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The difference between the poor and rich nations is not the age of the Nation.

This can be demonstrated by countries like India and Egypt, which are more than
2000 years old and are still poor countries.

On the other hand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which 150 years back were insignificant, today are developed and rich countries.

The difference between the poor and rich nation does not also depend on the available natural resources.

Japan has limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture or farming, but is the second in worlds economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw material from the whole world and exporting manufactured products.

Second example is Switzerland, it does not grow cocoa but produces the best chocolates in the world. In her small territory she rears animals and cultivates the land only for four month in a year, nevertheless manufactures the best milk products. A small country which is an image of security which has made it the strongest world bank.

Executives from rich countries who interact with their counterparts from poor countries show no significant intellectual differences.

The racial or colour factors also do not evince importance: migrants heavy in laziness in their country of origin are forcefully productive in rich European countries.

What then is the difference?

The difference is the attitude of the people, moulded for many years by education and culture.
When we analyse the conduct of the people from the rich and developed countries, it is observed that a majority abide by the following principles of life:

1. Ethics, as basic principles.
2. Integrity.
3. Responsibility.
4. The respect for Laws and Regulations.
5. The respect from majority of citizens by right.
6. The love for work.
7. The effort to save and invest.
8. The will to be productive.
9. Punctuality.

In the poor countries a small minority follow these basic principles in their daily life.

We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature was cruel towards us.

We are poor because we lack attitude. We lack the will to follow and teach these principles of working of rich and developed societies.




If you do not forward this message nothing is going to happen to you. Your prized animal is not going to die, you wont be sacked from your job, you wont be having bad luck for seven years, nor are you going to get sick.

But, if you love your
Try and circulate this message so that as many people can reflect on this.












PLEASE READ AND PONDER OVER THIS CAREFULLY – One of the best messages I have read in a while;

A man, an avid Gardener saw a small Butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots in his garden.

Since that day he looked at the egg with ever growing curiosity and eagerness.

The egg started to move and shake a little.

He was excited to see a new life coming up right in front of his eyes.

He spent hours watching the egg now.

The egg started to expand and develop cracks.

A tiny head and antennae started to come out ever so slowly.

The man’s excitement knew no bounds.

He got his magnifying glasses and sat to watch the life and body of a pupa coming out.

He saw the struggle of the tender pupa and couldn’t resist his urge to “HELP”.

He went and got a tender forceps to help the egg break, a nip here, a nip there to help the struggling life and the pupa was out.

The man was ecstatic!

He waited now each day for the pupa to grow and fly like a beautiful butterfly, but alas that never happened.

The larvae pupa had a oversized head and kept crawling along in the pot for the full 4 weeks and died!

Depressed the man went to his botanist friend and asked the reason.

His friend told him the struggle to break out of the egg helps the larvae to send blood to its wings and the head push helps the head to remain small so that the tender wings can support it thru its 4 week life cycle.

In his eagerness to help, the man destroyed a beautiful life!

Struggles help all of us, that’s why a bit of effort goes a long way to develop our strength to face life’s difficulties!

As parents, we sometimes go too far trying to help and protect our kids from life’s harsh realities and disappointments.

We don’t want our kids to struggle like we did.

Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Dan Kindlon says that over-protected children are more likely to struggle in relationships and
with challenges.

We’re sending our kids the message that they’re not capable of helping themselves.

To quote clinical psychologist,
Dr. Wendy ‘s Moral:

“It is Our Job to prepare Our Children for the Road & Not prepare the Road for Our Children”

All parents should read and spread this message!!!











Abuja facing massive Recession? Why?

Abuja is probabaly the worst-hit of Nigerian cities by this recession. It is only understandable: Abuja works at nothing but revels in wanton opulence, it is fed strictly from pens adding zeroes behind a whole number. It’s buildings are populated with straw companies gliding on patronage and privilege, not rights, merit and productivity. Abuja has no enterprise apart from consumerist supermarkets, no factories except mills of political intrigue; no savings but loots, why plan when oil money will always flow in world without end; no fall-back positions. Most of its inhabitants are currently in what seems a state of disbelief, if not shock. My son and I walked lazily to Sheraton two Saturdays ago and from the gate you got a surprise: no line of traffic! The lounge was empty as the car park was vacant. We sat in surprise at the little corners of decay creeping on the lounge, part of which was even poorly lit. Of course, even Maitama an Asokoro are wrapped in thick darkness these days at 8pm if grid power fails. I was surprised at the black silence I met in these desolate palaces. Everywhere signs hang on homes and high-rise office buildings begging for tenants. I called a number on one and the voice that answered said it was for sale: 3.6billion, seven-story building with a footprint of about 250sqm. “I see”.
There is good hiding in evil and sometimes you don’t even have to look too deeply to see it. Too many wealth in Nigeria is strictly in figures without any underlying source or feeder spring. If you got your money through work and creativity; if they put you in a desert, you will still replicate the feat. What is called a recession in regular economics is but a dethronement of false money, the overthrow of pretenders and wealth built with the tip of a pen so that reality and productivity can take over. It is an inevitable passage if nature is correctly programmed. In a hilarious circle I was told about a typical Abuja moneybag whose fortune has now turned around. He was in money – and you know what I mean. In In height of his affluence he collected two more wives to make a total of three. But the noose had been getting tighter and, all streams gone dry, he applied for a loan from a bank. Not so well exposed to the hazard of seeking credit from Nigerian banks, he was exceedingly positive he will soon be credited and I was with much gusto he went to the manager’s office on an appointed day to get the final answer on his application. When he was told that he had been turned down, he lost control of himself so completely that he pooped on himself right there in the bank. He was helped into the bathroom and offered a ton of tissues and when he had become manageable, they led him into a taxi and gave him a thousand naira to the bank’s happy ending of the personal tragedy. The story teaches us that wealth without foundation will end in sudden failure. It is not only Abuja or the typical, overweight Nigerian big man, Nigeria itself is a victim of lazy wealth: oil is not a result of hard work or creativity. We don’t even as much as have local capacity to drill the oil! If we don’t build our economy by adding value through processing and developing our human resources, we won’t end up much better than that poor individual you just laughed at.

