This the raw account of what transpired in Kano incident. For the record the woman was not beheaded but stoned to death, either way it’s an act that can only be done by Satan himself yet this barbaric human has read many times the injunction in Quran that says, Awusubillahi mina sultani rujim. That’s why I said they are Satan not handiwork of Satan and it has nothing to do with religion. So sad.


Mummy Bridget is 74years old. She was seated at her shop at kofar wambai which is a market for plastic as at 3-4pm thereabout only for a Muslim guy to come in front of mummy’s shop towards closing time to perform ablution (washing of their feet before their prayers).

Mummy then told him not to do that in front of her shop, instantly the guy started arguing with her, saying she has insulted Allah for preventing him from performing his ablution. He then went to alert his fellow muslim brothers.

Her husband, daddy was with her as at that time. They took her to report the issue to a head in the market..Which was too late because an angry muslim mob were already forming, chanting Allahu Akbar and that she must be killed for blasphemy.. Preventing the young man from performing his ablution was what they termed blasphemy.

Immediately daddy saw it has generated into a mini riot, one of their Alhaji’s drew mummy into his office addressing the crowd that they should calm down and protocols will be followed which they refused and were stoning things at the man in his office. When they prevailed, they dragged her and her husband.

When daddy was sitting down, he was looking at the way they were hitting mummy on her head with iron rods and sticks but he dared not say anyhing if not he will be lynched too. Mummy’s blood was splashing on daddys body as they kept hitting her. Eventually she died. Then the police came to disperse the crowd and took her body to the mortuary..

As of yesterday, her corpse was lying at Aminu Kano teaching hospital but was to be transferred to a more secured hospital cos the Muslims were saying that they wanted to smuggle into the hospital to get her body then behead her cos that’s their punishment for blasphemy. Mummy was not beheaded she was beaten and stoned death.

Yes she’s a member and top leader in Deeper Life Bible church, Kano state.

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