


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1. The reason why doctors are on strike


2. The Problem with the Nigerian Health Sector


Additional Credits :

Lawal Qudus Olajide


Dr.Michael Adeyemi, a medical doctor, writer, author, blogger, public and social and political affairs analyst cum commentator, writes from Lagos Nigeria








Ebola virus 2 :All you need to know about Ebola Virus:


This is the second time I’m writing on FFFFFFF about Ebola virus. I’ve also shared it many times on social media esp facebook.


All you need to know about Ebola Virus:


1. It is a Central African

disease that has traveled over

countries in a living host to West

Africa. It is easily spread by physical contact and eating contaminated bush meat.

Major hosts are in 5 species of Bats but monkeys and apes

are easily infected and killed.


2. It kills in a week, leaving no time to treat an individual


3. It has no known vaccine or cure


4. Known cases have been experienced recently in Guniea,

Liberia and Central Africa Rep,

spreading eastwards and westwards towards Nigeria.

Death toll so far in West Africa is over 100.


5. The Ebola

outbreak of 2014 is the most

challenging one witnessed in



What we can do?

1. Avoid eating any bush meat for now! Especially Apes and Bats

2. Wash your hands as regularly as possible, especially after shaking a stranger. It is spread by contact.

3.The most straightforward

prevention method during Ebola

outbreaks is not touching patients,their excretions, and body fluids,or possibly contaminated materials and

utensils. Patients should be isolated,and medical staff should be trained and apply strict barrier nursing

techniques (disposable face mask,gloves, goggles, and a gown at all times). Traditional burial rituals,

especially those requiring embalming of bodies, should be discouraged or modified.


Awareness is key, don’t just

read or ignore…spread this campaign before the virus spreads!







Nigerians aren’t guinea-pigs for testing unproven US anti-ebola drug


I watched with disgust and dismay yesterday on live national TV when Nigeria’s health minister – Prof.Onyebuchi Chukwu stated that he has told the US govt to send the anti-ebola serum being used to treat the infected US citizens that contracted Ebola in Liberia. I was very surprised. The experimental Ebola drug is ZMAPP. It’s either he was overzealous without proper knowledge, or lacked proper understanding of the drug or he was just illiterate (I know he isn’t ) or he was poorly informed (whose fault) or any other. Anybody that’s in the pharmaceutical industry or in public health or had adequate knowledge of what’s happening will know the drug is just in its clinical trials. Yes,for rare diseases that don’t occur too frequently (like Ebola), this is perhaps the best time to test them during epidemics but we must understand that this drug is not fully approved by Food and Drug Agency (FDA) as a drug that can be marketed. It hasn’t fully gone thru all its clinical trial stages. What if it had some long-term side-effects? It’s still too early to talk about its efficiency or efficacy.


I think this answers all those who have wrongly claimed bitter kola cures and prevents Ebola. How many have they seen or proven yet? Maybe they should administer bitter to those who have Ebola let’s see if it would work,or maybe any who has taken it should be injected with live Ebola virus. I wish people can ask US&British troops that have been forced to sign concent forms for those experimental drugs about their experiences. Many have suffered, some have died,many are suffering from long-term side effects of unproven drugs. Most unfortunately,they’ve signed so can’t seek legal redress.


US President Barak Obama said “…It is too early to send experimental Ebola drug ZMAPP to Africa” …in response to Nigeria’s request for the drug to treat Ebola patients. Obama was right afterall. We know how unpleasantly Pfizer’s experimental drug for meningitis ended in Kano. We have still few details about the drug,all except american propaganda about the drug.

I know all happened because govt wasn’t well informed and adviced. That’s why the disinformation minister will tell you of Ebola Vaccines when none has been manufactured till today. I think it’s high time Nigeria gets a non political but fully professional medical doctor as a Surgeon-General, like the countries we have (claim to) follow like England, US, Ireland etc also do. We should do proper things. He’ll have been able to properly advice govt . Meanwhile,I’ll advice the government to apply properly to the company that developed the drug for infected Nigerians to be part of its clinical trials. In this way,the experimental drug can be made available to infected patients who wish to be a part of the clinical trials. Hopefully,it’s my prayer, hope and wish that the clinical trials will be very successful. Thank you.








EBOLA VIRUS 3 : More things to know about Ebola Virus


In order to help Nigerian better understand some key points about Ebola virus, some medical experts assembled this list below, worded in plain language for easy understanding.


• A person can incubate the virus without symptoms for 2-21 days, the average being 5-8 days before becoming ill. THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS until they are acutely ill.


• Only when ill does the viral load express itself first in the blood and other bodily fluids (e.g vomit, feaces, urine,breast milk, semen and sweat).


• If you are walking around you are not infectious to others.


• There are documented cases from Kikwit, DRC of an Ebola outbreak in a village that had the custom of children never touching an ill adult.Children living for days in one room huts with parents who died from Ebola did not become infected


• Human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill from Ebola virus or their body fluids.


• Transmission among humans is almost exclusively among caregiver family members or health care workers tending to the very ill.


•Do you know that Ebola is spread through contact with Blood, Sweat, Saliva, Urine and Semen of an infected Person/Animal?


