The Story of Colonel. Sanders ( KFC founder )At age 5 his Father died.
At age 16 he quit school.
At age 17 he had already lost four jobs.
At age 18 he got married.
Between ages 18 and 22, he was a railroad conductor and failed.
He joined the army and washed out there.
He applied for law school he was rejected.
He became an insurance sales man and failed again.
At age 19 he became a father.
At age 20 his wife left him and took their baby daughter.
He became a cook and dishwasher in a small cafe.
He failed in an attempt to kidnap his own daughter, and eventually he convinced his wife to return home.
At age 65 he retired.
On the 1st day of retirement he received a cheque from the Government for $105.
He felt that the Government was saying that he couldn’t provide for himself.
He decided to commit suicide, it wasn’t worth living anymore; he had failed so much.
He sat under a tree writing his will, but instead, he wrote what he would have accomplished with his life. He realized there was much more that he hadn’t done. There was one thing he could do better than anyone he knew. And that was how to cook.
So he borrowed $87 against his cheque and bought and fried up some chicken using his recipe, and went door to door to sell them to his neighbours in Kentucky.
Remember at age 65 he was ready to commit suicide.
But at age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Empire was a billionaire.
Moral of the story: Attitude. It’s never too late to start all over.
You have what it takes to be successful. Go for it and make a difference.
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Euro 2016 has come and gone. And for your info, I don’t congratulate or recognise unworthy champs that won by pure luck like Greece’04, Denmark’92, Chelshit’12, Nigeria’13 and Portugal’16.

I have noticed a recurring event every 12 yrs of euro championships, in the last 24 years. Unworthy teams usually won. Denmark that didn’t qualify for Euro’92 was only called up at the last minute to replace Yugoslavia federation that was having a civil way. They struggled throughout the tournament but beat Netherlands in the semis on penalties and beat tournament favorites – Germany 2-0 in the final. I don’t need to give a history of how lucky Greece won Euro 2004 12 yrs later. Lucky Greece.

After another 12 yrs, it’s the turn of Portugal to benefit from the luck largesse. Afterall, Portugal drew all their group matches and finished 3rd having 3points and ONLY qualified as lucky losers, the 4th place of the 4 lucky losers, having ONLY 3 points. Infact, Portugal ONLY won ONE match in regulation time, the rest ended as draws or wins in extra time or by penalty shoot-out.

It shows God rules in the affairs of men. The race isn’t to the swift nor battle to the strong nor bread to the wise nor favour to men of understanding.

NB: all the ‘lucky’ winners didn’t qualify for the subsequent world cups. Denmark didn’t play USA’94 nor Greece play Germany’06. It’s a matter of time whether Portugal will qualify or not for Russia 2018. Time will tell.

God rules in the affairs of men. Never forget that. Who says Nigeria can womble and fumble and win World Cup 2018 ?



<a>Turkey’s failed coup attempt: Lessons for Nigerians</a>

I congratulate the Turkish People for standing by their president – Erdogan and chasing out the coupists. Despite the fact he won by 52% of votes, the people united and chased out the military coupists. Which leads me to another question: Can it happen in Nigeria? Are Nigerians ready for a Revolution?
We prefer to complain and all those stuffs, but when it’s time to act, we’re missing in action. O ma se o ( great pity).
The people chased out the coupists. Can we try it with Nigerian soldiers? Won’t they fire? Can Nigerians even rise up? In Nigeria, it’ll be a war of the tribe of the president vs that of the coup plotters, instead of rising up to fight what’s right. The people risked their lives to chase off the coupist. The brave people of Turkey in action. A lesson to Nigerians. Time to re-occupy Senate and NASS and flog sense into these bastards and SINators and Legislooters. Judiciary included as corrupt judges and magistrates need common sense to be flogged into them


Nigerians, think!


 The tank dares not crush this patriotic protester. The tank has been “immobilized ”


President.Erdogan of Turkey. A man, though not perfect but with faults but loved by his people and defended by his people


How militancy/Oil theft started and progressed in Arepo and other environs of Lagos and Ogun States + Current Situation Report (30 Jily 2016 )

