BUHARIM. … An Assessment.

He is a consummate anti corruption warrior. On this singular front, he doesn’t compromise anything. He has always been. In his first shot at the presidency in 1984/85, he fought the corruption battle to a stand still with all the military might at his disposal. The corrupts then conspired with fellow corrupts to successfully charge back at him. He was toppled ! Then the anti corruption war went into a ceasefire. It later suffered athropy and eventual death. Pity !
The triumphant corrupts then resurrected corruption and re-energised the scourge with a renewed vigour. It soon became a norm rather than exception. It became the mark of identity by which Nigerians were identified and treated across the world. The innocents among us suffer the same fate as the culprits, since we were all presumed to be crooks and con in the eyes of the world. It was that bad ! Now in his second coming, he has again renewed the offensive against the scourge, with a resolute determination to win the battle for real. So far, the battle has recorded a number of casualties, but not yet a fatality. We are seeing it all.
But the corrupts have again commenced there conspiracy against this resolute warrior. They have again resumed their counter attack against him. It started with PDP distinguished men and women of the upper chamber. Supposed senators now turned conspirators. They jointly announced the withdrawal of their support for this heroic battle for the soul of our nation. The real rebranding of our battered image, as against the cosmetic ones always carried out through deceitful jingos on television and radio. Not long after PDP senators announced the withdrawal of their support for this national assignment, we began to hear rumours of coup de tat. That nauseating martial song that used to assault our freedom, incarcerate our liberty and bruise our psyche, was rumoured to have been rehearsed once again. The rumour is not funny at all, but thank God it has been refuted. Hmmmmmm !!!!!
The vigour and unwavering determination with which President Buhari is wagging this war against corruption is what I see as the most remarkable feature of BUHARIM, which is a combination of many admirable variables. He himself has said this when he said that he would like to be remembered for fighting corruption and entrenching good value system for this nation. This is one war which should be supported totally by all patriotic Nigerians. Any opposer of this war is an enemy of this nation. And they are increasing in number everyday. Now, Buhari is the cause every woe, they say. He is selective in the corruption war, they allege. Even PDP, a party that lacks a formidable internal mechanism to manage electoral defeat and come out stronger therefrom, is blaming it’s ordeal on Buhari. Can you imagine?
Let it be known that overwhelming majority of Nigerian compatriots are solidly behind the President on this battle. The opposers are in negligible minority and if they remain obstinate in their refusal to flow with the current tide, they will surely be consumed by it. Enough is enough !

Credits: Dauda Adesina Ajongbolo-Joki

Nigeria, Britain and the European Union: A clash of interests

My Facebook friends have written to chastise UK Africans who voted to leave the EU last Thursday. Like most Nigerians, I’m also against Brexit. But I’ve wondered if it is out of compassion for Britons or for my personal benefit. After all, I’ll enjoy more favours with the UK being in the EU. For instance, I’ll face less hassles while traveling across EU countries, and even less when the UK joins the common Schengen visa policy.

So, those UK Africans and other non-white minorities who voted for Brexit have shot themselves in the foot, right? That they supported a “xenophobic policy” which would make life more difficult for African immigrants heading to the UK? Well, I’m sorry to say you are wrong. They knew perfectly well what they were doing, though you may not know it – you not being an African resident in the UK.

Though I lack precise figures, most UK-based Nigerians are professionals – medical doctors, nurses, social workers, bankers, lawyers and university lecturers/college tutors. For my medical profession, I know very well what my UK colleagues go through daily. During my studies there in 2003/2004, I registered for the PLAB exams that would have helped me secure a medical job, but I had to cancel and collect a refund (£180) after I realized the disadvantaged position of African doctors in the UK.

A new EU policy said a doctor living in Warsaw, Poland, had the “right of first refusal” for a job in London ahead of an African with better qualifications. So, Poland being poorer than the UK, a Pole could relocate to London for a full-time medical job or work full-time in Warsaw and take the train to London every weekend to work part-time at St. Bart’s Hospital. Meanwhile, an African with perfect English and medical certificates obtained at St. Bart’s may remain unemployed for not being an EU citizen.

But healthcare jobs require effective communication with clients for good service delivery. So, when England implements an EU policy favouring a Polish or Czech medical doctor who is barely fluent in English over an African doctor who studied in the English language all his life and also has British school certificates, you need no linguist or human rights activist to detect racism and xenophobia by EU-member states.

Now in retrospect, I’m forever grateful to that policy, without which I may not have returned to Nigeria in 2004 and be practicing medicine here today. Back in 2004, I simply packed my bags after my studies at the UCL Institute of Neurology, swearing to myself never to show the white man that I was his inferior even if I’d starve to death in my country.

Assuming I had stayed in the UK, how would I have voted last Thursday? You guessed right! I would vote for Brexit. If for nothing else, then for self-preservation. Isn’t that the First Law of Nature? So, to put it simply, the EU is as complicit in Brexit as the UK public. And UK Africans who voted for Brexit only protected their interests – the same way that we Nigerians oppose Brexit to protect our own interests.

Credits : Nura Alkali

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce May Have Used Union Bank Loan To Purchase $5M Beverly Hills Mansion In the US

An investigation by SaharaReporters has revealed that Bayelsa Senator Benjamin Murray-Bruce may have illegally diverted a loan he obtained from Union Bank of Nigeria to purchase a posh property in Beverly Hills, California in 2007. Mr. Murray-Bruce has been in the spotlight lately after the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) on June 23, 2016 seized several of his Silverbird media companies for failing to make payments on billions of naira in loans.

Mr. Murray-Bruce, the self-proclaimed Commonsense Senator, was one of the most vocal senators during the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira, a movement that criticizes those who needlessly import foreign goods. He touted his reputation for building businesses in Nigeria to champion the importance of domestic investment in goods.

Several banking sources in Nigeria told SaharaReporters that the N11 billion loan Mr. Murray-Bruce took out from Union Bank around 2007 was supposed to be used to construct the Abuja Entertainment Center. According to the sources, instead of using the loan to fund his Nigerian business operations, Mr. Murray-Bruce diverted it to purchase an opulent property in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles and London.

The Los Angeles County Property Assessor’s Office, the Real Estate Records office, and the Special Investigation unit confirmed to SaharaReporters that the Nigerian senator from Bayelsa State purchased a property on August 6th, 2007 and remains the owner. The address is 605 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

A public records search, also confirmed by municipal employees in Los Angeles County, assessed the value of Senator Murray-Bruce’s land at $3.1 million. The value of the mansion and other structures at the property was estimated at no less than $795,000.

The senator’s Beverly Hills swanky property has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a swimming pool and is estimated to be at least 2,777 square feet. Assessments of real estate platforms show that the property is worth $5 million as of today.

SaharaReporters also obtained a bond receipt document that confirmed Mr. Murray-Bruce’s ties to the property. The document also listed Stella Albright as having a connection to the property. A public records search of Mrs. Albright found that she was a board member of a company, Dream Magic Studios LLC, alongside Mr. Murray-Bruce.

Senator Ben Murray-BruceBen-Bruce’s Beverly Hills mansion documentBen Bruce’s LA mansion


Know your governors!!! Direct phone numbers of Nigerian governors

After the divine trinity, fear Sahara Reporters.

Online news medium Sahara Reporters on Monday published the phone numbers of Nigeria’s State governors on Facebook and Twitter as part of its efforts to enhance governmental transparency and accountability in the country. By arming Nigerians with those contact numbers, Sahara Reporters claims that they hope to foster greater interaction and communication between voters and their State chief executives.

Recall that in April, Sahara Reporters published the direct lines of members of Nigeria’s National Assembly, and they were correct.

See the governors and their private lines below

Ekiti People, Has The Fayose Rice Finished?

Nigerian politicians and Nigerian voters are in the perennial habit of fooling themselves. Not too long ago, this foolishness was on grand display in Ekiti State when politicians trooped out to bribe the people with petty items as usual, from rice to groundnut oil. The people of Ekiti jubilated then calling it stomach infrastructure but the same people are now protesting against Fayose which makes me to wonder if the rice they collected has finished or what? Below are the disgraceful photos from Ekiti:

Full Credits: Abiyamo

Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.
Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.
Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.

Full Credits: Abiyamo

The Story of AJALA TRAVEL, Africa’s Most Legendary Traveller

Ajala travel all over the world, 

Ajala travel all over the world, 

Ajala travel, 

Ajala travel, 

Ajala travel, 

Ajala travel all over the world…

Did you grow up listening to that song? 

Dear Beloved Reader, today’s story is a very special one and it is on one of the foremost Nigerian icons of cultural history, the quintessential explorer. Europe had Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Marco Polo, Asia had its Ibn Battuta and Zheng He and Africa had OLABISI AJALA. A very Nigerian man at heart and a proud African in soul, Ajala shattered all records of travel, voyaging into lands that no black person had ever seen not to talk of setting their feet there. Ajala had the world in his pockets and the world bowed at his guts. From the physical boundaries of nations to the piercing demarcations of racism, Ajala tore through them all. This is his tale.


