Are we capable of learning from history?
There is another evil i see under the sun: People don’t learn from history, from the experiences and mistakes therefrom.
There are so many instances I see in this country!!!
Let’s look at a few examples.
1. Look at MC OLUOMO of Lagos; he couldn’t study the history of what happened to ELEWE OMO of Oyo barely 10years ago. He failed to accurately read the pressure of his environment to know that his time was up with the Political Godfathers. He couldn’t even learn from the very recent experiences of Hamburger and Saka Saula. Why didn’t he just take off when the ovation was get too loud? Our Elders. say, when the Bàtá drum gets too loud it is ready to tear!
2. In Ogun State, Governor Ibikunle Amosun is in APC contesting as Senator and at the same time sponsoring his anointed candidates in the APM party. He thinks that is smart. This is an EXACT replica of the stupid action of his IMMEDIATE PREDECESSOR, Gbenga Daniel who [ just 8years ago ] was balanced in PDP as Governor but was at the same time sponsoring his anointed candidates in PPN party. The result was a resounding disgrace, so bad his name, administration and record is almost totally obliterated in Ogun State. Why cant Amosu learn from such a fresh history?
3. The one that is called Femi Fani-Kayode is an EXACT physical image of his father Remi Fani-Kayode and his ways. He does the EXACT things, thread the EXACT path and behaves in the EXACT ways that took his father Remi from glory to infamy and oblivion! How can the son suffer same fate when its not a generational curse?
4. There is one called Nnamdi Kanu who has NOTHING but useless and dirty mouth; No Weapons, No Sense, No Tactical Alliances anywhere, No Credible Plans, No Useful ideology, PUSHING Millions of already endangered People into hate-filled zones in the name of agitation for Biafra, spurring them to insane ideas he doesn’t have an intelligent blueprint to back up. Dragging a people to a very familiar road of destruction! Is that one learning from history?
5. Religious activities SUDDENLY increased at an exponential rate that should alarm a PEOPLE, if they were reasonable and learning from history. “Missionary” activities poured all over the land, men moved in desperate effort to save the PEOPLE and Mankind from Eternal Damnation, to bring them closer to God. The PEOPLE took the messages and messengers hook, line and sinker. Soon the People became totally torn apart; Values destroyed. Sanity eroded. Environment destroyed. Inflation, Corruption, Poverty, Godlessness, a multitude of anti-social activities and despair INCREASED at a rate exponentially proportional to the rate of increase of these new religious ideas. This is a familiar road. it’s so familiar that Prof Achebe and Prof Ola Rotimi wrote TWO great books [ Things Fall Apart and The Gods Are Not to Blame ] to serve as documented lessons for us. Did we learn? NO!
6. I was in Ijebu-Ode earlier today. At the area called “Lagos Garage” there are two houses, on the left and right sides of that road by the bridge. One of them belonged to the man known as “Kékèré Owó and the other to the man known as Bóbasùwà of Ijebu. Both houses were imposing mansion at the time these men reigned. You need to look at the Houses to imagine what it was in the time of those men. You can never fail to notice these houses if you entered Ijebu-Ode from off the Benin Expressway. That Kekere Owo’s house this morning is the place men of the NURTW, urchins, street traders and just about anybody go to pee!!! The house looks like it is ready to be demolished. The Bobasuwa house is just there, none of his children or grand children will ever contemplate spending a night in it. I see Bashorun Abiola’s uncompleted house everytime in the Ibara GRA of Abeokuta and I shiver.. Whereas my Leader, Asiwaju is busy buying the whole of Lagos. Some stupid ones are even busy stealing pants to make money!!!
7. And there is so much anguish and frustration in the land yet our Leaders, Politicians and so-called Rich Men forget the word of our Elders ” When the fowl perches on the rope, neither the rope nor the fowl will know comfort”. How is it they don’t know that when hunger keeps the poor away from sleep, the rich man himself must be very alert and shouldn’t sleep too much? How is it that they can’t learn from the words of Kwameh Nkrumah ” Anger and frustrations when suppressed and bottled up for too long will one day explode into multiple Volcanic eruptions”?
8. The same Europeans who makes the proverbial charms of invincibility for the cockroach will also make the good-fortune charms for the fowl to find it. And those are the people guiding us into the new world order of “global village”.
Are we even capable of learning from history?
YESTERDAY, AT A GLANCE**************
At some point, to own a Honda CD 185 was the greatest ambition of many in my generation when we were growing up in the early 80’s.
This was the PJ of our dream.
Is life not ironic, with our minds playing tricks on us?
I remember when the best way to announce that you are a real man was to own a tokunbo Mercedes Benz 230 “flat booth”……that was before the Mercedes Benz 190 craze.
I can’t forget the segregative powers of the Honda Accord 92 model…
Then the Pontiac that turned warri into something else….that was before the Hummer made a grand entry, and young men learned ways to sell their souls to own one, while young ladies sacrificed ovaries to sit in front of one.
I remember at the unveiling of the Hummer H2, a journalist asked the GM Spokesperson about the fuel efficient consumption of the new vehicle…. arrogantly, she replied that “those who drive Hummer do not lose sleep over its fuel consumption”.
I marvelled at such assured arrogance disguised as confidence. Little did she know that the fuel guzzler will be laid to rest mostly as a result of that greedy appetite for fuel. Well, that was before fracking and shale oil changed the market dynamics. If GM had a futurist.
Then at one time, if you are man enough, you should buy a Toyota Corolla “First Lady” for your wife so she can oppress those whose husbands were not man enough.
You remember that mersh satellite dish? The one you need to show the whole world that you have cable TV?
How time flies….
Someone once told me that I shouldn’t talk where people who have Nokia 3310 are talking. Then the Samsung “Blue Eye” came to shut him up.
Then the flip phones…..
Remember Hello Moto….of Motorola. Infact, I know someone who messed up her relationship because she wanted to own a Motorola Razr….
But before then, young men who were fortunate to land them oil company, finance house, and bank jobs in the 90’s harassed their less fortunate friends with a Pager….they carried it with pompous arrogance…then the 090 phones came O’ Lawd…..
But I was a kid when owning a Raleigh Bicycle was luxury. I survived that, then VW Beetle was sold for N2500, and it was the height of it.
Then we worshipped the grounds on which a Mercedes Benz 280 S drove on. You could only have such privilege if you stand by the road side when top notchers and the likes are coming for an event.
Then in 1980, Shagari visited, and my dad took me to see the President, I was a little boy then. I saw a Mercedes Benz 500 SEL. That was the end of discussion…..I never knew the discussion would continue…
I grew up at a time when God blessed an entire village with the privilege of one Black & White television. Sunday afternoons will see kids from far and near coming to watch Mighty Igor, Mil Mascara, Argentina Polo, Andre The Giant….oh Lawd….
Driving thru my village the other day, I saw many signs advertising the Liverpool/Arsenal match at different viewing centres. These kids wouldn’t be able to comprehend that time was, when over 50 people gather around one transitor radio to listen to football commentaries, especially when Rangers or Stationery Stores played IICC Shooting Stars.
How can one forger how many people cluster begging to sit on the floor and/or pip through the window on Saturdays in order to watch Zebrudaya, Gringory, Clerus Ovuleria etc in New Masquerade.