“The Lagos and Ogun state militants are remnants of those who have been bursting NNPC pipes are Isawo in Ikorodu and Arepo. These men started with few 50litres jerry cans of petrol with each one selling at 3k. They lived in single rooms. It’s so cheap bcos the business require no investment beyond the costs of the black 50litre plastic containers or the cost of d yellow 25litres plastics containers.
They made excess money and created a micro economy thriving on illegality within ikorodu. Soon they enjoyed the patronage of the police by supplying Police stations with generators and fuel to power the Police stations free of charges!
The militants now started hiring duplexes. The men in black also collected the “ones for Oga to use for house”. Soon the boys started supplying some filling stations with 33000 litre tankers! The Police saw this as bigger business and wanted a bigger portion of the pie.
Sharing formulas were agreed. Soon, parties disagreed. Police were killed. Beneficiaries of the business suspected to be owners of filling stations assisted with “upfront funds” with which these guys bought light weapons which were later upgraded became big players.
The Police were seen a parasites without any value. The owners of tankers and agents wanted more and to achieve that, the parasites must be eliminated. They wanted everything on the value chain.
As at that time, the govt looked the other way because, according to the people, the militants were “brothers” of the man in bowler hat who reigned as commander in chief as at that time. These militants nourished the patronage of alcohol and women of easy virtues at the Isawo area of ikorodu. They became emboldened and walked on the streets with their weapons.
Their original purpose of kidnapping young pretty women was for rape! The Police have compromised. There’s so much money. Young girls were assaulted and wives of notable figures were picked up and raped. Later, bigger money commanded better women who moved into the vicinity from Benin and Port Harcourt.
The need to rape became extinguished. Nothing happened to them for previous rapes and kidnapping. They’ve got the chunk of beef in bowler hat at the helm in Abuja. He’s Ijaw too. Then came PMB. Soldiers were moved in and not allowed to stay too long and become compromised or uncontrollably corrupt b4 being withdrawn and new troops used in replacing them.
It became very difficult to operate for the militants. They killed scores of Policemen, SSS and Soldiers. The forces became easy and cheap targets due to their earlier complicity. The noose was tightened and they simply changed the purpose of kidnapping from the hitherto “kidnapping for rape” to kidnapping for ransome. Targets became wider than women!
Flamboyant pastors and known middle class were targeted. They paid. They paid and nourished the business. Kidnappings became even more lucrative than oil theft. It only requires targets and money will flow. Timidity and ability of the people was the key to their wallets.
Soldiers were drafted once again, this time for a total “war” involving troops, tanks and heavy weapons.In the last 3 days, scores of the militants have been killed and their bodies removed. It’s speculated that over 100 were killed. Can u believe that the night operation of a combined team of Police strike force, soldiers and Civil defence Corp members assisted by local OPC with local knowledge of the area required Nigerian AirForce fighter helicopters?
It’s been like a war situation but these militants are just cowards. They get killed easily at escape points. Iv interviewed 2 members of the strike force and the news now is good. The security apparatus of the Nigerian Govt have fully taken over! The clean up may however continue for the next few days”.
Credits : Debo Fasipe , Ayekooto Akindele



You may already know that Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world and the most populous nation in Africa.
You may already know that Nigeria has great dependency on crude oil, plus all the other opinions of David Cameron. Here are 20 unpopular facts about Nigeria.

1. Are you aware that all over the world Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves? Do you know??

2. In the US, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community. Type it into Google and you’ll see it. Not one of the most educated, the most educated.
3. 60% of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. This is far above the American national average of 30%.

4. Nigerians in US are one of the highest earners, typically earning 25% more than the median US income of $53k.

5. In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations.

6. A Nigerian family, The Imafidon family, had officially been named the smartest family in the UK.

7. The designer of the famous car, Chevrolet Volt, Jelani Aliyu, is a super talented Nigerian from Sokoto State.

8. The World’s fastest supercomputer was designed by a world renowned inventor and scientist, Philip Emeagwali, a full-blown Nigerian whose patency was awarded in 2015. This means Nigeria has the patency to the world’s fastest computer: A Black Nigerian.

9. The wealthiest Black man and woman on earth are Nigerians, Aliko Dangote and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija. Both have no trace of criminal record of any kind.

10. South Africa couldn’t have ended apartheid & achieved Black rule if not for the leadership role Nigeria played.

11. Of the 3 South African Presidents who ruled after apartheid, two of them once lived in Nigeria under asylum. Both Nelson Mandela (’60s) and Thabo Mbeki (’70s) lived in Nigeria before becoming President of South Africa. We gave financial support, human support, boycotted an Olympics and our politicians, musicians and activists campaigned relentlessly.

12. Nigeria spent over $3 Billion and lost hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone which the world ignored because they have no oil.

13. When there was a coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003, Nigeria restored the elected President back to power.

14. Before there were street lights in European cities, ancient Benin kingdom had street lights fueled by palm oil.

15. 500 years ago, Benin casted metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous Queen Ida Mask.

16. Amina was a warrior queen who ruled Zaria Emirate in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria 400 years ago in 1610. Google and see what she means to Africa.

17. We gave monetary gifts to Ireland during our oil boom and built a statue for France free of charge. We are not poor blacks. Nigeria is rich and don’t be lied to.

18. The first television station in Africa was NTA Ibadan (1960) long before Ireland has their RTE station.
Wherever you look in this great country, Nigeria, heroes abound both now and in our recent and ancient past.
If all you do is listen to mainstream Western media, you’ll not get the full picture of your Nigerian heritage.
Do not listen to any leader who says Nigerians are criminals, no matter who he is, or his height and position.
We’re not a nation of scammers, drugs and corruption, but a people with a verifiable track record of greatness.
Here is what CNN, BBC, Aljezeera and Western media will not tell you about Nigerians:

19. On the 7th May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C history was made. Out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians.
They will only tell you how Nigerians are scammers and cheats, how Nigerians are into drugs overseas et al.
If you don’t blow your trumpet, no one will blow it for you. VIVA NAIJA!!!

20. There are over 180,000,000 Nigerians world over and only less than 250,000 of this figure have traceable criminal records. This is about 0.14% of our entire national population in the last 20 years: nothing close to 1%.

Listen Nigerians, dont let anybody woo you into believing that you are a criminal just because you are a Nigerian. Nigerians are NOT criminals. You are NOT a criminal. You are topnotch; second to none around the world.
Be proud of Nigeria wherever you go. Take out your Passport with pride.
Be proud of our GREEN HERITAGE.
Be enthusiastic of our FUTURE GREATNESS #CelebrateYourNigerianness!
As received.

Truth is Nigerians are brilliant; blessed with an unmatched work ethic; super ambitious, industrious, innovative and have an unparalleled record of achievement.



The proposed 4th mainland bridge is set to be one of the highlights of the Governor Ambode-led Lagos state government.

Like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd bridges, it is aimed at connecting the mainland of Lagos to the island, reducing traffic on the roads and generally making transportation within Lagos easier.