• The virus is easily killed by contact with soap, bleach, sunlight, or drying. A washing machine will kill the virus in clothing saturated with infected body fluids.


• Always practice good hand washing techniques,you will not contract Ebola if you do not touch a dying person.


•. Use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as often as possible when water is not available.


• You can’t contract Ebola by handling money or swimming in a pool.


• The suspected reservoirs for Ebola are fruit bats.


• Transmission to humans is thought to originate from infected bats or primates that have become infected by bats. Undercooked infected bat and primate (bush) meat transmits the virus to humans.


• Do NOT eat bush meat most especially bats, monkeys, gorillas, forest antelope and porcupines.


• Watch where you eat and don’t eat meat unless you’re sure of the source.


• If you choose to eat any animal products make sure it is thoroughly cooked.


•There’s no medical reason to stop flights,close borders, restrict travel or close embassies,businesses or schools.


• Avoid sharing clothes with strangers.


• Watch out for symptoms of Ebola such as fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and bleeding around your neighbourhood.


• Avoid areas where an outbreak has been reported.


• Report any unauthorized movement of corpses in your area especially those brought in from abroad.


• Don’t touch or go near anyone who has been confirmed to have Ebola and if you absolutely must, then wear protective gloves.


Arm yourself with adequate information about Ebola and avoid spreading rumours that will cause fear and panic. Information is key and knowledge is power. Protect Yourself! Please share this information & try not to spread panic on social media.Stay Safe & Well








Prioritise your battles well to effectively prevail. Follow Gov. Tanko Al-Makura’s example.


I’ve been taught in Economics that resources weren’t limitless but limited, yet human needs and wants appear insatiable and endless,yet he needed to make the right choices with the right opportunity costs to make effective demands to get some resouces to satisfy needed wants. It may confuse those who didn’t study or have forgotten basic O’Level Economics. Let me make it simpler by saying we can’t satisfy ALL our needs,so we need to make GOOD choices.


I had always known from my early childhood days that

I always needed to make good choices. Now to focus on the reason for this article, one should realise that life is full of choices and one needs to make smart choices. In the daily battles of life one faces daily, one needed to know how to prioritize his battles to effectively win,since one may not have limitless resources to fight all battles. That’s why hunters sometimes aim for the head of the animals. You’ll need lesser bullets if you aim for the head of an animal.


So also in politics. Gov.Tanko Al-Makura is not one of my favorite governors in Nigeria. Yet,he overcame many odds during the 2011 elections to be declared the winner. It was also a great feat that he won on the platform of the newly but hurriedly formed CPC party,which later merged with some others to form APC. Though I term his performance in office average,he is one of the few governors whose political platform isn’t majority in his legislative house. The opposition PDP had the majority of legislators – about 14 in the 24 man legislature.


The odds were against him but he learnt early to thread carefully and not to step on powerful toes. However, the plot against him was very high especially from the ruling party in the land and it’s rumoured that a highly influential minister is interested in becoming the next governor of the state. Normally when his party – CPC merged to become APC, members were meant to follow to join APC even though that was optional and not compulsory,but should follow. The first sign was that many federal and state legislators, even his deputy governor, refused to defect with him, rather choosing to join PDP. The odds were stacked against him as the state legislature now had 20 PDP members out of 24. Now,the oga at the highest top, in preparation for next year ‘s election was rumoured to want to eliminate some stage governors by impeachment or election or defection, to make him have a strong foothold in certain states. He knew the powers of a governor’s support.


It was said that PDP spent a lot of money,probably billions of tax payers money to recruit the legislators to impeach the governor. All odds were against the governor but he had wisdom of the elders. He knew one thing was needed ,having studied the constitution deeply. He did that one necessary thing – reinforced the loyalty of the Chief Judge.


By the time the Chief judge, who was constitutionally empowered to constitute the panel did so,he put Al -Makura loyalists there. The legislature cried foul like little children deprived of candies and chewing gums. He had won. He needed not to beg any oga at the top as his former attempt to do so had failed. The Probe Panel met and after 2 hours, they dismissed all allegations and thrumped up charges against him. The ego of the oga at the top and that of his party and the talkative minister were seriously bruised.


I’m not holding briefs for the governor,nor his party. Infact, the governor isn’t one of my favorites but here,the truth must be told. Like the story of the son whose father willed all property to his slave save one property he chooses who decided to choose the slave and hereby own everything his father left behind,I choose to learn from Al-Makura’s brand of political wisdom. Prioritise your battles and choose carefully, especially the most needed.

Stay wisened. Thank you










I post this without fear of losing my muslims friends, relations and families, humans are humans if we say what happen in Gaza is inhuman because they are are done by non muslims to muslims

why are muslims now silent about the ones done by muslims to non muslims? A jihad? A Godly injunction?


If you are my muslim friend and you are no longer confortable with me on this Issue you may unfriend me, I respect that, good luck.


Report from Iraq: families of Iraqi Yazidis who are trapped in a mountain with no food and water for the past 5 days, who had lost more that 4, 000 of thier members due to hunger, bombing and shootings, from the Islamic Warriors of ISLAMIC STATE are throwing children from a mountain to keep them from terrorists.


