She gave her car key to the youngest child in the car while she went to buy some stuff in the mall.

Upon her return, the boy had misplaced the key and the whole family was stranded on the road. Observing her discomfort with innocent kids without a masculine shepherd, I joined the search party.

For each passing minute without the key, she landed the boy that had the key with a slap or a concentrated curse!

After few minutes, she strayed in frustration into a motorbike’s way and was knocked down. It was in the process of helping her up and picking the pieces of her belongings that the car key was found. She had already lost herself before the key was found!

Many people lose themselves in search of what is missing in their lives.

Many lose their moral limb while searching for the “missing rib”!

Some lose their health while searching for material wealth.

I know those who lost their message while searching for relevance and sponsors.

Some lose their marriage while searching for a mirage.

Some have lost their integrity while looking for affinity.

Don’t get missing because something was lost. Sometimes, you just need to ignore the emotional missing link so you can remain spiritually connected.

Don’t lose your mind because the job is lost.

Don’t lose your children while searching for their school fees.

Don’t lose your mantle while searching for a title.

When those things are eventually discovered or acquired, greater things (yourself, relationship, character, values & virtues) would have probably dissolved!

When you eventually hammer that deal, will your nail still be strong enough to hold the woods of your integrity in a proper frame?

By the time you get popular, will you not be strange to dignity?

By the time you get that visa or fame, will your passport to purity not have been torn?

When you eventually make the money, will your marriage/friendship/relationships still have meaning?

Ponder on these….

Stay blessed…



It beats my imagination that some people that are supposedly enlightened would derive joy in misinforming the ignorant. Very pathetic.

It was reported that a Reporter asked the Representative of World Bank in a forum what the Institution is doing to North Eastern ravaged by the evil activities of Boko Haram. In response, the World Bank Rep told the reporter that they are on course as the President even told them to shift focus attention to the North. Although the news didn’t quote the World Bank Chief with their achievements in the North as a whole or North East in particular, those that enjoy everything bad about PMB immediately went to town to insult the President with all manner of names.
In the last 17 months.

We are yet to know what the world bank has really done for the north. Buhari Fault Finders Association of Nigeria aka WailingWailers, pls help us with the list of northern projects

Anyway, under PMB, here are some projects in Northern parts of Nigeria ie. Abia, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra States.

No. 1. and…/world-bank-partners-fg-abia-on…/

No. 2.…/world-bank-provides…/

No. 3.…/

No. 4.…/world-bank-disburse-n1…/

No. 5.…/world-bank-earmarks-200m…/

No. 6.…/

No. 7.….

No. 8.…/anambra-gets-fg-world…/

No. 9.…/world-bank-sets-up-rural-road…/

If the police ask you to write a statement, which they normally do when they stop you on the road and take you to their station or when they invite you to their station, you should know how to write a good statement that will not implicate you.
First, whether you write a statement as a witness or as a suspect, you must understand that your statement is very likely going to be used against you either in court or for the purpose of blackmail by some officers (not all). Therefore, take your statement writing as a serious matter.
Remember that you have right to refuse to write a statement until your lawyer is present. But this normally leads to argument and hostile reactions from the police, and it may likely be a pretext for them not releasing you immediately.
There are no hard and fast rules as to the content of a statement. It is supposed to be what you know in relation to an incident or the reason for you being brought to the station. Since the statement is not just a general view on anything you like, it is important that you know the reason for which you have been brought to the station.
For those who have been suspected of committing an offense, make sure that before you start writing a statement, you ask the officer the offense for which you have been brought to the station. If he tells you that there is no offense, that they just want you to tell them all you know, you can politely say: No, Sir. The police force is meant to enforce the criminal law. Therefore, the police would not have any justification to bring you to the station except if they suspect that an offense has been committed somewhere by somebody – either you or someone else. And you need to know the offense and the person suspected before you could write your statement.
Also, if you were arrested or invited as a result of a petition written against you, you must demand to read carefully that petition before you start giving your statement.
When you start your statement, make sure you explain in your statement the reason for which you have been asked to make your statement. For instance, you can say something like: “I was stopped while driving my vehicle with registration number xxxxx on ________ street in _______ city. After showing my papers to officer xxxxxxx, I was taken to the police station and informed that my car was suspected of being stolen car”
Then you make your statement. You will see that the police will not like this. But you should be able to state the summary of the circumstances that led to you having to make a statement in the station.
I will say more about writing statements at police stations. For now, just get the idea that you should explain why you are making a statement and the offenses you were told you were suspected of. You should state that in your statement before you begin to write other things
POST SCRIPT: The reason you have to state in your statement the reason for making a statement is obvious. Your statement when read by a third party can only make sense in the context of the matter that prompted the statement. So, if you didn’t state the matter to which your statement relates, the police may change the matter down the line. Initially, you thought you were arrested because of stolen vehicle, but the police later charged it to kidnapping. If a judge is reading your statement in a kidnapping case, he will think you were evading the issues. He will think you were dodging the matter that you don’t want to answer the question. And he will form a negative opinion of you based on your presumably inconclusive and evasive statement . So be careful and be wise
A Limited Edition of People

A youngster asked his grandfather…
“Grandpa! How did you people live before with

No technology
No aeroplanes
No internet
No Computer
No Dramas
No aircons
No cars
No Mobile phones.

