Nigeria & The Osborne Towers Cash Mystery

The news of the $43.4m discovered by the EFCC in Lagos upon a tipoff by a whistleblower reminds me of a book I ones read titled “Escobar: The Story of The World Most Powerful Criminal” written by the younger brother of Pablo himself, Roberto Escoba. In the book, while Escobar’s money is said to be scattered & hidden in virtually everywhere and anywhere one can imagine, €5m was discovered hidden in a complex built in the jungle where many cocaine factories existed & are operating from. Upon besieging the property, detectives found a 50 tonne secret vault belonging to Escobar with dollars stashed in. The similarity between the Osborne case & that of Pablo appears to be too identical with Osborne breaking the record of Escobar.

Another example from history abound. In the year 2013, Moscow’s airport being the home of a whistleblower called Edward Snowden was reported to have found £20bn in cash left unclaimed in the airport & to date, the money still remains unclaimed. Some say the money was from Iran. As it is, the money stands out as mysterious.

An insider from the Russian Intelligence Agency who spoke in confidence to a Russian newspaper concerning the moscow €20b unclaimed cash suggested the money could be part of monies wired to Moscow by Sadam Hussein in 2002 for some ……….. The insider warned against digging deep by making a categorical statement saying : “This is more dangerous than you imagine”. The Russian Intelligence Agency insider further stated that those trying to claim the money include Ukrainian spies, Chechen gangstars, Al qaida members, the Knights of Malta, & a foundation called the “World of Kind People”- a foundation that is run by Ukrainian Intelligence Agents. Contrary to the forgone clarified above & Coming back home to the Osborne scandal, Nigeria’s Intelligence Agency (NIA) is the body that has come out to claim the cash proceed without keeping distance to the money. The NIA operating on a different lane when compared to other Intel agencies.

Even though it is official that NIA has claimed the said money, many conspiracy theories abound in the social media space with many pundits lampooning the govt/NIA critically . Many have given it a political colouration while others are seriously condemning the NIA.The DG NIA who happens to be made by the previous admimisttration is acused of either covering for the GEJ administration or covering up for some powerful forces in Buhari’s current govt that has allowed him the power of control over the agency.

Come to think of it, the fact that the NIA claims the money is not an end in itself and it doesn’t stand out as cover up in anyway. The main issue is, who approved that amount to be used for that covert operations? who was responsible for executing the covert operation? how did the monies meant for the NIA ended up in that building under the guise of covert operation? Why was the money not retired?
The fact that an item was missing, diverted along the line & recovered from the lines doesn’t take away the title of ownership from the real owner; the recovery & the claim of ownership by the title owner doesnt exonerate the thief as well.

But by admitting that those dollars are meant for covert operation further redicules the NIA for failing in it’s covert operations. The world over, Intelligence Agencies don’t go public concerning their covert operations. It would have been better if the whistleblower was given his 5% & allow the case to rest as burried monies from dead pecple with the govt waiting for the day a living claimant will fall from the heavens to claim the dead money. Meanwhile, anybody found not to have discharged his/her responsibility or found diverting funds meant for project xyz should be dealt with decisively.
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