The total who are dead are more than the combined the number of palestanians combined in the last 4 wars with Isreal.

What will be thier defence?


1. They are sponsored by Americans:

totall bullshit, who are the ones firing the guns? Muslims from all over the world including Nigeria and Somalia.


2.They are not muslims

Another hogwash: Abubakar Albaghdadi, THE LEADER OS I.S is a well known Islamic cleric and part of the Sunni alqaeda group before spliting up and forming his own group.Hundreds of muslim fighters had joined him so far nd more are coming from all over the world.


3.What they are doing is not Islamic:

indeed? But the attitude i see does not tally with that, if its not Islamic does it not make it inhuman enough for muslims to take a stand? Reject it and galvanise the world to act like it did in Gaza?


So far the Infidel state of France, and the great Satan America are the two that had shown concern.


Where are the muslims States that sorrounded them?


Where are the muslims voices that will say and forcefully so that this is not Islam?


Where are the hastags for concerted opinion to show the true face of Islam?


Posterity will judge.







EBOLA VIRUS 4 : Arm yoursef with more knowledge about Ebola and save youself from unnecessary panics


I’m writing this fifth article on Ebola Viral Disease EVD in my weekly column – FFFFFFF ,because despite the previous three I’d written,it appears some people are specialists in passing wrongful information that destroy others and cause more panic attacks. People are destroyed because of lack of knowledge, bad knowledge, ignorance and misinformation. Some misinformations cause panic attacks and if you remember solidly very well, during the Ikeja Military Cantonment bomb blast in Lagos in 2002, over a thousand people died and none of them died directly due to the bomb or impact of the blast but those that died did so because of panic that made them rush into canals and drowned. So unfortunate&sad.


I’ve seen many send panicky information that made many fear unnecessarily. It’s not that you shouldn’t be careful,you should be and should take proper precautions based on the right information. Fortunately, the disease has no carrier state meaning there are no healthy carriers. It’s only if a person is acutely or severely ill with the disease he can transmit it. Dead bodies also transmit it. Transmission is via body fluids like saliva, sneeze, sweat, urine, blood, sputum etc. It is not air-borne nor water borne. You can’t get it through swimming with an infected person nor shaking a healthy person (any sick person with it will be unlikely to be able to stand. You can’t get it through pens, biros, cash, handling doors etc even though that doesn’t say you shouldn’t maintain proper hygiene by proper washing of hands. Ordinarily, EVD or no EVD,it’s not advisable to share clothing with others.


If the Ebola Virus contacts a person’s skin, this does not mean the person is then automatically infected by the virus. The virus is not active until it gains access into a person’s mucous membrane.


Mucous membranes are those pink fleshy places in the openings of the body like the eyes, nose, inner ears, mouth, anus, opening of the penis and vagina or any wound on any part of the body. So if the virus is on the skin of the hand, it is easy for the virus to enter the mucous membrane because people touch these parts of the body with their fingers.


The hands are very important. This is why we encourage everybody to wash their hands with soap and water often and rub sanitizers (where soap and water isn’t readily available). This limits the possibility of being infected.


Spread the knowledge, not the fear. Facts will help, not fear. Together we can win the battle against ebola.









In 1912.Titanic tragedy took place and 1516 lives were lost due to locked-in mentality of indoctrination ,that the Titanic ship was unsinkable. Three days after the beautiful ship left Queenstown, England, a wire was received that told of icebergs in the ship’s path.But the wireless operator ignored the message. He had been told the ship was unsinkable,so why should he bother? More alerts were neglected as the third warning came the captain of the ship was given the message,who read it and without comment,turned it over to the managing director of the White Star Line ,who looked at it and threw it in the waste basket on the bridge.


Fourth alert came an hour later,but this time the Captain said this is part of the tourist attraction,so he made announcement that the travelers will see beautiful icebergs on the way,and they should enjoy every minute of it. The fifth warning came by 9.30 pm,but the Captain was cruising at an alarming 22 Knots speed which is equivalent of 22x 1.852 km/ hour for a gigantic ship like that,. Sadly by 11;30 pm same day the ship rammed into a big ice berg which cut a gash of 300 feet long. it was initially managed but it didn’t hold for long,. But quite surprisingly the travelers were told to go for the Life boats,announcement from the Captain was ignored,why ?


This ship is unsinkable. The Nigerian State is like the Titanic ship. we claim Nigeria cannot implode or explode,it’s too strong,Ominous signs are ignored,we are thinking one party has solution, Corruption, insurgency, gross indiscipline, injustice, religious bigotry, ethnicity .tribal chauvanism, gross abuse of power, political jingoism,misuse of security agents amongst many other ills, are in abundance in us, yet we claim God is with us and we have gone through worse times before and didnt sink and so,we cant sink anymore. There is no greater delusion than that.


Don’t you think that head or tail,we had neglected to heed the warning of ice bergs on our way, May God deliver us from experiencing the disaster that befell the passengers of the Titanic ship, We need not only to pray, we need also to act rightly. Faith without proper good works is dead, so the Good book says. Ignoring this information could be perilious

God bless Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria.


