How Tinubu humbled, dealt with &disgraced a political opponent : A lesson to all Tinubu’s political opponents

I’m an ardent follower of political event in my country – Nigeria,in the past&present. This has made me to have a very clear and accurate history &view of political events. Without being boastful, I’ve made very accurate predictions of political scenario which all came to pass with pin-point accuracy. I was in a discussion with a friend of mine&he raised up this issue primarily because he thinks it’s relevant to present happenings& secondarily because he loved the way I narrate it each time. It happened in Lagos over 10yrs ago, probably 13 or 14. I feel it’s also relevant for me to share it here:

It was a hot sunny day. The humidity was quite high. It’s past noon and I was slowly walking home after going to different places that morning. I had to,anyway. It was one of those periods inbetween an end of posting exam&beginning of a new posting in medical school .Since we don’t have any breaks,I gave myself a week’s break to go home and do many things in Lagos, including collecting the cheque of one of the numerous companies that awarded me schorlarship (oil companies inclusive). The road was relatively less busy. I had walked past the zombies to my left. It appears they were oblivious of me.They were busy with themselves. Having walked past and crossed to the other side of the street to buy my favorite “senegalese bread”, it appears they’ve been jolted to action. “Stop there! Give way !” Shouted three of the madmen to four passersby. It was obvious one of their big ogas (maybe an AIG or DIG judging from the size of the convoy) was about entering. I was used to that. Afterall it’s Kam Salem House (fmr police HQ now HQ annex in Obalende, Lagos). That’s what they know how to do, harrass innocent civillians . They had to even be stopped by the previous military administrator from harrasing ladies wearing trousers and “shaba” skirts.

After my purchase, as I walked along the very long Igbosere road,I was thinking of “bigmanism” in Nigeria. The rich oppressing the poor, the powerful oppressing the weak. As I made to turn towards Strachan street where my family house was located, I saw a danfo commercial bus with the conductor shouting ” Tom Jones Tinubu! Wole Tinubu! Wole Tinubu !”. The bus was bound for Tom Jones area and Tinubu Square! Tinubu referred not to the then Lagos governor – Bola Tinubu but Madam Tinubu, that amazon of a woman with many great achievements,including being the first woman in Nigeria to own a car. That jolted my mind to events that happened that morning at the Lagos Island Local Government (LG) Secretariat where I went to pay my tenament rate tax. Then each house used to pay tenament rate tax to their respective local governments then unlike now that most taxes that were being paid to the local councils have now been hijacked by the state government. Now we pay (cheaper) Land use to the state govt rather than tenament rate. There was a slight but temporary pandemonium in the local council that morning. One of my primary school classmates who was a councillor then,despite his sleepy eyes,narrated all what happened accurately to me. The Local Government Chairman Prince Luqman Ajose had just been impeached by the local govt legislative council that morning&was replaced by his vice – Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King. What led to his impeachment is what I’m about to narrate.

Before the state govt hijacked some taxes payable to local councils, Lagos Island Local Government council was making the highest IGR (internally generated revenue) in Nigeria,making well over a billion naira monthly. It’s IGR was more that even 10 small states IGR combined together. Despite all that and it’s division into 3 (or 4) smaller LCDAs, it still generates the highest IGR by any local govt in Nigeria. Then what it generated was more than what 10 small states generated and could make any local govt chairman proud and pompous. That was what happened to Luqman Ajose. There was a clash of ego between him and the state governor – Tinubu. Furthermore he clashed with some political leaders, and market women. Rmr then Gov.Tinubu’s late mother – Habibatu Mogaji was the iyaloja-general of all market women,not only in Lagos Island or Lagos State or SW but the whole Nigeria. His clash with the traders too had to do with (over) taxation of market stalls etc.

Let me frankly say categorically here that I’ve not been nor am I a fan of Tinubu nor of his politics. However,I doff my hat to respect his political sagacity in overcoming political challenges thereby making an enigma for himself. He isn’t merely Jagaban of Borgu or Asiwaju of Lagos (Island). He’s Jagaban of Nigeria& Asiwaju of Africa. I stand by my statements.

Unlike now when state chief judges, state high court judges and the state houses of assembly legislator are mere rubber stamps of state governors,with some of them even postrating before the governors to address them; it wasn’t like that before. All attempts to settle the conflict btw the governor and the local govt chair all proved abortive. The governor suspended the local govt chair but this suspension was reverted by the courts. The governor had no right to unilaterally suspend a local govt chair,who is a member of a third &”independent” arm of govt – the LG. The governor’s attempt to remove the governor through the state house of assembly was rebuffed by them. It appeared the governor had suffered a bloodied nose twice. Then Tinubu was silent on the matter. Very silent. His silence is what his political opponents should fear because it isn’t mere silence but political strategizing and restrategizing to strike his opponent when he least expected with a very deadly fatal blow. It’s not an issue of a great state ludo player not able to play national chess. That’s an errorneous impression.

One day,Tinubu also obvious of the small differences of the LG chair with his 10 councillors over choice of supervisory councillors summoned the 10 councillors for a meeting at the state house,lagos- his official residence. The meeting was scheduled for 6.00pm and it looked like a 6- 8 or 9 pm meeting. They were gathered but the governor didn’t meet with them at that time.The governor is busy with some “urgent” state matters but will meet with them,they were told. 6pm became 10pm and became 12 midnight. They waited and waited. Many got tired. Some slept off. At exactly 2.00am the governor entered the venue of the meeting. He listened to their grievances. He convinced them of the need to remove Luqman Ajose. By 6.00am the meeting ended. The councillors resolved to remove him. But to make sure things went his way ,he decided it should be a surprise attack. They were implored to go to the council chambers,hold a legislative meeting and legally remove him. That’s what they did. Those were the days GSM was just starting in Nigeria. By 7.00 am, the local legislative council met and impeached the chairman and replaced him with his vice. Before anybody could inform him and he could mobilise his supporters and “thugs” to disrupt any attempts to remove him,he was removed. It was surprising and a very fatal attack ! That’s the way lions attack their preys.

Luqman Ajose fell from grace to grass and became politically irrelevant. He was even jailed for at least 2yrs, about 5 yrs ago over embezzled council funds. This shows the political sagacity of Jagaban of Nigeria, Asiwaju of Africa, the Lion of Bourdillion and he’s a smooth operator. It’s a lesson for his political opponents.

Am watching keenly the Nat Assembly & Senate crisis and what some people have termed the Lion of Bourdillion vs Tiger of Ilorin vs Dongari Bauchi vs wolf of yola. I’m awaiting how all will end.

What Nostra II sees while sitting or lying down, a vast majority won’t see even if they climb telecomm masts !

Disregard Nostra II to ur peril !!

God rules in the affairs of men !!!

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