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Christmas in Captivity

The joy of Christmas is Jesus.

READ: Isaiah 9:1–7

On those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2
Rev. Martin Niemoller, a prominent German pastor, spent nearly eight years in Nazi concentration camps because he openly opposed Hitler.

On Christmas Eve 1944, Niemoller spoke these words of hope to his fellow prisoners in Dachau: “My dear friends, on this Christmas . . . let us seek, in the Babe of Bethlehem, the One who came to us in order to bear with us everything that weighs heavily upon us. . . . God Himself has built a bridge from Himself to us! A dawn from on high has visited us!”

At Christmas we embrace the good news that God, in Christ, has come to us wherever we are and has bridged the gap between us. He invades our prison of darkness with His light and lifts the load of sorrow, guilt, or loneliness that weighs us down.

On that bleak Christmas Eve in prison, Niemoller shared this good news: “Out of the brilliance that surrounded the shepherds a shining ray will fall into our darkness.” His words remind us of the prophet Isaiah, who prophetically said, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned” (Isa. 9:2).

No matter where today finds us, Jesus has penetrated our dark world with His joy and light!

— David McCasland

Keeping Christ out of Christmas is as futile as holding back the ocean’s tide.

Surely the Stones will Cry O.I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out. —Luke 19:40

Every year it seems that Christmas becomes more and more commercialized. Even in nations where the majority of people call themselves “Christian,” the season has become more about shopping than worshiping. The pressure to buy gifts and plan elaborate parties makes it increasingly difficult to stay focused on the real meaning of the holiday—the birth of Jesus, God’s only Son, the Savior of the world.

But every holiday I also hear the gospel coming from surprising places —the very places that so commercialize Christmas—shopping malls. When I hear “Joy to the World! The Lord is come; let earth receive her King” ringing from public address systems, I think of the words Jesus said to the Pharisees who told Him to silence the crowds who were praising Him. “If they keep quiet,” Jesus said, “the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40 niv).

At Christmas we hear stones cry out. Even people spiritually dead sing carols written by Christians long dead, reminding us that no matter how hard people try to squelch the real message of Christmas, they will never succeed.
Despite the commercialism that threatens to muddle the message of Christ’s birth, God will make His good news known as “far as the curse is found.”

Keeping Christ out of Christmas is as futile as holding back the ocean’s tide.

Credits: ODB
Julie Ackerman

Why is Christmas day on the 25th December??

First Christmas celebrated on Dec, 25 was in 336AD. In the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine because he was the first Christian Roman Emperor, few year later Pope Julius 1 officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th of December.

Some archeologist reveal that, the early church celebrated Christmas on January 6th.Some other christian groups celebrate Christmas in October. Can someone tell us exactly date of Christ birth?? Merry Christmas to all my family and friends….

It is a privilege to have u all in my life, u r all loved and appreciated in my own way.

Pls remember that this season is all about the Lord Jesus Christ and the best gift u could give Him is by winning a soul to Him… take the opportunity of being surrounded by ur loved ones and preach the Gospel!! that way u will make the angels in heaven celebrate and the Lord will be well pleased with u!!!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance



Two years ago, JESUS’ asked one question from me which I would like to share with you as you are preparing for Christmas.
It was during Christmas celebration. The
vision was very clear.
JESUS’ asked me, my son, assuming you were invited to a birthday party and  you met the celebrant weeping, what would you do?
I was shocked and could not answer, Celebrant weeping?
JESUS’ began to speak. I am the celebrant that you christians are celebrating my birthday every year. Each year, you increase my agony and tears during this Christmas celebrations because of your hypocrisy.
Many of you don’t even know me. The few that I can boast of are living lives of disobedient.
Holiness among my children is now a taboo. Righteousness, Sanctification, restitution and other sound Biblical doctrines had disappeared among you and you still gather to eat food and sing sinful songs to me. Is that how to celebrate my birthday?
Pastors are now spiritual 419.These so called pastors got power from Satan to do my work, yet you will see them gathering crowds to sing Carol. Why would I not weep.?
Burying human beings on the alter, going about with charms. Is that what I instructed them to do ?
Sleeping with church members is not a new thing among the so called ministers. All kinds of programs are organized by different churches with one purpose and agenda-to raise money.
My son, there are mega churches, mega instruments and mega population without any disciple among the congregation. Are these not wasted efforts?
Churches are building cathedrals everyday without candidates of heaven among the worshippers.
Why are you celebrating my birthday when there is no unity and love among my children?Why are you celebrating my birthday when your worship centres are being guided by herbalists because of the mundane things inside the building? Are you saying I am powerless that I can’t protect what belongs to me?
Nakedness is more visible in my churches than club houses.
My Son, Evangelism is dead and buried. What u are doing now is member snatching. Nobody is ready to go to fertile ground anymore.
JESUS’ said many things in that vision that I could not remember again.I’ve shared this revelation in my sermon and among my people.
Are you among those people that are making JESUS’ to weep every Christmas?Think about it.
JESUS’ is on his way already. You don’t need to be told d happenings in Israel,Palestine and other places.
I pray for everybody now,u and I will not miss rapture in the Name of JESUS’.
George Weah
George Weah of Liberia first sought for Liberian presidency (2005, aged 39) He failed. Obtained his SSCE (2006, aged 40), his degree (2011, aged 45) and masters (2013, aged 47). He won election to the Liberian Senate (2014, aged 48). He has just been declared the country’s president (2017, aged 51) All under 12 years interval. When you make up your mind to succeed you must also be willing to act on your convictions?
6 years ago a guy looked at me face to face, and boldly told me; “I don’t like you!”
I immediately fired a response, I asked him that day; “Thank you for the honest feedback, but those that you like, how has it made their life better? How does your liking people pay their bills or take a bank loan? My brother keep your like, I need God’s like And that’s what guarantees my future.
Today I joined a CEO friend of mine in an interview Panel to recruit some new staff, it was a long session, as we returned from a coffee break to continue the hectic interview session, here was this same guy walked in with his grey jacket and CV coming for the interview.
Our eyes kissed by fluke, we immediately recognised eachother; “the world is indeed spherical”, I soliloquized.
He felt very uncomfortable through out the interview, one could clearly see the volcanic eruption ongoing in his whole nervous system, he even mistook his date of birth for his last date of employment. It wasn’t yet my turn to ask him questions so I allowed everyone to take their turns with him and deliberately opted to interview him last.
When it got to my turn, the first thing I said was, “I LIKE YOU so much, you look to me like a brilliant and intelligent person, but it seems you are not doing well now because something bothers you, true?”
“That’s very correct Sir!” He responded.
“Ok look at me straight in the eye, I was never offended that day, it is very normal that sometimes as humans you just don’t like certain people, but I wasn’t bothered either, because whether you liked me or not, it was inconsequential to my life and my success path – as you can see, fate has brought you to my lair”
I stood up and beckoned him to come and embrace me, everyone on the panel at this point were at sea – wondering if we had expeditiously recast an interview session to a Hollywood movie scene.
He hugged me so long and deeply that I felt it. Then I told him, “now get your confidence back bro and answer the questions like a Pro Shark that you are, we all burst into laughter, everyone suddenly liked him and the room became livelier – the interview became more like a discussion, well to cut the long story short, he got the job!
1. Be careful how you treat people when they appear to be in their vulnerable state, your next level may be hanging in their balance;  somewhere in the future.
2. If you dislike someone, it is not their fault, it is YOUR FAULT, work on yourself to find good in people and reinvent your Mind to see everyone as likeable.
3. Don’t spew hatred vocally just because it came into your heart, you may say it to someone who will keep it forever and use it against you when you find yourself in your own low moments and need them.
4. Learn to forgive, overlook people’s dislike and hatred for you, dont punish people just because you have the position and privilege to do so, bless them rather – that’s how you court God’s blessings, favour and protection.
5.  Forgive others just as your heavenly Father has forgiven you.
6. Share this post. Someone needs it to heal from their past burdens of unforgiveness they have been carrying which has been hindering their promotions and inhibiting God’s blessings flowing their way.


