You are the Captain of your fate Nigerians

The next election may not be easy. But this not strange to think so. I will try to explain how I feel.

Many of the politicians very soon will be chasing the voters all over the land, if they have not started already. But you will believe them. Nigerians have been taken for a ride over a long time.

They are likened to an innocent girl without experience grinning from ear to ear as a rich man dangles promise of wealth to her should she agree to be the 4th wife. No sooner she agrees, only to discover she has fallen into the den of a lion. She can only see the outside by looking out of the window. She desires to choose freedom, for nothing impresses her at all anymore. She waits and hopes for the promise to be kept.

The entire world are envying her for being lucky to be married to a rich fool.

Her world is full of illusions. She expects sympathy. She expects people to cry for her.

The politicians give wild promises which are never meant to be kept anyway. They talk too much. There is nothing more to say after their deceptive talks.

All we have to do is to look at the bruises all over the unfortunate girl, once innocent but now tamed and humiliated.

To be fair PMB stands out different. I pray he gets the second term.

Don’t cry for Nigeria.

Stand up!
You are the captain of your fate !

Credits : Dr. Olayinka Isaac Oladosu

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