Full Credits: John Ogunlela










The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you

A woman baked bread for members of her family and an extra one for a hungry passerby. She kept the extra bread on the Window-sill, for whosoever would take it away. Everyday, a hunch-back came and took away the bread. Instead of expressing gratitude, he muttered the following words as he went his way: “The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!” This went on, day after day. Everyday, the hunch-back came, picked up the bread and uttered the words: “The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!” The woman felt irritated. “Not a word of gratitude,” she said to herself… “Everyday this hunch-back utters this jingle! What does he mean? “One day, out of despiration, she decided to do away with him. “I shall get rid of this hunch-back,” she said. And what did she do? She added poison to the bread she prepared for him! As she was about to keep it on the window sill, her hands trembled. “What is this I am doing?” she said. Immediately she threw the bread into the fire, prepared another one and kept it on the window- sill. As usual, the hunch-back came, picked up the bread and muttered the words: “The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!” The hunch-back proceeded on his way, blissfully unaware of the war raging in the mind of the woman. Everyday, as the woman placed the bread on the window-sill, she offered a prayer for her son who had gone to a distant place to seek his fortune. For many months, she had no news of him.. She prayed for his safe return. That evening, there was a knock on the door. As she opened it, she was surprised to find her son standing in the doorway.. He had grown thin and lean. His garments were tattered and torn. He was hungry, starved and weak. As he saw his mother, he said, “Mom, it’s a miracle I’m here. While I was but a mile away, I was so hungry that I collapsed. I would have died, but just then an old hunch-back passed by. I begged of him for a small part of his food, and he was kind enough to give me whole bread. “As he gave it to me, he said, “This is what I eat everyday: today, I shall give it to you, for your need is greater than mine!” “As the mother heard those words, her face turned pale and red. She leaned against the door for support. She remembered the poisoned bread that she had made that morning. Had she not burnt it in the fire, it would have been eaten by her own son, and he would have lost his life! It was then that she realized the significance of the words: “The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!” Do good and; Don’t ever stop doing good, even if it’s not appreciated at that time.
If you like this, share it with others and I bet you, so many lives would be affected.













Life is not static. It moves and changes as we move along ( personal experience )

I remember when gaining admission into the University was still a problem. I had a friend that was lucky to gain admission before me. Whenever I went to visit her, her mother will tell me she is not at home.

My friend started giving me attitude. She stopped coming to my house. I asked her what the problem was, she opened up and told me her mother had Warned her to stop associating with me because I might not be happy she gained admission, while I was still at home.
Ah I cried Sha.

Honestly I was pained.

Fast forward 5 years later, I have gained admission, and even graduated, my friend was still in the University. It was a 5 Years course but she changed department and ended up spending 6 Years.

Her mother saw me in the neighborhood shortly after graduation and asked if I was on holiday. Holiday ke? Ma I have graduated. You can imagine the look on her face. Epic. Lol

I graduated with 2nd class upper,a year later she graduated with 3rd class

Some of us are guilty of this.

*When we have a house filled with kids…. Our loyal friend struggling to have kids becomes an enemy. We push them away

*Once we get married… Our loyal single friend becomes an enemy.. We push them away

*Once we get a job… Our loyal jobless friend becomes an enemy…. We push them away.

*Once we get to the top… Our loyal friends at the bottom becomes an enemy…. We push away.

*When we are happily married… Our loyal friend that is unfortunately a widow or divorcee becomes an enemy…. We push them away

*When we have food and water… Our loyal friend struggling to survive becomes an enemy… We push them away.

*Nobody is your enemy, you are only being an enemy to them..

We quickly forget… Life is not static. It moves and changes as we experience along..
When you condemn a situation along with the person in the situation. You are only gambling.

At the end, the winner is always the person you condemned, the person you least expected.

This is food for thought. Have a great day ahead … as you ponder on this….