Credits : Olayinka Oladosu








Much ado about Jonathan’s sack of 16,000 resident doctors from the nation’s public hospitals


Since the doctors in Nigeria went on strike, many Nigerians have been calling for their head. Some who don’t understand the workings of a “proper” healthcare system have made several comments against the action of the doctors. I am not holding brief for the doctors but the truth must be told and possibly analyzed. The 24 point demand of the doctors in my understanding can be brought down to pay, conditions of service, compensation and operational procedure. Looking at the fat paychecks of an average local government chairman, one would find out the huge disparity with that of an average medical doctor. This cuts across every professional endeavor. It is illogical for political office holders to be earning above professionals who impact the economy of the nation more.


In the name of the Hippocratic oath, many have castigated the doctors for embarking on industrial action. However, if the doctors feel they are unable to provide proper healthcare for their patients that in itself already contravenes the oath they swore. ILO clearly stated that every employee has the right to embark on industrial action especially if working conditions are not good. We are always quick to compare doctors in the western world to our doctors but we always forget the amount of money invested into healthcare in those countries. Moreso, the terms of service are completely different over there. There is strict adherence to practice of one’s field in a functional healthcare system. A gynecologist will never encroach to the field of a radiologist or an anesthesiologist and vice versa. With a deep sense of respect to other medical professionals, I’ve never seen a consultant nurse or pharmacist in an ideal healthcare system.


There is no justification for sacking 16000 resident doctors across the country. We will never recover from that singular act. In a country where political office holders and their families don’t even use its own healthcare services. How then do we expect the government to invest in healthcare? Any industrial action that would have adverse effects on the masses, the government is never bothered. Once the action is threatening to their own existence or office, there is a swift response. We are quick to forget that politicians also swore an oath of office to defend the constitution and serve selflessly. Consistently violating the oath they swore, yet we are yet to sack them en masse. It’s a case of choosing the notorious criminal Barabbas over Jesus in the presence of Pontius Pilate









Save the Nigerian Doctor!!!

I am a doctor and all my professional life, I’ve braved several health hazards to treat people. I’ve offered free medical care, services, consultations etc to many. Some, friends; some, family; some, acquaintances; some, people I never knew. Even those who I never saw. It’s 7 days after the government issued a directive for our sack (over 16,000 doctors), how many of you have called me or sent a message to either enquire if I was affected or to sympathise/empathise with me. Sadly some of those ones who I so cared for have said it’s good that we (doctors) have been sacked.


Let it be on record that doctors are not responsible for the poor state of our health sector, all of us know who is. All the ongoing in the media are mere propaganda to pitch u public against us since they know our professional ethics does allow us propagating ourselves. It is also a truce that doctors are the most well paid in the country. If it so, it should have obviously shown in types of ‘elegant’ houses we build and the ‘exotic’ cars we ride. Rather, as doctors we strive daily to give our best to you while being severely limited by a dysfunctional environment set up by extraneous forces. We are separted from our families even at a slight taste of enjoying a moment with them. Desocialised in order to concentrate on service to humanity. I hope one day, you all will understand and see the truth in our struggles as doctors for a better health sector for all Nigerians (you and I)










Do they have a soft spot for our animation?

are they sleeping while we are in the well of destruction?

for over four months we have been in hell

suffering in the hands of the devil.


We are in a nostalgic cloud

dreaming of days we spent with friends and siblings

praying for a day we will abscond this hell and sufferings

on that day we will dance till eternity because we survived.


These questions we ask again and again

what is our sin for this pain?

what does the devil stand to gain?

by inflicting us with pain?


We chorus this out in our minds

is acquiring education a crime?

each day we see new questions

the best answer to this questions is in time.


In unison we cry out saying

come to ”sambisa” and salvage us from this bondage

everyday we are tears-breakfasting

we are of little and tender age.










Managing Ebola At Home


Before Ambulance Comes.

It is usually recommended that all Ebola-infected persons should be admitted to an isolation unit in a healthcare facility. However, in some cases where medical help cannot reach the infected person fast, experts say that where the right precautions are tak­en, Ebola can be managed at home.


According to the experts, it is very important to to maximize the chances of the person’s survival, protect family members and break the transmission of the virus to others.

While waiting for an ambulance from the isolation centre to arrive, and thereby reduce infection of other family members, do the next (information gleaned from a document provided by the Ebola Emergency Operations Centre (EEOC) in Lagos):

The patient should be restricted to one room or area of the house­hold and if possible the area should be roped off.

The patient should be restricted to one toilet and bath. Other family members should not use it.

If care must be given to the patient, one family member should be desig­nated to provide the care while avoiding direct contact with the infected person.

Waterproof gloves without holes, such as household heavy-du­ty rubber gloves, should be worn before entering the room and before touching any surfaces or the patient. Hands must be washed very well before and after entering the pa­tient’s room. Avoid stepping on any fluids (such as vomit, urine, blood or diarrhea) of the patient.

When giving care, it is advised that the caregiver must always stay behind the patient and avoid any direct contact with the patient’s clothes, beddings and other house­hold items that the patient may have touched such as bowls, cups and plates.

A mask or dry towel should be wrapped around the face to protect the mouth and nose when entering the patient’s room.