As a kid, you dream of the day you’d buy a whole chicken and eat all alone. It was a very lucid dream. Then you grow up, capable of buying an entire poultry, but the sight of a chicken lap irritates you because you must cut down on cholesterol.
The first time I entered an air-conditioned vehicle I almost passed out. What a marvel.
Later I read about Cheese for so long, then I ate it and was very disappointed.
Time and chance happeneth to them all……Don’t kill yourself over anything cos d beautiful ones are not yet born. Wait for your time and chance!
……what an irony of life!
Presidential Elections Statistics since 1999
I want us to look closely at the statistics below and draw up our inferences:
1999 election results in NigeriaOlusegun Obasanjo(PDP): 18, 738, 154Olu Falae (AD/APP): 11, 110, 287
2003 election results in Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo(PDP): 24, 456,140Muhammadu Buhari (ANPP): 12, 710, 022Dim Ojukwu (APGA): 1,297,445
2007 elections results in NigeriaUmar Musa Yar’Adua(PDP): 24, 638, 064Muhammadu Buhari: 6, 605, 299
2011 elections results in Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan (PDP): 22, 495, 187Muhammadu Buhari (CPC): 12, 214, 853Nuhu Ribadu (ACN): 2, 079, 151
2015 elections results in NigeriaMuhammadu Buhari (APC): 15, 424, 921Goodluck Jonathan (PDP): 12, 853, 162
These figures represent a huge trend only if we can expel all bias and look critically.
Ask yourself these questions while looking through:
1. Which of the elections was the freest and fairest?
2. When was the card reader introduced?
3. Despite the continuous voter registration yearly, how come voters reduced by almost 12million in 2015?
My inference is this:Never trust anybody who conducted, supervised or orchestrated the malady elections that produced the 2003, 2007 and 2011 election results.
I wish Nigerians a peaceful, hitch free and eventful election process devoid of violence.
INEC’s Bolt from the Blues
In 2006, President Olusegun Obasanjo set up an administrative panel headed by Prof. Ignatius Ayua, with Mrs Oby Ezekwesili as a notable member, to probe his Vice President; Alhaji Abubakar Atiku over the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) affair. It indicted Atiku and barred him from holding public office. INEC, under the inimitable Prof. Maurice Iwu, quickly disqualified Atiku from the 2007 elections because of the indictment. It was at this stage that the judiciary stepped in and declared that any indictment must be accepted by a court of law. It stopped tyranny on the one hand but castrated INEC on the other. Today, INEC cannot disqualify candidates even if they present forged certificates. It has to be the courts.
Atiku fought all the way to the Supreme Court to fight his disqualification after the corruption charges against him had been quashed by a high court. On the day the judgement was to be given, Obasanjo declared a public holiday so that the court would not sit. In the interim, INEC had printed the ballot papers without including Atiku. (In those days, pictures of candidates were also on the ballot.) A senior government official reportedly asked Iwu: “What if Atiku won his court case and has to be on the ballot?” Iwu dismissed the possibility. However, five days to the election, the Supreme Court ruled that Atiku must be on the ballot.
Shamelessly, INEC rushed to South Africa to start printing 65 million ballot papers overnight. The Nigerian contractor instantly made billions of naira from the turmoil. Eventually, more than half of the ballots did not make it to Nigeria before election day. In fact, they were later abandoned at a warehouse in South Africa. A South African newspaper made fun of us. It is not today that the South Africans started disrespecting us. Even the ballots that made their way to Nigeria did not have serial numbers, and many polling units did not have voting materials. A military aircraft flying materials overnight crashed, killing the pilot and INEC officials.
In the end, Iwu simply blessed Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (PDP) with 24,638,063 votes, awarded 6,605,299 to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (ANPP) and allocated 2,637,848 to Atiku. Iwu also took time out to tongue-lash the opposition parties for complaining about the shoddy elections. He reminded them that only PDP had billboards and posters across the country and they should not complain about Yar’Adua’s 24.6 million-vote windfall. Yar’Adua, it must be said, acknowledged that the election was a mess and promised to carry out electoral reforms. For all intents and purposes, we did not hold a presidential election in 2007, no thanks to INEC. We simply wrote the figures.
Source: INEC’s Bolt from the Blues by Simon Kolawole
Wisdom from Samson’s life
Samson’s parents had known the secret of Samson’s strength since his birth, yet they told no one (Judges 13:5).
The day Delilah heard of it, she told Samson’s enemies and brought Samson down to ordinary(Judges 16:17,18)
1. Everyone qualifies for your love, but not all the people you love qualify to know the secrets of your life! Because, some cannot handle it and others cannot wait to trade your secret for personal gain!
2. The enemy that will destroy you, will not come with a sword but with a smile!
3. Learning to keep your friends’ secrets is not only about trust, but destinies are at stake. Nothing can be more dangerous and painful than to share your secrets with your enemies thinking they are your friends!
(a) CONFIDANTS – They will walk with you no matter how hard it gets. You need to be grateful if you have one
(b) ASSOCIATES – They team up with you to achieve a common goal…..most of the time they compete for the same prize/goals with you! Be very careful with these kind, they may push you down in order to win the prize
(c) COMRADES – They team up with you just to fight a common enemy. They will be gone once the enemy is defeated… should not be worried when they leave, they were there for a season.
Always remember the saying that, “some friends are like a shadow; they appear only when the sun shines.”
 A true leader does not live in affluence when a vast majority of the people he leads are wallowing in poverty. He suffers for the people to enjoy. Thus, he is fondly remembered from generation to generation.A true leader does not deceive the people he leads. He does not tell blatant lies in order to gain personal or selfish advantage. He is truthful, even when it costs him material loss.A true leader spends his personal wealth in the cause of his nation. He is self-sacrificing. He shuns corruption; he does not glamorise it. He avoids bribery; he does not tolerate it. Thus, he is less concerned with how much wealth to acquire in government.A true leader leads by example. His word is his bond. He fulfils his promise, even at his own personal cost. Thus, he is never doubted by the masses. He earns their trust. He is a man of integrity.A true leader embraces the people he leads as well as their shades of religion and culture. He is not a bigot. Thus, he enjoys love and support of people across the board.A true leader has sense of shame. He does not falsely accuse his opponent of something which he himself has evidently identified with.A true leader does not identify with God, spend time with men of God, visit houses of God and yet refuse to declare his assets as required by the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. Thus, he is not a hypocrite.A true leader does not manipulate truth with equivocation. Thus, he is endowed with increasing wisdom and moral strength from the Almighty.A true leader thinks more and more of the overwhelming population of the have-nots. He feels concerned about widespread and speedy execution of public projects. Thus, he is abundantly loved by the overwhelming masses and hugely detested by the few, corrupt and selfish elites.A true leader is godly by being accountable, selfless, modest, honest, decent, public oriented and tolerant. He is not godly by mere praying to God or kneeling down before men of God or identifying with men of God.
 Credits: Ganiyu Muhammed

