6 Popular Medical Myths That Could Kill You

When making choices in order to optimize your health, it’s critical to have accurate information. Otherwise, some of the diet and lifestyle sacrifices you decide to make may be more harmful than they are helpful.

Let’s examine and debunk six popular medical myths about the things we avoid for our health. Along the way, you may find that you get to enjoy your pleasures after all — guilt free!

Medical Myth #1: Skinny People are Healthier

What the science shows: Excess Pounds, but Not Too Many, May Lead to Longer Life

Being overweight won’t kill you — it may even help you live longer. That’s the latest from a study that analyzed data on 11,326 Canadian adults ages 25 and older who were followed over a 12-year period. The report, published onlinein the journal Obesity, found that, overall, people who were overweight but not obese were actually less likely to die than people of normal weight. By contrast, people who were underweight were more likely to die than those of average weight. Their risk of dying was 73% higher than that of normal weight people, while the risk of dying for those who were overweight was 17% lower than for people of normal weight. The finding adds to a simmering scientific controversy over the optimal weight for adults.

Medical Myth #2: Salt Is Bad for You

That myth has been well busted. Repeated studies show that people with moderate to high salt intakes actually live longer.

Medical Myth #3: Oily Food Is Bad for You

This depends on the kind of oil or fat. Certain saturated and trans-fats present health concerns when consumed on a regular basis. But many fats have health advantages that far outweigh any potential health complications, like fish oil, for example.

Fish oil is especially healthy. Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and is more deadly than excess trans-fat intake, according to this study. The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and used a mathematical model to determine how many fatalities could have been prevented if better practices had been observed. The study, jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on 2005 data from the U.S. National Health Center for Health Statistics. They determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year due to omega-3 deficiency, compared to 63,000-97,000 for high trans-fat intake.

Medical Myth #4: Eggs Raise Cholesterol and Are Bad for You

One of the more painful myths in my book. At my last count, at least six studies showed that eating six eggs a day for six weeks had no significant effect on cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, eggs are the best, most complete, protein source available — and they’re loaded with B vitamins and carotenoids to boot.

Medical Myth #5: Chocolate Is Bad

Dark chocolate has been shown to be high in antioxidants and offer numerous health benefits. One study even indicated it could reduce anxiety. Simply enjoy it in moderation.

Medical Myth #6 (the Most Deadly Myth): You Should Avoid Sunshine and Douse Yourself in SPF

This especially dangerous piece of medical mal-advice is causing an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, and is estimated to be causing 85,000 excess cancer deaths a year in the U.S. Vitamin D deficiency also contributes to obesity (see Adequate Vitamin D Levels May Aid Weight Loss in Obese Patients) and numerous other medical problems (see Vitamin D Could Save Your Life!). The proper advice? Avoid sunburn, not sunshine!



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Keeping Christ out of Christmas is futile

Keeping Christ out of Christmas is as futile as holding back the ocean’s tide. Surely the Stones will Cry Out

I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out. —Luke 19:40

Every year it seems that Christmas becomes more and more commercialized. Even in nations where the majority of people call themselves “Christian,” the season has become more about shopping than worshiping. The pressure to buy gifts and plan elaborate parties makes it increasingly difficult to stay focused on the real meaning of the holiday—the birth of Jesus, God’s only Son, the Savior of the world.

But every holiday I also hear the gospel coming from surprising places —the very places that so commercialize Christmas—shopping malls. When I hear “Joy to the World! The Lord is come; let earth receive her King” ringing from public address systems, I think of the words Jesus said to the Pharisees who told Him to silence the crowds who were praising Him. “If they keep quiet,” Jesus said, “the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40 niv).

At Christmas we hear stones cry out. Even people spiritually dead sing carols written by Christians long dead, reminding us that no matter how hard people try to squelch the real message of Christmas, they will never succeed.

Despite the commercialism that threatens to muddle the message of Christ’s birth, God will make His good news known as “far as the curse is found.”

Keeping Christ out of Christmas is as futile as holding back the ocean’s tide.

Credits: ODB
Julie Ackerman Link

Christmas in Captivity

Christmas in Captivity

The joy of Christmas is Jesus.