 Born Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala in Ghana to an African Muslim father with four wives, Ajala grew up in a large family. He was one out of 25 children. In his own words in his legendary book, An African Abroad, he said:

‘I was born in Ghana, of Nigerian parents, and brought up in Nigeria, where I had my schooling at the Baptist Academy, Lagos, and Ibadan Boys’ High School. At the age of eighteen I went to America to further my studies. My father, a traditionalist who belongs to the old school…’

Ajala’s initial goal was to study medicine and as a matter of fact, he was the first black student to be pledged by the Delta Upsilon Pi ‘fratority’, a co-educational Greek-letter organization at De Paul University in Chicago in January 1952 where he was a pre-medical student. He was so active that he was made the feature editor of the campus newspaper, the De Paulian. Ajala said at that time that once he became a medical doctor he was going to return to Africa to in his words ‘wage war on voodoo and other superstitions.’ He said he was proud of his 24 siblings, one of whom was a student in England. Ajala said: ‘The world should send doctors to Africa, and missionaries to Chicago. The gangsters here need converting much more than we do.’ He would never fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor as he stumbled on something far more enchanting.


Fame came to Moshood Ajala in 1952 when he decided to embark on a lecture tour across the United States from Chicago to Los Angeles, all on a bicycle. Aged 22, Ajala set out on the 12th of June 1952 from Chicago on a bicycle tour covering an incredible 2,280 miles. He arrived the Los Angeles City Hall on 10th of July, two days ahead of his 30-day schedule. Upon arrival, Ajala was received by the city mayor Fletcher Bowron. While narrating his experience of the cross-country tour, Mr. Ajala said everything was generally fine and the only nasty incident was a time in Topeka, Kansas where he was jailed for 44 hours after the white YWMA refused him a room and called the police when he protested (kindly note that that was time when the United States of America was bitterly divided with segregation politics gaining ground).  A man not to be cheated, Ajala filed a suit against the Topeka YMCA and its secretary via the Nigerian ambassador in Washington. He was determined no one was going to mess with a Nigerian citizen and get away with it, not even a band of unruly Americans in Kansas.

  But what was the purpose of his travel? Ajala was a psychology junior at the Roosevelt College in Chicago and his goal for the tour was to educate the American public on the progress made by his native West African country of Nigeria. The tour included stops to deliver lectures at 11 major cities. Ajala also did his tour wearing native Nigerian costumes described as ‘elaborately flowered robes with a felt-like head-dresses to match’, to which Ajala said:…will show and prove to Americans that we do not go about nakedly in loin clothes.’

  Ajala also appeared on television and this was how he was described in Global Television Formats: Understanding Television Across Borders:

‘Perhaps even more significant for our discussion of the show’s global and local dynamics, however, was the participation of Nigerian contestant Olabisi Ajala, a sophisticated world traveller and secretary to his country’s prime minister. Olabisi was an attractive and charismatic black man who held a degree in psychology from Columbia University and was an expert in ethnology, the subject he chose for Lascia o Raddoppia? Olabisi recurrently appeared on TV wearing traditional Nigerian clothes, and he managed to transform every night on the show into a celebration of his ethnic and cultural heritage. The final night however, Olabisi entered the TV studio wearing an impeccable tuxedo, while Mike wore the traditional Nigerian costume, demonstrating once more his ability to interact with his contestants’ most genuine aspects of identity, be it regional, Italian or foreign and ‘Other.’’


 Studies Script For First Movie: Movie star Robert Mitchum goes over script of 20th Century-Fox motion picture White Witch Doctor with African-born Olabisi Ajala, who landed his first role (supporting role as the second male lead) in the movie after bicycling cross-country from Chicago to Los Angeles in December 1952. Here, he was under a $300-a-week contract. The cast was headed by Susan Hayward and Robert Mitchum and Ajala was to play the role of Ola, a companion of Loni (Mitchum), a famous African hunter. It is interesting to note that Ajala was given the screen test at 20th Century-Fox on the suggestion of an actor named Ronald Reagan (who would later become the President of the United States). Both had met in London in 1949.
Following his daring bicycle trip across continental United States, Ajala became the darling of many. Newspaper journalists besieged him and he was made a celebrity overnight. Deals, endorsements and contracts came flying at him. One of such was the movie contract he signed with Eagle-Lion Studios in Hollywood in August 1955, the deal involved making a series of drama and spy films with European and African backgrounds.

  After his deportation from the United States, Ajala proceeded to Canada and spent nine months perfecting his acting skills. It was while he was there that he starred in the stage play Lost In The Stars.


A free-spirited individual known for crashing into movies amongst other interesting ways of expressing his liberty, it was not long before Ajala surfaced on the American security radar. In July 1953, things had taken turn for the worse for Ajala. But what happened?

 In March 1953, the police of Beverly Hills, California arrested and jailed Ajala on three felony charges. He was accused on one count of forgery, two grand theft and three, worthless cheque charges. To add to his trouble, he had also been sued by a former Chicago nurse for refusing to accept paternity of his child. Back to the forgery case, specific charges against Ajala indicated that he made attempts to work a ‘bunko’ game by opening a savings account at a branch of Bank of America under the fake name of ‘Edward Hines’ then made deposits at other branches with worthless cheques. Officials said Ajala made five of such phony deposits of about $450.

Actor Moshood Ajala in court with attorney Elias Powell during the forgery case.
He was eventually found guilty of forgery and deported from the United States of America, he was aged 24, an exchange student from Africa and an actor. Ajala was not really deported solely because of the grand theft charges (to which he pleaded not guilty before Judge Orlando H. Rhodes), he became a subject of deportation also because he failed to maintain his studies at the Santa Monica Junior College, thus invalidating his visa. For the forgery and grand theft charges, Ajala pleaded not guilty saying with all firmness and seriousness that he was duped by Arnold Weiner, a white male ex-bank accountant. Weiner said while it was true that he showed Ajala how to write cheques, he did not dupe him in anyway.

 However, it must be stated that Ajala’s deportation was not without drama. After he was convicted of passing bad cheques in Los Angeles, Ajala was ordered by the American authorities to be deported to England from Ellis Island, New York but Ajala resisted and you know what he did? While awaiting deportation at the Terminal Island in Los Angeles after he was given a one-year suspended jail term, Ajala climbed an 80-foot radio tower and threatened to kpayn himself (that means to commit suicide for my readers who might be raised on Banana Island and do not know what kpayn or kpef means). From atop the tower, Ajala screamed that he ‘would rather leap to my death’ than be deported. Mr. Ajala was on the tower for almost 24 hours while the immigration authorities pleaded with him. Finally, Ajala fell to the ground from a height of 15 feet. He was examined by doctor at the island’s hospital and they said all he suffered was just a sprained back. Immigration authorities said Ajala made the death threat because he feared what they called ‘tribal execution’ if he was packaged back to Nigeria. They quoted Ajala saying:

‘My father will kill me if I am sent back without completing my college studies.’

 Immigration officials said Ajala dreaded tribal execution so much so that when the judge sentenced him to a one-year suspended sentence, Ajala dropped to his knees two times and touched the floor with his forehead saying he was ‘calling on Allah’ to bless the judge for the ‘mercy’ shown as the sentence might just save him from execution back home in West Africa.

When Ajala noted that his protest at the order of the immigration authorities did not work, he embarked on a 30-day fast which was the immigration officials translated it to mean a hunger strike to stop his deportation while Ajala insisted he was simply observing his Ramadan fasting as dictated by his Islamic faith. Whatever the case, Mr. Ajala was deported and gallantly flown to London. Immigration officer Justin Bennett confirmed his deportation without any fear of any execution and also stated that Ajala’s request to be sent to Canada was rejected because Canada has refused to approve his application.

 Upon arriving in the United Kingdom, Ajala said he was going to work on a new movie at the Ealing Studios in London and talked of his plans to return to the United States.

By September 1954, Ajala was back in the United States with his American-born wife, Hermine Aileen. He explained to reporters that the deportation order only banned him from stepping on American soil and his plan was to resume his acting career in California.


He visited nations such as India, Russia (then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR), Jordan, Iran (not an Islamic Republic then but a monarchy and America’s greatest ally in the region headed by a monarch), Jordan, Israel and Australia using nothing but a motor-scooter (popularly called Vespa) and met with some of the most powerful people in the world.
 These included personalities like Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who was Nigeria’s first prime minister, Marshal Ayub Khan of Pakistan, Golda Meir of Israel (she was the first female prime minister of the nation), Makarios III of Cyprus, Jawarhalal Nehru of India, Nikita Khrushchev of the USSR, the Shah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi), Gamal Nasser of Egypt, General Ignatius Acheampong of Ghana, Odinga Oginga, former vice president of Kenya and others. Ajala released a book titled An African Abroad documenting all his experiences on the trip, the book was supposed to be the first volume of a trilogy. In all, he visited over 85 countries with his scooter over a period of six years. See photos below: 

Ajala with the late Golda Meir of Israel

Ajala on the Vespa scooter that took him around the world.

Ajala with one of his wives, Alhaja Shade who was also praised in Ebenezer Obey’s song.

Ajala with the late Marshal Ayub Khan of Pakistan.

Ajala with late Ghanaian Head of State, Gen. Ignatius Acheampong.

Ajala with the late Tafawa Balewa.

