The tale of two activists and the mistake of one

The tale of two activists and the mistake of one

By George Onmonya Daniel

Deji Adeyanju has many friends who are loyal to him and they genuinely respect him. They are almost always around him. And these young men are very brilliant chaps. I first met Deji during the Senator David Mark campaign. I had volunteered to make sure Senator Mark was re-elected ahead Daniel Onjeh after calls from Idoma land from sons and daughters of the land asking me to support Senator Mark. Deji was the youth leader in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) then. Deji talks to people easily, has no air and is a charmer. You just see why people surround him. He makes everyone comfortable and looks like the type of person who would fight for everyone.

I know IG Wala one on one and we used to meet regularly at #IstandwithBuhari headquarters. In fact I even suggested him to the people who started #IstandwithBuhari. Unlike Deji Adeyanju, IG Wala was a one man army and he thought he has many friends, which he doesn’t. Unlike Deji, IG Wala’s activism was embroiled in the passionate belief in Buhari and helping Buhari fight corruption or succeed as a president.

IG Wala’s popularity was on Facebook and within a particular section. Deji was more popular outside Facebook. When Deji doesn’t romance this administration, IG Wala’s relationship with the Buhari administration was that of a rejected lover who wanted to get the attention of the lover who jilted him at all cost. I remember what happened after #IstandwithBuhari was rejected by the Buhari administration. Mr. Garba Shehu issued that statement after the likes of Kayode Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi pressured the government to distance itself from the organization. IG Wala who has built his career around the organization didn’t find it funny. He accosted Garba Shehu, the Spokesman to the President at Transcorp Hilton over the issue and it didn’t go well.

It was after IG Wala was sentenced to 7 years in prison that I know he isn’t as popular as he would have assumed, even among his people. Deji was arrested and the whole nation stood by him. The media stood by him, people on social media stood by him, people outside social media stood by him and some notable politicians stood by him. In the case of IG Wala it is different. Even IG Wala mentioned it in one of his post that people he thought would stand by him have stood aside and have kept quiet as he was being persecuted.

The different between Deji and Wala is that it is not the Federal Government that IG Wala has issues with but an individual. Deji is just a protester who was picked up by the FG to keep him shut as campaign approaches.

IG was charged to court by an individual who sued him for defamation of character, libel and others. In court he didn’t conduct himself very well and made enemy with judge. He misjudged these things. IG Wala accused the Chairman, Nigeria Hajj Commission of looting billions and couldn’t prove it in court or the judge felt he didn’t prove his case.

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