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I wish to refer all those who have been commenting on the Custom Uniform debate to take time out to read Sections 1-4 of the Nigerian Customs Service Board Act which creates the Nigerian Customs Service Board and the constitution thereof as well as the Customs and Excise Management Act to appreciate the time wasting exercise of the Senate that has unfortunately distracted itself from the main substance of the issue which is the retroactive policy on payment of duties on vehicles and has concentrated on a time wasting , pedestrian and non issue of wearing uniforms by the CG.
I am still waiting for anyone including the Senate to refer us to any general policy guidelines made by the Nigerian Customs Service Board that prescribes that the CG must wear uniforms.
In fact by the provisions of Section 2 of the Act, anybody can be appointed as CG including a person seconded from any arm of the Civil Service . It doesn’t have to be a career officer.
And do our Senators and all know that the duties of the Board under the Customs and Excise Act are in two parts?
Do they know what the Excise duties entail?
Do they know that border and port control and duties assessment and collection are only an integral part of the functions of the service?
Do they know that it also has inspectorate responsibilities over factories and industrial complexes?
Do they know it has powers over some elements of aviation with powers to even impound ships and aircrafts?
Do they know that it also must grant licences for the production of spirits and beers?
Do they know that No brewery or distillery can manufacture beer or spirits in Nigeria without licence from the Board of Customs?
Are they aware that It also has powers to make regulations regulating the manufacture of Tobacco .?
And above all, about half of its work force doesn’t even wear uniforms especially those on Excise duties.
The CG is therefore not an enforcement officer alone, but also a regulator and licencing body.
He is not obliged by law to wear uniform.
Please let us support our assertions with the law setting up the Customs and Excise and its functions.
Which law prescribes that anybody in the Customs should wear uniforms. As Comptroller General, he is the Vice Chairman of the Board and Finance Minister is the Chairman. Would she also wear uniform?
He is not obliged to wear uniform because his schedule of duties does not require him to so do. Neither can he be compelled to do so.
The Senate is misdirected in this case. Instead of facing the real issue of the retroactive directive on duty payment for imported cars, they are here busy chasing inanities and leaving the substance.
They will come out bruised.
Dr Olu Agunloye was Corp Marshal of FRSC, he didn’t wear uniform to work. Roli Bode George as DG of NDLEA and her Executive Chairman don’t wear uniform to work. She adorned it only occasionally out of choice and not because she was compelled or obliged to so do and for ceremonials.
Lanre Ipinmisho was DG of NDLEA and didn’t wear uniform.
Retired AIG Oyakhilome was DG of NDLEA and didn’t wear uniform.
Coming to Lagos, Retired Commissioner of Police Arebamen and Odubela were heads of LASTMA and AIG Chris Olakpe currently heads the agency . None of them wore or wears uniform because the law didn’t make it obligatory for them to wear it.
General Bamaiyi was Chairman of NDLEA, he didn’t wear their uniform either. Neither did AIG Fulani Kwajafa.
The current DG too doesn’t wear any uniform.
The pioneer Director of Customs, Mr Diyan and his predecessor didn’t wear uniform too.
It was Dr Bello who was a Veterinary Surgeon before his appointment as DG who first wore the uniform . He was never in the Customs before his appointment.
They were all political appointees to the offices.
So why the hullabaloo about a non issue as pedestrian by the Senate.
The Senate promulgated the laws under which he operates, why is it so difficult for them to invoke their own law setting up the Customs to deal with the issue rather than all the playing to the gallery as we have so far seen.
I have not heard any of the throats bursting senators make any reference to any law or guidelines that the DG of Customs has flouted by his refusal to wear uniform
I believe that is not too much for them to refer themselves and the citizens to the relevant laws or regulations. They should invoke the law rather than distracting the Customs from doing its work. Enough of the comedy.