Seated on the colourfully-decorated scooter of Nigerian adventurer-traveller Moshood Olabisi Ajala in New Delhi, India Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru chats with the African about his round-the-world trip. Ajala ended his travels after an amazing tour of Asia.
I must point out that Ajala caused a stir in Israel when he entered without an entry or exit visa. When he arrived the Mandelbaum Gate, he just whizzed by and that was indeed quite shocking for many. Manned by Israeli police officers and security operatives, the Mandelbaum Gate then was a checkpoint that separated the Israeli and Jordanian portions of Jerusalem, it existed until the end of the Six-Day War in 1967.  

The charismatic Ajala.


Charismatic and charming, Ajala was a man of so many women.

In early 1953, a baby boy weighing six pounds and eight ounces was born to a former Chicago nurse named Myrtle Bassett who was residing in Los Angeles. This lady said Ajala was the father of the baby and had previously filed a paternity suit against him when he flatly refused he was the father. But the mother of the child countered saying Ajala did not only name the baby (Oladipupo), he also signed the birth certificate. Ajala stuck to his guns and insisted he was not the father. He told Jet that time that: ‘1. The mother had refused to have blood tests for the baby so he could prove he was not its father. 2. He had contributed $300 to cover the medical and hospital expenses to cancel a restraining order against his $300-a-week salary at 20th Century-Fox Studio, where he completed work in the movie White Witch Doctor and 3. He had given her $150 after the child’s birth and promised $200-a-month for support, pending settlement of the case.’ Ajala was scheduled to begin work in Columbia Studio’s movie Killer Ape on the 2nd of February 1953 when all this allegations and court issues about paternity came. In fact, Ajala planned to launch a countersuit to the paternity case saying:

It is the only way I can prove that I am innocent of the charges. She refuses to submit the baby to a blood test. I think it is a trick.

Eventually, when the lady in question said she was ready for the blood tests, Mr. Ajala was nowhere to be found and the court had to rule against him. In March 1953, a Los Angeles domestic court ordered Ajala to pay Myrtle Bassett the sum of $10 per week for support of her baby boy, Oladipupo.

In August 1955 in London, United Kingdom, Ajala revealed to journalists that he and his American wife, Hermine Aileen were divorced and that he was planning to marry his 19-year-old white London radio-TV actress Joan Simmons in December of the same year. Hermine had divorced him over adultery and when Ajala was questioned about the philandering charges pressed by his wife, he said curtly: ‘This, I am not contesting.’

When Ajala passed through Australia in his trip, he met and fell in love with a local girl, whom he married. This union sparked the interest of many because as at that time, only about 100 blacks (Aborigines) had become Australian citizens and most of them did so via marriage.
In the photo below taken in September 1958, Ajala is shown back in London after a nine-month motor scooter tour of Europe, Asia and the Soviet Union dancing with his wife, Patricia, at the ‘welcome home’ party they organized for him.

As at the time this photo was taken, the couple was planning a year-long scooter tour of China, South America and Australia. The tour was slated to start November 1958. Keep in mind that Nigeria was not even an independent nation when Ajala was carrying out all his exploits.

In 1955, he married a British actress Joan Simmons aged 19, see their photo below:


Recall that Ajala had many children from his various romantic liaisons with women. One of the most striking stories of his children includes that of the child mentioned earlier on, the one he had with Myrtle Bassett. Ajala did not set his eyes on the child for 23 years and when he finally met him in December 1976, he was ecstatic with joy. This was how it happened. After the court ruled in Bassett’s favor, Ajala soon disappeared from the radar and when he turned 46, he was overwhelmed with so much guilt that he said of the meeting with Oladipupo (then called Andre). Ajala explained: ‘I was very happy to find Andre. He is my oldest son and he is so full of life. Im overjoyed that I found him.’

Ajala was just 24 and a student at Roosevelt University in Chicago when he met a student nurse there and later moved to Los Angeles with her and shortly gave welcomed the baby boy. But a couple of months after Andre was born, Ajala had ajala-ed himself back to Nigeria, leaving his family behind. But the shame was too much for him as a father and decided to return to the United States to find his son whom he found in New York already working as a musician and a guitarist. An excited Ajala said he would love his son to visit Nigeria the following year (1977) and perform at the World Black Arts Festival (1977). See the two of them when they reunited after 23 years:


  As a result of his exploits and global travels, Ajala became famous. He became so famous that one of Nigeria’s most foremost juju musicians, Ebenezer Obey immortalized the only Nigerian to globetrot on a scooter when he sang: ‘Alhaja ló se Obokun fun Al’Ajala’ meaning ‘It was Alhaja who feted Al’Ájala to catfish.’ The song became an instant hit in Nigeria of the 1970s where Alhaja Kudirat Adebisi Edionseri and Olabisi Ajala were the reigning socialites of the day.


Ajala had seen it all, from the greatest displays of wealth to the stupefying corridors of power. But somehow, by the time death came knocking, he was one of the poorest Nigerians alive.


Till his last years on earth, the adventurous spirit never left Ajala. In October 1997, few years before his death, he was planning another round of global voyage. On the 2nd of February, 1999, Ajala Travel died abject poverty and scalding penury. He was buried in Lagos in a grave that is now known only to his loved ones and those who care enough. Ajala’s wish of being cremated after his death never materialized.  The sorry state of Ajala’s last days on earth was vividly captured in the 20th February 1999 edition of Guardian by Bolaji Tunji who wrote thus:

How renowned globe-trotter and socialite, Olabisi Ajala died in penury in Lagos
OLABISI Ajala. The name may not readily ring a bell to the younger generation of Nigerians, but the older generation would certainly remember him as the happy-go-lucky bearded globe-trotter and socialite who put the nation on the world map, as he traversed the globe on his motor scooter.

Ajala explored the unexplored and charted the hitherto uncharted areas of the world. He wined and dined with heads of state and leaders including the late Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, First Republic Prime Minister of Nigeria, the late Paudit Nehru of India, the late Abdel Nasser of Egypt, the late Golda Meir of Israel; the late Marshall Ayub Khan of Pakistan, the late President Makarios of Greece, the late General Ignatius Acheampong of Ghana and the late Oginga Odinga, one time Vice President of Kenya. The list, indeed is endless.

But on February 2, 1999, the man fondly known as “Ajala travel” died. He died in penury. The world famous Ajala died unsung and unrecognized.

His grave in central Lags is no different from any other. For more than a year, Ajala suffered. He had a stroke which paralysed his left limb. But his army of children were not there to give him succor. He only had two of them around, Olaolu Ajala, a 20-year-old student of Baptist Academy, Lagos and Bolanle Ajala, his 17-year-old daughter who had just finished her senior secondary education at the Baptist High School, Bariga, Lagos. With him also in his last hour was another teenager, 14-year-old Wale Anifowoshe. Wale was especially fond of him. He kept all Ajala’s money, the little there was.

Some of his children who could not be with him include Dante, Femi, Lisa and Sydney all of whom are based in Australia. They are the children of his Australian wife, Joan. Some of his other children are also spread around the globe. There are aiwo and Kehinde in the United States as wwell as Bisola in England. Butt all were not around to bid their father a final goodbye except Olaolu and Bolanle.
Indeed it is a sad end for a man whose scooter is now a national monument. Noone oof his numerous wives was around to bid him goodbye to the world beyond.

His first wife, Alhaja Sade, could not find time during the year-long sickness of her husband until he finally died. She lives in Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos. “We told her that he was sick and she told us she would come, but we never saw her, “ Olaolu said. He was not sure whether she is aware that her husband is dead. Joan only got in touch with him through correspondence. There are also Mrs. Toyin Ajala in England and Mrs. Sherifat Ajala, mother of his last daughter, Bolanle. But they were not around to tend to the man when he was battling with his sickness.
A neighbor in Bariga who spoke on condition of anonymity said “he could have survived if he had had adequate care.” Adequate care was indeed far from the late globe-trotter. In no other place was this manifested than his residence, a rented apartment in a two-storey building on Adeniran Street, Bariga . Climbing two flights of stairs to the top floor, one is immediately confronted with the way life had treated Ajala. A passage leads into a 16-by-12 feet sitting room.

The sitting room, devoid of carpet, has a table with about five locally made iron chairs in a corner. This, the reporter gathered, serves as the dining table. An old black and white television set sits uncomfortably in an ill-constructed shelf. The cushion on the sofa hurts the buttock as it has become flat. The curtains on the windows of the two bedroom flat shows signs of old age. It is indeed a story of penury.
But his two children in Nigeria still hold fond memories of their father. They eagerly answered questions and consulted calendars to give precise dates which they had marked on the calendar. The mantle of responsibility falls on Olaolu who printed the poster that gave the details of his death.
Narrating the last days of his father, Olaolu told The Guardian on Saturday that he had a stroke on June 18, last year. ‘On that day, I had gone to school. When I came back, he told me he fell down on the balcony. We went to call a doctor about three blocks away. It was the doctor who told us that he had a stroke.”
According to Olaolu, medications were prescribed. “We bought the drugs and we followed the doctor’s instruction that we should allow him to rest”.

