SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES Volumes 96 to 115 ( Part 8 )

SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES Vol 96 : The Sacrificial life of Great Missionary , Explorer and Evangelist David Livingstone
This is a good follow up to one of the supporting stories in one of the devotionals I read today on how David Livingstone was won over by one of the sermons of Robert Moffat to decide to take the gospel to Africa!
David Livingstone was born in Blantyre, Scotland in 1813.
He was born into a home where his father used to put him on his knees and read to him stories of great missionary exploits, particularly that of Karl Gützlaff, the Dutch missionary who doubled up as a medical missionary too.
Young David used to look into his father’s eyes and say, “You know, daddy, one day I’ll be a man like that. I want to be a missionary. I want to be a doctor. I want to serve God.”
David Livingstone got to his knees one day and said this prayer, “Lord, Send me anywhere, only go with me. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. Sever any ties, but the ties that bind me to your service and to your heart,” and the words of God came to him “Lo, I am with you always, even to the very end of the age.”
He packed his bags and went off to Africa.
And when he took one glimpse of Africa from a distance, he penned in his journal these words: “The haunting specter of the smoke of a thousand villages in the morning sun has burned within my heart.”
He married a woman of the famous Moffat Family – Mary was her name. Her father was a great missionary. They went to Africa. But David Livingstone’s life was that of an explorer and he would move from place to place and his only goal was Jesus in the hearts and lives of men and women – thousands of them.
Finally his wife and his young family couldn’t keep up with him anymore. Some of his children were dying out of sickness and disease so he said to his wife, “Mary, why don’t you them home, and I will see you shortly and spend some time with you. It’s too dangerous for us to go on.”
So he sent his dear wife Mary back home and letters would take months to exchange, but some of the fondest letters of love and romance were sent between David and Mary and you know when he saw her the next time? Not five weeks. Not five months. Five years.
Five years later when he set eyes upon his wife, she could not recognize him because at one stage in his jungle travels going to preach he walked into a branch of a tree that had completely blinded him in one eye and marred the other. His face had been burned under the African sun to a crisp of leather and his skin, which had not been pigmented for it, had been roasted to the point that his body could not take it any longer. His face marred and scarred and his eye blinded and at one time he had been attacked by a lion that had torn one of his shoulders apart. He miraculously escaped.
Now she saw her husband hobbling in with a marred face and a disfigured physical countenance. Hours before he arrived, they had buried his father. David wept because he had longed to tell his dad firsthand of the stories his father had only told him thirdhand.
Biographical sketches tell us that when David Livingstone walked into any university in the British Isles, students and faculty would rise to a standing ovation because they knew they were standing in the presence of a giant of a man.
Finally he went back to his wife one day and he said, “Mary, the haunting specter of the smoke of a thousand villages in the morning sun is still burning within my heart. We need to go back.” She decided that he should go – she had to be with the children. She said, “When they are all old enough I will join you again, David.”
And he set off on his lonely journey to preach to the African people who was so much within his heart.
Finally after a long time, Mary joined him and the day she set foot on African soil, she contracted a disease they had so dreaded she would contract. The very day she set foot on Africa, she got that disease and a few days later, he was burying her.
Lowered into the soil of the African earth there, an eyewitness said David Livingstone knelt beside the grave, weeping his heart out, and they overheard him praying, “My Jesus, my king, my life, my all, I again consecrate my life to thee. I shall place no value on anything I possess or in anything I may do except in relation to thy kingdom and to thy service.”
Through it all came the words of God to my heart, he said, “Lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.”
He picked up his belongings and walked back to his hometown village of Ujiji. When he arrived and went into his little home there, he found that someone had played a cruel joke on him and had stolen his medication that he so needed because his body was racked with pain, untold pain. He walked in constant agony. And they said in one of the very few points in his life, he prayed for himself, he got on his knees and said, “God, you promised you would always be with me! I need that medication if I am to continue preaching the gospel!”
As he prayed, he heard steps, and as the story goes, he saw a pair of feet planted in front of him and his countenance lifted for the first time in a long while – he was looking into the face of a white man who didn’t live in Africa.
He said, “Who are you, sir?” And the man replied, “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” (Those famous words) He said, “Yes, sir.”
“Mr. Livingstone, I’m a press reporter, I’ve been consigned to do a story on your life. I want you to know two things about me.
Number one, I’m the biggest swaggering atheist on the face of the earth. Please don’t try to convert me. Number two, somebody sent some medication for you.”
David said, “Give me the medication please.”
So Mr. Henry M. Stanley started to travel with David Livingstone. Four months later, the biggest swaggering atheist on the face of the earth knelt down on African soil and gave his life to Jesus Christ.
One of the best biographies you’ll ever read on David Livingstone – two volumes entitled “Livingstone of Africa” by Henry M. Stanley. Stanley said, “The power of that Christ life was awesome and I had to buckle in. I could not hold out any longer.”
Finally his body began to shrivel with high temperatures and pain (they used to carry him around from village to village on a stretcher). One day, preaching from a stretcher, literally trembling, he finally looked at two of his national brothers and said, “Please take me back home. I am very very ill. I’m very tired, I need some sleep.”
They brought him back to his home and were about to spill him on to the bed when he said, “No, please help me on to my knees.”
Livingstone buckled down to his knees by the side of his bed and clasped his hands and started to pray. His prayers were so profound, his sanctuary was so unique that his African brothers felt it was blasphemy to stay in his single union/communion with God and they stepped out of his little room.
Then somebody came running and said, “I need to see Mr. Livingstone for a moment.” They said, “Sshh! Quiet, please. He’s praying.” Five minutes went by, they looked in. He was still on his knees. Several minutes went back, they looked in. He was still on his knees. After a protracted period of time went by, they looked in. He was still on his knees.
One of them felt that the man was too tired to continue to pray. He needed to get some sleep. He walked over to him and one of them shook him by the shoulders and inquired, “ Wana ? Wana ?”
