Bank robbers, state looters,blood sucking parasites is all democracy has gifted us it seems. They build nothing, maintain nothing well except their pockets. All they inherited from so called dictators who were selling oil at 10k/barrel they degrade then sell off.
It started with OBJ, they sold off all the government owned quarters from 1004 flats, Bar beach quarters, Legico flats, Eric-Moore towers, games village etc. To whom did they sell it, how did the common man benefit? Of course they now own these assets bought for a pittance. Under OBJ electricity did not improve, neither did healthcare, our roads or education; we should be grateful for GSM. Michelin, Dunlop and other industries packed up and left.
They said they monetized things like official cars etc, their salaries became bloated and we still pay for their official cars. Even now they sacrifice nothing, NASS with a village of aides whose remuneration we bear, our cross.
They steadily increased the cost of PMS at the pump, diesel deregulated would come down (I am sure it now costs 5k/l), the palliatives they said would come soon after. Right from OBJ till now, we still await the palliatives, our protestations swatted away impatiently like the fly that irritates the anus of the cow.
The few rich who were gifted oil wells, whose source of wealth can be traced to our collective rape are ever present to dish out their ideas. How one does not require university education to succeed, just spend ample time washing your husbands underwear. The politicians steal, steal and steal us blind and shove the proceeds in our faces. Private jets, jewelry, hotels, parties, exotic wines, over priced homes…………..consumption, more consumption!
Now Dangote floated the kite, predictably Saraki who is on trial joins the refrain.
What happened to NITEL, NEPA?
Please, please leave NLNG alone, you have not earned that level of trust………not yet.
PMB you say?
Let him explain Buratai, Kyari, budget padding. Let the NASS reduce their salaries and allowances, convoys etc. Let’s know who the ghost workers are, their sponsors, the sponsors of boko haram.
Biko until then leave NLNG alone!

Credits: Okolo Oteri Eme

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