The masses are their own worst enemies

Anthony from Enugu with Precious from Bayelsa are currently on Lagos-Ibadan Express Road selling Gala and Bottle Water while Mr. Anyanwu and Mr. Goodluck, the two Senators representing their constituencies keep receiving the kind of allowances that cannot be exhausted for the next 500years. By tomorrow, Mr. Anyanwu and Mr. Goodluck will say to the oppressed Anthony and Precious: The Northerners and Yorubas are your enemies. Erroneously, Anthony and Precious would start abusing and fighting their fellow looted citizens of other ethnic groups while the real enemies in their backyards keep receiving their anti-humanity salary and allowances unabated.
Olamide, a professed Christian from Ibadan and Hamzat, a Muslim from Borno, have been working in this particular factory for close to 5years collecting 8,000 as monthly salary. The Senator representing Olamide’s constituency is a professed Christian while the Senator representing Hamzat’s constituency goes to Mecca every year. Yet, these Senators keep receiving the sadistic Allowances and Salary. By tomorrow, the same Senators will start telling Olamide and Hamzat that the people of other religion are the problem of Nigeria. Foolishly, Olamide and Hamzat would start exchanging words with each other on the basis of religion.
I keep saying it oppressed Nigerian citizens are the problem of themselves. The looters have no regard for any religion or tribe. Unfortunately, the oppressed, looted and cheated citizens keep being thoughtless. Do Poverty, Suffering, Fuel Scarcity, Lack of Daily Amenities, Lack of Power (Power that ought to be available to the citizens 24/7), Poor Health and Education Service etc. have regard for any ethnic group? Think Nigerians!

Full Credits: Olusola Opeyemi

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