Livingstone fell over. He was dead.
He died exactly the way he had lived – in the presence of his Lord.
He didn’t run from His voice. He didn’t wave a lamp that had no light in it. He didn’t sell a soul for some earthly pleasure. But the haunting spectre of the smoke of a thousand villages had burned itself within his heart so that he could say, “My Jesus, my king, my life, my all, I again consecrate my self to thee.”
This is told by Dr Ravi Zacharias , each time I read this it brings tears to my eyes, there’s more work to, there are more souls to win, there are more lands to conquer, and today it is given to us to go…
Yield to the saviour today and hear the cry of souls languishing in sins yearning for a saviour that they are clueless about
They await thee
I hope this meets you well.
1. *Noah* built the *ark* by faith but, he used measurements. There is a place for rational thinking in our walk of faith. Not all decisions should be made with blind hope!
2. *Sarah’s pregnancy* was a miracle, but it took nine months just like any other. God’s plans do not negate the importance of process. Sometime you need to wait or work it out.
3. The *stone* that killed *Goliath* might have been anointed, but *David’s skill* was also involved. Developing skills does not mean you are not anointed. If you play a piano, play it to the fullest. Don’t take us through the agony of listening to your cacophony in the name of “singing to the Lord”. Skills are important. There is nothing rude with telling that sister “you can’t sing, find something else to do in the house of God”.
4. *Esther* received favor to become *queen*, but she also bathed and prepared her appearance. Preparation is key to become fit for the occasion. Get knowledge, go to school. Stop blaming auto-correct, check your spelling even here on social media. Prepare, because some of us expect nothing but the best from you!
5. The *promised land* was full of milk and honey, but they also had to plow, feed cattle, and take care of sheep. Miracles are communication tools that God uses to instill trust, faith and the knowledge of his nature. You need to work, don’t expect miracles in a specific area of life all the time. No one pays rent for a full year with miracle money. We need it, we want it, but God wants what is permanent.
6. *God* is the one who *created human capacity* to memorize things, yet he also told many prophets to write their message. Spirituality does not mean we should not use tools to package the message.
7. *Ruth* received favor to marry *Boaz*, but the coaching of Naomi was necessary. Human coaching is necessary, you need to submit and learn from someone. It will spare you from silly mistakes.
8. *Moses* could hear directly from God, but he was wearing himself out with work, it was the wisdom of his father in law that saved him from dying a premature death with exhaustion. It is wisdom to put on a seat belt, brush teeth, and adhere to medical advise. Being spiritual does not mean asking angels to cook food for you!
9. *Namaan* was a mighty soldier and a friend of Kings, but he acted as influenced by a Jewish maiden. Even important people are influenced by”insignificant”people. The key thing is proximity that generates influence.
Mishandling of the natural world can cause hinderance to progress, and a total neglect of the spiritual world will definitely cause total failure in all areas of life.
10. *Jerusalem* had God as her *Protector*, yet he asked the Jews to Build the Walls thereof. Do not neglect physical necessities of life in the name of spirituality or you will die before your time.
*Balance is the Key*
I remember brother J today. Everyone knew him in the church we attended many years ago. He was an encourager.
If he knew of someone with a need, he wouldn’t rest until he met it or until he got someone who could.
He wasn’t a pastor, but most people thought he was. He visited. He counseled. He prayed for people.
No one could miss church two weeks in a row without having brother J visit him.
He was one smiling, energetic brother who was always smiling and available. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world.
As busy as he always was in helping people, I never heard him complain about anyone. I had seen him respond to the most abrasive insults with good natured jokes and sweet laughter.
I returned from a trip and noticed that brother J wasn’t in church. I asked some of his ‘friends’ why, and they couldn’t give me a definite answer.
One said maybe he had travelled to see his family. Another said maybe he was busy doing something important. All I got was maybes, and more maybes from his ‘besties.’
I asked some guys who had been helped by brother J, and they couldn’t tell me anything useful. Even those in leadership couldn’t tell me anything important.
During the week, I decided to look for brother J. It took me two days to find his house. I was terribly shocked. This gracious brother was living in the most inhospitable condition.
A boy showed me his room, the room he used to live in.
Brother J had died four months earlier.
None of his brethren was aware. Not even those he helped.
This gracious brother had fallen on hard times in the past eighteen months and had lost so much. This made him to move to this terrible neighborhood of gangs, living in unsanitary conditions.
He had been asthmatic, but his trials and living conditions seemed to aggravate his ill health.
Brother J was sick, and was in his room for a week. He died in that room.
The boy that took me to his room told me brother J sent him to one of the brothers in his church group at the height of his sicknes. That one said he would tell the others. My investigation revealed that he told a couple of people and they all agreed to visit him sometime. They never did.
His neighbors took his body to the morgue and did what they could to find his extended family members.
Brother J had been quietly forgotten by the people he loved.
I cried.
Brethren, don’t ever think that the people around you who seem to be very strong don’t need encouragement.
The brethren who neglected brother J were probably good people who took his strength for granted. You know that smooth presumption that makes you think, “I know it’s too late and daddy should be home by now, but I am sure he can take care of himself. Let’s go to sleep.”
They believed brother J was usually fine, and would be fine this time, too.
Encouragers need encouragement. To encourage you, they sometimes have to ignore their own troubles, which may be much bigger than yours.
You may think they are very rich, but they may have issues in their lives that money cannot handle.
You may think they are always happy, but they are only smiling for you. They may be trying to lift you up while they are down.
Those who are strong for others sometimes need someone to be strong for them.
The people you go to when you feel like giving up on life… when you are neck deep in financial or marital challenges, who leave everything to spend hours with you on the phone, pray with you, visit you and nurse your battered confidence back to health…
Your mother, father, brother or pastor may be the strongest person you have ever known. What they have shielded you from hit them hard, and left some marks on them.
You don’t know about these because they chose not to tell you.
Sometimes the little errors they commit are due to the pressures on them. You sometimes judge them too harshly because you haven’t been where they have been.