The doctor who came from a private hospital further advised the children to get their father a physiotherapist. “We got one for him at the Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital and he was always coming home to give him therapy. And we noticed that he was getting better.”
But the picture changed after three months of home medication. “After three months, we realized that he had relapsed. He was able to walk if he held on to something. But this suddenly stopped. He could no longer walk. “
That was when divine intervention came from a family friend, Morufu Ojikutu, who arrived from Germany. “He advised that we should take him to the hospital when he saw his condition. He also gave us money for his treatment,” Olaolu said.
The reporter gathered that what really stopped the ailing Ajala from going to the hospital was the lack of funds. Says Olaolu, “when he got sick, he did not have money but later my sisters and mum sent in some money for his treatment. And it this that we spent to keep ourselves together.”

But Bolanle chipped in that at times, money sent to their father doesn’t get to him. “Brother Femi (his second son) sent him £ 500 but he never received it and that was what he was harping on until he died”, she said.
In spite of the lack of funds, Olaolu believes that he died because he did not get quick medical attention. “When Mr. Ojikutu came, it was already too late. I think he also knew he was about to die and he did not want to die at home. That was why he insisted that he should be taken to the hospital.”
Ajala eventually ended up at the General Hospital, Ikeja. “He was there for 11 days. Prior to his death, his younger sister also depoited money with an aunt at the hospital to take care of him,” Olaolu said. It was gathered that before his death, Ajala had demanded that his relatives should bring a more comfortable chair, radio and orange juice. “But when the things were taken to him on February 2, he was already dead,” Olaolu said. According to Wale, who was with him in the hospital, Ajala had been restless since the weekend before his eventual death. “When he first got to the hospital on January 25, he was always playing and joking with the people in the ward. But from Sunday, January 30, he could not breathe very well. He was always breathing through the mouth until he died on Tuesday, February 2,” Olaolu said.


Ebenezer Obey immortalized him in his song below through which many Nigerians first heard of him:

Olabisi Ajala was more than an inspiring compatriot; he was the very personification of adventure. A truly thrilling a pan-African voyager who made the best of his time the way he deemed best, he remains a global citizen and a legend in his own right. At a time when millions of Nigerian youths are scared and utterly petrified of anything that even remotely reeks of exploration or adventure, the story of Ajala Travel should be more than an inspiration to conquer the world. He conquered the world the way he could, let us do the same and leave our marks in the warps of time.

My thoughts: In a sane nation, Mr. Olabisi Ajala would not only be in the Guinness Book of World Records, he would also be a recipient of the national honours for putting Nigeria on the global map. His book will be embedded in the national curriculum of history and the royalties accruing from the book will ensure his children do not have their future jeopardized by uncertainties of life – not to talk of using some of the proceeds to construct and maintain a befitting museum for him. In the beginning of this piece, I mentioned some of the most intrepid travellers from various continents, I narrate below how they have been honoured by their respective nations. It is not too late for the Nigerian nation to honour and preserve the timeless legacy of her most legendary traveller.

Thanks for your time.


Full Credits : Abiyamo / Naijarchives


Marriage is a good thing.
Wedding is nice too.
But when the bride’s pregnant,
When she walks down the aisle
bearing a protuding belly,
The marriage has being dishonoured.
And the bed? Defiled!
Then, its no longer ‘joining in holy matrimony’
It is called Thanksgiving celebration because the
couple has already joined themselves.
This is the common trend these days,
I dont admire nor applaude it.
Be the wife before you become a mother.
If your pastor didnt tell you, hear this now,
Introduction is not wedding…
Engagement is not wedding…
Dating and courtship aint wedding.
‘Will you marry me?’ ‘I will’, is not wedding.
‘His papa and mama already know me’ is not
Your fiance/fiancee is not your wife or husband.
You dont own his or her body and cant demand
for it!
Marriage is the ONLY license to have sex…….
Make the marriage bed before you
make babies.
Stop forcing yourself on a guy by proposing to
him by getting pregnant. Ladies, you are not suya, so no tasting!
You hear me so?
He wants to know if you are good in bed, You
are not a store sample….. Tell Him that.
He wants to know if you are fertile, You are not
a lab rat.
You come with a price, dont you?
Some items come with nice packaging, and
Until their price is paid, you cant open to see
what’s in it.
A man who pressurizes you for sex because your
wedding is days away will ruin your relationship
with God.
He’s not worthy of you.
And finally, when sin blinds your eyes,
You claim Love is blind the same way you
accuse the devil for actrocities commited.
God already set His standards.
He is not negotiating with you.
# FleeFornication.
God will not ask you to fornicate or defile His
Beware of fake prophecies.
I have heard stories of ladies who recieved such
‘be pregnant before wedding’.
Watch it!
God cannot contradict Himself.
His Rhema cant oppose His Logos.
Those who know their God shall be strong and
do exploits.
Those who do not know their God shall be weak
and exploited.
The Anthem of hell is “EVERYONE IS DOING IT”.
Sweetheart, not everyone is heading to hell.

FREEDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vols 382, 383 , 384, 385 , 386 and 387 +Kitchen Tips+How Buhari Averted Disaster+Niger Delta Avengers+Why I am supporting Donald Trump+Pregnant Brides?



If Buhari visits Ogoniland today and an attempt is
made on his life, two things are bound to happen
and both leads to only one end. One is to take him
out using snipers or whatever and then what? The
army will wipe the entire Southeast and South South
off the surface of the earth. The army, Air force,
Navy and all other security forces will be given a
‘shoot at sight order’ to keep shelling the entire
region until nothing moves again, yes, nothing. The
other is to make an attempt on his life and he
escapes the assassination plot; either ways, the
security agents will still kill everyone and
everything. So, who wins?
No matter how it plays out, the northerners will
immediately commence # ethnicCleansing against
the # Millions of southerners in the North and the
Southerners will also annihilate the #Few
northerners in the South and a full scale war that is
worse than the # Biafra cum # bokoHaram war will
begin. Every ethnic group will take up arm against
the other and continue to kill one another till the
whole country is littered with corpses. Then the
international community will wade into the crisis in
the name of quelling the fight and take our oil and
lands away from us. Then another round of
# Colonialization will begin in full gear and the few
ones that are lucky to be alive will become slaves to
the West. Biafra is lost and One Nigeria is also lost.
So, who wins?
Then 60 years from now, one of the few lucky
survivors of the war will author a book with the title:
‘There was a country’ or ‘Buhari’s visit to Ogoniland:
The beginning of the end of Nigeria’; or something
like that. Again, who wins?
But after a deep thought, I told myself that Buhari
was right to cancel his visit and take the #Shame
that comes with it. He has clearly demonstrated a
rare statesmanship that is worthy of emulation. The
Buhari that I know is not worried about his life; he
fought in the Biafra war 49 years ago. He is a war
General who has seen death on several occasions.
He is only concerned about the millions of life that
will be wasted because of him as well as the
aftermath effect of such bloody situation on the over
170million lives of fellow Nigerians.
President Buhari isn’t a coward but wisdom is profitable to direct. Thank you baba for saving our lives. You have just
earned yourself the title of ‘The father of a new
Nigeria! Shame on you # Wailers !
God bless President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR!

Credits: Phil Nelson












Let’s learn some KITCHEN tips, your kitchen is
the most important room in your home. Alot
comes out from there, so let’s learn some few
tricks. Works wonders.
1. If you happen to over-salt a pot of soup, just
drop in a peeled potato. The potato will absorb
the excess salt.
2. When boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to keep
the shells from cracking.
3. Never put citrus fruits(Oranges,Lemons, limes,
etc) or tomatoes in the fridge. The low
temperatures degrade the aroma and flavor of
these fruits.(That’s why our tomatoes don’t last
in the fridge)
4. To clean iron cookl-ware, don’t use detergents.
Just scrub them with salt and a clean, dry paper
5. When storing empty airtight containers, throw
in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting
6. If you are making gravy(stew) and accidentally
burn it, just pour it into a clean pan and continue
cooking it. Add sugar a little at a time, tasting as
you go to avoid ‘over-sugaring’it. The sugar will
cancel out the burned taste.
7. Burned a pot of rice? Just place a piece of
white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to
draw out the burned flavour. Be careful not to
scrape the burned pieces off of the bottom of the
pan when serving the rice.
8. Before you chop fresh red peppers, rub a little
vegetable oil into your hands and your skin won’t
absorb the spiciness.
9. If you aren’t sure how fresh your eggs are,
place them in about four inches of water. Eggs
that stay on the bottom are fresh. If only one end
tips up, the egg is less fresh and should be used
soon. If it floats, it’s past the fresh stage.
10. To banish ants from the kitchen, find out
where they are coming in and cover the hole with
petroleum jelly(Vaseline). Ants won’t trek through
the jelly. If they are coming under a door, draw a
line on the floor with chalk. The little bugs also
won’t cross a line of chalk.
11. Don’t store your bananas in a bunch or in a
fruit bowl with other fruits. Separate your
bananas and place each in a different location.
Bananas release gases which cause fruits
(including other bananas) to ripen quickly.
Separating them will keep them fresh longer.
12. To keep potatoes from budding in the bag,
put an apple in with them.
13. If you manage to have some leftover wine,
cocktail drinks at the end of the evening, freeze it
in ice cube trays for easy addition to sauces
(white wine works wonders in sauces, i don’t joke
with them) in the future.
14. After boiling pasta or potatoes, cool the water
and use it to water your house plants. The water
contains nutrients that your plants will love.
15. When defrosting meat from the freezer, pour
some vinegar over it. Not only does it tenderize
the meat; it will also bring down the freezing
temperature of the meat and cause it to thaw
quicker. # Noteevery woman should have vinegar
in her kitchen.
16. Do you cry while peeling off onions, then try
this. After peeling off your onions, refrigerate the
onions for atleast 5minutes, then dice it. You will
be glad you did.
17. For aluminium pans that are looking dull, just
boil some apple peels in them. This will brighten
up the aluminum and make your house smell
18. If your salt is becoming lumpy, put a few
grains of rice in with it to absorb excess
19. Always keep an aloe vera plant in your
kitchen. It’s invaluable when you scrape your arm
or burn your finger. Just break off a leaf and rub
the gel from the inside on the injury.
20. When making a soup, sauce, that ends up too
fatty or greasy, drop in an ice cube. The ice will
attract the fat, which you can then scoop out.
This works wonders
21. To reuse cooking oil without tasting whatever
was cooked in the oil previously, cook a 1/4″
piece of ginger in the oil. It will remove any
remaining flavors and odors.
22. If your milk always goes bad before you can
finish it, try adding a pinch of salt to the carton
when you first open it. It will stay fresh days
23. If two drinking glasses become stuck together
after stacking, it’s not impossible to unstick
them. Just put ice in the inner glass and dunk the
outer glass in warm water. The warm glass will
expand and the cold glass will contract, making
the glasses separate easily.








