FREEDAY FREE FOOD FOR FRIENDS’ FREAKING FREETHINKING Vols 609, 610, 611, 612 and 613 +Myth about Grazing lands/Ranches+Religious stupidity+Codein Ban+Causes of Regrets at Old age+Kalinic the arrogant Croatian player+Why Awo/Zik Alliance failed


The myth about ranches and grazing lands. by DR. NURA ALKALI

How ironic that, today, it is the Fulani who lack leaders to guide them and pursue their interests through legal ways. Please, do’n’t mention “Miyetti Allah”, which is a cattle-breeders’ association. I have never owned a cow in my life, and I don’t intend to, meaning I have no business with Miyetti Allah. (“Mi Yetti Allah” means “I thank God” in Fulfulde. I’m referring to the group here, not the literal meaning).

Miyetti Allah claims to represent the Cattle Fulani who live as nomads. That is their opinion. In my opinion, it is the blind leading the blind. Only the blind will insist on living a 17th century life in 2018. 50 years ago, humans conquered space to land on the moon. Others decoded DNA, which advanced the science of animal breeding to levels never before imagined in history. But we still have people pursuing an impossible nomadic lifestyle to raise cattle.

Please, when you travel from Bauchi to Yola, look on both sides of the road during your journey. All you will see are farmlands up to the horizon. The few vacant spots are the rocky hills around the Gombe-Adamawa border, and between Dindima and Kangere, near Bauchi. Farmers avoid them because plants won’t grow there, meaning cattle too cannot graze. And no doubt, beyond the horizon are villages and more farmlands.

Keep in mind that Adamawa and Bauchi are among Nigeria’s largest states. Toro LGA in Bauchi State (6,932 Sq. Km) is larger than each SE state except Enugu (7,161 Sq. Km). The whole of Ebonyi State (5,533 Sq. Km) – which welcomes the proposed cattle ranches – boasts of only 80% of the land area of Toro LGA. And Ebonyi is now in the news for a deadly fight over farmlands with a community in neighbouring Cross-River State. So, is a cattle ranch more viable in Toro or in Ebonyi?

It is northern states that have land for cattle ranches, which by their nature, have enough grass and water all year round – thus removing the need for a herdsman from Jigawa or Sokoto journeying to Ebonyi and Delta states in the dry season in search of pasture. So, why a cattle ranch in Ebonyi, unless Igbos also want to raise cattle? This is what I’m talking about. Beside being blind, Miyetti Allah also thrives on conflicts.

In any case, Town Fulanis like me are in limbo. “Tabital Pulaaku” is solely about Fulani culture, unlike “Afenifere” and “Eze Ndi Igbo” that champion Yoruba and Igbo causes. For the Fulanis, neither the Sultan of Sokoto (who heads JNI) nor the Lamido of Adamawa (who heads Tabital Pulaaku) is an overall Fulani leader; nor indeed, any group. Sadly, a group of riff-raffs called Miyetti Allah are now mistaken as Fulani leaders.