I call on you today to encourage your encouragers.
Call them and thank them. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Tell them you have not taken them for granted, and then pray for them.
Some of us are alive today because of those who left their challenges to attend to our troubles.
Do not abandon your brother J. He is probably battling a giant right now that a word from you can help him defeat. Letting him know you care for him may be all he or she needs to hear.
Don’t be offended if he seems to have withdrawn from you. He is probably hiding his challenges from you, not wanting to burden you with his troubles.
Encourage your encourager (s).
In the early years of my Christian walk as a youth,
1. Fridays night were met for vigils in the Church
2. Youth convention was purely for prayers, fasting, Bible study, and edifying activities
3. As a single when you are going to visit an opposite sex you don’t dare go alone
4. When your Pastor scolds you, you bow your head in tears for being a source of concern to him
5. We don’t purchase any clothe we can’t wear to church
6. During youth programmes we engage in activities like draw your sword, Bible quizzes
7. Every Saturday was for Evangelism
8. We were mobile Bibles as we could quote tens of scriptures by heart
8. We don’t dare leave our houses for church without a Bible
9. We arrive church hours before service to prepare the church
10. Virginity was dignity to us and not lack of opportunity
11. It wasn’t difficult to identify us from unbelievers even as classroom students because you see God’s glory on us
12. We were not ashamed to publicly declare our Christian faith
13. We go out for morning cry as early as 5:00AM daily
14. We always preached in every bus we took
15. There was this deep hunger in us to attend programmes in church
16. Even without an official ordination we were called Pastors and Evangelists
17. We usually go to pray for the sick in hospitals for healing
18. We dared to pray for the dead to come back to life
19. Having a daily devotional was important to us
20. We challenged ourselves to spend more time in the things of the kingdom
21. We looked forward to our yearly camp meeting for an encounter with God
22. During worship sessions we received accurate words of knowledge from the Lord
23. We were used as models to correct unbelievers
24. We were a source of Joy and honour to our parents and church
25. Our conscience were very active and alive to admit when our ways were not right with God…
Do I have witnesses out there!!!
Where are the youth of my generation! Can there still be revival again?
I hear the Lord say to me: Revelation 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. Join us in our cry for revival
*BY Mfon Offiong*
I keep appealing to my Christian brothers and friends who send me inciting articles & messages which are “false and fake” via WhatsApp to beware, reminding them of Rwanda & the fate of Christianity there after the 1994 genocide.
Rwanda is 96% Christian. Half of that Catholic. However, the pulpit was used as a platform by Christian Hutus to spread ethnic hate against Christian Tutsis. “The devil knew that the hate has ripened”, no thanks to the activities of clerics so he brought down their President’s helicopter. When the Hutu President & some of his Ministers died in the helicopter crash in 1994, it set off the genocide.
800,000 people, 95% of the Christians were massacred in 100days. That’s a Christian Country. So we shouldn’t assume that because we are Christians, that we can keep sowing hate & not reap its fruit. Hate is a precursor to murder. Hate has no place in Christianity.
After that, what happened in Rwanda? Paul Kagame took over. He is Tutsi. He has been ruling Rwanda since 1994 & has removed term limits. What happened to the dream of enthroning a government dominated by Hutus which led to the hate speech in Churches by Christians against Christians that resulted in the genocide? Rwanda is now Ruled by a minority Tutsi.
Again, the Church in Rwanda no longer has the freedom it had in Rwanda before the genocide. In March this year, a move by Rwanda to shut down more than 714 Churches in its Capital City, allegedly for building safety, hygiene & noise violations, is prompting accusations that the government of President Paul is trampling on Religious freedom.
On Tuesday (March 6), Police detained six Pastors, accusing them of conspiring to rally other clergies in defiance of the government’s shutdown orders.
What do Christians and the preachers that urge them on want by spreading Religious & ethnic hate by sharing lies like the Police recruitment was done in Arabic, that NUC directed that Arabic should be one of the general studies courses in all Nigerian Universities.
Permit me to paint this grim picture. The helicopter that took VP Osinbajo to a function in Gwagwalada, Abuja was reported to have malfunctioned. It was said to have taken off & could not go above the height of a tree & landed.
Assuming he has entered it & God forbid, it got bad mid-air & crashed, these same set of so-called Christians and their Pastors who don’t see anything good in PYO will claim Islamic religious conspiracy. I hope they have the army to fight the religious war whose drums they keep beating week in, week out.
How will you hold a normal Church Service during a war? The clerics who were preaching ethnic hate and conspiracy theories in Rwanda didn’t see the genocide coming. They didn’t believe such a thing could ever happen. Keep cooking for the devil by spreading lies and hate from your pulpits and Churches in the belief that nothing will happen.
This needs to be read by everybody preaching hate through religion especially Christians… Imagine someone posting dat d match between Russia 📷🇷🇺 and Saudi Arabia is a clear depiction of the war between Islam and Christianity… If God forbid war breaks put in Nigeria or Something relating to that of Rwanda happens in Nigeria Christianity in Nigeria will never recover from the blow it will receive. *We need to change our ways.*
THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG “I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS” About 150 years ago, there was a great revival in Wales, England.