Tell your children about Pius Adesanmi

“Tell your children about Pius Adesanmi, let it be known there was an African, a Nigerian specifically who challenged oppressive and western norms with cerebral engagement.

Tell your children Nigeria produced one of the best that had global ratings and stood shoulder to shoulder to the best in the west.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi wasn’t the stereotypical professor but a brain house filled with street credibility.

Tell them, that with Pius Adesanmi, got encomiums as badges. He didn’t have to task his brain enormously before churning out briefs. Tell them he was a restless academician who sought answers to questions plaguing Africa and her people.

Tell them, Pius Adesanmi though home grown from Isanlu, Kogi state, was a quintessential African son who transversed the continent in keeping up with scholastic engagement.

Tell them, he abhorred mediocrity and the word never existed for him. Tell your children that Pius, though born in the trenches and hamlet of Isanlu, rose to become an internationally sought speaker, writer and public figure.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi, lives in our hearts and resides in our ability to model a Nigeria where the country rises above the status quo.

Tell your children of the colossus, enigmatic, notable, distinguished and credible fellow he was. Tell your children that another Iroko tree was felled from the forest.

Tell your children that Pius Adebola Adesanmi, was a gift to us and one who gave himself selflessly.

We mourn, we grief yet we celebrate the man Pius Adebola Adesanmi. May you continue to rest in power.”

Credits: Folake Oyetosho


15 Facts About Elections Around the World.

Democracy is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor—and neither is its essential mechanism, the election. Read on to learn more about how people around the world—and how some people who are currently out of this world—perform their essential civic duty when Election Day rolls around.


Voters in the U.S. may head to the polls on Tuesdays, but the rest of the world prefers to save its votes for Sunday. Interestingly, countries in which English is the primary language tend to be the exception to this rule; in Canada, citizens vote on Mondays, while Brits vote on Thursdays, and Australians and New Zealanders on Saturdays.

The American vote wasn’t always limited to Tuesdays by law; instead, it’s a holdover from the 19th century, when farmers were often forced to travel long distances to their polling stations, and needed enough time to make it back home in time for market day on Wednesday.


India is home to more than 800 million eligible voters, which makes it the world’s largest democracy. In order to accommodate an electorate of that size, the government holds elections over the course of weeks, or even months. The last major general election in 2014, in which Indians voted for the 543 members of parliament, took place on nine separate days over five weeks.


People in France and Sweden don’t need to worry about making time to register ahead of Election Day. The government automatically registers voters when they’re eligible—in France, that’s as soon as people turn 18. Sweden relies on tax registries to create lists of eligible citizens.


Every Australian over 18 is required by law to register to vote and to participate in federal elections. Anyone who doesn’t show up on Election Day is fined AU$20 (around $15). Failure to pay that fine results in even steeper penalties—up to AU$180—and can result in a criminal charge.


Since 1988, Brazilian citizens have had the right to vote at age 16. (Voting is required for almost everyone between the ages of 18 and 69, and anyone who doesn’t vote is subject to a fine.) Sixteen and 17-year-olds are also eligible to vote in Austria, Nicaragua, and Argentina, and 17-year-olds can cast votes in Indonesia and Sudan. Select states in Germany have given 16-year-olds the vote in local elections, and in 2014, for the first time ever, Scottish teens aged 16 and 17 were allowed to vote on a referendum.

Studies of elections in which 16- and 17-year-olds can participate have shown that giving young people the ability to vote may translate into a more engaged citizenry as those voters grow older. What’s more, teens who choose to participate in elections are often as well informed about the candidates and the issues as their older counterparts.


Since 2005, Estonians have had the ability to vote online instead of waiting in line at their local polling stations. Although in-person voting is still more popular, in 2015, more than 30 percent of Estonian voters took advantage of the online voting system. The Estonian system is workable because every citizen receives a scannable ID card and PIN, which he or she can use to fulfill a number of civic responsibilities, from filing taxes to paying library fines. (Although an Estonian’s ID card and PIN are used to confirm his or her identity on Election Day, the vote itself is encrypted, rendering it anonymous.)


According to a 2016 report about voter turnout in developed countries, just 53.6 percent of Americans performed their civic duty during the 2012 election cycle, which places the U.S. 31st out of 35 OECD nations. By contrast, Belgium saw the highest percentage of eligible voters turn out for its 2014 election; approximately 87.2 percent of Belgian citizens cast their votes.


Beginning in 1930—when women were first given the right to vote in local elections in Chile—men and women headed to separate polling locations. That year, a separate registry was created to accommodate newly-registered female voters, who were still prohibited from voting in national elections. The custom of separating men and women on election day persisted even after suffrage was granted in nationwide elections (and the country’s voting registries were combined) in 1949. Sixty-three years later, the government decided that voting doesn’t have to be segregated by gender; however, separate voting is still widely practiced.


But they’re far from democratic. Although a whopping 99.7 percent of the electorate participated in the 2015 local elections, citizens didn’t have much of a choice when it came to choosing who they wanted to endorse. Everyone on the ballot was selected ahead of time by North Korea’s ruling party; to vote, North Koreans simply had to drop a printout of the names in a box to indicate their support. A separate box was present at polling locations, which voters could use to register their rejection of the given candidates. However, all of the candidates chosen received 100 percent of the vote—which means either no one opted to dissent, or if they did, their votes weren’t counted.


There’s no law in the United Kingdom barring Queen Elizabeth II from participating in elections. But in order to appear as objective as possible, she generally does not. Ahead of Britain’s June referendum regarding its E.U. membership, a Buckingham Palace spokesman told reporters that, “It’s very clearly the convention here, that the queen is above politics … it’s a convention that the royal family do not vote in general elections, and this is very much an extension of that convention.”


In Gambia, citizens cast their votes by dropping marbles into color-coded metal drums with pictures of the candidates. Each drum is rigged with a bell, which the marble, after it’s dropped in, dings. (If the bell rings more than once, poll workers know someone has broken the rules.)


That’s because media (or social media) coverage of anything that could influence the outcome is illegal before 7 p.m. on Election Day. According to one report, “Talking heads on television can’t mention something as mundane as a candidate’s attire, much less who might win. Political parties are even directed by authorities to ‘unpublish their [social media] pages.’” Anyone in violation of the restriction on Election Day chatter faces a fine of up to NZ$20,000 (around $14,000).


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have had the ability to vote since 1997, when Texas lawmakers passed a measure that allowed secure ballots to be sent to space by Mission Control in Houston, Texas. Once astronauts make their selections, their ballots—PDFs of the paper ballots they’d receive in the mail—are beamed back down to Earth, where clerks open the encoded documents and submit a hard copy of the astronaut’s ballot to be counted.


In the tiny European country of Liechtenstein (population: 37,000) citizens vote for politicians, referendums—and whether or not to grant citizenship to those who have applied after residing in the principality for 10 years or more.


The victor in a 1967 mayoral election in Ecuador: a popular brand of foot powder. In the days leading up to the election, the company ran election-themed ads, suggesting consumers vote for the powder “if they want well-being and hygiene.” Spoiler alert: The foot powder won, thanks to the large volume of write-in votes it received.



Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, Borno State Governor-Elect; From Grass to Grace.

From a very humble background, he trekked 7km daily to school in Mafa, in Borno State and covered same distance to help his father, a peasant farmers on his farm.

He paid his secondary education and National Diploma (ND) were self sponsored. He attended Unimaid for B.Agric working as commercial taxi and farm produce driver, still cldnt afford hostel accommodation.

Prof. Zulum extended his commercial driving trade to Lagos, precisely at Alaba-Rago to raised his tuition fees for MSc program, 3weeks after resumption. He returned to Maiduguri for his PhD program, moved through the ranks until his appointment as Professor in 2014.