Here are 10 interesting facts you need to know about this bridge:

1.Began with Tinubu

The idea for the 4th mainland bridge first cameup in the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration, almost 14 years ago, so it is not at all a new idea. However, back then, the needed indices to achieve the construction were not available.

2. MOU was signed in May 2015

In May 2015, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode took a bold step by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a consortium of firms and finance houses for the construction of the 4th mainland bridge.

3. Obstacles

During its conception and design, the government had to stop several times, when faced with about 3,000 structures that will affect the bridge’s right of way since its conception.

4. 2200 houses saved

To continue the construction, a new alignment design concept was produced. This new concept will save about 2,200 houses from being destroyed. This means that there will be a huge reduction in amount that will be spent on compensation.

5. Total length of the bridge

The 4th mainland bridge when completed will be 38 kilometres long. Coming almost 50 yearsafter the state’s existence and 26 years after the delivery of the third mainland bridgeby the ex-military President Ibrahim Babangida.

6. Longest Bridge

The project when completed will give birth to the longest of all the bridges connecting LagosIsland to the mainland, the 4th mainland bridge.

7. Places it will pass through

According to Ganiyu Johnson, the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, the bridge will pass through Lekki, Langbasa, and Baiyeku towns, on the Lagoon estuaries toItamaga, in Ikorodu.

8. Details

The bridge will serve as a complement to the Eko, Carter and Third Mainland Bridges and serve to deflood traffic. It will also have a four lane dual carriage way bridge.Each lane, comprising three lanes with two metres wide shoulder on each side, and a generous median on each side to accommodate future expansion and light rail facility.

9. Special feature

Explaining a special feature, which he describes as “the heart.” Johnson said:“This two level bridge will not only function as a means of transportation on its upper level, but would also stimulate and accommodate social, commercial and cultural interaction of pedestrians never before experienced in these parts on such terrains on its lower level to givea typical “Lagos Life” feel, with its tropical environment and intimate street level exchanges.”

10. Cost

The 4th mainland bridge will cost N844.4 billion. The project is to be financed by Africa Finance Corporation, Access Bank and other private investors who have already signified intention to be part of the construction, while Visible Assets Limited would be the coordinating firm.

Eyin omo eko, eko oni baje o. O baje ti ! Itesiwaju eko lojewalogun !



His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog.

There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death

The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman’s sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.

‘I want to repay you,’ said the nobleman. ‘You saved my son’s life.’

‘No, I can’t accept payment for what I did,’ the Scottish farmer replied waving off the offer. At that moment, the farmer’s own son came to the door of the family hovel.

‘Is that your son?’ the nobleman asked.

‘Yes,’ the farmer replied proudly.

‘I’ll make you a deal. Let me provide him with the level of education my own son will enjoy. If the lad is anything like his father, he’ll no doubt grow to be a man we both will be proud of.’ And that he did.

Farmer Fleming’s son attended the very best schools and in time, graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the noted Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin.

Years afterward, the same nobleman’s son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia.

What saved his life this time? Penicillin.

The name of the nobleman? Lord Randolph Churchill .. His son’s name?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Someone once said: What goes around comes around.

Work like you don’t need the money.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

It’s National Friendship Week Send this to everyone you consider A FRIEND.

Pass this on, and brighten some ones day..



– Betting tickets in Nigeria are more likely to be purchased by a person who is out of work than someone who is employed or retired.
– Lottery play in Nigeria is most popular among laborers and least among advanced professionals.
– The highest concentration of betting players are in the poorest neighbourhoods in Lagos State.
– A 1994 study from Indiana University found that from 1983 to 1991 lottery sales tended to rise with unemployment rates.
– Historical data implies that when the economy goes bad, lottery revenues go up, because “when people are feeling desperate, they are more likely to stop by the petrol station and buy five lottery tickets, hoping they get a big windfall.”
– In 2008, during the height of the recession, at least 22 of the 42 states with lotteries — including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — set sales records.
– Lotteries and Sport Betting are worse for poor people who have a “smaller margin of error” and can’t survive loss of income that would be negligible for more affluent persons.
– Researchers have concluded that lotteries and sport betting set off a vicious cycle that not only exploits low-income individuals’ desires to escape poverty but also directly prevents them from improving upon their financial situations.
– The odds of winning a lottery are literally about one in 125 million.
– Studies show that lottery winners are no happier than people who did not win and often lose pleasure in everyday activities. Winning the jackpot has also been shown to cause negative life events.
– Twenty percent of callers to the 1-800-GAMBLER national hotline had trouble controlling spending on state lottery tickets.
Moral: Lottery and Sport Betting makes no financial and economic sense. The odds are stacked against you.