As a result of this, many missionaries came from England to northeast India to spread the Gospel. The region was known as Assam and comprised hundreds of tribes. The tribal communities were quite primitive and aggressive. The tribesmen were also called HEAD-HUNTERS because of a social custom which required the male members of the community to collect as many heads as possible. A man’s strength and ability to protect his wife was assessed by the number of heads he had collected. Therefore, a youth of marriageable age would try and collect as many heads as possible and hang them on the walls of his house. The more heads a man had, the more eligible he was considered. Into this hostile and aggressive community, came a group of Welsh missionaries spreading the message of love, peace, and hope of Jesus Christ. Naturally, they were not welcomed. However, One Welsh missionary finally succeeded in converting a man, his wife, and two children. This man’s faith proved contagious and many villagers began to accept Christianity. Angry, the village Chief summoned all the villagers. He then called the family who had first converted, to renounce their faith in public or face execution. Moved by the Holy Spirit, the man sung his reply, “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back.” Enraged at the refusal of the man, the Chief ordered his archers to arrow down the two children and they did. As both boys lay twitching on the floor, the Chief asked, “Will you deny your faith? You have lost both your children already. You will lose your wife too.” But the man replied, again singing, “Though none go with me, still I will follow, No turning back.” The Chief was beside himself with fury and ordered his wife to be arrowed down and she was. In a moment, she joined her two children in death. Now he asked for the last time, “I will give you one more opportunity to deny your faith and live.” In the face of death the man sung, “The cross before me, the world behind me. No turning back. No turning back.” He was shot dead like the rest of his family. But with their deaths, a miracle took place. The Chief who had ordered the killings was moved by the faith of the man. He wondered, “Why should this man, his wife and two children die for a Man who lived in a far-away land, on another continent some 2,000 years ago? He concluded that “there must be some supernatural power behind the family, and I too want that supernatural power.” In a spontaneous confession of faith, he declared, “I too belong to Jesus Christ!”
When the crowd heard this from the mouth of their Chief, the whole village accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.
What have you ever done for Jesus Christ?
Jesus wants you to make that decision to Follow Him today, because tomorrow might be too late
Read Micah 7:1-7
“Therefore I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me ( Micah 7:7)”
Occurrences in the world at large give serious cause to worry. Institutions like the home and school that were once relied upon to help build a strong, formidable and virile society where mutual love and trust can thrive are fast collapsing. Government institutions like the judiciary and security agencies for instance, on many occasion have failed us as well. Worst still is the family institution which is the closest to every individual. Here too, mutual trust and dependability appear to have been lost.
This is similar to what obtained in the days of Prophet Micah. The corruption and decay in the society during this time was so widespread that it was almost becoming very difficult to trust one’s own shadow, yet the prophet resolved to keep his confidence in the Lord. If there was no one else to trust, God was still there for him.
This is the same challenge we face today. The society we live in does not want to encourage uprightness and sincere living. There are those who want to bend the rules,cut corners and do all sorts of unwholesome things before they can get what is legitimately theirs. Unfortunately, many are already getting carried away with the slogan, ” If you can’t beat them,join them.” However, the Lord reminds us that though all around us may be changing, He is still on the throne. If there is no one you can trust, the Lord is available to be trusted. He is ever reliable and will not change (Heb. 13:8).
Also, if we trust and remain in Him, He would link us with people we can also trust in Him, i.e. people who have really found His love, and are ready to uncompromisingly extend that love to everyone around them.
SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES Vol 103 : *Which of These will you like to Burn Like*
*Charles G Finney;* a man with massive fire, his appearance caused 200 souls to weep without any sermon.
…he rode on a horse through a city and people went down crying for salvation.
*William Seymour* a man with rugged tongue of fire, in his days the fire of the Lord came down physically to demonstrate ancient realities.
*John G lake* a man with tongue of fire; he healed the sick to the point they arrested him for practising medicine without medical license.
*John Carvine* of Geneva in Switzerland. ….he paid the price to the point that in Geneva their is no house without a prayer warrior and he achieved it during his time by praying.
*John Knox* of Scotland, he cried to God saying ” give me Scotland or I die and God gave him Scotland that after his death ten years after there is no beer parlour in that city.
*St. Patrick* of Ireland a man with raw fire he used his signature to raise a 6 month buried corpse.
…he cursed snake in Ireland and till date there is no snake in Ireland. They tagged him the Apostle of Ireland.
*France Assisi* of Italy carried God to the point he understood the singing of birds.
*John Wesley* preached after they drove him from the city and he went to his father’s grave and he used it as pulpit. 700 hundred people came to listen to him. Journalist enquired from him what is his secret? he said “I set myself on fire and people come and watch me burning”
1.It teaches us forgiveness. 2. It brings us joy. 3. It provides clarity to/about many things. 4. It opens our eyes to see. 5. It directs our steps. 6. It teaches and demonstrates love. 7. It teaches mercy. 8. It gives us strength. 9. It blesses and teaches the way to be blessed. 10. It counsels. 11. It revives. 12. It gives us courage. 13. It sheds light in the dark. 14. It breathes life into that which was dead. 15. It heals our body from any form of diseases, either physical, health wise, spiritual etc. 16. It delivers us from evil. 17. It offers a better solution to every problems. 18. It shows the better way to access God. 19. It transform lives. 20. It keeps us focused. 21. It pushes us forward. 22. It guards my thoughts. 23. It fights temptation. 24. It provides peace. 25. It builds better relationships. 26. It provides a greater perspective. 27. It empowers. 28. It changes our outlook. 29. It fills our mind with affirmations. 30. It gives us confidence. 31.It reminds us of who we are. 32. It feeds our soul. 33. It sets us free from deceits. 34.It satisfies our thirst. 35. It organizes our priorities. 36. It motivates us to help others. 37. It relieves stress. 38. It exchanges our guilt for His grace. 39. It helps us conquer addictions. 40. It helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle. 41. It teaches us stewardship. 42. It keeps us out of debt. 43. It helps us discover our purpose in life. 44. It equips us to live out our purpose. 45. It settles our anxieties. 46. It arms us with truth. 47. It strengthens our relationship with God and man. 48. It preserves. 49. It protects. 50. And it pleases God. *Be a Bible reader*
Neither give place to the devil. Ephesians 4:27
Read: Acts 16:16-18
16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: 17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.
One of the signs affirming that you have received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour is the ability to cast out demons. This grace is not the exclusive preserve of a few Christians who are branded “deliverance ministers”; rather, it should be commonplace among all Christians (Mark 16:17-18). However, you need to know that you cannot cast out demons while living in sin; they will expose your secret deeds. There is the story of a minister who attempted to cast out a demon from a fellow, and the demon spoke out saying: “Are you the one commanding me to go? You who committed fornication with so and so yesterday?” That was the end of that deliverance session. In practice, we don’t see a lot of believers in Christ casting out demons today. Why is this so? Are you afraid, or living in secret sin? This should no be so.