Dada replied
Just like how you people living today…

No Prayer
No compassion
No honour
No respect
No character
No shame
No modesty”

We, the people born between 1950-1989 are the blessed ones…
Our life is a living proof.

�While playing and riding bicycle, we never bothered to wear helmets.

�After school time we played until its dusk but never watched (TV) by locking up ourselves in a room.

�We played only with our real friends, not with NET friends.

� If we ever felt thirsty, we used to drink tap water but never searched for bottled water.

�We never got ill even after sharing the same juice with four friends.

�We were never put on weight even after eating plate full of rice everyday.

�Nothing happened to our feet even after roaming bare foot.

�We never used any health supplements to keep ourselves healthy.

�We used to create our own toys and play with them.

�Our parents were not rich. They just searched for and gave only love.. not any worldly material.

�We never had cellphones, DVDs, Play stations, XBoxes, video games, Personal computers, internet, chat but we had many real friends.

�We used to visit our friend’s home uncalled and enjoyed food with them. We never had to call them and ask their permission to visit their home.

�Relatives were near to us so our hearts and souls were happy.

�We may have been in Black and White photos but you can find good colourful memories in those photos……..

� We are a unique and the most understanding generation, because we are the last generation who listened to their parents….
and also the first which have to listen to their children.

We are LIMITED Edition

My house was about to be locked, just because I was not able to raise rent. I posted it on Facebook seeking for help, but all I got was 2likes and  0comments.
So I sent 120 messages to friends on my contact list, requesting for a loan of N400,000. Sadly, only 10people replied. 6 out of the 10 claimed they can’t help. Only 1 out of the 4 who said they could help actually gave me some money but the rest only gave me excuses and never picked my calls. Eventually, my house was locked. I have no where to sleep. I walked in the dark, seeking options and suddenly, a heavy storm carried me away. Fast forward, the next day, news quickly spread around that I had died. 2220people posted on my wall how they knew me. How great I was. A committee is formed by my “loyal” friends who quickly raised N1,200,000 via donations, to feed guests at my funeral. My colleagues at work teamed-up and brought another N300,000 for coffin, tents and chairs. I am buried in a coffin worth N100,000 but since they purchased it in a haste, they met a CARTEL who played the role of a middleman and sold it to them for N150,000. My relatives met, it’s a rare occasion for them to meet. For my sendoff they contributed an extra N150,000. Everyone wants to volunteer in order to appear they are helping out. The Youth also, printed T-shirts with my image, each T-Shirt costing N1,500. About 600 youths paid, so the T-shirt man makes N150,000 profit from my death. Everyone wants to speak at my funeral. There was drama all over from people who never knew how I survived. There was rumour that I was murdered by my friends. Also people falsely accused my successful relatives of sacrificing me. Wonderful speeches were made on how talented I was even those who never attended my events. The few friends who supported me in life didn’t get the chance to speak during my funeral although they knew the Truth. Infact, they are prime suspects in my death.
*Don’t show people love when they are gone. Show love to people while they are alive, so that they can appreciate you…
*Call people when they can pick your call not when they are gone and you pretend by shedding crocodile tears when infact they can not hear you…
#DeepTruth That Hurts.
-Choose to be different:
*Show love to the living.
 *Love your neighbour and be your brother’s keeper.
#copied from a friend and shared with you……….. Have a nice day.


Michael Jordan was born in 1963, in the slums of Brooklyn, New York.

He had four siblings and his father’s earnings were not sufficient to provide for the whole family.

He grew up in a poor neighbourhood. Exposed to mindless violence and heavy discrimination in the slums, he saw for himself only a hopeless future.

His father saw in Michael, a lost soul and decided to do something.

He gave Michael, who was 13 years old, a piece of used clothing and asked: “What do you think the value of this outfit would be?”

Jordan replied,”Maybe one dollar.”

His father asked, “Can you sell it for two dollars? If you can sell it, it would mean that you are a big help to your family.”

Jordan nodded his head, “I’ll try, but no guarantee that I’ll be successful.”

Jordan carefully washed the cloth clean. Because they didn’t have an iron, to smoothen the cloth, he levelled it with a clothes brush on a flat board, then kept it in the sun to dry. The next day, he brought the clothes to a crowded underground station. After offering it for more than six hours. Jordan finally managed to sell it for $2. He took the two dollar bill and ran home.

After that, everyday he looked for used clothing, washed and ironed it, and sold it in the crowd.

More than ten days later, his father again gave him a piece of used clothing, “Can you think of a way you can sell this for 20 bucks?”

Aghast, Jordan said, “How is it possible? This outfit can only fetch two dollars at the most.”

His father replied, “Why don’t you try it first? There might be a way.”

After breaking his head for a few hours, finally, Jordan got an idea.

He asked for cousin’s helpto paint a picture of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the garment. Then he tried to sell it in the school where the children of the rich study.

Soon a housekeeper, who was there to pick his master, bought that outfit for his master. The master was a little boy of only 10 years. He loved it so much and he gave a five dollar tip. 25 dollars was a huge amount for Jordan, the equivalent of a month’s salary of his father.

When he got home, his father gave him yet another piece of used clothing, “Are you able to resell it at a price of 200 dollars?” Jordan’s eyes lit up.

