Democracy Under PMB has been in its best(relatively) since 1999. Buhari, was never involved in a Coup but when NPN stupidly rigged 1983 election shamelessly, some soldiers and civilians saw that as a slap on all and thought that if this satanic party called NPN wasn’t stopped, they will stop the country. So they struck and sent that evil NPN back to hell. After the coup, the organisers, went and begged Buhari to take over and save the nation ( after the original leader of the coup – Col.Ibrahim Bako was killed in a rather controversial freak shooting incidence ).

After a long persuasion, he agreed. He fought corruption and return the country to the path of discipline and growth. He changed the color of naira and this turned the NPN thieves to instant beggars! Buhari’s record of good governance endeared him to Abacha who was in dire need of popularity.

Abacha, a Babangida man preferred to work with Buhari and jettisoned IBB throughout his reign. There’s nothing strange in PMB serving as PTF Chairman under Abacha, Jakande also did. Soyinka also served under IBB. The Most important thing is that PTF was visible in every part of Nigeria just like FRSC of Soyinka endures till date and Gwarinpa Estate built by Jakande remains the best and the biggest in AFRICA!!!
In 2003, Buhari started his bid to rescue democracy from the hand of another hell driven political party PDP but he couldn’t until PDP finished the country financially, securitywise, PDP left the nation in a total mess and stole everything on sight so much that a one time NCE Lecturer with round hat and his Bayelsa civil servant wife became overnight billionaires and hero to some fools who had earlier accompanied the PDP to Nigeria from hell.

After the ship of Nigeria hit the iceberg of economic problems, boko haram challenge, kidnapping, unimaginable corruption, poverty, joblessness, restiveness, borderlessness, Shamelessness and heading towards hopelessness, Buhari took over and all he could do is to reverse the sorrowful years of PDP. He has reversed Boko Haram and cities are being liberated such that no single LG in Nigeria is under Boko Haram today, he has reversed the kidnapping of Chibok Girls and many are back raising hope of for the coming back of others. America now sells arms to us, we need not go to black markets again and be buying weapons where criminals do business. Although Herdsmen are on rampage but this has been on long before boko haram and they’re well organised but the government is stopping their atrocities just that they need to do more. All these are inherited problems.

On corruption, PMB is fighting it and thieves can testify to the glory of God. His SGF is on suspension. Chieftains of his party like Nyako and his son, Goje Saraki, etc are in court on Corruption issues, even the new decampees to his party like Uzor Kalu, Ifeanyi Uba, etc are not left out but PDP will always rant that the war is one sided…..they want corruption to be fought using quota system or federal character but they ruled for 16years and planning to rule for 60 years, whereas APC is only two!!! Recovery of looted funds has been.made, whistleblower policy is working and, at least, a president who is not ready to steal is in power!!!

On the economy, there was confusion initially which was left to hang on for long but, we must know that the government did not do this to deliberately punish us, they only want to be sure that the best approach is adopted. The havoc wrecked by the PDP is worse than the ones of Sodom and Gomorrah. However, results are coming in with speed of snail but with dedication of an Eagle!!!

We have seen due process being followed, the president is on medical trip and the vice is acting thoroughly. He addressed the nation today. This is unprecedented in our democratic journey, it is unique and a great leap from the era of impunity we are used to.
Niger Delta militants have ceased fire and economic activities are picking up, We are growing rice, we have a timeline for stoppage of petrol importation. We are substituting imports and seriousness in governance is apparent.

Although, we missed it at NASS, NASS is a big MINUS in that two years that it has been under a career thief and ruthless destroyer, a tool in the hand of corruption, however, we are not perturbed by their hell traits!!!

No doubt the next two years will be better because lessons have been learnt and experience is now updated. Just as we see unemployed youths and aged getting some monthly token, I want to see increased minimum wage for workers, I want to see more growth in the economy especially diversification, total crushing of terror both Herdsmen and boko haram. I want to see convictions of thieves including that of Mesu and others.

So help us God.

Happy Democracy Day!!

Additional Credits: Aiyekooto Akindele

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