You should cast out demons whenever you perceive any operating around you. From today, you shall be a demon-chaser in Jesus’ Name. Wherever you go and find demons in operation, you should stamp your feet down in the Name of Jesus Christ and command them to take their leave. They will have no choice but to obey. If you need to support your faith, you can team up with one or two more believers and go out to preach the gospel, casting out the demons you find along the way, and they will obey you.
In our Bible reading, there was this young lady with the spirit of divination who appointed herself as the Public Relations Officer of Paul and his team, while at the same time working for her evil masters. She did this for a while, until Paul was grieved in the spirit and commanded the evil spirit to come out of her, and it did.
From this account, you should learn that as long as you are ready to tolerate demons, they will continue to harass you. The trouble you allow to stay with you may take you along with it. In some churches, spirits of divination are in operation and they are tolerated. In fact, some pastors don’t know the difference between a spirit of divination and the spirit of prophecy that comes from God. In such churches, the devil reigns, and he manipulates people freely.
Many believers today are far from the place where God wants them to be, because the forces of darkness are fighting to hinder their joy, they throw up their hands in resignation to fate, expecting God to do something about it, but God expects them to command those forces working against them to loose their grip and take their leave in the Name of Jesus. Are you doing this today?
Action Point: If you notice demonic manipulation in any area of your life, command the spirits responsible to loose their grip and take their leave in Jesus Name.
Author: Pastor E.A. ADEBOYE
READ: Matthew 25:34-46
Weakness can be such a terrible thing. A person who is weak is helpless and even sometimes hopeless. People can be weak in several ways; some are weak financially, emotionally, spiritually, academically and so on. People who are weak are not in a state where they can protect or defend themselves. This is why anyone who oppresses the weak is a coward and a bully. As a disciple of Jesus Christ ho himself was a help to the helpless, if a person is financially weak, you should not use that opportunity to cheat him or her. It is disheartening that some employers look for desperate people to employ so that they can pay them far less than the regular applicable wages. Some other people constantly search for people in financial crises so that they can buy off their properties very cheaply. Are you playing with the emotions of the opposite sex because they are emotionally weak? Do you condemn people because they are not as strong as you are spiritually? You need to have a change of heart today.
Believe me honestly, there is no seed sown that will not be reaped. There was a man who was very good at treating people who had broken bones. Whenever someone with a broken bone was rushed to him, because of their desperation, he would charge their family members an extremely high price that would be very difficult to pay. If they complained about the cost, he would get a cutlass and suggest that if they couldn’t afford his charges, he could amputate the victim’s broken limb at a cheaper price. Not desiring the amputation of a member of their family, they would agree to his exorbitant price and pay. Through these means, this man eventually became very rich and had many houses. Down the line, he fell sick and had to spend so much money diagnosing the cause of his ailment. Before long, he started selling his houses in order to afford his medical bills, but the doctors could still not tell what was wrong with him. After he sold his last house, it was discovered that he had cancer, but by this time, it was already too late for him. He died a poor man. Beloved, don’t be deceived into thinking that you can get away with wicked acts. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap (Galatians 6:7).
No real Christian should ever turn his back on someone who needs help. That is not the nature of our Father. Our Lord Jesus Christ went about doing good, and He was always full of compassion (Acts 10:38). When He met a widow on her way to bury her son, without being asked, he wiped away her tears (Luke 7:12-15). If you claim to be Christ-like, you must also be full of compassion for the weak around you. As seen in our Bible text, helping the weak is synonymous with helping God, because He feels their pains. So ask yourself: are you helping to reduce Jesus’ pain, or are you ignoring Him?
Make a list of weak people around you and reach out to them today.
Credits: Open Heavens Devotional; Pastor E.A Adeboye
Sunday School Series Vol 107: The need for integrity in all dealings
Do you know that the holy Bible may not be seen anywhere in the next 50years if nothing is done to save it. Do you know that Satan is using new technology to remove the holy Bible from the bookshops, bookshelves and churches and Christians and men of God are helping him achieve that without their knowing?
When ministers of God preach from their laptops, iPads and phones instead of from the Bible they are inadvertently encouraging their members to come to the Church services with their phones instead of their Bibles.
Have you ever wondered what will happen to an Imam who preaches in the mosque from the laptop instead of from the Koran? Have you ever wondered what will happen to a Moslem in the mosque fiddling with his phone looking for Koranic verses while the Imam is preaching? Yet we have highly educated people amongst them who could take advantage of the new technology.
While other religious groups are working hard to preserve their religious books Christians are working hard to remove the holy Bible from hard copy to soft copy for their convenience. If Christians continue with this attitude less Bibles will be sold and gradually the publishers will stop Bible production.
Technology has resulted in phasing out a lot of things today. Where is black and white TV? Battery powered torches are gradually being phased out because of rechargeable torches. Please don’t allow the holy Bible to suffer the same fate. There are still books in heaven (Rev 20:12).
Let us go to our church services and fellowships with our Bibles. If preaching from the holy Bible is archaic and burdensome let us continue to preach from it for the sake of Christ and for the preservation of the holy Bible. If going to church services with the Bible is a burden, remember Jesus carried a bigger burden for you. You can use your iPads and phones for your private/personal Bible study for your convenience but please save the holy Bible from going into extinction by going with it to church services and fellowships and God will bless you.
Credits: Dr. Bona Onodu.
One day, a very wealthy man was walking on the road. Along the way, he saw a beggar on the sidewalk. The rich man looks kindly on the beggar and asked, “How did you become a beggar?”
The beggar said, “Sir, I’ve been applying for a job for a year now but haven’t found any. You look like a rich man. Sir, if you’ll give me a job, I’ll stop begging.”