READ: Isaiah 9:1–7
On those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Rev. Martin Niemoller, a prominent German pastor, spent nearly eight years in Nazi concentration camps because he openly opposed Hitler. On Christmas Eve 1944, Niemoller spoke these words of hope to his fellow prisoners in Dachau: “My dear friends, on this Christmas . . . let us seek, in the Babe of Bethlehem, the One who came to us in order to bear with us everything that weighs heavily upon us. . . . God Himself has built a bridge from Himself to us! A dawn from on high has visited us!”
At Christmas we embrace the good news that God, in Christ, has come to us wherever we are and has bridged the gap between us. He invades our prison of darkness with His light and lifts the load of sorrow, guilt, or loneliness that weighs us down.
On that bleak Christmas Eve in prison, Niemoller shared this good news: “Out of the brilliance that surrounded the shepherds a shining ray will fall into our darkness.” His words remind us of the prophet Isaiah, who prophetically said, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned” (Isa. 9:2).
No matter where today finds us, Jesus has penetrated our dark world with His joy and light!
— David McCasland

Tribes in Nigeria

Here they are:
1 Abayon -Cross River
2 Abua (Odual) -Rivers
3 Achipa (Achipawa) -Kebbi
4 Adim -Cross River
5 Adun -Cross River
6 Affade -Yobe
7 Afizere -Plateau
8 Afo -Plateau
9 Agbo -Cross River
10 Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) -Cross River
11 Akweya-Yachi -Benue
12 Alago (Arago) -Piateau
13 Amo -Plateau
14 Anaguta -Plateau
15 Anang -Akwa lbom
16 Andoni -Akwa lbom, Rivers
17 Angas -Bauchi, Jigawa, Plateau
18 Ankwei -Plateau
19 Anyima -Cross River
20 Attakar (ataka) -Kaduna
21 Auyoka (Auyokawa) -Jigawa
22 Awori -Lagos, Ogun
23 Ayu -Kaduna
24 Babur -Adamawa, Bomo, Taraba, Yobe
25 Bachama -Adamawa
26 Bachere -Cross River
27 Bada -Plateau
28 Bade -Yobe
29 Bahumono -Cross River
30 Bakulung -Taraba
31 Bali -Taraba
32 Bambora (Bambarawa) -Bauchi
33 Bambuko -Taraba
34 Banda (Bandawa) -Taraba
35 Banka (Bankalawa) -Bauchi
36 Banso (Panso) -Adamawa
37 Bara (Barawa) -Bauchi
38 Barke -Bauchi
39 Baruba (Barba) -Niger
40 Bashiri (Bashirawa) -Plateau
41 Bassa -Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateau
42 Batta -Adamawa
43 Baushi -Niger
44 Baya -Adamawa
45 Bekwarra -Cross River
46 Bele (Buli, Belewa) -Bauchi
47 Betso (Bete) -Taraba
48 Bette -Cross River
49 Bilei -Adamawa
50 Bille -Adamawa
51 Bina (Binawa) -Kaduna
52 Bini -Edo
53 Birom -Plateau
54 Bobua -Taraba
55 Boki (Nki) -Cross River
56 Bkkos -Plateau
57 Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) -Niger
58 Bole (Bolewa) -Bauchi, Yobe
59 Botlere -Adamawa
60 Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) -Bauchi
61 Bomboro -Bauchi
62 Buduma -Borno, Niger
63 Buji -Plateau
64 Buli -Bauchi
65 Bunu -Kogi
66 Bura -Adamawa
67 Burak -Bauchi
68 Burma (Burmawa) -Plateau
69 Buru -Yobe
70 Buta (Butawa) -Bauchi
71 Bwall -Plateau
72 Bwatiye -Adamawa
73 Bwazza -Adamawa
74 Challa -Plateau
75 Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) -Bauchi
76 Chamba -Taraba
77 Chamo -Bauchi
78 Chibok (Chibbak) -Yobe
79 Chinine -Borno
80 Chip -Plateau
81 Chokobo -Plateau
82 Chukkol -Taraba
83 Daba -Adamawa
84 Dadiya -Bauchi
85 Daka -Adamawa
86 Dakarkari -Niger, Kebbi
87 Danda (Dandawa) -Kebbi
88 Dangsa -Taraba
89 Daza (Dere, Derewa) -Bauchi
90 Degema -Rivers
91 Deno (Denawa) -Bauchi
92 Dghwede -Bomo
93 Diba -Taraba
94 Doemak (Dumuk) -Plateau
95 Ouguri -Bauchi
96 Duka (Dukawa) -Kebbi
97 Duma (Dumawa) -Bauchi