This time, Jordan accepted the clothes without the slightest doubt. Two months later a popular movie actress from the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, Farah Fawcett came to New York for her Movie promos. After the press conference, Jordan made his way through the security forces to reach the side of Farah Fawcett and requested her autograph on the piece of clothing. When Fawcett saw this innocent child asking for her autograph, she gladly signed it.

Jordan was shouting very excitedly, “This is a jersey signed by Miss Farah Fawcett, the selling price is 200 dollars!” He auctioned off the clothes, to a businessman for a price of 1,200 dollars!

Upon returning home, his father broke into TEARS and said, “I am amazed that you did it My child! You’re really great! ”

That night, Jordan slept alongside his father. His father said, “Son, in your experience selling these three pieces of clothing, what did you learn about success?”

Jordan replied, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

His father nodded his head, then shook his head, “What you say is not entirely wrong! But that was not my intention. I just wanted to show you that a piece of used clothing which is worth only a dollar can also be increased in value, Then how about us – living & thinking humans? We may be darker and poorer, but what if we CAN increase our VALUE.”

This thought enlightened young Jordan. Even a piece of used clothing could be made dignified, then why not me? There is absolutely no reason to underestimate myself.

From then on, Michael Jordan felt that his future would be beautiful and full of hope.

He went on to become the greatest basketball player of all times.

How can I increase my own value? I am finding it a very interesting thought. I am sure, you too, will.

Legends Never Quit



There are many reasons why God is silent, but I am going to touch on something he recently put on my heart. Sometimes God may be silent simply because he has already spoken to you! If you think about it, how can you accuse God of being silent when he has left you sixty-six letters, thousands of verses? There is no need for him to repeat himself. Aren’t you glad that the book of Genesis doesn’t say, “God said, ‘Let there be light. Let there be light’”?

If you and I had been there on that first day when God said, “Let there be light,” we would have been dancing and rejoicing from 6 o’clock in the morning until about 6 o’clock in the evening.

But suddenly, when it starts to get dark, we begin to panic. “Oh, no, I knew it wouldn’t last! I knew the light was going to go away. Maybe we’ve done something wrong. Maybe we weren’t reading the Word enough.”

The light fades away, and we spend the next twelve hours in sorrow — until the light reappears, and we realize that when God said, “Let there be light,” he didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be night; that there wouldn’t be seasons when we cannot see. He didn’t mean that we would always be able to understand everything that is going on in the heavenly realm. However, the light always reappears, and we see that what God spoke continues to be fulfilled without his having to speak again.

One reason God may be silent is because there is an appointed time for his Word to be fulfilled. One example of this in the Bible is Joseph, who was given the incredible promise that he was going to reign one day. He was going to be a man through whom great provision would be unlocked.

However, there was an appointed time for the fulfillment of the promise and he had to follow God’s plan.


Very soon Nigerians will go to Government hospitals and won’t see a Doctor. The health crisis in Nigeria is unprecedented as the mass exodus hits alarming proportions. Already it takes a new patient 2 hours to see a doctor on the average, 3 hours for new patients.
1. Over 100 doctors have resigned from UCH this year
2. 800 Doctors have resigned from Lagos State hospitals over 2 years. 100 this month alone
3. Kebbi State has been unable to employ a single Doctor in 2 years despite multiple adverts for employment
4. Over 200 Doctors and nurses have resigned from Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital this year
5. Nigerian has 80,000 registered Doctors. More than 50,000 are practicing abroad
6. 92% of Nigerian Doctors in Nigeria are considering finding a job abroad
7. 70% of Nigerian Doctors are making plans to leave for foreign lands and are taking exams to that effect
8. 236 Doctors wrote Primaries for West Africa College of physicians in 2017 to gain admission to Nigerian Teaching Hospitals, 5 years ago over 1000 wrote the same exams. 660 wrote PLAB to practice in the UK over this Primaries exam. Over 1000 have registered for the next PLAB.
Across the nation the story is the same. And the scary part is no one seems to be bothered.

Credits: Attah Essien


Can u judge who is the better person out of these 3 ?

Mr A – He had friendship with bad politicians, consults astrologers, two wives, chain smoker, drinks eight to 10 times a day.

Mr B – He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps till noon, used opium in college & drinks whiskey every evening.

Mr C – He is a decorated war hero, a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and never cheated on his wife and was a painter

You would say Mr.C


Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt! ( 32nd President of the USA)

Mr. B was Winston Churchill!! (Former British Prime Minister)


Strange but true..
Its risky to judge anyone by his habits !
Character is a complex phenomenon.

So every person in ur life is important, don’t judge them, accept them.

..The same Boiling Water that hardens the egg, Will Soften the Potato!
It depends upon Individual’s reaction To stressful circumstances!