The rich man smiled and said, “I want to help you. But I won’t give you a job. I’ll do something better. I want you to be my business partner. Let’s start a business together.”
The beggar blinked hard. He didn’t understand what the older man was saying. “What do you mean, Sir?” “I own a rice plantation. You could sell my rice in the market. I’ll provide you the sacks of rice. I’ll pay the rent for the market stall. I’ll even give you food allowance everyday for the next 30 days. All you have to do is sell my rice. And at the end of the month, as Business Partners, we’ll share in the profits.”
Tears of joy rolled down his cheeks. “Oh Sir,” he said, “U’re a gift from Heaven. You’re the answer to my prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He then paused and said, “Sir, how will we divide the profits? Do I keep 10% and you get the 90%? Do I keep 5% and you get the 95%? I’ll be happy with any arrangement.”
The rich man shook his head and chuckled. “No, I want you to give me the 10% and you keep the 90%.” For a moment, the beggar couldn’t speak. When he tried to speak, it was gibberish. “Uh, gee, uh, wow, I mean, huh?” He couldn’t believe his ears. The deal was too preposterous.
The rich man laughed more loudly. He explained, “I don’t need the money, my friend. I’m already wealthy beyond what you can ever imagine. I want you to give me 10% of your profits so you grow in faithfulness and gratitude.”. The beggar knelt down before his benefactor and said, “Yes Sir, I will do as you say. Even now, I’m so grateful for what you’ve done for me!” Each day, the beggar, now dressed a little bit better, operated a store selling rice in the market. He worked very hard. He woke up early in the morning and slept late at night. And sales were brisk, also because the rice was of good quality and after 30 days, the profits were astounding.
At the end of the month, as the ex-beggar was counting the money, and liking very much the feeling of money in his hands, an idea grew in his mind. He told himself, “Gee, why should I give 10% to my Business Partner? I didn’t see him the whole month! I was the one who was working day and night for this business. I did all this work! I deserve the 100% profits!”
A few minutes later, the rich man was knocking on the door to collect his 10% of the profits. The ex-beggar opened the door and said, “You don’t deserve the 10%. I worked hard for this. I deserve all of it!” And he slammed the door.
If you were his Business Partner, how would you feel???
But this is exactly what happens to us. God gave us everything. He gave us life, every single moment, every single breath, every single second. God gave us talents, our ability to talk, to create, to earn money. God gave us our body, our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our hands, our feet, our heart. HE gave us our mind, our imagination, our emotions, our reasoning, our language. God gave us opportunities, some taken, some lost. God put us in positions, he gave us all we have to make the wealth. YET we take all of it for granted, walking on the earth with pride as if we are self made ? We forget His immeasurable bounties and become ungrateful using the very same blessings He gave us to sin and throw back at Him.
The big question is, which of the favours of our Lord would we deny? When will we turn back to Him with gratitude and obedience? God has granted us all the opportunities to always remember Him and pay our tithes, offering, alms and first fruit. Pay your Tithe with fear of the presence of God with you. God bless you all.
SUNDAY SCHOOL SERIES Vol 110 : SIGNS OF THE TIME – Test run to the real Run … Now I pay my DSTV, PHCN and Taxes directly from my ATM card. This ATM card is beginning to get so critical to my survival.
Now they are trying to merge all cards into 1 super card that is multipurpose and will serve as an ID card. They are generating Social security number for all men worldwide. Your fingerprints and pictures will be in the systems( SIM registration, International Passport, Embassy) so that you can be tracked easily!
If the Antichrist holds my cash and forces me to insert the silicon part of my ATM card in my skin and I say “No!” cos I know its the mark of the beast! 666.(6 the no of man x3), what happens? Your guess is as good as mine.
Then the Bible is true when it says, “Those that did not receive the mark of the beast were unable to buy or sell and life was pretty hard for them”.
With the cashless society everywhere, the Antichrist is getting ready for his infamous reign of terror in the world…
Hmnn… If we are this close to the apocalypse then how close are we to the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus.
Brethren, be prepared! Don’t let this ever escape your thought henceforth. Every industry is preparing the ground for the declaration of the rule of the antichrist.
The vigour and ease with which these ATM, cashless, Tax, things happen show they are being controlled by much higher powers under the guise of technology.
The Bible will always end by saying “He who has ears,let him hear what the Spirit says”.
The Stage is Set, Prepare yourself, win a Soul today by sending to any of your contacts, if u so wish.
Let Us Prepare for Our Lord’s second coming!!!
Be blessed as you take heed
By Kay Musonda:
”Africa is currently experiencing another form of slavery through Pentecostalism.
We are now mentally lazy and our ability to reason scientifically has been incapacitated.
The African pastor won’t talk about Usain Bolt or Serena Williams. The African Pastor won’t talk about Steve Jobs or the young people in Silicon Valley reshaping our world.
They won’t talk about young American scientists spending endless hours in search of a cure to a disease that’s predominantly in the Tropical African Region.
The African pastor won’t talk about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Ben Okri. In every corner of the world, there exist young men and women who have defied all odds and become successful through hard work, creativity and dedication….
The African pastor won’t talk about them, neither will he ask his members to emulate the spirit of these individuals.
He would rather talk about sister Agatha who got a job she *WAS NOT THE MOST QUALIFIED FOR*because she prayed and fasted in line with their church programme. Or brother John who became a millionaire because he used all his salary as a seed in the church, or Papa Miracle who he laid his hands on and 3 of his children got admission in the university, or Mama Esther paid her tithe and her business started growing everywhere across the nation with no business plan, just boom, everywhere.
This has led to a new breed of mentally lazy young people who now see God as a rewarder of mediocrity.
To the African pastor, the only way to prosper is by paying your tithe and ‘ seeds in the church. So they will never talk about those, who have through hard work and dedication placed themselves on the world map.