The re-emerging ‘Robin Hood’ militants in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

– Unfreeze Tompolo’s accounts;

– Release Kanu Nnamdi and Dasuki ;

– and stop all corruption cases against Niger Deltans

— Niger Delta Avengers demands

Apart from many ridiculous, impossible and impracticable demands, I’m surprised the newly resurrected militants in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region have funny and phoney names like Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) {I wonder what they are avenging } or Bakassi Strikers {Bakassi ko, Ali Baba ni. Lol } or Ultimate Warriors { abi na Undertaker } have been using their “anger” wrongly and bombing the wrong targets. They ought to bomb their polithiefcians, state governors, former governors and president(s) and others from their region who stole and looted them dry. They are just misguided riff – raffs in the hands of politicians. They just realized they were marginalized now, yet someone from their region just ruled Nigeria for 5 and a half years. Why didn’t they cry out then? Why didn’t they ask him why he didn’t develop their region and implement the UNEP report to clean up Ogoni land and whole Niger Delta? Why is Niger Delta still undeveloped Oh, I forgot ! Even Otuoke still remains slum-like with zero development and no electricity ! Yes, no electricity !

Why aren’t these energies directed at the governors who have been looting their 13% derivation and environment funds? Don’t u know the richest ex-governors and looters are from their region? From Thief James Ibori still serving prison sentence to Alamseigha (dead or alive ), Akpabio, Attah, Oduaghan, Odili, Don Fortunato himself, Mimiko even Amaechi . Why dem no face them? What of the chopmasters in NDDC and OMPADEC ? Have u forgotten one Samuel Edet the disgraced former MD of NDDC who gave #133bn to a herbalist so that the witchdoctor could burn the money and use the ashes as goodluck charm for him ? He had spent fortunes before then and spent much more but wanted to charm Akpabio before bubble bursted ? There’s a long list. It’s almost endless. If those militants are truly fighting for their people, they should have demanded to retrieve the money of their people from these polithiefcians who looted them dry .

Rather, they are making demands of dropping charges against corrupt leaders, against Dasuki and treason charges against Nnamdi Kanu? Are all these related? Certainly not ! By their fruits ye shall know them ! These militants have shown they are not fighting for the people of Niger Delta even though they claim so. Rather, they are being sponsored by some PDP polithiefcians to distabilize the populist government of President Muhammadu Buhari who’s cleaning up Niger Delta and has made plans for massive infrastructural development of the Niger Delta and Nigeria in general
These so called militants are enemies of progress, disgruntled elements and non entities being sponsored by corrupt politicians to distabilize Buhari’s government and give them a leverage. If they negotiate / continue their hard stance, the govt’s hard stance on corruption may be reduced. That’s their strategy. Moreover, they know because of the complexities of Nigeria’s judicial system and appeals, many cases will lapse PMB’s first term so the strategy is also to prevent him from having a second term so as to install a corrupt one instead who will twinkle the case and give them a soft landing or cancel the case.

The real Niger Deltans should know these people don’t have their interests at all and should rise up against them. Who loses in all these attacks? Isn’t it their people? 13% derivation is only from what is sold. If nothing is sold,nothing will go to their states. Little wonder many of their states like Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Ondo are also owing workers several months’ salaries and such workers are on strike. When oil spills, whose environment is being destroyed ? Is it Buhari’s farm or Niger Delta land ? Nobody knows how many people died or the severest impact of the occupation of the land by soldiers during the height of militancy during late Umaru Yar’Adua regime but it was so much that community leaders had to force recaltrant militant leaders to accept FG Amnesty then. Do they want a repeat militarization of their land?

An adage says ‘ don’t pray for the heavens to fall because it won’t only fall on your enemies but also on you’ . Another one says ‘ the leech is sucking the dog’s blood in order to kill the dog not knowing the dog’s death will also signal the dog’s death ‘. How apt are these adages that are so true about these misguided, sponsored and disgruntled militants who are obviously working for their sponsors rather than the people.

“When Jonathan became the president for six years, he forgot every other tribe in Niger Delta, he empowered only militants, ex-militants; that is the leaders of the group not even all the militants.”
– Frank Kokori

I’m vindicated because I NEVER believed in the amnesty issue for once. I told all that cared to listen in 2009 that it was all based on deception and lies and it won’t work. Do you expect or think those militants will be foolish enough to release all their guns under amnesty? I’m of the opinion (and I’m yet to be disproved comprehensively) that the militants surrendered old disused ammunition and just less than 25% of workable ammunition and safely hid the rest to be used if the occassion ever arose. Now such occassion has arisen and they’ve woken up their sleeping, hibernating guns back to life.

My advice is two fold : to the government and the Niger Deltans. The Niger Deltans should resist them and expose them because these militants are enemies of progress. The government should deal with them like terrorists and flush them and their sponsors out. After that, the government should re-structure the country to allow some form of autonomy for the regions be it full or semi autonomy and allow greater resource control.

That’s my advice and opinion on this issue.

Disregard Nostra II to your peril !

God rules in the affairs of men !!





Years back poor illiterate parents produced Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Accountants, Lawyers, Architects, Professors of yesterday and part of today whom I will refer to as Group ‘A’. Group ‘A’ struggled on their own after Primary 6 or WASCE to become notable personalities. Most of them trekked to school barefooted and went to farm or do itinerant trading after school to survive.

Now Group ‘A’ produced Group ‘B’ who are pampered and helped in their homeworks or home assignments from nursery school through secondary schools to higher institutions. Members of Group ‘B’ are chauffeur driven to very expensive schools and they watched Nickelodeon, Musical videos and do a lot of Pinging after school. Their parents help them in doing their assignments. In spite of all these, only few can speak or write correctly.

Members of Group ‘A’ cared for their parents and children, Group ‘B’ are still struggling to find their feet at age 30+. They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by Group ‘A’. So they can’t help themselves, their parents or the society.

Where do you belong?

Reduce the pampering and help you offer your children. Let your children grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength. Let them be street wise and independent. Teach them to fear God, respect for others and develop confidence in themselves.












Whom I’m supporting for the next American President

It’s no news that the Americans are super power of the world and US President is the most powerful president in the world. For years now I’ve always accurately predicted winners of US Presidency and those I’ve pitched my tent with always win. Before u accuse me about Mitt Romney, during his last campaign, I warned he would lose if he did or said something stupid. Didn’t I say he would lose the election when he said something silly about 43% of Americans?

When the race for this year’s presidential election started, I knew Hillary Clinton was the Big Cheese among other contestants. I wasn’t surprised she won the Democratic Party ticket. I was however surprised about the scare Bernie Sanders gave her. It looked like Liechester would win another EPL. However Hillary rallied round and won. I wish Sanders would still contest as an independent. Before you label me partial, I would have wished same for Donald Trump if he lost Republican primaries or was denied a ticket at the Republican Convention.

Now, in my heart, I hoped Mitt Romney would have learned his lesson. A part of me secretly wanted him to run for presidency. I believe he had the brightest chance to win and would have trumped Hillary with all her armada if he had done so. He’ll have floored Hillary. However as a man of his word, despite subtle pressures, he kept his word by not recontesting. He threw support for his friend – Jebb Bush.

I’m a very big fan of the Bush Family. They don’t take any sh*t. It appears nobody f*cks with the American flag is their motto. I love the Bushes. Very decisive and full of action. If it was them, ISIS would have been history and the Ayatolla reign would have long ended. Putin would have been made to sit right. A big part of me wanted Jebb Bush to contest. He’s an action man.