A recession is an opportunity. I have a favourite story in this regard of the Great Depression in the U.S (1929-39). During the course of that depression, there was a gentleman called (John Richard) Simplot. He observed that when things were bad — when people who had skyscrapers were jumping to their death — most people wouldn’t be eating what they used to eat because they wouldn’t be able to afford it any longer. Instead of eating expensive meals, they would probably be looking for cheaper food. So he asked himself, ‘What is the inferior food that can now be turned into an attractive one?’ Back then, many people hated potatoes, they considered it a poor people’s food. They used to say it was a trashy food. Meanwhile, potatoes were growing in the wild in the Idaho area of the country. Literally, you could buy a truckload of potatoes for just $1. So Simplot said to himself that potatoes would be the kind of food many would come to embrace because they didn’t have money again. But then, potatoes had such a bad reputation for being cheap that people were ashamed of being seen eating them. What did he do? The first thing he did was to think that if he was going to start marketing potatoes to people, he needed to find out how to store them because they were just rotten everywhere, just like in Nigeria where many farm produce end up in the trash. He then made some researches on how to preserve potatoes and he found out that they were one of the easiest foods to preserve. All he had to do was remove the water from them — that is, dehydrate them — and they would still retain their properties. If six months later you want to fry them, just put them back in water, and they will come up again. Simplot then began to slice them up and since potatoes had such a bad image, he wanted to change the image. He then fried all the slices and didn’t call them potatoes. He called them “French fries.” People fell in love with the French fries instantly. Afterward, fortunes smiled on him because he ran into a guy called Ray Kroc who founded a company called McDonald’s. They came into partnership and every time customers bought hamburgers, they would also buy French fries and Simplot became a billionaire in the process (worth $3.6bn before his death in 2008) — in the middle of a recession. So we shouldn’t see our recession as a frightening moment, but as an opportunity to get Nigeria to begin to produce again. That is why I’m passionate about agriculture now because that is the future.

Credits: Pat Utomi


Sunday School Series 2:

“Iraq and the Bible”

Very interesting,!!!


1. The garden of Eden was in Iraq.

2. Mesopotamia which is now Iraq was the cradle of civilization!

3. Noah built the ark in Iraq.

4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq.

5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq!

6. Isaac’s wife Rebekah is from Nahor which is in Iraq.

7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq.

8. Jonah preached in Nineveh, which is in Iraq.

9. Assyria which is in Iraq conquered the ten tribes of Israel.

10. Amos cried out in Iraq!

11. Babylon which is in Iraq destroyed Jerusalem.

12. Daniel was in the lion’s den in Iraq!

13. The 3 Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq.

14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the “writing on the wall” in Iraq.

15. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into Iraq.

16. Ezekiel preached in Iraq.

17. The wise men were from Iraq.

18. Peter preached in Iraq.

19. The “Empire of Man” described in Revelation is called Babylon which was a city in Iraq!


Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names used in the Bible are Babylon, Land of Shinar, and Mesopotamia. The word Mesopotamia means between the two rivers, more exactly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The name Iraq, means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible. Here’s why:

Eden was in Iraq-Genesis 2:10-14
Adam & Eve were created in Iraq-Genesis 2:7-8
Satan made his first recorded appearance in Iraq-Genesis 3:1-6
Nimrod established Babylon & Tower of Babel was built in Iraq-Genesis 10:8-97; 11:1-4
The confusion of the languages took place in Iraq-Genesis 11:5-11
Abraham came from a city in Iraq-Genesis 11:31; Acts 7:2-4
Isaac’s bride came from Iraq-Genesis 24:3-4; 10
Jacob spent 20 years in Iraq-Genesis 27:42-45; 31:38
The first world Empire was in Iraq-Daniel 1:1-2;2:36-38
The greatest revival in history was in a city in Iraq-Jonah 3
The events of the book of Esther took place in Iraq-Esther
The book of Nahum was a prophecy against a city in Iraq-Nahum
The book or Revelation has prophecies against Babylon, which was the old name for the nation of Iraq-Revelation 17 &18

No other nation, except Israel, has more history and prophecy associated it than Iraq.

Surprised ??

Let’s be happy that ISIS which comes from Babylon will be Judged as Revelation 17 & 18 mentioned. In particular, I loved Rev 18:21 which tells us of the intensity of how God will deal with Babylon.



Qudos to Nigerian Heroes at Rio 2016 Olympics 1 : The Tigers ( Men’s Basketball team)

Congratulations The Tigers! You have made Nigeria Proud

A special recognision, appreciation, qudos and thank you to all athletes representing Nigeria at the Rio 2016 Olympics. You’re all worthy heroes and heroines.

I also want to specially recognise the Nigeria male basketball team – the gallant Tigers. They went, saw but were not fully conquered. They did all their best. I saw all their matches. Nobody gave them a chance. I’ve been following Tigers for 20 years now (since one Afrobasket in Senegal I think in ’96 or ’97). They have made progress over the years. They defeated Croatia and it was painful seeing them lose to Brazil yesterday. A match they led at some point but lost concentration due to inexperience.

Apart from the loss to Argentina in the first match, all other losses against Lithuania, Spain and Brazil were against teams they should have won and actually led in some quarters only to lose concentration in the last quarter and lose the match. A big shout out to players like Chamberlain Oguchi (the big guy), Michael Umeh, Ebi Ere, Ike Diogu, Alade Aminu, Lawal Shane, Uzoh Ben,
Ekene Ibekwe and others.

I had this kind of sad feeling 10 years ago when Sam Vincent,that fine American that took over from Ayo Bakare was coaching the Tigers. It was a basketball World Championship in 2006 that Nigeria nearly qualified for the quarters. It was a last gap Ime Udoka 3-pointer that would have made us qualify. It hit the inside rim and bounced off. I was mad! If it had scored, we’ll have beaten Germany and played in the quarters which I’m sure we’ll have lost.

I wanted the Tigers to play at least the quarters. Who knows! They may have got to the podium. If a Denmark (Euro’92), Greece (Euro’2004) or Portugal (Euro’2016) could win, who says the Tigers can’t win a medal in Rio! God rules in the affairs of men (and women too ,before u call me ) !!

I wish the players and the team and Team Nigeria greater success in future !!!













Qudos to Nigerian Heroes at Rio 2016 Olympics 2 : Jonathan Akinyemi ( Canoe Slalom)

A special recognision, appreciation, qudos and thank you to all athletes representing Nigeria at the Rio 2016 Olympics. You’re all worthy heroes and heroines.

