Compare this man with our Nigerian Politicians

Titos Madzoke is a Mayor of the City of Kwekwe in Zimbabwe. The City wanted to buy him a $68,000 motor vehicle but he refused and prefers to use his bicycle to go for work. He says it makes him get closer to the people and to listen to their problems and share in their struggles while moving on potholed roads. He only gets $260 in salary.
He still stays in his own house, one he used to stay in before he was elected as Mayor. The Mayoral Official House is still vacant.
The City of Kwekwe won two awards at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair for best treated water and another for innovation to repair roads using local resources.
Those who think money and acquisition of advantage is everything to all Africans and some of its leaders are so wrong. For some of us, its about the satisfaction we get in doing what we do. What more can i say to this humble Zimbo, son of mother Africa dedicated to service.
Am proud of u baba.
Credits: Isaac M. Mwanz

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