Dangers of not checking your E-mails

“In 2012 I missed an opportunity to travel to Germany for an undergraduate degree in one unpopular University to study Psychology. My application was accepted and a congratulatory message was mailed, urging me to accept the admission. I never knew about it because I didn’t check my E-mail.

Early this year a friend of mine applied for First Bank recruitment process and was shortlisted to write a GMAT test in Enugu. Immidiately he submitted his answers, his result was shown to him. He got above average!!!
He is still unemployed. He has been complaining of ‘ojoro’ but no, it wasn’t. Few weeks later, after he must have forgotten about First Bank and the GMAT test, he stumbled on a message in his SPAM FOLDER, sent by First Bank inviting him for an interview.

And just yesterday, a friend of mine missed a contract Worth millions of naira!!!
His client contacted him through an email and he was unaware of the message. For days!
And the person that gave him the connection had previously asked him: “shebi Mr. XYZ don send you message?”
He said no. He Checked WhatsApp, Facebook and his inbox. Nothing was there. Forgetting that, during the process of filling a form, a provision was made for an E-MAIL.

The reason I brought this up is that, despite how powerful, resourceful and important our emails can be, we usually underestimate its usefulness.
If you have the opportunity to log in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or surf the internet everyday, I see no reason why you shouldn’t check your email.

Every smartphone comes with a Gmail or Yahoo mail account by default. Once you’ve logged in, if you have a message, you will be notified.
But many people don’t even check their email again. Their email be looking like a dumping site with hundreds of messages in their inbox and Spam folder.

If you are the type who makes use of their email you will understand how important it is. Some organization or companies connect with their (prospective) employees, clients, etc through email. This is because it’s often easier to communicate with a wider audience through the electronic mailing system.

That application you sent, the response might not be in your inbox, CHECK THE SPAM FOLDER!

Certain information might not be sent to you on WhatsApp or phone number, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL.
Checking your email is good and ask easy as logging in to your Facebook account.

Many opportunities has been missed because we don’t check our email.
Check your email REGULARLY!”

Credits: Israel Obinna Ugwu

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