Enjoy the journey called Life……

Here is a list of things you need to teach your Child(ren) at early age:
1: Warn your Girl Child Never to sit on anyone’s laps no matter the situation including uncles.
2: Avoid Getting Dressed in front of your child once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.
3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’
4. Whenever your child goes out to play with friends make sure you look for a way to find out what kind of play they do, because young people now sexually abuse themselves.
5. Never force your child to visit any adult he or she is not comfortable with and also be observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.
6. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of questions from your child.
7. Carefully educate your grown ups about the right values of sex . If you don’t, the society will teach them the wrong values.
8: It is always advisable you go through any new Material like cartoons you just bought for them before they start seeing it themselves.
9. Ensure you activate parental controls on your cable networks and advice your friends especially those your child(ren) visit(s) often.
10. Teach your 3 year olds how to wash their private parts properly and warn them never to allow anyone touch those areas and that includes you (remember, charity begins from home and with you).
11: Blacklist some materials/associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes music, movies and even friends and families).
12. Let your child(ren) understand the value of standing out of the crowd.
13: Once your child complains about a particular person, don’t keep quiet about it. Take up the case and show them you can defend them. Remember, we are either parents or parents-to-be. And must share to all friends who have children

By Dr Bukola Williams

In psychology, it has been established that a child’s personality would have formed by the age of 5. This gives insight into how to relate with a child and as he/she grows up.
1. Be a parent to the child between birth and 12 years of age. This is when the spankings, etc can come in. Whatever you don’t correct at this age, forget about correcting later. Correct their perceptions, their orientations, etc. Be available to physically incorporate values into them.
2. From the age of 13-19, you are to be a friend to them.
Many parents want to do core parenting at this age range. If you didn’t achieve that earlier, you may not succeed outrightly here.
Note that one significant factor that can help the child at this phase is the God-factor. If they find God at this age or earlier, they will likely stick to Him forever.
3. From age 20 and above, the best you can be to the ‘child’ is a mentor.
At this phase, be an inspiration to him/her. Let your life inspire him/her. Let your marriage inspire. Inspire them to do things rather than wanting to push your way through. You cannot be adopting spanking and slappings at this age. That is if you are not slapped back. Because if you did a good job, you won’t have to be slapping a 25 year old.

1. Never stop praying for your child however old they grow. Never stop committing them to God’s hands.
2. Never stop being a parent no matter how old they grow, but don’t forget that life is in phases and maximize every phase of their lives by the right approach. Your child is not just the body you see but a soul with an eternity. Parents have a role to play in where that eternity would be.

 The best time to do core parenting is between ages 0-12. You simply cannot afford to be too busy at this stage. Schools, nannies, extra murals cannot replace core parenting at this point. If you are absent in your child’s life at this stage, be sure someone else is shaping your child’s worldview .
 At 12 a child’s curiosities are set. And they spend their teenage years exploring those curiosities and fantasies and experimenting with their identities.
If you attempt core parenting in teenage years, you will meet a brick wall and you might end up with a fractious relationship with your teen.
Your best mode as a parent of a teenager is to “befriend” them. At this stage you can’t take anything for granted you will have to earn their trust. Seek to influence them not control at this point. They will resist control but will respond wonderfully to influence: yours or the streets.
Every Nigerian parent needs to read this. So share it and continue sharing it. Its very important.
Quote me anywhere.
It was said that When Pele saw his father crying after Brazil lost the 1950 FIFA World Cup to Uruguay, he told him: “Don’t worry. One day I’ll win it.” The Rest is history today.
Last month, about 6 weeks ago, October 1st, our nation, Nigeria, celebrated 57 years of independence. Congratulations to our nation and everyone of us.
I had listened to and read diverse comments on the subject; from the street, political leaders, students, traders, religious leaders, government officials etc Unfortunately, many comments were quite negative and seek to blame Past and even present government for the country’s current position.
While you may not be the cause or even know how we arrived here, you and I must decide not to fold our hands and watch our nation bleed(this is even worse than seeing your father cry). We can no longer allow our nation to be a laughing stock when issues of nations are being discussed.
We have seen. We have heard. We have read books: history, geography, biography, autobiography etc. What have they inspired in us?
We must now have our own thinking. We can no longer wait. A better country is a better people. A better people is a better country. It’s about you and I.
We must firstly, learn to think and speak in the light of what we want to see in our nation. We cannot speak cursing words and expect blessings. Our words are seeds, irrespective of tribe, age, sex, education, political or religious belief, your words are seeds. What you say (sow) is what you will have in your garden(world).
Pele did not ignore the opportunity the cry of his father brought to him: he responded from within; he said (that was the Seed)
With all these going on in our nation, in your neighborhood and your world, what’s your response from within?
It’s inside you, let not fear hold you back. Don’t think of a better time or environment. It’s now. These promptings, pains etc are a sign that the iron is hot, so STRIKE! Strike now and strike well. Become that much awaited change agent today.
In any situation, always remember, it’s a season and you don’t have it forever, it is what you say or do that will be forever.
Nobody was there when Pele responded to the opportunity of that season but today it a reference point, it is quoted everywhere, it is used to inspire young people etc.
Rather than complaining, living in the pain of past failure, wont you rather train your mind, develop your skills and talent, leadership etc to win for us; win for us in sports, journalism, technology, education, global relevance, politics, commerce etc. Won’t you rather do something bigger and better with lasting impact with your life and time?
Start today and start now. You will be glad you did. The world will reward you for it. You will be remembered for it, your people may not appreciate but history will permanently honor you.
There is always a place for the man who win for others!
God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria
God bless you.
In 2010 I was a senior manager in a nice firm, my future was bright in the company and I was highly recommended for head of my department. There was a rising star as well, his name is Jacob. I tutored him and tried to manage his excesses because he was exceptionally brilliant. But, he was lazy and carefree. Hardly would he take corrections and rarely would he apologise.
My other colleagues wondered what I saw in him, but they weren’t working directly with him. I knew his type: he hated structure and would never last under a corporate environment. Still, he was a brilliant strategist. I handled him well and our results together with others on my team was highly commendable.
There came a time I was having marital issues and for this reason, I had little patience with Jacob and his shenanigans. I was short-tempered with him but he had gotten used to me managing his excesses, he didn’t take my anger seriously. In two weeks, I had given him 3 queries. This meant dismissal and when I was asked by HR if I truly wanted to let him go, I could not care less. I had my own problems and was not in the mood to babysit anyone.
Three years later, I lost my job because the company was downsizing and top management was affected. I foolishly assumed I would get a job anywhere so initially, I wasn’t worried. But 12 months in, I was still searching and my savings was dwindling fast. I decided, since I wasn’t getting any job, I’d drive my SUV as a cab to those commuting from the airport. This was better than waiting around for nothing…
The cab job surprisingly was not doing badly as I was picking up and dropping off esteemed clients. It wasn’t a lot of money but it was steady.
In July 2016, an esteemed client asked me to pick up his friend from the airport because his driver had flaked on him. This person I was to pick up would turn out to be Jacob. When he called to confirm his location, I instantly recognised his voice. My heart plunged but I wasn’t going to reject the job and disappoint a long-term client. Jacob exited the airport with only a hand luggage so there was no need for me to alight from the car. As he got in the car, I looked back from the driver’s seat to greet him but he was distracted on the phone and never looked up to notice me. He only answered my greeting and asked me to get going
As I drove him all the way to a hotel on the Island, I had tears in my eyes. He looked like he was doing well, his conversations on the phone also showed that he was in control. Jacob had done well for himself and I was now driving him. Life is tricky and has a way of making you the butt of its joke. I cannot lie that I was ashamed but I would never forgive myself if I let him go without letting him know I was proud of him.
We got to the hotel and I quickly got down from the car to open his door. This was when he noticed me. He was speechless for a while then he said in Yoruba “Oga you have been the one driving me since?” He was shocked at first but then he hugged me tight. The tears finally poured, I can’t really say what I felt but I know I didn’t expect his reaction.
“I heard you were let go, I sent you a message on my other number to find out how you were but you never responded”He said while still holding on to my shoulders
I remember receiving a message from him but he was one out of many that called or texted to pity me. I didn’t want anyone’s pity so I never responded.
Jacob made me park my car and took me in to his room to talk. He immediately told me about his new gig. After he was laid off, he got a consultation deal with a multinational which opened doors for him in other multinationals. Now, he has 15 people working for him but he was in desperate need of someone who does the same as him and he didn’t have to worry about their competence. He just wanted to focus more on bringing business to the company.
My life changed that day. I resumed work with Jacob in one week and I have made sure since then to treat his company as if it were mine.
I don’t know why he treated me so nicely after what I did to him but as men, we have never talked about it. I am sure though, that he can feel my gratitude in the way I work and my zeal in doing all I can to make sure he doesn’t have to worry about the back-end.
I hope someone learns from this. lf the world turns upside down, you may end up cleaning for your cleaner. Please always remember this when you act without consideration of the other person’s future.
Please let this go viral now! God bless you as you correct the lies and help the faith of many.