98 Ebana (Ebani) -Rivers
99 Ebirra (lgbirra) -Edo, Kogi, Ondo
100 Ebu -Edo, Kogi
101 Efik -Cross River
102 Egbema -Rivers
103 Egede (lgedde) -Benue
104 Eggon -Plateau
105 Egun (Gu) -Lagos,Ogun
106 Ejagham -Cross River
107 Ekajuk -Cross River
108 Eket -Akwa Ibom
109 Ekoi -Cross River
110 Engenni (Ngene) -Rivers
111 Epie -Rivers
112 Esan (Ishan) -Edo
113 Etche -Rivers
114 Etolu (Etilo) -Benue
115 Etsako -Edo
116 Etung -Cross River
117 Etuno -Edo
118 Palli -Adamawa
119 Pulani (Pulbe) -Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa , Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi , Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, etc. 120 Fyam (Fyem) -Plateau
121 Fyer(Fer) -Plateau
122 Ga’anda -Adamawa
123 Gade -Niger
124 Galambi -Bauchi
125 Gamergu-Mulgwa -Borno
126 Qanawuri -Plateau
127 Gavako -Borno
128 Gbedde -Kogi
129 Gengle -Taraba
130 Geji -Bauchi
131 Gera (Gere, Gerawa) -Bauchi
132 Geruma (Gerumawa) -Plateau
133 Geruma (Gerumawa) -Bauchi
134 Gingwak -Bauchi
135 Gira -Adamawa
136 Gizigz -Adamawa
137 Goernai -Plateau
138 Gokana (Kana) -Rivers
139 Gombi -Adamawa
140 Gornun (Gmun) -Taraba
141 Gonia -Taraba
142 Gubi (Gubawa) -Bauchi
143 Gude -Adamawa
144 Gudu -Adamawa
145 Gure -Kaduna
146 Gurmana -Niger
147 Gururntum -Bauchi
148 Gusu -Plateau
149 Gwa (Gurawa) -Adamawa
150 Gwamba Adamawa
151 Gwandara -Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
152 Gwari (Gbari) -Kaduna, Niger, Abuja, Plateau
153 Gwom -Taraba
154 Gwoza (Waha) -Borno
155 Gyem -Bauchi
156 Hausa: -Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna,Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Niger,Taraba, Sokoto, Zamfara etc 157 Higi (Hig) -Borno, Adamawa
158 Holma -Adamawa
159 Hona -Adamawa
160 Ibeno -Akwa lbom
161 Ibibio -Akwa lbom
162 Ichen -Adamawa
163 Idoma -Benue, Taraba
164 Igalla -Kogi
165 lgbo: -Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi,Enugu, Imo, Rivers
166 ljumu -Kogi
167 Ikorn -Cross River
168 Irigwe -Plateau
169 Isoko -Delta
170 lsekiri (Itsekiri) -Delta
171 lyala (lyalla) -Cross River
172 lzondjo -Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers
173 Jaba -Kaduna
174 Jahuna (Jahunawa) -Taraba
175 Jaku -Bauchi
176 Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) -Bauchi
177 Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa) -Bauchi, Plateau
178 Jero -Taraba
179 Jibu -Adamawa
180 Jidda-Abu -Plateau
181 Jimbin (Jimbinawa) -Bauchi
182 Jirai -Adamawa
183 Jonjo (Jenjo) -Taraba
184 Jukun -Bauchi, Benue,Taraba, Plateau
185 Kaba(Kabawa) -Taraba
186 Kadara -Taraba
187 Kafanchan -Kaduna
188 Kagoro -Kaduna
189 Kaje (Kache) -Kaduna
190 Kajuru (Kajurawa) -Kaduna
191 Kaka -Adamawa
192 Kamaku (Karnukawa) -Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger
193 Kambari -Kebbi, Niger
194 Kambu -Adamawa
195 Kamo -Bauchi
196 Kanakuru (Dera) -Adamawa, Borno
197 Kanembu -Borno
198 Kanikon -Kaduna
199 Kantana -Plateau
200 Kanuri -Kaduna, Adamawa, Borno, Kano,Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe 201 Karekare (Karaikarai) -Bauchi, Yobe
202 Karimjo -Taraba
203 Kariya -Bauchi
204 Katab (Kataf) -Kaduna
205 Kenern (Koenoem) -Plateau
206 Kenton -Taraba
207 Kiballo (Kiwollo) -Kaduna
208 Kilba -Adamawa
209 Kirfi (Kirfawa) -Bauchi
210 Koma -Taraba
211 Kona -Taraba
212 Koro (Kwaro) -Kaduna, Niger
213 Kubi (Kubawa) -Bauchi
214 Kudachano (Kudawa) -Bauchi
215 Kugama -Taraba
216 Kulere (Kaler) -Plateau
217 Kunini -Taraba
218 Kurama -Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
219 Kurdul -Adamawa
220 Kushi -Bauchi
221 Kuteb -Taraba
222 Kutin -Taraba
223 Kwalla -Plateau
