Pictures of Nigerian Civil War – From starving Biafran children to execution of Nigerian Soldiers (Warning Disturbing Images)

Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind, Says John F. Kennedy. WAR is never a good thing either a solution to a problem…. In my own view, WAR is just a continuation of politics by other means and is something absurd, useless, that nothing can justify. Frankly, The Nigeria/Biafra war of 1967-1970 is a complete mass murder by few serial killers who has not yet been brought to book. I was emotionally disturbed when i saw this Biafran photos, both men, women & children been slaughtered like fowl. More than 1 million lives was wasted during this wicked murder by cold-blooded killers & their counterparts abroad.

My Question Still: What Has Been Achieved After This Mass Massacre Of The Innocent Children And Their Mothers???  Sad


**My country Nigeria is completely insane even presently**

SEE PHOTOS:It’s really disturbing! Very Disturbing!!!

A Biafran family

Below is former French Air Force (of the CEV test centre) B-26R, USAAF serial 41-39531 and the first of two B-26’s delivered to the Biafran Air Force, shown after what looks like a heavy landing resulting in a nose wheel tyre failure.


Biafra Children

Refugees fleeing federal troop

Aba General Hospital Massacre by Nigerian Forces with Nigerian Napalm Bomb on July 12, 1968.

Biafra Refugee Camp

1970: A group of malnourished children eat a meal at a refugee centre during the Biafran famine.

Troops from the Nigerian Federal Army marching along a road after routing Biafran troops at Port Harcourt during the Biafran War.

Starving Children of Biafra

5th August 1968: Biafran protestors at a peace rally in Hyde Park, London.

An amputee resting on a large wheel during the civil war in Biafra

Nnamdi Azikiwe at the Nigerian High Commission Office in London, Aug. 28, 1969, as he urged Biafra to abandon its fight against the Nigeria government.

Major-General J.T.U. Aguiyi-Ironsi head of Nigeria’s new Federal Military Government and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, in Lagos, Nigeria, Jan. 25, 1966.

A Biafran doctor hands out cups containing the daily ration of powdered milk to a line of children at a refugee camp in Anwa, Biafra, Aug. 5, 1968

A federal Nigerian soldier holding an anti-tank bazooka is seen covering the end of the Aba-Umuahia road where Biafran troops hold positions, Sept. 21, 1968.

An Igbo soldier captured by Nigerian troops near Owerri in Biafra throws up his hands in anguish as his captors tell him he will die as a traitor, Sept. 1968.

Biafra Declaration 30th may 1967

Biafran women and children outside White House in an effort to see first lady Lady Bird Johnson Oct 5 1968 about starving countrymen back home in war-torn Biafra

Company of Biafran soldiers leave their positions to advance on a Nigerian position 100 yards away during the Aba offensive, Aug. 1968.

Jubilant Nigerians in the capital city of Lagos cheer as they read of the surrender of the rebel Biafran forces, Jan. 12, 1970.

Major General Yakubu Gowon at Dodan barracks, stands before a map of Nigeria as he tells reporters at a press conference that the war will be over in 4-8 weeks – Sept 13 1968

Wounded soldier attended by Igbo medic Biafra Nigeria 1968

9yrs old Igbo albino clutching an empty corned beef tin Biafra, Nigeria. April 1968

A young mother bosom feeds her five-month-old baby boy while holding her starving four-year-old daughter, near Anwa, Biafra, Aug. 5, 1968.The daughter died a few hours later

Belgian Mercenary Marc Goosens Killed during a Nigerian attack on Onitsa, Biafra Nigeria Nov 1968

Catholic Mission Food Distribution Biafra Nigeria April 1968

Igbo officer addressing one of his dead soldiers Biafra Nigeria April 1968

Cinematographer Raymond Depardon Biafra, Nigeria August 1968 by Gilles Caron

Igbo Soldier Biafra Nigeria Nov 1968 by Gilles Caron

Igbo ‘soldier’ carrying a wounded comrade Biafra Nigeria April 1968

Igbo Soldiers, Biafra Nigeria April 1968

Igbo Victim of the civil war, Biafra, Nigeria, July 1968

Sixteen-year-old Igbo boy, Biafra, Nigeria, 1968

Starving Igbos, Biafra, Nigeria July 1968

Wife of a Nigerian Officer burned alive Biafra Nigeria April 1968

1968 – A Biafran soldier in the bush on alert before the invasion of Abagana

Biafran child soldier said to be about 13, and one of the Onumonus, and former French Legionnaire Rolf Steiner awaiting orders

Owerri, Biafra -Lt. Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu, leader of secessionist Biafra, announces introduction of new currency and postage stamps, officially issued on January 29th 1968

Nigerian Troops firing artillery gun in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, during the Nigerian Civil War. Col Benjamin Adekunle is seen here with left hand on the artillery gun.

American pilot Ron Archer, en route to Biafra on an ammunition supply run for the Biafran army [Circa 1968].


Biafran Children

Biafran Soliders

A priest blesses a Biafran man during the civil war in Biafra

Africa, Nigeria civil war, Biafra, a Nigerian prisoner taken by the Biafran forces.

A group of emaciated children during the civil war in Biafra

A family in Biafra, a secessionist state in Nigeria, 1970.

Two children cling to their mother in Biafra, a secessionist state in Nigeria, 1970.

A child bearing burn-marks in the arms of a priest during the conflict in Biafra, a secessionist state in southern Nigeria, circa 1970.

Three dead civilians, one a child, lying side by side on the ground, covered by leafy branches in Biafra, a secessionist state in southern Nigeria, circa 1970.

Biafran Solider

British businessmen John Downing, a tractor company salesman, and William Blakeley, a marine manager, are held prisoner after being captured and beaten by Nigerian Federal Troops during the Biafran war in Nigeria.

1968: Federal troops halt a car laden with food on the road to Onitsha, Nigeria, during the Biafran War.

Nigeria civil war, Biafra, wounded soldier carried by comrades in arms.

Africa, Nigeria civil war, Biafra, wounded soldier during an attack.

Biafra-Nigeria Civil War

A victim of the war. The Hausa tribe (North Nigerians) massacred a great number of the Igbo tribe (East Nigerians) who were living in the north. The country suffered a severe civil war (1967 – 1970)

War on civilians in Umuahia (Biafra)

Biafra — Dead Nigerian soldier found in his trench after the liberation of Ikot Ekpene in Biafra, clutching relief ration. 7/6/1968

16 Jan 1970, Lagos, Nigeria — Lagos, Nigeria: Three members of an International Team of Observers reporting in Lagos, right to left, Col. Douglas Cairns of Great Britain; Yngye Berlund of Sweden; and Brig. John Drewery of Canada. As part of an eight-man team that visited the war zones, they said they neither saw nor heard of any evidence of genocide in the eastern Region Nigeria, formerly Biafra

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