Buhari Vs Killer Fulani Herdsmen

“Something that is disturbing that I have heard about it is linking those developments to the fact that a Fulani man is president and so, he is brooking such kind of evil acts.
“I think that is very unkind. And I will try to back my position with statistics.
“In 2013, particularly, there were nine cases of herdsmen invading communities in Benue state alone and more than 190 people were killed.
“In 2014, there were about 16 of such tragic developments with more than 231 people killed. And then there was a change of government in May 2015. But between January and May 2015, there were six attacks which left about 335 people dead.
“Now, the question is, during that period, did we have a Fulani president?
“This is showing us that the issue of herdsmen attacking settlements, attacking farmers, attacking communities is pure criminality and it is something that government must deal with.
“It is the duty of government to preserve the lives of the citizenry. It is the responsibility of government to maintain law and order and that this government is determined to do.
“Therefore, let nobody say that all this is happening because we have a Fulani president.
“We have had many Fulani presidents in the past and this issue of herders and local communities at loggerheads has predated this government.
“But I will just like to appeal to Nigerians that the Muhammadu Buhari government is determined to crack this issue, is determined to get to the bottom of it and it will get done.”
~ Femi Adesina.”
“This statement by Femi Adesina strikes the right note. The Buhari Govt fully accepts and does not try to shirk its responsibility to keep the nation safe and maintain law and order, WHILE correcting the false tribalistic narrative that the attacks are happening because a Fulani man in president. It is very important people know this issue has been going on for decades.
What citizens now rightly demand is that the President, the Security services, and the Governors of the affected states work together to end these killings speedily, restore peace, and find long lasting answers to the decades old problem. ~ Bucky Hassan

1983 coup

The 1983 coup came at the right time…it was a saving grace because we were already feeling the heat, the average Nigerian of middle class economy could not afford these essential commodities. I remember that the lovable 10kobo bread I used to eat every morning as breakfast became 25kobo, my elder bro and I would have to share one, also, Dad and Mum would share another one, thereby giving rise to the family expenditure compared to the meagre pay back then. At 10kobo per medium size loaf of bread, we spent 60Kobo every morning, but @ 25kobo, daily expenditure on breakfast rose to N1.50k, 150% increase.

Where was the Hollander milk, the Peak milk? We found it hard to adjust to the Nido powder milk. The economy remained almost comatose until Buhari/Idiagbon came in.

However, I will not be part of the naivity being exhibited on this issue because I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that only people that are deficient in morals as well as not disciplined, complained about the power seizure of December 31st 1983. People with the opinion that the country would have become paradise on the earth should the 2nd republique not aborted, have wandered off reality of the needs to save Nigeria from the hands of these same corrupt politicians. Instead, I would prefer they opined that Nigeria Independence should have not happened until two (2) decades later than the 1960. The fear is still in them. Thank you.

Some people always tell me that the 1983 coup derailed our democracy, which they said would have taken us to greater heights. They said if there was no “interruptions”­ we would have been developed by now. I don’t think so.It was during his regime that people queued endlessly for essential commodities like rice,milk, sugar etc that was being distributed to people. These items were often unavailable and often if available,there was a lot of bigotry in itsdistribution to the masses. All these happen under President Shehu Shagari’s watch. It was the same time that a member of the Shagari administration said Nigerians should stop complaining about poverty, corruption and bad governance because “they are not picking food from the dustbin”. When the military came at that time, many people celebrated. However, because I have no knowledge of what tomorrow might have been, I will assume that those who claim the coup took us back may be right. May be if Buhari and Idiagbon never came in, in 1983, Nigeria will be like Singapore, Luxembourg or Qatar. Even at that I surely missed something about Buhari and Idiagbon’s military regime. YES! I missed the “jumbo” jail time dished out to convicted corrupt politicians. from 20 to 25 to 60 years. One of them was even jailed for 102 years. Some said it is draconian. But in that case, and considering what we are witnessing today, I sure do love me some draconian rulings for thieves. I’m also imagining what life will be today, if some of the politicians of those days were not released by Gen IBB, mostly in 1986. Same crop of people later formed G77, which also transformed into PDP….Tam David West, that great patriot,who once said that corruption, rather than Boko Haram terrorists, would bring worse bloodshed in Nigeria. Everywhere,corruption,at the polls worse corruption, public money is theirs & people are dying from want!!!
Donald J Trumps definition of “shithole”country status.
1) Your leaders steal your money and hide it in other countries
2) Your children can’t find jobs so they cross the desert, get sold as slaves or make it to the Ocean and cross in dinghies get to Europe to do menial jobs.
3) Your citizens are embroiled in vicious community , tribal and religious killing and the government is helpless.
4) Your institutions don’t work, corruption is celebrated.
5) Religion is the drug your citizens use to calm themselves and attack each other.
6) Life is short and bitter.
7) Your citizens enjoy luxury goods and produce nothing.
8) Politics is do or die and the party in power absorbs every thief because each man wanna chop.
9) Nothing works in your country except faith.
10) Your sisters dominate the prostitution trade in far away lands and excel in “juju” bondage.
11) Workers salaries are not paid, and state governors are arrogant.
If your country fits this bill then you are from a SHITHOLE country, face the truth and make it better . Stop blaming other country leaders


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