Re: The Travails of Iya Joe by Funmi Adewola

“Iya Joe is a civil servant. Every time she sees Buhari on TV she gets angry. Buhari is responsible for all her problems. The man is the devil.

Iya Joe earns N250k monthly as an Assistant Director. She is long separated from her useless husband. She has 2 Children in Bowen. The last two attend a private secondary school. She has a house in Kubuwa. She was building one in the village. She has another two in her sisters name in various property schemes in Abuja.

Before PMB’s emergence, she estimates that she spent annually about N25m. Money flowed. There were a lot of leakages. She had paid her dues as a civil servant. It was her time to eat. And eat she did.

The word TSA gives her shivers. She gets annoyed when that word is bandied around. The death of PMB would give her much pleasure. Every time she imagines the enemy, she sees PMB.

She knows that the leakages are proceeds of corruption. In her mind she is not corrupt. What is corruption? Is registering a company and mopping excess funds with that company corruption? Is taking “thank you” corruption? What about political office holders?

She does not care that before TSA that government only realised 35% of revenue. That illegal retention by MDAs was up to 80%.

She loves GEJ. What good man he was. That he built no roads, that he built no infrastructure, that his government on comparative basis earned what in 4 years what Nigeria had earned in 16 years before: that is not her business. She prospered.

She used to buy the shank from Baba Ireti. Now she was lucky to visit Baba Ireti once a week. Her freezers were now empty. She had to mop up to pay fees at Bowen the last time.

She was not the only one. Musa was complaining. Her tailor Safiya was complaining. Baba Ireti was complaining. Her patronage of their wares had lowered. In fact Kelechi her mechanic called to “greet”her.

Buhari had brought this upon them. He should do quick and die. When he did, she would know there was a God. This felt like 1984 again. And that useless Kemi and her efficiency unit, that one would soon learn the power of public servants.

There was a knock on her door. It was her Pastor. The man now visited her. She had not paid her “normal tithes” in a long time. The Devil Buhari was even causing her to offend God.

Bring back corruption. That is her song. Who cares that the economic growth was not real or creating value but false wealth? Who cared? ” Ademola H

My view;

These are the reasons for some people’s noise on and off every media space.
I have learnt to separate the issues, some are genuine in their criticism of govt, either past or present, some are led so to do, by their belly and bank accounts or Yakubu Andrew kind of vaults.

I’m sure if you look around carefully, you will see some of such people asking :is this the #Change they promised us?

This is one of the reasons I maintained that the problem is more within us, it is who we are that those in leadership are too.

May Nigeria Succeed…

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