Zulum have more than enough family challenges that he couldn’t afford to built a house of his own but lived in rented apartment until recently. He returned to his rickety car after office as Provost, Ramat Poly, Maiduguri.

In 2015, Zulum was appointed pioneer Commissioner for Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement by Shettima, who told a gathering in Maiduguri last week that one of his attractions to Zulum was the fact that despite being in control of billions of naira for reconstruction of thousands of homes, schools and hospitals, “[He] neither bought a personal house nor a personal car for himself. He also came under attack from Boko Haram twice, but didn’t stop in his efforts to rebuild substantial parts of Borno.

The State and the Party got him a house and car after he emerged as the party flag bearer of APC, and to this humble and very trustworthy Prof, nothing has changed. “All offices are temporal as days of democratic offices are numbered before our emergence, why the excesses.”

Congratulations Prof. Umara Zulum, may the Lord ease your new tasks, guide and guard you. May your administration witness peace and progress for the good people of Borno State.

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Never put for sale, property that is not yours.Don’t ever take for granted people’s acceptance of your personality. If Lion is the king of the jungle, it does not mean Tiger is meant to run errands.
NOW, Otunba will not be able to collect his balance.

When you get to the top, be cultured and briddle your tongue. The very day all your servants reason negatively about you, believe me your seat is being deflated already. Never play the role of God over anybody. Hossana today, crucify him tomorrow.
NOW, The constipated authority is dead politically, o tun fi ti e koba omo olomo.

Before you embark on any journey, be very sure you are ready for what is ahead. “Erin ka rele o wa joba” Not every music is danceable not all that glitters is gold. People are not items you pick in ShopRite, if you want to control a dog, first live together with her.
NOW, Another person has occupy the CBN Deputy Governor’s position. He has spent beyond small. Micofinance bank calling.

If you have children and workers please don’t treat them the same way. Money is a tool and not people’s voice. Respect yourself, especially when you have a bastard as a son.
NOW, Owo ti wo gbo. Akala Yahoo Enterprises ti gba baba.

In conclusion, eni aye ba n ye ko ma sora. That is the story of Akere’s broken leg.


Death by Computer, Just One Switch Would Have Saved 157 Precious Lives..

189 people recently died in a tragic crash. The crew and passengers of Lion Air JT610 on board a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 never had a chance.

The less than three months old plane had a new software in it. They called it MCAS or Maneuvering Chracteristics Augmentations System. MCAS was a system that didn’t exist in any of the Boeing 737’s before. However, when they built the 737 MAX version, in layman’s term, they built the plane with a larger and more efficient engine.

However, this larger engine, which delivered a further 14% fuel efficiency had to be fitted further forward under the low wings of the 737. This potentially may cause the plane to stall. Stalling is bad. It is basically when a plane stops flying and starts falling.

In order to avoid this, Boeing installed the new MCAS software. This software is designed to tell the plane to move its nose down to increase its speed and avoid it from stalling.

So here comes the problem.

In the computer world, we have this term called GIGO. The old school fella’s will know this. Yes. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The problem based on the findings so far is this.

On the plane there is a sensor called the Alpha Vane which measures the Angle of Attack (AOA) of the plane. It looks like a small little wing, and they have two of it, one on the pilot side, and the other on the co-pilot’s.

The sensor’s job is to tell the computer the angle the plane is flying at. And if the AOA of the plane is too high, this will result in the plane stalling. Typically the AOA is below 15 to 20 degrees, and the new MCAS software will push the plane’s nose down if it thinks that the AOA is too high.


With flight JT610, the Alpha Vane sensor measuring the AOA on the Captain’s side was reported to be faulty. So they changed it. That fault was reported from the equally harrowing flight from Bali to Jakarta.

On the fateful final flight, the plane which arrived from Bali the night before, had the sensor changed, and then it took off in the morning.

No one knew what was really wrong with the plane, or about the new MCAS software. No one. Not the maintenance folks, and in fact not even the pilot. He apparently wasn’t trained on it yet.

So they flew the plane.

And once in the air, the faulty sensor told the computer that the plane is stalling. The computer then, without the pilot ever knowing pushed the nose of the plane down further, while the pilot was trying to raise the plane.

In this battle between the pilot and the computer, the computer won. And the pilot, the crew, and the passengers lost and they died. The plane was too low, and the pilot didn’t have enough air to raise the plane and fly it.

The computer literally flew the plane into the ocean.

A few weeks later, Boeing issued an update on the plane, and informed that should the plane have an issue with it’s AOA sensors, one of the way to stop the computer was to switch it off!

Apparently 189 lives could have been saved, had the pilot knew about the software, and flipped a switch to turn it off.

A switch!

A single simple switch was the difference between life and death.

I am still fuming thinking about this. A switch!

Computers are really going to be the end of us all, because while a man makes mistakes, to really, really screw up; you need a computer!

Knowledge and understanding are powerful.

You know …you fly higher… The age of computer is the age of keys.


GrowingConcern about the new aircraft, #Boeing737-800Max That have had a Record-Crash Rate within 5-Months Space time: Lions Air _ EThopian Airline – While putting a Concerned Eye at the 10-Brand New of This Aircraft Already Ordered By Our Dear #AirPeace in Nigeria.

The aircraft is very new and most automated aircraft at the moment (almost 100% sensor operated and flown by sets of computers backed up by man). #Boeing redesigned the aircraft from the original 737 series, reconfigured the jet engine sitting and position with a corresponding introduction of “Complex” sets of sensors unknown to pilots but known to Boeing as “Angle of Attack” sensor.

#Computer and #sensors make the first and primary decision in operating the jet, and subsequently takes any action it seems fit and okay, with the pilots only left to battle with computers as second line response. This forms part of a combination of Artificial Intelligence (#AI) and #MachineLearning(#ML) which is part of innovation to improve fidelity and accuracy/precision of aircraft Operations.

This same Boeing 737-800Max is/was the brand new aircraft of #LionsAir in Indonesia which forcefully #nosedived and went down into Java sea, killing ALL passengers on board.

Within or less than #6months of the October 2018 Lion Air incidence, another 737-800Max aircraft in #EthiopianAirline, this morning, went down #6minutes after take off, killing ALL passengers on board.

The pattern and sequences that led to these incidences are likely/closely similar for both #LionAir _ #EthopianAirlines

the two aircrafts had faults reported in their previous flight record within 2 of 3 of their previous flights ( recall, EThopian Airline had cancelled this same flight on March 3,2019 due to tech reasons, and it eventually went down today barely a week of the initial malfunction), same with Lions Airs in Indonesia which reported an initial malfunction in its previous day’s flight and subsequently crashed.

For the Duo, EThopian and Lions Air, the pilots were reported to have made distress call for a quick air return immediately after take off, but then, the aircraft now under #sensorcontrol refuses to take instructions/command from the pilots and keeps flying and going On its own desired way until it impacts a terrain – that’s crash point.

The aircraft’s are brand new, haven’t flown up to one year of its/their purchase: Lion Air had just flown theirs for about 4-5montjs while same for EThopian Airlines too.