Indeed nothing spurs the regime of President Buhari more than bad foreign press. For years the codeine epidemic has been with us here in Nigeria yet the regime refused to lift a finger to help the country’s teaming population of youthful addicts. Hence its nauseating to realise that it took the dastardly BBC documentary called Sweet Codeine for the regime to act.
In a swift knee jerk reaction the regime rose to ban all codeine containing cough syrups nationwide. On its face value such a move appears decisive and altruristic.
But in truth, the regime failed to watch the documentary and just acted based on the social media hype and bad press the story has generated.
Anyone who watched the video would see the unseen message. A nation blessed with a broken down health system. Huge piles of human feaces littering a dilapidated rehabilitation centre. Inmates chained like wild animals and subjected to the most inhumane of treatments known to man as they are forced to go cold turkey overnight.
The Nigerian health system has neither the trained personnel nor infrastructure to contain the codeine epidemic. Hence if the codeine ban is truly enforced, one wonders what the impact will be when 3 million addicts are made to go cold turkey overnight.
 Millions of Nigerians convulsing and running wild on the streets and in homes is not a situation the regime has envisaged before announcing the ban. Even families will be pushed to buy the drug for their loved ones to escape the torment of seeing an addict in full meltdown mode.
The regime’s desire  desire to appear authoritarian and effective has just opened a back door to an even greater problem and this pandora’s box can not be closed once unleashed.
There are other dangerous drugs of control used by medicine to treat ill patients that can easily be abused.
 Pentazocine used for post operative pain relief. DF-118 used by sickle cell patients for pain relief during bone pain crisis.
Pethidine for pain relief for women in labour. Tramadol used as pain relief especially for those who have peptic ulcer and cannot tolerate NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Diclofenac.
Any of these drugs can be abused just like codeine. Tramadol better known as Trams is a popular recreational drug already used in parties and razes. The codeine addicts can easily shift to this drug further compounding the problem and one wonders if the regime is going to ban Tramadol as well. This is indeed akin to throwing the baby out along with the bath water.
Only a blind man fails to see the main problem. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is allowed to sell medication over the counter in Nigeria. A Doctor’s prescription before the sale of such medication is hardly requested in a nation that allows the open sale of medication in buses and trains.
The truth is that since Dora Akinyuli of blessed memory died, no one has seen it fit to run NAFDAC in a manner similar to her trailblazing stance. NAFDAC is now comatose, surving on the ventilator of past unsung glory. Many say the nation needs strong institutions but in truth only a strong person can build and sustain such institutions. Dora was such a person. The nation has found it impossible to replace this Amazon. Hence the codeine epidemic is a direct fall out of the collapse of the nation’s drug enforcement infrastructure.
The way forward is a long and uncertain one. But the buck stops with the Government. The nation needs more treatment centres and trained personnel to man them. Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists must be trained to pull these addicts from the brink of imminent implosion.
The enforcement and  control of prescription only medication must be done urgently. Attempts must be made to ensure such prescriptions are not forged by providing personalised prescription sheets for Nigerian Doctors as is done in the Western World.
The President of the Nation has already said it that a lot of Nigerian Young people are lazy. This is true and the majority of them are in the Northern part of the country. A feudal system of social inequality has left millions of codeine hooked Northern Youths who exist as either poor haggard Almarjiri’s  or rich overlords from wealthy homes who subsist on ancestral wealth hence rely on abusing drugs like codeine  to spice up the boredom of their pampered lives.
The Nation is in the grip of facing a new crisis. Raising a generation of wasted Youths. A Generation that will be a burden on the nation for decades. Unemployment, underemployment and boko haram have made the lure of seeking a good education as a path to success, less attractive. Hence the escapist view of these addicts finds solace in Tramadol and Codeine Cough syrups.
Even the US is faced with a huge drug problem as Molly, Ecstasy, Crack Cocaine, Prescription sleeping pills etc ravage the land. But at least they have good treatment and rehabilitation centres to cope with the problem. Millions of dollars is poured into drug rehabilitation programmes which are conducted in an environment that is not dehumanising.
One wonders how much the anti-corruption frugal regime of Buhari is ready to commit to this drug problem. Banning codeine is easy and any simpleton can do that, however drawing up a plan to tackle this problem and implementing it is a different kettle  of fish. This requires intelligence and guile two qualities the Presidency has never exuded during its 3 years in power.
Funding for drug rehabilitation programmes must come from somewhere and in a nation where the National Budget gets padded, stolen and delayed; one wonders from whence such monies to provide young people with the help they so desperately need will come from.
As the nation dances to Olamide’s hit single on drug abuse “Science Student” lets all take a moment to reflect on the ticking time bomb Nigeria is playing with. The future of a generation is at stake. And unfortunately the current regime appears ill equipped to tackle this problem. The rise of the science students is just the beginning for they will be the future thugs and criminals who shall bring the nation into further disrepute. Running away with the Senate Mace will pale in comparison when these addicts go on the rampage looking for a paymaster to fund their next fix.
 Only proactive leadership can save the day as the nation awaits to see the aftermath of the codeine ban which will only make the drug more expensive and addicts more desperate further compounding an already huge problem.
Only diligence and a clear concise plan of action will save the day as we dance away our sorrows to the melodic beat of Awon Science Student….
<img>�Welcome to Africa where typing Amen to a Pastor’s prayers on Facebook will save you from your village witches and make you a billionaire overnight.

<img>�Welcome to Africa where ” jesus christ ” sends you a Whatsapp message and threatens to kill you or cause you ill luck if you do not send it to 20 people.

<img>�The most Annoying thing in all is that Graduates and supposedly learned and educated people send these ”miracle messages” to their friends every day.

<img>�These messages carry lots of threats and negative ideas into some people’s mind. Some of these messages will say, you will suffer or go broke for a week if you don’t send them out to reach other people.

<img>�As Christians, we Need to keep an open mind and be discerning and also open our hearts and minds to healthy discussions.


<img>�Do you believe God will punish you if you refuse to send those messages? The answer is NO.

<img>�Do you think your destiny is tied to a message on social media? The answer NO.

<img>�Do you genuinely believe, you will receive instant miracles after you type ”Amen” on that post or send it to others? The answer is NO.

<img>�We claim to be Children of God but we are scared of the future, scared of little things. Why?

<img>�You relay a message to 20 people on social media and believe in your heart that you will wake up tomorrow a billionaire. Not at all.

<img>�What is wrong with us? SERIOUSLY, what is really wrong with us? Faithlessness.

