OBASANJO has never been my favorite. It is the fear of God in his life that usually enforce him on me.

The above statement looks somehow, so let me explain myself before some folks misunderstand me.

OBJ’s success in life doesn’t appear on merit to me, I see it as “Jacob I love, Esau I hate” attitude of the Creator. I see his case as “I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”…..

Why did I say so?

OBJ came to limelight in 1969-70 when he took over from Adekunle as the new Commander of the Third Marine Commando. The truth is that the war has technically ended before he was appointed. Adekunle had completed it 98% but OBJ took the entire glory while Adekunle went completely underground for the rest of his life. It was this grace in OBJ life that earned him good position in the Gowon Regime. And after Gowon, he became the Vice President to Murtala Mohammed.

Again, Dimka planned a coup against Mohammed. He succeeded in killing Mohammed but he couldn’t get to power, OBJ did. Dimka completed the job but OBJ who knew nothing about it inherited it. Dimka went six feet below and OBJ went many feet above.

OBJ wrote a book titled NOT MY WILL. Truly, many great achievements of his were never in his plans.

Again, OBJ became the first military man in Nigeria, if not Africa, to hand over power to civilian government without any Jammelisation whatsoever……, he became the most important African in the international community Pre Mandela era and almost became the Secretary General of the United Nations if not for the likes of Soyinka and others.

After he left power in 1979, OBJ became a foremost critic of Shagari same man he handed over to. He also criticized IBB but IBB respects OBJ too much unlike Abacha who arrested OBJ, sentenced him through Major General Aziza. But OBJ survived but his deputy Yar’adua was not lucky, it was Abacha that died. Instead OBJ became the first retired military man to rule NIGERIA under democracy, ruled for eight years, attempted third term on his WILL and failed. Even Aziza too died and OBJ is alive.

Many people believe that Abiola’s death too paved way his second ascension to power just like Murtala in his first.

OBJ almost set Nigeria on fire when he handed over power to a physically sick Umoru and ideologically deficient Ebele. OBJ joined others to bring PMB to power and sink the PDP, the party that brought him to power, it was a well deserved sinking!

OBJ did Operation Feed the Nation, completed Festac, expanded Nigeria Airways, built refineries, saved a lot money in the treasury, he established EFCC, ICPC, DUE PROCESS. Pension Reform. He instituted all the Gas Power Plant we have in Nigeria today. He is not a friend to anyone because he can pull his trigger anytime to anyone….. ask Atiku, Fasawe, Tafa Balogun, Sunday Afolabi, Jonathan, Bode George, Umoru, Fayose etc….He hates the back seat!!!!

No one should encourage having OBJ against himself, you may not need his support but never search for his enemnity…..

Again, he is 80. His health is among the best within his peers, he is very lucky to have the undiluted but undeserving grace of God. He said three days ago that God was partial towards him and he doesn’t deserve all d favour he received.

OLUSEGUN OKIKIOLA MATHEW AREMU OBASANJO, fire is the pride of Hunter, blood is the pride of charm, fearlessness in the face of war is the pride of a warrior…..

Credits: David Adebayo

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