“Donald Trump” 7 Fabulous Things You Never Knew About His Wedding With Melania Trump

Donald Trump, America’s new president-elect. Surely there is certainly nothing new about that name anymore.

Defeating an apparently more-popular Hillary Clinton in the recent USA elections ensured that his name became well and truly known by those who (surprisingly) did not hear of him as the Billionaire.


Come January 2017, he will be sworn in as America’s 45th President, and standing beside him as the new first Lady, will be Melania Trump, the former model that he married in 2005.

That wedding ceremony was as grand as grand weddings come, and here are 7 things that prove it.

Donald and Melania Trump wed in Florida on January 22, 2005. (World Blaze)

12 Karat, $1.5M proposal ring

Yep! You read that absolutely right.

To Melania, who, by the way, is his third wife, he gave a 12 karat, emerald-cut Graff ring that was worth $1.5 million!

In case you did not know, Donald Trump could easily be the richest man that ever became America’s president, as portrayed by the astoundingly beautiful jewel he got to back up his proposal speech.

Melania Trump covered Vogue magazine in her wedding gown even before the wedding day (Mic)

The bride’s dress covered Vogue magazine!

Even before the wedding proper, popular fashion magazine, Vogue, could just not wait to get Melania’s bridal gown on the cover of their mag!

And that gown, ladies and gentlemen, cost more than $100,000.

That dress Melania wore cost over $100K (Style)

It was a white satin Duchess gown from the House of Christian Dior, and had 300 feet of material, as well as being embellished with 1500 rhinestones and pearls.

The reception held in a $35M house!

After being joined at The Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida, the couple and guests headed to Trump’s luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate’s Versailles-like ballroom which is in one of his mansions.

Worth of the said house? A massive 35 million dollars!

The wedding ring was worth over 1.5 million dollars at the time of purchase (Ehud Arye)

The décor was just… divine

The bride Melania Trump hired New York event designer, Preston Bailey and in her words, asked him to  create a “very classic, very white” wedding.

Earn the Necklace reports that “wedding  chairs and tables were swathed in white lace and satin fabrics, and Bailey created five-foot tall floral centerpiece candelabras.”

The wedding cake took two months to make. (Daily Mail)

The event designer “did such an impressive job that the Trumps hired him for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s wedding, as Eric Trump’s well as wedding to Lara Yunaska.”

The cake

It was a splendid seven-tier wonder that took the cake maker about 60 days to design!

Hillary and Bill Clinton were guests at Melania and Donald Trump’s wedding in 2005. (Hollywood Reporter)

Hillary and Bill Clinton were guests

From the way Hillary and Trump kept going at each other during the campaign, would you have thought it?

But she was there at that ceremony in 2005, Hillary Clinton,alongside her husband and former USA president, Bill.

Rapper P-Diddy was also present at the wedding ceremony. (Huffington Post)

Other high-profile guests include Heidi Klum, P. Diddy,  and Shaquille O’Neal.

Donald Trump had two other wives before Melania –  Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr (1977-1992) and  Marla Maples (1993-1999).

Credits: PULSE

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