The year 2016 has been very eventful and had great happenings. Yea, every year is unique bue out of the uniqueness of every year, 2016 has been more distinct both nationally and internationally. From Economic Recession in Nigeria and oil producing countries to the economic pandemonium in Venezuela to impeachments and corruption trials in Argentina and Brazil to BREXIT to BREXIT++ which is Trump’s victory in USA. Never has a non career politician taken control of US politics by storm. It has a big share of its good, bad and ugly sides.
I have always recognised outstanding personaities of the year for over six years now, This year wont be any different. It will be grand and not boring like the headies like one ignorant fellow thought it will be. I am recognising 3 persons, two nationally and one internationally.

1, The Nigerian military: This group has been very excellent in defending the territorial integrity of Nigerians from local and external forces. Nigerians have been made safer. The present level of security and safety now cant be compare to two, three, four, five, six years ago when Nigerians particularly in the north east were being terrorised by a band of rag tag rascals called Boko Haram. The military has defeated Boko Haram in all ramifications and captured their headquarters in the previously dreaded Sambisa Forest. Thumbs up. The combined forces of the army, navy and airforce have been fantastic bombing the terrorists who are now defeated. I havent said there may not be more bomb blasts but all we shall see of Boko Haram are just the last gyrations of an inevitably dying snake.It could do on or two things but it is not only dying but it will die bcos it has been hit on the head. It is finished. It is already spoiled.
The military was also fantastic containing other internal insurgencies like misguided pro-biafran terrrorists in the East through Operation Python Dance and misguided Niger Delta terrorists through Operation Crocodile Dance. It is sad some paid the ultimate price during this actions. May their souls rest in peace

2. Barr. Adeola Samuel Opeyemi-Ilori. He has been a great human rights activist and has been in the forefront of defending electricity consumers from the capitalistic and dictatorial government policies and that of electricity consumers. He and other members of Nigerian Electricity Consumers Protection Forum have made presentations at personal costs and fought to make sure electricity consumers are not made to pay through their noses for unavailable electicity, I know his efforts because i did monitor many of their activities. Without exaggeration , if not for his efforts, Nigerians may have been paying times five of what we presently pay now. Thumbs up to him.

3. Mr.Donald Trump, the present US president-elect and TIME Magazine person of the year. Everybody stood against him. All past living American preesidents, even the ones from his political party stood against him. Corporations and establishments stood against him. Media houses campained against him. Aljazeera and CNN openly campaigned against him. Even the Key battle States he won them. it was a shock to them. Hillary Clinton, his opponent spent $2b for her campaigns, the money coming from Nigeria, Middle East and All over the world just to stop him. He won against all odds. He really stood alone. The Chinese ‘Octopus’ Monkey predicted Donald Trump’s victory but virtually ALL Prophecies from Nigeria pointed to HR Clinton’s victory.
Regardless of any one’s political orientation people were forced to conclude that Hillary was smarter and is the more polished than Trump. She appears well schooled in the ways of the political world; she said all the right things. Donald appeared like an uneducated bum from the boondocks, a Hilly Billy from the Appalachian backwoods of Kentucky; Trump seemed so dumb that you wonder what he is doing wanting to be the president of the world’s greatest economic and political power. But in the End TRUMP TRIUMPHED.

There are two other folks that even though I wont give awards this year but will recognise their efforts this year. If they continue, they could get proper awards in subsequent years. Gov.Akinwunmi Ambode has been fantastic this year. Arguably the best current governor in Nigeria. Then Barr. Portia Emilia Anthony has been great with her philantrophic programme to help and restore sight to the poor blind people in a rural community in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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