Why Wole Soyinka will always beat Chinua Achebe

1. Achebe was a great writer and displayed brilliance as a story teller, but Soyinka goes several steps further. Though not in Achebe’s class, my mother tells stories too.

2. Virtually all Achebe’s works are prose. Soyinka wrote across the 3 genres of literature viz: prose, play and poetry

3. While Achebe was defending his ethnicity, Soyinka is a renown human rights activist

4. Achebe wrote a book (Things Fall Apart) that wasn’t only interpreted to more than 50 languages across the world but equally won several international awards. Soyinka produced several works across literary genres that won several awards

5. Though, Achebe ‘s Things Fall Apart is the most celebrated book from Africa, unfortunately, one single work cannot win a writer the prestigious prize of Noble Laurel in literature.

6. While Achebe was writing ordinarily, Soyinka’s works are not only academic but unique by singling them out of others across the world

7. Soyinka displayed to the world that he’s the best in this generation of ours when he wrote the book *”Interpreters”* that disturbed even the whites and yet couldn’t really criticize it.

8. Soyinka succeeded in organizing an inter linguistic marriage between Yoruba and English in his book “Ake: Eleven Years of Childhood” which eventually forced the 8th Edition of Oxford dictionary to accommodate some Yoruba words.

9. Soyinka’s interpretation of such uncommon creatures Known in Yoruba language as Iwin, Aljanu’beru, Egbere, etc in his book “Forest of a Thousand Demons” was second to none.

10. If the Noble Laurel award is to be organized 10 times as a contest between the two literary giants using their works and what they stood for, Soyinka would emerge ten times.

Credits: Abdullateef Ishowo

2 thoughts on “Why Wole Soyinka will always beat Chinua Achebe

  1. It is distressing that very educated people can be very foolish!
    What point were you trying to prove here by comparing two African literary giants?
    While Achebe was alive I am sure he never competed with Soyinka and both must have known each other and must have been great friends!
    Your comparison betrays the fact that you could be feeling inferior and comparing Soyinka to Achebe is just one way to boost your fragile ego!
    This is why other races scorn us and why Nigeria is going to be dissolved because of sick minds like yours that is always looking for quarrels and troubles dues to their personal shortcomings and inferiority!

    1. It’s sick minds like you that turn education upside down. You are blind, yet you claim to see. You should address your grievance to Reno Omokri who made the first comparison that triggered this. What substance are you on? Decency demands you make your points devoid of insults. Even where you disagree with the writer be it the original or secondary writer, decency demands you refrain from uncouth words. Shows you are the real illiterate and uneducated who lacked a proper home training and upbringing. What a shame on you

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