<img>�Without Prayers, Hard work, Abiding in the word of God in our everyday life, Determination and Purpose, ”miracle messages” on social media are not invisible hands that can instantly make us rich…

<img>�Stop spreading your fears on social media because we are not that gullible… Our God is too big to send threats to make people obey Him. Our God will never do that.

<img>�We need messages that will transform souls and not messages that will threaten people to create unnecessary Fears and Panic…”for God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind”.

Know your God and let Him know you!!!

Have a lovely day and keep the loving spirit on to reach one and other















When younger we make various choices without the future in mind. Sometimes those choices bite us in our mid-life. These are some of the things one might regret when they’re older.

1. *Marrying the wrong person*

When you’re young, check your motives for marrying. Don’t marry to copy your peers, or for social standing or out of pressure. Marry for love and companionship, marry the right person, marry your best friend. For if you marry the wrong person or for the wrong reasons, you will have to put up with that person the rest of your life. Things might get worse between you two; then depression, physical abuse, affairs, pain, shame, court cases, bitterness will define your mid-life years all because you chose the wrong one. Things will get worse when children are involved. Make the right choice of a spouse when you are young.

2. *The opportunities you did not seize*

When you are younger many doors will open, you will get many chances. Many young people let these opportunities go because of fear, laziness, or pride; yet well younger and with more energy is the best time to start a venture and a name for yourself. Some think the opportunities are too big for them. Take advantage of them or one day when you’re older you will want to go back and grab those missed chances.

3. *The bridges you burned*

When we are younger, we care little for relationships, what most think about is getting money and moving up the ladder of success at all cost. Many use and trample on people to progress, they take relationships for granted, messing up bonds, sleeping with people for personal gain. But these bad actions will catch up with you ahead. When you will realize how empty life is without love and friends. When you will have success but no one around you or no one to trust you.

4. *The child you aborted*

You are a young lady, you get pregnant and you are scared. You take the aborting option quickly thinking of that moment then. But when you are much older, you will look back and wish you kept that baby. When you will be rich and successful you will wish that child you gave up on would be around to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Being a single mother doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life or you can’t find a man in future.

5. *The child you rejected*

Young man, you impregnated a woman, she told you she’s pregnant with your child. You rejected her and the baby and ran. But years later when you’re 50 something, you will wish you were responsible, you will wish you manned up and became a father to that child. You will see that child excel and become an adult but will have no claim to that grown child who you rejected from the beginning. You will regret being a Dead Beat Dad by choice

6. *The marriage you destroyed*

So you get married to your good fiance; the first months in marriage were good but shortly after, with your money and charm, you started having affairs. You became unfaithful. Your spouse begged you to stop, your children started hurting, your marriage was collapsing. One day when you are older, it will hit you how foolish you were to destroy the good marriage you had began to build for mere temporary thrills in affairs that did you no good. You will realize the damage you caused to your children and spouse.

7. *The God you disowned*

When you are much older you become wiser, God becomes more real as you see life in a more meaningful way. But don’t wait to get older to start enjoying a relationship with God. Know God when you are young, build your future with God. Don’t be a young rebel who runs back to God when age catches up.

8. *The body you messed up*

You have only one body to live with all your life. The cigarettes, the alcohol you are abusing, the drugs you are taking, the unhealthy food you’re consuming; all that will destroy you slowly. When you are 50 and lifestyle diseases catch up with you, you will wish you took care of your body when younger, that you exercised more; but now the damage is done.

9. *The time you wasted*

The time you are wasting when younger in worry, wrong relationships, laziness, being a couch potato, giving excuses and pursuing meaningless things; you will never get it back.

10. *The dreams and talents you shelved*

Are you talented when young; are there things you love to do and you are good at them? Nurture those talents, exploit them, don’t give up even if you encounter set backs, don’t give up on your dreams. If you give up, when you’re older you will look at your peers who stuck to what they love and made it and think to self, “That could have been me”. Pursue a career, study a course you love. Don’t waste years of your life in a field that doesn’t fulfill you.

11 *The name you defamed*

When you are older, a legacy is very important, the value of your name is crucial. You will ask yourself what is your reputation, what are you leaving behind? Your legacy is a sum total of your actions since youthful days. We write our biography by how we live life everyday. When you look back your path and you see the mud you threw at your own name, the shame you attracted and the little value you have added to the world; you will regret.

12. *The wealth you threw away*

Are you riding on good money during your productive years? Earning good money? Don’t throw away that money in clubs, reckless living and wasteful shopping. Invest with that money, widen your revenue stream, make that money work for you and keep it safe to take care of you in your older years. Leave an inheritance for your loved ones so that you will never say “I wish I knew better”

13. *The good love that got away*

Is there that great person in your life loving you good? Don’t push that person away, or else that person will walk out your life and you will never ever find someone that incredible and who connects with you all your life. It will torment you to grow older with thoughts of “What if I was still with that person?”