224 Kwami (Kwom) -Bauchi
225 Kwanchi -Taraba
226 Kwanka (Kwankwa) -Bauchi, Plateau
227 Kwaro -Plateau
228 Kwato -Plateau
229 Kyenga (Kengawa) -Sokoto
230 Laaru (Larawa) -Niger
231 Lakka -Adamawa
232 Lala -Adamawa
233 Lama -Taraba
234 Lamja -Taraba
235 Lau -Taraba
236 Ubbo -Adamawa
237 Limono -Bauchi, Plateau
238 Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) -Niger
239 Longuda (Lunguda) -Adamawa, Bauchi
240 Mabo -Plateau
241 Mada -Kaduna, Plateau
242 Mama -Plateau
243 Mambilla -Adamawa
244 Manchok -Kaduna
245 Mandara (Wandala) -Borno
246 Manga (Mangawa) -Yobe
247 Margi (Marghi) -Adamawa, Borno
248 Matakarn -Adamawa
249 Mbembe -Cross River, Enugu
250 Mbol -Adamawa
251 Mbube -Cross River
252 Mbula -Adamawa
253 Mbum -Taraba
254 Memyang (Meryan) -Plateau
255 Miango -Plateau
256 Miligili (Migili) -Plateau
257 Miya (Miyawa) -Bauchi
258 Mobber -Borno
259 Montol -Plateau
260 Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa) -Kaduna
261 Muchaila -Adamawa
262 Mumuye -Taraba
263 Mundang -Adamawa
264 Munga (Mupang) -Plateau
265 Mushere -Plateau
266 Mwahavul (Mwaghavul) -Plateau
267 Ndoro -Taraba
268 Ngamo -Bauchi, Yobe
269 Ngizim -Yobe
270 Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang) -Adamawa, Borno
271 Ningi (Ningawa) -Bauchi
272 Ninzam (Ninzo) -Kaduna, Plateau
273 Njayi -Adamawa
274 Nkim -Cross River
275 Nkum -Cross River
276 Nokere (Nakere) -Plateau
277 Nunku -Kaduna, Plateau
278 Nupe -Niger
279 Nyandang -Taraba
280 Ododop Cross River
281 Ogori -Kwara
282 Okobo (Okkobor) -Akwa lbom
283 Okpamheri -Edo
284 Olulumo -Cross River
285 Oron -Akwa lbom
286 Owan -Edo
287 Owe -Kwara
288 Oworo -Kwara
289 Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) -Bauchi
290 Pai -Plateau
291 Panyam -Taraba
292 Pero -Bauchi
293 Pire -Adamawa
294 Pkanzom -Taraba
295 Poll -Taraba
296 Polchi Habe -Bauchi
297 Pongo (Pongu) -Niger
298 Potopo -Taraba
299 Pyapun (Piapung) -Plateau
300 Qua -Cross River
301 Rebina (Rebinawa) -Bauchi
302 Reshe -Kebbi, Niger
303 Rindire (Rendre) -Plateau
304 Rishuwa -Kaduna
305 Ron -Plateau
306 Rubu -Niger
307 Rukuba -Plateau
308 Rumada -Kaduna
309 Rumaya -Kaduna
310 Sakbe -Taraba
311 Sanga -Bauchi
312 Sate -Taraba
313 Saya (Sayawa Za’ar) -Bauchi
314 Segidi (Sigidawa) -Bauchi
315 Shanga (Shangawa) -Sokoto
316 Shangawa (Shangau) -Plateau
317 Shan-Shan -Plateau
318 Shira (Shirawa) -Kano
319 Shomo -Taraba
320 Shuwa -Adamawa, Borno
321 Sikdi -Plateau
322 Siri (Sirawa) -Bauchi
323 Srubu (Surubu) -Kaduna
324 Sukur -Adamawa
325 Sura -Plateau
326 Tangale -Bauchi
327 Tarok -Plateau, Taraba
328 Teme -Adamawa
329 Tera (Terawa) -Bauchi, Bomo
330 Teshena (Teshenawa) -Kano
331 Tigon -Adamawa
332 Tikar -Taraba
333 Tiv -Benue, Plateau, Taraba and Nasarawa
334 Tula -Bauchi
335 Tur -Adamawa
336 Ufia -Benue
337 Ukelle -Cross River
338 Ukwani (Kwale) -Delta
339 Uncinda -Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto
340 Uneme (Ineme) -Edo
341 Ura (Ula) -Niger
342 Urhobo -Delta
343 Utonkong -Benue
344 Uyanga -Cross River
345 Vemgo -Adamawa
346 Verre -Adamawa
347 Vommi -Taraba
348 Wagga -Adamawa
349 Waja -Bauchi
350 Waka -Taraba
351 Warja (Warja) -Jigawa
352 Warji -Bauchi
353 Wula -Adamawa
354 Wurbo -Adamawa
355 Wurkun -Taraba
356 Yache -Cross River
357 Yagba -Kwara
358 Yakurr (Yako) -Cross River
359 Yalla -Benue
360 Yandang -Taraba
361 Yergan (Yergum) -Plateau
362 Yoruba -(Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi)
363 Yott -Taraba
364 Yumu -Niger
365 Yungur -Adamawa
366 Yuom -Plateau
367 Zabara -Niger
368 Zaranda -Bauchi
369 Zarma (Zarmawa) -Kebbi
370 Zayam (Zeam) -Bauchi
371 Zul (Zulawa) -Bauchi