Buhari Owns The Heart, Saraki and Others Own The Valves

I slept early and woke up 2:34 am ET. I
decided to call two sources to know what
is happening on ground in Nigeria. With
each sentence we exchanged, I grew
more despondent. I saw all these
happening over a year ago when I wrote;
“Buhari Always Need An Idiagbon.” I
think intensely about Nigeria, it probably
is the reason why everything I predict
Saraki is effectively an Iroko. An Iroko
that takes daily sacrifice. Did I not say he
is Buhari’s first mistake? Now we know,
given the sheer ennui of the Nigerian
state. Saraki knows the game. Buhari will
not gratify anyone, Saraki will and he
does. With hungry Senators who came on
board to milk the nation, they soon found
out the gravy train has left the station.
Saraki created scores of committee and
bought their loyalty. He bought them
SUV’S befitting their status. Without
Ghana must go, he led the fight to make
constituency project a percentage of the
budget. Wetin remain? The Senators lined
up behind him while Buhari gropes in the
dark with Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari
riding him like a donkey.
The fight for 2019 is on and it is not for
the faint-hearted. It is going to be bloody!
It will be fought with sabotage, treachery,
subterfuge, blackmail and good old
money. Where are those who wrote I
belong to nobody for Buhari? They have
mellowed! They ran for cover! This battle
is not for small boys. It is for big boys
with deep pockets. No stone will be left
Let no one tell me we have any power.
We have power to choose with what
money produces. Do you know how
Buhari emerged? Were you a delegate?
Money is the name of the game. If
Kwakwanso had emerged, you would
have voted him. The primaries is where
the battle is fought. It is where the
money gets spent. It is where power is
deployed, the rest is cakewalk.
Buhari has the heart. We elected him. We
also elected the legislators. In thinking
out this update. I went into my
knowledge of human anatomy. I thought
of the heart and its valves. Saraki is
Buhari’s pulmonary valve.( tricuspid valve)
There are only two options open to
Buhari now. Remove Saraki or make
peace with him. Buhari can’t do either
because you can’t give what you don’t
have. He loathes Saraki yet he is a man
who relies on others to act. He does not
have the ruthlessness and ruffle me not
that is a critical requirement for a
President. Buhari in his second coming
does not have an Idiagbon. His Idiagbon
is sitting on the sidelines enjoying the
result of Buhari’s folly and their folly.
Saraki will not stop. He will inflict
maximum pain. A president that cannot
issue query to his Chief of Staff will never
take on a Saraki. I will reiterate here yet
again. Integrity alone is not enough to
govern. That is the tragedy of our pyrrhic
victory of 2015. A defeat in victory.
(Sent to me privately by a senior )









Countrymen, this is sardonic; and it saddened and grieved me so much, each time I heard about certificate scandal in Nigeria, most especially by our politicians. This is so lugubrious and ignominious. Because this news is not only heard and read only in Nigeria, but in the whole wide world. The fact remains that as this abysmal information spreads like a communicable disease, so as any certificate obtained in Nigeria became doubtable in other parts of the world. Should we now blame this on the politicians themselves or on the electoral body who, in their act of ineptitude or maybe dereliction of duties restrained from carrying out a proper scrutiny of their certificates and all other vital piece of information about them before confirming their eligibility in elections, or what should we call this?

Here’s my personal experience. I was in the United Arab Emirates, and I submitted my credential for a particular job. I checked back as scheduled, having looked at my certificate, the Whiteman asked: “Are you sure your certificate is authentic.” I was so furious; because this is a certificate that I worked fiercely for five years to obtain. Even though I never carried over any course throughout my programme, every Nigerian knows that when you put in for a four year’s course, just hope for five years or more because of the incessant down tools in Nigerian higher institutions. My lividness however, aroused my curiosity and and asked him why. He said “We’d hear of Nigerian politicians involving in certificate scandals.” I was immediately speechless because I knew he wasn’t telling lies.

How can these politicians eat our future at home and also tag us black sheep abroad. How they do they want us to survive. Their actions and inaction have painted us black apart from our skin colour, all over the world. We have been striped naked of our dignity and integrity whenever we find ourselves abroad. I think we need to have a rethink and amend our ways. We need to make a communal call to reattitude before the world tags every Nigerian a criminal. As far as am concerned, the electoral body should be help responsible for any certificate scandal by any politician. This is because the body is saddled with the responsibility of verifying the academic and financial probity of any candidate vying for a political position or any appointee by the Executive.