 1. For many years, Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) has been feeding the poor for free especially during her Retreats – Bad for news.
2. Deeper Life builds a #3 Billion Naira Church facility to cater for her teeming multitudes-(The Church comes under attack for not giving the money to the poor by people who probably have never cared for others) Good for news!
3. Redeemed Christian Church of God develops a forest into a sprawling city (Redemption Camp) at no cost to the government helping to decongest Lagos-(No one is interested) – Bad for news
4. Christ Embassy inspires and sponsors hundreds of youths talented in the music ministry-Bad for news.
5. Churches establish universities ensuring that many otherwise jobless academics are gainfully employed – Bad for news.
6. Covenant, JABU, BIU and Landmark Universities are among the 10 cheapest private universities – Bad for news.
 7. David Oyedepo Foundation now gives about N500 million annually in her 24 year old scholarship scheme to indigent students-Bad for the news.
 8. Covenant University in less than 20 years ranks amongst the top universities in Africa ahead of many much older Nigerian Universities-Bad for news.
9. Pastor Adeboye and wife build rehabilitation centre in Epe for youths overtaken by drug addiction – Bad for news.
10. Adeboye and Oyedepo clock 50 and 35 years in marriage respectively-Bad for the news.
11. Pastor Chris gets divorced – news goes viral.
12. Sinach, Eben, Frank Edwards, Buchi, Samsung, Joe Praize all inspired by Pastor Chris-Bad for the news.
13. Daystar equips 20,000 kids as they return to school-Bad for the news.
14. Bishop Oyedepo subsidises transport fare in hometown to #20-#50 per trip-Bad for the news.
15. RCCG builds 80km road connecting Ikorodu with Redemption Camp/Lagos-Ibadan Expressway-Bad for the news.
16. Oyedepo builds #100 million Townhall in Omu Aran-Bad for the news.
17. Ayo Oritsejafor gives cars, money, Keke, sewing machines, grinding machines to the poor-Bad for the news.
18. Oritsejafor receives jet gift-(He must sell and give the poor)-News goes viral.
19. Winner’s Chapel in FACT does NOT own 4 jets-(This is not good for them)-Bad for the news.
20. Pastor Adeboye flies to Zambia, Botswana, CAR, Rwanda in private jet-(He should have flown Nigeria Airways (sic)-News goes viral.
21. Winners Chapel ‘s gift consignment largest ever received by Rwandan Government – Bad for news.
 22. Winners Chapel Accesses Koma Hills with provisions – plants school, church- Bad for news.
23. Olukoya, MFM provides cars and cash for 1st class graduates in Unilag yearly – Bad for the news.
24. Prisoners testify of how Church missionaries led them to Christ, became better citizens-Bad for news.
25. Winners Chapel gives provisions, food, cash to Osun workers after being owed 8 months salary by State Government – Bad for news.
26. Christ Embassy feeds thousands of children daily in her Inner City Mission Scheme (who cares)-Bad for news.
27. Red Cross commends Oyedepo for largest consignment of welfare aid asides government since Nigerian Civil war (who cares)-Bad for news.
 28. Landmark University operates largest scholarship scheme among Nigerian private universities–Bad for news.
29. Bishop Oyedepo sits in Church owned jet (Perhaps he should be standing)-News goes viral.
30. MFM invests heavily in football-(who cares)-Bad for news.
31. Living Faith Church under investigation in UK – News goes viral.
 32. Living Faith Church commended for financial integrity by UK authorities after probe, named as a good example for other NGOs-Bad for news.
33. Nigerian Churches attract largest number of tourists to Nigeria – Bad for news.
34. Nigerian Churches infrastructural development among highest in Nigeria-(who cares ) -Bad for the news.
35. Nigerian Churches now the foremost player in education at all levels in Nigeria-Bad for news.
36. Covenant University generates her own electricity – Bad for news.
37. Faith Oyedepo ‘paralysed’-News goes viral.
38. Faith Oyedepo totally healed -Bad for news.
39. Christ Embassy provides succour for tens of thousands in Haiti – Bad for news.
40. Sierra Leonean President thanks Winners Chapel for relief package to citizens – (who cares) – bad for news.
 41. Oyedepo jets out to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana (he should have driven a car or ridden a donkey like Jesus)-News goes viral.
42. Deeper Life spends #1.2 Billion on overhead bridge to stem traffic (who cares)-Bad for news.
43. In June 2009, right before many witnesses, Pastor E.A. Adeboye presented 50million naira to the Department of Mathematics of the University of Lagos – (who cares)-Bad for news.