Many things you never knew about the Dec 31,1983 coup that overthrew President. Shehu Shagari

Yesteryears in Retrospect: Many things you never knew about the Dec 31,1983 coup that overthrew President. Shehu Shagari

On the last day of the year 1983, a coup was in operation to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Shehu Shagari. The most interesting thing about the coup was that even though it was neatly orchestrated by middle-cadre and top brass in the military, Buhari was not initially the person to become the Head of State. The person that was expected to become the new HOS after the coup was Brigadier Ibrahim Bako. Bako and his boys stormed the President’s residence to overthrow him. Shagari was woken up by his security team and alerted that Bako and his men were on their way to the State House to arrest him.

Quickly, President Shagari was evacuated to a safer location and the stage was set for one of the most dramatic gunfights in Nigeria’s political history. To guard, protect and defend the Nigerian President then was the Brigade of Guards, headed by Captain Augustine A. Anyogo, an elite presidential bodyguard made up of some of the best-trained hands in the Armed Forces. They fought to the last and in the ensuing battle and under circumstances that are still not very clear, Bako, who was supposed to be the new Head of State was hit (IBB denies that Bako was to be the new Head Of State but agreed he was a chief plotter). He died. On Bako’s death, IBB would later say that maybe it was due to an accidental discharge. Hear him:

Question:“…What really happened to General Bako?”

Babangida: “..….when they went to Abuja for that operation, ….this thing happened in the night… you see, from the experiences we had from the civil war, we found out that soldiers sometimes panic and when they panic, there are dire consequences. So, it was in the night and there was what you could call accidental discharge and the first reaction of the soldiers was that they were being attacked and in situations like that, you could shoot anyway. It happened to us I remember, during the civil war. You get shot at in the front and the sound reverberates behind so the soldiers at the back believes that the person shooting is right there then they forgot that some 500 meters away are what we refer to as own troops, your own forces. Because of no adequate training, a soldier would just cock his rifle and start shooting only to discover that he is shooting his own people. During the civil war, we sustained lots of casualties as a result of this situation. So, my suspicion is that a similar situation must have played out during that operation in Abuja and a bullet hit the late Ibrahim (Bako).”

