Casualization : Modern day Slavery at Workplace

The days when labourers were chained in sugar cane plantations are gone, these days though unchained, labourers are exploited in a more refined way.
Casual workers are meant to be employed to cover short term work(eg construction of stadium), today many Nigerian workers working in full term capacity are perpetual causal workers.
If the present trend is not checked, casuals would become the dominant form of labor in the Nigeria workforce
The driving force is the quest by employers for cheap labor,the high unemployment rate is the enabling environment.
Outsourcing companies often serve as middleman, supplying cheap labour(casuals) to big companies. Often time, Casuals are equally skilled as their permanent counterpart, work longer, paid less, denied right to organise,no promotion, worse of all can be booted out without sourcing
Big corporations now depend on this group of workers, these include Oil companies where as high as 90% Mobil workers were found to be casual, Telecommunication ( remember Airtel sack of 3000 casuals and event that followed, more recent the Jos MTN issue), Banking (over 80% of workers seen on the banking floor aren’t permanent, in fact about 600 casuals petitioned EFCC after CBN terminated their appointments without any benefits after 5-15yrs of temporary status), Health (NMA recently cried out on the casualisation of Doctors in Lagos State). State governments are not left out, recently Kaduna state government was in the news for this reason.
Unfortunately because our Labor Act was enacted years before this cankerworm started infiltrating our system, the Act is silent on the status casual workers, leaving them to exploitation by employers.
Casualisation must be checked, legislations should be in place to ensure temporary workers are accorded dignity of labour, they should not be denied rights and privileges given to other staff

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