Unfortunately his campaign did badly. Rightly mocked low energy Bush by Trump, he did so badly he started carrying his very very old mother about. My attention shifted to Ben Carson. An inspirational writer, motivational speaker and surgeon, he was my constituency – a fellow but senior colleague. Even though I knew it could be difficult for any black to win US president for at least the next 8 years because of the way Obama messed things up {purely my opinion}. I hoped he’ll do a Liechester and win out of the blues. He too unfortunately fell by the way side. The republican party was crowded with over 13 contestants.

Then I focused on Senator Marco Rubio – the Prince of the tea party. He is an excellent republican. I had tipped him as running mate to Mitt Romney in the last election. He too fell by the way side, despite a last minute rally with Ted Cruz (with plenty baggage ) to gang up and stop Trump. Despite all Republican gang-up, Trump won and trumped all of them.
It’s not that I hated Donald Trump. No! I’ve always admired him. He’s an entreprenuer, a very rich billionaire, investor, has much real estate and the host of America’s version of The Apprentice. { Alan Sugar hosts UK’s version and Biodun Shobanjo, the defunt Nigeria’s version }. I loved how he tells people ‘ you are fired ‘. He’s also a good friend to WWE’s chairman – Vince Kennedy McMahon and I’ve seen him sometimes in WWE ringside.

As the campaign lasted, I listened more to him and I’ve seen he is another “mai gaskiya” ( truth speaker ) in America. In the political scene where truth is so rare, this man is bold enough to say the truth and has been trumping with the truth. The truth that most americans can’t say out boldly but are speaking silently in secret chambers, Trump speaks out openly and boldly not fearing any repercussions. I loved his debates too. He’s a great debater. He finishes his opponents during debates.

I don’t think any hard working, law abiding and legal Muslim, Mexican or African-cum-Nigerian should be afraid of Trump becoming president.

Even his name – Trump – shows he’ll trump all his opponents.
Yorubas say – Oruko eni lo n r’oni – ( your name says whom you are ). I have no doubt Trump will trump crooked Hillary (Trump’s words). I look forward to the debates. Hillary must talk all she’s been hiding about Bengazi.

Meanwhile, because of hypocrisy of democrats and liberals, it will be hard for me to support any democrat or liberal. I’ll rather stay neutral or support an independent whom I know will lose. I can hardly ever support a democrat. Democrats support most of the things I hate.
So, no way for me to support crooked Hillary. I’m supporting Trump to trump Hillary.

Donald Trump all the way.

Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.
Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.
Michael DrBiggie Adeyemi's photo.



Marriage is a good thing.
Wedding is nice too.
But when the bride’s pregnant,
When she walks down the aisle
bearing a protuding belly,
The marriage has being dishonoured.
And the bed? Defiled!
Then, its no longer ‘joining in holy matrimony’
It is called Thanksgiving celebration because the
couple has already joined themselves.
This is the common trend these days,
I dont admire nor applaude it.
Be the wife before you become a mother.
If your pastor didnt tell you, hear this now,
Introduction is not wedding…
Engagement is not wedding…
Dating and courtship aint wedding.
‘Will you marry me?’ ‘I will’, is not wedding.
‘His papa and mama already know me’ is not
Your fiance/fiancee is not your wife or husband.
You dont own his or her body and cant demand
for it!
Marriage is the ONLY license to have sex…….
Make the marriage bed before you
make babies.
Stop forcing yourself on a guy by proposing to
him by getting pregnant. Ladies, you are not suya, so no tasting!
You hear me so?
He wants to know if you are good in bed, You
are not a store sample….. Tell Him that.
He wants to know if you are fertile, You are not
a lab rat.
You come with a price, dont you?
Some items come with nice packaging, and
Until their price is paid, you cant open to see
what’s in it.
A man who pressurizes you for sex because your
wedding is days away will ruin your relationship
with God.
He’s not worthy of you.
And finally, when sin blinds your eyes,
You claim Love is blind the same way you
accuse the devil for actrocities commited.
God already set His standards.
He is not negotiating with you.
# FleeFornication.
God will not ask you to fornicate or defile His
Beware of fake prophecies.
I have heard stories of ladies who recieved such
‘be pregnant before wedding’.
Watch it!
God cannot contradict Himself.
His Rhema cant oppose His Logos.
Those who know their God shall be strong and
do exploits.
Those who do not know their God shall be weak
and exploited.
The Anthem of hell is “EVERYONE IS DOING IT”.
Sweetheart, not everyone is heading to hell.