I also want to use this medium to specially recognise an unsung athlete whom not much has been talked about. Much has been said about Chierika Ukogu and her self efforts to represent Nigeria in the Rowing events of Rio Olympics 2016. There is also a Nigerian Canoer/Rower – Jonathan Akinyemi. Yes! He’s the first canoer/rower ever to represent Nigeria at the Summer Olympic games.

He represented Nigeria at the London Olympics 2012 and Rio Olympics 2016 in the Slalom Canoe K1. All through by self sponsorship and efforts like Chierika! They have both made Nigeria proud by their efforts, despite not winning any medals. I also think they are trying to emulate french-born Togolese rower/canoer Benjamin Thomas Boukpeti, who having represented France in Athens Olympics 2004 was left out unfairly few weeks to the Beijin Olympic’08. He opted to represent his parents’ country – Togo and won a bronze while France won nothing.

I was surprised in 2008 when on Day 3 or 4 of Olympics, I read a sports news that little Togo had won a bronze medal. I made more research and got more interest in Canoe Slalom and Rowing events and hoped a Nigerian would win medals for us one day.
Jonathan Akinyemi has made me proud, likewise millions of Nigerians. Keep it up !












Fans of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) have allegiance to different types of clubs due to one reason or the other.
As for me I represent Heartland FC and we are the Naze Millionaires

Let’s know where you belong!

Club: Kano Pillars FC
Nickname: Masu Gida

Club: Enyimba FC
Nickname: People’s Elephants

Club: Ikorodu United
Nickname: Oga Boys

Club: Warri Wolves
Nickname: Seasiders

Club: El-Kanemi Warriors
Nickname: Desert Warriors

Club: MFM FC
Nickname: The Olukoya Boys

Club: Akwa United
Nickname: Promise Keepers

Club: Sunshine Stars
Nickname: Owena Waves

Club: Lobi Stars
Nickname: Pride of Benue

Club: Plateau United
Nickname: Peace Boys

Club: Rivers United
Nickname: Pride of Rivers

Club: FC Ifeanyi Ubah
Nickname: Anambra Warriors

Club: Shooting Stars
Nickname: Oluyole Warriors

Club: Heartland FC
Nickname: Naze Millionaires

Club: Abia Warriors
Nickname: Ocendo Babes

Club: Enugu Rangers
Nickname: Flying Antelopes

Club: Niger Tornadoes
Nickname: Ikon Allah Boys

Club: Wikki Tourists
Nickname: MA Boys

Club: Giwa FC
Nickname: The Jos Elephants

Club: Nasarawa United
Nickname: Solid Miners


Sunday School Series Six ( Special Series )
Welcome to Africa where typing Amen to a Pastor’s prayers on Facebook will save you from your village witches and make you a billionaire…
Welcome to Africa where Jesus Christ sends you a Whatsapp message and threatens to kill you if you do not send it to 20 people…
The most Annoying thing in all is that Graduates and supposedly learned people send these ”miracle messages” to their friends every day…
These messages carry lots of threats; some of the messages say you will suffer or go broke for a week if you don’t send them…
As Christians, we Need to keep an open mind and be discerning and also open our hearts and minds to healthy discussions…
Do you believe God will punish you if you refuse to send those messages?
Do you think your destiny is tied to a message on social media?
Do you genuinely believe you will receive instant miracles after you type ”Amen” on that post?
We claim to be Children of God but we are scared of the future, scared of little things…
You relay a message to 20 people on social media and believe in your heart that you will wake up tomorrow a billionaire…
What is wrong with us? Like SERIOUSLY, what is really wrong with us?
Without Prayers, Hard work, Abiding in the Word of God in our everyday life, Determination and Purpose, ”miracle messages” on social media are not invisible hands that can instantly make us rich…
Stop spreading your fears on social media because we are not that gullible…
Our God is too big to send threats to make people obey Him. Our God will never do that…
We need messages that will transform souls and not messages that will threaten people to create unnecessary Fear and Panic…
Know your God!
Share to educate others…




Accept others for
who they are and
for the choices they
have made even if
you have difficulty
understanding their
beliefs, motives
or actions.


Break away from
everything that
stands in the way
of what you hope
to accomplish
with your life.


Create a family
of friends whom
you can share your
hopes, dreams,
sorrows, and
happiness together.


Decide that you’ll be
successful *&* happy
come what may, and
good things will find
you. The roadblocks
are only minor
obstacles along
the way.


Explore & experiment.
The world has much
to offer, and you
have much to give.
And every time you
try something new,
you’ll learn more
about yourself.


Grudges only weigh
you down and inspire
unhappiness *&* grief.
Soar above it, and
remember that
everyone makes


Leave the childhood
monsters behind. They
can no longer hurt you
or stand in your way.


Hope for the best
and never forget that
anything is possible
as long as you remain
dedicated to the task.


Ignore the negative
voice inside your head.
Focus instead on your
goals and remember
your accomplishments.
Your past success is only
a small inkling of what
the future holds.


Journey to new worlds,
new possibilities, is
mostly by remaining
Try to learn something
new every day and you
will grow in Knowledge.


Know that no matter
how bad things seem,
to be they will always
get better.
The harshest Winter
always follows the
Warmth of Spring.


Let love fill your
heart instead of hate.
When hate is in your
heart, there is *NO* room
for anything else,
but when love is in
your heart, there’s
room for endless


Manage your time and
your expenses wisely,
and you’ll suffer less
stress and worry.
Then you’ll be able to
focus on the important
things in life.


