Offa Bank Robbery Facts

Offa Bank Robbery Facts
Brethren, let us check these facts together.

1. The Lexus SUV was used for the robbery. Fact.

2. The gang leader went into hiding after the robbery and sent someone to park the SUV in the premises of kwara state ministry of environment. Fact

3. After his arrest he confess where he parked the car and who he sent. Fact.

4. The guy that parked the car in the ministry of environment has been arrested and he confirmed and confessed to parking the car there. Fact.

5. The SUV was not found there but was later recovered in the government house. Fact

6. The guy that drove the car from ministry of environment to the government house has been arrested. Fact

7. The guy that drove the car to government house said he did so on the instruction of the chief of staff to the governor, the chief of staff has been arrested. Fact

8. The vehicle in question was a gift from SP and have saraki LOGO/NAME has the plate number when it was ditched by the gang leader but after his arrest the plate number was removed and replaced with the registered number on the instruction of the chief of staff, the plate number has been recovered. Fact.

9. Some of these robbers and cultist earlier arrested are on the pay roll of both KWSG and SP according to bank statement obtained by the police. Fact.

10. The KWSG never denied this boys nor denied cash transactions between them but they call it “empowerment ” . fact.

my people, let me repeat, Senate President /KWSG cannot send them to rob a bank BUT by arming them they have to proof their innocence.

Remember the sole purpose of gun is to kill and maim.

Gun no be walking stick.

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