Four years ago, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor donated his private jet which was stuffed with millions of dollars by President Jonathan, and then subsequently smuggled out of Nigeria to South Africa for procurement of arms. Nobody knew about this shady transaction until a whistleblower blew the whistle that the jet has been impounded in South Africa by that country’s vigilant security operatives.

Jonathan’s government owned up to the cash and the jet. But while many Nigerians believed that the cash and the jet were on a mission to procure arms for “Boko Haram” the Jonathan regime claimed the cash was for the procurement of arms for our armed forces, even though they failed in explaining and establishing how and why procuring arms for the nation’s armed forces had to be done in such a shady manner so much that a pastor’s jet had to be deployed instead of the standard, conventional methods used internationally!

But let us even pretend to buy the puerile and implausible claim by the regime that it was buying arms for our armed forces with those smuggled millions of dollars, and then let’s ask the clowns who are members of that sordid regime but who now want to impeach President Buhari for engaging in a most transparent arms procurement process the following questions:

1. Who appropriated those millions of dollars for Jonathan for the procurement of those arms?

2. Did he even write to the National Assembly to merely notify them about his intention to procure those arms?

3. And when the whole shady deal collapsed with the impoundment of the jet and cash in South Africa, what did the National Assembly dominated in both chambers by the PDP do?

4. Did they even bother to sanction anybody for possible theft, money laundering or even possibly illegally buying arms for an (or some) illegal group(s)?

5. Who appropriated the $2.1 billion arms funds that President Jonathan carted away and which he used Sambo Dasuki to share to his campaigners?

6. Who or which Assembly appropriated for Jonathan all the billions of dollars he took from the Excess Crude Account of which there’s even nothing to show for the billions?

7. Finally, WHY IS THE PDP AND SOME OF THEIR LAWMAKERS ANGRY THAT BUHARI IS BUYING MODERN WEAPONS FOR OUR MILITARY, something they failed to do but instead looted and shared among themselves our arms funds?

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