The aircraft is the highest-selling commercial jet from Boeing since history, and it is very economical and efficient in operation, hence airliners go for it, basically to shelve up margins(profitability)

Boeing is an American Jet Manufacturing firm, with #RollsRoyce responsible for their jet engines configuration and manufacturing.

Despite being an American aircraft maker, most of the #AmericanCarriershave been seen to reluctantly not putting their feets forward in oredring this particular 737-800Max configuration from Boeing, and hence they are not frequently flown it in their various American fleets as it is most of the Asian, European and African airline operators.

Though, some very few American Airline Carriers did purchased some 737-800Max from Boeing, but then, a strong safety concern statement from the US civil aviation regulator might have made the choice and use of 737-800Max in the US airspace by USA carriers to be on the lowest, given the perceived profitability margin in using the aircraft.
737-800Max have been largely ordered, purchased and being used by many of the Asian, European and African based airline operators.

Our very own dear #nationalcarrier, #AirPeace (#Nigeria), have recently placed order for #10Brand New Aircrafts of this same 737-800Max configuration to be deployed in her growing operations in Nigeria and the region.

Now, with these developments, do we have active aviation sector/industry regulation that can square it up with Boeing alongside the international guidelines over the safety of this particular 737-800Max aircraft whose crash frequency is currently the highest since the history of aviation.

#ET have over 10 of this brand new #Boeing737-800Max recently purchased from #Boeing

#Boeing has and/is still being blamed by industry experts for what the experts called “over-automation ‘ of the 737-800Max configuration, and there isn’t adequate #pilot-information and briefing for airlines to have them go through Human-Computer interaction training/Learning as required of such a new interface being introduced in the aircraft.

An accusation which Boeing have neither refuted nor accepted yet, at least publicly.

This type of human-computer interactive #simulation is usually required for pilots to mimick accident situations and other related air incidences and then have both the #machine and the #human learn to listen to each other and then cooperate in synergy during aircraft operations.

It was gathered from ground operations (unverified) that, The Ethopian pilot of the ill-fated aircraft did placed a #MayDaycall/request for an air-return immediately after take off, but then, the aircraft was no longer taking commands from the pilot, the sensors (presumed to be the Angle of Attack Sensor) are already at work, forcing the aircraft to obey the commands from the sensors and not minding whatever input the pilots and the crew men will be making.

While we wait for the retrieval of the flight crash recorder from the ill-fated Ethiopian Airline ET, that of the Lions Air of Indonesia have been sketchy and no yet clear pattern of information retrieved from the device (the popularly called Black Box) so far.

Eyes are still wide opened while fingers crossed tightly as the events of 737-800Max’s unique level of automation is being subjected to further debates and scrutiny within the proponents of the new technology and the safety regulators of the industry.

These and some other insights.discussed are Exclusively mine, � Bright Chimezie Irem – Fellow Global Citizen as a private Aviation Industry enthusiast and writes from Nigeria. His views does not represent any regulators views



I was numbed by the tragic news of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines today, March 10, 2019.

Before I was yet to come to terms with the reality of the plane crash given that I have adopted Ethiopian Airlines as my preferred airline, and therefore routinely fly it, there came the additional devastating news that my good friend, the erudite Professor Pius Adesanmi, a Nigerian-Canadian, was among the victims of the plane crash.

I am overwhelmed by this weighty loss.

Pius was a fierce and uncompromising Nigerian patriot. Like a parrot, he sang and sang and sang sanity into the ears of Nigerians at home and abroad. He banged and banged and banged the drums of civility into the ears of Nigerian leaders – and their fanatical followers – whenever and wherever he penned his prolific lines, be it on social media or on the pages of newspapers.

I recall my interactions with Pius as I was about to publish my bestselling book, Province of Poetry. Even though he didn’t end up finding time to review it before its publication, he encouraged me to pour it out without regards to restrictions as there is no place for such in Poetry. His advised paid off.

Pius was a stellar scholar and an impeccable communicator. Fluent in French, English and Yoruba (and perhaps other languages), there was nothing under the sun that Pius couldn’t communicate with effortless ease.

As attested to by his huge social media followers, millions of Nigerians looked up to the succinct sermons of Pius as a way to deconstruct the complexity of the Nigerian society.

Here in Canada, and indeed in the West, Pius threw patriotic punches at those who sought to denigrate the Nigerian or African brand through racist or patronizing overtures to him. He used his social media account to uphold the core self-dignity of the average African. He was incurably and unrepentantly proud of his roots and heritage.

A dedicated family man, Pius mused and fused his past – or then current- daily dealings with his daughter and wife and mother and even his deceased father to amuse his teeming fans.

The depth of the man Pius defies description in words.

I count myself very fortunate to have experienced a bit of the iconic Nigerian-Canadian.

He will be sorely missed.

He lived!

His illustrious legacy lives!

May the almighty God grant him a peaceful rest!

Goodnight my brother.

Kingsley Jesuorobo
Toronto, Canada


*Nigerians mock Dele Momodu for blocking people on Twitter*

Dele Momodu has been mocked by many Nigerians for blocking them on Twitter after calling him out for fake news and lies that he peddles regularly.

It appeared that some Nigerians had had enough of the veteran journalist and were not going to allow him to continue to deceive people on social media.

On Sunday Momodu, who has often been criticized and corrected for spreading fake news said he would block those who called him out for peddling lies against Mr. Laolu Akande, spokesperson to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“My main tweet of the day… why do trolls get angry when you block them; they come on your TL, like mannerless people, rain insults at you, and expect you to say “thank you for abusing me…” Jokers!!!” he tweeted before going on a blocking spree.

Reacting to Mr. Momodu blocking him, Tracy Chels wrote, “Dele Momodu is PDP 100%. This is one of the characteristics of PDP members, blocking anyone who speaks the truth.”

Kemisola Adekunle tried to make Mr. Momodu see reasons why blocking people is not the most idealistic thing to do. “How would you get feed backs on your posts when you block people that don’t support your views? I’m sure those ones you block are those who don’t submit to your views.”

Ibn Hanbal says Mr. Momodu should act more upright. “It is so sad Dele that you block people. With your civility and education, I expect you to correct him.

“Perhaps he may live in future to be a version of you. Give people opportunity to learn from you. Don’t block them because you famous. Fame is a gift,” he said.

David Olatunde posed a question to Mr. Momodu. “How many people would he block? He doesn’t need to block anyone.”

There were others who blasted Mr. Momodu because he built his career on criticizing people and he was not blocked.

“The man is a joke, he should not be taken seriously at all. He has insulted a lot of respectable people in the past and was never blocked. He has lost any integrity he had left.”

Osun Election Tribunal and the Cheese Ball Victory

It is nice to hear that the Tribunal in Osun has declared Mr Ademola Adeleke of PDP as the winner of the election held last year.

At least, this now proves wrong the awkward thesis of those who said a tyrant and dictator has cowed the courts. It proves that putting a judge or some judges on trial does not, in anyway, mean the judiciary is in danger. We can all be proud that we have a fairly courageous judiciary.

The judgement of the Tribunal is also a landmark one in which the Chairman of the Panel wrote a minority judgement that disagreed with rest member of the a panel. I haven’t not heard or seen this before.