14 *The parents you despised*

When younger, it is easy to show contempt to your parents; what do your parent’s know? They are old-fashioned, shady and small -minded. But your parents are still your parents whether you agree with them or not, whatever their style. Don’t let your parent die or age separated from you, reconcile and make up. When you get older, you will realize why your parents wanted to be close to you. The older you get, the more you see the value.
Thanks for reading

Read quietly then send it back on its journey

To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn’t have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to
A premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:


The origin of this letter is unknown,
But will be good if you don’t let the chain cut by sending it to others.


Hold on tight to the ones you love!

God Bless You

Pride goes before fall: Kalinic, the arrogant Croatian footballer

“Croatia came to this World Cup with only two natural strikers. Mario Mandzukic, the guy who scored the winner in d match against England.

The other was Nikola Kalinic He was on the bench for Croatia’s first game against Nigeria. With five munites to end that game, coach instructed him to dress up and replace another player.

Kalinic angrily refused to play, in protest of being left on the bench.

He saw himself a top player, and wouldn’t come on for just five munites. The coach turned to other player Pjaca for the substitution.

After the match, Kalinic refused to apologize, despite appeals from other coaching staff.

The coach then sacked him from the team, and sent him home from Russia. Kalinic flew for holidays, and even posted pictures of himself enjoying elsewhere.

After all, he seem to imagine, Croatia won’t go anywhere in the tournament. But without him, the team managed to win their matches.

Croatia has achieved their greatest football achievement in history, reaching the World Cup final.

The remaining 22 players are national heroes. Their names forever inscribed in the hearts of generations.

Kalinic should have been part but minus him. All because of minutes of anger. Minutes of pride and bloated ego.

He may have regretted now. He may have realized his tomfoolery. But it is too late. These stories about life are quite familiar to us, but do we really learn lessons from them? As they profoundly apply to all spheres of life?

Learn to CUT PRIDE. Learn to control anger and DEFLATE EGO and ultimately, learn to say SORRY.

Years of SWEAT & DEDICATION can all be shattered by moments of ANGER and PRIDE.

Why Alliance talks Between Awo/AG and Zik/NCNC failed in 1959

With the 1959 elections ending with no clear winner, an alliance had to be formed to determine who would rule. It was no brainer that AG and NCNC should form a coalition. Awolowo had already humbled himself to be a Deputy Prime Minister or Finance Minister in Zik’s government. Zik invited AG’s team to Asaba, West’s door to the East, to have coalition talks. The talks were a clever ruse to keep AG’s hopes high so that AG would be kept distracted from going upwards to the North for talks. Then the AG read in the news that Zik and Michael Okpara had gone up North and clinched the deal with the Sardauna on forming the government. Tafawa Balewa would be the Prime Minister for the new nation and Zik, the President. Even Nkrumah was shocked. He asked Zik why having spent so much energy fighting for colonial emancipation and then settling for a toothless bulldog role when Nigeria needed him the most? But it was a trap.

As he said in his autobiography, My Life, the first time Sardauna came to Lagos to participate in national politics was in 1947. Then, with over £13,500 raised from all over Nigeria – a doctor’s annual salary, then was a little over £200 – Zik had led other six prominent NCNC delegates to London to protest the “obnoxious laws” of Governor Arthur Richards. The trip ended in failure with backbiting, abuses and accusation of theft. Zik’s opponents at the NYM, accused him of squandering the money and trust of Nigerians. Zik replied insinuating that the Yoruba on the team, that is: Mrs. Fumilayo Ransome-Kuti, Prince Adeleke Adedoyin, Dr. A. B. Olorunnimbe, were the problem.

There erupted a heated and prolonged press war between Zik’s Political Reminiscence in his West African Pilot and H.O. Davies’ Political Panorama in Daily Service. This led to Lagos Igbos rushing to buy machetes en masse thinking a tribal war was imminent. The Governor and his General Secretary, Hugh Foot, quickly called Zik and H.O. Davies to order at the Government House.

In the middle of all this was the time Sardauna came to Lagos for the first time. As he wrote in his autobiography, he went away with the resolve that “the North must take politics seriously”. And later when the Daily Service published the speech of Zik about Igbos been destined by God to conquer and rule over others, Sardauna’s resolve went deeper. He had been reading Zik and the Igbos through that lens ever since. His way of neutralising Zik when the opportunity came in 1959 was to offer him a powerless post, which surprisingly Zik and Okpara dutifully accepted in place of being Nigeria’s first Prime Minister. It was this historic mistake that Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna and other coup plotters tried to undo in 1966.

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