Never ignore the poor,
infirm, helpless, weak,
or suffering people.
Offer your assistance
when possible, and
always your kindness
and understanding.


Open your eyes and
take in all the beauty
around you.
Even during the
worst of times,
there’s still much
to be thankful for.


Never forget to have
fun along the way.
Success means nothing
without happiness.


Ask many questions,
because you are here
to learn & be informed.


Refuse to let worry
and stress rule your
Life, and remember
that things always
have a way of working
out in the end.


Share your talent,
skills, knowledge,
and time with others.
Everything that you
invest in others will
return to you many
times Multiplied.


Even when your
dreams seem
impossible to reach,
try anyway. You’ll be
amazed by what you
can accomplish.


Use your gifts to
your best ability.
Talent that is wasted
has no value. Talent
that is made into
efforts will bring
unexpected rewards.


Value the friends and
family members who
have supported and
encouraged you *&* be
there for them as well.


Work hard every day
to be the best person
you aspire to be, but
never feel guilty if you
fall short of your goals.
Every *sunrise* offers
a second chance.


Look deep inside the
hearts of those around
you and you will see
the goodness and
beauty within.


Yield to commitment.
If you stay on track
and remain dedicated,
you will find success
at the end of the road.


Zoom to a happy
place when bad n.
memories or sorrow
rears its ugly head.
Let nothing interfere
with your goals.
Instead, focus on
your abilities, in your dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.


*The Stupidity Of A Waster*

*Stupidity 1*…A Bathing soap for 80k??
Will it wash away sins and sorrows?

*Stupidity 2*…. One Eye glasses for 350k??
If I wear it, will I be able to see the future?

*Stupidity 3* …. An Italian shoe for 150k?? Will I be able to walk on water?

*Stupidity 4* …. A Plasma TV for 500k?? Will it show me the Judgement Day on the last day live?

*Stupidity 5* …. A Gold plated mobile phone for 3 million naira. Chai!!! Will I use it to answer heaven’s call?

*Stupidity 6* …. A Hand Bag for 1.3Million naira?? Will I put my life inside it?

*Stupidity 7* …. 2 million naira for a table in comedy show. Which kind laugh I never laugh before?

*Stupidity 8* … 3 Million naira per year at a university. After graduation, will they make me the president?

Sometimes, I wonder why some people spend like crazy, knowing full well that there are hungry children in the streets roaming about naked.

1. The smallest act of kindness you show, can change someone’s life.

2. Remember, money only brings happiness if you help people with it.

3. Let someone say to you, BECAUSE OF YOU I DIDN’T GIVE UP !!!When God blesses you financially, don’t just raise your STANDARD OF LIVING, also raise your STANDARD OF GIVING.

I saw this and felt the Whole World should see it too. If you feel so too, share the post



“An army barracks had four soldiers guarding a concrete slab in front of the barracks at all times. Different commanders came and went but the tradition remained; the soldiers changed shifts guarding the slabs. After 80 years, a new commander was assigned to the barracks. Amongst the things he did was to ask why things were done the way they were. When he asked why soldiers were guarding the slab, he was told,? We?ve always done it this way. It?s our tradition.
Our former commanders instructed us to do that.?

The commander was bent on finding out the reason for this practice. He went to the Archives to look for answers and came across a document that had the explanation. The document was very old. It had instructions written by one of the retired commanders who had even passed away.

The new commander learnt that over 80 years ago, the barracks wanted to build a platform where events could be performed. When the concrete slab was laid, wild animals walked over it at night before the slab would dry. The soldiers would fix it the next morning but when evening came the same thing would happen. So the commander ordered that four soldiers should guard the concrete slab for three weeks to allow it to dry. The following week the commander was transferred to another post and a new commander was brought in. The new commander found the routine and continued to enforce it.

Every other commander that came did the same. Thus, eighty years later; soldiers continued guarding the concrete slab.
Are you carrying on with obsolete beliefs, attitudes, and traditions that were relevant to certain people or a certain time? What is your opinion about yourself, people of a different race, the opposite sex, certain business opportunities, new products etc.?
You might just be guarding a concrete slab. Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

– Rose P Graham’s wall



Sunday School Series Seven (Specialized Series )

Evangelism God’s heartcry 2

Sodom had no Bible,
We have millions.

Sodom had no preacher,
We have thousands.

Sodom had no church,
We have numerous.

Sodom had no prophet,
We have many

Sodom heard only one warning, we’ve heard several.

*Matthew 10:15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.*

What then will be your excuse for missing *HEAVEN??*

1.friends?? Daniel had friends yet he kept himself
Lazarus had none yet he made it.

3. Worldly amusement?? Moses had more than that yet he consecrated himself.

Or perhaps *SATAN??*

He will ask you, have you seen me before.??

Beloved Christ is *justified* it’s left to you…..

if u miss heaven, don’t blame God. He sent Jesus his only son.

if u miss heaven, don’t blame Jesus. He died for you on the cross of Calvary

if u miss heaven, don’t blame Satan. You had a choice.

if u miss heaven, don’t blame me. I told you.


