Mass Media: An Estate Under Siege

Mass Media: An Estate Under Siege
Any system that declare war against the Media and the Legislative arm of government for no reason than refusing to be a RUBBER STAMP can not be called DEMOCRACY but a DICTATOR in Civilian Uniform.
From my archive, I authored 118 columns in Print and Online News Platforms against the PDP led administration from 2011 till date without being questioned at any police or DSS formation.
However,  today, the APC government in Nigeria at all levels who enjoyed the support of the media and civil society groups while in opposition have declared a war of attrition against the MEDIA and the Legislative Arm of government via the instrumentalities of the Law, the police and the DSS. What they encouraged us to do against the PDP government, they can’t take it from US Now.
Jone Ebiri, a local publisher in Bayelsa State was hounded into custody by the DSS for Two years: they said From his publications, he has  classified information About the activities of some Niger/Delta militants wanted by the FG. His source of information must be disclosed or remain in custody.
And For two years, the poor Ebiri languished in prison, thanks to Judiciary and Social Media for rescuing him on Tuesday.
Samuel Ogundipe, an Investigative Journalist working for Premium Times is currently in police custody, arraigned in court without allowing his lawyers to appear for him. He was accused of publishing a letter written by the Police IG to Acting President on the failed invasion of National Assembly a week ago. Ogundipe must disclose the source that gave him the letter, Police IG,  Ibrahim Idris said.
Channels TV was fined N5 million in the month of July 2018 for refusing to be the propaganda machine of the government against National Assembly and Senator Bukola Saraki.
Kiss FM in Lagos is dying in silence. Cool FM is complaining. City FM along Ogba-Ikeja road in Lagos is about to die due to over FINE.
A radio station in Ibadan was fined N500,000 because a jingle critical of Fulani Herdsmen was aired therein.
Star FM in Ogun State is currently in dilemma.
Sweet FM in the gateway state is battling to retain its licence. Wazobia FM must declare all guests to feature in their programmes to NBC or face FINE.
The frequency of Rhythm FM has been suspended five times in 2018 for refusing to stop inviting some Public Analysts critical of President Buhari.
Today, Ekiti TV and Radio are under lock and key because the state Governor, Ayo Fayose exposed how results were altered and rigged during the July 14th governorship elections in the state against the wishes of the people.
As usual, Some, due to party sentiment, clapped when Ekiti TV and Radio were shut.
And among those who clapped when Ekiti Radio and TV stations were recklessly locked down by the APC led government in Abuja without any letter to that effect was DAVID AJIBOYE, head of Corporate Affairs of FRESH FM, IBADAN, OYO STATE.
Ajiboye is a native of Okemesi-Ekiti who want Governor Ayo Fayose cut down politically by all means necessary. Ekiti Radio Shut indefinitely, Ajiboye was everywhere on social media jubilating.
Today, Ajiboye’s place of work, FRESH FM is up for DEMOLITION courtesy of the APC led government in Oyo State without any justification.
Ajiboye is now shouting and sending SOS to all lovers of democracy to save FRESH FM from demolition.
Allegation against FRESH FM:
The building which has been in existence for about SEVEN years and once visited and hailed by the state Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, contravened town planning law.
The Oyo State Commissioner for Information, Tayo Arulogun want the station to stop inviting some public affairs analysts for commentary.
Also, Arulogun,  according to the owner of FRESH FM,  Yinka Ayefele, is not happy that his repeated calls to the station to have some propaganda aired against some opposition figures in the state were rebuffed and still being rebuffed.
Like a normal Nigerian politician, Arulogun must revenge.
FRESH FM building is the cause of accident in Challenge, Arulogun ALLEGED,  railroading the state commissioner for Urban Development, Land and Housing into the scheme,  alas, they succeed in coercing the Mr. Constitutional Authority Governor, Abiola Ajimobi into the agenda.
 A demolition notice issued:
FRESH FM has 5-day notice to quit or face DEMOLITION!!
Well, As Ajiboye pleaded, all Entrepreneurs and lovers of democracy must rise in support of Mr. Yinka Ayefele’s FRESH FM.
A man who survived a ghastly car accident, lost his legs, refused to be derailed, hustled, made money, impacted lives and built a brand boast of over 100 employees does not deserve to be HUMILIATED.
I wish to inform Mr. Ajimobi that every radio station in Ibadan cannot sound like BCOS.
Oyo State Government through Tayo Arulogun chased Edmund Obilo out of SPLASH FM,  chased out Mr. Oriyomi Hamzat, now it is Ayefele’s Fresh FM.
The media must not be allowed to be intimidated and Caged.
And to those of you still defending illegality, please learn from Mr. David Ajiboye’s current predicament.
 *IDRIS pause for now!!!*

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