The Simple effective way to prevent cows from grazing and destroying your farm

The *raining season* will soon be over and the *Fulani herdsmen* will begin to parade their cows on people’s farm. We don’t need to fight them. But *Be Prepared* is the Watch Word. By putting them off our farms. *How*? If we plant some plants at the boundary of the farm.(Farm Perimeters) Such as *Jathropha* plants *(Lapalapa*), which naturally animals don’t like the smell of this plant.
*Senna Alata* plant *(Efinrin)* also puts animal off.
*Castor plant* is very poisonous to animal. God is wonderful. Animals can smell poisonous plants.
So with the little rain we expect, let’s get our hands on any one or more out of these plants to secure our farms from those intruders. You can get *victory* without a battle if you are prepared.
Be informed that it’s *Used on Federal Government Project on Cassava in Ijebu Igbo.*
This has nothing to do with hatred of a tribe or cruelty against animals but protection of one’s properties and prophylaxis and prevention of unseen future conflict.
Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure – Nostradamus II

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