Here are some of the countries – out of many – that are oil producing countries: Canada; Brazil; Venezuela; Angola; Libya; Ghana; Niger Republic; Chad; Russia; Turkey; Iraq; Iran; Syria; Dubai; Jordan; Saudi Arabia; Nigeria, and several others. But out of all the oil producing countries you know on planet earth, it is only in Nigeria that the region where the oil deposits are found you will find people who are as arrogant and as troublesome as an ugly lady scouting for undeserved attention. Excuse me, please, but the psychologists reading this will perfectly understand what I mean by the analogy of the attention- seeking arrogant ugly lady.
Actually, I raised this point about other oil producing countries not having cantankerous people populating their oil producing regions with a friend, and he calmly told me that those other oil producing countries don’t have Ijaw people as citizens, or more appropriately, as indigenes of the regions with oil deposits in their countries. On hearing this, a chill ran down my spine, and that’s because of the danger of stereotyping a whole group of people as troublesome but certainly not because of the truth inherent in his claim.
Of course, in Nigeria’s Delta region there are many tribes or ethnic groups with most of these ethnic groups also housing crude oil wells from which the Nigerian State taps its oil revenues, but you will hardly hear them causing any troubles or taking up arms to bomb oil installations with the intention of destabilizing the country’s peace and economy. And from all newspaper accounts – both current and archived
ones – the troubles and terrorisms perpetrated in the Delta region against the Nigerian State is caused by the Ijaws, and they usually cause these troubles on the pretext of fighting for the rights and privileges of all Niger Deltans. Usually, a false picture is often painted and presented as if the entire Nigerian State is against the well-being and prosperity of the oil-rich region, or you could also see another false picture of Niger Deltans being completely marginalized in the country’s political life, and you are left wondering where people like Rear Admiral Augustus Aikhomu, Admiral Ebitu Ukiwe, and Admiral Mike Akhigbe who all rose to the rank of Deputy Military Heads of State came from! Or even if you take count of the hardly countable Military Governors that governed the country’s states during the long years of military rule, haven’t we equally had a large number of Niger Delta officers serve as state Governors across the country? The same goes for all ministerial and ambassadorial appointments made during both military and civilian administrations. So, where did the picture and story of marginalization or oppression of Niger Deltans come from?
I want to put it in context therefore, that the current acts of terror being waged against the Nigerian State by Ijaw terrorists hiding behind the convenient name of Niger Delta Avengers, purportedly avenging the so called oppression of Niger Deltans, is nothing but a huge bloody fraud, and neither can any Niger Deltan, for that matter, also claim that the Nigerian State has been oppressing that region if we consider the following facts:
1. All the oil firms operating in the Niger Delta operate scholarship schemes strictly for students of that region in addition to building of schools, roads, hospitals, and other amenities as their Corporate Social Responsibility to their host communities;
2. All the oil producing Niger Delta states receive extra 13% monthly allocations simply called Derivation Funds from the federation account on the account of housing oil wells, which means all the other states in Nigeria receive far less than what the Niger Delta states receive from the federation account every month;
3. Apart from that, there is the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) which operates an annual budget of not less than 500 billion naira every year, supposedly for the development of the region. Take note that this NDDC annual budget alone is more than the total sum all the northern and southwestern states receive as monthly allocations from the federation account every year, which means, the NDDC alone has been given the financial capacity of developing all the six Niger Delta states more than the remaining 30 states of the country plus Abuja the federal capital. In other words, even if all the Niger Delta governors opt not to spend their statutory monthly allocations plus their 13% derivation payments on infrastructural developments, the NDDC’s huge annual budgets alone should have turned that region into a Dubai! But what have they been doing with such huge sums?
4. Apart from that again, there is the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs which also runs a budget of executing projects strictly in the Niger Delta;
5. There is the so called Presidential Amnesty Programme, which also runs a multi-billion naira annual budget strictly for so called repentant Niger Delta terrorists, a programme I have long considered a big fraud pulled against the country because there is nothing like any repentant Niger Delta terrorist existing anywhere, and if you doubt me ask me where all the current terrorists blowing up oil installations came from, and from where and how did they get their sophisticated weapons with which they are terrorizing the country?
6. And then they eventually got their “favourite” son Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe as the country’s President for six solid years, which ultimately contradicts any lie about the so called political or economic marginalization of the Niger Delta or the Ijaws, in particular!
If you take account of all these, you will definitely see that the bulk of Nigeria’s oil revenues actually get spent on the oil producing region itself, but why are the Ijaws making so much noise and trouble as if anybody or any group in that region is treated as an outcast or as if the region gets nothing at all from the national purse or as if they Ijaws have not even led the country in as recent as yesterday?
It is very simple to answer this question if you take into account the long history of the expansionist ambition of the Ijaws. They have never ever hidden their quest for a Greater Ijaw better known as Ijaw Republic, and for that reason they have fought very bloody battles with almost every ethnic group or tribe in the Niger Delta. Show me a tribe in the Niger Delta that the Ijaws have not fought and I will show you a tribe that has no common borders with the Ijaws. As a matter of fact, as recent as Friday, June 17, 2016, hundreds of heavily armed Ijaw terrorists invaded a community called Imushin in Ogun State by boats and gunned down 15 people to death and then destroyed many buildings. A coupe of days later, newspapers reported that the town has now been deserted, and it is significant to note that if the Ijaws could leave the Niger Delta and launch attacks in Ogun State in southwest Nigeria, then they are capable of causing trouble anywhere in Nigeria and even beyond!
A psychological study of them may reveal a kind of complex that could be afflicting them, which reminds me of what an elderly man from Delta State told me towards the end of 2009 when I joined other compatriots in marching on the streets of Abuja to demand that the National Assembly must make Vice President Goodluck Jonathan our country’s Acting President in the wake of President Yar’Adua’s debilitating illness. I will not mention the man’s name here so that “Boko Haram” aka Niger Delta Avengers do not trace his family house in Delta and bomb it, but the man pointedly told me that all of us “marching the streets that this Ijaw man should be made Acting President and later become President will regret it bitterly!” Those were his exact words, and when I asked him why he said those words he replied that the Ijaws were slaves brought into their current territory in Nigeria from Equitorial Guinnea by Colonial Masters, and that they are suffering from what is called Slave-Complex; that such a complex induces a great sense of self-insecurity or low self esteem, which makes the sufferer to engage in violent acts to prop up a false sense of self importance or dominion. In other words, he will want to always show that he is not a slave to anyone, and violence is the means of asserting that point! I guess, if I have not forgotten, Sigmund Freud the great psychologist has a theory that proves this claim.
But then, I will still differ from generalizing all Ijaws as troublesome people. There are quite a number of them that abhor violence and the nonsense going on in their creeks, and I also know some of them that wholeheartedly opposed the regime of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on principle. The only problem they have is the fact that their own voices have been dwarfed or subdued by the loud voices of people like Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Kingsley Kuku, Godsday Orubebe, Annkio Briggs, Pa Edwin Clark, and every other Ijaw that has gotten national space and opportunity to show trouble. The point here is, knowing that there is a silent good minority in a certain group of persons is enough incentive not to paint that particular group into a single colour, no matter the attractiveness of the temptation to do so.
In the light of evidences already in the public domain, it is therefore very easy to conclude that the so called Niger Delta Avengers is just a violent decoy conceived by some Ijaw leading lights to violently blackmail the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and the entire Nigerian State into letting them off the hook of the massive looting and state sponsored violence which they unleashed on the Nigerian State hiding behind the finger of “Boko Haram”, and this can be easily gleaned from their comical conditions for ceasefire that characters like Sambo Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu must be freed from jail apart from the other funny demands that Terrorist Tompolo’s bank accounts should be defreezed and corruption charges against all Niger Deltans be dropped. These demands alone betray the futility of whatever they are doing as no government anywhere worth its name will accede to such foolish demands, for it is akin to surrendering the sovereignty of the State to criminals and terrorists. Forget the crap they talk about of wanting to secede to form a so called Niger Delta Republic; it is already dead on arrival even before it starts. This is easy to figure out when you consider the socio-political dynamics of the region as no ethnic group in the Niger Delta will want to be under the troublesome domination of the Ijaws. I can guarantee you that such a Republic will not last beyond five hours as the Ijaws will, from the very beginning, want to assert themselves and dominate every aspect of the so called Republic which will be vehemently resisted by the Itsekiris, the Urhobos, the Efiks, the Ibibios, the Ikweres, the Ibos in Delta state, the Binis, the Esans, and the other ethnic groups not mentioned here, and that is bedsides the fact that it will even be worst than a Banana Republic if it ever happens considering the fact that the drivers of this so called Republic are notoriously corrupt people who have fleeced Nigeria of so much financial wealth and invested their loots abroad!
President Buhari’s administration can do well by urgently playing on these inherent differences and divisions in the Niger Delta to isolate the Ijaws into a position of weakness. This can be achieved by bombarding the people of the region with information that clearly shows the whole bombings and organized violence going on in the region are being sponsored and perpetrated by wealthy Ijaw people who have played key roles in the immediate past administration but have not achieved anything for the entire region except for themselves. Facts and figures can be deployed in this battle for hearts and minds but the government should not succumb to any gambit of negotiations, for there is nothing to negotiate with these bands of thieving terrorists who squandered six solid years at the highest level of power in Nigeria. All their reasons for their so called agitations are as untenable as they are useless, for the Nigerian State has effectively addressed any issue that has to do with the welfare and development of the Niger Delta over the years. If any Niger Deltan has any grouse with developments in their region they can do well by holding their very own leaders to account but certainly not by blackmailing and intimidating the entire country with violence.
The Nigerian State must assert her sovereignty over any person or groups that threaten her integrity and sovereignty through the strength of her military force. If Nigeria wobbles in this constitutional obligation then she will open up the floodgates of useless and ridiculous demands from other outlawed groups who will find violence an attractive means of seeking negotiations with government. Already, the federal government under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has decisively crushed “Boko Haram” to the point of nothingness now; it should in like manner crush such useless groups as NDA and IPOB whose only grudge against Nigeria is because the system of graft and stealing that whetted and sustained their appetites for sleaze has been unbundled and put on the run, and instead of applauding the new government for ushering in a new air of accountability and good governance, they took up upon themselves the morbid task of the following:
1. Distracting and destabilizing the new government from fighting corruption;
2. Distracting and destabilizing the new government from doing any project in the Niger Delta so that they can paint it in the same light with their own government which did not execute any meaningful project in the same region despite earning unprecedented high oil revenues;
3. Use violence to negotiate a soft landing for their corrupt godfathers and godmothers facing various investigations over corruption, stealing and sponsorship of “Boko Haram”,
4. And, in the extreme case, possibly achieve the Balkanization of Nigeria for their ill-dreamed Ijaw and Biafra Republics which they intended and hoped to achieve by hiding behind the finger of “Boko Haram” as their springboard when they were in power!
Negotiating with such criminals will bring nothing for the country, and neither will it bring any accolade for the government. It was negotiations that brought about the fraudulent amnesty which they enjoyed, and which they hid under to stockpile heavy arms which they are now using against the State. Okay, if you negotiate with them, what will be the possible terms of settlement? Another NDDC of NDDC or another Ministry of Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs or another Amnesty for Amnesty? And amnesty for who, by the way? Or should the entire country bear the stigma of the corruption and looting of the NDDC and the 13% derivation funds by the same Niger Delta politicians?
There is a bright side to every darkness, and the current hypocritical violent agitations by the so called Niger Delta Avengers should spur the federal government and the rest of the country into doing the following:
1. Urgently intensify efforts at investing in agriculture, solid minerals and other economic ventures that will boost revenue instead of depending on oil that has become the reason the whole country is being mocked and blackmailed by “oil owning” terrorists!
2. Double up efforts at drilling the oil and gas deposits already found in northern and southwestern Nigeria!
3. The country currently has 25 electricity power plants, and 23 of these were deliberately engineered by the Jonathan administration to depend on gas, which makes the whole country to be at the mercy of Ijaw terrorists whenever they blow off all the pipelines supplying gas to the power plants! And now they have blown off the pipes, throwing the country into one of its worst energy crisis! All the states outside of the Niger Delta should quickly embark on constructing their own Independent Power Stations (IPS) and the federal government should also quickly invest in other Independent Power Projects (IPPs) that will be completely independent of gas supply from Ijaw land! In fact, with the very rich supply of sunshine in Nigeria, it is time we give special and favorable consideration to the solar-driven electricity supply system!
4. Individual citizens can also do well for themselves by embarking on mass installations of solar power panels on the roofs of their homes and business places for their electricity needs. It is cheaper and safer than running generators which need constant supply of fuel apart from the disadvantages of noise and smokey environment!
5. As much as their act of provocation for war is meant to blackmail and compel the Nigerian State from arresting their godfathers and godmothers for using the finger of “Boko Haram” to commit genocide, the Nigerian State must not submit or buckle under this violent blackmail. It is therefore necessary that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Chief Edwin Clark, Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Kingsley Kuku, Diezani Allison-Madueke, General Ihejirika, General Kenneth Minimah, Alhaji Ali Modu Shariff and others not listed here are arrested and investigated alongside Sambo Dasuki and ACM Alex Badeh for possible conspiracy and involvement in “Boko Haram”! Justice must be served to both the victims and sponsors of this bloody fraud; it makes no sense, and neither does it carry any sense of justice to allow those who shared huge sums meant for protecting citizens to go scot-free after hundreds of thousands of citizens have been mindlessly massacred due to their sharing of those funds as well as by their direct promotion of the insurgency!
6. Nigeria should not shy away from fighting a war if it is war that the Ijaws want! They have already fired several provocative shots without any cause and without any reason, and this is because they are confident that they have cunningly and unlawfully amassed weapons of war during the regime of their son Goodluck Jonathan, or have we forgotten the sensational news in December 2014 that Terrorist Tompolo has bought some war ships with the crooked backing of President Jonathan? Even before then, some of us have consistently raised the alarm that those people were procuring and hoarding assorted weapons of war in preparation for their ultimate agenda of disintegrating the country, and here we are today!
I am not an unjust pacifist, and neither have I seen anywhere in this world where unjust pacifism has helped in reining in or stopped the aggression of aggressive people. Okay, just in case you don’t understand what I mean, kindly remember that late President Yar’Adua used undeserved pacifism for these very same Ijaw terrorists, and they deceived the whole world (excluding me) that they have surrendered their weapons and embraced amnesty but where has that fraudulent amnesty landed us today? I am a firm believer in the supremacy of the State over individuals and groups, and I am also a firm believer of the philosophy which holds that peace can only come after war, and this peace will be the result of one side decisively crushing and defeating the other side. The defeated side will ultimately surrender, and will live in a compelled mode of surrender because they know that they have been overwhelmed and grounded. Engaging in any pretentious dialogue with habitual terrorists and troublemakers in the Niger Delta will just be a waste of time, and it will just give them another breathing space to launch another spate of violent blackmail against the Nigerian State at another time whenever they are broke, or whenever they feel like protecting thieves and rogues as in the current case. President Yar’Adua should have fought that war, and we wouldn’t have been held to ransom today by those same warmongers!
Ijaw communities should be asked to give up the terrorists in their midst within 48 hours or it will be deemed that they have jointly declared war against Nigeria. Even for the purpose of proving a point that Nigeria cannot be defeated by a bunch of troublemakers within her, this war should be fought and after their expected defeat their oil resources should be abandoned for other resources in other parts of the country. The only pain we will feel is the transitional pain of of relocating from one economic resource to another, and we are feeling it already due to their act of war of blowing off oil and gas installations plus the unprecedented monumental corruption and looting they unleashed on our country when they ruled for six years. And just in case you are thinking my position is too extreme, then I have a simple question for you: should we continually be at the beck and call of their trouble and blackmail? Let’s simply start afresh. That’s all.

