Beware of Cultism: The ignoble end of Segun Ogbere aka Shaggy

Beware of Cultism!
Parents prevented their little children from going to school when Shaggy was murdered. Some Primary Schools around Gbagada, Bariga and Shomolu didn’t even open their gates for days and my landlady, like most house-owners in my area closed their gates earlier than the usual time.
Segun Ogbere, popular known as Shaggy was a leader of a Cult Group known as ‘Shaggy Boys’. He was a god around Shomolu Bariga. When he sneezes, other cult groups catch cold. Unfortunately, on that fateful day, he was coming from Yaba Magistrate Court when members of ‘Downtown Boys’ trailed him with a Volkswagen Gulf Car, he noticed them and tried to maneuver his ways, but one thing led to another, members of ‘Downtown Boys’ caught him around Adeshina Street, off UNILAG Road, dragged him out of the vehicle and started stabbing him repeatedly until his intestines ripped out and his life left his body. This happened on a broad day light. Due to his death, some areas in Akoka, Bariga, Shomolu and Mushin were in fear for days.
If Shaggy could be killed then no cultist is immuned from death. None! Never you forget this truth.
There is NOTHING good in Cultism. Do not contemplate it and if you are in pls get out. The only sure way out of it is to Genuinely Repent and then come to Jesus Christ for Salvation. You can only be safe when you are genuinely saved.

Credits: Olusola Opeyemi

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