I’ve read so much about how much TBoss is hated so much in the house and by outside viewers and I’m wondering if the people who make these comments actually watch the Big Brother Naija show or they just depend on opinions of biased TBoss fans.
Nigerians have been accused of hating on TBoss because she’s beautiful, light skinned, has piercings and tattoos all over. Have you ever stopped to consider that she could be disliked for reasons other than these?? Well, it’s time to put some things straight.
Let’s start from the origin of the intense dislike for her. TBoss was an item with one of the housemates Miyonse. She was ALWAYS with Miyonse, cuddling up or simply chilling with him and NEVER mingled with the other housemates(HMs)
. While she was bonding with Miyonse, the other HMs bonded with each other and formed alliances amongst themselves.
She lashed out at Miyonse during parties if he dared to dance with any other HM. She scolded him, sulked and had the poor young man begging for like forever for her forgiveness. When she was finally tired of Miyonse, she nominated him, the only friend she had in that house at that time, for possible eviction citing distraction as her reason. Of course, Miyonse was evicted. Poor boy didn’t even see it coming. She shed a few trademark crocodile tears and latched on to Gifty, whom she had earlier detested because she felt Miyonse liked her. Their common grounds for bonding? Their beaus Miyonse and Soma were both evicted same day and they ‘mourned’ together. Shortly after Gifty was evicted, TBoss moved on to Debie-Rise (DR). When all her close friends except DR were evicted, she was left with the HMS she refused to mingle with and whom had formed their bonds without her. She turned around to accuse them of conspiring against her and acting her.
Away from her being antisocial, TBoss never danced during parties. She glammed up for parties and stood well away from the gyrating HMS who danced away during the parties. She claimed she doesn’t know how to dance and simply refused to move her body to any rhythm. She just sipped her wine in her corner, ate out of the barbecued meat and went inside when the party was over. This she did for nine good weeks.
She complained incessantly during tasks … from the wet overalls , to how yucky the task dish was, bla, bla, bla. While the other HMS braced up to the tasks and gave it their best shots, TBoss grumbled her way through tasks.
If she lost during the head of house (HOH) or arena tasks, the viewers will have earfuls of her complaints. When she feels the complaints aren’t making much impact, she resorts to crocodile tears.
TBoss is so unforgiving! Woe betide any of the HMs that offends her … she’ll have that HM apologising for hours eg Bally. She had DR apologising severally over mundane issues , even when she TBoss, was clearly wrong.
What put the final nail in her coffin was her inability to recite the national anthem. We all know that for such shows like Big Brother Africa , Big Brother Naija or other reality shows where one is an ambassador of one’s country, it might be required of you to answer questions pertaining to the flag of your country, your country’s national anthem, pledge, President, currency, etc. Even if TBoss had been away in Romania and couldn’t recall these , she should have sat down and learnt them. But no, she didn’t. She made a fool of herself and guess who her fall guy was ?? Debie Rise her bestie! She blamed DR for embarrassing her on TV when she knew she was working hard to win the money. Even when DR explained that she had no such intentions and apologised profusely, TBOSS kept ranting and refused to forgive.
When she was finally called upon to tell viewers why she should be win the money, she referred to her fellow HMS as ‘these people’ with a scornful expression on her face. And her plans for the money if she wins? She’ll throw a party and take her mum on a vacation first before she figures out what next to do with the money.
Funny thing is … tell people that say TBoss is hated to list out just five (5) reasons why she should be voted for and why she’s MORE DESERVING of the N25m and SUV than any other HM. They’ll tell you “she’s hated because she’s half caste”, “she’s hated because she’s got piercings and tatoos”, bla bla bla. Ask for more concrete points why youll spend your HARD EARNED MONEY (N30/sms) voting for TBoss and they’ll all slink away into the woodwork they crawled out from.
Who will like an antisocial , arrogant person who feels she’s better than all the housemates? Who will like a fellow HM who refers to her fellow HMs as ‘these people’ ? Who will like someone who finds it so hard to forgive and cries over silly issues? Who will like someone who has zero values for loyalty to friends and nominates her friend and puts down her other closest friend in the house? Who needs an enemy when you’ve got TBoss as a friend??
Why should I, a Nigerian, vote for someone who’s got more pride in and talks more about Romania than her country of origin, Nigeria, which she’s representing??
Point is … Nobody hates TBoss because she’s beautiful or light skinned. Rather, she’s disliked for her stinking attitude that SUCKS! Go chew on that *in TBoss’ voice*

Credits: Oge Onubogu Esekie









*Appreciate your life and thank God.*
*Be contented, and Be contended*
Please read to the end
A guy met one of his school mates several years after school and he could not believe his eyes; his friend was driving one of the latest sleek Mercedes Benz car. He went home feeling awful and very disappointed in himself. He thought he was a failure. *What he didn’t know was that his friend was a driver and had been sent on errand with his boss’s car!*
Rosemary nagged her husband always for not being romantic. She accused him for not getting down to open the car door for her as her friend Jane’s husband did when he dropped her off at work. *What Rosemary didn’t know was that Jane’s husband’s car had a faulty door that could only be opened from the outside!*
Sampson’s wife went to visit one of her long time friends and was very troubled for seeing the 3 lovely kids of her friend playing around. Her problem was that she had only one child and have been struggling to conceive for the past five years. *What she didn’t know was that one of those kids who was the biological child of her friend had sickle cell and had just a year to live; the other two are adopted!*
Life does not have a universal measuring tool; so create yours and use it.
*Looking at people and comparing yourself with them will not make you better but bitter.* If you know the sort of load the chameleon carries, you wouldn’t ask why it takes those gentle strides. *So, enjoy what you have and be grateful for it.*
Pass to everyone on ur list to learn from other mistake! *Not all that glitters is gold, live and be happy with what you have, everyone is going through one thing or the other.*
*The rich also cry*