See List of Coup Plotters in Nigeria and What Happened To Them

List of Coup Plotters in Nigeria and What Happened To Them

NB: Coups are an integral part of Nigerian history and the following is a partial list of those who were accused by the government of plotting one coup or the other and what happened to them. The list is being updated. 


The following were charged by the Olusegun Obasanjo-led military government  with orchestrating the bloody toppling of the government of General Murtala Ramat Muhammed, the Nigerian head of state who was assassinated on the 13th of February, 1976. They were all executed on the 11th of March, 1976:

1- Major-General I D Bisalla

2- Warrant Officer 2 (WO2) Monday Monchon

3- Staff Sergeant Richard Dungdang

4- Sergeant Sale Pankshin

5- Lieutenant Colonel A R Aliyu

6- Captain M Parvwong

7- Captain J F Idi

8- Captain S Wakins

9- Lieutenant Mohammed

10- Lieutenant E L K Shelleng

11- Lieutenant Colonel AyubaTense

12- Colonel A D S Way

13- Lieutenant Colonel T K Adamu

14- Lieutenant Colonel A B Umaru

15- Captain A A Aliyu

16- Captain Augustine Dawurang

17- Major M M Mshelia

18- Lieutenant William Seri

19- Major I B Ribo

20- Major K K Gagra

21- Captain M R Gelip

22- Mr. Abdulkarim Zakari

23- Lieutenant Peter Ggani

24- Major Ola Ogunmekan

25- Lieutenant O Zagmi

26- Lieutenant S Wayah

27- Sergeant Ahmadu Rege

28- Sergeant Bala Javan

29- WO2 Sambo Dankshin

30- WO2 Emmanuel Dakup Seri

31- Major J W Kasai


Buka Suka Dimka
Joseph D Gomwalk
Lieutenant S Kwale
Warrant Officer H E Bawa
Colonel I Buka
Major J K Afolabi
H Shaiyen

S K Dimka
D Contulla
Gyang Pam
Captain C Wuyep
Captain A A Maidobo
WO2 E Izah
Sergeant I Bupwada
2nd Lieutenant A Walbe
Major A K Abang
S Anyadofu
Helen Gomwalk
Captain Peter Tembong

Captain I Gowon – sentenced to 15 years in prison.
J Tuwe – sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Lieutenant Colonel J S Madugu – sentenced to two years in prison.
In 1986, the following were charged by the General Ibrahim Babangida-led military government with plotting to overthrow the regime:


Major-General Mamman Jiya Vatsa
Lieutenant Colonel Musa Bitiyong
Lieutenant Colonel Chris Oche
Lieutenant Mike Fyorshe
Major Daniel Bamidele
Squadron Leader Martin Luther
Wing Commander Ben Ekele
Commander A Ogwuyi
Wing Commander Adamu C Sakaba
Squadron Leader A Ahira

Lieutenant Colonel M Effiong
Major D E West
I B Akwashiki
In 1990, another set of coup plotters were rounded up by the Babangida regime and this is the end result:


Major Gideon Orkar
Lieutenant Awokoya E Akogun
Captain Nimibibowei Harley Empere
Lieutenant Cyril Okuser Ozoalor
2nd Lieutenant Arthur Bandenyintite Umukoro
Staff Sergeant Julius Itua
Sergeant Martins Ademokhai
Sergeant Pius Ilegar
Lieutenant Nicholas Odey
Captain Perebo Aboela Dakolo
WO2 Monday Bayefa
Lance Corporal Jephthan Inesai
Corporal Sunday Effiong
Lance Corporal Francis Ogo
Lance Corporal Samuel Mbasue
Lance Corporal Albert Ojerongbe
Lance Corporal Geofrey Deesiiyira
Lance Corporal Emmanuel Aiyemola
Sergeant Stephen Iyeke
Corporal Joseph Efe
WO2 Afolabi Moses
Lance Corporal Idowu Azeez
Lance Corporal Vitalis Udzer
WO2 Jonathan Ekimi
Staff Sergeant Solomon Okunbawa
Private Richard Isaghohi
2nd Lieutenant F J Esuku
Staff Sergeant Barnabas Jarikpe
Private Egwola Makpamenkun
Lance Corporal Adegamen Friday
Private Monday Esebawen
Private Nnadi Mogaha
Sergeant Etim Umoh
Ex-Corporal Wasiu Lawal
Ex- Lance Corporal Ekominar Makililo
Ex- Lance Corporal Peter Umuyoma
Ex Sigralman Goodluck Emefe
Ex-Staff Sergeant Sampson Idejere
Sergeant Jolly Agbodowei
Lance Corporal Samuel Obasayi
Private Osazuwa Osifo
Lance Corporal Goodluck Ofojarere
2nd Lieutenant Emmanuel O Alade

Turner Ochuko Ogboru – sentenced to life imprisonment
Lance Corporal David Amoomo – sentenced to two years in prison
Sergeant Andoricheladonye – sentenced to two years in prison
Captain A Monju – sentenced to one year in prison
Sergeant John Alido – sentenced to seven years in prison
Patrick Etadafema – sentenced to seven years in prison
S A Francis Agaro – sentenced to seven years in prison
/Cpl. Ezekiel Akuodu – sentenced to seven years in prison
Private Ibrahim Egwa
In July 1995, the regime of General Sani Abacha convicted the following of plotting a coup against it. They were later freed by the General Abubakar Alhaji Abdulsami regime but one of them (Major-General Musa Yar’adua) died during Abacha’s regime while in jail.


Colonel Lawan Gwadabe
Colonel O Oloruntoba
Colonel R S B Fadile
Ex-Major Akinloye Akinyemi

Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’adua – sentenced to 25 years in jail but died in prison. His younger brother, Umaru, would later become the president of Nigeria in 2007.
Lieutenant Colonel E H Bulus – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Lieutenant Colonel S E Oyewole – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Colonel C A Ajayi – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Colonel R N Emokpae – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Lieutenant Colonel M A Igwe – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Colonel Ndubueze – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Lieutenant A Olowokere – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Major E O Obalisa – sentenced to 25 years in jail
Lieutenant Colonel M A Ajayi (rtd) – sentenced to 25 years in jail
General Olusegun Obasanjo – sentenced to 15 years in jail. Later freed and became the president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 before handing over to Umaru Yar’adua.
Captain M A Ibrahim – sentenced to 15 years in jail
2nd Lieutenant R Emouvhe – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Staff Sergeant Patrick Usikpo – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Commodore Limu Fabiyi – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Ben Charles Obi – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Shehu Sani – sentenced to 15 years in jail. Now a senator representing Kaduna State at the National Assembly.
Lieutenant Colonel R D Obiki – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Sanusi Mato – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Julius Badejo – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Matthew Popoola – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Chris Anyanwu – sentenced to 15 years in jail. A journalist, she later became a senator of the federal republic representing Imo State.
George Mba – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Kunle Ajibade – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Moses Ayegba – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Rebecca Onyebi Ikpe – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Beko Ransome Kuti – sentenced to 15 years in jail
Felix Ndamagidon – sentenced to 15 years in jail

Lieutenant Colonel M Sambo Dasuki (rtd), later appointed the National Security Adviser by President Goodluck Jonathan.
Lieutenant Colonel C A A Nyiam
Great Ogboru
Benson Ikpe
Anthony Auroloyi


Full Credits : Naijarchives / Abiyamo