I rejoice with the winner of this battle, but they must learn to wait till the end of the war before they pour libation to Bacchus, the epicurean patron saint of a moment like this. Now that they are certainly going to use panegyric adjectives to ornament the judiciary for this temporary victory, as it is sure, the case will end at the supreme court, they must not scream ‘blue murder’ if they meet a disappointing outcome at the higher court.

They should remember that Mama Taraba of APC also won at the Tribunal but she never became governor, Dakuku Peterside of Rivers APC won at the Appeal court but it was a mere shadow, as the Supreme Court dashed his hope and upheld Wike. Some victories are like cheese ball, they don’t last in the mouth.

Warnings like this are useful because ours is nation of emotionalism where logic in a scarce commodity.


His Excellency, Mr. President, The Comedian.

By Owei Lakemfa.

Ukrainians who went to the polls this Sunday and elected the 41-year old comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky as President over the billionaire incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, are not looking forward to comic shows. The state of their beloved country is not even tragi-comic; it is a tragedy. But having sought solution through professional politicians like former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and being disappointed. And having looked up to otherwise serious-minded business moguls like Poroshenko, and found comedy, in desperation, they turned to a professional comedian, hoping for serious results that will extricate their country from its present quagmire.

Ukraine, having unwisely become a pawn in the East-West politics, losing part of its territory including the Crimea, bogged down with Civil War, a fractious politics and a clueless band of politicians in Kiev, needed a new direction. Three-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Vitali Klitscko had stepped into the political ring, but the best he could do was end up as Mayor of Kiev. However, as the Ukrainian National Anthem proclaims: “The glory and the will of Ukraine has not yet died” so they turned to a political virgin. Zelensky’s only claim to political experience is acting the part of an ordinary school teacher in a television series “Servant of the People” who somehow becomes the country’s President and goes on to fight corruption and a hopeless political class. With the country in near comatose, he heeded calls to turn his comic drama into a reality show on the country’s stage. Fiction began to turn reality. He lacked a serious programme or manifesto, but promised to perform better than the professional politicians. He simply named his political party after his show: Servant of the People. He had nothing to lose, but fame to gain, and the Ukrainian voters who wanted anybody but the old guard, in the first round, gave him 30.4 percent of the votes while Poroshenko had 16 percent and Tymoshenko, 14.2 percent.

A hapless political system watched as Zelensky trounced President Poroshenko in the April 21 rerun, taking 73.22 percent of the votes leaving Poroshenko with 24.45 percent .

In defeat, the outgoing President is trying to chart a path of failure for Zelensky. He told the President–elect that he must ensure that his programmes: “ will be in line with the national interests of Ukraine and that will bring us closer to the European Union and NATO.” Who told Poroshenko bringing Ukraine under the European Union and NATO are in the country’s national interest? That programme which he has pursued in his five years as President, did not win him re-election. More importantly, it was partly the attempt to impose NATO and the EU on the country that led to the on-going Civil War and break away of the Crimea. In contrast, Ukraine’s national interest is first to bring the Civil War to an end and reconcile the country. This will require seeing through the “Normandy Format” a four nation; Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France peace process to reconcile the country.

Africans say a man who allows his head to be used to crack coconut, will not partake of the feast; this was what Ukraine did by allowing herself to be used as a pawn in the EU/NATO Post-Cold War politics with Russia.

Ukraine which gained independence in 1991 following the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) had opted for Western Democracy which is supposed to be periodic elections based on majority rule.

The country’s present crisis began in 2004 when Viktor Yanukovych, a Pro-Russian politician from Eastern Ukraine, won the Presidential run-off elections. But mass protests erupted in Western Ukraine against his victory, and the elections were aborted. In the new elections, the Pro-West candidate, Viktor Yushchenko, was declared winner.

Six years later, Yanukovych again won, and this time was sworn in. But in 2014 there were again protests against him, this time for refusing to sign a trade deal with the EU; the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement. During these protests mainly in Western Ukraine, called the Euromaidan Protests, the Yanukovych government was overthrown. For Eastern Ukraine, the coup was unacceptable and it decided to secede. The first part that successfully did so was the Crimea in March, 2014 while the other parts took up arms one month later in what has become the Ukrainian Civil War. Some 13,000 lives have been lost in that war.

The incident that has elicited the greatest controversy in this war, was the July 17, 2014 downing of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) during the Battle of Shakhtarsk. The Boeing 777-200ER aircraft was carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew. All 298 persons were killed. It is uncertain why the Ukrainian government gave clearance to the aircraft to fly over a war zone. It is also unclear whether the rebels knew the aircraft over flying the battle field was a commercial one and not an Ukrainian military aircraft. Both sides traded blames, and continued with their war.

Poroshenko whose government authorized the flight of the Malaysian Airline over the war zone, had come into office on June 7, 2014. He promised to end the Civil War, but actually added petrol to the raging flames. In May 2015, he appointed the former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili as Governor of Odessa, perhaps to spite Russia. Saakashvili had led little Georgia in the August 7-12, 2008 quixotic war with Russia. On November 7, 2016, Saakashvili resigned, accusing Poroschenko of personally promoting corruption in Odessa and the country. On July 26, 2017, Poroshenkho retaliated by stripping Saakashvili of his Ukrainian citizenship, rendering him stateless.

In another drama, this time, quite bizarre, Poroshenko got personally involved in the May 29, 2018 fake assassination of Ukrainian-based Russian dissident journalist, Arkady Babchenko. Twenty four hours later, the Poroshenko government told an enraged world that the ‘assassination’ was fake, and meant as a propaganda stunt against Russia.

In November, 2018, the Poroshenkho government sent a tug boat, the Yani Kapu, and two gunboats, the Nikopol and the Berdyansk, to breach the Russian maritime defences in the Crimea. When the Ukrainian sailors were rounded up, Poroshenko declared a state of emergency in his country. It is unclear what such childish actions were meant to achieve; push NATO into a military confrontation with Russia?

Poroshenko lived under the illusion that he was perpetually at war with Russia. He asked: “Who is my opponent? I am not ashamed to say it openly – this opponent is Putin.” But in reality, his opponent turned out to be an Ukrainian comedian. Zelensky has the opportunity of bringing peace to his country, fighting entrenched corruption, rebuilding the economy in the interest of the poor and running a government centred on Ukraine’s national interests.


Walk into a Teaching Hospital close to you.. Ask for the General Outpatient Dept(GOPD). You would see patients who probably have been sitting from 4.00 am, 5.00am and 6am in the morning, waiting to see a Dr. Sometimes because of the immense crowd, the Dept might choose to only see a particular number for a day. Let’s put the num at 150(i am being modest, really).
Then walk in and ask for how many Drs are on duty that will see these pple. Sometimes, not more than 6-8 Drs(I am being very generous). That means each Dr would see about 18-25 patients in a day. If this Dr dedicates only 15mins for each patient, it means he will sit for more than 6hrs that day just consulting…….
Now here’s my question, do you think his/her mental faculty is going to be alert enough to give the last three patients adequate attention? I doubt So. That also means a patient has spent more than 8hrs waiting to see a Dr who eventually is fatigued when it’s his turn.
This patient is probably eventually sent to see a Specialist by the Family Physician and whn he gets to the Specialty Clinic, he’s given an appointment to come in three months time as that’s is the nearest available time to see the Specialist. This is because there are few Specialist and there’s also as much as a Specialist can see in a day. If you have been to a Teaching Hospital you know this scenario is very familiar.

