So much has been said on Nigeria’s anti-gay law.My thots on this : Though I dont hate gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals, LGBT, i do love them but hate their detestible acts. They are just abnormal to me and rather than think we normal people hate them by launching attacks on them, it is actually the other way round. They are launching attacks on us normal people to accept an abnormal thing as normal. That’s my opinion though i may be right or wrong, but that’s what i feel. Lets summarise this


These are some of the psychological war of deceit and vilification of gay opponents we see every day at play by this gang of deviants they all would want us to:

1.Talk about gays and gayness as loudly and as often as possible. Because they know that any behavior one is constantly exposed to gradually become normal.

2.Portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers. First we are made to belief that they are naturally born gays, secondly they are portrayed as victims of discrimination and undue brutalization by the society.

3.Give protectors of gay a just cause. Make gays look like people who are denied their freedom of speech, association and Belief.

4.Make gays look good. Giving too much media attention to Scientists, Doctors, Celebrities, Business Men/Women and Politicians that are gays and thereby give the impression that gays are super-human beings compared to heterosexuals.

5.Make the victimizers look bad. Align all gay opponents with the worst set of humans in the society like Boko Haram, Alquaida, Kidnappers, Rapists or link the character of gay opponents to that of Aluu killers.

They try to achieve acceptance through:

a. Desensitization­: This involves inundating us with a plethora of gay-related adverts and discussions to the point that we get used to it. The type of situation where if u can’t stop the rain, then you should get used to being wet.

b. Brainwashed us into believing that speaking against gay is a hate-speech and one is termed a bigot when he/she speak against gays, you get bombarded with all sort of negative names till you are subdued.

c. Conversion. The pro-gay is not satisfied with silencing opposition only, he is also interested in confusing us and making us act and become indifferent towards gay which is an indication that we liked them. This is crucial in making them feel accepted and at ease.

But a pro-gay activist will never want the society to know that Homosexuals engage in a variety of perverted deviant sexual acts. Here are just a few of them:

•Anal intercourse

•Oral sex

•Rimming, the practice of licking the anus this frequently results in the ingestion o fecal matter, which leads to intestinal diseases.

•Golden Showers, urinating on one’s sexual partner.

•Sex Orgies involving dozens of men.

•Anonymous Sex using “glory holes,” holes cut in a sex club cubicle wall through which one homosexual engages in oral sex with a stranger.

•Fisting, the act of shoving one’s fist and arm up the anus of the sex partner.

•Sadomasochism:­ involving whipping, cutting, beatings, etc.

•Drug use: including the taking of amphetamines to enhance sexual pleasure.

•Bareback Parties, these are sex orgies involving several men. These men may be HIV-infected, but do not use condoms. In many homosexual circles, getting AIDS has now become a badge of honor to the sexual revolution.

It doesn’t matter if a Bishop, Sheik, Oba, Eze, Emir, Senator, Governor, or President engages in the act, it doesn’t make it worth legalizing. They have failed to capture the Nigerian Legislature, now they are utilizing the Media and Entertainment industry to sustain their fight.


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