Question: “So, claims that General Tunde Ogbeha may have pulled the trigger on Bako are not correct after all?”

Babangida: “I would not like to say he did it, no. It was the situation they found themselves; it was dark and everybody was shooting anyhow.”

In short, no one really knows exactly how Bako died.

As at the time of the coup and following Bako’s death, General Buhari was commanding the Third Armoured Division of the Nigerian Army in Jos, Plateau State and he was far from the center of action in Lagos State. It is a norm that the top military commanders and the top brass of the military who are not involved in the coup are usually informed to know their opinion and get their invaluable support. Buhari was informed in Jos. He informed the plotters that he was not opposed to them and they had his support. He further suggested that the most senior military officer ( who happened to be Domkat Bali) should be made the new Head of State. How quickly things can turn. A yoruba adage says ” ori to ba ma j’oba,ko si ni, aa d’ade” ( a person predestined to be a king will surely be crowned no matter the cruel situation he faced). A meeting was held to choose the new HOS since the original person ordained to be HOS – Brigaider Ibrahim Bako had been killed in action.

The plotters held closed-door meetings to choose the new leader. But during one of the meetings to choose him, a mild drama played itself out.Some of the military officers wanted to select IBB as the new head of state but in a fit of fury, Mustapha Jokolo drew out his gun and said no one would leave that place alive if Buhari was not crowned the head of state, that IBB would become the Head of State over his dead body. Jokolo would later become the aide-de-camp (ADC) of Buhari and later the Emir of Gwandu in Kebbi State before he was deposed and banished from his own kingdom (Jokolo and Colonel Sabo Aliyu, who was heading the Brigade of Guard were captured the day Buhari was overthrown and were beaten to a state of stupor, the beating was so intense that rumours initially flew out that Jokolo was dead).An agreement was reached and Buhari was selected to become the head. A jet was on to Jos to later bring Buhari who was not in the meeting.

To cut long story short…lol, Buhari was ‘elected’ as the Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and his appointment was formalized on the 1st of January, 1984. It would last until the 27th of August, 1985 when Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and his cohorts like Abacha dem took over. The Supreme Military Council (SMC) was formed. Tunde Idiagbon, also one of the original coup plotters was “elected” to be Buhari’s deputy. Infact,it was almost as if they ran the government together because Buhari gave idiagbon a freehand to take many actions and sought his advice on many issues. Also,Idiagbon always took actions with his boss full permission and understanding. He never usurped his boss authorithy. No wonder it was labelled Buhari-Idiagbon regime.

Like I said earlier,this isnt a campaign for Buhari but an attempt to set records straight. Buhari never plotted any coup nor did he truncate any democratically elected governmen. He was just a man of perculiar circumstances, ordained by fate to rule Nigeria at that time.

It is cluelessness and gross ignorance to say Buhari plotted any coup or truncated democracy. He never plotted any coup nor did he truncate any democracy.I am not holding briefs for him but just setting records straight



In 1776, Voltaire, the French philosopher, announced, “One hundred years from my day, there will not be a Bible in the earth except one that is looked upon by an antiquarian curiosity-seeker.” One hundred years later Voltaire was dead and his own press and house were being used to print and store Bibles by the Geneva Bible Society. One hundred years from the day of Voltaire’s prediction, the first edition of his work sold for eleven cents in Paris, but the British government paid the Czar of Russian one-half million dollars for an ancient Bible manuscript.
Whoever spits at Jesus should expect a spittle bath.

Ore Defacto’s wall

Atiku, Benefactor Of A Corrosive Renter System

Hadiza Bala Usman, MD, Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) bombs Atiku on this one:

Atiku, Benefactor Of A Corrosive Renter System
Atiku owns 16 % of Intels. A company between the Volpis of Italy and a number of other international merchants of villainy against African states. Intels started in Nigeria as Nicotes, but eventually transformed to Intels.

For years this company has held the monopoly of generating revenues from all marine activities in Nigeria for NPA. It’s been making massive revenues, making more money than perhaps any of the 36 states in Nigeria except Lagos.