When next you hear statements like that of Dr Ngige, the Hon Minister of Labour saying Nigeria has surplus Drs and can even export them, you realize that the pple that have been entrusted with the power to heal the country are sick themselves….. God help us….

Credits: Henry Njeakor


“You threw me in the garbage. Now I’m doing well and you want me back?”

Although professional footballers may be living the dream, many had to suffer to arrive where they are now – and Kevin de Bruyne is no exception.

Kevin de Bruyne is one of the most coveted players on the planet. He has won over Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, is considered one of the Premier League’s finest players and is also succeeding with the Belgian national team – but before all this, he had to go through some tough moments in his life.
It all happened when he was 15 years old.

De Bruyne was already showing his unquestionable talent and had been
signed by Genk for their academy. The problem lay, however, in the fact that Genk was 150km away from his home town of Drongen, meaning the Belgian midfielder had to leave home young.

The club found de Bruyne a foster family so that he could live in Genk, and de Bruyne felt at home with them, as he explained in the Players’ Tribune: “The year went by, and I was doing well in school, doing well in football. No fights.
No problems.”

At the end of the season, de Bruyne returned home for a few months to see his family. “I packed my bags and said goodbye to my foster family. They said, “We’ll see you after the break. Have a good summer.”

However, the City star would not see the foster family again: “I walked in the door and could see that my mother was crying. I thought maybe somebody had died or something. I said, “What’s the problem?” And my mother said the words that probably shaped my whole life”.

“She said, “They don’t want you to come back.” I said, “What are you talking about?” She said, “The foster family don’t want you there anymore.” I said, “What? Why?” She said, “Because of who you are . They said you’re too quiet. They can’t interact with you. They said you were difficult.”

“It was actually a huge issue for my career, because I was not a big star or anything, and suddenly the club thought I was a problem. They informed my parents that they didn’t want to pay for another foster family”.

This rejection would go on to become a source of motivation for the Belgian: “I kicked the ball against the fence for hours, and I remember at some point I actually said out loud, “Everything is going to be O.K. In two months, I’m going to be in the first team. No matter what, I am not coming back home a failure. No matter what.”

De Bruyne returned to Genk after summer and played like a man with a point to prove. “I remember the exact moment everything changed. We played on a Friday night. I started on the bench. When I came on in the second half, I just went crazy. I scored five goals in one half”.

With positivity and support, things changed for de Bruyne, and his old foster family had changed their mind: “One day, the foster parents actually showed up at the club, and the woman came up to me like everything was a big misunderstanding. She said something like, “We wanted you to come back! We just wanted you to go to the boarding house during the week! You can stay with us on weekends!”

“Maybe I should’ve found it funny, but at the time it wasn’t funny to me. They had really hurt me. So I said, “No. You threw me in the garbage. Now I’m doing well and you want me back?”

Unsurprisingly, de Bruyne never moved back in with said family, but he did take positives from a bad situation: “In the end, I should have just said thank you.
That experience was the fuel for my career”