“Dad, can you loan me N500,000?,” Kola asked his father.
“What for son?,” his father asked.
“For my wedding.
“By our calculations, we’re falling short meeting the cost.”
Kola had come to meet his parents with his fiancé.
“Your wedding?
“How much is the total cost of the wedding?,” his father asked.
“N3.6 million.
“We’re thinking of starting the committee next week.
“We can together give about N800,000 and expect our friends to help us raise about N2 million.
“I remember you told me if ever I need help, I can come to you,” Kola answered.
His father held him by the shoulder and said, “Go get your wife and come meet me in my study room.”
“Yes, dad,” Kola obliged.
Minutes later, Kola and his fiancé, Tomilayo, walked into his father’s study room.
“Having a good time, my daughter?,” Kola’s father asked.
“Yes I am.
“You and your wife are so hospitable.
“I pray that Kola and I can emulate your marriage.
“You are an admirable couple,” answered Kola’s fiance.
“Thank you.
“I am delighted to have you as my daughter.
“This is your home, you’re welcome anytime,” said father.
They sat down.
“Thank you dad.”
“So, I hear you want to spend N3.6 million for your wedding and you need me to help with N800,000?,” asked father.
“Yes, we will greatly appreciate,” said the fiancé.
“The wedding will be at the Total Garden, Ibadan in about six months time,” said Kola.
“Why do you want to have a big wedding?,” father asked.
“Well, it’s our big day.
“She’s always dreamt of a big wedding,” Kola replied.
“Have you dreamt of a big wedding or a strong marriage?,” the father asked the fiancé.
“When you put it that way, it’s more of a strong marriage,” said the fiancé.
“You’ve answered wisely.
“So who do you expect to come for your wedding?,” asked the father.
“Friends and relatives.
“About seven hundred people,” answered Kola.
“How many true friends do you really have?
“I mean friends who have been tried and tested to be there for you through thick and thin?,” asked the father.
Kola and Tomilayo looked at each other.
“Countable,” the fiancé answered.
“So who are these other people who will come to your wedding?,” asked the father.
“OK. Let’s go to the relatives.
“I know you love your relatives, but how many are really close to you?
“You barely talk with the many relatives you have,” said the father.
“What are you trying to say dad?,” asked Kola.
“My son, my daughter; why do you want to spend N3.6 million on a wedding, a one-day event, yet you need the money in your marriage
“Look, you are actually coming to ask me for money, you will form a committee to ask people for money; all to show off and please people, who will not even matter in your marriage!”
The father continued, “Let me share with you my experience.
“When I married your mother, we spent about a million for the wedding.
“That was a lot of money then.
“We fed people, got stressed by service providers, just so that we put up a wedding that will win the applause of a crowd.
“But as soon as we got married, the crowd disappeared.
“All the issues that your mother and I went through, no one cared, even family couldn’t do much.
“Every one is busy living their life.
“When things got tough, the crowd gossiped about us, some even seemed happy that our marriage was in trouble!”
“I have seen this script repeated over and over.
“Brides get stressed on their wedding day, they can’t even enjoy, couples being angry at friends who don’t support them financially, the worst part is starting marriage in debt or struggling financially.
“Do you know a wedding doesn’t have to cost so much, it doesn’t have to be stressful, it doesn’t have to be full of people who perhaps will never talk to you again?,” added the father.
“But dad, what will people think if we do a small wedding or we don’t invite them?” asked the fiancé.
“Are you getting married for people?
“If you have a small wedding with only the witnesses who matter, will you two not be married
“What is all this competition of who has a grand wedding for?
“People are competing on Facebook, in weddings; why this need to show off?
“You know that money you are about to blow in one day, you can use it to invest in your marriage, you can start the process of buying or building a home, you can save up for the needs of the children you will have because you need money to raise a family.
“Why not start your marriage financially healthy and not in debt?
“Marriage is what is more important than a wedding,” continued the father.
“Dad, if you don’t want to support us it’s OK,” said Kola.
The fiancé stopped him, saying, “No my love, dad has a point.
“I actually find the idea of a small wedding not just wise and economical, but also intimate.
“Marriage is just you and me, not people.”
The father spoke, “My son, in all the years you have been a man, you have never come to me asking for money, but now you are asking for money to put up a show?
“I look further, I look at your marriage.
“I admire how people come together in a wedding committee to raise money and I wonder, what if couples and people use that same energy to put up a business that will uplift families.
“Those members who will be part of your wedding committee, imagine if they become your investors, imagine if you build a company where you can make profit and feed your homes.
“Something sustainable.”
Kola and his fiancé nodded.
“My son, I have longed for the day you would come and ask me to invest in your business idea.
“But today I will make the first move,” the father said taking his cheque book from his drawer.
He wrote on the cheque then gave it to the fiancé.
“Here my son, this is a cheque of N5 million, not for your wedding, but as start up capital for a business of your choice.
“I am giving the cheque to your wife, because as Proverbs 31 said, she is to walk with you in building an empire for your family.
“Focus on your family, give your family the best; forget about the public and opinions of people who don’t matter.
“Build a future for your family.
“Build your family on a foundation of surplus not debt.”
“Thank you so much,” said the fiancé.
Kola stood up with tears in his eyes.
His father stood up too.
The father and son hugged.
“Thank you dad for being a great figure and your counsel.
“I don’t know what to say.
“You have challenged me not to merely get married but to have a vision, a vision for my family.
“I don’t know what to say” he said.
The father held his shoulder, “You will make a great husband and father.
“I wish I had the same counsel when I was getting married, all those people I fed on my wedding day didn’t add value to my marriage.
“In fact, if I was to organise an event and feed multitudes, I would do so for the less-fortunate and those in need.
“Marriage is not for show.”