44. In June 2010, again , he presented 50million naira to the Department of Mathematics of the University of Ibadan.(who cares)-Bad for news.

45. In June 2011, yet again, he presented 50million naira to the Department of Mathematics of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (who cares)-Bad for news.

46. In June 2012, yet again and again, he presented 50million naira to the Department of Mathematics of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife………(who cares)-Bad for news.

47. Bishop Oyedepo has paid monthly salaries for 20 of the school teachers of his former secondary school in Omu Aran since 2011. Bad for news.
48. Oyedepo also renovated the school and 3 others in his hometown. Bad for news
This is not one of the things the Gate of Hell that wants to pull down the Church discusses on Facebook and other social media. The Church of Christ will never be able to please the Gates of Hell. It’s time to shake off the distraction – copied from Church Gist

“When you go to church today and feel the AC blowing through your wig into your skull, know that you are eating out of your tithe.…

When the bass guitarists, the keyboardists and other guys on the drums are delivering some good music during praise and you’re dancing everywhere and removing your coat, uncle they pay those guys working for God, know that you are eating out of your tithe. …
Most Sundays you don’t go to church because you depend on NEPA to iron your clothes, it is the same thing in the house of God, we don’t depend on NEPA to power the church, we pay for fuel and diesel, so when you go to church today and enjoy uninterrupted worship, know that you are eating out of your tithe.…
If you go to church to charge your phones and you grudge about tithe, well, your case is different. …
When we invite Pst Nathaniel Bassey to lead you in worship to our God, it is not his trumpet he will eat when he goes back home after ushering the Holy Ghost into your life with his ministration, it is not Halleluyah challenge his landlord will eat, we give them minister’s gifts to support the work God is also doing through them, it is the meat that you have stored in God’s house that we use to feed them.
So when Travis Greene comes from the UK to raise the roof in praise and worship dance very well because it is your tithe. “
Who deserves to live in Lekki? The pastor that feeds you daily with God’s word or Timaya that adds nothing to your Christian faith?
Who deserves to drive the best cars? Your pastor glorifying God or Iyanya winding waist with naked women glorifying mammon?
One witch somewhere will just be vexing for nothing that we are giving to advance the kingdom, you grudge when asked to donate to a church project, you grudge when asked to pay tithe, you think it’s your squeezed 50naira that makes you comfortable in worship at church? Witches campaigning for people not to pay tithe to God when they cheerfully pay Millions for a table for 5 at AY shows. Witches!!!”