(c) besoccer. com April 29, 2019

Why Wole Soyinka will always beat Chinua Achebe
1. Achebe was a great writer and displayed brilliance as a story teller, but Soyinka goes several steps further. Though not in Achebe’s class, my mother tells stories too.
2. Virtually all Achebe’s works are prose. Soyinka wrote across the 3 genres of literature viz: prose, play and poetry
3. While Achebe was defending his ethnicity, Soyinka is a renown human rights activist
4. Achebe wrote a book (Things Fall Apart) that wasn’t only interpreted to more than 50 languages across the world but equally won several international awards. Soyinka produced several works across literary genres that won several awards
5. Though, Achebe ‘s Things Fall Apart is the most celebrated book from Africa, unfortunately, one single work cannot win a writer the prestigious prize of Noble Laurel in literature.
6. While Achebe was writing ordinarily, Soyinka’s works are not only academic but unique by singling them out of others across the world
7. Soyinka displayed to the world that he’s the best in this generation of ours when he wrote the book *”Interpreters”* that disturbed even the whites and yet couldn’t really criticize it.
8. Soyinka succeeded in organizing an inter linguistic marriage between Yoruba and English in his book “Ake: Eleven Years of Childhood” which eventually forced the 8th Edition of Oxford dictionary to accommodate some Yoruba words.
9. Soyinka’s interpretation of such uncommon creatures Known in Yoruba language as Iwin, Aljanu’beru, Egbere, etc in his book “Forest of a Thousand Demons” was second to none.
10. If the Noble Laurel award is to be organized 10 times as a contest between the two literary giants using their works and what they stood for, Soyinka would emerge ten times.
Abdullateef Ishowo
“I was putting in some fuel in the generator at home. Some flies kept hovering over the source of light I had with me.
Just as I finished putting in fuel and I wanted to cover the tank- one of the flies flew directly into the tank.
Well! I simply covered it.
As I turned away, the Holy Spirit whispered to me,
“It is not all opportunities that are meant for you. It is not all open doors that must be accessed”.
A lot of us pray for open doors but are we really sure of which ones are meant for us.
When Joseph was trusting God for a change of story, Mrs. Potiphar came with an “open door”. That open door would have become the grave of his destiny.
Some doors are not for you.
After Naaman got healed, Elisha said “thanks for your gift but keep it”. Gehazi said, “I must not miss this open door”. He ended up doing the “right thing” at the wrong time.
Some doors are not yours.
When you sit to discuss that business deal and a red flag keeps going up in your head and an alarm clock rings in your spirit. Hold on for a while.
Some doors are not yours.
When you keep sensing that discomfort as you move forward. The donkey you ride easily suddenly becomes unfriendly. Ask God to open your eyes to see- maybe an angel is stopping you on the path that is not yours.
Some doors are not yours.
When they see the healings and mircales God wrought through you; the multitudes being ministered by you; hearing the authority with which you speak and they decide that they want to willingly make you their king.
If that is not your calling, do not see an open door, see an uncovered grave!
Some doors are not yours.
Discern before you enter.
Some “good” opportunities have killed “God” opportunities.
Next time you have problem with your electricity such as power outage, please ask them…
Alhaji Yusuf Hamisu Abubakar
Alhaji Umar Mutallab
Charles Momoh
Dr. Tunji Olowolafe
Mr. Ernest Orji
Kola Adesina
Tonye Cole
Tope Sonubi
General Abdulsalam Abubakar GCFR
Tunde Ayeni
Sola Ayandele
Sir Emeka Offor & others
Mr. Victor Gbolade Osibodu
Mrs Funke Osibodu
(Husband and Wife company)
Alhaji Garba Mohammed Noma
Augustine Nwokocha
Governor of Bayelsa
Governor of Akwa Ibom
Governor Cross Rivers
Governor Rivers
Nigerians should be asked where were they in 2013/14 when the PDP Government led by Goodluck Jonathan scuttled the international tender at Technical Evaluation stage; frustrated very large international Power companies like KEPCO of Korea, Ontario Hydro, Tokyo Power, GE, Edison, El Sawady Electric and the Russians out of the tender process.
The Selection Process was carried out at the Aso Rock Villa.
Let anyone tell us which of the persons named above had any pedigree in electricity business !
The Ministry of Power and Civil Servants must be blamed for today’s mess.
Also, the Committees in both the Senate and House of Representatives at the 7th Session were accomplices in robbing Nigeria of her right in the Power sector.
They sold out PHCN, successors to NEPA to.their political associates.
The scene in the Generation sub-sector is almost similar…
Just a snippet, Kainji Dam was built in 1968 when many of todays’ politicians were just learning how to ride bicycle.
That Dam was gifted out to a Consortium backed by the one-time Governor of a PDP State at the time.
Again, Nigerians only got as educated as thinking and doing things in the Parrot-style education that our Rote learning churns out.
No Critical Thinking in our viewing of pertinent issues.
For two days now, I have been.tagged to a particular Post on Ghana electricity. A post that is just silly and parochial in its attempts at comparing the Apple (Nigeria) to an Orange (Ghana).
And, as usual the unpatriotism of Nigerians was on display : We disparage what is ours, while heaping praise on what others have.
The Power Sector’s problems dated back more than forty years. It cannot be solved on Facebook.
So, if you do not know before, now you know!
Meet Muhammad Saad al-Beshi Who Beheaded Nigerian Woman In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s head cutting specialist has revealed the chilling details of how he beheads Nigerians and other people sentenced to death for drug trafficking and other offences.
Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, a black man, stated this in a rare interview with Arab News, a Saudi Arabian newspaper.
According to the BBC, Al-Beshi is “Saudi Arabia’s leading executioner.” He leads a team of beheaders that execute prisoners from all countries including Nigeria.
Al-Beshi, who was born in 1961 (57 or 58 years old), claims to have executed 10 people in one day.
“It doesn’t matter to me: Two, four, 10 — As long as I’m doing God’s will, it doesn’t matter how many people I execute,” he once told a newspaper in another interview.
He started at a prison in the town of Taif, where his job was to handcuff and blindfold the prisoners before their execution. “Because of this background, I developed a desire to be an executioner,” he said.
He applied for the job and was accepted.
Al-Beshi performs executions using a sword. Occasionally he uses a gun. He also performs amputations of limbs when required under Saudi Arabia’s sharia law. He is married with seven children. He has been known to allow his children to help clean his sword.
“I deal with my family with kindness and love. They aren’t afraid when I come back from an execution. Sometimes they help me clean my sword.”
He added: “I successfully trained my son Musaed, 22, as an executioner and he was approved and chosen.”
Daily Advent reported yesterday that Saudi Arabia may behead 10 of the 23 Nigerian drug traffickers on death row in the country, on the same day, any time from now!
Al-Beshi cut off his first head with a sword in 1998.
A Nigerian woman, Kudirat Adeshola Afolabi, was beheaded about two weeks ago, although it was not stated whether she was executed by Al-Beshi.
Al-Beshi described his first execution in 1998.
He said: “The criminal was tied and blindfolded. With one stroke of the sword, I severed his head. It rolled metres away…People are amazed at how fast [the sword] can separate the head from the body.”
Al-Beshi also explained that in the case of someone convicted of murder, he visits the victim’s family before execution to seek forgiveness for the criminal.
If the family forgives the killer, it can lead to the criminal’s life being spared.
Once an execution goes ahead, his only conversation with the prisoner is to tell him or her to recite the Muslim declaration of belief, the Shahada.
He said the prisoners become weak out of fear before they are beheaded.
“When they get to the execution square, their strength drains away. Then I read the execution order, and at a signal, I cut the prisoner’s head off,” Al-Beshi said.
Public beheadings usually take place in Saudi Arabia around 9 am.
Deera Square in central Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital, is the location of public beheadings. The place is also known locally as “Chop-chop square” because it is where heads are “chopped off!”
The convicted person is walked into the square and kneels in front of the executioner. The executioner uses a sword known as a sulthan to remove the condemned person’s head from his or her body at the neck.
After the convicted person is pronounced dead, a police official announces the crimes committed by the beheaded alleged criminal and the process is complete.
The official might announce the same before the actual execution.
This is the most common method of execution in Saudi Arabia because it is specifically called for by Sharia law, which Saudi Arabia practices.
Culled from John Ayogu’s wall
When I was much younger, my mum was frying akara (beans cake) for the family one day. She needed to step out of the kitchen and attend to a very important issue with our neighbors. She already put some balls in the heated oil before they came calling and she instructed me to turn the akara when the other side was fried! That was my first time of absolute freedom in the kitchen. I held the big fork with a determined grip to prove a point of competence.
In a little time, I assumed it was time to exercise my authority while obeying my mother. Before the akara was due for turning, I stabbed it with the fork, attempted turning the balls and in the process, scattered a well patterned, neatly laid balls all over in the frying pan. It was like a ruptured fruit splitting into pieces. In short, I could only stir the “soup” I was now frying!
When mum returned, I expected a resounding slap with a penetrating impact, but she burst rather, into laughter. She teased me and after sometime, harvested the stuff from the oil with a perforated long spoon. She told me I missed the timing when the akara should have deeply fried and strong enough to bear the force of a fork while turning it! That stuck with me!
You see, hurriedly asking her out for marriage because you just met a sweet akara in the oil of romantic seminar may ruin the friendship you should have cultivated! Bragging with confident counsel to give your wife while she sobs and weeps over painful experience may be too early when she really needs you to listen! Racing to help your husband with a call to his brother or mother may turn the fries into fragments until he asks for it! Starting a ministry as soon as you graduate because you were made a pastor on campus may be a fast track to ruin the cookies of your potentials! When a right thing happens at a wrong time, it is called mishap!
Let the affection fry deep before you turn it into a proposal, let the ministry prove itself before you launch out, let him explain his needs before acting a heroine, let the manuscript be widely and well endorsed before you invest into publishing the book, let her spell her desire before you assume she is in love with you! You just need a good understanding of timing if you don’t want to spoil your breakfast in life!
If you let it fry before you try to turn it, you will surely smile! You shall get THERE!
IG Wala has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment without the option of fine for using Facebook to defame the Chairman of National Hajj Commission. He claimed the man looted 3 billion naira. When he was at it, most of his Facebook friends sang his praises while others cautioned him.
He thinks he is an activist just because he has large Social Media followership and using one unregistered organization known as CATBAN, he continued to make a lots of baseless allegation against the NAHCON Chairman, allegations he couldn’t prove before the court despite claiming on Facebook to have documents to back up his claims. He’s known to have defended Babachir when the news of grass cutting scandal broke of, he had Press Conference under the name of the same unregistered CATBAN. A money for food activist, I must say!
Two years ago, a little boy got angry that I was opposed to a runaway Member of House of Reps who was giving him peanuts and wrote on Facebook to defame my character that I demanded 100k bribe from him. I was under pressure from family and friends not to let the law take its course on him. He later deleted the post after 2 days but that was after I had the screenshots. I still have the screenshots. We defeated the kangaroo member during the primaries afterall
Jailing IG Wala today will serve as a deterrent to his types who ignorantly thinks they are free to use Facebook or other medium to defame people’s character.
I have followed up his tirade against the NAHCON Chairman and I came to two conclusions:
He may have either seek for a favour from the man that was not fulfill or he was being goaded by the man’s enemies who were either eyeing his seat or hate him just like that (just like the types we have everywhere nowadays)
And today, he’s going to the jail alone.
Usman Baba ‘s wall

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