Hypocrisy and the Nigerian People

In recent times, President. Buhari has been vilified for his support of late Gen. Sani Abacha , yet most of his accusers are also guilty of the same offence. We are all guilty.

We all have individuals whom we take as heroes, no matter how evil or bad certain aspects of their lives and characters are.

Tuface has many die hard fans irrespective of the number of baby mamas he has. Likewise Davido. Increasing his number of baby mamas won’t reduce his love by his fans. No matter how many number of married or unmarried women the likes of Obesere, Pasuma, Osupa, KWAM1 lay with, their fans keep growing.

No matter the number of tattoos Tonko Dike has, or the number of divorces some artistes have, irrespective of the amount of “weed” Justine Bierber and Terry G smoke, all have their fans who take them as heroes.

Even as terrible as Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and Napoleon were, they have their fans till date.

No matter how much Jonathan Goodluck looted Nigeria, he has his die hard fans whom most are WailingWailers. No matter how much IBB looted this country with his cronies, no matter how he spoiled Nigeria with his “I chop, you chop” mentality, no much how he institutionalized corruption in Nigeria, accused of killing many including Dele Giwa, plane crash victims in Ejigbo etc, he has his die hard fans.

Vilify Obj from morning to evening, he has his die hard fans. No matter how you claim Abdulsalami stole in 11 months what others stole in years, his fans remain.

No matter how much you claim Buhari has spoiled Nigeria and claim he is a religious fanatic, a regional and ethnic jingo, it won’t change my mind nor the minds of several die hard Buharists like me and other Buharideens. No matter how you vilify Abacha and call him wicked despot, he has his fans. Buhari happens to be one.

Apart from working as PTF Chairman under Abacha, both have and maintain a close family relationship till date.

Abeg leave Buhari alone joor because we are all guilty of the same offence. He who goes to equity must do so with clean hands. He who is without sin should cast the first stone. You no holy pass my brother and sister. Leave Buhari to worship and praise his hero joor, he doesn’t stop you from doing same to yours.

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