If any cleaning must be done, caregivers must use diluted bleach solution, which must be made afresh every 24 hours as the solu­tion loses its effectiveness within that time frame.

Soiled towels and gloves must be soaked in a bucket filled with bleach solution for at least one hour before washing. After an hour, the towels can be washed with soap and re-used once they are dry. Never put bleach or its solution into the patient’s mouth or eyes. Use bleach-soaked towels for carrying or moving the patient.

In the event of the patient’s death, it is highly recommended that the body should not be touched at all as it is highly infectious. The caregiver should notify health authorities to retrieve it.









There are very few musicians I really greatly admire.And that’s seldomly because of the finesse of their lyrics. What I admire is their messages to the people which they used the instrument of music to pass. Among the few I admire is the afrobeat-cum-social activist – Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. He passes the truth in his music no matter whose ox is gored. He’s like a prophet. Most of the things he talked about have occured and are still occuring. How prophetic ! I’m sure if he hadn’t been rascally nor lived recklessly,he could have been a preacher cum prophet for God’s work. I think so.


He sang very many songs,most of which I sing very well off hand. There’s one he sang : Kolomentality ( Colonial Mentality) . Part of the song goes thus :


…If you say you be colonial man,

You don be slave before before,

Dem don release you now

but you never release yourself.

No be so?

No be so dem dey do their things,no be so.

No be so dem dey do dem brothers e,no be so

The things wey black do no good,na foreign things dem dey like,no be so…

…Mr.Ransome may you hear o.

…Kolomentality hear o

Na Africa we dey o

Kolomentality …


It talked about foolish gullible africans who have gullibly copied bad foreign cultures, neglecting theirs,rather than promoting great and rich local african culture. I think this statement is a brief summary of the message Fela was passing accross in his song.


There is a current trend going on in America now. It’s called the ALS Ice-Water ChaIlenge to raise awareness for and money for victims of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS also called Montor Neurone Disease or Charot’s disease (similar to but very different from Marie-Charot-Tooth’s disease) is one of the numerous diseases that affect the nervous system. Its victims are mainly in the advanced world. It almost never (if ever) affects africans. It’s not a disease known to the african. {I remembered in medical school,one of the ways to curry the wrath of one of my lecturers was to mention foreign exotic diseases like ALS or Multiple sclerosis as first or second examples }.I don’t know why an african should be unnecessarily involved in its publicity while neglecting diseases affecting his fellow african. In the ice water challenge, one is nominated to go through it by a bucket of cold water being poured on one (that’s no big deal to an african like myself who bathes in cold water.It’s like throwing a toad into a river or pushing an Ijaw man into a swimming pool). If a nominated person declines the test,he/she is required to donate $100 to the cause of ALS patients. Many celebrities took the test and also donated sums of money. The disease has familial cause in about 10% of cases while in the rest 90% isn’t related by families&has got no definitive cause (ie it’s idiopathic). It has a poor prognosis. Most victims die an average 3 yrs after being disgnosed and only a paltry 4% will be alive 10yrs from diagnosis. So bad its life expectancy.


I got baffled when I saw Genivieve Nnaji & Don Jazzy take d now trending ALS Ice Water Challenge . I was informed Adebayor nominated Genevieve but who nominated Don Jazzy? I’ll have loved to ask that. They are just doing follow-follow. I guessed they saw celebrities like Bill Gates, Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Charlie Sheen, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zukerberg, George Bush etc doing it and they sheepishly decided to follow. Colonial mentality! That’s what I call it! Kolomentality! They want to be among the wannabes to project self inflated deceit they call publicity for themselves. Do they even know what ALS is,nor do they know the signs and symptoms of d disease nor d prognosis?

Abeg,there are many africans dying of sickle cell disease and thyphoid, malaria, even Ebola, what have they done to raise awareness for those diseases nor help the victims. Many Africans have colonial mentalities. They were once colonised,now they have been given independence,yet they have refused to de-colonise themselves. That’s my take on this topic. I end this my giving them an advice. The advice can be taken from Reggae Legend – Bob Marley’s song ,Redemption Song :


“…Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery,none but ourselves can free our minds…”.


What do you also think?










The failure of leadership in Nigeria presently,and the fact that democracy has not yielded dividends so far in the 15 yrs of this nascent democratic experience. Even the democracy activists during the military era seemed to have slept off,or compromised exceedingly,and their voices seemed not to be heard again and the greatest benefitiaries now were those who collaborated ( or should I say were saboteurs of the masses ) with previous military regimes.


If Nigeria disintegrates today (like some people are agitating for) , the endemic predicaments and burdens of our history will follow us to our enclaves as the case of Southern Sudan shows. Secession or dismemberment will always breed new marginal/micro identities in fresh contests and conflicts. Moreover,it is this present crop of bad leaders that will lead the new micro enclaves. Any part of the country that pulls out will only create a smaller enclave with a carry over of the typical Nigerian problems besetting it. In the philosophy of dialectics, the original thesis is never finally settled and the contest continues in a repeated circle.


