1983 Coup didn’t worsen our democracy

Some people always tell me that the 1983 coup derailed our democracy, which they said would have taken us to greater heights. They said if there was no “interruptions”­ we would have been developed by now. I don’t think so.It was during his regime that people queued endlessly for essential commodities like rice,milk, sugar etc that was being distributed to people. These items were often unavailable and often if available,there was a lot of bigotry in its distribution to the masses. All these happen under President Shehu Shagari’s watch. It was the same time that a member of the Shagari administration said Nigerians should stop complaining about poverty, corruption and bad governance because “they are not picking food from the dustbin”. When the military came at that time, many people celebrated. However, because I have no knowledge of what tomorrow might have been, I will assume that those who claim the coup took us back may be right. May be if Buhari and Idiagbon never came in, in 1983, Nigeria will be like Singapore, Luxembourg or Qatar. Even at that I surely missed something about Buhari and Idiagbon’s military regime. YES! I missed the “jumbo” jail time dished out to convicted corrupt politicians. from 20 to 25 to 60 years. One of them was even jailed for 102 years. Some said it is draconian. But in that case, and considering what we are witnessing today, I sure do love me some draconian rulings for thieves. I’m also imagining what life will be today, if some of the politicians of those days were not released by Gen IBB, mostly in 1986. Same crop of people later formed G77, which also transformed into PDP….Tam David West, that great patriot,who once said that corruption, rather than Boko Haram terrorists, would bring worse bloodshed in Nigeria. Everywhere,corruption,at the polls worse corruption, public money is theirs & people are dying from want!!!

…..I am here to tell you this day that our major problems in Nigeria are CORRUPTION AND INDISCIPLINE. Any administration that cannot fight corruption and indiscipline cannot change Nigeria. This is very simple. Believe me everyone suffers under that administration and it doesn’t matter what tribe, religion or whatever one is as long as one is a Nigerian. When I say corruption however, I am not referring to just looting and embezzlement. I am also talking about cronyism, nepotism, tribalism, jingoism, chauvanism and all. As long as we ignore corruption we must not complain about changing Nigeria and the only people that can change every are government and the institution of religion, the press and individuals. We must frown at corruption Believe me corruption is more deadly than Boko Haram or any terrorist organisation.

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