War against corruption fought and lost.
Ladies and gentlemen, can I use this medium to announce the final death of our glorious fight against corruption.
Is there anyone still in doubt that the war is over, fought and lost.
With the defeat of Former first lady Patience Jonathan against EFCC today, the defeat of SAN Ozekhome against EFCC, Justice. Ademola and wide, against EFCC,and Fayose vs EFCC, it’s a question time for the court to award fine against federal government in favour of Dasuki and declares him discharged and acquitted .
The president is yet to see the worst when the court will declare all the monies so far recovered illegal to be returned back to their various owners,including that of Andrew Yakubu former GMD NNPC.
How did we get here?
It is purely the president fault.
He worked for him as a military man,he thought same immediate alacrity will also work in our nascent democracy. he doesn’t know you need to mix governance with good politics to succeed. Success is determined by a mixture of good governance with political sagacity and shrewdness.
When he won election, he wanted to outsmart those that brought him, including the party – APC. He immediately distanced himself from the party even when he has not put everything under control. Even the judiciary and the legislature – The Senate and The National Assembly – NASS when he knew that nothing is possible without the two other arms working in tandem. He look the other way when the need to to dress the bed of the Senate and NASS to enable him lie with them peacefully. He said he was not interested in however emerged as the leaders of NASS and Senate. He exposed those who were trying to make things better for him.
The world stood surprised to watch the magic the president will use in the fight against corruption to make progress where the Sarakis , my former governor T.A orji , the Burujis, the Akapios, and host of others with hands soaked with corruption.
To worsen the situation, he started starving the party of funds which create room for the party leadership headed by the lazy Oyegun to quietly open the back door or our party where those been chased by EFCC to run into and become front line members our our anti corruption fight party. The president then became their leader as they have become our key members that will help win election for our party in 2019. What a shame?
The president who fell into the trap of his so called trusted inner kitchen cabinet, deceived him into sidelining people who tactically made his victory successful ,both financially and politically. They all stood akinbo to see the magic he would do.
The president having lost the legislature, also failed to run to the judiciary for marriage of convenience. After the DSS raid on the judges, the president did not have a good rapour with the incoming CJ by quickly appointing him immediately. He waited until it became a do or die affair when the looters succeeded in gaining the sympathy of the CJ the president has refused to do the needful. In the end, his name was sent when the president was on sick leave. This is another failure on the side of the president and today, the CJ will always fight back given any slightest opportunity, like we are seeing now.
The president must without further delay, reshuffle his inner kitchen cabinet, remove all those he brought from the
back door, remove Oyegun who does not understand party politics of a ruling party, sack all his advisers with immediate effect, including his handlers,bring closely Tinubu ,release immediately all the party statutory appointments without any further delay and above all, move in to unite the part so that all hands can be on desk .
Unless this is done almost immediately, the President and his war against corruption will be doomed and the Hunter will become hunted.
He must open more doors to enable him get undiluted information and happenings. Any one is still assuring the president that Nigerians or the masses are still with him, he should immediately relief such person his or her post as that is lie from the pit of hell.
Additional Credits: Ruby Iwoyefa Nyananyo

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