Anyone who knows the damage Intels has done to the Nigerian economy through its monopoly and extortionate rates, without remitting proper revenues to govt will stop Atiku from being President.

Intels by compromising everyone at top level in govt, Presidents, ministers of transport, MDs of NPA got away with gross violations of the law. They couldn’t buy Buhari this time around or the young lady who is MD of NPA, Hadiza Bala Usman. She broke the monopoly of Intels allowing another yard to build the FPSO for Egina, the Total project. Other companies are also now allowed to run base services at Onne instead of Intels alone, which has been the case for years.
Intels has been a cash cow for years, generating over $200m a month with very little going to govt. This has gone on for years. The company has controlled all marine revenues for decades making billions of dollars.

This is the primary source of Atiku’s enormous wealth. By breaking the monopoly, Buhari threatens the wealth of Atiku, reason he outspent every contestant in Port Harcourt to become the candidate of PDP. For Atiku it isn’t about Nigeria though he feigns that. It’s an existential fight. His vast empire of patronage, with Intels at the center is threatened. His Italian and Lebanese mafia are threatened with extinction. They will fight dirty, they will fight with everything they’ve got.

If Atiku wins, Intels becomes a monstrous behemoth Controlling all govt revenues. They are behind Eko Atlantic City, a mega project built for the rich and well heeled, to separate the corrupt and opulent rich from the wretched poor in the country. Just like Atiku’s American University of Nigeria where the lowest fee is N5m per annum.

Atiku is the ultimate exploitative bourgeois. Taking advantage of access to govt to make as much money as possible. The ultimate benefactor of a corrupt rentier economy, where state resources are shared by the powerful and the connected to amass enormous wealth at the expense of the country. That’s been Atiku’s life. You can’t point to any notable business with his name on it, but exploiting access to govts to buy NITEL or Intels monopolizing govt marine income for his use is his style. Cronyism, patronage that continues to enrich Atiku and impoverishes the nation.

Nigerians shouldn’t be deceived. Atiku will connive with Lebanese, Italians any foreigners to sell off Nigeria. If he became President, a few Nigerians in his circle will be very rich, but Nigeria will be worse off for the mass majority.
Above this the Lebanese and Italians in particular would have gotten a presidential accolyte that will work with them to enslave Nigerians.
If you doubt, go to Intels Onne and see the segregation. Italians, Lebanese and all whites treated like gods with the Nigerians as inconvenient appendages. Atiku will be bad for Nigeria. Nigerians open your eyes.
May God save us from Atiku.

Àdúrà Òpin Ọdún

Someone sent me these prayers. It’s quite interesting because it is in yoruba language. It is called Adura opin odun in ABD….Y
Year ending prayers in yoruba alphabets
Too bad if you can’t read Yoruba!!!! Get an Aayan Ogbufo (interpreter) or google d meaning

A – Alaafia fun o.
B – Buburu kan ki yoo subu lu o.
D – Dugbedugbe ibanuje ko ni ja le o l’ori.
E – Ebi o ni pa o l’odun titun
E – Ekun, ose ko ni je tire.
F – Funfun aye re ko ni dibaje.
G – Gunnungun ki ku l’ewe, wa dagba d’arugbo.
GB – Gbogbo idawole re a y’ori si rere.
H – Hausa,Yoruba,Ibo,gbogbo eya ati eniyan kaakiri agbaye ni yo koju si o se o loore.
I – Iwaju, iwaju l’opa ebiti re yo ma re si.
J – Jijade re, wiwole re, o ni k’agbako.
K – Kukuru abi giga, osi ati ise ko ni je tire.
L – Loniloni wa r’aanu gba.
M – Monamona ati ara Olorun yoo tu awon ota re ka.
N – Naira, Euro, Dollar, Pound,Yen,Yuan,gbogbo owo ati oro kaakiri agbaye pelu omo alalubarika ati alaafia yoo mu o l’ore, won o si fi ile re se ibugbe.
O – Ojurere ati aanu yoo ma to o leyin ni ojo aye re gbogbo.
O – Ojo ola re a dara.
P – Panpe aye o ni mu o t’omotomo.
R – Rere ni agogo aye re o ma lu nigbagbogbo.
S – Suuru pelu itelorun ninu oro at’alaafia yoo ba o kale.
S – Sugbon ati abawon aye re ti poora loni.
T – Tomotomo, t’ebitebi, t’iletile o ni d’ero eyin.
U – U ki s’awati lede Ijesha; a o ni fi o s’awati laarin awon eniyan. Ulosiwaju(ilosiwaju), userere(iserere), ati ubukun(ibunkun) yio je tire.
W -Wa ri ba ti se, wa r’ona gbe gba.
Y – Yara ibunkun, ire, ati ayo ailopin loo ma be e gbe titi ojo aye re……