®She’s not properly dressed,no scarf, instead of you to preach to her, you are shouting “WOW!!! you look sexy…. Brother you are part of the problem. *Repent*

®A preacher said “if you know what I know, you’ll laugh less and cry more”does that ring a bell in our head? do we have to see b4 we believe? *Repent*

® I want to have money, I want to marry a beautiful wife, I want marry a handsome guy, I want to buy a nice car, I want to build a big house, is that all we think about? We will all die & leave all these. Vanity. *Repent*

® You think regret is when u did not marry the man you wanted, or did not study d course u liked? NO! Regret is you reaching the grave without enough good deeds” vanity *Repent*

®Rich, poor, pretty, ugly, slim, fat, literate, illiterate, white, black, ustaz, pastor, player, King, slave, PDP, APC, DEATH does not care who you are, when its time, you are going” *Repent*

® Someone is dead & you are alive, someone is sick & u are healthy, someone is lost & you are guided, why then are u sad coz someone is rich & you are poor? why are you ungrateful? Thank God.

®Oh boy! Oh baby!! see Benz, Chai see house, damn! see that babe” Bros the world is just a play & illusion, its beauty doesn’t last, don’t be carried away, seek. Seek first his Kingdom. *Repent*

®Wisdom, people will be naked, but the fear of judgement will not allow u look, have that fear now and stop asking, uploading or downloading nude pictures. *Repent*

Jesus is not coming now, I go Repent before then. Abi??? Bro/Sis, if you die tonight your judgement has started. *Repent!*

®She wasn’t your wife, you had sex with her, she became pregnant, you made her abort. Illegal relationship + murder, na 2 in 1 sin bi dat + good welcome in hell. *Repent*

®Body no be firewood ” Seriously? Is that why you commit Sin? You no know say na de same body dem go carry do firewood 4 hell? Don’t allow yours to be among. *Repent.*

®Anyone who is not your husband and wanna have sex with you walai! he’s ur enemy, his love is fake, no true love will want you 2 go 2 hell and miss Heaven *Repent*

®You never shed tears even once while reciting scriptures but Films dey make you cry, Hmmm check your yourself. *Repent*

®Eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, concealer, blusher. powder, if you like do plastic surgery, if your heart is bad, you’re damn ugly. *Repent*

®If you are not ready u can postpone your wedding date, graduation date, election date, but you can never postpone your death date, always be ready. *Repent*

®If you don’t respect your parents, your life go bend, and you might end up in hell. *Repent!*

®I have a meeting! I have meetings!! Is that why you rush your prayers. Noooo! Dont disrespect God. Dont take Him for granted too.

Thanks for your attention

Forwarding this is Evangelism. Please take a part in it and forward to contacts or group you want to evangelize. Be rugged for Jesus.


Top 20 Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria (2016)

This article contains the top 20 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2016 with their tuition fees according to our research.

For those seeking admission into any of these universities, this information should be helpful as most of these expensive universities are privately owned and managed by wealthy Nigerians and churches.

Below is a List of 20 Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria

1) Babcock Uuiversity: ₦620,000 – ₦3 million

2) American University Of Nigeria (AUN): ₦1,378,500

3) Afe Babalola University: ₦675,000 – ₦1,075,000

4) Igbinedion University: ₦540,000 -₦820,000

5) Bowen University: ₦500,000-₦750,000

6) Crawford University: ₦400,000-₦600,000

7) Redeemer’s University: ₦500,000-₦650,00

8) Lead City University: ₦550,500
9) Caleb University: ₦505,000
10) Ajayi Crowder University: ₦500,000
11) Benson Idahosa: ₦500,000
12) Joseph Ayo Babalola University: ₦436,000
13) Covenant University: ₦432,000
14) Achievers University, Owo: ₦420, 000
15) Novena University: ₦400,000
 16) Adeleke University,Ede: 350,000.00
17) Rhema University: ₦325,000
18) Lagos State University: Between N240,000 and N345,000
19) Obong University Nigeria: ₦190,000
20) Oduduwa University: ₦164,000
These are the List of most expensive universities in Nigeria according to our research. Although, the tuition fee is subject to change due to governmental policies in Nigeria.

Sunday School Series 11

Typical Nigerian response to all issues:
1. I just found a lump in my breast = God forbid! That’s not your portion. Be prayerful my sister. It is well.
2. Have you insured your car? = It is covered by the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against it shall prosper.
3. Why did you rig the election? = Power comes from God. Let my opponent accept the outcome that God has decided.
4. NEPA/Power failure: by God’s grace dem go bring the light again this night so i go fit iron my clothes.
5. 100 people died in a building unlawfully built which collapsed this morning: God giveth and tooketh. Na God go judge the person wey build that house.
6. 20Billion looted by so and so Ministers = Na only God fit help us for this country o walahi!
7. That man was a secondary school teacher 2 years ago. We elected him into House of Rep just over a year ago, now he has 8 cars and 6 houses and 1 hotel = Na God win. He who God has blessed no man can curse.
8. 3 weeks after 8 hours of surgical operation by a dedicated team of surgeons = Pastor I thank you and God very much with this N800k, your prayers made my surgery a success.
9. Survived an accident while coming from a hotel where he had marathon sex with a married woman, 4 children and 8 adults died in the accident = God saved me because i am special and He has special plans for me.
10. Saw a woman’s purse drop from her shopping bag at Shoprite, picks it up, opened it and saw £1,000. Quietly went home with it = thank God for this blessing. God is a timely intervener in mysterious ways.
…and so on and so forth the story goes


Fact: The economy is in a terrible state at the moment.

Fact: There is hunger in the land.

Fact: Unemployment crisis is escalating.

Fact: Several civil servants are being owed the whole or part of their salaries .

Fact: There is still corruption in the country.

Fact: The legislature is smeared with much stench, profligacy and unrealistically over-remunerated.

Fact: There is still profligacy in this administration of change.

Fact: Electricity is still epileptic, some say it has improved, but in some parts of the country,it is actually worse.

