Medical Crisis in Nigeria

Medical  Crisis in Nigeria 

The current population of Nigeria is 192,207,088 as of Thursday, August 3, 2017, based on the latest United Nations estimates.

Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.55% of the total world population.

Nigerian government  spends only N3,074 on her citizens  annually.      

Nigeria has  87,000 registered doctors on the Nigerian Medical Association’s register. 

Nigeria  has  35,000 registered doctors actively practicing out of 87,000.

Nigeria  has 52000 registered  doctors  that are unaccounted for. 

Nigeiria  has 24500 registered doctors   practicing   in urban areas where only 57.7m   of the populace lives. A ratio  of 1:2353  Physician:Patient

The standard of WHO for Physician:Patient is 1:600

Nigeria has 10500 registered  doctors practicing in the rural area where 153.8m of the populace lives. A ratio  of 1:14647 Physician:Patient

Nigeria needs extra 285,345  doctors to make 320,345 doctors to match a ratio of 1:600 Physician:Patient.

Nigeria’s universities produce less than 3000 annually  where a larger chunk seek greener  pastures  abroad. 

Nigeria  needs around  90-95 years to get the required numbers of doctors. A task which on Mount  Everest. 

Nigerians spends a minimum  of $1bn annully on medical  tourism  where 80% is remitted  to the Indian  medical tourism industry matching  27% of India’s earning annually. 

Nigeria’s 2017 budget allocated a paltry N304b representing  4.3%  to the health sector contrary to the recommended 15 percent by African Union countries in the 2001 Abuja declaration which commits member nations to improve national health budgets.

FG, States Spend 4.3% of N13.5tr Budgets on Health which is  N591b



Invest massively in the Medical  sector. This would  allow Nigerians to visit our hospital  instead of traveling  abroad.

Grant Scholarship  to all Medical  students with a bond to work in Nigeria.

Offer Juicy salaries to Doctors abroad and in Nigeria  . This would push them to Nigeria. 


Take a look at Nigerian  health Sector in the last 2year 


A Case of Mentally Bankruptcy!!!!! May 2015-May 2017


Nigerians from 2015-2017  coughed out $1.6bn as the barest minimum to the Indian Medical sector from May 2015-May 2017.


1. What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is defined as travel by an ill person to another country for medical care and well-being, rehabilitation & recuperation.


2. What is the worth of India Medical Tourism annually?

As at 2017 its $3b and it is being projected to touch $8 billion by 2020


3. How many Nigerian Visit India annually?



4. How many Nigerian Visit India annually for medical tourism?

20,000 that  is 50% of Nigerians visiting India annually


5.what is the  average cost of ticket, Accommodation, feeding and feeding  for patients?

$40,000 depending on how severe the case is.


6. How much is the cost of medical tourism to Nigerians annually?

($40,000*20000) =$800m/yr.


7.What is the % size of what Nigerians spend as compared to Indian medical tourism worth?

26.7% is the size.


8.How much has Nigerians spent in two years on medical tourism on the average?



This is what $1.6bn will do in two years 


9. How many mobile cancer care/ screening machine will it buy

It will buy 112 nos  MCC machine @$1m each with 18 per region and 4 for ABJ making 112 nos of MCC machines to detect and take care of cancer patient. 



10.How many hospital will it build

It will build 38 world class hospital in our 6 geopolitical regions and 2 in ABJ making 6nos.  nos each region and two in Abuja @ $20m= 



11. How many Medical consultants will Nigeria  engage:

We will engage world class Consultants 72 per region making 432  consultants and 16 in FCT making 448

Salary  $13,000/month



12.How many young doctors will we engage:

We will engage 1600 young doctors/ region making 4800 doctors and 320 in The FCT making 9920 

Salary @ $1500/Month



13.How much accommodation and cars can it provide for the Doctors?

We will advance the Consultants 

$20,000 for accommodation 

$10,000 for Car


The young doctors 

$10,000  for Accommodation 

$5000 for Car 


Interest Rate : zero 

Payment period : 60 equal installments.

Making a total $162.2m one off.


14.How much will be approved for running cost for each hospital:

We will make  available $3m for running cost of each hospital per region making $104m


15.How will the hospitals be powdered:

We will make available Energy  via solar energy solution and  for each hospital 2MWx 38nos 76MW 



16: How much drugs will we make available to each hospital.


We have $76.5m for subsidized drugs for 38 hospitals where people will pay.


17: How will the hospital be managed

We will hand over the hospital to seasoned professionals who will manage at an agreed fee from the revenue generated from the hospital.


Finally we will embark on a massive reorientation for the need to take up medical insurance to forestall having to look for  medical fee in the event of illness.


All these can be done in 4 years  and  all the  investments will be recouped back in less than 120 months.

There will be investors in droves but we have a government that doesn’t care about her citizens.


Text Credit: Dr Mustapha Rabiu

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