Some people always tell me that the 1983 coup derailed our democracy, which they said would have taken us to greater heights. They said if there was no “interruptions”­ we would have been developed by now. I don’t think so.It was during his (former president.Shagari)  regime that people queued endlessly for essential commodities like rice,milk, sugar etc that was being distributed to people. These items were often unavailable and often if available,there was a lot of bigotry in its distribution to the masses. All these happened under President Shehu Shagari’s watch. It was the same time that a member of the Shagari administration said Nigerians should stop complaining about poverty, corruption and bad governance because “they are not picking food from the dustbin”. When the military came at that time, many people celebrated. However, because I have no knowledge of what tomorrow might have been, I will assume that those who claim the coup took us back may be right. May be if Buhari and Idiagbon never came in, in 1983, Nigeria will be like Singapore, Luxembourg or Qatar.


Even at that I surely missed something about Buhari and Idiagbon’s military regime. YES! I missed the “jumbo” jail time dished out to convicted corrupt politicians. from 20 to 25 to 60 years. One of them was even jailed for 102 years. Some said it is draconian. But in that case, and considering what we are witnessing today, I sure do love me some draconian rulings for thieves. I’m also imagining what life will be today, if some of the politicians of those days were not released by Gen IBB, mostly in 1986. Same crop of people later formed G77, which also transformed into PDP. Tam David West, that great patriot,who once said that corruption, rather than Boko Haram terrorists, would bring worse bloodshed in Nigeria.

Everywhere,corruption,at the polls worse corruption, public money is theirs & people are dying from want!!!


I am here to tell you this day that our major problem in Nigeria is CORRUPTION and INDISCIPLINE. Any administration that cannot fight corruption and indicipline cannot change Nigeria. This is very simple. Believe me everyone suffers under that administration and it doesn’t matter what tribe, religion or whatever one is as long as one is a Nigerian. When I say corruption and indiscipline however, I am not referring to just looting and embezzlement. I am also talking about cronyism, nepotism, tribalism, and all  other vices. As long as we ignore corruption and indiscipline we must not complain about changing Nigeria and the only people that can change every are government and the institution of religion, the press and individuals. We must frown at corruption and its evil twin brother – indiscipline.Believe me corruption and indiscipline are more deadly than Boko Haram or any terrorist organisation. If Nigeria disintegrates today it will not be Boko Haram, MEND or the Biafran agitation but absolute failure of politicians and those in power.


A reader on Facebook asked the a popular writer and opinion writer nicknamed ” The Oracle” to define in a simple word for corruption in Nigeria. The Oracle’s answer was “frustration” a frustrated society can only breed corruption, when all hopes are lost, when all opportunities to make it in a simple and organized way is blocked by fate or man made, corruption of minds and purposes becomes the other of the day”.


Wait a minute, what does all the hullabaloo about the Ekiti and Osun polls being free, peaceful and fair connote? Does the massive deployment of troops and Security men to monitor elections suggest that we are a violent and an incorrigible electorate? Are we by chance setting a new precedent in democratic practice where the military abandons their traditional role to become election monitors? To applaud the ‘militarization’ of the democratic space during elections is to sing democracy to an early slumber, yes we are singing democracy a devious lullaby.


Some have said that when the Edo election won by the APC was ‘militarized’ we were quiet, so we should overlook the Ekiti and the Osun spectacle. Sadly they ignore the fact that our critique of this new practice is neither pro APC nor Anti PDP, it is simply a plus for democracy and a nod for sane democratic ethos.


What is right is right, and wrong, wrong. To excuse the massive deployment of Soldiers to monitor elections is to tell our Children and posterity that we are unripe for true democracy. It is an admission of guilt to wit that our politicians are not service oriented but lucre motivated for which violence and brigandage is veritable.

Curiously, is this new practice peace propelled or channeled at giving one Party the edge over the other? I choose the second option though you may think otherwise”.


Conscience is an open wound only truth can heal it” – Uthman Dan Fodio 1805. I must say for the umpteenth time that I am not a loyalist of the APC, I have never been, nor am I a hater of the PDP. I hate ill-rule, I hate corruption, I hate religious hate, I hate ethnic jingoism, I hate and repudiate the persistent denial of a peoples right to democracy dividends, and I hate do-or-die politics. To condone and excuse the many ills of this chequered system is to sing democracy an intense lullaby.


What is right is right, and wrong, wrong. I passionately pray that as 2015 draws near we will elevate our politics and debate beyond the banal confines of ethnicity and crash partisanship.


I crave a cross ventilation of thought that shall coalesce into a new moral benchmark for leadership and set a new paradigm for the Actors on our socio-political amphitheatre.

What must count if we sincerely want this nation to grow is the passion to lead, the desire to serve, the determination to govern indiscriminate of creed and clan, and the commitment to genuine transformation.


To those whose motivation and choice of leadership devolves and revolves on the ethnic, sectional, partisan and religious pendulum I bring this reminder, yes, it is an incontrovertible truism that at all level and across the parties governance within the past 15years have been below the 40% mark, therefore we MUST learn to think out of the box and collectively demand responsible and responsive leadership.


Yes we MUST torpedo partisan bickering and up the bar beyond the contours of banal politics to the noble pedestal of profound issues, deep debate and patriotism, such is the way to go.


God Bless Nigeria.