Fact: Despite the posturing of President. Buhari against looters, not many of them have been conclusively prosecuted.

But do you know what????
I am not annoyed with PMB.

This is because I am very realistic and sincere in realising that democracy doesn’t work like dictatorship, hence no matter my emotions, desire for things to change, and irritation at the state of things, I still understand that there is separation of powers. PMB is still subject to the whims and caprices of both the legislature and the judiciary.

For instance, if we have the impression that someone is as guilty as hell, but the person gets cleverly smart lawyers to stall prosecution and ultimately gets an acquittal by manipulating the loopholes in the constitution, what do we expect a president to do? Send soldiers to execute such persons? No, his sincere desire to prosecute such individual has been effectively neutralized by the relevant arm of government.

Same thing goes for the legislature that can even override the president on some matters.

While operating this our controversial constitution, some things may never change, while some will take a process of time to change.

Our options are:

1.) Realistically allow the process of time and the goodwill of a sincere and austere president to change things as the governed also change their unpatriotic dispositions. Then we stop paying lip service to diversification of the economy and get out of our dependence on oil.

2.) Get a dictator that can overhaul the constitution, abolish the National Assembly, summarily execute looters independent of the judiciary regardless of tribe or religion, and then transfer their wealths into national treasury to finance capital projects and meaningful infrastructures. Also arrest all the ethnic champions shouting secession for Oodua, Biafra, Niger Delta, et al for treason and hang all of them.

3.) Re-enact Arab Spring in Nigeria to change the government, constitution and the current political structures. Then through a referendum, fragment this entity call Nigeria and allow each ethnic nationality to become an independent sovereignty. That way the inter-tribal jingoism, hate baiting, mutual suspicion and paranoia can be redirected.

– Raphymoj Omo-Ajuwara’s wall

To me I stand with the second option. I’ve re-iterated this severally and even wrote it on my articles on Revolution and published it in my book on Revolution.

Nigeria needs a Good Revolution, National Restructuring, National Reconstruction and a National Re-Orientation of positive values. Much explanation is in my previous articles and book, so I won’t repeat myself again. We can compare this with what happened in Ghana under Rawlings, Malaysia under Lee Kim Cheung, Rwanda under Paul Kagame, South America under Simon Bolivar, Cuba under The Castro brothers and Ernesto Che Guevara and presently what’s happening in Egypt under retired Field Marshall Sisi.

Or we can wait and be patient and adopt the first option. Surely one day, we’ll get to the promised land. This to me is more realistic than sulking or adopting the disposition of a partisan mediocre and hypocrite. PMB is sincere, but limited by the constitution, years of decadence and internal party politics.

Additional Credits: Raphymoj Omo-Ajuwara


In 1896, Thomas Edison, the great inventor who invented the electric bulb, was working on an idea to design a car when he heard that a young man who worked in his company had created an experimental car. Edison met the young man at his company’s party in New York and interviewed him about the car. He was impressed! He had the same idea as the young man but he was considering electricity as the power source while the young man used gasoline engine to power the car. He slammed his fist down and shouted “young man, that’s the thing! You have it! .. I think you are on to something! I encourage you to continue your pursuits!” With these words of encouragement from the most highly respected inventor in the United States at that time, HENRY FORD, continued his work, invented a car and became wealthy.

On December 9, 1914, Thomas Edison’s laboratory and factory got burnt. He was 67 years old and the damage was too extensive for insurance cover. Before the ashes were cold, Henry Ford handed Edison a cheque of $750,000 with a note saying that Edison could have more if he needed it!

In 1916, Henry Ford relocated his home to the building next to Edison’s home and when Edison couldn’t walk and was confined to a wheelchair by his doctors, Henry Ford also bought a wheelchair in his house so that he could run wheelchair race with his friend and mentor! Thomas Edison made Henry Ford believe in himself and got a friend for life!

LESSON; Don’t ever be jealous of other people’s success. If you can’t win a race, help the person in front of you to break the record! Your candle will not lose its light when it lights up another’s candle!
We are light for others to see, only if we know.
Encourage someone today. It is well with you.

The Naked Truth of Life
*There was a man with four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most and took great care of her and gave her the best.
He also loved his third wife and always wanted to show her off to his friends. However, he always had a fear that she might runaway with some other man.
He loved his second wife too. Whenever he faced some problems, he always turned to his second wife and she would always help him out.
He did not love his first wife though she loved him deeply, was very loyal to him and took great care of him.
One day the man fell very ill and knew that he is going to die soon. He told himself, “I have four wives. I will take one of them along with me when I die to keep me company in my death.”Thus, he asked the fourth wife to die along with him and keep him company. “No way!”she replied and walked away without another word.
He asked his third wife. She said “Life is so good over here. I’m going to remarry when you die”.
He then asked his second wife. She said “I’m Sorry. I can’t help you this time around. At the most I can only accompany you till your grave.”By now his heart sank and he turned cold.
Then a voice called out: “I’ll go with you. I’ll follow you no matter where you go.”
The man looked up and there was his first wife. She was so skinny, almost like she suffered from malnutrition. Greatly grieved, the man said, “I should have taken much better care of you while I could have!”
Actually, we all have four wives in our lives.
a. *The fourth wife is our body.* No matter how much time and effort we lavish in making it look good, it’ll leave us when we die.
b. *The third wife is our possession, status and wealth.* When we die, they go to others.
c. *The second wife is our family and friends.* No matter how close they had been there for us when we’re alive, the furthest they can stay by us is up to the grave.
.d. *The first wife is our soul,* neglected in our pursuit of material wealth and pleasure. It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go.

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