No…..the African God only blesses the first 30 people that rush to the alter to drop $100 as seed. The African God abhors hard work and creative thinking, he only gives to those who sow seeds and offerings…..and those who shout: “I am a millionaire” every morning and do nothing the rest of the day.
You want the Almighty to come down and help you use the talent He gave you and blessed you with, not by going to church to shout: “Daddy I receive it”, these are all jokers.
Can someone tell these jokers that irrespective of your creed, faith or religion, blessings and favours will follow you once you start using your talent and become useful to your society? The Bible tells the story of the Talents.
Use it. Blessing is already bestowed upon us when we use it positively. The Bible says His Grace is sufficient for us.
The Western world and Asians are excelling and dominating the world. Let no Imam or Pastor manipulate your minds while they themselves drown in amassing wealth and luxurious splendour, while our people are living in abject poverty.
Be Wise. Worship of God is from the heart. But study, work hard and always watch & pray. God bless us all.
I have heard so many messages preached on the altar about the prodigal son (Luke 5:11-32)…
As I took out time to read the story in my bible, I saw some things that boosted my curiosity and left me with a serious concern…
My concern is that whenever we use the story of the prodigal son to spice up our sermons on the altar, the emphasis and focus is always centered on the prodigal son himself…
I am seriously worried that we have spent so much time analyzing his errors that we have become blinded to the errors of another major character (individual) in the same story…
I am talking about his elder brother here… As I look at the church today, I see a lot of Christians who fit into the description of the elder brother of the prodigal son… They appear zealous, holy and committed but when you take a closer look at their lives, you’ll begin to spot similar errors… Please I have just four (4) questions for the elder brother of the prodigal son…
Any where you see him, please help me ask him these four (4) questions:
1. Where were you, when your younger brother was making the terrible decision he made?
2. How come you never made any attempt to go look for your younger brother to know how he was coping after he left the house?
3. Why were you angry and bitter that he returned and that his return was celebrated?
4. Why were you giving your father reasons why he shouldn’t have celebrated the return of your brother?
A Christianity where the errors and fall of a fellow comrade becomes an opportunity to rise is demonic…
A Christianity where we try to gain favor and prove loyalty before authority by discrediting or running down a fellow brother is satanic… A Christianity where we neglect and abandon our wounded brothers is demonic…
A Christianity where the strong does not uphold the weak is satanic…
A Christianity where the fall of a fellow brother/sister becomes a topic for gossips and discussions is evil… A Christianity where we prefer rather to discus about the weakness of a fellow comrade behind him/her than to approach and correct him/her in love is evil… A Christianity where we pray for a fellow brother/sister to err or fall so we can occupy his/her position is barbaric… If you see Generational Impact smoking cigarette on the street after he has preached on facebook, will you reach out to him in love and intercede on his behalf…? If the fall of a fellow comrade does not touch and compel you to intercede on his behalf, then you are still far from God… Enough of the hate in church… Enough of plotting against each other… Enough of analyzing and amplifying each other’s weakness… We will do greater exploit as a team and as a unified body… I am not your enemy, the devil is…. My fall should not bring joy to you… Let us uphold each other and show love to the wounded in our midst…
Let us kill the ‘elder brother’ mentality…
As a Leader, beware that at one stage or the other in your church, business or association, you will find yourself dealing with the following groups of people. If you don’t have wisdom to deal with them, your position and efforts are in danger.
1. *THOMAS GROUP* -They walk with you but they don’t really believe in you. Though God can use you in front of them, they are not easily moved they take time to believe in you. These people can delay your vision and they are also not aware they are also delaying themselves. It’s a struggle and a burden to lead people who don’t believe in you.
2. *JUDAS GROUP*- They walk with you but they have issues with you when God begins to bless you. They are not happy when things of great value are given to you. In short they are jealous of your success. When elevation comes they will say we are poor in the work place but the Boss is driving a BMW 5 series but we have people that are struggling financially in this workplace. They want you to drive a probox which will make them happy. They have serious issues if your life becomes better and better. They talk as if you don’t care about the poor. Hear these Leaders, anyone who is jealous about your prosperity in your workplace tomorrow he will betray you.
3. *ABSALOM GROUP*- You give them opportunity to teach or lead and he begins to see himself as the Leader of the place, he believes he can teach and lead better than you. When he leads, he leads to prove a point that he is better than you, he won’t even mention you in his conversation. He works behind you to steal the hearts of people so that people will follow him. He will make people to feel they are neglected in your position. He will tell people he is there for them to help them anytime they need help. This one he is in competition with you , he believes he can be a better Leader than you . Tomorrow trust me he will split your followers.
4. *KORAH GROUP*- This one will challenge your authority, he believes you are at the same level with everyone and he has issues when others give honor to you. He will say you are honoring this man too much. He has issues when you give instructions, he is rebellious and dangerous because he sees you as someone who is at the same level with him. He believes everyone is professional and everyone is educated so what is so special about you .
5. *HAM GROUP*- This one he will expose your nakedness, the day you find yourself in a shameful act, He will tell everybody your weaknesses and he will be happy to expose your disaster .
6. *GEHAZI GROUP*-He is with you but he will be collecting money from behind your back. He takes advantage that he is close to the Leader and use that to collect things from people. He borrows money from people and he does not pay them back. He goes to people to ask for financial assistance and make people feel you are not taking good care of him as he serves in the house.
7. *DEOTREPHES GROUP*- This one is too dangerous, he is famous in the workplace/group/association, he has power and influence and has a voice amongst the people. He speaks malicious words behind your back . He is poisonous, he can come with stories that can totally destroy your image as a Leader. He can come up with serious lies that cause people to leave your group. He will come with stories that you are using their money , you are sleeping with women and using charms to sustain your position. His stories are very harmful and dangerous.
Therefore I pray that God will give you wisdom to deal with all these, because, no Leader can rise to higher level of his calling until all these have been dealt with in his environment.
Please which group do you belong to?
May God help us to lead well….Ameeeen!