Deceptions, Deceits,Lies upon Lies &the Campaign of Calumny by TAN Thieves Around Nigeria,Predators of Nigerian Posterity et al



Nigerian TV has been flooded recently by many adverts, campaigns by some groups campaigning for President.Goodluck Jonathan highlighting his multiple achievements ( even though they are very few,even where it exists) ,even comparing him with some greats like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama et al (I see that sacrilegious though). I see the adverts have flooded TV stations like AIT, NTA, STV and many others. Apart from the many lies upon lies that are being told of his achievements where few,even if any exist, I think it’s sacrilegious to compare a snail to a rhinocerous just because both appear “horned”. It’s sacrilegious to compare his works to that of Martin Luther King jnr, Mandela et al,even in the face of blatant lies. At least 2 groups have spearheaded this : Thieves Association of Nigeria who claim to be Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) and Predators of Nigerian Posterity who falsely claimed they are Protectors of Nigerian Posterity PNP.


The factual point is that we don’t need TAN to come and remind us GEJ achievement if indeed he has performed very well. We have eyes and we can see! One of the things that baffles me in all of these road show is why the eastern part of Nigeria must always be the region to produce the chief executive of such hand twisting organization, in a country of over 150 million people! If at the end of Youth Earnestly Ask of Abacha and Association of Better Nigeria the proprietors disappeared into limbo, is it not enough for the realities of time to be democratic in their choice of leadership for an association that would project the achievements of the current leadership maybe if not for anything just to give a dog a good name. Daniel Kanu, Author Nzeribe and now Chris Mba, they mean danger for this country as far as my opinion is concerned.


We’ve been here before. There was a time we had such ignoble and ubiquitous groups like ABN Association for Better Nigeria, led by Francis Arthur Nzeribe and YEAA Youths Earnestly Ask for Abacha led by Daniel Kanu who had ignoble roles in annulment of June 12 presidential election and the abortive late Emperor.General Sani Abacha (of cursed memory). We know what happened eventually and the bad memories they bring. They surely made bad names for themselves that last till this day. The Good Book says a good name is better than riches. Surely these folks prefer a bad name lasting for generations for filthy lucre,rather than a good name. So bad ! What a pity ! O ma se o,like my big brother – The Oracle usually says. To cap it all,they not only imported all the ignoble Daniel Kanu’s YEAA methods,they went on gathering millions of non existent phantom signatures claiming outrageous numbers in an attempt to “persuade” President.Goodluck Jonathan to contest another term. A person’s good or bad works lives after him and may even trail him till The Judgement Day. What these groups have failed to tell us is the greed behind all these. They have collected huge sums discreetly and hope to collect more.


SOUTHWEST zonal rally in Ibadan produced 1.4million voters signatures asked GEJ to carry go. SOUTH SOUTH zonal rally in Port-Hacourt produced 4million voters signatures asked GEJ to carry go. North central, Northwest, Northeast and Southeast are still mobilising signatures that will asked GEJ to carry go. Are all these signatures real or imaginary? If they actually are, how much exchange hands?


The TAN campaign Team is on campaign train against INEC electoral instructions.TAN campaign conducted rallies in SE,SW and SS that for the first time any known record any where in the world that citizens are made/induced to sign a register to show support for any political candidate or Party as if the collected signatures translate in a yet to be conducted voting in the year 2015,barring that such signatories will still be there if God so will to cast their votes. Correct me if i am wrong that those that signed register can translate into actual part of a possible total votes that will decide the out come of 2015 general election. Many Nigerians see through hunger and deprivation that our votes if not sold for poverty is our power to install good governance .


I remember Late Emperor. General Sani Abacha days when all political parties endorsed him and some even organized 1million match for him in Abuja to deceive him. OBJ was also deceived , they asked him to continue third term in office because he was in charge then and he coughed money. IBB also coughed his looted fund when they deceived him to contest in 2003 & 2011 presidential election. Iyiola Omisore in Osun was also deceived and he was forced to cough some of his ill-gotten wealth when he was asked to contest against an anointed candidate which he loss woefully. Many people that cannot win their houses have been deceived in other to pump money out in which they later lost. It is not different in many states where virtually all beneficiaries are telling their governors, Senators,& honourable members to carry go despite poor performance . After they collected their monies and empty their pockets, they still deny them and pay them back with an abuse of any kind.


How do u persuade ( or dissuade) a man whose mind is fully made up to contest 2015 elections? Now it’s obvious the body language (apologies to Tambuwal) says the same. This man is obviously gonna run again. He isn’t doing any illegality. Though he said that his presidency isn’t worth any man’s blood,even though correctly,is rather a smokescreen. Any wise person would have seen it coming. I actually saw it coming right from the tail end of 2010 and told all who cared to listen.


If a man assesses himself, and feels that his country has been worse off under him than at any other time, and that there is even almost no country again, why then does he jostle to hold aloft a flag that is at half-mast? It pays everybody that he drops such flag, and give room for change. If the air around you is stultifying, almost to point of asphyxiating the populace, then quit, and give room for a breath of fresh air. That should be a food for thought for him and his hossanna grand opera of worshippers, praise-singers and bootlickers.


Is his contesting gonna move Nigeria forward or backwards? Time will decide and many are remembered in history for good or bad purposes. Surely,his would be in the sandmarks of history in Nigeria.