( Copied)












30 Things Nigerian Husbands Want And Expect From Their Wives:

1. Go and slim down. Do not let people take you for our mother when indeed you are our wife. We love to see you exercise and eat less.

2. Mind and control your tongue.

3. Keep the house clean.

4. Be hospitable, how you receive our friends and families matter to us. Make them feel welcome by coming out to greet them, serve them water if there is no drink.

5. Dress neatly and smart always, look good for us.

6. Do not disrespect us, we want to feel respected even with our imperfections, correct us with respect.

7. Treat us like a king, make us feel important and we shall treat you back as our queens.

8. Do not always claim right.

9. Be polite always.

10. Be quick to say “I am sorry”.

11. Do not delay us when we have to go out together. Start getting ready well ahead of time and don’t keep us waiting because we can be very impatient.

12. We don’t like tension, make us smile and laugh around you and we will want to hang around.

13. We love good food, if you have to go to a catering school to make us eat well, please do.

14. We do not like nagging. When you make your request, believe in us to do it in our own time. No amount of nagging can change us.

15. Do not belittle or gossip us to anyone.

16. If there are issues that need be addressed, find a quiet time when we can talk, just the two of us not necessarily in the middle of the night when you’re most likely going to disturb our sleep.

17. Do not prioritize others ahead of us, Make us your number one; Not the children, your friends, your family, your career, business, religion or anything around.

18. We love sex, do not withhold it. Never use it as a bargaining chip.

19. Be disciplined and wise in spending.

20. Be our friend and stop acting like our mom.

21. We can be jealous, do not get too close with the opposite sex on Social media. Seek our consent before accepting a male as Friend.

22. Do not paint us bad to the children, help them love and appreciate us.

23. Do not leave the home and children unattended.

24. Accept and relate well with our family members.

25. Assist us in paying the bills, if you earn well.

26. Do not try to pry too much by reading our mails and responding to messages meant for us without our consent.
Stop snooping and stalking us on Social media. Stop being suspicious of our female colleagues.

27. Stop answering our calls without our permission.

28. Smile always, even when you are exhausted from tending the kids. Constantly frowning will scare us.

29. If you need our help, ASK. We cannot read your minds*.

30. Stop asking to know how we spend every dime. Just trust us and all will be well.

Lots of love,
-Nigerian husbands.












Punch vs Vanguard : The story of how Punch was hijacked by “crooked” Aboderin from its original owner Uncle Sam Amuka who later went on to establish Vanguard Newspapers

When the Truth Prevails
by OracleZents.

When Sam Amuka with Sad Sam as his pen name came up with the idea of Punch Newspapers, he invited his friend Olu Aboderin to take care of the finances for him to stay focus on the publications.
They became partners on equal percentages on the ownership of Newspapers ready to challenge the control of the market by Daily times, Nigeria Tribune or so. The market wanted a fresh idea and Punch became the new thing then.

Unknown to him, his friend Aboderin an Accountant was playing with figures in the share distribution and by the time Sam Amuka realised what Aboderin did, it was too late.

Aboderin had used surrogates to acquire the shares of Punch until one day, Sam Amuka found his office locked up. His capital shares in the company had been reduced to less than 5 percent.

Sam took the case to the regular Court and public opinion court. it was hopeless for him to win in Nigeria Court. I believe the court blamed him for given open blanket trust to his friend. Some of the document he had signed without reading them, unknown to him the document were not in good faith.
Aboderin breached the trust his friend Amuka had in him however, Sam won his case in the minds of most Nigerians. He was cheated by a smart Accountant was the views of the public or what else could it be?

Somehow, Sam Amuka survived the depression, he rolled up his sleeves, he renewed his faith with his God, if he did it once he could do it again.
Punch Newspapers almost the favorite of all Nigerians was his baby, his sweat and production, his friend or enemy, an accountant confused him with figures not only in the board room but also in the Court.

Sam Amuka did the obvious with the support of Nigerians who saw his pain and tears. He established Vanguard Newspapers and his goodwill became the very foundation of his venture, he has learnt to show interest in figures of his new company more than just publishing news for Nigerians.

One good leason from the economic history is this simple, Sam Amuka never prayed for Punch Newspapers to fail, instead, he focused on Vanguard and both papers kept faith with the fresh ideas Sam Amuka laid down for the industry. He avoided Aboderin and never granted any interview on the matter, a decent man with a pen, a prolific writer with conscience is just one of the ways to acknowledge this man called Sam Amuka.

The smart man who took Punch from him is dead. Sam Amuka is still alive and will still be with us for a long time. God willing is the prayers of the Oracle whose pen name then was Sad Sam. God has been kind to Sam Amuka, he saw the end of his misfortunes and will never have to worry again.
This Oracle says each time, the two newspapers are seen on the streets of Nigeria or online I still remember the legal matters of the seventies or eighties or so. It was a complete story on breach of Trust among friends.

Oracle Zents.

Full Credits : Zents Kunle Sowunmi

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