“The right perception to tithing”

(Please pause and read this)
I have tried so hard to avoid this tithing or no tithing debate, but It will be so ungrateful of me to keep quiet and watch some folk misunderstand a principle that gives me great peace.
I’m not going to quote a single scripture to defend this, if the Bible is too deep for us to understand, then maybe it is time we try common sense.
We don’t tithe because we want to receive from God, we don’t tithe to buy God’s blessings, it is not a give and take something, it is not a trade by batter principle. God’s blessings and favours comes upon us in a million amazing ways without giving a penny, most times the blessings we hardly take notice, He just loves us, unconditionally, whether we are giving to Him or not. He gave us Jesus without our consent, He sent His son at a time when we least deserved it, that’s how much He has been giving to us without asking anything back in return.
I don’t care about being under law, under grace or under mercy, I just love the Lord with all my heart, and with all that is within me. I give back a tenth of all that He gives to ensure that there is meat in His house and to maintain my local assembly. I tithe I understand that it is His duty to maintain the spiritual needs of His house, but since He has given me the capacity to contribute to the physical and material needs of His house, I WILL.
It will be an insult to go to church one day and learn that pastor couldn’t come because he went to work so he can pay his children’s school fees. I tithe to make sure that my pastor’s sermons are not influenced by hunger and lack.
It gives me great joy to know that my tithe contributes to the salaries of the staffs working night and day in God’s house.
I tithe to ensure that God’s properties are protected while I sleep very well in my house. I don’t want to come back next service day to learn that thieves have stolen the church microphones and generator because we cannot hire security guards to keep watch.
If driving a good car helps my pastor spread the gospel across many towns and cities, I will tithe for him to buy a private jet so that he can fly everywhere and spread the gospel faster.
I tithe to maintain His house.
I tithe to finance the gospel.
I refuse to allow the under law and under grace debate make God look complicated to me. The Levite priests did not have electricity problem in their time, bad roads and traffic was not a problem to spreading the gospel, yet God’s people were still giving to maintain God’s house. It’s still the same today, different scenarios.
If living in Lekki will make my pastor beat traffic and come early for service I will tithe for him to buy a house there. If living in banana island will make him accessible to God’s people I will tithe to make it happen.
I tithe so that the generator will never lack diesel. I tithe because it will be uncomfortable for me to worship God in the hot heat with someone who has body odour, I tithe for God’s house to have a good AC.
I tithe to enjoy the same quality of music people enjoy in the clubs and bars.
I tithe for the church to have a good sound system. I tithe for the church to afford professional instrumentalists and sound engineers to make my worship experience more exciting.
I tithe for the church to continue giving bobo and popcorn to our kids in the children’s church.
If my tithe is helping the outreach department take care of the poor and needy I will keep tithing.
If my tithe contributes to the logistics that will fly Bishop TD Jakes down here to give me a different dimension of the Word, I will keep tithing.
If my tithe makes the gospel concerts and word conferences FREE, I will keep tithing.
I tithe not as a batter to receive, it is not a means of exchange, how much can i really pay? I tithe to keep His house running so that I can always run there to refill and recharge.
So whether it is old testament, new testament or future testament, it is our duty to maintain our local assembly, and this is why I tithe cheerfully.
The best news is that you cannot take care of God’s house and live in lack. It all comes back to us in different ways, pressed down, shaken together, and rolling over.
It’s just common sense guys, just common sense.

“`Whatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don’t leave it to chance.“`
“`Why settle for half bread when you can get a full bread or even own a bakery. This is a limiting belief that positions you to settle for less and it is a mediocre philosophy.“`
“`A fool at any age can be a fool forever if he refuses to let go of his foolishness. It is never too late to become wise because the day you wake up and wise up is the day you CHANGE!“`
“`Yes! Physical fingers in your hands are not equal but that does not make any of them valueless financially, and you realise that they are all valuable. You are not even a finger, so why look down on yourself.“`
“`If you are below forty and believe this, I feel so sorry for you because it means you are not yet alive.“`
“`Is your age coming down? Is your wisdom and knowledge coming down? Is the price of goods coming down? Think my friend!“`
“`Why laugh last when you can laugh always and why laugh best when laughter is not a competition. When we program ourselves with these strange philosophies,they limit and restrict us.“`

Why do you want to associate with the devil, the devil depicts evil, no matter how you want to make it look. The Angel you don’t even know is doing its primary assignment of guarding you always. Nothing good comes from the devil. Desist from such philosophy.
“`Change the way you think and talk.. You will change the world.
You have the opportunity to:


Buhari Vs Jimmy Carter

At this rate it is my hope that Buhari does not end up being a one-term President like former US President, Jimmy Carter who was elected with a lot of enthusiasm but ended becoming a great disappointment and was booted out via the ballot box in 1980. Buhari does not even know how unpopular he has become and he has refused to address the pains and concerns of Nigerians.


‘Muslims Of The World… Have No Religious Basis To Rule Jerusalem’

