Was he killed? Did he die? Can he be forgotten? Will June 12 be interred with his bones? When will June 12 assume its rightful place in our nation’s existential protocol? Yes, a plethora of questions seeking answers.

Now that CHANGE resonates as did HOPE ’93, nothing can be more reassuring of the presence of MKO Abiola than the reality of the now. Nothing can be more salutary than the fact that that for which he became a martyr is getting finer and stronger, yes for our democracy Abiola and his wife Kudirat paid the supreme price, choosing the sanctity of the sacred mandate passed on to him in the sun and in the rain by millions of Nigerians on June the 12th, 1993 above the jangling comfort that a possible abandonment of the mandate held out.

Gone in the physical BUT they remain with us, like the Phoenix their sacrifice for nation redefines their existence, their altruism redefines our politics, and their very essence redefines the moral margins of this polity, may the message and the significance of June 12 wear the garb of eternity, may its plumage like the Phoenix every so often create, recreate and replenish our space with paladins of due process, vanguards of freedom and democratic rights, and with men of unimpeachable credentials. May the light of June 12 never dim, may the waters of liberty never dry, and may such iniquitous short-change of a people’s rights and freedoms never again occupy this space. Amen.

– Prof.Chris Nwaokolobia Chris Nwaokobia Jnr V

Director – Change Ambassadors of Nigeria (CAN)

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