I know incumbents can be defeated despite all intimidation and rigging if the people are united and tenacious in their will. Countless examples abound, even in Africa – Kenya, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and even Ghana. I hope our votes will count this time like it did 4yrs ago,despite glaring irregularities in some states.


It is high time President Goodluck realised that the electorates are wiser now and cannot be fooled again. Federal might or the so called incumbency factor cannot be a substitute for dismal failure. The election that was held in Osun state is a pointer to the character of the forthcoming nationwide elections in February .


Nigerian politicians , especially the president and other PDP members seeking elective posts should better realised that goodwill is the most important factor that will determine their fortune or misfortune. The goodwill is earned. It is not a commodity you buy overnight with market place politrickcian.


Those who believes that gun and braggadocio will fetch them votes are better advised to change tactics.


Any person with a record of poor performance must recognise that he can never enjoy any iota of goodwill. The dose for winning an election in Nigeria is grade A level of performance, meeting the yearnings and expectations of the governed is the surest way for winning and election. Any other medicine can only lead to anarchy.


GEJ don’t be deceived by business politicians who will later turn their back against you if things don’t go your way.


Disregard Nostra II to your peril!


God rules in the affairs of men !










Several years ago, a certain fatal disease ( probably very similar to Ebola virus ) erupted in Africa, killing thousands without restrain or cure. The medical world was perplexed. A great man of God by the name John G Lake came to the rescue. Laying hands on infected people who were not to be touched. The slightest contact with any secretion from an infected person is all it takes for transmission. But with bare hands, cleaning secretion and curing every victim, John G Lake along with his Holy Ghost filled team, brought to an abrupt end the spread of the deadly virus. When asked by the medical world how he did it. He had this to say: I have the life of God in me, every virus that comes in contact with me dies. He asked them to get an innoculum from an infected person, observe same under a microscope to ascertain viral activities in it. They did and confirmed living and multiplying virus. He then asked them to put the innoculum on his palm and observe under the microscope. This time there were no more activities. ALL WERE DEAD upon contact with him. What a life!


Every child of God has this life! He that has the Son has this life! That higher life that put out that pestilence/ plague in the days of John G Lake will do the same through you in your day! At the Name of Jesus, Ebola will bow out! Stop the fear! Let this message of hope and faith go viral and the Ebola viral spread will stop!


Don’t disdain the ever living words of Jesus: And these signs shall follow them that believe, in my Name, they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing (Ebola virus included) it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hand on the sick (those already infected) and they shall recover – Mark 16:15-18.


John G Lake and team are long gone! But I am here, you are here! We can save our world!We have the life of God in us!Spread the faith!Stop the fear!Spread the life!Stop the death!







How millions of Nigerian telephone subcribers are being scammed in the name of voting in Talent Hunt, Awards and Reality TV Shows on Nigerian Television


I’ll love to appeal to Nigerian entertainers to stop the habit of going about cap in hand begging for votes each time they are nominated for awards. If your materials are good enough and the award process is transparent, I see no reason why you should go about embarrassingly soliciting for votes like a politician. I will also want to warn the unsuspecting public to stop wasting their hard earned money and “telephone credits” on voting to select the winners in these shows because it’s a complete scam.


There should be a “competent” panel of judges selected to review the nominated materials and advise the organisers who the winners should be. It calls to question the motives of award organisers. Same goes for the numerous music talent shows in Nigeria today.


Have you ever wondered why all telecoms companies in Nigeria have a talent hunt show attached to their names? It is very simple. Television is the biggest means of communication in the country today. It reaches millions of people residing in cities, towns and villages (those who are lucky enough to have electricity). You can find a wide variety of talent shows for the gullible enthusiast who has been tricked to thinking he or she decides the participant’s future via the organiser’s voting system.


A lot of Nigerians may never realise how much money they spend voting on these talents shows because they don’t get a monthly giant-sized telephone bill. The telecom companies have washed the public clean with detergent because it doesn’t look like the voting is going to stop anytime soon.


Every day on TV, we see a bunch of unknown individuals locked up in a house together, begging for our votes. I do agree that voting makes the masses feel like a part of any competition and it also gives them a sense of importance. But the question is; why do they bother asking us to vote when they have already employed judges to decide the winners? Isn’t it criminal requesting people to spend their hard earned money voting when it’s obvious those votes don’t determine eventual winners?


And what do they have judges on the show for? They are invited and asked to judge the contestant and you still ask the public to vote for the most deserving? So these experienced, eminent personalities are defined by the public’s opinions? Why invite judges to the show when you are going to put your money making tactics to use anyway?


Is it fair to manipulate audiences to increase SMS income at the cost of shattered dreams? What do we vote for? . Since I have been watching most of these talent shows in Nigeria, there has been no indication whatsoever that public votes count or will ever count.


The entire voting thing is a sham. It is only a money-making machine that makes a fool out of the unsuspecting public. SMS voting is a very lucrative method of making millions out of an ignorant public.


Do the telecoms companies care who wins? Finally it is the general public that is the biggest loser. While the TV stations have already made millions out of the advertising sponsors of the show, the judges are paid huge amounts by the producers