Few in Nigeria know who are the Daleks. But those who read and watch science fiction especially the British inspired Doctor Who, who is in his 6th Incarnation since his creation in 1963, will know who or what are the Daleks.
Created by a fictional Davros, the Daleks were a race of nomads whose goal in the universe was to invade distant habitable worlds in a bid to rob others of their natural resources.
“Exterminate, exterminate” was the common catch phrase of the Daleks as all before them were brutally killed in such barbaric ways that one wondered if such beings could truly exist. Despite battling the Daleks time and time again, Dr Who over the half-century of tv series and novels never truly subdued the Daleks. They remain the most dogged science fiction villians of all time only rivaled by the Sith Lords in Star Wars.
Nigeria seems to be locked in a similar struggle against armed Fulani marauders called Fulani Herdsmen by most mainstream media. These herdsmen can be likened to the Daleks who successive regimes have had to live through their perpetually menace yet noone seems capable of containing these rampaging marauders.
Recently the Fulani Daleks returned to Enugu state to wreck havoc. As the truth behind this dastardly attack by these herdsmen is only being known, one shudders at the horror of hearing scores of people being eviserated, pregnant women being laid open by these Daleks and their fetuses prematurely delivered to ensure future generations shall cease to exist from their infancy, these tales are only reminiscent of the rampaging Daleks screaming “Exterminate” at the top of their voice.
Indeed Dr Who’s antagonistic Daleks were half human and half machines integrated to form the ultimate killing machine that is without remorse or mercy.
Likewise these Fulani Herdsmen, who slaughter without mercy or remorse, one is left wondering if they are human beings or monsters like the Daleks, whose originators modelled their merciless murderous ways after the German Nazi Stormtroopers of the 2nd World War.
And just like the Daleks who sought to destroy the Religious beings called the Time Lords that held the fabric of the Doctor Who Universe together, these herdsmen deliberatly target Priests and traditional leaders for their most brutal slayings as shown by the invasion of Enugu and Benue States where a Seminarian and Traditional leader were beheaded respectively.
And just like in previous regimes the Fulani Daleks have returned with even greater ferocity.
But why does one revisit this issue that has seemed to be overflogged?
Indeed the recent comments and actions of President Buhari gives one cause for concern.
In one breath while being interviewed by the foreign press in faraway Kenya while attending the Japan-Africa Economic Summit, the President promised to return security to Nigeria by dealing with Niger Delta Militants with similar ferocity as he dealt with the Boko Haram Menace.
Indeed this is seen by all as Operation Crocodile Smile has commenced phase 2 in the swamps of the Delta after one of the most impressive military builds up in recent times. In less than 48hrs since phase 2 commenced, Notorious kidnappers and militants have been killed and their bodies laid on display for the public to snap pictures and upload to social media to continue the pretext that all is well.
Alas in all this discourse no mention was made of how the President and his armed forces intend to deal with the menace of the Fulani Herdsmen?
Is the President in denial that his kinsmen have become the number 1 quintessential threat to the corporate existence of Nigeria?
After Operation Crocodile Smile is there going to be an Operation Desert Shield to protect Nigerians South of the Sahel Savannah from these merciless exterminators of mankind who value grazing lands for their cows over human life?
For how long will the tales of rape and pillage go on as these Herdsmen continue to lay waste to communities so as to gain access to ancestral land that doesn’t belong to them that their cows may feed fat on the toil of others?
The President and his handlers should be told that these Fulani Herdsmen should feature as number one on his to do list or Risk Assessment Dossier as the Intelligence officers tend to call it, for the potential this crisis has to thrust Nigeria into another civil war is as real as can be. Even at the height of Boko Haram these criminals kept their activities restricted to the North and never attacked locations South of the Sahel Savanna hence avoiding a full blown ethnoreligious conflict
However these Fulani Herdsmen are not that restricted as their reach is wide and ubiquitious popping up in various States across the country to kill, maim and destroy. Nothing more fuels regional anger more that the inability of the Government to contain these marauders. Hence if nothing is done communities shall begin to arm themselves with a policy to shoot any Fulani Man with a cow first thenask questions later. Why allow a nation to descend into such a cycle of violence when there is still time to nip this in the bud before such escalation murders peace totally?
If special forces can be deployed to protect cows from rustlers in the North and Operation Crocodile Smile to deal with Militants blowing up oil installations one must ask what plans are on ground to deal with these Marauders?
Or is it because the people killed have no voice to speak on their behalf hence their deaths can be swept under the carpet?
Indeed that is the biggest folly to ignore this problem for the tension and anger in various communities is reaching boiling point.
Fulani Herdsmen have remained a recurring decibel in Nigerian history. If the President continues to treat this issue with kids glooves then one does’t need to be a clairvoyant to see an end not dissimilar to the Thals, the fictional race who failed to contain the Daleks while Davros their creator was still tinkering with his rudimentary killing machines.
The Thals lived to rue their costly mistake as their rule and dominance was
eventually utterly destroyed by the Daleks as their nation lay divided and in ruins.
The President of Nigeria has a task fufill “End the reign of the Rampaging Fulani Herdsmen or risk Nigeria imploding into a deadly new civil war.”
Credits: Attah Essien

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