Birthday is definitely a watershed in the sojourn of humanity and it usually comes with its fresh inspirations that compel stocktaking . Mine was not expected to be different as I woke up on the 14th of September to be congratulated by a few friends and family members to marking the occasion. I was also surprised by the congratulations and songs i got from colleagues and co-workers as I stepped into my office.

In my sublimest thought I never contemplated the floodgate of goodwill messages coming my way on this occasion while accessing my Blackberry and Android phones. Apart from the plethora of BBMessages, WhatsApp messages and many phone calls and text messages,i decided to postpone checking my 2 facebook pages. When I later checked both,I was almost overwhelmed when I saw 1000+ friends posted on my wall for my birthday. I saw many inbox messages.Many also commented on my Instagram photo also shared on facebook and twitter informing friends of my birthday.I have responded to all the inbox messages and those of WhatsApp and facebook/WhatsApp groups. That’s why it took me time to give this official response.

That I am humbled by the unprecedented outpour of encomiums, prayers and adoration on the occasion of the anniversary of my birth is to say the least. Words alone cannot manifest the height of my appreciation to family, friends and well-wishers who through their messages and support via the social media and other available means demonstrated the sacrosanct position of my being in their consciousness. Such messages are definitely profound pointers that the paths I have taken in my odyssey on planet earth are definitely not a forsaken one. I remain committed in the pursuit of my long held belief in a society of the greatest goods for the greatest numbers of people! May the coming years usher in abundant blessings for each and every one.

In all you have taught me new human values and social ethics that will continue to regiment my subsequent social engagements. It is my sincere prayer that God in His infinite Mercy will meet all your needs and grant you continuous reasons to celebrate in life. This is original me who cannot bend backward to impress anybody.

Eniyan laso mi, ese mo dupe.
Ohun ayo oni tan ni ile gbogbo wa!
A dupe l’owo owo; a dupe l’owo ofa
A tun dupe l’owo oju to sin ofa d’ebi t’ofa ti p’eran
Aa ni gbagbe ati dupe l’owo eran naa to gbara duro lati gb’ofa s’ara
Opelope igba omo-onile tan f’owo t’ile ti won ko je k’ile o wo;
Ka dupe l’owo igba alangaba tan f’owo ti egbe ogiri ti won o je k’ogiri o ye;
Bi kii baa n se ola abata, odo i ba san bi?!
Bi kii baa n se ola baba omo, nbo l’omo i ba ti yan?!
A dupe, a s’eba l’owo Elejua ti n je as’eda, am’eda, aw’eda
Ogo ni fun Olu-Orun to da ni s’ile aye; Iyin ni fun Oba Mimo to n gbe ni ga
Nje o ye ka dupe l’owo awon obi rere t’Oluwa fi jiiki eni
‘Dadi’ ati ‘Momi’, e seun f’ohun ribiribi t’Oluwa je kee gbe se nigbesi aye eni
Fun aya rere l’oode eni, o ye ka dupe;
Fun awon omo rere, alarubarika t’Oluwa fi jinki eni, o ye a yin baba l’ogo
Fun awon ebi, ara, ore ohun ojulumo to r’ogba yi ni ka; ope n la lo ye
Bi awon kan ti n te w’aya, bee lawon kan n pe aago;
Bi awon kan ti n “teesti”, bee lawon mii n “pihingi”;
Se ti ikini ori ero isoro k’aye-o-lu-jara ti ero ayara bi asa komputa la fe so ni?
Tabi awon oro isiti ati adura gboogi to n goke lo s’ori ite Baba l’Orun la fe royin?
Gbogbo awon inkan wonyi s’ele nitori ayajo ojo ibi eni ni
Eduma mo s’eba oh; eyin eeyan ti n se aso mi,
Mo dupe o, mo du pepe okun nitori ope oloore, a da-i-da-tan!!!
Thanks to all who sent greetings to commemorate my day on Sept 14th.

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