My memories of June 8, 1998 when Gen. Abacha died

This Day in History:
Exactly 21 yrs ago, yes on 8th June 1998, an announcement was made that made Nigerians burst into celebrations and all night party in some cases.There was no universal access to facebook or twitter or google then (were not yet invented) or internet. There were very very few people who had access to satellite and foreign stations like CNN then. There was no DSTV then. Few people used to listen to foreign radio like BBC, VOA then. The news was all over then since 7.00am in the morning ( 11 to 12 hours before ) but was very restricted to Nigerians who were supposed to be the main concerned party then.But the truth,no matter how hidden will surely come to light. Channels TV news at 6.00pm first confirmed it, then others too started rushing to announce it like a falling set of dominoes.The news : Gen.Sani Abacha, the great Nigerian leader that oppressed them was DEAD. He was no more. He had died more than 12 hours before, after strongly rumoured to have died while having a threesome with 2 indian prostitutes. He died f**king them (so we heard sha).There was another unconfirmed story of eating apple. But the koko of the story was that the news of Abacha’s death brought smiles and nationwide wild celebrations among Nigerians. It was not that of football fans celebrating their team’s win in the European Champions Cup, but that God who rules in the affairs of men conquered an oppressor of His people

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