After U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, on December 6, 2017, Mobarak Haidar (above), renowned Pakistani historian and author of multiple books, wrote the following on his Facebook page:[1]
“Jerusalem And Muslim Claims
“The Holy Koran spoke of Al-Aqsa Mosque when it was not a ‘mosque’ in the Islamic sense. It was a holy place because of the prophets of Israel, from Moses to Jesus. It was the holy spot of worship for Jews and Christians. Obviously, there were no Muslims in the city of Jerusalem till the era of Emir-ul-Momineen Umar ibn Khattab… The Prophet [Muhammad] and his followers prayed with their faces toward this Jewish-Christian holy temple because Kaaba (the present center of Islamic Hajj) was full of idols.
“After the ‘Conquest of Mecca,’ Muslims were told to turn their faces toward Kaaba and away from Jerusalem. They have never faced their loyalty toward Jerusalem after that, for the last 1,400 years. No Muslim ever went to pray in Jerusalem till it was conquered by the second caliph [Umar ibn Khattab], although there was no restriction on Muslims. They do not go there today because it was no longer their center.
“Christians were masters of Jerusalem before Muslims conquered it. It is still a holy place for Christians. But Christians have no dispute over ownership of the city. It is their religious right to visit the holy city; and the Jews do not stop them. Muslims, too, should have the same religious rights, and in fact they have those rights; Jews do not stop them. Muslims of the world, therefore, have no religious basis to rule Jerusalem. Most of the Muslims have never even wished to visit Jerusalem. As for the political claim, only Palestinians can make it and only they should negotiate.
“It cannot be a collective Muslim claim. Quraishi Arabs were masters of Jerusalem for some time. Then Mamluks, Muslim kings, took over. Turks came after them. Colonial Christians were the last political rulers. It is interesting to note that Iranian Muslims or Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent or Southeast Asia or of Africa have never been its masters. They can claim only spiritual ties.
“Active centers of Muslim faith are none other than the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. Iranians have never controlled these active centers. But they are passionately building deadly weapons and jihadi forces to conquer or destroy Israel. It is sectarian politics of hegemony which can generate nothing but division and pain.”

Credits: Pakistani Historian Mobarak Haidar

*It’s exactly 6Yrs since Muammar Gadaffi was Killed*

*Muamar Gaddafi’s Prophecies:*

“`”I will not go into exile to any foreign country. I was born here in Libya, and I will die here. This country was a dessert, and I turned it into a forest, where everything can grow.
No one Love this land more more than its citizens. If Europe and America tells you that they love you, be careful. They love the wealth of your land. The oil and not the people. They are helping you to fight against me but, it will be more wise for you to fight against them because they are fighting against your future and progress.

My message to you the people of Libya is, they are helping you to kill me but you will pay the price because you will suffer. And my message to you America and Europe is, you will kill me, but be ready to fight a never ending TERRORISM.
Before you realise your ignorance, terrorists will be hitting you at your doorstep.”

GADDAFI once told the Nigerian and British governments to divide Nigeria into two, so that the Hausa/Fulani (Moslems), Yoruba (Christians) and Biafrans/Igbo, can live as neighbouring countries.

It’s good we look at these 16 REAL REASONS WHY COL. GADDAFI WAS KILLED:
1. There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free for all its citizens.
2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens are at a 0% interest by law.
3. Home is considered a human right in Libya. Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a
4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinars (US$50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment.
5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi, only 25% of Libyans were literates. Today, the figure stands at 83%.
6. Libyans taking up farming as a career, they received farm land, a farming house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick- start their farms – all for free.
7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they needed in Libya, the government funded them to go abroad for it.
8. In Gaddafi’s Libya, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price.
9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.
10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.
11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation, the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
13. A mother who gave birth to a child under Gaddafi, received US $5,000 as child benefit upfront.
14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15
15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree
16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man- Made River Project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
If this is called “Dictatorship”, I wonder what type of Leadership Democrats have!!


I love the reply of this man to Charly Boy after he labelled Pastors as conmen,.
The fact is many Nigerians are loosing it. They can’t think beyond going after pastors.

In what way has pastors prevented Nigeria from owning an Airline

In what way do pastors prevent Nigeria from having industries

Less than 0.0001% of pastors own Jets in Nigeria. But no let us forget the over 70% that earn less than 50k/month and focus on the 0.0001% than own jets.

If you ran your governments the way church leaders are running churches. Nigeria might be a Qatar right now. In all these argument Canaanland has had stable electricity and water supply for its over 15,000 residents since 1999 and is already on the verge of converting waste to electricity. RCCG is producing 25MW of electricity. Yet your useless govt you pay compulsory tax, vat, CIT, Pet Tax has not been able to give you light decades after independence.

Living Faith has more than 16,000 Staff and has never owed any of them salary! Yet your state govt that collects Allocation plus Tax cannot pay full salary.

Living Faith a single Church is schooling 16 thousand of your Citizens in Higher institutions and many more at primary and Secondary levels yet you think you have the capacity to waggle your tongue

I went for Shiloh all through and stayed in the staff quarters yet it was electricity all through, for one second water did not go off inspite of thousands that were present. On a normal day you won’t walk 20 meters before you find a segregated bin to dispose your waste.

The entire area was fully covered by different layers of Security with multiple CCTV and IoT enabled barrier gates. And yet your Abuja, capital of the Nation does not have CCTV yet you open your foul mouth to talk down on pastors! Ode

Between the guy that calls himself Area father and Oyedepo who resigned a federal job and started a Church of 3 people and has widened it to over 6,000 churches globally, over 100 schools, 2 hospitals, Over 1000hectares farm for livestock and crop, Another farm in Igbesa and CU. With 15,000 housing Estate, Water factories, Zeolite factory, One Research center, a scholarship fund, Beverage factories, 10 million books, Publishing house, Radio Station etc who has had more impact or who will have better capacity to govern the nation. Mumu

Canaanland host hundreds of thousands of people every week yet no stampede ever. Your govt gathered ppl at stadium for recruitment excersise and before it even began many were dead!

Living Faith already has a master plan till 2032 yet your govt does not have a plan for 2020!

You know Illogicality is the trademark of most Africans. They fail to think beyond their prejudices and sentiments hence Africa has remained on the ground.

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