Dear women, ….and their husbands,
Please stop this “Hebrew women child delivery style” nonsense. It doesn’t exist as a pattern any where in the world.
Even where the concept was drawn from (Exodus 1:16-19), It was a fat lie told by the midwives to escape the wrath of pharaoh for deliberately sparing Hebrew male newborn lives. How this turned around to become some “revelation knowledge” or a show of faith in Africa is still a mystery to me.
Let no prophet deceive you. Let no pastor use you to score cheap ministry goals.
If your doctor says you need a surgery (CS) please go for it. It may save your life and that of your unborn baby.
I need you to start trusting doctors as trained professionals. They are not deputising for devil or in connivance with him. They are trained to help you, for a fee of course.
Many have lost their babies to stillbirths simply because they tried to “exercise faith” by rejecting surgical intervention in difficult labour. Some have lost their wombs and others, their lives in the process.
I know a woman who recently escaped death by the skin of her teeth as a result of “exercising faith” by refusing surgery. Having had 2 previous CS, she was billed and pre-planned for a third one. Suddenly she declined surgery When time fell due.
Her reason? She had been prayed for by her pastor and, together with her husband, believed for a new womb at delivery. Sadly, her womb tore, the baby was lost but thankfully, she narrowly escaped death. This headache is simply avoidable.
Still, many have given birth to brain-damaged babies due to difficult and prolonged labour that could have been saved by surgery.
Few months/years later, the effects of a damage to an immature brain will start showing up and you will will begin to shout “spiritual attacks” and blaming “village people”.
I know you have been been brainwashed to believe childbirth without surgery makes you a “hero of faith” of some sort.
This is not true. They lied to you. There is nothing about going through surgery that suggests you don’t have faith in God.
Please stop being decieved. When your spiritual daddy needs surgery, he would get it. If his wife needs it, she would get it without consulting you.
I have seen couples who couldn’t make decisions to go into surgery, even in emergency situations, until they had spoken to their spiritual daddies.
Friends, there’s nothing spiritual about surgeries. Otherwise, they would be conducted by spirits.
CS has become a safe option in child delivery. Let’s start embracing it especially when labour/childbirth is difficult.
The “Hebrew women” child delivery concept is a hoax. It didn’t happen in Bible days and It doesn’t exist. Please stop believing a lie.
While it is desirable to have what is considered a “normal delivery”, should you need a surgical intervention, please take the option without hesitation.
It is a new day!
You see, to keep your virginity, chastity and purity, you need to focus on the pain and pleasure of sex not just the pain! Focusing on the pain will help you take to your heels when you are tempted, focusing on the pleasure will give you reasons to wait for marriage -this is balance!
From the women I can counsel who have sexual dysfunction or psycho-sexual problems, I discover that they focused so much on the pain, ran away from pre-marital sex (which is good), married as virgins but have serious problems enjoying sex! 90% if the women I counsel who have serious sexual problems married as virgins!
You must do the two! You must let it sink in your head that pre-marital sex will destroy your life! It will destroy your self esteem, confidence, spiritual purity and testimony! It will kill the confidence you need to enjoy marriage. It will destroy your trust for your spouse! There is 50% chance of committing adultery in marriage thereby ruining your chances of marital bliss then you are at risk of HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster, etc! You are at risk of unwanted pregnancies, lose of dream, focus, spiritual power, vision and destiny. You try abortion, you are at risk of having weak/incompetent cervix, cervical cancer, damaged womb, Pelvic Inflammation Disease, etc.
As a man, you are at risk of having low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, pre-mature ejaculation and all manner of sexual problems interfering with your sex life in marriage and your chances of impregnating your wife! Keep the pain in your head! That helped Joseph flee! Samson only focused on the pleasure! He lost his anointing, power and destiny to Delilah neat!
Focusing on the pain is not enough, or you enter marriage with paranoia, sexual fears, twisted view of sex that you find it difficult releasing yourself to your husband for sexual enjoyment as a woman and you find it difficult giving your wife sexual pleasure as a man!
Focus on the pleasure in marriage! Know that real pleasure, real orgasm, deep intimacy, the joy that you saves sex for your spouse and the pride that you didn’t defile your body awaits you after marriage. When you have the pleasure in mind, it helps you to patiently wait for sex, overcome temptations and keep your pride and dignity!
Focusing on the two helped me as a single person! When I remember the pain associated with pre-marital sex, I cringed to the point of freezing! It made me hate pre-marital sex with passion! It lost its appeal. When I remember the joy of sexual intimacy with the one I love and cherish, I joyfully waited and was eager to marry and have sex.
I simply enjoy sex in marriage! When women tell me they don’t enjoy sex it keeps me baffled. I wonder whether we are on the same planet. I always look forward to sex, I ask for sex, I desire sex, I eat sex, I pray on sex, I think on sex, sex in marriage simply gives pleasure!
I am a super confident woman! Knowing that my husband always desire me, wants me, needs me, and I’m capable of sending him to the orbit gives me boldness and power! Nothing gives a woman power like the capability to give her husband pleasure! It is a self esteem booster! I fear no devil! My relationship with God is intact and sweetly look forward to spending eternity in Paradise! Waiting for sex pays! Nothing compares with waiting, nothing!
Wait for sex! Stop masturbating! Stop sleeping around, stop aborting! It will destroy your self esteem, confidence and testimony forever! You stand before your husband ashamed and broken! You lose the opportunity of being celebrated for your virginity forever!
Waiting for the pleasure is worth it. My husband has a great sex life. Having never had sex before with no one to compare me with in the past makes every sexual encounter send shivers down his spine! His genuine love for me makes him bond, merge and give me pleasure over and over again! The chemistry is high, sex is hot and my goodness, marriage is ….I can’t describe it.
Don’t try sex before marriage. You will hate yourself after doing it. SEX IS WORTH WAITING FOR, there is no where you are rushing to. At the end you will be happy, grateful to God you waited and thank your spouse for helping you keep your testimony. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you

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