So Nigeria was formed illegally?! Good. So were 99% other countries in the world. Australia was a colony where british convicts were settled and made to work for 7 years as penance for crime. Ireland was dismembered, and the southern part only got their independence in 1922. USA was a country made up mostly of white slaves – many from Scotland and Ireland, who were forced to go to the ‘new world’ to work and toil for their masters. They were treated like freeborns only when the black slaves started to arrive from Africa and some of them started teaming up with blacks to escape. The freedom they got was that they got a small piece of land after working for about 15-20 years.

The state of Georgia in the USA was created as a colony for people declared bankrupt in Britain to come and work for years to pay back their debt. The ‘red Indians’ were totally exterminated, just like Australian aborigines. Mexico was 419ed out of vast territories like California, New Mexico, The Carolinas, and Arizona, to name a few. Costly wars were fought. Many even believe in the USA that the few founding fathers never spoke for them in agreeing a merger of the states. It used to be that every state stood alone. Who really appointed the Jeffersons and Washingtons to speak for the people? could the agreements reached by those bourgeoisie merchants and scholars be said to be really representative of the wishes of every american? till date, many people from southern states want to break away in the USA…

ALL other African countries were created arbitrarily by colonial masters of different hue and cobbled together by force. Nigeria and Ghana, esp Nigeria, stand out as one of the freest in terms of intellectual thought and politics. It seems true that in Francophone African countries, one of the agreements signed with France as they grudging granted independence, is that any mineral 6 metres into the ground, belongs to France. Liberia – the only country colonized by the almighty USA in Africa – is no more than a slave camp till date. They speak 16 languages there, and are only 3.5million! Ghana speaks about 60 languages – 40million of them. I believe Africa has more reason to unite and have large countries than any other peoples because of our peculiar history and the need to help ourselves. Someone said there were 10,000 independent NATIONS in Africa before the white man came and amalgamated most of them. Do we expect, seriously, that there will be 10,000 countries in Africa, all with ambassadors in different countries??

India was forced together as a country by the brits as well. They would have been larger than China if Pakistan and Bangladesh hadn’t broken off. Today, a bitter war still rages, and india is still made up of very disparate tribes, clans and castes, from almost white people to very black people in the south! China was formed by force. The Zhonguo Empire as it was known managed to force many people to stay together, from eskimos to muslims who look more like europeans. there are even black chinese! Canada was created by force – wars between France and England for territory led to some parts – Quebec – speaking French and the others speaking English till today. Even England was created by force. the name London is from Londinium an 11th century name given by the romans who ruled the world then, who created the city. Everywhere i look, there is nowhere where they called a large referendum in those olden days to ask the people ‘do you want to stay together?’.


i leave us with these three great quotes of Achebe, which speaks to this subject very aptly…

“When brothers fight to death a stranger inherits their father’s estate.”

“The man that brings ant-infested faggots into his hut should not grumble when lizards begin to pay him a visit.”

“A disease that has never been seen before cannot be cured with every-day herbs.”

Why is Christmas day on the 25th December??

First Christmas celebrated on Dec, 25 was in 336AD. In the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine because he was the first Christian Roman Emperor, few year later Pope Julius 1 officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th of December.

Some archeologist reveal that, the early church celebrated Christmas on January 6th.Some other christian groups celebrate Christmas in October. Can someone tell us exactly date of Christ birth?? Merry Christmas to all my family and friends….

It is a privilege to have u all in my life, u r all loved and appreciated in my own way.

Pls remember that this season is all about the Lord Jesus Christ and the best gift u could give Him is by winning a soul to Him… take the opportunity of being surrounded by ur loved ones and preach the Gospel!! that way u will make the angels in heaven celebrate and the Lord will be well pleased with u!!!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance