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Tell your children about Pius Adesanmi

“Tell your children about Pius Adesanmi, let it be known there was an African, a Nigerian specifically who challenged oppressive and western norms with cerebral engagement.

Tell your children Nigeria produced one of the best that had global ratings and stood shoulder to shoulder to the best in the west.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi wasn’t the stereotypical professor but a brain house filled with street credibility.

Tell them, that with Pius Adesanmi, got encomiums as badges. He didn’t have to task his brain enormously before churning out briefs. Tell them he was a restless academician who sought answers to questions plaguing Africa and her people.

Tell them, Pius Adesanmi though home grown from Isanlu, Kogi state, was a quintessential African son who transversed the continent in keeping up with scholastic engagement.

Tell them, he abhorred mediocrity and the word never existed for him. Tell your children that Pius, though born in the trenches and hamlet of Isanlu, rose to become an internationally sought speaker, writer and public figure.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi, lives in our hearts and resides in our ability to model a Nigeria where the country rises above the status quo.

Tell your children of the colossus, enigmatic, notable, distinguished and credible fellow he was. Tell your children that another Iroko tree was felled from the forest.

Tell your children that Pius Adebola Adesanmi, was a gift to us and one who gave himself selflessly.

We mourn, we grief yet we celebrate the man Pius Adebola Adesanmi. May you continue to rest in power.”

Credits: Folake Oyetosho



Death by Computer, Just One Switch Would Have Saved 157 Precious Lives.

189 people recently died in a tragic crash. The crew and passengers of Lion Air JT610 on board a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 never had a chance.

The less than three months old plane had a new software in it. They called it MCAS or Maneuvering Chracteristics Augmentations System. MCAS was a system that didn’t exist in any of the Boeing 737’s before. However, when they built the 737 MAX version, in layman’s term, they built the plane with a larger and more efficient engine.

However, this larger engine, which delivered a further 14% fuel efficiency had to be fitted further forward under the low wings of the 737. This potentially may cause the plane to stall. Stalling is bad. It is basically when a plane stops flying and starts falling.

In order to avoid this, Boeing installed the new MCAS software. This software is designed to tell the plane to move its nose down to increase its speed and avoid it from stalling.

So here comes the problem.

In the computer world, we have this term called GIGO. The old school fella’s will know this. Yes. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The problem based on the findings so far is this.

On the plane there is a sensor called the Alpha Vane which measures the Angle of Attack (AOA) of the plane. It looks like a small little wing, and they have two of it, one on the pilot side, and the other on the co-pilot’s.

The sensor’s job is to tell the computer the angle the plane is flying at. And if the AOA of the plane is too high, this will result in the plane stalling. Typically the AOA is below 15 to 20 degrees, and the new MCAS software will push the plane’s nose down if it thinks that the AOA is too high.


With flight JT610, the Alpha Vane sensor measuring the AOA on the Captain’s side was reported to be faulty. So they changed it. That fault was reported from the equally harrowing flight from Bali to Jakarta.

On the fateful final flight, the plane which arrived from Bali the night before, had the sensor changed, and then it took off in the morning.

No one knew what was really wrong with the plane, or about the new MCAS software. No one. Not the maintenance folks, and in fact not even the pilot. He apparently wasn’t trained on it yet.

So they flew the plane.

And once in the air, the faulty sensor told the computer that the plane is stalling. The computer then, without the pilot ever knowing pushed the nose of the plane down further, while the pilot was trying to raise the plane.

In this battle between the pilot and the computer, the computer won. And the pilot, the crew, and the passengers lost and they died. The plane was too low, and the pilot didn’t have enough air to raise the plane and fly it.

The computer literally flew the plane into the ocean.

A few weeks later, Boeing issued an update on the plane, and informed that should the plane have an issue with it’s AOA sensors, one of the way to stop the computer was to switch it off!

Apparently 189 lives could have been saved, had the pilot knew about the software, and flipped a switch to turn it off.

A switch!

A single simple switch was the difference between life and death.

I am still fuming thinking about this. A switch!

Computers are really going to be the end of us all, because while a man makes mistakes, to really, really screw up; you need a computer!

Knowledge and understanding are powerful.

You know …you fly higher… The age of computer is the age of keys.



GrowingConcern about the new aircraft, #Boeing737-800Max That have had a Record-Crash Rate within 5-Months Space time: Lions Air _ EThopian Airline – While putting a Concerned Eye at the 10-Brand New of This Aircraft Already Ordered By Our Dear #AirPeace in Nigeria.

The aircraft is very new and most automated aircraft at the moment (almost 100% sensor operated and flown by sets of computers backed up by man). #Boeing redesigned the aircraft from the original 737 series, reconfigured the jet engine sitting and position with a corresponding introduction of “Complex” sets of sensors unknown to pilots but known to Boeing as “Angle of Attack” sensor.

#Computer and #sensors make the first and primary decision in operating the jet, and subsequently takes any action it seems fit and okay, with the pilots only left to battle with computers as second line response. This forms part of a combination of Artificial Intelligence (#AI) and #MachineLearning(#ML) which is part of innovation to improve fidelity and accuracy/precision of aircraft Operations.

This same Boeing 737-800Max is/was the brand new aircraft of #LionsAir in Indonesia which forcefully #nosedived and went down into Java sea, killing ALL passengers on board.

Within or less than #6months of the October 2018 Lion Air incidence, another 737-800Max aircraft in #EthiopianAirline, this morning, went down #6minutes after take off, killing ALL passengers on board.

The pattern and sequences that led to these incidences are likely/closely similar for both #LionAir _ #EthopianAirlines

the two aircrafts had faults reported in their previous flight record within 2 of 3 of their previous flights ( recall, EThopian Airline had cancelled this same flight on March 3,2019 due to tech reasons, and it eventually went down today barely a week of the initial malfunction), same with Lions Airs in Indonesia which reported an initial malfunction in its previous day’s flight and subsequently crashed.

For the Duo, EThopian and Lions Air, the pilots were reported to have made distress call for a quick air return immediately after take off, but then, the aircraft now under #sensorcontrol refuses to take instructions/command from the pilots and keeps flying and going On its own desired way until it impacts a terrain – that’s crash point.

The aircraft’s are brand new, haven’t flown up to one year of its/their purchase: Lion Air had just flown theirs for about 4-5montjs while same for EThopian Airlines too.

The aircraft is the highest-selling commercial jet from Boeing since history, and it is very economical and efficient in operation, hence airliners go for it, basically to shelve up margins(profitability)

Boeing is an American Jet Manufacturing firm, with #RollsRoyce responsible for their jet engines configuration and manufacturing.

Despite being an American aircraft maker, most of the #AmericanCarriershave been seen to reluctantly not putting their feets forward in oredring this particular 737-800Max configuration from Boeing, and hence they are not frequently flown it in their various American fleets as it is most of the Asian, European and African airline operators.

Though, some very few American Airline Carriers did purchased some 737-800Max from Boeing, but then, a strong safety concern statement from the US civil aviation regulator might have made the choice and use of 737-800Max in the US airspace by USA carriers to be on the lowest, given the perceived profitability margin in using the aircraft.
737-800Max have been largely ordered, purchased and being used by many of the Asian, European and African based airline operators.

Our very own dear #nationalcarrier, #AirPeace (#Nigeria), have recently placed order for #10Brand New Aircrafts of this same 737-800Max configuration to be deployed in her growing operations in Nigeria and the region.

Now, with these developments, do we have active aviation sector/industry regulation that can square it up with Boeing alongside the international guidelines over the safety of this particular 737-800Max aircraft whose crash frequency is currently the highest since the history of aviation.

#ET have over 10 of this brand new #Boeing737-800Max recently purchased from #Boeing

#Boeing has and/is still being blamed by industry experts for what the experts called “over-automation ‘ of the 737-800Max configuration, and there isn’t adequate #pilot-information and briefing for airlines to have them go through Human-Computer interaction training/Learning as required of such a new interface being introduced in the aircraft.

An accusation which Boeing have neither refuted nor accepted yet, at least publicly.

This type of human-computer interactive #simulation is usually required for pilots to mimick accident situations and other related air incidences and then have both the #machine and the #human learn to listen to each other and then cooperate in synergy during aircraft operations.

It was gathered from ground operations (unverified) that, The Ethopian pilot of the ill-fated aircraft did placed a #MayDaycall/request for an air-return immediately after take off, but then, the aircraft was no longer taking commands from the pilot, the sensors (presumed to be the Angle of Attack Sensor) are already at work, forcing the aircraft to obey the commands from the sensors and not minding whatever input the pilots and the crew men will be making.

While we wait for the retrieval of the flight crash recorder from the ill-fated Ethiopian Airline ET, that of the Lions Air of Indonesia have been sketchy and no yet clear pattern of information retrieved from the device (the popularly called Black Box) so far.

Eyes are still wide opened while fingers crossed tightly as the events of 737-800Max’s unique level of automation is being subjected to further debates and scrutiny within the proponents of the new technology and the safety regulators of the industry.

These and some other insights.discussed are Exclusively mine, � Bright Chimezie Irem – Fellow Global Citizen as a private Aviation Industry enthusiast and writes from Nigeria. His views does not represent any regulators views



I was numbed by the tragic news of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines today, March 10, 2019.

Before I was yet to come to terms with the reality of the plane crash given that I have adopted Ethiopian Airlines as my preferred airline, and therefore routinely fly it, there came the additional devastating news that my good friend, the erudite Professor Pius Adesanmi, a Nigerian-Canadian, was among the victims of the plane crash.

I am overwhelmed by this weighty loss.

Pius was a fierce and uncompromising Nigerian patriot. Like a parrot, he sang and sang and sang sanity into the ears of Nigerians at home and abroad. He banged and banged and banged the drums of civility into the ears of Nigerian leaders – and their fanatical followers – whenever and wherever he penned his prolific lines, be it on social media or on the pages of newspapers.

I recall my interactions with Pius as I was about to publish my bestselling book, Province of Poetry. Even though he didn’t end up finding time to review it before its publication, he encouraged me to pour it out without regards to restrictions as there is no place for such in Poetry. His advised paid off.

Pius was a stellar scholar and an impeccable communicator. Fluent in French, English and Yoruba (and perhaps other languages), there was nothing under the sun that Pius couldn’t communicate with effortless ease.

As attested to by his huge social media followers, millions of Nigerians looked up to the succinct sermons of Pius as a way to deconstruct the complexity of the Nigerian society.

Here in Canada, and indeed in the West, Pius threw patriotic punches at those who sought to denigrate the Nigerian or African brand through racist or patronizing overtures to him. He used his social media account to uphold the core self-dignity of the average African. He was incurably and unrepentantly proud of his roots and heritage.

A dedicated family man, Pius mused and fused his past – or then current- daily dealings with his daughter and wife and mother and even his deceased father to amuse his teeming fans.

The depth of the man Pius defies description in words.

I count myself very fortunate to have experienced a bit of the iconic Nigerian-Canadian.

He will be sorely missed.

He lived!

His illustrious legacy lives!

May the almighty God grant him a peaceful rest!

Goodnight my brother.

Kingsley Jesuorobo
Toronto, Canada


Rot in Nigeria’s Healthcare

Walk into a Teaching Hospital close to you.. Ask for the General Outpatient Dept(GOPD). You would see patients who probably have been sitting from 4.00 am, 5.00am and 6am in the morning, waiting to see a Dr. Sometimes because of the immense crowd, the Dept might choose to only see a particular number for a day. Let’s put the num at 150(i am being modest, really).
Then walk in and ask for how many Drs are on duty that will see these pple. Sometimes, not more than 6-8 Drs(I am being very generous). That means each Dr would see about 18-25 patients in a day. If this Dr dedicates only 15mins for each patient, it means he will sit for more than 6hrs that day just consulting…….
Now here’s my question, do you think his/her mental faculty is going to be alert enough to give the last three patients adequate attention? I doubt So. That also means a patient has spent more than 8hrs waiting to see a Dr who eventually is fatigued when it’s his turn.
This patient is probably eventually sent to see a Specialist by the Family Physician and whn he gets to the Specialty Clinic, he’s given an appointment to come in three months time as that’s is the nearest available time to see the Specialist. This is because there are few Specialist and there’s also as much as a Specialist can see in a day. If you have been to a Teaching Hospital you know this scenario is very familiar.

When next you hear statements like that of Dr Ngige, the Hon Minister of Labour saying Nigeria has surplus Drs and can even export them, you realize that the pple that have been entrusted with the power to heal the country are sick themselves….. God help us….

Credits: Henry Njeakor

-John Ogunlela
Here is a detailed account of what happened between 8.37am and 8.44am on the dark morning of Sunday, March 10.
The control tower at Bole International Airport, in Addis Ababa gave crew nod to take off
The 737 Max-8 took off with accurate angle of attack (AOA) indications.
While climbing to the required cruising altitude, the captain’s AOA indicator started indicating a conflicting angle from that of the first officer.
The captain engaged the auto pilot hopping that it troubleshoots the differences in AOA.
An auto pilot warning was heard.
A second autopilot warning is recorded as captured by cockpit voice recorder.
The first officer is instructed by the captain to contact radar.
The plane’s left auto pilot is engaged for at least 33 seconds and flaps retracted (flaps are used to generate more lift during during lower speed).
Autopilot is disengaged and plane experiences amplitude roll oscillations and at the same time literal acceleration.
Pilots set the plane to fly at 32,000 feet and the speed at 440.78 kph.
The captain instructed first officer to set the flaps up.
Heading started to change from 072 degrees that was set to 197 degrees while the pilot kept insisting to first officer to maintain runway heading.
Autopilot was turned off.
The plane recorded a nose down motion for about nine seconds causing a slight drop in altitude.
Terrain senors informed pilots that they were flying close to the ground.
Captain told the officers to trim up with him.
First officer shouted “stab trim cut-out” two times.
The captain acknowledged and first officer responded stab “trim cut-out.”
Captain directed his first officer to pull up since the plane was flying too low.
The assistant agreed to pull up.
Pilots selected cruising altitude to 14,000 ft from 32,000 ft
Captain told first officer to pitch up with him (lifting the plane’s nose up).
An over speeding warning signal was recorded from the left side of the cockpit and remained on till end of recording.
Plane went back to a nose dive position and could not respond to corrections applied by pilots.
The speed climbed from 440.78 kph to 848.27 kph from according indications from the left instruments in the cockpit.
However, instruments on the right side indicated flight speed was 926 kph.
The brand new plane tumbled from the Ethiopian skies crashing in an open field near Bishoftu in a ball of fire and ended lives of all 157 on board.
My comments. This was a real devil’s flight! Note 8:43:20 – the plane automatically boosting its airspeed by twice the instruction it was given and then presenting different readings on its speed meters to compound the confusion! That speed alone 848kmph (take the lower value) at such a low altitude is enough to rip the plane apart. Civilian planes are not designed to fly that fast in lower atmosphere and this may explain why the tail ignited in flames even before the plane hit the ground. That plane has more issues than the maneuvering characteristics device.
Truth is, new plane models are normally vulnerable to issues and that is the reason for long certification procedures and processes. Tragically, those processes were shortened by US regulatory authorities for this series of aircraft apparently to help Boeing make some more money quickly.
Me: I am surprised the world is not screaming at the top of their voices at the US regulators. If this had been he other way round involving US citizens we know how loud it would have been. In the end the capitalists exemplified by America will always win.
This is pure horror!

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